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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17327

Chapter 17327 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Pedro, G., 1982:
The clay minerals

Bekhar, A.P.skaleva, K.K.ubenov, G., 1969:
The clay minerals in the main so

Anonymous, 1992:
The clean air act amendments of 1990

Hamby, Ji, 1976:
The clean air act and significant deterioration of air quality: the continuing controversy

Cameron, B.; Brown, D.; Stobart, R., 1999:
The clean color of U.S. wool fiber: comparison of scoured and carded wools

Karp, Larry, 2000:
The clean development mechanism and its controversies

Ranford, Tm, 1979:
The clean scheme. 1. The development and ultimate birth of a nursery hygiene scheme

Hoefer, H.L., 2007:
The clean stick: collecting samples in small mammals

Stevens, L.; Jorling, T., 1973:
The clean water act of 72, the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972

Morgan, Judy, 1987:
The clean water book

Anonymous, 1995:
The clean water state revolving fund

Enix,. Jr.;, 1965:
The clean wheat program

Milledge, J.; Jowitt, R., 1980:
The cleanability of stainless steel used as a food contact surface

Mazzola, V., 1993:
The cleanest little chicken house in America

Nelson, R.; Aldrich, L., 1979:
The cleaning and bleaching of pulp produced from household wastes

Tel'-Nov, Nikolai-Fedorovich, 1973:
The cleaning and washing of agricultural machines

Lippuner, C., 1970:
The cleaning in the modern mill

Koning, K.De, 1969:
The cleaning of combine harvesters to prevent the mixing up of seeds and the carrying over of harmfull weed seeds

Parkinson, Rdj, 1975:
The cleaning of farm dairy vats

Smith, H.P.J.nes, D.L.M.ller, H.F., 1950:
The cleaning of mechanically harvested cotton

Twomey, A., 1969:
The cleaning of milking machines and milk quality

Reed, G.Jr, 1992:
The cleaning process--some definitions of terms

Stefancik, Ladislav, 1977:
The cleanings and the thinnings in mixed stands of spruce, tir and beech

Anonymous, 1981:
The cleansing and disinfection of calf houses Steam, chemical, fumigation

Caballero, R.-J.H.mmour, M., L., 1991:
The cleansing effect of recessions

Schauer, F., 1981:
The cleansing flight and its significance

Hug, A., 1978:
The cleansing flight, a honeybee holiday

Seidel, K., 1978:
The cleansing of bodies of water by higher plants

Shevchenko, Marina-Aleksandrovna, 1975:
The cleansing of drinking and sewage waters from toxic chemicals

Anonymous, 1956:
The cleansing of modern dairy plant

Gordon, R.; Baglien, B., 1986:
The clear title law: a new era for grain buyers

Hollis, Rg, 1981:
The clear-sweeping technique of land development. A co-operative exercise

Anders, P.J.; Ashley, K.I., 2007:
The clear-water paradox of aquatic ecosystem restoration

Schultz, P.; Parnell, L., 1980:
The clear-wing moths. 1

Schultz, P.; Parnell, L., 1980:
The clear-wing moths. II

Chapman, G.E.; Ballinger, J.R.; Norton, M.J.; Parry-Jones, D.R.; Beharry, N.A.; Cousins, C.; Dash, C.H.; Peters, A.M., 2007:
The clearance kinetics of autologous RhD-positive erythrocytes coated ex vivo with novel recombinant and monoclonal anti-D antibodies

Flierman, R.; Daha, M.R., 2007:
The clearance of apoptotic cells by complement

Mcdaniel, C.; Berry, S., 1973:
The clearance of purines from the haemolymph of the Cecropia silkmoth

Burk, Dale, A., 1970:
The clearcut crisis

Montgomery, K.W.lker, C., 1973:
The clearcutting controversy

Edwards, Fr, 1983:
The clearing association in futures markets: guarantor and regulator

Rompler, W., 1973:
The clearing of wind-fall and wind-breakages is making good progress

Gunia, E., 1974:
The clearing of woodland in the East European Plain

Atkinson, R., 1990:
The clearinghouse for state and local initiatives on productivity, technology and innovation

