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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17322

Chapter 17322 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Freuler, J.F.scher, S.B.rtuchoz, P., 1982:
The carrot fly, Psila rosae Fab. (Diptera, Psilidae). III. Warning and threshold tolerance

Le-Naelou, Sy, 1970:
The carrot industry in Quebec: tests of the estimation of the supply and demand to a stable level

Dickinson, David, L., 2000:
The carrot vs. the stick in work

Anonymous, 1977:
The carrot weevil Listronotus oregonensis (LeConte)

Blattny, C.B.attna, J., 1975:
The carrot--an appetizing vegetable having a high nutritional value

Anonymous, 1993:
The carry over from polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)

Schwagele, F., 2007:
The carry-over of DNA-fragments from maize into tissue of poultry and mammals: investigations on from normal and gentechnically modified maize

Elema, Hm, 1979:
The carrying capacity of tractor tires is almost standardized

Harkness, Rd, 1977:
The carrying of ants (Cataglyphis bicolor Fab.) by others of the same nest

Ilnicki, P., 1978:
The carrying out of soil and water studies in Lower Saxony

Lagerstedt, H.; Moore, L., 1974:
The carryover effect of young tree care on filbert tree growth

Poublon, Renae-Michel-Louis, 1987:
The cartilaginous nasal dorsum and the postnatal growth of the nose

Jamagne, M., 1982:
The cartography of soils

Anonymous, 1958:
The cartography of vectors of disease

Dubois, Jean, 1947:
The cartoon animals of Walt Disney

Gonick, L.; Wheelis, M., 1991:
The cartoon guide to genetics

Gonick, L.; Smith, W., 1993:
The cartoon guide to statistics

Georgii, Edmund, 1985:
The carunele extirpation as a therapy of the retained placenta in cows and its effect to the following fertility

Graupner, J., 1971:
The carving and cutting automation-means of rationalization for the production of general commodities in our forestry

Breeman, Am, 1979:
The caryological phases in the life history of Acrosymphyton purpuriferum (J. Ag.) Sjost. (Rhodophyceae, Cryptonemiales)

Bayly, Il, 1984:
The caryopsis as a support organ for germinating wild rice, Zizania aquatica

Millot, J., 1971:
The caryotype of Androctonus mauretanicus (Poc.) (scorpion, Buthidae)

Agapova, Nd, 1976:
The caryotypical analysis of Ornithogalum gussonei Ten. (Liliaceae) from the European part of the U.S.S.R

Tobin, G.M.ntz, B., 1997:
The cascade of hazards from flooding to environmental contamination: a case study of St. Maries, Idaho

Bakke, A.C.; Lerner, R.A., 1981:
The cascade of membrane events during development of Dictyostelium discoideum

Muto, Guy-Roger, 1978:
The cascade technique

Melton, Dr, 1977:
The case against Easy Going Auger, et al. A case study in product liability

Clary, P., 1989:
The case against IPM

Warren-Boulton, Fr, 2000:
The case against an Agrarian Antitrust Policy

Frey, Rg, 1989:
The case against animal rights

Phelps, A., 1971:
The case against debeaking

Paris, R.R.zicka, I., 1993:
The case against environmental taxes for sustainable forestry

Sorensen, Rc, 2001:
The case against essay tests

Mickley, L.; Fox, M., 1986:
The case against intensive farming of food animals

Powell, L.; Halliday, J.; Bassett, M., 1982:
The case against iron supplementation

Scales, G., 1977:
The case against lease back

Stanton, Bf, 1987:
The case against mandatory supply management for milk

Dean, Rb, 1973:
The case against mercury

Cole, Dt, 1975:
The case against natural hybrids of W and Y lithops

Bibby, John, P., 1944:
The case against pasteurization of milk

Ikerd, J., 2004:
The case against patenting life

Sandel, Michael, J., 2007:
The case against perfection

Roberti, Da, 1983:
The case against pound seizure: economics and animal welfare

Paarlberg, Don, 1950:
The case against price supports

Gruzalski, B., 1983:
The case against raising and killing animals for food

Anonymous, 1996:
The case against random source dog and cat dealers

Anonymous, 1950:
The case against revaluation of superscript 1

Schmahmann, D.; Polacheck, L., 1995:
The case against rights for animals

Cox, Gw, 1973:
The case against spraying in the Cleveland National Forest. herbicides, type conversion and chaparral ecosystem

