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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17326

Chapter 17326 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zehner, Z.E.; Paterson, B.M., 1985:
The chicken vimentin gene: aspects of organization and transcription during myogenesis

Fermin, C.; Cohen, G., 1979:
The chickens intra-aural muscle

Craig-Schmidt, M.F.ircloth, S.1; Wu, C.1; Weete, J.1; Teer, P., 1982:
The chicken: can it be usd as a model for cystic fibrosis? Dietary essential fatty acids, prostaglandins

Ponsignon, Maurice, 1942:
The chickens

Loss, S.P.B.andon, N.; Siddique, K.H.M., 1998:
The chickpea book

Alcorn, Peter-Wellington, 1994:
The chicle tree (Manilkara zapota) in northwest Belize

Rao, U. N., 1960:
The chicory in India

Senninger, Earl, J., 1960:
The chicory industry of Michigan

Balogh, M.L.ptovszky,, Z., 1970:
The chief fruiting form of Trichophyton mentagrophytes var. granulosum, Arthroderma olahii n. sp

Zronek, A., 1973:
The chief orientation in working out of the conception of veterinary activities of the District Veterinary Establishment in Hodonin up to 1985

Tageyeva, Sv, 1972:
The chief regulatory systems determining the structural organization of active chloroplasts

Ciancio, O., 1981:
The chief systems in silviculture

Jaks, F., 1971:
The chief trends in the plan of long term development of forestry in Czechoslovakia

Jaks, F., 1971:
The chief trends of the long-term development plan of Czechoslovak forestry

Tung, Ht, 1978:
The chief vegetation types and their distributions at Mount Baishilazi in eastern part of Liaoning Province

Steen, Harold, K., 2004:
The chiefs remember

Stone, P.-C.H.seman, L., 1941:
The chigger and its control in Missouri

Esse, H.-Van; Bolton, M.; Stergiopoulos, I.W.t, P.-De; Thomma, B., 2007:
The chiitin-binding Cladosporium fulvum effector protein Avr4 is a virulence factor

Harris, J.-Rich; Liebert, R., M., 1987:
The child

Matsumoto, M., 1993 :
The child and adult care food program lends unique support

Annis, Linda-Ferrill, 1978:
The child before birth

Leach, Penelope, 1984:
The child care encyclopedia

Mocan, H.Naci, 1995:
The child care industry

Connelly, R.-Ex; Ooms, T., 1989:
The child care market

Foree, C.S.abler, D., 1993:
The child development project is

Weeks, Ss, 1978:
The child from 4-5

Weeks, Shirley, S., 1979:
The child from 5-6

Gesell, A.; Ilg, F.-Lillian; Ames, L.-Bates; Bullis, G., E., 1946:
The child from five to ten

Doyle, P.; Behrens, D., 1986:
The child in crisis

Hare, J.S.gawara, A.P.att, C., 1986:
The child in grief: implications for teaching

Dunn, Fannie-Wyche, 1951:
The child in the rural environment

Wood, Suzanne, 1988:
The child sexual abuse offender

Hymes, James, L., 1963:
The child under six

O'-Neil, M.; Wilson-Coker, P., 1986:
The child welfare specialist: an interdisciplinary graduate curriculum

Boland, Mary, 1986:
The child with AIDS (human immunodeficiency virus)

de Martino, M.; Ballotti, S., 2008:
The child with recurrent respiratory infections: normal or not?

Elkind, D., 1987:
The child yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Ribeiro-De-Andrade, Lillian, 1979:
The childs role in division of farm labor (Sierra Norte de Puebla)

Schenck, Betsy, 1988:
The childs self-concept

Lewis, M.F.iring, C., 1979:
The childs social network: social object, social functions, and their relationship

Lewis, M.F.iring, C., 1978:
The childs social world

Singer, Jerome, L., 1973:
The childs world of make-believe

Winnicott, D.W., 1987:
The child, the family, and the outside world

Garfinkel, I., 1994:
The child-support revolution

Thoen, G.; Russell, M., 1979:
The childfree option: A workshop model for making one of lifes major decisions

Black, Maggie, 1986:
The children and the nations

Anonymous, 1946:
The children are hungry

Burke, J., 1982:
The children in school

Furstenberg, F.F.; Levine, J.A.; Brooks-Gunn, J., 1990:
The children of teenage mothers: patterns of early childbearing in two generations

Densham, We, 1971:
The children who had to be found

Greiner, R.S.malin, M., 1976:
The childrens education at school

Maclin,, B., 1999:
The childrens garden at Brooklyn Botanic Garden: a lasting harvest

