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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17370

Chapter 17370 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ukmar, E.-; Battisti, C.-; Luiselli, L.-; Bologna, M., A., 2007:
The effects of fire on communities, guilds and species of breeding birds in burnt and control pinewoods in central Italy

Christianson, John-Dean, 1971:
The effects of fire on hardwood tree species in New Jersey

Spoerl, Pm, 1996:
The effects of fire on interpretations of the past

Oechel, W.; Hastings, S., 1983:
The effects of fire on photosynthesis in chaparral resprouts

Christensen, Norman L., 1994:
The effects of fire on physical and chemical properties of soils in Mediterranean-climate shrublands

Shackleton, Charlie, M., 2007:
The effects of fire on post-fire seed germination of selected Savanna woody species

Owen, W.B.own, H., 2005:
The effects of fire on rare plants

Scott, D.; Van-Wyk, D., 1992:
The effects of fire on soil water repellency, catchment sediment yields and streamflow

Kennan, Tcd, 1972:
The effects of fire on two vegetation types at Matopos, Rhodesia

Dennis, N., 1989:
The effects of fire on watersheds: a summary

Wilan, K.B.galke, R., 1982:
The effects of fire regime on small mammals in South West Cape Montane Fynbos (Cape Macchia) Mediterranean type vegetation, management

Feldstein, Martin, S., 1986:
The effects of fiscal policies when incomes are uncertain

Helliwell, John, F., 1988:
The effects of fiscal policy on international imbalances

Chen, C.; Williams, P.F.; Heffernan, S.J.; Nicks, J.L.; McLennan, S.V.; Cooney, G.J.; Sullivan, D.R.; Yue, D.K.; Turtle, J.R., 1991:
The effects of fish oil on hepatic insulin receptors in streptozocin diabetic rats and gold-thioglucose induced obese mice

Bligh, D.; Sedberry, J.J.1; Brown, L.1; Peterson, F.1; Babcock, D., 1982:
The effects of five micronutrients on the yields and concentrations of various elements in the soil and tissue of three crops grown on Dexter silt loan Corn, cotton, soybeans, Louisiana

Whiteman, P.; Royo, O.D.adu, E.; Roe, P., 1985:
The effects of five nitrogen rates on the yield and nitrogen usage in setaria alone, desmodium alone and setaria

Sedberry, J.; Wilson, F.; Peterson, F., 1970:
The effects of five rates and four sources of zinc on the yield of rice grown in Crowley silt loam soil

Peterson, F.; Wilson, F.; Sedberry, J., 1969:
The effects of five rates and four sources of zinc on the yield of rice grown on Crowley silt loam soil

Bligh, D.; Sedberry, J.J., 1979:
The effects of five rates of Mn and three rates of limestone on the yield of cotton and soybeans grown on Gallion very fine sandy loam

Sedberry, J.J.; Bligh, D.; Marshall, J.; Rabb, J.; Phillips, S.; Bartleson, J.; Schilling, P., 1979:
The effects of five rates of manganese and sulphur on the yield of four soybean cultivars grown on selected soils

Sedberry, J.J.; Mascagni, H.J.; Marshall, J.; Rabb, J.; Bartleson, J.; Hollis, D.; Wimberly, E.S.hilling, P., 1977:
The effects of five rates of manganese, limestone and sulphur on the yield of four soybean cultivars and one cotton cultivar grown on selected soils

Nehéz, M.; Selypes, A.; Páldy, A.; Mazzag, E.; Berencsi, G.; Jármay, K., 1982:
The effects of five weeks treatment with dinitro-o-cresol- or trifluralin-containing pesticides on the germ cells of male mice

Geiger, C.; Calabrese, E., 1985:
The effects of five widely used pesticides on erythrocytes on the Dorset sheep, an animal model with low erythrocyte glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G-6-PD) activity

Anderson, R.Z.chariah, K., 1972:
The effects of fixatives on lattice bodies and filament bundles in apothecial cells of the fungus Ascobolus

Godding, Sj, 1981:
The effects of flamprop-methyl and L flamprop-isopropyl on Alopecurus myosuroides in wheat where the prime target was Avena spp. Herbicides, United Kingdom

