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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17347

Chapter 17347 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Teal, Marion-Pedersen, 1948:
The earth is ours

Klindienst, Patricia, 2006:
The earth knows my name

Margolin, M.; Harney, M., 1985:
The earth manual

Stewart, Amy, 2004:
The earth moved

Small, Dr, 1973:
The earth moved at Kerang

Anonymous, 1990:
The earth needs you--join our team

Brown, L.-Russell; Larsen, J.; Fischlowitz-Roberts, B., 2002:
The earth policy reader

Greiiaznov, A.I., 1960:
The earth requires a good keeper

Girard, Cm, 1973:
The earth resources satellite: Earth Resources Technology Satellite A

Pratt, M., 1972 :
The earth resources technology satellite

Doornkamp, John-Charles, 1985:
The earth sciences and planning in the Third World

Pagney, Pierre, 1976:
The earths climates

Pfeiffer, Ehrenfried, 1947:
The earths face and human destiny

Rodale, R., 1984:
The earths garden doesnt have to burn up

Howard, Louise-Ernestine-Lady, 1947:
The earths green carpet

Frolov, N.M., 1971:
The earths temperature

Papadopol, M., 1977:
The earths water resources and some problems

Anonymous, 1973:
The earth, its resources, its people

Galvez-Fenoll, Antonio, 1977:
The earth, mankinds inexhaustible pantry

Santamaria, Bartholewew-Augustine-Michael, 1945:
The earth, our mother

Cullum, Rf, 1984:
The earthen storage basin for dairy farms in Alaska

Barrett, Thomas-Jason, 1943:
The earthmaster system for intensive propagation and use of domesticated earthworms in soil-building

Barrett, Thomas-Jason, 1942:
The earthmaster system for intensive propagation and use of domesticated earthworms in soil-building, for agriculture, horticulture, orcharding, nursery and home gardening, and for allied vocations and avocations

Popov, P.; Dimitrov, A.; Georgiev, S., 1972:
The earthnut in Bulgaria

Keenan, Fj, 1980:
The earthquake resistance of timber construction

Rudel, S., 1978:
The earthworm

Vasanthraj-David, B.N.varajan-Paul, A.; Subramaniam, T., 1976:
The earthworm Malabaria paludicola Stephenson (oenerodrilidae Annelida) as a menace to rice crop in south India

Graff, O., 1979:
The earthworm problem in the 18th and 19th centuries and the role of Victor Henson

Minnich, J., 1976:
The earthworm--mans best friend

Van Rhee, J.A., 1970:
The earthworms (Lumbricidae) of the Netherlands

Reynolds, John-Warren, 1974:
The earthworms of Maryland

Thies, H., 1980:
The earwig

Shabanov, M., 1975:
The earwig , a pest of honeybee

Brindle, A., 1969:
The earwigs (Dermaptera) of the Galapagos Islands

Cruger, G., 1975:
The earworm as a pest of cauliflower

Collver, Kr, 1987:
The ease of marketing quality fruit

Fell, D.; Goldenberg, J., 1990:
The easiest flowers to grow

Mcdonald, Sa, 1978:
The easiest seed germinator yet; Simple wicks keep seedlings moist in these recycled egg cartons

Logsdon, G., 1975:
The easiest way to produce your own pork

Cramer, C., 1989:
The easiest way to save money

Wagner, Rh, 1973:
The east Asian species of Clintonia Raf. (Liliaceae)

Rezbanyai, L., 1981:
The east Asian subspecies of Eucarta (Callogonia) virgo Tr. ssp. griseofulgens Kovacs 1968 also in southern Switzerland (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)

Walton, T., 1971:
The east coast project

Hellen, W., 1970:
The eastern Fennoscandian Gelis species (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae)

Fenton, R.; Maplesden, F., 1986:
The eastern USSR: forest resources and forest products exports to Japan

Rhode, Gotthold, 1955:
The eastern area of Germany

Bolgiano, C.; Roberts, J., 2005:
The eastern cougar

Cardoza, J.; Langlois, S., 2002:
The eastern cougar: a management failure?

Ross, C.P., 1952:
The eastern front of the Bitterroot Range, Montana

Seebeck, Jh, 1984:
The eastern grey squirrel, Sciurus carollnensis, in Victoria

Kemp, Jg, 1975:
The eastern livestock feed production by the 80s; harvest and conservation of forages

Wiley, J.-R.W.lson, R.W.od, G.B., 1951:
The eastern market for Indiana hogs

Hertel, Gerard, D., 1996:
The eastern non-industrial private forests

Safarov, I.S., 1981:
The eastern plane tree, the walnut and its significance in planting parks and afforestation

Smythe, RV.; Coppel, HC., 1973:
The eastern subterranean termite, Reticulitermes flavipes (Kollar), and the common thief ant, Solenopsis molesta (Say), in the laboratory, with notes on other associated ant species

Anonymous, 1976:
The eastern tent caterpillars

Case, F.Jr, 1975:
The eastern trilliums

Howlett,, L., 1996:
The eastern upper peninsula partners in ecosystem management

Avitabile, A., 1982:
The eastern white cedar, Thuja occidentalis L., an early pollen source for honeybees, Apis mellifera L