Marescalchi, C., 1975:
The clearness for the consumer

Nair, P.P.; Gordon, M.; Gordon, S.; Reback, J.; Mendeloff, A.I., 1965:
The cleavage of bile acid conjugates by cell-free extracts from Clostridium perfringens

Koppes, William, M., 1973:
The cleavage of carboxylic esters to acid halides with dihalotriphenylphosphoranes

Thompson, N.; Corbett, H., 1981:
The cleavage of fibers by potassium superoxide

Ainsworth, L., 1972:
The cleavage of steroid sulfates by sheep and pig fetal liver, fetal kidney and placental preparations in vitro

Geller, Henry-Charles, 1952:
The cleavage of sulfonamides in acidic reducing media

Garten, W.; Linder, D.; Rott, R.; Klenk, H.D., 1982:
The cleavage site of the hemagglutinin of fowl plague virus

Sutcliffe, J.G.; Church, G.M., 1978:
The cleavage site of the restriction endonuclease Ava II

Bono-Ubeda, R.C.rdova-O'-Connor, L.-De; Soler-Aznar, J., 1983:
The clementine oranges Arrufatina, Esbal, Guillermina and Hernandina

Deutsch, Robin, 2005:
The click that does the trick

Kurland, Alexandra, 2005:
The click that teaches

Porter, A., 1989:
The client

Kline, M.; Bacon, J.; Chinkin, M.M.nov, W., 1987:
The client tracking system, a tool for studying the homeless

Hattan, Andrea, M., 1994:
The clients perspective of supervision in family therapy

Martell, Charles, R., 1983:
The client-centered academic library

Béland, F., 1986:
The clientele of comprehensive and traditional home care programs

Gorenzel, W.; Salmon, T., 1982:
The cliff swallow--biology and control

Kunkel, Geunther, 1982:
The cliffs of Famara (Lanzarote, Islas Canarias) brief description and botanical guide

Gutiev, G.-Timofeevich; Mosiiash, A.S., 1977:
The climate and frost resistance of subtropical plants

Dugas, Clermont, 1975:
The climate and its influence on the Abitibi region agriculture

Tung, W.; Tong, J., 1979:
The climate and sugarcane crop

Tung, Wh, 1980:
The climate and sugarcane grow

Adamenko, V.N., 1985:
The climate and the lake

Hessell, J.W.D., 1982:
The climate and weather of Westland

Williams, Gdv, 1969:
The climate between climatological stations

Shearman, D., J.C.S.ith, J.-Wayne, 2007:
The climate change challenge and the failure of democracy

Fisher, B.; Tulpule, V.B.own, S., 1998:
The climate change negotiations: the case for differentiation

Blom, T.K.yvenhoven, A.H.nsen, N., 1986:
The climate control computer--our experiences

Engelhaupt, E., 2007:
The climate cost calculator

Becklake, John, 1989:
The climate crisis

Janse, T.; Wiers, P., 2007:
The climate footprint: a practical tool to address climate change

Uchijima, Z., 1971:
The climate in growth chamber

Uchijima, Z.I.oue, K.K.mura, S., 1976:
The climate in growth chamber. 6. Diffuse radiation environment in greenhouses

Uchijima, Z.I.oue, K.I.ayama, M., 1976:
The climate in growth chamber. 7. Angular distribution of diffuse radiation in greenhouses

Tang, Jt, 1981:
The climate in relation to suga

Dohrenwend, Re, 1978:
The climate of Alachua County, Florida

Torres-Bruchmann, Eduardo, 1981:
The climate of Amaicha del Valle and its possibilities for agriculture and cattle raising

Weedfall, R.-O.D.ckerson, W.-Howard, 1966:
The climate of Bluestone Recreational Area, West Virginia

Cardoso-Castrejaon, Maraia-Dolores, 1979:
The climate of Chiapas and Tabasco

Linforth, Dj, 1969:
The climate of East Gippsland

Vinzani, Pg, 1982:
The climate of Illinois in the 1970s

Shaw, R.-H.T.om, H.C.S.B.rger, G., L., 1954:
The climate of Iowa

Wang, Hsiang-Heng, 1953:
The climate of Kwang-tung

Anonymous, 1953:
The climate of Louisiana

Padya, B.M., 1984:
The climate of Mauritius

Weedfall, R.-O.D.ckerson, W.-Howard, 1965:
The climate of Morgantown, West Virginia

