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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17344

Chapter 17344 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bevan, D., 1973:
The disposal of sugar mill effluents

Guiver, K., 1975:
The disposal of toxic wastes

Bahadur, J.B.atnagar, B., 1971:
The disposition and development of the air sacs in Halys dentata (Fabr.) (Hemiptera, Pentatomidae)

Anderson, R.H., 1972:
The disposition and innervation of atrioventricular ring specialized tissue in rats and rabbits

Kikura-Hanajiri, R.; Kawamura, M.; Saisho, K.; Kodama, Y.; Goda, Y., 2007:
The disposition into hair of new designer drugs; methylone, MBDB and methcathinone

Baggot, J.D.; Davis, L.E.; Reuning, R.H., 1973:
The disposition kinetics of amphetamine in the ruminant animal

Carpenter, L.A.; Eaton, D.L., 1983:
The disposition of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in rainbow trout

Lellinger, Db, 1987:
The disposition of Trichopteris (Cyatheaceae)

Bruno, M.; Fannin, T.; Leversee, G., 1982:
The disposition of benzo(a)pyrene in the periphyton communities of two South Carolina streams: uptake and biotransformation

Akhtar, Mh, 1987:
The disposition of bound 14C agrochemical residues in plants and animal tissues when consumed by animals

Gottofrey, James, 1990:
The disposition of cadmium, nickel, mercury and methylmercury in fish and effects of lipophilic metal chelation

Lotti, L., 1985:
The disposition of meat in hog cholera

Taylor, T.; Cameron, B.D.; Hathway, D.E.; Partington, H., 1974:
The disposition of pantothenate in dogs

Edwards, V.; Hutson, D., 1986:
The disposition of plant xenobiotic conjugates in animals

Farid, N.A.; Smith, R.L.; Gillespie, T.A.; Rash, T.James.; Blair, P.E.; Kurihara, A.; Goldberg, M.J., 2007:
The disposition of prasugrel, a novel thienopyridine, in humans

Lacaux, J.; Warburton, J., 1980:
The disposition of silver released from Soviet Oblako rockets in precipitation during the hail suppression experiment Grossversuch IV. I. Measurements of background and a preliminary seeding test

Borg-Neczak, Kathleen, 1994:
The disposition of some metals in mammals and fish

Manjunath, B.; Venkataraman, A., 1970:
The disposition of the glucosidic rings in cellulose sheets

Adamson, R.; Sieber, S., 1974 :
The disposition of xenobiotics by fishes

Eckholm, Erik, P., 1979:
The dispossessed of the earth

Mcdonnell, Janet, A., 1991:
The dispossession of the American Indian, 1887-1934

Kaemmerer, K., 1969:
The dispute about piperazine

Kellow, A., 1989:
The dispute over the franklin rive and south west wilderness area in Tasmania, Australia

Manning, Laura, L., 1990:
The dispute processing model of public policy evolution

Duffy, G.; Titchener, A., 1975:
The disruptive shear stress of pulp networks

Puckett, Ruby, 1978:
The dissatisfied, disgruntled employee

Houyez, P., 1970:
The dissecting of caterpillars

Anonymous, 1988:
The dissection & anatomy of the fetal pig

Harrison, Bruce-Magill, 1952:
The dissection of the cat

Harrison, Bruce-Magill, 1948:
The dissection of the cat (Felis domestica)

Harrison, Bruce-Magill, 1956:
The dissection of the cat (and comparisons with man)

Whitehouse, R.-Henry; Grove, A.-John, 1943:
The dissection of the earthworm

Whitehouse, R.-Henry; Grove, A.-John, 1949:
The dissection of the rabbit

Whitehouse, R.-Henry; Grove, A.-John, 1952:
The dissection of the rabbit with an appendix on the rat

Anonymous, 1990:
The dissection question

Rowley, J.E.T.rner, C.-Mark-Dirham, 1978:
The dissemination of information

Lawalree, A., 1969:
The dissemination of plants by birds (Ornithochorie)

Soos, G., 1978:
The dissemination of technical and scientifical results in agriculture

Fiore, C.S.hroeder, J., 1997:
The dissemination of weed seed by surface irrigation waters

Aharonson, N.R.snick, C., 1972:
The dissipation in plants of some new organo phosphorus insecticides

Walters, J.A.; Van Os, G.A., 1970:
The dissociation and association behaviour of yeast ribosomes

Wedzicha, B.; Kaban, J.A.dous, D., 1985:
The dissociation constant of the hydroxysulphonate of 3,4-dideoxy-4-sulphohexosulose in the sulphite-inhibited Maillard reaction of glucose and glycine

Day, Wc, 1975:
The dissociation of bovine factor V and isolation of the activated form

Trout, Ge, 1976:
The dissociation of flavin coenzymes from trypsin solubilized NADPH

Kurtti, T.J.; Brooks, M.A., 1976:
The dissociation of insect embryos for cell culture

Chambers, S.; Lambert, N.M.rris, V.; Wright, D., 1987:
The dissociation of pea 11S storage protein by salt, as measured by light scattering