Kubota, K.; Kubota, N.; Akita, K.; Otobe, H., 2007:
The easternmost record of Figulus punctatus (Coleoptera, Lucanidae) in Honshu and its host woody materials

Hansen M.H., 1990:
The eastwide forest inventory database

Bristow, Alec, 1977:
The easy garden

Kawakami, K.E.ihara, T.T.ukida, K.M.rii, K.O.o, K.F.rusawa, T., 1975:
The easy method for detecting A

Grotz, Ec, 1980 :
The easy-to-eat seedless watermelon

Arteaga Martinez, B.; Moreno Zarate, C., 2006:
The eatable mushroom of Santacatarina del Monte, Mexico State

Griepenburg, W., 1975:
The eatable part of oranges and mandarins

Griepenburg, W., 1975:
The eatable part or oranges and mandarins

Chandler, Asa-Crawford, 1941:
The eaters digest

Fujihara, T., 1981:
The eating and rumination behaviour in sheep fed only herbage diet in fresh form Japan, forage, seasonal effects

Gravas, L., 1984:
The eating behaviour of fattening pigs provided concentrates and water at slow speed

Costin, Carolyn, 1999:
The eating disorder sourcebook

Woolsey, Mm, 1997:
The eating disordered vegetarian

Sollenberger, G., 1978:
The eating out boom

Winstanley, Ma, 1983:
The eating quality of leaner meat

Welbourne, J.; Purgold, J., 1984 :
The eating sickness

Woyke, J., 1976:
The eating up of larvae in bee colonies

Jez-Jarecki, W., 1973:
The eave in folk architecture

Marienfeld, C.; Collins, M., 1981:
The ebb and flow of manganese: a possible pathogenic factor in birth defects, cancer and heart disease

Poissant, L.; Constant, P.; Pilote, M.; Canário, Jão.; O'Driscoll, N.; Ridal, J.; Lean, D., 2007:
The ebullition of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, carbon dioxide and total gaseous mercury from the Cornwall Area of Concern

Dopke, W., 1981:
The eburnamine-vincamine alkaloids

Davis, R.-B.A.derson, D., S., 1991:
The eccentric bogs of Maine

Dumelow, J., 1982:
The eccentric disc pibber planter--a provisional assessment Farm equipment

Lau-Uhle, M.; Brakemeier, A., 1975:
The eccentrica bread baking book

Soans, A.; Soans, J., 1969:
The ecdysial lines in the larva of the tiger beetle Cicindela cancellata Dej. (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae)

Kouyama, N.; Shimozawa, T., 1984:
The ecdysis of hair mechanoreceptors in crayfish

Maslennikova, V.; Chernysh, S.; Nabi, A., 1976:
The ecdysone titer in induction of winter and summer diapause in the cabbage moth, Barathra brassicae (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)

Voigt, B.W.iting, P.D.nan, L., 2001:
The ecdysteroid agonist

Niwa, R.S.kudoh, T.N.miki, T.S.ida, K.F.jimoto, Y.K.taoka, H., 2005:
The ecdysteroidogenic P450 Cyp302a1

Kaplanis, J.N.; Thompson, M.J.; Dutky, S.R.; Robbins, W.E., 1979:
The ecdysteroids from the tobacco hornworm during pupal-adult development five days after peak titer of molting hormone activity

Kaplanis, J.N.; Thompson, M.J.; Dutky, S.R.; Robbins, W.E., 1980:
The ecdysteroids from young embryonated eggs of the tobacco hornworm

Ferreira, Ldbb, 1978:
The echinococcosis-hydatid cysts in animals

Clark, Hubert-Lyman, 1946:
The echinoderm fauna of Australia

Hare, Ph, 1991:
The echo housing

Langleit, A.; Meuleman, E., 2007:
The echo of reunions

Czok, K., 1975:
The echo of the Peasants War in Leipzig in 1524

Goszyk, E., 1975 :
The echo of the primeval forest

Lightowler, C.; Pidal, G.; Chiaramonte, P.; Maidana, H.R.; Perez Valega, E.; Kaenel, R.M., 2007:
The echocardiography diagnosis of cor pulmonale in a horse

Soulier, Axel, 1997:
The echographic examination of the quine heart with color coded doppler-technique in m-mode

Kourik, R., 1988:
The eclectic gardener

Anonymous, 1986:
The eclectic gourment --

Dreise, Ewg, 1977:
The eclectic orchid grower

Mowbray, Gh, 1985:
The eclectic wine taster

Hemerik, L.; Hengeveld, R.; Lippe, E., 2007:
The eclipse of species ranges

Fugo, H., 1982:
The eclosion behaviour of the s

March, D.; Susser, E., 2006:
The eco- in eco-epidemiology

Fox, Karl-August, 1990:
The eco-behavioral approach to surveys and social accounts for rural communities

Hutter, Claus-Peter, 1993:
The eco-brakeman

Axegard, P.B.cklund, B.W.rnqvist, B., 2002:
The eco-cyclic pulp mill: focus on closure, energy-efficiency and chemical recovery development

Barstow, Cynthia, 2002:
The eco-foods guide

Whitby, C., 1984:
The eco-garden. 2

Whitby, C., 1984:
The eco-garden. 3

Li,, S.; Liu, C.; Sun, H.; Tseng, S., 1980:
The eco-geographical rule of S

Toffler, Alvin, 1975:
The eco-spasm report

Sinh, Digvijay, 1985:
The eco-vote

Kokko, H.; López-Sepulcre, Aés., 2007:
The ecogenetic link between demography and evolution: can we bridge the gap between theory and data?