Dorward, Margaret, M., 1944:
The childrens greenhouse

Dodd, C., 1991:
The childrens investment trust

Allison, Alida, 1985:
The childrens manners book

Carey, Anne, 1984:
The childrens pharmacy

Hansen, E., 1973:
The childrens ward on the Lolland-Falster sugar beet farm, 1950-1963

Norum, Ps, 1994:
The childrens wear consumer: an investigation of store patronage patterns in the U.S.A

Pleasant, B., 1990:
The childrens zone

Marek, L.; Byrne, R.; Marczak, M.; Betts, S.; Mancini, J., 1999:
The children, youth, and families at risk (CYFAR) evaluation collaboration

Malley, C., 1990:
The children: are they suffering from stress?

Bosland, P.-W.V.tava, E., 1997:
The chile cultivars of New Mexico State University released from 1913 to 1993

Kim, S-Yong.; Kim, Y-Cheol.; Seong, E.Soo.; Lee, Y-Hwan.; Park, J.Mee.; Choi, D., 2007:
The chili pepper CaATL1: an AT-hook motif-containing transcription factor implicated in defence responses against pathogens

Reed, Z.M.ilveen, H.S.rugnell, C., 2001:
The chilled ready meal market in Northern Ireland

Bell, R.G.; Penney, N.; Gilbert, K.V.; Moorhead, S.M.; Scott, S.M., 1996:
The chilled storage life and retail display performance of vacuum and carbon dioxide packed hot deboned beef striploins

Boyd, N.; Wilson, N.1; Hall, B., 1982:
The chilling of southern bluefin tuna Thunnus maccoyii, New Zealand waters

Ponte, S.; Sittert, L. van, 2007:
The chimera of redistribution in post-apartheid South Africa: Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) in industrial fisheries

Urquhart, W.-; Gunawardena, A., H.L.A.N.; Moeder, W.-; Ali, R.-; Berkowitz, G., A.; Yoshioka, K., 2007:
The chimeric cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channel ATCNGC11

Grinikh, L.; Shevchenko, V.; Grigor'-Eva, G.; Draginskaia, L., 1974:
The chimerism in generative tissue of Arabidopsis thaliana plants after X-irradiation of seeds

Reynolds, Vernon, 2005:
The chimpanzees of the Budongo Forest

Anonymous, 1997:
The chimps in Buddy learned to act by mimicking their trainers

Larson, Ll, 1973:
The chin-ball marking device can be an aid in heat detection

Reis, Pr, 1976:
The chinch bug, Blissus leucopterus (Say, 1832), a new pest of pastures in Brazil

Anonymous, 1974:
The chinch bug, number one enemy of pastures

Slater, J.; Wilcox, D., 1973:
The chinch bugs or Blissinae of South Africa (Hemiptera: plygaeidae) Talpoblissus macchiademus

Belcic, J., 1973:
The chinchilla and its care

Kemenes, F.V.ros, Z., 1974:
The chinchilla and its diseases

Mischi, Giovanni, 1963:
The chinchilla and its rearing

Clay, H.J.C.ay, G., G., 1953:
The chinchilla bred for beauty

Haupt, R., 1980:
The chinchilla hide market--its current situation and its possible future outlooks

Marques-Yanez, A., 1973:
The chinchilla: Lanigera Dark Blue

Rice, Ek, 1988:
The chinchilla: endangered whistler of the Andes

Cruz Castillo, J.G.; Cruz Medina, J. de la; Rodriguez Bracamontes, F.; Angel Coronel, O. del, 2007:
The chinini (Persea schiedeana Nees), searches for value in coffee-growing regions

Inouye, H.U.da, S.I.oue, K.H.yashi,, T., 1975:
The chinone and pulp relation in higher plants. IV. The biosynthesis of catalpalacton and catalponol in wood of Catalpa ovata

Harmon, F.; Weinberger, J.; Ramming, D., 1977:
The chip bud method of propagating vinifera grape varieties on rootstocks

Koch, P., 1973:
The chipping headrig: a major invention of the twentieth century

Dodelin, B.; Andre, J., 2007:
The chipping of branches, between forestry economics and sustainable agriculture

Nagatomi, A.Y.kawa, J., 1969:
The chiromyzinae from New Guinea (Diptera: Stratiomyidae)

Moscoso, Carlos, G., 1976:
The chironja

Singh, MP.; Harrison, AD., 1984:
The chironomid community (Diptera: Chironomidae) in a southern Ontario stream and the annual emergence patterns of common species