Takahashi,, T.O.a, T.L.ener, I., 1974:
The dissociation of wax bean hemagglutinin by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in sodium dodecyl sulfate

El-Kafrawy, A.T.rbak, A., 1982:
The dissolution of cellulose in anhydrous chloral

Stojsavljevic, B., 1970:
The dissolution of family co-operative

Eyben, D.D.ogenbroeck, L.V.n, 1970:
The dissolution of oxygen in beer--problems and solutions

Bunzl K.; Sansoni B., 1972:
The dissolution of sparingly soluble salts by soil organic matter

Vanhook, A., 1974:
The dissolution of sucrose crystals

Anonymous, 1980:
The dissolution of the traditional peasant world, 1867-1890

Parshina, Z.; Bedenko, V.; Nakarova, S., 1974:
The disssymetry of the leaf blade in wheat with regard to ch lorophyll content

Dale, Hc, 1969:
The distal apical structure of aphid Siphunculi (Hemiptera, Aphididae)

Nilsson, G.D.lin, G.D.evemo, S.F.edricson, I.J.nsson, K.O.sson, S.; Persson, L., 1973:
The distal joints and the phalanges of the Standardbred hor se. a morphologic, clinical, chemical and ergonomic investig ation

Narbaitz, R.; Stumpf, W.E.; Sar, M.;, H.F., 1982:
The distal nephron in the chick embryo as a target tissue for 1-alpha-25-dihydroxycholecalciferol

Hess, E.V.imant, M., 1984:
The distal tarsal slit sense organ (DTSSO), a new type of mechanoreceptor on the walking legs of the ixodid tick Amblyomma variegatum Fabricius 1794 (Ixodidae: Metastriata)

Heel, Wa-Van, 1971:
The distally lobed inner integument of Hernandia peltata Meissn. in DC. (Hernandiaceae)

Sambraus, Hh, 1974:
The distance at which cattle yield to people

Deleplanque, J.; Renard, O., 1981:
The distant origins of sugarbeets

Williams, La, 1980:
The distillation of alcohol for fuel

Corrigan, J., 2004:
The distilled spirits industry: where to now?

Stirk, David, 2005:
The distilleries of Campbeltown

Ducoulombier, A., 1981:
The distillery

Fell, M.J.; Anjum, N.; Dickinson, K.; Marshall, K.M.; Peltola, L.M.; Vickers, S.; Cheetham, S.; Neill, J.C., 2007:
The distinct effects of subchronic antipsychotic drug treatment on macronutrient selection, body weight, adiposity, and metabolism in female rats

Yip, S-Chin.; El-Sibai, M.; Coniglio, S.J.; Mouneimne, G.; Eddy, R.J.; Drees, B.E.; Neilsen, P.O.; Goswami, S.; Symons, M.; Condeelis, J.S.; Backer, J.M., 2007:
The distinct roles of Ras and Rac in PI 3-kinase-dependent protrusion during EGF-stimulated cell migration

Salmon, H.G.ret, P., 1976:
The distinct sub classes of porcine lymphocytes

Bancher, E.H.lzl, J.W.shuttl, J.R.ederer, P., 1970:
The distinction between Hazelnut marrow and peanut marrow, products from the cotyledons of Corylus avellana and Arachis hypogaea

Common, Ifb, 1978:
The distinction between Hypolimnas antilope (Cramer) and Hypolimnas anomala (Wallace) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae), and the occurrence of Hypolimnas anomala in Australia

Nicholls, Kh, 1987:
The distinction between Mallomonas acaroides var. acaroides and Mallomonas acaroides var. muskokana var.nov. (Chrysophyceae)

Adler, M.; Calvelo, S.E.ix, J., 2006:
The distinction between Menegazzia cincinnata and M. valdiviensis (Parmeliaceae)

Lester, R.; Hasan, S., 1990:
The distinction between Solanum incanum L. and Solanum insanum L. (Solanaceae)

Bailey, B.; Larson, R., 1989:
The distinction between hydroxamic acid and flavonoid glucosylation in maize

Calkins, J.; Swanson, B., 1990:
The distinction between living and dead plant tissue-viability tests in cold hariness research

Arno, Sf, 1995:
The distinctive distribution of alpine larch: clear patterns and enigmas

Sedova, E.A.; Vassilevskaya, N.V., 2007:
The distinctive feature of ontogenetic processes of Andromeda polifolla L. (Ericaceae Juss.) in European subarctic

Parr, W.; Green, J.; White, K.; Sherlock, R., 2007:
The distinctive flavour of New Zealand Sauvignon blanc: Sensory characterisation by wine professionals

Randall, Ce, 1969:
The distinguished Douglas-fir

Mohler, K.H.mmer, K., 1977:
The distorsion and strength behaviour of spruce lumber and glued laminated timber under torsional load

Tyrrell, Jg, 1983:
The distortion of plant canopies in the coastal zone of NW Donegal

Minina, E.; Slepian, E., 1977:
The distortion of the root vascular system in head cabbage as a result of the pathologica growth caused by Plasmodiophora brassicae Woron

Cornillon, P., 1971:
The distribuiotn of boron in the different granulometric fractions of the soil