Taylor, George, H., 1993:
The climate of Oregon

Gentilli, J., 1977:
The climate of Prescudin

Versfeld, D.; Richardson, D.; Van-Wilgen, B.; Chapman, R.; Forsyth, G., 1992:
The climate of Swartboskloof

Orton, Robert, B., 1964:
The climate of Texas and the adjacent gulf waters

Russo, S., 1973:
The climate of Vercelli and its influence on th rice cultivation in the year 1971

Russo, S., 1973:
The climate of Vercelli and its influence on the rice cultivation in the year 1970

Russo, S., 1974:
The climate of Vercelli and its influence on the rice cultivation in the year 1973

Dirks, R.-A.M.rtner, B., E., 1982:
The climate of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Loman, Georan, 1986:
The climate of a sugar beet stand

Hallam, He, 1984:
The climate of eastern England 1250-1350

Vitvitskii, G.N., 1960:
The climate of foreign Asia

Cook, S.J., 1983:
The climate of seven CSIRO field stations in northern Australia

Waggoner, P.-E.P.ck, A.B.yd; Reifsnyder, W., E., 1959:
The climate of shade

Weedfall, R.-O.D.ckerson, W.-Howard, 1965:
The climate of the Canaan Valley and Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia

Garrido, Waldo-Espinoza, 1978:
The climate of the Cerrados region in its relation to agriculture

Phillips, D.W.M.culloch, J.A.W., 1972:
The climate of the Great Lakes basin

Heller, John, R., 1944:
The climate of the Matanuska Valley with special reference to recent micro-climatic studies of the area

Dethier, Bernard, E., 1965:
The climate of the Northeast precipitation probabilities

Fieldhouse, D.-J.P.lmer, W., C., 1965:
The climate of the Northeast: meteorological and agricultural drought

Evesson, Dt, 1983:
The climate of the Purari River basin

Curtis, M.R.; Dunning, W.F.; Bullock, F.D., 1925:
The Climate Of The Earth

Geiger, R.; Leighly, J., 1942:
The climate of the layer of air near the ground

Tishkov, Kharalampi, S., 1976:
The climate of the mountainous regions in Bulgaria

Praloran, Jc, 1970:
The climate of the places of origin of avocado trees

Az*-Section-*muka, T.I.P.nfilov, V.-Petrovich, 1986:
The climate of the soil of Central Ob River Region

Mendizabal, M., 1971:
The climate of the sunny coast of Spain and possibilities for the protection of the cultivated plants

Geiger, R., 1990:
The climate of the vineyards

Berdowski, J.; Guicherit, R.; Heij, B., 2001 :
The climate system

Lemaitre, R., 1973:
The climate within non-heated shelters

Patterson, R.H., 1961:
The climate, soils, plant ecology, arboricultural activities, and vegetative development

Fawson, C.G.over, T.J.nsen, D., 1995:
The climate-agriculture relationship

Fritts, Hc, 1980:
The climate-growth response Tree rings, climate variations

Carrillo, J.; Benacchio, S., 1983:
The climates and agricultural ecology of Venezuela

Phillips, David, W., 1990:
The climates of Canada

Chouhan, Ts, 1988:
The climatic and meteorological conditions in Rajasthan

Yang, Y.; Jin, J., 1989:
The climatic background and weather conditions of 1987 Daxinganling extreme forest fire in China

Kalbarczyk, E.; Kalbarczyk, R., 2007:
The climatic conditions of tourism development in Central Pomerania

Woodward, F.; Pigott, C., 1975:
The climatic control of the altitudinal distribution of Sedum rosea (L.) Scop. and Sedum telephium L. I. Field observations

Woodward, Fi, 1975:
The climatic control of the altitudinal distribution of Sedum rosea (L.) Scop. and Sedum telephium L. II. The analysis fo plant growth in controlled environments

Smith, Lp, 1972:
The climatic environment

Fitzpatrick, E.; Nix, H., 1970:
The climatic factor in Australian grassland ecology

Rasmidatta, V., 1978:
The climatic fluctuation and problems in corn production in Thailand