Lind, Rw, 1990:
The case against suicide

Harris, S., 1979:
The case against tariff compensation: A comment

Anonymous, 1987:
The case against the Bill

Anonymous, 1980:
The case against the rain a report on acidic precipitation and Ontario programs for remedial action

Barnes, Dj, 1986:
The case against the use of animals in science

Calvert, Jt, 1975:
The case against treatment

Iles, J., 1989:
The case against tree topping

Feldstein, Martin, S., 1989:
The case against trying to stabilize the dollar

King, Jg, 1977:
The case against use of herbicides for right of way vegetat ion control

Liu, Yc, 1974:
The case building behaviour of

Weitzman, I., 1984:
The case for Cunninghamella elegans Cunninghamella bertholletiae and Cunninghamella echinulata as separate species

Kerr, J.; Clarke, R., 1992:
The case for New Zealand participation in CGIAR

Guedes, M., 1976:
The case for Paspalum distichum and against futile name-changes

Butz, E., 1973:
The case for U.S. farm exports

Smith, Francis, G., 1961:
The case for a beekeeping research institute for Africa

Walker, J., 1974:
The case for a bush garden

Milius, S., 1984:
The case for a cold oven

Holt, Js, 1993:
The case for a non-immigrant farm labor program

Velasco, A.; Guzzo, V., 1998:
The case for a populist central banker

Erren, T.C., 2007:
The case for a posteriori hypotheses to fuel scientific progress

Ward, R.; Satyanarayana, P.R.w, L.; Gobala-Rao, B., 1979:
The case for a revised structure for hypophyllanthin: an analysis of the 13C N.M.R. spectra of aryletralins

Fullerton, D.; Wolverton, A., 1997:
The case for a two-part instrument

Guru, Manjula, V., 2004:
The case for acceptable levels of environmental self-regulation in the poultry industry

Gould, E., 1970:
The case for accurate labeling of superchilled fish

Hite, J., 1992:
The case for advocacy in extension public policy education

Regan, T.J.mieson, D., 1982:
The case for alternatives to laboratory animal experimentation

Guppy, N., 1983:
The case for an Organization of Timber Exporting Countries (OTEC)

Jacobson, Re, 1981:
The case for and against component pricing of milk

Couston, R., 1980:
The case for banning imports of bees to the United Kingdon and Eire

Conklin, He, 1978:
The case for being candid

Capua, D., 1972:
The case for bergamot oil

Larmour, Ta, 1971:
The case for better fodder

Habeck, Dh, 1977:
The case for biological control of Lantana in Florida citrus groves

Earl-Of-Bradford, 1981:
The case for broad-leaved trees indigenous and exotic, especially Nothofagus

Lean, M.; Trayhurn, P.M.rgatroyd, P.; Dixon, A., 1987:
The case for brown adipose tissue function in humans: biochemistry, physiology and computed tomography

Anonymous, 1946:
The case for butter

Haythornthwaite,, M., 1974:
The case for cage rearing

Cernohorska, J., 1985:
The case for calcium: a friend or a rascal?

Turner, C., 1970:
The case for calf cubicles

Chapman, Mj, 1984:
The case for camels

Brody, Al, 2004:
The case for case-ready red meat

Butera, G.D.nn, M., 2005:
The case for cases in preparing special educators for rural schools

Deflon, Jg, 1986:
The case for cheat grass

Knudsen, Kc, 1977:
The case for chloride free fertilizer materials

Foster, J., 1981:
The case for classification

Lafferty, M., 1970:
The case for clearcutting

Dunn, Me, 1979:
The case for colchicine

Wright, J.; Andrews, R., 1973:
The case for concentrates at grass

Waller, R., 1969:
The case for conservation agriculture

Cohen, Bernard-Lande, 1950:
The case for conservatism

Anonymous, 1961:
The case for control of afforestation of open land in National Parks

Plante, Lv, 1983:
The case for converting cooperative member investments into common stock

Lynn, S., 2007:
The case for daily physical education

Burns, Ma, 1972:
The case for development of limited areas of improved pastures and its integration with native pasture in an extensive beef situation. 2. the role of such pastures

Filet, Gf, 1972:
The case for development of limited areas of improved pastures and its integration with native pasture in an extensive beef situation. I. Methods of establishing improved pastures

Hillidge, C.J., 1985:
The case for dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) in equine practice