Preti, F.L.bello, C., 1993:
The distributed modelling of agricultural nonpoint pollution at basin scale: experimental research and model validation

Keller, P.S.anbridge, T., 1973:
The distributin of lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme in some bovine organs

Gibeault, Cheryl, A., 1995:
The distribution and abundance of Cancer borealis and C. irroratus within several subtidal habitats in the southern Gulf of Maine

Winstanley, Wj, 1981:
The distribution and abundance of Procordulia grayi (Selys) (Odonata: Corduliidae) in New Zealand

Hammer, U.; Shamess, J.H.ynes, R., 1983:
The distribution and abundance of algae in saline lakes of Saskatchewan, Canada

Taffs, K.H.; Cullen, M.C., 2005:
The distribution and abundance of beach debris on isolated beaches of Northern New South Wales, Australia

Bannister, R.J.; Brinkman, R.; Wolff, C.; Battershill, C.; De-Nys, R., 2007:
The distribution and abundance of dictyoceratid sponges in relation to hydrodynamic features: identifying candidates and environmental conditions for sponge aquaculture

Neiswander, C.R., 1963:
The distribution and abundance of may beetles in Ohio

Dahiya, S.; Bhandari, G.; Srivastava, O., 1976:
The distribution and abundance of microflora in salt affected soils of Haryana state

French, C.S., 1971:
The distribution and action in photosynthesis of several forms of chlorophyll

Xia, Q.; Ding, J.; Xu, S.; Xu, G.; Wang, Y., 1982:
The distribution and action of

Papatheodosios, Thk, 1970:
The distribution and apportion

Mustard, Ts, 1982:
The distribution and autecology of pale agoseris, Agoseris glauca, in Michigan

Capelle, K.J.; Whitworth, T.L., 1973:
The distribution and avian hosts of Carnus hemapterus (Diptera: Milichiidae) in North America

Londt, J.G.H., 2007:
The distribution and biology of Bittacus tjederi Londt, 1970 (Mecoptera : Bittacidae)

Coulson, JC.; Butterfield, J., 1982:
The distribution and biology of Lonchopteridae (Diptera) in upland regions of northern England

Peck, SB.; Anderson, RS., 1982:
The distribution and biology of the alpine-tundra carrion beetle Thanatophilus coloradensis (Wickham) in North America (Coleoptera: Silphidae)

Nichols, B.; Appleby, R., 1969:
The distribution and biosynthesis of arachidonic acid in algae

Wheeler, N.; Critchfield, W., 1985:
The distribution and botanical characteristics of lodgepole pine: biogergraphical and management implications

De, S.D.sney, H.; Haylock, J., 1956:
The distribution and breeding behaviour of the Sudan Dioch (Quelea Q. aethiopica) in Tanganyika

Schwartz, M.-W.T.avis, J., 1995:
The distribution and character of natural habitats in pre- settlement northern Florida, as recorded by public land survey records

Slaytor M.B., 1977:
The distribution and chemistry of alkaloids in the orchidaceae

Jones, C.T.; Rurak, D., 1976:
The distribution and clearances of hormones and metabolites in the circulation of the foetal sheep

Manell, D.P.nsar, G., 1975:
The distribution and composition of extractives in wood. 8. On the nonvolatile unsaponifiable neutral components in pine (Pinus sylvestris)

Chapman, Sb, 1975:
The distribution and composition of hybrid populations of Erica ciliaris L. and Erica tetralix L. in Dorset

Baardseth, E.G.asdalen, H.L.rsen, B., 1980:
The distribution and composition of polymers in the medulla of Ascophyllum receptacles

Hughes, Jmr, 1987:
The distribution and composition of vascular plant communities on Heard Island

Jim, Cy, 1989:
The distribution and configuration of tree cover in urban Hong Kong

Beauglehole, A.C., 1988:
The distribution and conservation of vascular plants in the North East area, Victoria

Nichols, Stanley-Arthur, 1971:
The distribution and control of macrophyte biomass in Lake Wingra

Tanaka, Tsutomu, 1985:
The distribution and control of rice

Taylor, Sm, 1982:
The distribution and cost of redwater to the Northern Ireland industry Transmitted by common tick, Ixodes ricinus, cattle

Idris, S., 1975:
The distribution and cultivation of Arachnis in Indonesia

Scranton, M.; Novelli, P.; Loud, P., 1984:
The distribution and cycling of hydrogen gas in the waters of two anoxic marine environments

Liu ShuWen; J.B.oZhong; Zhang Kai; H.Z.angHui; Song Jie; Song HuoLin, 2007:
The distribution and damage characteristics of overwinting eggs nidi of Ricania sublimbata Jacobi

Williams, Ph, 1982:
The distribution and decline of British bumblebees (Bombus Latr.) Ecologic and taxonomic aspects

Dekhuijzen, H.; Vonk, C., 1974:
The distribution and degradation of chlormequat in wheat pla nts

Keel, M.K.; Songer, J.G., 2007:
The distribution and density of Clostridium difficile toxin receptors on the intestinal mucosa of neonatal pigs