Wright, JF., 1984:
The chironomid larvae of a small chalk stream in Berkshire, England

Moubayed, Z.L.ville, H., 1983:
The chironomids (Diptera) of Lebanon. I. First faunistic inventory

Aagaard, K., 1978:
The chironomids of Lake Malsjoen. A phenological, diversity, and production study

Giannini, N., P.; Simmons, N., B., 2007:
The chiropteran premaxilla: A reanalysis of morphological variation and its phylogenetic interpretation

Daquet,. Jr.;, 1975:
The chisel for preparing wheat, maize and sugarbeet soils in Oise

Noacco, N., 1980:
The chisel plow

Noacco, N.; Francomano, M., 1977:
The chisel subsoiler

Peterson, C.-L.D.wding, E.-A.H.rder, R.-Wehe, 1979:
The chisel-planter

Neville, A.C.; Parry, D.A.; Woodhead-Galloway, J., 1976:
The chitin crystallite in arthropod cuticle

Kenchington, W., 1973:
The chitin system

Seichertová, O.; Beran, K.; Holan, Z.; Pokorný, V., 1975:
The chitin-glucan complex of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. III. Electron-microscopic study of the prebudding stage

Schrempf, H., 1995:
The chitinolytic system of Streptomyces olivaceoviridis

Bonal, Francis, 1980:
The chlamydiaceae of sheep in the milking area of Roquefort

Burall, L.S.; Liu, Z.; Rank, R.; Bavoil, P.M., 2007:
The chlamydial invasin-like protein gene conundrum

Liao, Ym, 1981:
The chlamydospore germination

El-Ani, As, 1988:
The chlamydospore in Fusarium solani

Carolin, R.; Jacobs, S.1; Vesk, M., 1982:
The chlorenchyma of some members of the Salicornieae (Chenopodiaceae) Anatomy, taxonomic aspects

Washio, H., 1971:
The chloride conductance and its pH sensitivity in insect muscle

Rapp, Janet-Lorraine, 1948:
The chloride ion in the hemolymph of the large milkweed bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus (Dallas)

Vogt, H., 1978:
The chloride requirement of laying hens

Foy, Cl, 1975:
The chlorinated aliphatic acids

Connell, Gerald, F., 2002:
The chlorination

Spath, David-Peter, 1972:
The chlorination of coal tar derivatives in water

Anonymous, 1956:
The chlorination of industrial cooling water for the control of organic growths

Nieuwenhuijsen, M.J., 2006:
The chlorine hypothesis: fact or fiction?

Daniel, C.M.nciot, R., 1973:
The chlorine nutrition of young coconuts in the New Hebrides

Hindak, F., 1974:
The chlorococcal algal genus Didymogenes Schmidle 1905

Uherkovich, G., 1973:
The chlorococcal flora of Finland. III. Ekenas-Tvarminne region. 2. oren

Wojciechowska, B.Z.jac, K., 1976:
The chlorogonoplasts in the seeds and tubers of potato, solanum tuberosum L., as indicator of resistance to the Streptomyces infection

Anonymous, 1981:
The chlorophyl zoo--Walt Disney World topiary figures

Lamppa, Gk, 1988:
The chlorophyll a

Basova, Sl, 1974:
The chlorophyll a content as an index of productivity of the periphyton illustrated by the data from Krasnoe Lake (the Karelian isthmus)

Galloway, L.F.uge, D.; Fetterman, L.; Fong, F., 1979:
The chlorophyll a water splitting light reaction

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The chlorophyll content of tumors from pale and green leaf tissues of Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi

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The chlorophyll triplet state and the structure of chlorophyll aggregates Photosynthesis

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The chlorophyll triplet state as a probe of structure and function in photosynthesis

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The chlorophyll-a

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The chlorophyll-a radical-cation: determination of hyperfine coupling constants by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

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The chlorophyll-deficient mutant assay in barley (Hordeum vulgare)

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The chlorophyll-protein complexes of the thylakoid in greening plastids of Phaseolus vulgaris

Bricker, T.; Newman, D., 1981:
The chlorophyll-proteins of soybean (Glycine max L. var.Wayne) cotyledons

Seely, G.; Rutkoski, A.1; Shaw, E., 1983:
The chlorophyll-sensitized reaction between benzoquinone and ethanol Photosynthesis

Zherebin, Yul; Kolesnik, Aa, 1984:
The chlorophylls of the grape

Wendt, H., 1975:
The chloropid types of the Diptera collection of the Zoological Museum in Berlin

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The chloroplast

Mccarty, R.; Evron, Y.J.hnson, E., 2000:
The chloroplast ATP synthase: a rotary enzyme?