Koota, E.; Adamczewska Sowinska, K., 2007:
The effects of flat covers on overwintering and nutritional value of leeks

Statzner, B., 1978:
The effects of flight behaviour on the larval abundance of Trichoptera in the Schierenseebrooks (north Germany)

Pierce, A., R.; King, S., L., 2007:
The effects of flooding aid sedimentation on seed germination of two bottomland hardwood tree species

Polk, J.; Kennedy, J.; Potter, W.; Epler, J., 1976:
The effects of flooding on populations of chironomus Meigen (Diptera: Chironomidae) and Limnodrilus Claparede (Oligochaeta: Tubificidae) in the Susquehanna River in the vicinity of Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania

Willets, Douglas-Gary, 2000:
The effects of flooding on settlement of the Hogtown Creek floodplain, Gainesville, Florida

Walker, Na, 1976:
The effects of flow in solute transport in plants

Gain, W.Scott, 1996:
The effects of flow-path modification on water-quality constituent retention in an urban stormwater detention pond and wetland system, Orlando, Florida

Heredia-Zepeda, A., 1971:
The effects of flower prunning of yambeans (Pachyrrhizus erosus) on their yields

Wang, Z.; Wang, D.; Hou, X., 1982:
The effects of flower thinning

Wyatt, Sarah, E., 1991:
The effects of flowering and plant age on -1,3-glucanase, chitinase, and peroxidase activities and resistance of tobacco to blue mold and the accumulation of -ionone and 3-hydroxy esters of -ionone in tobacco immunized by foliar inoculation with tobacco mosaic virus

Wergin, W.; Potter,. Jr.;, 1975:
The effects of fluometuron on the ultrastructural development, chlorophyll accumulation and photosynthetic competence in developing velvetleaf seedlings

Richardson, John-Thomas, 1978:
The effects of fluometuron, MSMA, metribuzin, and glyphosate on Euglena gracilis

Counihan, Bernadette-Therese, 1975:
The effects of fluoride on chlorophyll degradation and synthesis

Hemens, J.W.rwick, R., 1972:
The effects of fluoride on estuarine organisms

Mclaughlin, Samuel, B., 1976:
The effects of fluoride on processes related to photosynthesis and respiration of several species of forest trees

Hicks, E.P.; Ramp, W.K., 1975:
The effects of fluoride on the mineralization of embryonic chick tibiae in organ culture

Rao, D.; Pal, D., 1979:
The effects of fluoride pollution on cattle Chronic fluorosis

Davison, A., 1982:
The effects of fluorides on plant growth and forage quality Air pollution, phytotoxicity

Wheeler, Garland-Laurin, 1972:
The effects of fluorine on the cycling of calcium, magnesium, and potassium in pine plantations of Eastern North Carolina

Topac, F.O.; Baskaya, H.S.; Alkan, U., 2007:
The effects of fly ash-containing sludge amendment on nitrogen content and urease activity of soils

So, Simeon-Eduardo, 1973:
The effects of foam spray drying and ultrafiltration on -galactosidase from Saccharomyces fragilis and the fermentation of whey protein by Candida lipolytica

Lee, J.; Choi, B., 1975:
The effects of foliar applica

Lee, Jw, 1976:
The effects of foliar spray of kinetin (6 furfurylaminopurine) on the growth of mulberry tree and on the metabolic activities in the leaves

Meeteren, U.V.n; Slootweg, G., 1986:
The effects of foliar sprays with STS during forcing of Lilium X Enhancement on flower-bud abscission and opening

Reiser, R., 1969:
The effects of food fats on serum cholesterol and coronary heart disease

Vanover, K.E.; Robbins-Weilert, D.; Wilbraham, D.G.; Mant, T.G.K.; van Kammen, D.P.; Davis, R.E.; Weiner, D.M., 2007:
The effects of food on the pharmacokinetics of a formulated ACP-103 tablet in healthy volunteers

Anonymous, 1975:
The effects of food processing on nutritional values

Fraker, Thomas, 1990:
The effects of food stamps on food consumption

Buse, R.; Chavas, J., 1990:
The effects of food stamps on food expenditures: comment

Tillgren, U.S.ensson, H., 1978:
The effects of food subsidies on agriculture, the state, and consumers