Zivnuska, Ja, 1979:
The case for dominant use

Palm, E.H.nsson, S., 2006:
The case for ethical technology assessment (eTA)

Sheehan, D.M., 1995:
The case for expanded phytoestrogen research

Streeten, P., 1969:
The case for export subsidies

Dvorak, A.M.; Morgan, E.S., 2002:
The case for extending storage and secretion functions of human mast cell granules to include synthesis

Macbrayne, Cg, 1982:
The case for farm-forestry Scotland

Patton, James, G., 1959:
The case for farmers

Anonymous, 1953:
The case for freeing independent merchants from restraints against their competitive opportunity to earn brokerage

Antinoro, L., 2000:
The case for fruits and vegetables: a one-two punch against disease

Cock, Lj, 1977:
The case for fungicides

Schmidt, J.; Johnson, V.; Stroike, J., 1972:
The case for general adaptation

Reynolds, Dg, 1969:
The case for grain feeding

Jones, Jl, 1981:
The case for greencrop manure

Smith, Rt, 1992:
The case for ground water adjudication

Steane, Rg, 1980:
The case for growing Agaricus bitorquis

Bland, B., 1975:
The case for growing maize

Terrasson, F.T.ndron, G., 1981:
The case for hedgerows

Bussell, Wt, 1982:
The case for high quality vegetable transplants

Poos, Mi, 1981:
The case for high-bypass protein

Goodman, Bl, 1972:
The case for higher rate waste water treatment

Reid, Rnd, 1975:
The case for higher stocking rates--economics. 4

Reid, Rnd, 1975:
The case for higher stocking rates--lambing

Reid, Rnd, 1974:
The case for higher stocking rates. 2. Wool production

Robinson, Wl, 1986:
The case for hunting

Nelson, Hk , 1986:
The case for hunting on national wildlife refuges

Campbell, Dc, 1975:
The case for in-place data in management of a forest resource

Mitchell, Pl, 1978:
The case for increased wood production in developed countries

Ciani, L., 1972:
The case for ingredient disclosure

Maire, M.; Lipsett, V., 1979:
The case for innovative tannery technology

Paarlberg, D., 1993:
The case for institutional economics

Curtis, Se, 1986:
The case for intensive farming of food animals

Marshall, Dj, 1971:
The case for intensive grass on the arable farm

Johansen, Rh, 1973:
The case for irrigation

Kanciruk, P.; Farrell, M., P., 1989:
The case for issue-oriented information analysis centers in support of the U.S. Global Change Program

Eyde, Rh, 1987:
The case for keeping Cornus in the broad Linnaean sense

Rae, Al, 1969 :
The case for larger schemes

Knutson, Rd, 1987:
The case for mandatory supply management for milk

White, Tw, 1982:
The case for market assessment

Gomberg, Lr, 1974:
The case for market research studies

Mcdowell D.N., 1969:
The case for meat, milk, and eggs

Garrett, R., 1980:
The case for mechanization

Thakkar, Jl, 1973:
The case for merchant phosphoric acid plants

Manuel, Milton, L., 1960:
The case for merging co-ops

Isaksson, B., 1985:
The case for moderate energy restriction

Berney, D.M., 2007:
The case for modifying the Gleason grading system

Eyde, Rh, 1985:
The case for monkey-mediated evolution in big-bracted dogwoods

Moore, I., 1973:
The case for more catch crops

Tothill, Jc, 1972:
The case for more efficient use of native pastures in an extensive beef enterprise. I. By agronomic methods

Peart,. Jr.;, 1972:
The case for more efficient use of native pastures in an extensive beef enterprise. II. By supplements

Convery, Fj, 1979:
The case for multiple use

Friedlander, Michael, J., 2007:
The case for neuroscience in experimental biology and medicine

Brant, K., 1987:
The case for neutering cats and dogs

Hillman, Harold, 1991:
The case for new paradigms in cell biology and in neurobiology

Price, Sf, 1987:
The case for one evaluation technique

Moore, Rs, 1983:
The case for own-root roses

Bocci, V., 2007:
The case for oxygen-ozonetherapy

Castenson, Re, 1970:
The case for plant tissue analysis

Shoulders, E., 1985:
The case for planting longleaf pine

Dowdle, B., 1983:
The case for privatizing government owned timberlands

Molloy, Gj, 1970:
The case for production forestry in Westland

Shead, D., 1969:
The case for protein testing

Kleis, Rw, 1989:
The case for refocusing on development of human resources and institutional capacity