Kaigorodova, Ms, 1976:
The ecolgy of flowering and pollination of three species of Pedicularis (Scrophulariaceae) from the upper reaches of Sob and Yelets rivers (Polar Urals)

Thomas, G.; Hopkins, L., 1983:
The ecologic aspects of animal protein production

Beverly, Ac, 1980:
The ecologic status and environment of Aloe polyphylia in Lesotho

Amanolahi, S., 1986:
The ecological adaptation of the Lutfi herder-horticulturists of south Iran

Crisan, F., 2003:
The ecological analysis of the corticolous macrolichens from the Padurea Craiului Mountains (Bihor departament)

Ratas, Rein, 1988:
The ecological and economic aspects of melioration

Antonovics,, D., 1980:
The ecological and genetic consequences of density-dependent regulation in plants

Danzig, Em, 1971:
The ecological and geographical peculiarities of the scale insect fauna of the south parts of Soviet Far-East

Bekshin, Z.M.; Gumarova, Z.Zh., 2006:
The ecological and hygienic concept and experience in waste recycling in Astan

Bobkova, Kapitolina-Stepanovna, 1993:
The ecological and physiological basis of productivity for pine forests in the European Northwest

Iurkevich, I.; Petruchuk, N., 1975:
The ecological and phytocoen

Gudaityte, Odeta, 2006:
The ecological and phytosociological characteristic of communities with Achillea millefolium in Lithuania

Oleskog, G.; Lof, M., 2005:
The ecological and silvicultural bases for underplanting beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) below Norway spruce shelterwood (Picea abies L. Karst.)

Long, G.L.-Moal, Y., 1978:
The ecological and socioeconomic bases of the alternative development of marginal rural zones

Ho, Kk, 1977:
The ecological and taxonomical studies of trichopterous larvae in northern part of Taiwan

Shevchenko, Ak, 1975:
The ecological and zoogeographic zoning of Ukraine on the basis of studying Nematocera insects

Johnson, H.N., 1970:
The ecological approach to the study of zoonotic diseases

Daget, P., 1973:
The ecological aptitude of soils and the agro-sylvo-pastoral zonality: Consideration based on some concrete cases

Pronczuk, J., 1973:
The ecological aspects of agricultural production

Mandy, G., 1968:
The ecological assessment of the climatic character and the requirements of certain species of crops

Parrack, D., 1981:
The ecological background of famine Causes, development, Somali Democratic Republic

Mullen,, J., 1987:
The ecological basis for artificial feeding of quail

O'-Connor, Fb, 1974:
The ecological basis for conservation

Elizarova, T.N.G.dzhiev, I.M., 1991:
The ecological basis for melioration of solonetz soils

Harris, J.; Williams, D., 1975:
The ecological basis for natural resource management

Bryant, Dg, 1989:
The ecological basis of behaviour

Callihan, R.; Gawronski, S., 1988:
The ecological basis of differences in severity of weeds in winter rape between the U.S. and Europe

Jacome, Ag, 2004:
The ecological basis of the indigenous Nahua agriculture in the sixteenth century

Emery, R.; Klopfer, D.; Garland, T.; Weimer, W., 1976:
The ecological behavior of plutonium and americium in a fresh water ecosystem

Barwinek, F.K.euzer, W.S.nsoni, B., 1980:
The ecological behaviour of 55Fe in plants and in the meat of cattle and game

Puntener, A., 1995:
The ecological challenge of producing leather

Li, Zw, 1981:
The ecological characters of d

Konurbyev, Eo, 1978:
The ecological classification of running waters in Soviet Central Asia and the distribution pattern of black flies (Diptera, Simuliidae) in watercourse of different types

Walter, H., 1984:
The ecological classification of the earth

Reitz, Pr, 1975:
The ecological collection of Bromeliaceae in the botanical garden of Rio de Janeiro

Anonymous, 1999:
The ecological condition of estuaries in the Gulf of Mexico

Priehausser, G., 1973:
The ecological conditioning factor during the rural settleme nt of the Vabarian and Upper Palatinate forests

Leopold, Aldo, 1947:
The ecological conscience

Zimin, V.-Borisovich; Kuz'-Min, I.-Aleksandrovich, 1980:
The ecological consequences of applying herbicides in silviculture

Buckner, C.; Fettes, J., 1976:
The ecological consequences of chemical control of spruce budworm

Netten, P.V.n; Mossel, D., 1980:
The ecological consequences of decontaminating raw meat surfaces with lactic acid

Urgenson, L.; Reichard, S., H., 2007:
The ecological consequences of giant knotweed invasion into riparian forests

Woodward, F.I., 1992:
The ecological consequences of global climate change

Fotyma, E.; Fotyma, M.; Gosek, S., 2006:
The ecological consequences of nitrogen applied in mineral fertilizers and in the slurry

Grenz, J.; Vetouli, T.; Tzitzikli, E.; Sauerborn, J., 2007:
The ecological consequences of the global soybean economy: resource and value flows in Argentina, Brazil, and Germany