Townsend, John-Ward, 1978:
The effects of food supplementation on the cognitive development of rural Guatemalan children

Bennett, N.B.; Neale, R.J., 1994:
The effects of food upon behaviour, nutrition and crime

Nelson, B.; Montgomery, C., 1981:
The effects of forage age and season on quality of two warm-season perennials

Vadiveloo, J.H.lmes, W., 1979:
The effects of forage digestibility and concentrate supplement on the nutritive value of the diet and performance of finishing cattle

Linn, J.K.ehn, C., 1997:
The effects of forage quality on performance and cost of feeding lactating dairy cows

Gildersleeve, R.; Satterlee, D.; Johnson, W.; Scott, T., 1982:
The effects of forced molt temperature on selected steroids in hens

Salzen, E.A.; Williamson, A.J.; Parker, D.M., 1979:
The effects of forebrain lesions on innate and imprinted colour, brightness and shape preferences in domestic chicks

Wang, T.; Kao, Y., 1979:
The effects of forest biomass

Boschung, H.O.-Neil, P., 1981:
The effects of forest clear-cutting on fishes and macroinvertebrates in an Alabama stream

Strayer, D.; Pletscher, DH.; Hamburg, SP.; Nodvin, SC., 1986:
The effects of forest disturbance on land gastropod communities in northern New England

Callaghan, Sara, A., 2001:
The effects of forest disturbance on red-backed salamanders (Plethodon Cinereus) in northern hardwood forests

Dusha Gudym, S.I., 1996:
The effects of forest fires on the concentration and transport of radionuclides

Colombo, S.J.; Parker, W.C.; Luckai, N.; Dang QingLai; Cai TieBo, 2005:
The effects of forest management on carbon storage in Ontarios forests

Ernst, Who, 1985:
The effects of forest management on the genetic variability of plant species in the herb layer

Law, D.J.; Kolb, P.F., 2007:
The effects of forest residual debris disposal on perennial grass emergence, growth, and survival in a ponderosa pine ecotone

Acar, H.H., 2005:
The effects of forest roads and harvesting operations on natural environment

Larson, A.M.; Pacheco, P.; Toni, F.; Vallejo, M., 2007:
The effects of forestry decentralization on access to livelihood assets

Mcallister T.A.; Rode L.M.; Cheng K.J.; Buchanan Smith J.G., 1989:
The effects of formaldehyde on the in vitro digestion of barley starch

Hartman, Margaret-Jane, 1971:
The effects of four anticholinesterase compounds on the embryology of Acheta domesticus (L.) (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)

Amerson, Grady-Malcolm, 1968:
The effects of four chemosterilants on reproduction of the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta (Johannson)

Chquiloff, M.-De-G.C.mpos, E., 1975:
The effects of four dietary growing regimes upon the age of sexual maturity to two commercial broiler breeders

Loch, W.E.; Swantner, L.D.; Anderson, R.R., 1987:
The effects of four levels of endophyte-infected fescue seed in the diet of pregnant pony mares

Bouck, G.; Virmani, M., 1974:
The effects of four mitotic inhibitors on the cytoplasmic and Flagella microtuble system of Ochromonas

Gilliam, C.; Wright, R., 1977:
The effects of four nitrogen levels on growth of three Ilex cultivars

Borton, Ronald-James, 1971:
The effects of four species of bacteria on some properties of porcine muscle proteins

Landi, M.; Kissinger, J., 1993:
The effects of four types of restraint on serum alanine aminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase in Macaca fascicularis

Berry, Kh, 1980:
The effects of four-wheel vehicles on biological resources Soils, vegetation, small animals, management problems, Southwestern United States

Barclay, K.D.; Mckersie, B.D., 1991:
The effects of free radicals and their products on some bilayer properties

Clark, M.; Gage, S., 1997:
The effects of free-range domestic birds on the abundance of epigeic predators and earthworms

Anderson, J.O.; Nath, J., 1975:
The effects of freeze-preservation on some pollen enzymes. 1. Freeze-thaw stresses

Hurst, J.; Pugh, G.; Walton, D., 1985:
The effects of freeze-thaw cycles and leaching on the loss of soluble carbohydrates from leaf material of two subantarctic plants