Sukackiene, J., 1970:
The distribution and density of insects, order Collembola Lubbock, 1870, in soils of the Lithuanian SSR

Swenson, G.; Barbiers, A., 1976:
The distribution and depletion of lincomycin in swine following parenteral administration

Chu, Hm, 1980:
The distribution and developme

Sultanov, Fr, 1974:
The distribution and developmental periods of the sheep bot fly Oestrus ovis L. in Azerbaijan

Andrews, R., H.; Petney, T., N.; Sherman, N., A.; Mcdiarmid, L., A.; Dixon, B., R., 2007:
The distribution and dispersion of Amblyomma triguttatum triguttatum on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Kolbasina, Ei, 1970:
The distribution and diversity of forms in Actinidia arguta Planch. in the islands Sakhalin and Kunashir

Xiang-Fei, C.; Dong-Xiao, S., 2007:
The distribution and drug resistance of pathogenic bacteria causing urinary tract infections in Jinzhou area in Liaoning province

Ellery, W.; Walker, B., 1986:
The distribution and dynamics of Elephantorrhiza elephantina on the farm Maccauvlei

Lu, Cn, 1980:
The distribution and ecologic

Stina, Ea, 1969:
The distribution and ecological significance of algae in arable soils

Beck, A.J., 1969:
The distribution and ecology of Bakerocoptes cynopteri (Sarcoptiformes: Bakerocoptidae) in Malaysia

Siira, J., 1983:
The distribution and ecology of Blysmus rufus (Cyperaceae) at Liminka and Oulunsalo on the northeastern coast of the Bothnian Bay

Nickrent, D.; Musselman, L.; Pitchford, L.; Sampson, D., 1978:
The distribution and ecology of Dryopteris in southeastern Virginia and adjacent North Carolina

Wuorenrinne, H., 1974:
The distribution and ecology of Formica rufa Coll. in Finland

Holmes, Nth, 1976:
The distribution and ecology of Grimmia agassizii (Sull. & Lesq.) Jaeg. in Teesdale

Futyma, Rp, 1980:
The distribution and ecology of Phyllitis scolopendrium in Michigan

Skogen, A., 1978:
The distribution and ecology of Platygyrium repens in Norway

Douglas, C., 1987:
The distribution and ecology of Sphagnum pulchrum (Braithw.) Warnst. in Ireland

Seaward, M.; Bylinska, E.; Topham, P., 1983:
The distribution and ecology of Umbilicaria propagulifera (Vainio) Llano

Kalnins, Martins, 2006:
The distribution and ecology of medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis Linnaeus, 1758 (Hirudinea : Arhynchobdellae) in Latvia

Eichhorn, O., 1971:
The distribution and ecology of the ants of the chief forest types of Central-European mountains

Majumdar, N.; Banerjee, R., 1978:
The distribution and economic uses of Alternanthera philoxeroides (Mart.) Griseb., an exotic aquatic herb in India and Burma

Walsh, J.; Shepherd, A.; Lee, D., 1983:
The distribution and effect of intracellular rickettsia-like micro-organisms infecting second-juveniles of the potato cyst-nematode Globodera rostochiensis

Taylor, Wp, 1984:
The distribution and epidemiology of peste des petits ruminants

Peck, Sb, 1984:
The distribution and evolution of cavernicolous Ptomaphagus beetles in the southeastern United States (Coleoptera:Leiodidae:Cholevinae) with new species and records

Cheruiyot, HK., 1979:
The distribution and factors influencing the establishment of Fasciola hepatica linnaeus 1758, in native Oklahoma cattle

Claridge, D.; Derry, N.; Whittaker, J., 1981:
The distribution and feeding of some Typhlocybinae in response to sun and shade

Thair, B.; Lister, G., 1975:
The distribution and fine structure of the epicuticular leaf wax of Pseudotsuga menziezii

Liu, L.; Yu, Y., 1983:
The distribution and floristic

Youakim, S.R.iswig, H., 1984:
The distribution and flux of particulate matter in the Bideford River estuary, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Perrot, Dcf, 1968:
The distribution and frequency of DDT-RESISTANCE in grass grub

Ressl, F., 1969:
The distribution and frequency of the Buprestidae genus Chrysobothris Eschsch. in the Scheibbs district (Lower Austria)

Elizarov, I.; Kuen, A., 1969:
The distribution and function characteristic of the senses on the head of a larva of the Anisoplia austriaca Hrbst

Eyre, P., 1982:
The distribution and function of histamine receptors

Bishop D.G., 1971:
The distribution and function of lipids in cells

Jickells, T.; Knap, A., 1984:
The distribution and geochemistry of some trace metals in the Bermuda coastal environment

Jiang, Mx, 1982:
The distribution and growth of

Clayhills, T., 1991:
The distribution and habitat of Stenus (Hemistenus) audax J. Sahlberg 1900 (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) in Finland

Hedberg, J.M.y, T., 1981:
The distribution and habitat selection of spruce grouse in Maine

Dodson, Ve, 1975:
The distribution and habitat separation of three corixids (-Hemiptera: Heteroptera) in western Colorado