Reesman, D., 1983:
The case for regional price quotations Chickens, egg production, USA

Midgley, M., 1989:
The case for restricting research using animals

Markell, D.L., 1981:
The case for revising our laws on animal experimentation

Anderson, B., 1998:
The case for salt cedar

Nielsen, C., 1980:
The case for scrapers

Loewy, T., 1994:
The case for seawater desalination to solve the water shortage in the Gaza Strip

Giribet, G.; Wheeler, W., C., 2007:
The case for sensitivity: a response to Grant and Kluge

Bichard, M., 1980:
The case for separate sire and dam lines

Schorr, L.-B.F.rrow, F.; Hornbeck, D.; Watson, S., 1995:
The case for shifting to results-based accountibility with a start-up list of outcome measures

Banfield, Me, 1977:
The case for small scale fertilizer units in developing countries

Bourke, C.A.; Bailey, G.D.; Kemp, J.B., 2000:
The case for solar light radiation being more significant than ambient temperature in producing lethal hyperthermic ergotism in cattle

Clark, Kp, 1973:
The case for spraying in the Cleveland National Forest. fuelbreaks, fire and brushlands

Barry, D., 1971:
The case for sprouted palm seeds

Anderson, R.W.C., 1955:
The case for tariff protection of the woollen and worsted industry of Australia

Dalby, R., 1999:
The case for the catalpa

Paulet, Jp, 1982:
The case for the classification of the coastal and near-coastal forests of Basse Provence France.1

Kumar, R., 1981:
The case for the establishment of an insect identification service and taxonomic research centre(s) in Africa

Hightower, J., 1987:
The case for the family farm

Davidson, Ja, 1970:
The case for the large farming business

Harvey, N., 1971:
The case for the part-time farmer

Gass, J., 1969:
The case for the plough

Payze, Mc, 1982:
The case for the refrigerated container vessel New Zealand Pacific Perishable food product transport

Wolf, K., 1976:
The case for the small-acreage pig specialist

Percival, J., 1989:
The case for the tillandsia, an appraisal

Merrill, Gf, 1986:
The case for the use of animals in medicine

Will, Ja, 1986:
The case for the use of animals in science

Anonymous, 1950:
The case for the western wheat grower

Cavanagh, R.T.pples, R., 1977:
The case for training

Wahba, I., M.; White, K.; Meyer, M.; Simpson, E., L., 2007:
The case for ultraviolet light therapy in nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy - report of two cases and review of the literature

Williston, Hl, 1978:
The case for understory hardwood control to improve soil moisture availability

Gallistel, Cr, 1989:
The case for unrestricted research using animals

Anonymous, 1996:
The case for using frozen food

Upadhiaya, Uc, 1989:
The case for vapour compression

Jang, H.; Schuler, A.J., 2007:
The case for variable density: a new perspective on activated sludge settling

Hill, John, L., 1996:
The case for vegetarianism

Gangopadhyay, Ak, 1981:
The case for village and small-scale industries in Tripura Five Year Plan, India

Zimdahl, Rl, 1969:
The case for weed science. 1

Zimdahl, Rl, 1969:
The case for weed science. II. The scope of weed research

Barrows, C., 1998:
The case for wholesale removal

Davis, Gd, 1980:
The case for wilderness diversity

Wyatt, Gc, 1981:
The case for wilted silage

Dryden, M., 2004:
The case for year-round flea and tick control

Campbell, W.E., 1975:
The case history method

Cruise, Lj, 1980:
The case history method of testing students in gross anatomy

Jin, G.; Leslie, P., 2005:
The case in support of restaurant hygiene grade cards

Worobo, R.; Stiles, M.; Greer, G.; Lower, R., 1997:
The case life of ground beef can be greater than one day

Aaronson, M., 1989:
The case manager-home visitor

Romesburg, Hc, 1989:
The case method in teaching research methods

Andrews, Kenneth-Richmond, 1953:
The case method of teaching human relations and administration

Cann, D.; Billman, L., 1992:
The case of la grande burgere

Gentry, Hs, 1975:
The case of Agave scabra and Agave wislizenii

Hauck, E., 1974:
The case of Apis mellifera adansonii in South America

Cann, D.; Billman, L., 1992:
The case of Conrad the egghead

Baskin, J.; Baskin, C., 1989:
The case of Cotinus obovatus Raf. (Anacardiaceae) in Kentucky

Schneider, E., 1970:
The case of DDT

Gahamanyi, L., 1988:
The case of Eastern and Southern Africa

Mcintyre, Jr; Dodd, Rp, 1985:
The case of Georgia Tech and Nissho Iwai: international technology licensing and university-industry technology transfer

Diamond, J.; Chappelle, D., E., 1980:
The case of Manistee county

Devries, Pj, 1982:
The case of Perrhybris lypera (Pieridae) and the Lauraceae: host-plant record or assumption?

