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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17342

Chapter 17342 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

The development of the flap system ventilation in plastic tents
, A Lippay os Tudomanyos Ulesszak eloadasai(2): 1827-1838 (1977)

The development of the flight pattern in locusts
, Experimental Analysis of Insect Behavior: 49-158 (1974)

The development of the flight pattern in the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria
, Journal of Comparative Physiology A: Neuroethology, Sensory, Neural, and Behavioral Physiology 74(2): 156-168 (1971)

The development of the floriculture industry in Israel--close interaction between research, extension, production and marketing
, Acta Horticulturae 94 (353) (1994)

The development of the flower
, Unknown (1970)

The development of the food canning industry in Britain during the inter war period
, Making of the Modern British Diet: 73-185 (1976)

The development of the food market - a necessary condition for the formation of an efficient agricultural sector
, Mezhdunarodnyi Sel' skokhozyaistvennyi Zhurnal (2): 46-48 (2007)

The development of the foreign trade in agriculture and food industry during 1977
, Gazdalkodas 2 (4) 54-55 (1978)

The development of the forest c
, Kyoto Daigaku Nogaku bu Enshurin hokoku Bulletin of the Kyoto University Forests: (50) 99-114 (1978)

The development of the forest industries of Austria depends upon wood research and on minor species and small-size products
, Unknown (1968)

The development of the fruit and vegetable industry in Greece
, Unknown (1974)

The development of the gall midge Lasioptera arundinis (Schiner) (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) on the common reed (Phragmites communis Trin.)
, Unknown (1975)

The development of the garden suburb in Toronto
, Journal of garden historyt 3(3): 193-207 (1983)

The development of the goat rearing
, Unknown (1973)

The development of the gonads and the associated endocrine g lands in buffalo foetuses
, Journal of veterinary science of the United Arab Re ic: ub 1974), 9 (1 2) 29-39 (1974)

The development of the greenho
, Unknown (1971)

The development of the guinea pig gallbladder epithelial cells. I. Light microscopical and carbohydrate-histochemical investigations
, Histochemistry 45(3): 177-190 (1975)

The development of the hatching gland and the secretion of hatching enzyme in Odontobutis potamophila
, Acta Zoologica Sinica 53(3): 511-518 (2007)

The development of the head and prothorax of the stick-insect Carausius morosus Br. (Insecta, Phasmida)
, Unknown (1969)

The development of the health re
, Unknown (1970)

The development of the hickory shuckworm pheromone
, Proceedings annual conference Texas Pecan Growers Association 4(64): 49-50 (1988)

The development of the husk tomato plant (Physalis ixocarpa Brot.). I. Aerial vegetative parts
, Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae 4(4): 327-338 (1985)

The development of the husk tomato plant (Physalis ixocarpa Brot.). II. Reproductive parts
, Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae 4(4): 339-349 (1985)

The development of the imaginal abdomen of Drosophila melanogaster
, Developmental Biology 32(2): 361-372 (1973)

The development of the imaginal thoracic integument in Drosphila melanogaster
, Unknown (1971)

The development of the immune response of the fetal dog
, Unknown (1969)

The development of the immunity of chicken and its influence with ionizing radiation
, Unknown (1971)

The development of the industry of agricultural machinery in France
, Unknown (1972)

The development of the insect compound eye
, Symposia of the Royal Entomological Society of London: 52-169 (1976)

The development of the interfarm young cattle raising unit -Wsmerslage-Iden, a breeding farm in the breeding and reproduction centre Altmarkische Hohe Bretsch-Iden
, Tierzucht 29 (1) 3-6 (1975)

The development of the intestinal disaccharidase activities in the fetal and newborn calf
, Research in Veterinary Science 16(3): 375-381 (1974)

The development of the irrigation economy of Mendoza, Argentina
, Annals of the Association of American Geographers 59(1): 97-114 (1969)

The development of the knackery
, Veterinarna Sbirka 2(10): 44-45 (1974)