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The chloroplast ATP-synthase: the rate of the catalytic reaction

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The chloroplast DNA mystery

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The chloroplast and cytoplasmic ribosomes of euglena: I. Stability of chloroplast ribosomes prepared by an improved procedure

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The Chloroplast and Cytoplasmic Ribosomes of Euglena: II. Characterization of Ribosomal Proteins

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The chloroplast and reducing equivalents

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The chloroplast at work. A review of modern developments in our understanding of chloroplast metabolism

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The chloroplast cytochrome bf complex: a critical focus on function

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The chloroplast endoplasmic reticulum: structure, function, and evolutionary significance

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The chloroplast envelope --barrier or bridge?

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The chloroplast envelope and the origin of chloroplast lipids

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The chloroplast envelope of Phaseolus vulgaris L

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The chloroplast envelope: is it homologous with the double membranes of mitochondria and gram-negative bacteria?

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The chloroplast genome of Euglena gracilis: the mosaic structure of a DNA segment linking the extra 16S rRNA gene with the rrn operon A

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The chloroplast genome of a chlorophyll a + c-containing alga, Odontella sinensis

de Cambiaire, J-Charles.; Otis, C.; Turmel, M.; Lemieux, C., 2007:
The chloroplast genome sequence of the green alga Leptosira terrestris: multiple losses of the inverted repeat and extensive genome rearrangements within the Trebouxiophyceae

Dyer, Ta, 1984:
The chloroplast genome: its nature and role in development

Lidholm, J.; Szmidt, A.E.; Hällgren, J.E.; Gustafsson, P., 1988:
The chloroplast genomes of conifers lack one of the rRNA-encoding inverted repeats

Gartner, R., 1970:
The chloroplast movement of Mesotaenium in high intensity light. I. Time and temperature dependent secondary processes

Gartner, R., 1970:
The chloroplast movement of Mesotaenium in high intensity light. II. Action dichroism and interaction of the photoreceptor with phytochrome

Gibbs, S.P.; Cheng, D.; Slankis, T., 1974:
The chloroplast nucleoid in Ochromonas danica. I. Three-dimensional morphology in light- and dark-grown cells

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The chloroplast nucleoid in Ochromonas danica. II. Evidence for an increase in plastid DNA during greening

Inoue, Kentaro, 2007:
The chloroplast outer envelope membrane: The edge of light and excitement

Whittle S.J.; Casselton P.J., 1969:
The chloroplast pigments of some green and yellow-green algae

Whittle, S.; Casselton, P., 1975:
The chloroplast pigments of the algal classes Eustigmatophyceae and Xanthophyceae. I. Eustigmatophyceae

Whittle, S.; Casselton, P., 1975:
The chloroplast pigments of the algal classes Eustigmatophyceae and Xanthophyceae. II. Xanthophyceae

Rochaix, J.D.; Rahire, M.; Michel, F., 1985:
The chloroplast ribosomal intron of Chlamydomonas reinhardii codes for a polypeptide related to mitochondrial maturases

Subramanian, Ar, 1986:
The chloroplast ribosomes of higher plants and the genes for their protein components

Braun, N.A.; Davis, A.W.; Theg, S.M., 2007:
The chloroplast Tat pathway utilizes the transmembrane electric potential as an energy source

Andersson, B.A.derson, J., 1985:
The chloroplast thylakoid membrane--isolation, subfractionation and purification of its supramolecular complexes

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The chloroplast, its genome and possiblities for genetically manipulating plants

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The chloroplasts of Equisetum telmateia Erhr.: a possible developmental sequence

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The chloroplasts of some algal groups may have evolved from endosymbiotic eukaryotic algae

Dancer, J., 1983:
The chlorosis occurring when horticultural crops are grown in sewage effluent

Cutler, H.; Ross, S.; Elmer, P.; Hill, R.; Dugan, F.; Cutler, S., 1999:
The chlorotic and phytotoxic properties of 9-O-methylfusarubin from Fusarium oxysporum

Llacer-Ill, G., 1974:
The chlorotic leaf roll virus, agent of a form of decline of the apricot tree in the Ebro region