Jones, M., T.; Sparks, R.S.ephen, J.; Valdes, P., J., 2007:
The climatic impact of supervolcanic ash blankets

Bednar, H., 1976:
The climatic influence on the potential decay of wood by fungi above ground in Austria

Cummins, Vg, 1976:
The climatic need for tillage machinery innovation in a sub-tropical environment

Antal, E., 1978:
The climatic potential and its role in agriculture

Blight, Hc, 1981:
The climatic requirements for the successful cultivation of kiwi fruit

Law, Ab, 1973:
The climatic requirements of certain crops grown in Rhodesia

Berbecel, O., 1970 :
The climatic resources of Romania and their agroproductive characteristics

Semtner, A.Jr, 1984:
The climatic response of the Arctic Ocean to Soviet river Diversions

Decker, Wl, 1983:
The climatic risk to livestock production in developing countries

Ashworth, Ac, 1973:
The climatic significance of a Late Quaternary insect fauna from Rodbaston Hall, Staffordshire, England. 7Coleoptera

Gribbin, John, R., 1978:
The climatic threat

Sarma, Aaln, 1981:
The climatic types of Andhra Pradesh (India) according to a three layer model of soil moisture

Sani, S., 1975:
The climatic water balance of penisular Malaysia using the Thornthwaites method

Kashiyama, Tokuji, 1974:
The climatical damage to forest trees

Solantie, R., 1980:
The climatological regions of Finland

Felch, R.; Shaw, R.; Duncan, E., 1972:
The climatology of growing degrees in Iowa

Enz, John, W., 1985:
The climatology of solar radiation at Bismarck, ND

Prescott, Ja, 1969:
The climatology of the vine (Vitis vinifera (L.). 2. a comparison of temperature regimes in the Australian and Mediterranean regions

Prescott, Ja, 1969:
The climatology of the vine (Vitis vinifera L.). 3. a comparison of France and Australia on the basis of the temperature of the warmest month

Anonymous, 1944:
The climatometer

Tipping, R., 1991:
The climatostratigraphic subdivision of the Devensian Lateglacial: evidence from a pollen site near Oban, western Scotland

Dingwall, R.L.wton, B., 1975:
The climatron: Missouri Botanical Gardens space age greenhouse

Saito, Y.N.ganawa, S.M.yasaka, H., 1977:
The climax phase and its recognition in intertidal algal vegetation

Hegarty, Ee, 1989:
The climbers--lianes and vines

Bishara, S.I., 1969:
The climbing ability of Sitophilus weevils on smooth glass surface. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Teras, I., 1982:
The climbing activity of larvae of the European pine sawfly, Neodiprion sertifer (Hymenoptera, Diprionidae), knocked from small pines Pinus sylvestris, Finland

Mukherji, Kd, 1976:
The climbing orchid--Vanilla

Spinelli-Batta, G.M.retti, G., 1987:
The clinging apparatus of Trichoptera pupae number, structure, and SEM observations of the denticulations on the urotergal plates

Anonymous, 1978:
The clinging vine

Bertreux, R., 1970:
The clingstone peach market

Bochkarev, M.V., 1979:
The clinic, differentiative diagnostics, and the treatment of chronic intoxications of pesticides

Hill, Dj, 1987:
The clinical

Ferrabini, L., 1973:
The clinical and diagnostic significance of hematuria in veterinary medicine

Sakha, S.H.; Rahbani, M.E., 2007:
The clinical and epidemiological features of hydatid disease in children in Tabriz, Iran

Konrad, J.H.nak, J.M.uka, J., 1973:
The clinical and etiological aspects of urolithiasis in minks (Lutreola vison)

Flynn, A.K.; Lurie, D.M.; Ward, J.; Lewis, D.T.; Marsella, R., 2007:
The clinical and histopathological effects of prednisone on acute radiation-induced dermatitis in dogs: a placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind, prospective clinical trial

Mizernitski, Yu, L.; Melnikova, I.M.; Dorovskaya, N.L.; Marushkov, V.I., 2007:
The clinical and immunometabolic efficacies of selenium-active in the complex of rehabilitative treatment in preschool children with recurrent and chronic respiratory diseases