The development of the knowledge about Septoria nodorum Berk. with regard to breeding for tolerance or resistance in wheat
, Netherlands journal of agricultural Science (1): 47-69 (1982)

The development of the land-grant colleges and universities and their influence on the economic and social life of the people
, Unknown (1963)

The development of the late-term ovine fetal small intestine and the effect of adrenalectomy
, Canadian journal of animal science: 64259-260 (1984)

The development of the legislation in the Republic of Ireland regarding the protection of horses during transport
, Unknown (1999)

The development of the level of pyruvic acid in the calves during the postnatal period
, Unknown (1969)

The development of the light-weight milk bottle
, International Journal of Dairy Technology 22(2): 79-83 (1969)

The development of the lobster fishery in the Seychelles
, Unknown (1991)

The development of the lumber processing industry in the USSR
, Holzindustrie 28 (11) 326-328 (1975)

The development of the macrozoobenthos in the River Rhine in Germany during the 20th century
, Water Science and technology: a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research 9(3): 21-28 (1994)

The development of the main production line of young cattle at the Brotterode co-operative farm Alm am Inselsberg
, Tierzucht 24 (9) 344-345 (1970)

The development of the male gametophyte and spermatogenesis in Taxus baccata L
, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B: Biological sciences 3, 228(1250): 85-96 (1986)

The development of the mandible of the sheep and the goat. I. the postnatal development
, Folia veterinaria: ub 1978), 19 (3 4) 321-331 (1978)

The development of the market for cut flowers and pot-plants in Western Europe
, Unknown (1969)

The development of the material-technical base
, Ekonomika sel'skogo khoziaistva: 3 15-22 (1975)

The development of the meat industry
, Making of the Modern British Diet: 4-57 (1976)

The development of the meat market in Belgium during 1972: Brief summary for 1973 and future prospects
, Unknown (1973)

The development of the mechanization for the harvesting of berry crops
, Unknown (1979)

The development of the medium density fiberboard industry in the tropical areas of the world
, Proceedings of the Washington State University International Particleboard Composite Materials Symposium 9(29): 81-93 (1995)

The development of the megagame
, Unknown (1975)

The development of the mesonephros nephrons of the chicken embryo
, Unknown (1975)

The development of the method of low-temperature peat pyrolysis on the basis of alumosilicate catalytic system
, Chemical Engineering Journal 134(1-3, Sp. Iss. SI): 162-167 (2007)

The development of the milking ability traits in Black-and-White Lowland cows during the first and second lactations, and their value in the selection of bulls
, Roczniki nauk rolniczych Seria B: Zootechniczna 9(3): 21-30 (1979)

The development of the modern Japanese agricultural village society
, Unknown (1991)

The development of the modern UK public house: Part 3: The emergence of the modern public house 1989-2005
, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 19(7): 612-618 (2007)

The development of the most important animal diseases in Lower Saxony and the costs of combating them in the years 1966 to 1979
, Dtw. Deutsche Tierarztliche Wochenschrift 87(5): 163-167 (1980)

The development of the most important animal diseases in lower saxony and costs of combating them in 1966-1979
, Unknown (1985)

The development of the most important plants in the water reservoirs of the Don delta used for pisciculture
, Unknown (1969)

The development of the multiple
, Hokoku 7 1-17 (1975)

The development of the neural crest in the human
, Journal of Anatomy 211(3): 335-351 (2007)

The development of the new Arizona groundwater code
, Issues in groundwater management edited by Ernest T Smerdon and Wayne R Jordan: 196 (1985)

The development of the notochord in the chick embryo, studied by scanning and transmission electron microscopy
, Journal of Embryology and Experimental Morphology 35(2): 383-401 (1976)

The development of the nucleolus of the ovarian nurse cell of Drosophila melanogaster
, Zeitschrift für Zellforschung und Mikroskopische Anatomie 103(1): 34-47 (1970)

The development of the nymphs of the brown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens (Stal) under lower, dynamic and constant temperatures
, Yen chiu pao kao = Memoirs of the College of Agriculture National Taiwan University 28(1): 6-13 (1988)