Janowska-Osuchowska, E.M.dej, Z., 1974:
The case of Salmonella agona isolation from the native fodder meals

Williams, Gw, 1989:
The case of U.S. meat exports

Cann, D.; Billman, L., 1992:
The case of Wallys salad

Pavlovic, D.M.tic, G.J.vanovic, Z., 1976:
The case of a large tumor (fibroma durum vasculosum) in the vagina of the cow

Brokken, Rf, 1977:
The case of a queer isoquant: increasing marginal rates of substitution of grain for roughage in cattle finishing

Benlloch, M., 1973:
The case of apple vitrescence, the so-called frozen apples

Perry, M.P.rry, A., 1974:
The case of avocado

Troszynski, W., 1970:
The case of backbone dystrophy in a beaver (Castor fiber L.)

Purcell, Wd, 1989:
The case of beef demand: a failure by the discipline

Leoci, B.N.bbia, G.N.tarnicola, L., 1977:
The case of dioxin: problems for market goods and humas

Mcbride, J., 1983:
The case of disappearing pesticides

Karpen, G.; Allshire, R., 1997:
The case of epigenetic effects on centromere identity and function

Nikodemska, E.P.tryn, O., 1972:
The case of honeybee intoxication with industrial fall-out in Katowice province

Nikodemska, E.P.tryn, O., 1970:
The case of intoxication of fowls with arsenic

Davies, David, 1977:
The case of labourers in husbandry stated and considered

Lucchelli, F.; Spinnler, H., 2007:
The case of lost Wilma: a clinical report of Capgras delusion

Kurek, C.C.ylinski, G.C.ybalski, R., 1970:
The case of mastitis in a cow caused by Clostridium perfringens A

Bramso, S.F.nder-Schmidt, B.H.nsen, J.; Ulrich, G., 1974:
The case of mercury in food

Gardner, B.; Howitt, R.; Nuckton, C., 1981:
The case of regional groundwater management

Yanagida, John, F., 1985:
The case of removing price supports on feed grains

Anonymous, 1962:
The case of semi-loaded semis

Manka, K., 1979:
The case of snow mold occurrence on rye in the period of the snowless winter of 1975

Langner, W., 1968:
The case of special provenance Bruggerholz larch

Anonymous, 1947 :
The case of the Australian raw sugar industry for an increased price for sugar used for home consumption purposes

Anonymous, 1949:
The case of the Australian raw sugar industry for an increased price under the Commonwealth Sugar Agreement

Kehne, Cl, 1978:
The case of the Dunbar dogwood a neglected hybrid

Ellstrand, N., 1991:
The case of the confusing cultivars

Arroyo, Ca, 1976:
The case of the dying apitong

Sabrosky, CW., 1972:
The case of the elusive author

Soebiapradja, R.S.mardjan, H., 1983:
The case of the estate crops: a corporate approach to agrotechnology transfer in Indonesia

Stein, William, W., 1991:
The case of the hungry young bulls and other essays of Peruvian economic anthropology

Brown, Ws, 1992:
The case of the incompetent employee

Hall, Ft, 1975:
The case of the late Mrs. Smith, homemaker: preparing testimony for the court

Stoil, Mj, 1987:
The case of the missing gene. Hereditary protection against alcoholism

Cecchetti, Stephen, G., 1987:
The case of the negative nominal interest rates

Anonymous, 1948:
The case of the packinghouse workers, 1948

Cann, David, 1992:
The case of the perfect pig

Washburn, J.; Anderson,. Jr.;, 1991:
The case of the quick-change killer

Anonymous, 1949:
The case of the raw sugar industry for amendment of the Commonwealth Sugar Agreement Act