Partmann, W., 1975:
The effects of freezing and thawing on food quality

Mackie, I.M., 1993:
The effects of freezing on flesh proteins

Digirolamo, R.L.ston, J.M.tches, J., 1970:
The effects of freezing on the survival of Salmonella and Escherichia coli in Pacific oysters

Ahlstrom, L.A.; Cross, S.E.; Mills, P.C., 2007:
The effects of freezing skin on transdermal drug penetration kinetics

Alba, J.; Marmorstein, H., 1987:
The effects of frequency knowledge on consumer decision making

Melville, D.; Moppert, K., 1979:
The effects of frequency of cultivation on the yield of Pronto cotton grown on Norwood silt loam, 1979

Melville, D.; Rasbury, G., 1981:
The effects of frequency of cultivation on the yield of cotton grown on Norwood silt loam

Slusarski, C.S.ierkowski, J., 1983:
The effects of fresh and composted bark added to soil on the action of some soil fumigants Phytotoxicity

Clark, A.; Boren, B.; Schelling, G.; Greene, L.; Nagyvary, J., 1984:
The effects of fresh forage, hay, acetate, propionate, monensin, grain, and pH on the production of 3-methylindole by rumen microbes in continuous culture

Jeremiah, Le, 1983:
The effects of frozen storage and protective storage wrap on the retail case-life of pork loin chops Meat storage

Shorland, Fb, 1973:
The effects of frozen storage on foodstuffs

Jeremiah, Le, 1982:
The effects of frozen storage on the retail acceptability of pork loin chops and shoulder roasts

Hayanis, G.K.taren, S., 1975:
The effects of fruit maturity and distillation method on the yield and quality of nutmeg oil

Kubota, S.M.toyama, E., 1972:
The effects of fruit-bearing on

Peters, R.-J.K.udsen, E.E.ic; Pauley, G., B., 1996:
The effects of fry supplementation on the emigration of Salmonids from tributaries of Clearwater River, Washington

Tonapi, Gt, 1971:
The effects of fumigants on the physiology of respiration in Periplaneta americana (L)

Webster, Ad, 1984:
The effects of fumigation and rootstock on the growth of young sweet cherry trees planted in land previously cropped with cherries

Lobarzewski, J;;, 1982:
The effects of fungal peroxidase on Na sodium-lignosulfonates Trametes versicolor

Smith, D.; Robinson, P., 1969:
The effects of fungi on morphogenesis of gametophytes of Polypodium vulgare L

Sorum, O., 1973:
The effects of fungi on the mite population in fruit orchards

Leadbeater, A.; Mchale, T., 1987:
The effects of fungicide timing on yield responses in winter barley in Northern Britain

Lanka, K.; Vavra, M., 1981:
The effects of gain of feeding selenium to cows and calves and injecting selenium in claves Deficiency diseases, Oregon

Marcucci, M.; Ragazzini, D.S.nsavini, S., 1984:
The effects of gamma and laser rays on the functioning of apple pollen in pollination and mentor pollen experiments

Younis, S.; Borham, I., 1976:
The effects of gamma irradiation on Polianthes tuberosa

Dahle, H.K.; Underdal, B., 1972:
The effects of gamma irradiation on some properties of two Aeromonas proteinases

Grant, R.A.; Cox, R.W.; Kent, C.M., 1973:
The effects of gamma irradiation on the structure and reactivity of native and cross-linked collagen fibres

Toda, M.N.shi, S.Y.makawa, K., 1971:
The effects of gamma radiation

Dixon, Dustin-William, 1992:
The effects of gamma radiation ( superscript 60Co) upon shellstock oysters in terms of shelf life and bacterial reduction, including Vibrio vulnificus levels

Ivbijaro, Mf, 1977:
The effects of gamma radiation on the kola nut weevil, Balanogastris kolae (Desbr.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Proshold, Fredrick-Irving, 1967:
The effects of gamma radiation on the navel orangeworm, Paramyelois transitella (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Phycitidae) and the feasibility of control with irradiated adults

Baccetti, B.D.-Dominicis, R., 1963:
The effects of gamma radiation on the ovaries of Dacus oleae Gmel

Rahmat, A.N.tisewojo, P., 1977:
The effects of gamma radiation on the peroxidase activity, colour and ascorbic acid content of papaya

Offori, Evans-Dunstan, 1969:
The effects of gamma radiation on the reproduction and longevity of the stable fly, Stomoxys calcitrans (L.)