The development of the organic chemical industry
, Unknown (1947)

The development of the organization of cattle breeding
, Tierzuchter 23 (4) 98-99 (1971)

The development of the ovaries in cow fetuses
, Soviet journal of developmental biology 18(5): 323-329 (1988)

The development of the ovary and the process of oogenesis
, Ovary 41-67 (1977)

The development of the parasite Trissolcus grandis Thoms. (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae) under conditions where organophosphorus insecticides are used against Eurygaster integriceps Put. (Hemiptera, Scutelleridae)
, Entomological review: (Transl 1974), 52 (1) 11-17 (1973)

The development of the parietal layers and dehiscence of the anthers in some wild potato species (Solanum chacoense Bitt., Solanum phureja Juz. et Buk., Solanum giberulosum Juz. et Buk., and Solanum commersonii Dun
, Acta Agrobotanica 8(1): 89-93 (1975)

The development of the peasant commune in Russia
, Journal of economic history 41(1): 179-186 (1981)

The development of the pesticide industry in Poland after the second World War
, Unknown (1975)

The development of the plastid system of the ethiolated Euglena gracilis in darkness followed by illuminated stimulation
, Experimental cell research 79(2): 479-484 (1973)

The development of the pollen grain in the genus Triticum L
, Embriologiia Pokrytosemiannykh Rastenii: 1-93 (1973)

The development of the poplar wood market in Western Europe
, Forst und Holzwirt 28(21): 432-436 (1973)

The development of the poultry branch
, Hassadeh 58 (8) 1599-1600 (1978)

The development of the poultry industry in Malaysia and its future
, Unknown (1973)

The development of the preparation concentrate for boar semen conservation
, Biologizace a chemizace zivocisne vyroby veterinaria = Biological and chemical factors in animal production veterinary 5(1): 85-97 (1979)

The development of the price adjustment system of the national dairy cooperative
, Meieriposten 59 (6) 101-115 (1970)

The development of the principal manifestations of life in calves of an age from 1 to 6 months
, Unknown (1973)

The development of the private sector in Bangladesh
, Unknown (1990)

The development of the private sector in agricultural research
, Unknown (1986)

The development of the product component crude fibre in the course of the vegetation period of summer wheat
, Unknown (1971)

The development of the production and infrastructure service market and the size of agricultural enterprises
, Ekonomika Sel' skokhozyaistvennykh i Pererabatyvayushchikh Predpriyatii (9): 22-25 (2006)

The development of the production and technical base for the poultry processing industry in 1966-1970 and the prospects for the scientific and technical progress in 1971-1975
, Unknown (1972)

The development of the production of vegetable oils in the Soviet Union
, Lebensmittel Industrie 24(10): 451-453 (1977)

The development of the production of woodworking machinery in Poland
, Drevo 30 (9) 277-281 (1975)

The development of the production-technical base for the meat industry
, Unknown (1972)

The development of the production-technical base for the meat industry of Uzbekistan iin the 9th Five-Year period
, Unknown (1972)

The development of the production-technical basis of the meat industry
, Unknown (1975)

The development of the productive hen from the wild form to hybrid hens
, Forderungsdienst 18 (1) 78-83 (1970)

The development of the public land policy, 1783-1820, with special reference to Indiana
, Unknown (1979)

The development of the public veterinary system within the districts of Hofgeismar, Kassel and Wolfhagen in former Electoral Hesse from 1822-1989
, Unknown (1989)

The development of the queen honeybee
, Biene 166(6): 252-257 (1980)

The development of the rabbit blastocyst in the preimplantation after removal of the blastocyst coat in vitro
, Tohoku journal of agricultural research 28(1): 50-57 (1977)

The development of the raised bog complex near Rusland in the Furness district of north Lancashire
, Journal of ecology 61(3): 871-886 (1973)

The development of the red locust Nomadacris septemfasciata (Serv.), and the African migratory locust Locusta migratoria migratorioides (R. and F.), and its interruption under particular conditions of humidity
, Unknown (1970)