Rogers, P.H.rst, C., 1981:
The case of the self energized irrigation pump Biomass energy for conversion to mechanical energy

Kees, A., 1975:
The case of the uniform settlement of accounts in Europe

Stickle, J.E.; Henkel, K.A., 1995:
The case of the vanishing protein

Krishna, Kala, 1988:
The case of the vanishing revenues

Belousova, Ni, 1976:
The case of transferring the apomixis element from Tripsacum dactyloides to maize through intergeneric hybridization

Kucuker, N., 1977:
The case of upward fixation of the patella in a cow

Anonymous, 2004:
The case of using market sales in timberland valuations

Trock, Wl, 1983:
The case of water resources

Anonymous, 1948:
The case of yellow oleo!!

Carayannis, E.; Bush, L., 1997:
The case study as a performance metric in evaluating and reengineering technology transfer and commercialization: dealing with the challenge of quantifying intangibles, successes, failures and lessons learned

Crissman, C.; Espinosa, P.D.crot, C.; Cole, D.; Carpio, F., 1998:
The case study site: physical, health, and potato farming systems in Carchi Province

Jacobson, R.; Bernhoft, B., 1981:
The casein import issue

Gay, J., 1977:
The casein market in the European Community

Spinelli, F., 1982:
The casein question

Pashchenko, Zm, 1969:
The cases of abnormal development of embryo sacs in Gossypium hirsutum L

Girgin, H., 1968:
The cases of bovine mycotoxicosis in the district of Elazig and pathologic lesions

Chwilczynski, M.K.os, Z.W.niewski, B., 1973 :
The cases of osteodystrophia fibrosa in the cat and horse

Barry, Pj, 2002:
The cash

Cook, Kenneth, A., 1995:
The cash croppers

King, Mervyn, 1986:
The cash flow corporate income tax

Boynton, R.; Milligan, R., 1983:
The cash flow impact of the new milk price assessments on selected groups of New York dairy farms

Robbins, Pr, 1981:
The cash flow problem in Indiana agriculture

Nichols, E.Jr; Bufkin, T., 1978:
The cash market for soybeans

Robertson, J., 1979:
The cash value of stockmanship

Pant, Mm, 1980:
The cashew bonanza or cashew nut industry of India

Steffey, J., 1981:
The cashew family Mangifera indica, Anacardium occidentale

Kurup, K.; Viswanathan, K., 1970:
The cashew in Kerala

Hartley, Alan, 1974:
The cashew nut in Papua New Guinea

Mabuya, S., 1977:
The cashew nut in the diet

Aguirre, R.S.lvia-Del-Amo, M.E., C., 1978:
The cashew tree

Cordoba, V.-Ja, 1976:
The cashew tree , its cultivation and possibilities of industrialization in Colombia

Morales, R.-Hf, 1979:
The cashew tree as an alternative of new, easy crops in tropical zones

Haeendler, L.D.verneuil, G., 1973:
The cashew tree in the development programs of the Sudanese zone

Lefebvre, A., 1969:
The cashew tree, a valuable a

Al'-Kov, Gv, 1974:
The cashmere goat breed in the Altai Mountains and its requirements

Malinovich, Mi, 1974:
The cashmere goat husbandry in the Orenburg province

Larson, J., 1983:
The cashmere industry in Australia

Rouseau, M., 1983:
The cashmere shawl, a masterpiece and zootechnical curiosity at the Galliera Museum

Jackaman, E.; Nyberg, H., 1965:
The casing industry of Afghanistan

Frentz, Jc, 1973:
The casing of sausages; structural characteristics and methods

Mossadeghi, Siamak, 1970:
The caspian forests

Anonymous, 1974:
The cassava in the Angola rural extension program

Lema, K.; Hennessey, R.; Herren, H., 1984:
The cassava mealybug front hypothesis: role of indigenous natural enemies

Nenon, Jp, 1985:
The cassava scale insect

Goletti,, K.W.eatley, C., 1999:
The cassava starch industry in Vietnam: can small firms survive and prosper?