Hemenway, Robert-Clark, 1971:
The effects of gamma radiation on the respiration of Acarus siro L

Dawes, M.; Mullen, M.; Brower, J.; Saini, R.; Loretan, P., 1985:
The effects of gamma radiation on the sweet potato weevil cylas formicarius elegantulus (Sum)

Ciobanu, I.; Tacina, F., 1971:
The effects of gamma radiation on the ultrastructure of the cells of rye (Secale cereale L.)

Frescura, T.V.voli, P.M.razzi, A., 1975:
The effects of gamma radiations on swine vesicular disease virus (enterovirus). size determination by inactivation

Connolly, K.; Tunnicliff, G.; Rick, J.T., 1971:
The effects of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid on spontaneous locomotor activity and dopamine level in a selected strain of Drosophila melanogaster

Anonymous, 1975 :
The effects of gamma-irradiati

Kasinath, R.T.; Joseph, P.K.; Hebron, K.; Zhang, X.H.; Connock, M.J.; Maslin, D.J., 1997:
The effects of garlic oil upon serum indicators of liver function

Mabrouk, S.; El-Shayeb, N., 1981:
The effects of garlic on mycelial growth and aflatoxin formation by Aspergillus flavus

Young, Michael-John, 1976:
The effects of gaseous fluoride on delicious and golden delicious apples

Morris, Sharon, A., 1998:
The effects of gender and exercise on risk factors for atherosclerosis in Yucatan miniature swine

Jackson, E.; Dunham, R.; Kidwell, J., 1990:
The effects of gender and of family cohesion and adaptability on identity status

Mills, R.; Grasmick, H.; Morgan, C.; Wenk, D., 1992:
The effects of gender, family satisfacation, and economic strain on psychological well-being

Matthews, K.; Rhind, S.M.; Gossner, A.G.; Dalziel, R.G.; Hopkins, J., 2007:
The effects of gene gun delivered pIL-3 adjuvant on skin pathology and cytokine expression

Runciman, W.B.; Mather, L.E.; Carapetis, R.J.; Ilsley, A.H.; McLean, C.F., 1987:
The effects of general anaesthesia on tocainide clearance in the sheep

Westcott, P.; Hanthorn, M., 1987:
The effects of generic certificates on domestic corn markets

Proudfoot, F.; Dewitt, W., 1978:
The effects of genetian violet in broiler diets on performance

Ellman, L.M.; Huttunen, M.; Lönnqvist, J.; Cannon, T.D., 2007:
The effects of genetic liability for schizophrenia and maternal smoking during pregnancy on obstetric complications

Diakow, Carol, A., 1969:
The effects of genital desensitization on mating behavior and ovulation in the female cat

Campbell, Rg, 1987:
The effects of genotype and sex on the performance and nutrient requirements of growing pigs

Hirsjarvi, P.; Junnila, M., 1988:
The effects of gentling on open-field behaviour of rats

Ifshin, Gail-Grossman, 1991:
The effects of geographic distribution of representation on U.S. farm policy

Drake, Jj, 1983:
The effects of geomorphology and seasonality on the chemistry of carbonate groundwater

Clarke, P.; Wadsworth, P.; Parry, J.; Quasem, M., 1987:
The effects of germination of paddy on milled rice: an investigation in Bangladesh

Peterson, Cm, 1974:
The effects of gibberellic acid and a growth retardant on ov ule formation and growth of excised pistils of Nigella (Ranunculaceae)

Millhollon, E.; Barker, G.R.sbury, G., 1984:
The effects of gin compost on cotton production

Fulder, S.H.llstrom, C.C.rruthers, M., 1980 :
The effects of ginseng on the performance of nurses on night duty

Possell, M.H.witt, C.; Beerling, D., 2005:
The effects of glacial atmospheric CO subscript 2 concentrations and climate on isoprene emissions by vascular plants

Preston, K.W.odbury, W.B.ndelow, V., 1975:
The effects of gliadin fractions of varying molecular weight on the mixing properties of a synthetic-dough system