Young, F.-W.H.bert, M.; Swanson, J., C., 1981:
The ecological context of local development in Yemen

Fedorov, E.K., 1977:
The ecological crisis and social progress

Florenzano, G., 1973:
The ecological crisis, agriculture, and soil fertility

Legendre, P.G.gnon, M., 1977:
The ecological data bank of the James Bay hydroelectric development

Arnold, De, 1969:
The ecological decline of Lake Erie

Kunzmann, Geunther, 1989:
The ecological degree of moisture as a criterion for evalating meadow sites, a comparison with soil and vegetation science site characteristics

Querengasser, W., 1979:
The ecological design of a water body

Arshad, M.R.o, A., 1994:
The ecological destruction of Cholistan Desert and its eco-regeneration

Hoogerhoud, R.; Witte, F.B.rel, C., 1983:
The ecological differentiation of two closely resembling Haplochromis species from Lake Victoria (Haplochromis iris and Haplochromis hiatus; Pisces, Cichlidae)

Wu, R.; Tan, H., 1983:
The ecological distribution of

Oyidi, O., 1977:
The ecological distribution, seasonal incidence and breedingpatterns of Acridoidea (Orthoptera) in Zaria area, Nigeria

Nunes, P., A.L.D.B.rgh, J., C.J.M.V.n-Den; Nijkamp, P., 2003:
The ecological economics of biodiversity

Jiang, Al, 1986:
The ecological effect and economic result of a jujube-tree-belt--crop system in North China Plain

Francis, Aj, 1986:
The ecological effects of acid deposition. II. Acid rain effects on soil and aquatic microbial processes

Xiaojing-Gan; Bo-Li; Jiakuan-Chen; Zhijun-Ma, 2007:
The ecological effects of biological invasions on birds

de With, N.D.; Joosse, N.G., 1971:
The ecological effects of moulting in Collembola

Zieman, Jc, 1976:
The ecological effects of physical damage from motor boats on turtle grass beds in southern Florida

Leney, Fm, 1975:
The ecological effects of public pressure on picnic sites

Blondel, J., 1976:
The ecological effects of reafforestation on bird communities. the case of Mont Ventoux (south of France)

Feller, M., 1982:
The ecological effects of slashburning with particular reference to British Columbia

Widdows, J., 1980:
The ecological effects of sublethal stress and pollution in estuarine invertebrates Mytilus edulis

Simpson, Robert, L., 1971:
The ecological effects of the aquatic herbicide fenac on small ponds

Harmsworth, R.; Wahtola, C.J., 1975:
The ecological effects of thermal discharge from power plants

Ant, H., 1972:
The ecological effects on the fauna produced by changes in agricultural soil utilization

Turner, Fb, 1970:
The ecological efficiency of consumer populations

Heitschmidt, Rk, 1984:
The ecological efficiency of grazing management

Large, Rv, 1973:
The ecological efficiency of sheep production

Hagstrum, David, W., 1970:
The ecological energetics of Tarentula kockii (Aranea, Lycosidae)

Raulerson, Claire-Lynn, 1971:
The ecological energetics of laboratory populations of Chironomus tentans (Diptera)

Llewellyn, M.R.shid, R.L.ckstein, P., 1974 :
The ecological energetics of the willow aphid Tuberolach

Monserrat-Recorder, P., 1976:
The ecological environment of the Iberian swine

Mowszowicz, J., 1978:
The ecological environment of the modern man

Kim SangYeon, 2004:
The ecological factors related to completion of weight reduction program in the obese premenopausal women

Bhatt, Hr, 1981:
The ecological facts of life Natural resources, forests conservation, India

Maurer, Hj, 1977:
The ecological findings are frightening

Kelm, M., 1975:
The ecological foundations of horsebean protection from beet aphid

Siuta-Iung, J., 1973:
The ecological foundations of intensification of fertilizer use

Bernardini, F., 1975:
The ecological function of natural resources parks and protective zones in the protection of the environment

Gercke, A., 1977:
The ecological function of the honeybee

Parsons, P.; Mckenzie, J., 1972:
The ecological genetics of Drosophila

Brakefield, Pm, 1984:
The ecological genetics of quantitative characters of Maniola jurtina and other butterflies

Gorham, E., 1974:
The ecological hazards of air pollution from smelters

Mackillop, A., 1975:
The ecological house

Anonymous, 1978:
The ecological impact of land restoration and cleanup

Constable, J.M.selson, M., 1971:
The ecological impact of large scale defoliation in Vietnam

Lynn, S.; Slater, F.; Randerson, P., 1992:
The ecological impact of sewage sludge applications on woodland vegetation

Lincer, J.; Haynes, M.; Klein, M., 1976:
The ecological impact of synthetic organic compounds on estuarine ecosystems

West, O., 1972:
The ecological impact of the introduction of domestic cattle into wild life and tsetse areas of Rhodesia

Lamprecht, H., 1973:
The ecological impact of tropical forests on the environment

Blanc, F.; Gosselin, M.; Granet, A.M., 2007:
The ecological impacts of forest visitation

Kwerepe, R., 1982:
The ecological implication of ranch establishment

Greenlee, Jason, M., 1996:
The ecological implications of fire in Greater Yellowstone

Brown, A.W., 1972:
The ecological implications of insecticide usage in malaria programs