Vepsalainen, K., 1973:
The distribution and habitats of Gerris Fabr. species (Heteroptera, Gerridae) in Finland

Dorozhkin, N.; Kremneva, A., 1970:
The distribution and harmfulness of Ascochyte fungus disease of peas in Belorussia

Prey, A.; Kuntz, J., 1981:
The distribution and impact of butternut canker Juglans cinerea, Sirococcus clavigignenti-juglandacearum

Prey, A.; Kuntz, J., 1982:
The distribution and impact of butternut canker in Wisconsin Juglans cinerea, Sirococcus clavigignenti-juglandacearum, fungi

Allen, S.; Brown, J., 1982:
The distribution and incidence of charcoal rot of sunflower in eastern Australia

Kearns, H.; Jacobi, W., 2007:
The distribution and incidence of white pine blister rust in central and southeastern Wyoming and northern Colorado

Tuskes, Pm, 1974:
The distribution and larval foodplant relationships of Saturnia walterorum (Saturniidae)

Scudder, Gge, 1992:
The distribution and life cycle of Reduvirus personatus (L.) (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) in Canada

Maxwell, M.H., 1984:
The distribution and localisation of acid trimetaphosphatase in developing heterophils and eosinophils in the bone marrow of the fowl and the duck

Skuhrava, M.S.uhravy, V.B.ewer, J., 1984:
The distribution and long-term changes in population dynamics of gall midges on cereals in Europe

Green, Jo, 1990:
The distribution and management of grasslands in the British Isles

Boreham, P.; Port, G., 1982:
The distribution and movement of engorged females of Anopheles gambiae Giles (Diptera: Culicidae) in a Gambian village Bed nets for protection against mosquitoes

Egorov, V.V.M.nashina, N.-Georgievna, 1981:
The distribution and movement of salt in irrigated soils and means of regulating the saline processes

Sidiakin, V.; Koromkova, E., 1975:
The distribution and natural reserve of Thermopsis alterniflora

Bauwin, George-Richard, 1953:
The distribution and nature of non-extractable phosphorus in some Gray-Brown Podzolic, Brunizem (Prairie), and Planosol soil profiles

Mineev, Yu, N.; Mineev, O.Y., 2007:
The distribution and number of the jacksnipe (Lymnocryptes minimus) in the northeastern part of European Russia

Hayes, P.; Whitaker, T.; Fogg, G., 1984:
The distribution and nutrient status of phytoplankton in the Southern Ocean between 20 degrees and 70 degrees west

Martus, Christopher, E., 1992:
The distribution and objectives of local forestry-related ordinances in the United States

Hamalainen, M., 1984:
The distribution and occurrence of Orthetrum coerulescens (Odonata, Libellulidae) in Finland

Sergio, C., 1984:
The distribution and origin of Macaronesian bryophyte flora

Bierne, Bryan, P., 1943:
The distribution and origin of the British Lepidoptera

Henry, R.; Cameron, J., 1982:
The distribution and partial characterization of carbonic anhydrase in selected aquatic and terrestrial decapod crustaceans Blue crab, Callinectes sapidus

Stewart, K.; Baumann, R.; Stark, B., 1973:
The distribution and past dispersal of southwestern United States Plecoptera

Tiwari, A.; Yeo, T.Kwan.; Riris, S.; Moghal, M.; Williams, S.; Meleagros, L., 2007:
The distribution and pathological staging of colorectal cancers in ethnic groups

Chitty, Fd, 1981:
The distribution and phenology of Borreria aristequietana (Rubiaceae)

John, D.; Lawson, G., 1977:
The distribution and phytogeographical status of the marine algal flora of Gambia

Knuth, Peter, 1986:
The distribution and population dynamic significance of fungal antagonists of Heterodera avenae Wollenw. in Baden-Weurttemberg

Tanton, M.; Alder, D., 1977:
The distribution and possible effects of the woolly aphid Pineus (Adelgidae: Homoptera) on Pinus radiata D. don growing in the Australian Capital Territory

Blunden, G.G.rdon, S.; Mclean, W.; Guiry, M., 1982:
The distribution and possible taxonomic significance of quaternary ammonium and other Dragendorff-positive compounds in some genera of marine algae

Stapleton, C.A., 1998:
The distribution and potential for invasiveness of some non-native vascular plants in Northern Cape Breton

Khalifa, H., 1980:
The distribution and preservation of Gossypium germplasm in Africa

Thornhill, Wa, 1983:
The distribution and probable importance of linyphiid spiders living on the soil surface of sugar-beet fields

Unni, Ks, 1977:
The distribution and production of macrophytes in Lunz Mittersee and Lunz Untersee

Walker, RL.; Tenore, KR., 1984:
The distribution and production of the hard clam, Mercenaria mercenaria, in Wassaw Sound, Georgia

Purcell, Tj, 1977:
The distribution and productivity of Sitka spruce in Ireland

Persson, Ha, 1983:
The distribution and productivity of fine roots in boreal forests in central Sweden, Pinus sylvestris, Scots pine

Thomasson, Aj, 1982:
The distribution and properties of British soils in relation to land drainage