Schoberlein, W.L.mpeter, W., 1980:
The effects of global radiation before harvesting upon the digestibility of the dry matter of some grass species

Park, H-Pyoung.; Hwang, J-won.; Park, S-Hyun.; Jeon, Y-Tae.; Bahk, J-Hyon.; Oh, Y-Seok., 2007:
The effects of glossopharyngeal nerve block on postoperative pain relief after tonsillectomy: the importance of the extent of obtunded gag reflex as a clinical indicator

Bassett, J.M., 1971:
The effects of glucagon on plasma concentrations of insulin, growth hormone, glucose, and free fatty acids in sheep: comparison with the effects of catecholamines

Richardson, P.D.; Withrington, P.G., 1975:
The effects of glucagon on the hepatic arterial vasculature of the dog: an inhibition of the effects of vasoconstrictor agents

Richardson, P.D.; Withrington, P.G., 1977:
The effects of glucagon, secretin, pancreozymin and pentagastrin on the hepatic arterial vascular bed of the dog

Godden, P.M.; Ward, J.B.; Weekes, T.E., 1981:
The effects of glucagon, tolbutamide, and cholecystokinin octapeptide on plasma insulin and glucose concentrations in sheep

Rickard, P.; Moss, F.; Ganez, M., 1971:
The effects of glucose and oxygen on the cytochromes and metabolic activity of yeast batch cultures. I. Saccharomyces spp

Rickard, P.A.; Moss, F.J.; Phillips, D.; Mok, T.C., 1971:
The effects of glucose and oxygen on the cytochromes and metabolic activity of yeast batch cultures. II. Candida utilis

Montague, M.; Taylor, J., 1971:
The effects of glucose, indole-3-acetic acid, and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid on the growth of Sphaerocarpos texanus

Chan, C-Rong.; Hsu, J-Tay.; Chang, I-tea.; Young, Y-C.; Lin, C-Ming.; Ying, C., 2007:
The effects of glutamate can be attenuated by estradiol via estrogen receptor dependent pathway in rat adrenal pheochromocytoma cells

Lass, L.; Callihan, R., 1989:
The effects of glyphosate on seedling fescues

Yoon, E.; Kim, H., 1977:
The effects of gonadectomy on

Leslie, K.E., 1983:
The effects of gonadotrophin releasing hormone administration in early postpartum dairy cows on hormone concentrations, ovarian activity and reproductive performance: a review

Gupta, Pn, 1982:
The effects of government policy in forest management in the Himalayan and Siwalik region of Uttar Pradesh, India

Wurr, D.; Fellows,. Jr.;, 1984:
The effects of grading and priming seeds of crisp lettuce cv. Saladin, on germination at high temperature, seed vigour and crop uniformity

Jung, E., 1971:
The effects of gradual nitrogen fertilization on the hydrous conditions of Festuca pratensis, Dactylis glomerata, and Poa pratensis stressed by drought

Chatterjee, S., 1979:
The effects of grafting on the abcission of leaves of early and late shedding plants of Corchorus olitorius L

Horton, J.; Hutcheson, D.; Richardson, C.; Mies, W., 1982:
The effects of grain processing and calcium source and level on finishing steer performance

Chang, Y.; Wen, T., 1973:
The effects of granular size o

West, Gc, 1981:
The effects of grass competition and fertiliser on the initial height growth of radiata pine seedlings and cuttings at four sites

Mackun, I.B.ker, B., 1984:
The effects of grass species, harvest date, and insects on the yield, persistence, and quality of birdsfoot trefoil

Kehde, PM.; Wilhm, JL., 1972:
The effects of grazing by snails on community structure of periphyton in laboratory streams

Smith, T.J., : I I.I.; Odum, W.E., 1981:
The effects of grazing by snow geese on coastal salt marshes

Black, R., 1976:
The effects of grazing by the limpet, Acmaea insessa, on the kelp, Egregia laevigata, in the intertidal zone

Gibson, C.; Brown, V., 1991:
The effects of grazing on local colonisation and extinction during early succession

Packer, I.J., 1988:
The effects of grazing on soils and productivity

Emmick, D.; Fox, D.; Seaney, R., 1990:
The effects of grazing systems on forage and cattle productivity