Nweke, F.-I.L.nam, J.-K.S.encer, D.S.C., 2002:
The cassava transformation

Hicks, J.; Strathern, J.; Herskowitz, I., 1977:
The cassette model of mating type interconversion

Anonymous, 1974:
The cast report

Noirot, C., 1985:
The caste system in higher termites

Espadaler, X.R.tana, J.C.rda, X., 1990:
The caste system of Camponotus foreli emery (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Barsotti, R.; Costa-Leonardo, A., 2005:
The caste system of Coptotermes gestroi (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

Roisin, Y., 1988:
The caste system of Parrhinotermes browni (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

Schulze-Von-Hanxleden, P., 1983:
The castle forest from the view of regional planning

Ruppert, K., 1983:
The castle forest, a forest landscape in change of social requirements

Longford, Herbert, G., 1947:
The castle that hung in the air

Macfarlane, N., 1975:
The castor oil industry: a comparison of lubricants derived from castor oil, mineral oil and synthetics

Takano, E.H.; Busso, C.; Goncalves, E.A.L.; Chierice, G.O.; Catanzaro Guimaraes, S.A.; Castro Prado, M.A.A. de, 2007:
The castor oil plant detergent (Ricinus communis) inhibits the asexual development of phytopathogenic fungi

Mckeon, T.; He, X.C.en, G.A.n, Y.; Kang, S.; Lin, J., 2007:
The castor plant as a dedicated industrial crop: elucidation of the enzymology of castor oil biosynthesis

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The cause of difference in maturation time of caryopses located in various parts of barley and wheat spikes

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The cause of witches broom disease of cacti

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The causes and modes of radioactive contamination of food

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The causes and nature of current agrarian tensions

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The causes and nature of soil damage Tillage and management implications

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The causes and prevention of child abuse

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The causes and prevention of construction injury to trees

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The causes and problems of the differences existing between educational levels of urban and rural populations

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The causes and remedies for low cotton yields in the Lower Bhavani Project area in Tamil Nadu

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The causes and the control of w

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The causes and ways for the treatment of the acute pulmonary edema

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The causes for low rate of surv

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The causes made the rampage of grape white rot disease in 2005 in Shanghang county area and its control

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The causes of American business cycles

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The causes of Erysiphe graminis infection of Kavkaz and Avroka wheat varieties

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The causes of Marek infection i

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The causes of abnormality in wh

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The causes of calf reindeer mortality Percentages of birth deaths, accidents, predation, diseases, etc

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The causes of cancer: quantitative estimates of avoidable risks of cancer in the United States today

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The causes of certain defects in the battle against bovine brucellosis

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The causes of change in long fiber yield

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The causes of clogging with plant residues and soil sticking on working tools with a sharp angle of entrance into the soil

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The causes of concentration in the U.S. brewing industry

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The causes of confiscation of rabbit livers

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The causes of continuous low yi

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The causes of crisis in expansi

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The causes of crooked neck in c

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The causes of culling milk cows in higher situated districts Czechoslovakia.1

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The causes of culling out and the post-mortem results of sows

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The causes of dead-hearts and their occurrences in autumn planted cane fields

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The causes of death and the life span of service bulls with special regard to spastic paresis

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The causes of death of juvenile hormone-induced superlarvae of the pea aphid, Acyrhosiphon pisum Harris

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The causes of decline in bread consumption and the fluctuation in use of rye and wheat products

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The causes of differentation of labour inputs in consolidated private orchards

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The causes of differnet resistance of germinated seeds to desiccation and low freezing

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The causes of disease and death of field hares

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The causes of downgrading of Cornish game hens

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The causes of dry-out of stone fruit-trees in the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic

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The causes of economic fluctuations

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The causes of economic inefficiencies in New York dairy farms

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The causes of excess soil moisture and its role in the formation of bogs in Romania

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The causes of germination and r

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The causes of high insecticide rate of the mixture of chlorophos and ammonium carbonate for house flies

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The causes of horse abuse

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The causes of inflation

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The causes of inflation and its effects on the structure of global economy and on the agricultural sector

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The causes of initiation and the processes of earth flow formation on the river Malaya Almatinka on the 15 July, 1973

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The causes of land degradation along spontaneously expanding agricultural frontiers in the third world: comment

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The causes of logging truck delays on two West Virginia logging operations

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The causes of loosing feathers by laying hens

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The causes of losses in broiler raising

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The causes of losses in contract swine breeding at the Lubartow district in 1972 year

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The causes of mastitis and the

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The causes of microbial poisoning Salmonellae, Clostridium, Staphlococcus.1

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The causes of mortality on a breeding farm of laboratory gui nea pigs

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The causes of premature mortality in chicks

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The causes of regular pattern in desert perennials

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The causes of root rots

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