The development of the red pulp in the spleen
, Advances in Anatomy Embryology and Cell Biology 75: 1-71 (1982)

The development of the research on rubber diseases in North Sumatra since 1917
, Unknown (1976)

The development of the rice industry in the Lake Charles district
, Unknown (1941)

The development of the root system of Sherardia arvensis L. under different environmental conditions
, Beitrage Zur Biologie der Pflanzen 0(2): 211-244 (1974)

The development of the roots of alfalfa as influenced by soil properties and soil preparation
, Unknown (1971)

The development of the rotogravure printing process and the resulting consequences for the papermaker
, Wochenblatt fur Papierfabrikation 105(20): 821-826 (1977)

The development of the sacci during pollen formation in Pinus banksiana
, Grana, Stockholm 10(2): 101-8 (1970)

The development of the sale of pasteurized and ultrahigh heated liquid milk and its packaging in the German Federal Republic
, Die Molkerei Zeitung Welt der Milch: 28 (13 14) 325-327 (1974)

The development of the salivary glands in the Japanese quail
, Journal of the Faculty of Science the University of Tokyo Section IV Zoology 14(2): 95-103 (1978)

The development of the saprophytic fungal flora as leaves senesce and fall
, Preece T F Ecology of Leaf Surface Micro organisms: 47-455 (1971)

The development of the saw-mill industry
, Erdo 23 (6) 241-247 (1974)

The development of the shields of Nephroma resupinatum (L.) Ach. lichen, Nephromaceae
, Revue generale de botanique: t 77 (914 916) 331-351 (1970)

The development of the simulation model of an even-aged forest
, Radovi Sumarski Institut Jastrebarsko 42(1): 19-33 (2007)

The development of the soil moisture of a German raised bog cultivation in a dry year
, Telma 7 55-64 (1977)

The development of the spores in Anemia phyllitidis (Schizaeaceae). The membrane junctions during the exine formation
, Botanicheskii zhurnal 66(3): 371-379 (1981)

The development of the sporocysts of Fasciola hepatica, Galba truncatula parasite, in Limousin
, Unknown (1973)

The development of the sugar economy in the Commonwealth Caribbean
, Unknown (1977)

The development of the sugarcane industry
, Symposium on the Development of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry under the Five Year Plan Colombo: oc, 1972 55-63 (1972)

The development of the systemic fungicide, Triadimefon, for the control of foliar disease in wheat and oats in the U.K
, British Crop Protection Conference: 17-24 (1977)

The development of the systemic fungicide, Triadimefon, for the control of foliar diseases in spring and winter barley in the U.K
, British Crop Protection Conference: 9-16 (1977)

The development of the technical-material basis and raising material incentive level-bas essential elements in modernizing the animal husbandry sector
, Revista de zootehnie si medicina veterinara 23(11): 5-8 (1973)

The development of the technicians role, technician training and certification
, 50 Years of Laboratory Animal Science: 74-79 (1999)

The development of the technique for the production of the foot-and-mouth disease vaccine in Switzerland
, Unknown (1977)

The development of the technology of sugar manufacture
, Gazeta cukrownicza 86(4): 86-88 (1978)

The development of the text reception threshold test: a visual analogue of the speech reception threshold test
, Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research 50(3): 576-584 (2007)

The development of the theatre
, Unknown (1957)

The development of the theory and practice of land drainage in the 19th century
, Water for the future: Water resources developments in perspective proceedings of the International Symposium on Water for the Future Rome 6-11 April 1987 edited by Walter O Wunderlich J Egbert Prins: 9 (1987)

The development of the timber economy and some problems connected with technical planning
, Erdo 22 (2) 49-52 (1973)

The development of the tobacco verticum between 1971 and 1975 and its targets in the period of the fifth Five Year Plan
, Elelmezesi ipar 30(9): 281-284 (1976)

The development of the top and soft fruit produce market in Russia
, Ekonomika Sel' skokhozyaistvennykh i Pererabatyvayushchikh Predpriyatii (5): 56-60 (2006)