Ewert, K.; Dipietro, J.; Berenbaum, M., 1993:
The ecological implications of ivermectin use in the horse

Clark, WC., 1973:
The ecological implications of parthenogenesis

Peters, Janice-Elizabeth, 1972:
The ecological implications of trail use, Cypress Hills, Alberta

Saxena, V.; Raizada, R.; Nagar, S., 1981:
The ecological import of the differential feeding sites of some ticks and predation sites of birds on domestic animals in Uttar Pradesh

Monk, C.; Mcginty, D.; Day, F.J., 1985:
The ecological importance of Kalmia latifolia and Rhododendron maximum in the deciduous forest of the southern Appalachians

Broggi, Mf, 1978:
The ecological importance of field woodlands

Cancino, J.S.ntelices, B., 1980:
The ecological importance of kelp-like holdfasts as a habitat of invertebrates in central Chile. II. Factors affecting community organization

Nyffeler, M., 1982:
The ecological importance of spiders in forest ecosystems, a literature review

Abd-El-Rahman, A.; Ezzat, N.; Tantawy, H., 1984:
The ecological importance of the mineral composition of some desert plants

Heckman, Cw, 1984:
The ecological importance of wetlands along streams and rivers and the consequences of their elimination

Kopisch-Obuch, Cf, 1969:
The ecological influence on the formation of non-sugars in beets of southern Germany

Baskin, J.; Baskin, C., 1984:
The ecological life cycle of Campanula americana in northcentral Kentucky

Baskin, J.; Baskin, C., 1979:
The ecological life cycle of Nothoscordum bivalve in Tennessee cedar glades

Baskin, J.; Baskin, C., 1972:
The ecological life cycle of the cedar glade endemic Leavenworthia exigua var. exigua

Baskin, J.; Baskin, C., 1971:
The ecological life history of Agave virginica L. in Tennessee cedar glades

Anonymous, 1975:
The ecological management of arid and semi-arid rangelands in Africa and the Near and Middle East (EMASAR)

Kovacevic, J., 1972:
The ecological map for use in fruit culture

Belair, J.; Jurdant, M.G.rardin, V.B.aubien, J.D.onne, J., 1973:
The ecological map of Saguenay Lac Saint-Jean: A tool for the manager. IV. Recommendations and conclusion

Belair, J.; Jurdant, M.G.rardin, V.B.aubien, J.D.onne, J., 1973:
The ecological map of Saguenay Lac Saint-Jean: A tool for the manager. i-iI. some management directives

Beaubien, J.J.rdant, M.B.lair, J.; Gerardin, V.D.onne, J., 1973:
The ecological map of Saquenay Lac Saint-Jean: A tool for the manager. II. Ecological inventory: Concepts, methods and results

Spaargaren, Gert, 1997:
The ecological modernization of production and consumption

Khrzhanovskii, V.; Nukhimovskii, E., 1972:
The ecological morphology of certain medicinal plants under natural conditions. 1. bupleurum aureum Fisch

Yanitsky, On, 1996:
The ecological movement in post-totalitarian Russia: some conceptual issues

Tschinkel, Wr, 1986:
The ecological nature of the fire ant: Some aspects of colony function and some unanswered questions

Schoener T.W., 1989:
The ecological niche

Wuenscher J.E., 1974:
The ecological niche and vegetation dynamics

Blackmore, D.K., 1983:
The ecological niche of the veterinarian

Burrows, Cj, 1973:
The ecological niches of Leptospermum scoparium and Leptospermum ericoides (Angiospermae: Myrtaceae)

Spedding, Crw, 1974:
The ecological origins of urbanisation

Noirfalise, A., 1978:
The ecological part of the forest in the landscape

Abraham, R., 1976:
The ecological potence of Chalcidoidea as an adaptation to their hosts

Pavlovic, P.; Mitrovic, M.; Djurdjevic, L.; Gajic, G.; Kostic, O.; Bojovic, S., 2007:
The ecological potential of Spiraea van-hauttei (Briot.) zabel for urban (the city of belgrade) and fly ash deposit (Obrenovac) landscaping in Serbia

Ditti, 1972:
The ecological problem of regions, a subject of great interest

Irmler, Ulrich, 1986:
The ecological problems of pasturing on the salt meadows along the Lower Saxony coast

Burkinskii, B.V.K.valeva, N.G., 1995:
The ecological problems of using nature

Anderson, E.W.lliam; Borman, M.-M.K.ueger, W., C., 1998:
The ecological provinces of Oregon

Salhofer, S.; Schneider, F.; Obersteiner, G., 2007:
The ecological relevance of transport in waste disposal systems in Western Europe

Bachfischer, R.D.vid, J.K.emstedt, H.A.lig, G., 1977:
The ecological risk analysis as tool for regional planning decisions in the industrial region Central Franconia

Pereyra-Ramos, E., 1981:
The ecological role of Characeae in the lake littoral Masurian lakes, Poland

Stevens, Victoria, 1997:
The ecological role of coarse woody debris

Peterson, Ch, 1981:
The ecological role of mud flats in estuarine systems Algae

Turnbull A.L., 1969:
The ecological role of pest populations

Salisbury, F.; Marinos, N., 1985:
The ecological role of plant growth substances

Jizhou, R.Z.zhi, H.Y.kun, F., 1985:
The ecological role of plant resources in the arid regions of China