Ruscoe Q.W., 1975:
The distribution and properties of soils, and their biota

Guralp, N.D.ncer, S.K.mer, R.C.ntoray, R.T.san, E., 1977:
The distribution and public health significance of gastrointestinal helminths in Elazig stray dogs

Boguszewski, W.G.jek, F.P.rowski, T., 1977:
The distribution and rates of lime in crop rotation. III. Third and fourth crop rotation of investigations at the Experimental Station Zelislawki

Berman, D.; Briukhanov, V.; Gel'-Man, V.; Korotkova, E., 1981:
The distribution and relationships of the two dominants of the vegetational cover in the relict steppes of northeastern Yakutia

Echlin, P.L.i, C.H.yes, T., 1981:
The distribution and relative concentration of potassium in the root-tips of Lemna minor L. analysed by low-temperature X-ray microanalysis

Norton, T.; Parkes, H., 1972:
The distribution and reproduction of Pterosiphonia complanata

Dethier, Mn, 1987:
The distribution and reproductive phenology of intertidal fleshy crustose algae in Washington

Becze, J.S.ilvassy, B., 1974:
The distribution and results of the Neustadt-Aisch method for artificial insemination of swine, applied by the Animal Breeding Research Institute

Cook, Be, 1972:
The distribution and role of cytoplasmic membrane-bounded vesicles during the development of botryose solitary blastospores of two fungi

Calderone, Nw, 1990:
The distribution and sampling of Acarapis woodi in honey bee colonies

Wheeler, A.Jr, 1981:
The distribution and seasonal history of Slaterocoris pallipes (Knight) (Hemiptera: Miridae)

Venrick, El, 1974:
The distribution and significance of Richelia intracellular is Schmidt in the North Pacific Central Gyre

Macicoll, A.; Kerins, G.; Dennis, N.; Gill, J., 1996:
The distribution and significance of anticoagulant-resistant Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) in England and Wales, 1988-95

Watling, R.; Watling, H.1; Stanton, R.1; Mcclurg, T.1; Engelbrecht, E., 1982:
The distribution and significance of toxic metals in sharks from the Natal coast, South Africa Marine pollution

Mainoya, Jr; Mesaki, S.B.nyikwa, Ff, 1986:
The distribution and socio-eonomic aspects of mangrove forests in Tazania

Hyne, Nj, 1978:
The distribution and source of organic matter in reservoir sediments

Voegtlin, D., 1982:
The distribution and spread of Hyadaphis tataricae (Homoptera: Aphididae) in the North-Central States with notes on its hosts, biology, and origin Pest on ornamental honeysuckles (Lonicera spp.)

Baranski, S., 1970:
The distribution and stands of local larch in Swietokrzyskie government forests in the first half of XIX century

Mongillo, Paul, 1993:
The distribution and status of bull trout

Jacobsen, NHG., 1984:
The distribution and status of crocodile populations in the Transvaal outside the Kruger National Park

Reading, CJ.; Buckland, ST.; McGowan, GM.; Jayasinghe, G.; Gorzula, S.; Balharry, D., 1996:
The distribution and status of the adder (Vipera berus L.) in Scotland determined from questionnaire surveys

Witt, T., 1980:
The distribution and subspeciation of Ocnogyna parasita (Hubner, (1790) (Lepidoptera, Arctiidae)

Lowry, P.I.; Davies, F.; Green, P., 1986:
The distribution and synonymy of Polyscias cissodendron (Araliaceae)

Slater, JA.; Hassey, M., 1981:
The distribution and systematics of Ozophora atropicta Barber, with the description of a new species from the Neotropics

Grace, N.; Watkinson, J., 1985:
The distribution and the amounts of Se associated with various tissues and liveweight gains of grazing sheep

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The distribution of agricultural income in the United States and Pennsylvania

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The distribution of agricultural soil leachates in the unsaturated zone of the British Chalk

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The distribution of agricultural surpluses to the economic poor in the United States

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The distribution of air pollution in California: a study inspatial interaction

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The distribution of alkyl lead species in the Mersey Estuary

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The distribution of alpha-amylas

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The distribution of aquatic Phyc

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The distribution of aquatic macroinvertebrates in Boulder Creek, Colorado, 1977

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The distribution of arable weed seedbanks and the implication for the conservation of endangered species and communities

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The distribution of autonomic nerves within the smooth muscle layer of the bovine trachea

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The distribution of bacterial infections in the Lubbock infection surveillance study of wastewater spray irrigation

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The distribution of bamboo spe

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The distribution of benefits from the 1968 Upland Cotton Program

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The distribution of biomass from thinnings in Appalachian hardwoods by product and source

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The distribution of bivalent chiasmata in maize plants heterozygous for two pericentric inversions

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The distribution of body water and general approach to the patient

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The distribution of body water in the hypothermic dog

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The distribution of boron in a soil developed in loess in relation to the weathering of glauconite

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The distribution of brackish water Calanoida (Copepoda) along the coasts of Brazil

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The distribution of breeds of dog on healthy and sick populations

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The distribution of bromide in water in the Floridan aquifer system, Duval County, northeastern Florida