The development of the tractor
, Yearbook of agriculture: 5-45 (1960)

The development of the training and employment situation of youth in the rural areas of the Federal Republic of Germany
, Unknown (1986)

The development of the use of anhydrous ammonia in czechoslovakia
, Agrochemia 12(1): 13-23 (1972)

The development of the use of fertilizers and the prospects until the year 1975
, Studijni informace vseobecne otazky v zemedelstvi: 4 (1973)

The development of the use of silica preparations in the biological--dynamic plant breeding
, Unknown (1970)

The development of the vegetable trade
, Unknown (1994)

The development of the vegetation in the storage basins of -Hauke-Haien-Koog (North Friesland) from 1959 to 1974
, Schriften 44 27-36 (1974)

The development of the veterinary service in Baden during the 19th century
, Tierarztliche Umschau 37(5): 369-372 (1982)

The development of the veterinary service in the Mongolian Peoples Republic
, Veterinariia 6 107-109 (1971)

The development of the visual system in the sheep
, Archives Italiennes de Biologie 116(3-4): 406-408 (1978)

The development of the wastewater reuse program in Israel
, Proceedings of the Water Reuse Symposium II: held August 23-28-1981 Washington DC: 248 (1981)

The development of the water resources of the Occupied Palestinian Territories: some key issues
, Studies in environmental Science 8(58): 219-228 (1994)

The development of the water resources of the dry zone of West Africa
, Unknown (1973)

The development of the water supply in Indonesia
, Aqua ) 10-14 (1985)

The development of the wholesale marketing of meats: From municipal butchers to packers
, Unknown (1972)

The development of the wine grapevine in the big arbor
, Wynboer 516 21-23 (1974)

The development of the winter tick, Dermacentor albipictus, and its effect on the hair coat of moose, Alces alces, of central Alberta, Canada
, Acarology VI editors DA Griffiths and CE Bowman: -1214 (1984)

The development of the workshop idea in the program of higher education for negroes in Texas
, Unknown (1944)

The development of the world agricultural production
, Gazdalkodas 2 (1) 72-75 (1978)

The development of the yolk-sac endoderm in the quail embryo
, Journal of the Faculty of Science the University of Tokyo Section IV Zoology 14(2): 105-113 (1978)

The development of the zygotic embryo of Vitis vinifera L
, Vitis 26(4): 215-224 (1987)

The development of theories of retail price determination in England and the United States
, Unknown (1956)

The development of thermoregulatory ability, heat seeking activities, and thryoid function in hatchling Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
, Journal of Comparative Physiology 9(2): 159-174 (1974)

The development of thinning practices in southwestern ponderosa pine
, General technical report RM Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station US Department of Agriculture Forest Service: (185) 23-25 (1989)

The development of tilapia culture in Taiwan
, ICLARM newsletter International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management 7(1): 12-14 (1984)

The development of timber expor
, Unknown (1973)

The development of timber marke
, Unknown (1971)

The development of timber preserving in Africa
, Wood Southern Africa 3(13): 19-20 (1978)

The development of tobacco cultivation in the EEC
, Unknown (1971)

The development of tobacco-growing industries--British--American Tobacco Company
, Bunting A H Change In Agriculture: 85-291 (1970)

The development of todays draft horse the mighty tractor
, Agricultural gazette of New South Wales 88(6): 2-5 (1977)

The development of tractors in view of their use in agricultural transport
, Mechanizacja rolnictwa: 30, 22 (17 18) 8-11 (1973)

The development of traditional husbandry among the Abkhazians
, Soobshcheniia Akademii nauk Gruzinskoi SSR 87(1): 201-204 (1977)

The development of training courses for seed analysis in England and Wales
, Journal National Institute of Agricultural Botany 6(1): 126-132 (1982)

The development of transferable drug resistance in Salmonella and its public health implications
, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 157(11): 1841-1853 (1970)

The development of transplanting systems
, Aspects of applied biology: ) 173-186 (1984)

The development of transportation of logs by trucks for enterprises and its further economization
, Les 4 (12) 560-563 (1968)