Morey-Gaines, G., 1979:
The ecological role of red tides in the Los Angeles-Long Beach Harbor food web

Rundel, Pw, 1978:
The ecological role of secondary lichen substances

Darchen, R., 1972:
The ecological role of the Trigones (Trigonini) in the savannah around Lamto, Ivory Coast

Helyer, Nl, 1985:
The ecological selectivity of pesticides in integrated pest management

Tzitsikas, Helene, 1977:
The ecological sentiments of the generation of 98

Mueller-Dombois, D., 1981:
The ecological series approach to forest land classification

Griggs, Ft, 1987:
The ecological setting for the natural regeneration of Engelmann oak (Quercus engelmannii Greene) on the Santa Rosa Plateau, Riverside County, California

Hendry, G., 1987:
The ecological significance of fructan in a contemporary flora

Lutterschmidt, W., I.; Schaefer, J., F.; Fiorillo, R., A., 2007:
The ecological significance of helminth endoparasites on the physiological performance of two sympatric fishes

Lacey, J.G.egory, P., 1980:
The ecological significance of microbial dispersal systems

Quinlivan, Bj, 1971:
The ecological significance of seed impermeability in the annual legume pastures of southern Australia

Schenker, R., 1984:
The ecological significance of the abundance and distributional pattern of Tectocepheus velatus (Acari: Oribatei) in a temperate mixed forest

Gilliam, Frank, S., 2007:
The ecological significance of the herbaceous layer in temperate forest ecosystems

Hagedorn, H., 1972:
The ecological significance of thiamines

Kostuch, R., 1979:
The ecological significant of permanent grasslands (a review of literature)

Sandoz, H., 1973:
The ecological stations of the Argentura-Mercantour mountain, for the study of four high-mountain coniferous species: Larch, Siberian pine, pitch-pine, and mugo pine

Dauvin, J.-Claude; Romana, L.-Alexandre, 2007:
The ecological status of European rivers: Evaluat - Preface

Bartolome, J.; Gemmill, B., 1981:
The ecological status of Stipa pulchra (Poaceae) in California

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The ecology of fallow land in tropical areas Setaria megathylla.1

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The ecology of fish

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The ecology of forest communities

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The ecology of freshwater tidal wetlands

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The ecology of growth in Beckeropsis uniseta (Nees) Stapf and in Hyparrhenia diplandra (Hack.) Stapf

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The ecology of gypsophile endemism in the eastern Mojave Desert

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The ecology of house-mice in cereal haystacks

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The ecology of human development

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The ecology of insect introductions and encouragement of rare species. Introduction

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The ecology of insect pest control in organic farming systems: toward a general theory

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The ecology of insecticides and the chemical control of insects

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The ecology of intersexual conflict in the water strider, Aquarius remigis Say

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The ecology of invasion: acquisition and loss of the siphonal canal in gastropods

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The ecology of ixodid ticks of the Leningrad region

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The ecology of juvenile food fishes in Kremenchug reservoir

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The ecology of juvenile penaeid prawns, mangrove crab (Scylla serrata) and the giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) in the Purari Delta

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The ecology of kelp bed communities in the Benguela upwelling system. analysis of biomass and spatial distribution

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The ecology of leaf beetles

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The ecology of leaf life spans

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The ecology of macromycetes in roadside verges planted with trees

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The ecology of macroscopic marine algae

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The ecology of male egg attendance in an arboreal breeding frog, Chirixalus eiffingeri (Anura: Rhacophoridae), from Taiwan

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The ecology of malnutrition in five countries of eastern and central Europe

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The ecology of malnutrition in middle Africa

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The ecology of malnutrition in the French speaking countries of West Africa and Madagascar:

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The ecology of marine (littoral) lichens on some rocky shores of Anglesey

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The ecology of marine lower fungi

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The ecology of maritime (supralittoral) lichens on some rocky shores of Anglesey

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The ecology of meadow grass

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The ecology of mermithid nematode parasites of grasshoppers and locusts in south-east Australia

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The ecology of mosses: an overview

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The ecology of mutant genes in the homo- and heterozygous state

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The ecology of mycorrhizia fungus

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The ecology of native vegatation

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The ecology of naturally surviving American chestnuts

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The ecology of northern Australia Dacinae (Diptera: Tephritidae). I. Host phenology and utilization of Opilia amentacea Roxb. (Opiliaceae) by Dacus (Bactrocera) apiliae Drew & Hardy, with notes on some other species

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The ecology of nut trees in central Illinois

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The ecology of obesity: perspectives from life course, design, and economics

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The ecology of pecan trees. 1. Characteristics of the native habitat

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The ecology of pecan trees. 2. Climatic aspects of growing pecans

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The ecology of photoperiodism in the ant Myrmica rubra (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). 1. Seasonal changes in the photoperiodic reaction

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The ecology of photosynthesis

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The ecology of phytoplankton in Shropshire and Cheshire meres

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The ecology of pigweeds (Amaranthus) in Ontario. I. Interspecific and intraspecific variation in seed germination among local collections of Amaranthus powellii and Amaranthus retroflexus

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The ecology of plant parasitic fungi

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The ecology of plant populations growing on serpentine soils