Gerasimova, M.M.; Abu-Salekh, A.I., 2007:
The clinical and immunopathological features at the different expressed rate of craniocerebral injury

Smirnova, M.O.; Rozinova, N.N.; Kostyuchenko, M.V.; Zakharov, P.P.; Ruzhitskaya, E.A., 2007:
The clinical and pathogenetic features of different types of chronic bronchitis in children

Cummings, J.F.; Wood, P.A.; de Lahunta, A.; Walkley, S.U.; Le Boeuf, L., 1988:
The clinical and pathologic heterogeneity of feline alpha-mannosidosis

Runceanu, L.; Drugociu, D.; Rosca, P., 2005:
The clinical and therapeutic observation about the using of the RIFAGIN product into the treatment of the gynaecological affections

van Weeren, P.R., 2002:
The clinical applicability of automated gait analysis systems

Samy, M.; Tantawy, M., 1981:
The clinical application of combined Rompun and My 301 in buffaloes Sedation and anaesthesia

Keller, W.F.; Blanchard, G.L.; Kuhns, E.L., 1973:
The clinical application of homologous corneal and scleral grafts in the dog

Tong, Z-Hui.; Wang, Z.; Wang, C., 2007:
The clinical application of medical thoracoscopy

Peng, Z-min.; Liu, Q.; Wang, Y-kang.; Meng, L.; Wang, L.; Chen, J-han., 2007:
The clinical application of videomediastinoscopy combined with the examination of CD(4)/CD(8) in the diagnosis of mediastinal tuberculosis and sarcoidosis

Gay, Wi, 1970:
The clinical approach to disease in laboratory animals

Gompf, Re, 1988:
The clinical approach to heart disease: history and physical examination

Bruere, An, 1982:
The clinical approach to problems Sheep, disease control, New Zealand

Sandmann, Heiner, 1982:
The clinical aptitude of capillary blood for blood gas and acid base status on a dog while awake and anesthetized

Walker, J.S.; Remmele, N.S.; Carter, R.C.; Mitten, J.Q.; Schuh, L.G.; Stephen, E.L.; Klein, F., 1970:
The clinical aspects of Rift Valley Fever virus in household pets. I. Susceptibility of the dog

Walker, J.S.; Stephen, E.L.; Remmele, N.S.; Carter, R.C.; Mitten, J.Q.; Schuh, L.G.; Klein, F., 1970:
The clinical aspects of Rift Valley Fever virus in household pets. II. Susceptibility of the cat

Mcgee, Wr, 1970:
The clinical aspects of streptococcal infections of the horse

Wormser, G.P.; Dattwyler, R.J.; Shapiro, E.D.; Halperin, J.J.; Steere, A.C.; Klempner, M.S.; Krause, P.J.; Bakken, J.S.; Strle, F.; Stanek, G.; Bockenstedt, L.; Fish, D.; Dumler, J.S.; Nadelman, R.B., 2007:
The clinical assessment, treatment, and prevention of Lyme disease, human granulocytic anaplasmosis, and babesiosis: Clinical practice guidelines by the Infectious Diseases Society of America (vol 43, pg 1089, 2006)

Knight, S.R.; Morris, P.J., 2007:
The clinical benefits of cyclosporine C2-level monitoring: a systematic review

Fleisher, Martin, 1979:
The clinical biochemistry of cancer

Michell, A.R., 1995:
The clinical biology of sodium

Arbeiter, K., 1975:
The clinical care of bitches

Schaer, M., 2000:
The clinical consequences of parvovirus infection in the dog

Georgieva, D.V.adimirova, A.M.nov, M., 1975:
The clinical course of experimen

Stöber, M., 1980:
The clinical diagnosis of bovine leukosis

Greatorex, Jc, 1972:
The clinical diagnosis of colic in the horse

Bruere, An, 1981:
The clinical diagnosis of copper deficiency

Beeman, Gm, 1988:
The clinical diagnosis of lameness

Dahlgren, M.A.; Lingappan, A.; Wilhelmus, K.R., 2007:
The clinical diagnosis of microbial keratitis

Alcantara, P., 1971:
The clinical diagnosis of oesophageal invagination of the stomach in the dog