Souza, T.M.L.; D.S.uza, M.C.Bastos.V.; Ferreira, V.F.; Canuto, C.V.B.Santos.; Marques, I.Pereira.; Fontes, C.F.L.; Frugulhetti, I.C.P.P., 2007:
The chloroxoquinolinic derivative 6-chloro-1,4-dihydro-4-oxo-1-(beta-D-ribofuranosyl) quinoline-3-carboxylic acid inhibits HSV-1 adsorption by impairing its adsorption on HVEM

Jarman, D., 1970:
The chocolate and confectionery industries

Ubezio, P., 1972:
The chocolate and its technological revolution

Marcus, Adrianne, 1979:
The chocolate bible

Broekel, Ray, 1985:
The chocolate chronicles

Liebman, B., 2001:
The chocolate myth factory

Nyerges, C., 1978:
The chocolate thats good for you: carob is delicious, chocolaty and not fattening!

Minetti, C., 1970:
The chocolate, a very important energetic source

Slivka, M., 1976:
The choice and dimensioning of grab and clamp devices for handling of timber on the conversion sites

Hall, J.; Shukla, G., 1971:
The choice and use of an index of red cell osmotic fragility

O'-Brien, A.M.ureen; Wong, S., Q., 1987:
The choice between fixed and variable rate mortgages

Cutler, Rm, 1980:
The choice is theirs: speech by the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture for Natural Resources and Environment, in the Five College Rural Issues Seminar Series, Center for Rural Communities, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass

Mitchell, T.-J.D.on, P., A., 1985:
The choice of take it or leave it positions

Beaubois, G., 1977:
The choice of A shaped sugar silos for Mauritius

Florio, R.G.elfi, F., 1974:
The choice of a diuretic in canine pathology

Kishine, Takurao, 1983 :
The choice of a future food policy for Japan

Hayashi, A.M.L.; Nogueira, V. de O., 2007:
The choice of a good contraceptive by a family planning group in a Basic Health Care Unit at Guarulhos

Peyraud, Jc, 1975:
The choice of a mineral compound, a delicate operation

Stadler, E., 1979:
The choice of a new tractor

Smith, Pa, 1990:
The choice of a sex-nontraditional occupation: the female-headed household effect--a research note

Burchenko, P.; Sizov, O.; Grishin, M.; Sakun, V., 1976:
The choice of and basis for an effective system of operation for a self propelled reactive plowing assembly

Worden, A., 1988:
The choice of animal species

Hanson, R.W., 1974:
The choice of animal species for studies of metabolic regulation

Duplan, J.; Thibier, M., 1977:
The choice of better breeders: towards a renovation of methods

Kalocsay, F.S.ijjarto, A., 1970:
The choice of career of vilage-youth, as effecting agricultural manpower situation

Yudkin, J., 1973:
The choice of correct food

Raup, Philip, M., 1975:
The choice of criteria to guide land use

El-Nazer, T.M.carl, B., 1986:
The choice of crop rotation: a modeling approach and case study

Kearney, Thomas, H., 1980:
The choice of crops for alkali lands

James, W.P.; François, P.J., 1994:
The choice of cut-off point for distinguishing normal body weights from underweight or 'chronic energy deficiency' in adults

Harou, Pa, 1984:
The choice of developing countries for forestry projects

Szul, T., 2007:
The choice of development conception for energy supply in rural communes of Malopolskie Province

Bloc, D., 1980:
The choice of earliness in a maize variety

Pavlova, G.; Shabanova, E., 1975:
The choice of economically sound kinds of transportation for hauling inorganic fertilizers

Putyatina, T.S., 2007:
The choice of foraging strategy as a mechanism for coexistence of Myrmica species (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in the multispecies ant association

Pallara, A., 1978:
The choice of irrigation methods and the interconnection between the public distribution system and the private farm system

Burnett, G.F.W.odcock, K.E., 1954:
The choice of jets for house spraying of residual insecticides

Gushchin, I.; Ul'-Man, I., 1970:
The choice of labour organization forms in the state and collective farm shops

Bages, R.N.vers, J., 1978:
The choice of local representatives, opposition systems and local bones of contention in council elections in the country

Karczewski, W.K.rczewski, T., 1974:
The choice of mathematic elaboration method for flow model by big dimension rotation sprayers

Ivanov, S.; Viesturs, D.; Bergs, J., 2007:
The choice of mechanised means and economic aspects of growing cultivated cranberries

Bartos, J.M.tyas, Z., 1978:
The choice of methods for determining the presence of aflatoxins in liquid milk