The development of tree crops for agroforestry systems
, Unknown (1978)

The development of tree form
, Hortscience 25(1): 52-54 (1990)

The development of tree root systems under different soil moisture conditions
, Unknown (1970)

The development of trophoblast in vitro from blastocysts containing varying amounts of inner cell mass
, Journal of Embryology and Experimental Morphology 33(1): 177-185 (1975)

The development of tropical lands
, Unknown (1973)

The development of tropical plantations and the need for seed and genetic conservation
, Linnean Society symposium series: 11-18 (1976)

The development of tuberous roo
, Unknown (1971)

The development of two o-dihydricphenol O-methyltransferases during microsporogenesis of Tulipa cultivar Apeldoorn
, Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenphysiologie = International journal of plant physiology 7(4): 283-288 (1980)

The development of two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae Koch) injury on black currant leaves
, Acta Horticulturae: 60-361 (1996)

The development of two-stage nonimaging concentrators for solar thermal applications
, Proceedings of the Annual Conference American Solar Energy Society Inc: 03-209 (1993)

The development of under- and above ground plant masses by intercropping in relation to location and seed time
, Unknown (1980)

The development of underutilized invertebrate fisheries in Eastern Canada
, Unknown (1994)

The development of university education in Kenya 1960-1989
, Journal of Eastern African research and development 1(21): 141-168 (1991)

The development of utilization of chemical products in the agriculture
, Gazdalkodas 2 (3) 56-57 (1978)

The development of vaccines for swine
, Unknown (1985)

The development of variety research--national and international
, Bedrijfsontwikkeling 5 (11) 1002-1006 (1974)

The development of vascular networks during leaf development
, Current topics in plant biochemistry and physiology: Proceedings of the Plant Biochemistry and Physiology Symposium held at the University of Missouri Columbia(8): 168-183 (1989)

The development of vegetable production under glass and plastic covers in the Erfurt County
, Gartenbau 19 (10) 228-229 (1972)

The development of vegetation on the western slopes of the Bohemian-Moravian Uplands during the Late Holocene Period: a study based on pollen and macroscopic analyses
, Folia Geobotanica 6(3): 281-302 (1971)

The development of vegetative buds of Quercus robur L
, Unknown (1971)

The development of venison hygiene with special regards to lymphknots of deer
, Unknown (1981)

The development of veterinary education in the west of Scotland
, British Veterinary Journal 131(1): 3-16 (1975)

The development of veterinary education in the east of Scotland
, British Veterinary Journal 131(2): 137-145 (1975)

The development of veterinary medicine as a science in Serbia from the XIII to the XVIIIth century
, Veterinarski Glasnik 9(3): 231-239 (1975)

The development of veterinary medicine in Lithuania
, Unknown (1978)

The development of veterinary officialdoms in the large duchy of Hessen, for example, the Friedberg District (1812-1945) the organization of veterinary police and their function
, Unknown (1988)

The development of veterinary science at the University of Giessen from its beginning to the year 1866
, Unknown (1985)

The development of veterinary science in Slovakia
, Unknown (1972)

The development of veterinary substances in the former Herzogtum Coburg
, Unknown (1951)

The development of vineyards in West European countries and of realized income per hectare
, Unknown (1971)

The development of vineyards in western European countries and obtainable income per hectare of vineyard
, Unknown (1971)

The development of virgin and idle lands--a great exploit of the party and the people
, Puti intensifikatsii sel'skogo khoziaistva tselinnykh rainonov: -20 (1976)

The development of visual P3a and P3b
, Developmental Neuropsychology 32(1): 563-584 (2007)

The development of visual acuity in larval plaice (Pleuronectes platessa L.) and turbot (Scophthalmus maximus L.)
, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 78(1-2): 167-175 (1984)

The development of visual feature binding processes after visual deprivation in early infancy
, Vision Research 47(20): 2616-2626 (2007)

The development of vital paddy agriculture
, Unknown (1992)