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The distribution of brown actinomycetes in soils of the USSR

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The distribution of brown rust

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The distribution of bryophytes in the forest of Soignes (south of Brussels, Belgium)

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The distribution of bumblebee colour patterns worldwide: possible significance for thermoregulation, crypsis, and warning mimicry

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The distribution of cabbage on the fresh market

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The distribution of cacao cultivation in Pre-Columbian America

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The distribution of cacti along environmental gradients in the Sonorgan and Mohave deserts

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The distribution of calcium and

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The distribution of calcium and magnesium in developing tobacco leaves as measured by low-temperature X-ray microanalysis

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The distribution of calcium in kraft mill brownstock systems

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The distribution of carbon 14-marked chlorocholine chloride (CCC) in wheat plants

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The distribution of carrot fly (Psila rosae) in relation to the flora of field boundaries

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The distribution of certain glycosidases in mushrooms

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The distribution of cesium or of strontium, simultaneously absorbed by foliar and root passage in a young Haricot plant (Phaseolus vulgaris var. berna, manifested by the distribution of two of their radioactive isotopes

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The distribution of chandelier cell axon terminals that express the GABA plasma membrane transporter GAT-1 in the human neocortex

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The distribution of chemical constituents between the soluble and the particulate fractions of palm oil mill effluent and its significance on its utilisation

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The distribution of diameter o

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The distribution of federal outlays within Missouri

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The distribution of fine roots in boreal forests

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The distribution of fires in the Gironde Department

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The distribution of fish

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The distribution of fixed, mobile, and delivery services in rural Britain

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The distribution of fluoride in polluted poplars

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The distribution of forest resources and their utilization in the USSR

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The distribution of forest surface in Italy

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The distribution of four chemical races of Cladonia chlorophaea in North America

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The Distribution of Free Amino Acids, Especially of Proline, in the Organs of Field Bean Plants, Vicia faba L., during Development in the Field

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The distribution of free and glycosidically-bound monoterpenes among skin, juice, and pulp fractions of some white grape varieties

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The distribution of full income versus money income in the United States

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The distribution of fungi plant zones and the seasonal character of their development in the Southwest of Kopetdag

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The distribution of global solar radiation over the land surfaces of the earth

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The distribution of glucan synthetase in maize coleoptiles: a comparison with K ATPase

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The distribution of ground-dwelling beetles in relation to vegetation, season, and topography in the Rattlesnake Hills, southeastern Washington

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The distribution of heavy metal

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The distribution of heavy metals in the hard clam, Mercenaria mercenaria, in the lower Chesapeake Bay region

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The distribution of herbst corp

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The distribution of higher mushrooms in Europe. iII

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The distribution of intraspecific chromosome races of Hippocrepis comosa L. and their phytogeographical significance

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The distribution of ions in the pollen grain of Lillium longiflorum by scanning electron microscope with X-ray detector system

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The distribution of iron within the muscular tissue of pigs and cattle

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The distribution of labelled sugars in soil particle size fractions as a means of distinguishing plant and microbial carbohydrate residues

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The distribution of lead chelate in the transpiration stream of higher plants

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The distribution of leaf morphs in Allium cratericola Eastw

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The distribution of leaf photosynthetic activity in a mixed grass-legume pasture canopy Setaria sphacelata var. sericea, Desmodium intortum

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The distribution of leaves and pear psylla in pear trees Psylla pyricola, insect population sampling

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The distribution of lignin in fibres produced by kraft and a cid sulphite pulping of spruce wood

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The distribution of lithium, sodium and magnesium in rat brain and plasma after various periods of administration of lithium in the diet

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Duda,, J., 1973:
The distribution of liverworts in Czechoslovakia. xIII

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The distribution of lucerne a

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The distribution of medicinal plants among the phyto-geographical districts of the Yaroslavl Region

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The distribution of microelements in cellular structures of bean leaves depending on the supply of plants

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The distribution of microtubules in differentiating cells of Micrasterias denticulata Breb

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The distribution of milk in New South Wales

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The distribution of millipedes in the south of England: a preliminary survey

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The distribution of moisture co

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The distribution of molecular nitrogen N2 in the eastern equatorial Atlantic

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The distribution of molecular species of monoglycosylceramides (cerebrosides) in different parts of bovine digestive tract

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The distribution of molluscan assemblages and their postmortem fate on coral reefs in the Gulf of Aqaba (northern Red Sea)

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The distribution of monthly precipitation in southern Norway in relation to prevailing H. johansen weather types

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The distribution of more important substances of sugarbeet in the root

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The distribution of mosses in the Bryon Bog, Southwestern Ontario

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The distribution of motoneurones supplying chick hind limb muscles

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The distribution of mutants in second flush cuttings of an irradiated carnation seedling

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The distribution of mutation on the map of complementation ade2 locus of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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The distribution of native Dictyoptera in Sussex

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The distribution of native white potato (Solanum spp) in the Potosinan-Zacatecan highlands of Mexico

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The distribution of natural enemies of the corn leaf aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) on field corn Rhopalosiphum maidis, USA

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The distribution of nitrate in groundwater in the Fresno-Clovis Metropolitan Area, San Joaquin Valley, California