Hunter, G., 1976:
The choice of methods for implementation

Turnovsky, S.-J.D.-Orey, V., 1988:
The choice of monetary instrument in two interdependent economies under uncertainty

Wu, Ml, 1979:
The choice of nitrogen sources by the cucumber

Kleinzeller, A., 1989:
The choice of nonmammalian models in biomedical studies

Golovnya, R.; Syomina, L.; Yakovleva, V., 1982:
The choice of odor qualities for organoleptic evaluation of simulated meat flavors

Ifraimov, D.; Zharbosinov, C.; Zhantleev, T., 1976:
The choice of optimum parameters and systems of drying pressed hay by active ventilation

Guskov, Vv, 1969:
The choice of optimum parameters for tractors

Dimetry, N.; Mansour, M., 1975:
The choice of oviposition sites by the lady bird beetle Adalia bipunctata (L.)

Kuleshov, Ap, 1975:
The choice of parameters of a primary converter of electric properties of grain

Baranov, L.; Karymsakova, S., 1976:
The choice of parameters of film air ducts for heating sheep husbandry complexes

Kornblium, Ea, 1978:
The choice of pedogenic forecasting methods for paddy soils

Whittemore, Fw, 1973:
The choice of pesticides for developing countries

Fardeau, J.; Jappe, J., 1980:
The choice of phosphorus fertilization for tropical soils: use of 32 phosphorus

Gautier, M., 1974:
The choice of planting system enters into the future of the orchard

Binns, Mr, 1982:
The choice of plot size in randomized block experiments

Chauvel, J., 1980:
The choice of presenting feed: other factors than performance to consider

Kristof, P., 1971:
The choice of products for winter treatment

Robinson,. Jr.;, 1972:
The choice of radioisotopes for studying the fate of pesticides

Maionov, V.; Savinykh, V.; Iodo, I., 1975:
The choice of regimes of mechanical desiccation of milled herbaceous mass

Krusche, D.M.lchior, G., 1976:
The choice of rootstock as a mean for stimulation of flowering and increase of cone yield in Norway spruce grafts

Vissac, B.F.ebling, J.M.nisier, F.G.illard, J., 1971:
The choice of sires for meat production of young cattle

Hayt-De-Sigy, G.D.; Buresi, J., 1969:
The choice of small priority agricultural reforms with a view to promoting rural development

Volker, Hh, 1974:
The choice of special starches for the manufacture of ready-to-eat dishes and deep-frozen products

Swaminathan M.S.; Naik M.S.; Kaul A.K.; Austin A., 1972:
The choice of strategy for the genetic upgrading of protein properties in cereals, millets and pulses

Dalton, G.; Coney, R., 1973:
The choice of sugar beet harvesting machinery

Elder, J.; Morris, R.1; Knott, S., 1980:
The choice of survey methods for eliciting livestock producers attitudes of cattle tick control Boophilus microplus

Gierloff, Bch, 1970:
The choice of suture materials

Banerji, R., 1973:
The choice of technological change in agriculture and the conflict between production and employment goals

Thomas, Jw, 1980:
The choice of technology in developing countries: the case of irrigation tubewells in east Pakistan

Lichtenthaler, E., 2005:
The choice of technology intelligence methods in multinationals: towards a contingency approach

Vincek, Z., 1970:
The choice of the proper machines on the big socialistic farms by the use of the linear programming

Kolar, L., 1979:
The choice of the technique for fertilization with trace elements

Nikolic, S., 1973:
The choice of transporting scheme and conveyance implements of wood products

Mitchell, A., 1987:
The choice of urban species

Neijens, Peter, 1987:
The choice questionnaire

Bulyginakaia, M.; Briantseva, I., 1969:
The choice reaction of moth Pectinophora malvella HB. (LEPIDOPTERA) in oviposition

Roberts, Df, 1997:
The choices facing the European community in the light of the progress towards more open markets

Roberts, M.-J.B.uhm, J., S., 1981:
The choices of power

Snyder, R.; Cisar, J., 1997:
The choker layer

Martindale, Wl, 1974:
The choko --the perennial cucurbit

Picciano, M.F.; Guthrie, H.A.; Sheehe, D.M., 1978:
The cholesterol content of human milk. A variable constituent among women and within the same woman

Flynn, M.A., 1978:
The cholesterol controversy

Clark L.C.Jr; Emory C.; Glueck C.J.; Campbell M., 1978:
The cholesterol electrode: use of the polarographic oxidase anode with multiple enzymes

Brendl, J.K.ein, S., 1976:
The cholesterol in hen eggs

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