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The ecology of plant populations growing on serpentine soils. II. Ca

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The ecology of plant-associated microorganisms

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The ecology of plants in the steppe of the Olkhon Island Region

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The ecology of practice

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The ecology of product design

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The ecology of public administration

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The ecology of rangelands in central Australia

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The ecology of rivers and streams in tropical Asia

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The ecology of rodents in the Tonga Islands

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The ecology of running waters near Aberfeldy, Scotland, in relation to a proposed barytes mine: an impact assessment

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The ecology of seeds

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The ecology of serpentine habitats

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The ecology of sex

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The ecology of sex expression in red buckeye

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The ecology of shallow water deposit feeding communities

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The ecology of shigatoxic E. coli O157 and prospects for on-farm control

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The ecology of small flowing waters various methods of development and their evaluation

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The ecology of soil algae

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The ecology of some Costa Rican backswimmers (Hemiptera: Notonectidae)

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The ecology of southern California coastal salt marshes

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The ecology of species, families and communities of the contemporary British flora

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The ecology of spiders under snow

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The ecology of stream and riparian habitats of the Great Basin region

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The ecology of streams and rivers

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The ecology of stumps

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The ecology of temperate cereal fields

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The ecology of temperate salt-marsh fucoids. I. Occurrence and distribution of Ascophyllum nodosum ecads

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The ecology of temperate salt-marsh fucoids. II. In situ growth of transplanted Ascophyllum nodosum ecads

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The ecology of termite swarming in the Indian Desert

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The ecology of the Alpine Tundra Zone

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The ecology of the Bunchgrass Zone

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The ecology of the Dogon (Central Mali)

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The ecology of the Engelmann Spruce-Subalpine Fir Zone

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The ecology of the Isle Royale moose

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The ecology of the Ponderosa Pine Zone

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The ecology of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

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The ecology of the Sub-Boreal Pine-Spruce Zone

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The ecology of the Watchung Reservation, Union County, New Jersey

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The ecology of the acetic acid bacteria with particular reference to cider manufacture

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The ecology of the bank vole Clethrionomys glareolus, an introduced species, in Ireland

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The ecology of the bat ectoparasite Eoctenes spasmae (Hemiptera: Polyctenidae) in Malaysia in the humid equatorial climate

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The ecology of the cinnabar moth, Tyria jacobaeae L. (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) Biological control agent for ragwort, Senecio jacobaea

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The ecology of the coastal marshes of western Lake Erie

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The ecology of the common pine sawfly Diprion pini (L.). VII. Factors influencing the population dynamics

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The ecology of the common pine sawfly Diprion pini (L.). VIII. The course of a mass outbreak near Speyer (Palatine) in 1976-1978

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The ecology of the elephants in the Kasungu National Park, Malawi

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The ecology of the hirsute belly fly Hylemya (Chionomyia) vetula (Zett.) in Liaoning Province

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The ecology of the insects of the coast and Priamurie

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The ecology of the invasion of Orthodontium lineare Schwaegr. in Central Europe

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The ecology of the mallee outlier of Eucalyptus behriana F. Muell. near Melton, Victoria

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The ecology of the molluscs of Thalassia communities, Jamaica, West Indies

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The ecology of the muskrat, Ondatra zibethicus, at Luther Marsh, Ontario

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The ecology of the native vegetation of Kohat, NWFP, Pakistan

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The ecology of the palms

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The ecology of the pine marten (Martes americana) at Sagehen Creek, California

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The ecology of the pine weevil and its influence of forestry. a literature study

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The ecology of the principal summer weed hosts of the beet leafhopper in the San Joaquin Valley, Calif

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The ecology of the puma and the jaguar in the Venezuelan llanos

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The ecology of the raccoon and opossum, with emphasis on their role as waterfowl nest predators

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The ecology of the rudd and white bream of the Volga Delta under the conditions of a regulated channel

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The ecology of the seagrasses of south Florida

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The ecology of the soft-bottom benthos of San Francisco Bay

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The ecology of the subtidal acorn barnacle Balanus pacificus Pilsbry

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The ecology of the vegetation of Chihuahua, Mexico, north of parallel twenty-eight

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The ecology of thermophilic blue-green algae in natural and artificial environments, with particular reference to the effects of light and stream flow

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The ecology of thermophilic fungi in Indonesia

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The ecology of thufurs in Iceland

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The ecology of ticks transmitting Rocky Mountain spotted fever in the eastern United States

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The ecology of tobacco thrips, Frankliniella fusca, occurring on peanut

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The ecology of tomorrows world

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The ecology of transportation

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The ecology of tropical crops. 2. Climate

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The ecology of tularemia

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The ecology of urban mallards

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The ecology of vertebrate pests and integrated pest management (IPM)

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The ecology of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza under two tropical soils

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The ecology of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae in grass- and shrublands

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The ecology of viruses attacking Bacillus stearothermophilus in soil

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The ecology of viruses infecting wild and cultivated potatoes in the Andean region of South America

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The ecology of waste-treatment systems: a microbiological study

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The ecology of wastewater at the Morton Arboretum Illinois

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The ecology of wastewater: part of a total integrating system

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The ecology of western encephalitis

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The ecology of what deer eat

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The ecology of wheat and techniques of production