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The distribution of nitrites in pale, soft, exudative meat and normal pickled meat

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The distribution of non-breeding seabirds in Troms and West Finnmark, North Norway

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The distribution of nucleic ac

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The distribution of olefinic linkages in elastomers

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The distribution of onion stem nematode in horizontal layers of soil of different types and the i nfluence of crop rotation on the nematode population

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The distribution of overwintered Coccinella septempunctata L. (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) adults in agricultural crops Biological control

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The distribution of particle si

Anonymous, 1963:
The distribution of pasture seed from light aircraft

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The distribution of pests and diseases in the agriculture of the USSR in 1966

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The distribution of pests and diseases of agricultural crops in the USSR in 1963

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The distribution of petroleum products in 1971

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The distribution of phospholipase D in plants

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The distribution of phosphomonoesterases in the digestive gut of Porcellio laevis Latreille (Porcellionidae, Isopoda)

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The distribution of phosphorus and nitrogen in white clover and lotus inoculated with rhizobia or given mineral nitrogen Trifolium repens, Lotus pedunculatus, Rhizobium trifolii, Rhizobium sp. PDDCC 5798 (CC814s)

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The distribution of phosphorus compounds in plants during changes in the level of nitrogen nutrition

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The distribution of phosphorus-containing compounds in tomato plants during the development of phosphorus deficiency

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The distribution of photosynthate in Ascophyllum nodosum asit relates to Epiphytic polysiphonia lanosa

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The distribution of photosynthetic reactions in the chloroplast lamellar system. I. Plastocyanin content and reactivity

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The distribution of plant diseases: a look into the biogeography of the future

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The distribution of plant nutrients by means of irrigation water

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The distribution of plant water stress and vegetation characteristics in southeastern California chaparral

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The distribution of plastid ribosomes and the integrity plas tid ribosomal RNA during the greening and maturation of Spirodela fronds

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The distribution of plastids in mitosis of guard cell mother cells of haploid trifolium hybridum L

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The distribution of plutonium in liquid waste disposal areas at Los Alamos

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The distribution of polarization sensitivity in the crayfish retinula

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The distribution of polyphenols and peroxidase in different plant parts of tobacco, Nicotiana tabacum L

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The distribution of polyphosphates in cooked hams

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The distribution of pores in the egg shells of the domestic fowl: a further study

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The distribution of potassium and calcium in the lamina and veins of maize leaves

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The distribution of proprioceptors in the leg of a spider: investigations on the tarantula Dugesiella hentzi Chamb

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The distribution of protected and endangered mammals Versus land use, type of habitat and protected areas of Poland: A geographical approach

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The distribution of protected areas in relation to the needs of biotic community conservation in Eastern Africa

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The distribution of public sector wage premia

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The distribution of pulmonary blood flow (the influence of gravity and increased inertial force environments)

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The distribution of radioactive caesium in boreal forest ecosystems

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The distribution of radioactivity in tissues, droppings and eggs of chickens after application of 1-(alpha-methylallylthiokarbamoyl)-2-methylthiokarbamoyl-hydrazine

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The distribution of rainfall over the sugar region of South Africa

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The distribution of rare-earth elements in minerals of the monazite family

Louvard, G., 1979:
The distribution of raw milk can also be done with a store vehicle

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The distribution of rhododendrin in birch (Betula) species

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The distribution of rice damage

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The distribution of root-knot and reniform nematodes in Arkansas, 1990-1999

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The distribution of roots and the uptake of nitrogen by established apple trees grown in grass with herbicide strips

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The distribution of rural female generalist physicians in the United States

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The distribution of salmonellosi

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The distribution of salmonids in upland streams in relation to depth and gradient Salmon, trout, Northern Ireland

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The distribution of seeds, seedlings, and established plants of Arrow arum (Peltandra virginica (L.) Kunth) in a freshwater tidal wetland

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The distribution of serotonin in the CNS of an elasmobranch fish: immunocytochemical and biochemical studies in the Atlantic stingray, Dasyatis sabina

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The distribution of sesquiterpene lactones in several Ambrosia species

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The distribution of several radioactive elements in the animal organism

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The distribution of sexually-transmitted Human Papillomaviruses in HIV positive and negative patients in Zambia, Africa

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The distribution of shortrun commodity price movements

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The distribution of slash pine (Pinus elliottii Engelm.) as related to certain climatic factors

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The distribution of slug damage in a potato crop: effect of plot treatments and sample size

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The distribution of snail-killing flies (Diptera, Sciomyzidae) in the British Isles

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The distribution of snail-killing flies (Diptera: Sciomyzidae) in Ireland

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The distribution of social capi

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The distribution of social services in Madagascar, 1993-99

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The distribution of soil bacteria in relation to biological activity and pedogenesis. 1. general introduction and factors affecting populations at Taita Experimental Station, New Zealand

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The distribution of soil bacteria in relation to biological activity and pedogenesis. 2. soils of some Pacific Islands

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The distribution of some alkaloids in heterogeneous systems

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The distribution of some oxydoreductases in the epididymis of the dog

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