The development of viticulture in Croatia and in Yugoslavia. 2
, Ekonomika poljoprivrede 20(3): 27-38 (1973)

The development of viticulture in France from the point of view of a stranger
, Progres Agricole et Viticole 124(13/14): 271-274 (2007)

The development of viticulture in the RSFSR
, Unknown (1972)

The development of water hygiene inspection
, Hidrologiai kozlony 60(4): 165-170 (1980)

The development of water legislation in Uzbek S.S.R
, Unknown (1976)

The development of water meadows in Dorset during the seventeenth century
, Agricultural History Review 5(1): 37-43 (1977)

The development of water multiplier impacts from input-output analysis: an empirical example from Boulder, Larimer, and Weld counties, Colorado
, Water resources research 12(2): 135-140 (1976)

The development of water quality management plans using data from automatic stormwater monitoring networks
, Practical experiences of control and automation in wastewater treatment and water resources management: proceedings workshop Munich and Rome 20-26 June 1981 editors SH Jenkins W Bischofsberger and W Hegemann: 02 (1982)

The development of water resources in Libyan Sahara
, Water for Human Needs Proceedings of the World Congress On Water Resources: d (3) 1-10 (1975)

The development of water supplies
, Future Landscapes: 70-185 (1976)

The development of water-resources management and the environment
, Papers World Congress on Water Resources(4): 1526-1532 (1979)

The development of water-supplies from sand river-beds
, RAJ (Rhodesia Agricultural Journal) Technical Bulletin 15: 27-36 (1972)

The development of weed control in rice field of Ferrara
, Unknown (1971)

The development of weed control within new towns
, Crop protection in northern Britain: 45-350 (1984)

The development of western civilization
, Unknown (1941)

The development of wheat in Kansas
, Rise of the wheat state: a history of Kansas agriculture 1861-1986 edited by George E Ham and Robin Higham: 6 (1987)

The development of wheat production in the Pacific Northwest
, Symposium on Agriculture in the Development of the Far West: ub 1975) 258-271 (1975)

The development of wheat that are resistant to the Senn pest, Eurygaster austriaca Schrk., Pentatmoidae, Heteroptera, its related species, and other major insect pests of wheat in Yugoslavia
, Unknown (1983)

The development of wheats resistant to rust
, Unknown (1969)

The development of white cattleyas
, American Orchid Society bulletin 53(12): 1260-1268 (1984)

The development of white cattleyas from the white varieties of the unifoliate Cattleya species
, Orchid digest 43(1): 4-10 (1979)

The development of wildlife conservation policies in Kansas
, Unknown (1946)

The development of wine production and marketing in the member countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
, Borgazdasag 7(1): 5-12 (1979)

The development of wine production and trade in the countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance. Wine production of Bulgaria
, Borgazdasag 7(4): 128-132 (1979)

The development of winter wheat in different climatic regions of Europe
, Unknown (1968)

The development of winter wheat: a physical physiological process model
, ARS United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service: (38) 176-187 (1985)

The development of winterhardiness in grape plants and genetic problems
, Unknown (1972)

The development of wood chemistry in Latvia
, Unknown (1971)

The development of wood composites in China
, Proceedings of the Washington State University International Particleboard Composite Materials Symposium 2(32): 65-74 (1998)

The development of wood utilization in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries
, Forestry chronicle 69(4): 413-418 (1993)

The development of woodlot owner organizations in New Brunswick: lessons for successful small-scale forestry
, FRDA report: 42) 52-55 (1988)

The development of yarder with
, Unknown (1976)

The development of young Lauraceae under different growing conditions on the island of Gran Canaria
, Unknown (1994)

The development of youngstock production methods as shown by the example of the young cattle rearing unit of the Iden co-operative association
, Unknown (1972)

The development of zootechnical science
, Soviet agriculture sciences: 1 21-24 (1977)

The development on, and penetration into Pinus sylvestris foliage, of a pathogenic Lophodermium
, Unknown (1975)

The development passes through change
, Unknown (1971)

The development pattern of large cocoa holdings in Ghana: some case studies
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