Wardley, R.C.; Povey, R.C., 1977:
The clinical disease and patterns of excretion associated with three different strains of feline caliciviruses

Westbrook, D.; Kirk, J., 2007:
The clinical effectiveness of cognitive behaviour therapy: Outcome for a large sample of adults treated in routine practice (vol 43, pg 1243, 2007)

Rossnagel, K.; Roll, S.; Willich, S.N., 2007:
The clinical effectiveness of rosehip powder in patients with osteoarthritis. A systematic review

Gansauge, F.; Ramadani, M.; Schwarz, M.; Beger, H.G.; Lotspeich, E.; Poch, B., 2007:
The clinical efficacy of adjuvant systemic chemotherapy with gemcitabine and NSC-631570 in advanced pancreatic cancer

Dmochowski, R.; Kreder, K.; MacDiarmid, S.; Carlsson, M.; Guan, Z., 2007:
The clinical efficacy of tolterodine extended-release is maintained for 24 h in patients with overactive bladder

Stamp, Tcb, 1982:
The clinical endocrinology of vitamin D

Brown, P., 1991:
The clinical epidemiology of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in the context of bovine spongiform encephalopathy

Humaira Bano; Tanzeel Ahmad; Siddiqui, M.Y.; Ashraf, S.M., 2006:
The clinical evaluation of Ushban in hyperuricaemia

Konrad, J.H.nak, J.M.uka, J., 1974:
The clinical evaluation of some methods of the use of drugs for the immobilization of minks (Lutreola vison)

Rosa, Christiane-Pellegrino, 2007:
The clinical evaluation of toxin-a botulin in the headache prophilaxy in patients undergoing cephalic blockodes with lidocaine and dexamethasone (MSc)

Radostits, Om, 1981 :
The clinical examination of cattle. 1. The examination of the individual animal

Blood, Dc, 1981:
The clinical examination of cattle. 2. Examination of the herd

Williams, Ei, 1977:
The clinical examination of the bovine animal

Monti, F.; Berardi, A.S., 1971:
The clinical examination of the fundus oculi in the cat

Yin, X-Zhen.; Zhang, B-Rong.; Wu, D-Wen.; Tian, J.; Zhang, H., 2007:
The clinical features and gene mutation analysis in a pedigree of spinocerebellar ataxia type 7

Meng, L.; Ding, W-Hui.; Shi, L-Bin.; Gong, Y-Jun.; Liu, Z-Ping., 2007:
The clinical features and outcomes of immunoglobulin light-chain amyloidosis with heart involvement

Kenya-Okino, 2007:
The clinical features of the patients with Juvenile onset of obsessive-compulsive disorder

Mccallum, P.-Davis; Polisena, C.-Gail, 1999:
The clinical guide to oncology nutrition

Gowing, Gm, 1974:
The clinical handling of small animal tumors

Bruunsgaard, H., 2006:
The clinical impact of systemic low-level inflammation in elderly populations. With special reference to cardiovascular disease, dementia and mortality

Jenkins, D.J.; Jenkins, A.L., 1984:
The clinical implications of dietary fiber

Boothe, H.Jr, 1978:
The clinical implications of disseminated intravascular coagulation in the dog

Bland, J., 1980:
The clinical implications of lipid antioxidant nutrition

Alam, S.; Hadley, S.M.; Jordan, B., 2007:
The clinical implications of screening for violence against women

Khouja, M.Haysam.; Baekelandt, M.; Nesland, J.M.; Holm, R., 2007:
The clinical importance of Ki-67, p16, p14, and p57 expression in patients with advanced ovarian carcinoma

Campbell, R.; White, J.; Nomura, D., 2001:
The clinical importance of postprandial hyperglycemia

Sisson, Dd, 1988:
The clinical management of cardiac arrhythmias in the dog and cat

Arthur, Rm, 1981:
The clinical management of exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage at southern California Thoroughbred racetracks

Kwochka, Kw, 2000:
The clinical management of food-related dermatoses

Janzen, Ed, 1980:
The clinical management of respiratory disease in cow-calf operations

Tzipori, S.; Chandler, D.; Smith, M., 1983:
The clinical manifestation and pathogenesis of enteritis associated with rotavirus and enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli infections in domestic animals