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The ecology of yeast flora associated with cactiphilic Drosophila and their host plants in the Sonoran desert

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The ecology of yeasts in two ecosystems, fluvial and brackish continental

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The ecology of yellowing viruses Insect vectors

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The ecology, behavior and conservation of the black lion tamarins (Leontopithecus chrysopygus, Mikan, 1823)

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The ecology, behavior and description of a new species of cricket from the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica

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The ecology, behavior, and evolution of periodical cicadas

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The ecology, biometry and biomass of the seagrass Halophila stipulacea along the Jordanian coast of the Gulf of Aquaba

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The ecology, bionomics and behaviour of Haemaphysalis (Haemaphysalis) concinna tick

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The ecology, bionomics, behaviour and public health importance of Dermacentor marginatus and Dermacentor reticulatus ticks

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The ecology, coenology and chorology of the endemic and subendemic plant taxa in the region of Oltenia (Romania)

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The ecology, control, and economics of Ilala palm in Sengwe Communal Area, Zimbabwe

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The ecology, exploitation, and conservation of river turtles

Baker, G.H., 1998:
The ecology, management, and benefits of earthworms in agricultural soils, with particular reference to southern Australia

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The ecology, morphology and behaviour of Bakerdania elliptica (Acari: Prostigmata: Pygmephoridae), a mite associated with terrestrial isopods

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The ecology, nomenclature and distribution of hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata Casp.) and Brazilian Elodea (Egeria densa Planch.)

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The ecology, phylogeny, and taxonomy of Stilicolina (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Paederinae)

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The ecology, policy, and management of ants in Hawaii

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The econ fodder roller

Mori, Y., 1971:
The econometric analysis of the

Gunes, E., 2007:
The econometric analysis of tomato production with contracting in Turkey

Osanami, F., 1979:
The econometric approach to str

Seneszyn, J., 1978:
The econometric method of studying the factors forming the weight inceases of fattened pigs on commercial feedlots

Pandey, S., 1989:
The econometrics of damage control: comment

Lichtenberg, E.Z.lberman, D., 1989:
The econometrics of damage control: reply

Lichtenberg, E.Z.lberman, D., 1985:
The econometrics of damage control: why specification matters

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The econometrics of demand systems

Lichtenberg, E.Z.lberman, D., 1984:
The econometrics of pesticide use: why specification matters

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The econometrics of ultra-high frequency data

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The economic & social transformation of rural Rhode Island, 1780-1850

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The economic account of the Italian flour milling and macaroni industries

Fornari, B., 1981:
The economic accounts of the Italian food industries

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The economic activity and condition of the environment

Schagdarsuren, S., 1975:
The economic advantage of pelletization of mixed feed in Mongolia

Christensen, Mw, 1987:
The economic advantage of wide-width row covers

Matre, T., 1976:
The economic advantages of meat production with crossbred heifers

Vergara, G.-Carlos, 1970:
The economic advantages of moving cotton production from the interior to the coastal region of Colombia

Neri, M., 1981:
The economic advantages of the qualitative control in the feed industry

Mshigeni, Ke, 1979:
The economic algal genus Eucheuma (Rhodophyta, Gigartinales): observations on the morphology and distribution ecology of Tanzanian species

Yazdani, S.; Eshraghi, R.; Poursaeed, B., 2006:
The economic analysis of almond production in Chahar Mahal Bakhtiary Province

Engindeniz, S., 2004:
The economic analysis of growing greenhouse cucumber with soilless culture system: the case of turkey

Wilson, D., 1973:
The economic analysis of malnutrition

Fujitani, C., 1978:
The economic analysis of the ef

Curtiss, C., 2000:
The economic analysis related to the Canadian Wheat Board in the U.S. countervailing duty investigation of live cattle from Canada

Jamet, Jp, 1975:
The economic and democratic frame of cooperative development

Shumway, J.; Lethbridge, J., 1998:
The economic and demographic restructuring of nonmetropolitan counties in the Mountain West

Anonymous, 2005:
The economic and environmental benefits of new water storage in the San Joaquin Valley

Huang, W.-Yuan; Uri, N., D., 1999:
The economic and environmental consequences of nutrient management in agriculture

Hesketh, Parnel, S., 1990:
The economic and environmental feasibility of using constructed wetlands for treatment of municipal wastewater in small communities in Maine

Bohm, R.; Schlottmann, A., 1979:
The economic and environmental impact of back-to-contour reclamation legislation in Appalachia

Bystrom, S.; Lonnstedt, L., 1997:
The economic and environmental impact of paper recycling

Kalaitzandonakes, Nicholas, G., 2003:
The economic and environmental impacts of Agbiotech

Chang, R.; Van-Dyne, D.; Braschler, C.; Womack, A.; Blase, M., 1995:
The economic and environmental impacts of using biodiesel fuel in U.S

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The economic and environmental indicators for evaluating the National Pilot Project on Livestock and the Environment: Livestock series report 1

Barrett, Christopher, B., 1996:
The economic and ethical ambiguities of African debt forgiveness

Lynn, Es, 1980:
The economic and financial environment of the 1980s

Hill, Martin, 1946:
The economic and financial organization of the League of Nations

Deller, Steven, C., 1999:
The economic and fiscal impacts of the elderly on a small rural region

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