Baker, J.C., 1995:
The clinical manifestations of bovine viral diarrhea infection

Pretorius, Pj, 1971:
The clinical nature and extent of protein malnutrition in South Africa

Gillespie, C.; Goode, C.; Hackett, C.; Andreyev, H.J.N., 2007:
The clinical needs of patients with chronic gastrointestinal symptoms after pelvic radiotherapy

Hera, A., 1970:
The clinical orientation verification of the antitrichophytic effect of DCHFT

Van Amstel, S.R.; Guthrie, A.J.; Reyers, F.; Bertschinger, H.; Oberem, P.T.; Killeen, V.M.; Matthee, O., 1987:
The clinical pathology and pathophysiology of heartwater: a review

Goldston, R.; Wilkes, R.; Seybold, I., 1981:
The clinical pathology laboratory. 13. Colorimeters and spectrophotometers

Goldston, R.; Seybold, I.; Wilkes, R., 1982:
The clinical pathology laboratory. 25. Laboratory evaluation of the gastrointestinal tract

Goldston, R.; Seybold, I.; Wilkes, R., 1982:
The clinical pathology laboratory. 26. Management of gastrointestinal problems

Wilkes, R.; Goldston, R.; Seybold, I., 1982:
The clinical pathology laboratory. 27. Electro-cardiography. 1. A systematic approach to obtaining an electrocariograph

Wilkes, R.D.; Seybold, I.M.; Goldston, R.T., 1980:
The clinical pathology laboratory: evaluation of the leukocytes: morphology, production, maturation, and function

Wilkes, R.D.; Goldston, R.T.; Seybold, I.M., 1980:
The clinical pathology laboratory; interpretation of the leukocytic hemogram

Wilkes, R.; Goldston, R.; Seybold, I., 1980:
The clinical pathology laboratory. Urinalysis: the physical and chemical examination

Bonagura, Jd, 1981:
The clinical pharmacology of cardiovascular drugs

Nazzal, Ca, 1985:
The clinical pharmacology of clenbuterol

Hopkins, T.J., 1972:
The clinical pharmacology of xylazine in cattle

Baker, Jc, 1988:
The clinical picture in dairy cattle. 1. Calves

Hutchins, S.Iii, 1988:
The clinical picture in dairy cattle. 2. Cows

Horvath, Z.P.pp, L., 1974:
The clinical picture of canine babesiosis

Monti, F.; Bellan, B.; Peruccio, C.; Berardi, S., 1976:
The clinical picture of diabetic retinopathy in the dog

Doelle, G.C., 2004:
The clinical picture of metabolic syndrome. An update on this complex of conditions and risk factors

Warrell, D.A., 1976 :
The clinical picture of rabies in man

Bennett, B., 1988:
The clinical picture. 1

Thomas, J., 1988:
The clinical picture. 2

Nagakura, Yoshio, 1950:
The clinical prescription for dogs

Mollevi, Dmt, 1970:
The clinical problem of nymphomania in the cow

Callow, Ad, 1993:
The clinical profile of atherosclerosis

Hendriks, H.J.; de Bruijne, J.J.; van den Brom, W.E., 1978:
The clinical refractometer: a useful tool for the determination of specific gravity and osmolality in canine urine

Morrison, Wb, 1984:
The clinical relevance of APUD cells

Kaufman, S.; Macek, D.; Kraushar, M., 1993:
The clinical relevance of Dr. Colin Blakemores vision research

Murray, W.P.ter, A.; Teclaw, R., 1993:
The clinical relevance of assay validation

Sherwin, B.B., 2007:
The clinical relevance of the relationship between estrogen and cognition in women

Kim, H-R.; Kim, H-S.; Park, M-K.; Cho, M-L.; Lee, S-H.; Kim, H-Y., 2007:
The clinical role of IL-23p19 in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Schall, Wd, 1978:
The clinical sciences scholarship continued

Enigk, K.D.y-Hazra, A.B.tke, J., 1974:
The clinical significance and treatment of lactogenic Strongyloides infection in foals

Ladurner, G.S.xl, W.L.chner, H.S.unzner, D., 1979:
The clinical significance of Early Summer Meningoencephalitis natural sources in Styria

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The collective farm Rossieiia