Crackower, S.H., 1972:
The effects of griseofulvin on mitosis in Aspergillus nidulans

Smith, G.; Stiles, W.; Weires, R., 1989:
The effects of ground cover manipulations on pest and predator mite populations on apple in Eastern New York

Jewell, D.; Veum, T., 1981:
The effects of ground oats or soybean hulls and feeding regimens on performance of pigs weaned at four weeks of age

Smilde, Kw, 1977:
The effects of groundwater table and nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer dressings on growth and chemical composition of Scots pine seedlings

Lengnick-Hall, Mark, L., 1989:
The effects of group process on bias in job evaluation

Spicer, H.; Aherne, F., 1987:
The effects of group size

Schmidt, Hh, 1971:
The effects of growing a host plant and a non-host plant under differing ecological conditions on the population dynamics of Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn and Fusarium solani f. pisi (Jones) Snyd. et Hans

Khavari-Nejad, Ra, 1977:
The effects of growing tomato leaves in different oxygen concentration on the products of photosynthesis

Khavari-Nejad, Ra, 1981:
The effects of growing tomato leaves in different oxygen concentrations on the products of photosynthesis Lycopersicon esculentum, glycolate, glycine, serine, sucrose, starch

Singh, J.; Singh, J.; Gulati, B.; Singh, D., 1977:
The effects of growth conditions on the yield and quality of essential oil of Mentha arvensis L

Granerus, Marika, 1997:
The effects of growth factors on proliferation, survival and motility in a human embryonal carcinoma derived cell line

K.M.Jeong; Shin MiOk, 2007:
The effects of growth inhibition and quinone reductase activity stimulation of Celastrus orbiculatus fractions in various cancer cells

Ben-Aire, R.O.din, L.K.ndinger, J., 1973:
The effects of growth inhibitors on xylan at synthetase activity in oat coleoptiles

Peddle, Michael, T., 1997:
The effects of growth management policies on agricultural land values

Bell, S.; Coorts, G., 1979:
The effects of growth mediums on three selected herb species

Han, Y.; Chen, L., 1980:
The effects of growth regulato

Rehm, S.E.-Masry, R., 1976:
The effects of growth regulators and herbicides on purple nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus L.). i. the effect of sprout and root formation of dormant tubers

El-Masry,, S., 1976:
The effects of growth regulators and herbicides on purple nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus L.). iI. effect of dicamba on basal bulb formation

Ikten, Hatice, 2000:
The effects of growth regulators on in vitro regeneration of grapevine (Vitis spp.) cultivars and optimization of factors affecting a biolistic transformation gene delivery system for grapevine leaf disks

Clijsters, H., 1971:
The effects of growth regulators on ripening, conservation and quality of fruit

Lee, G.W.atten, S.1; Kenyi, K., 1981:
The effects of growth stage in cereals on yield reductions caused by aphids Sitobion avenae, Metopolophium dirhodum

Bradshaw, M.; Edelman, J., 1971:
The effects of growth substances and retardants on renewed growth processes of Jerusalem artichoke tuber tissues

Onofeghara, Fa, 1972:
The effects of growth substances on the growth of Tapinanthus bangwensis (Loranthaceae) in vitro

Hou, B.; Xu, Z-Wei.; Zhang, C-Gang., 2007:
The effects of gut commensal bacteria depletion on mice exposed to acute lethal irradiation

Jerina, K., 2007:
The effects of habitat structure on red deer (Cervus elaphus) body mass

Hartzler,. Jr.;, 1983:
The effects of half-log covers on angler harvest and standing crop of brown trout in McMichaels Creek, Pennsylvania

Sieczka, J.; Maatta, C., 1986:
The effects of handling on chip color and sugar content of potato tubers

Lee, P.; Lee, S., 1978:
The effects of hardener addit

Freeland, Robert-Donald, 1971 :
The effects of harvest methods and storage periods on certain quality factors of southern peas, Vigna sinensis

Pekmezci, M.E.kan, M.G.bbuk, H., 1997:
The effects of harvest time, and method and duration of storage on quality of Hachiya and Fuyu permissions

Nichols S.A., 1973:
The effects of harvesting aquatic macrophytes on algae

Pearsons, T., N.; Fritts, A., L.; Scott, J., L., 2007:
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The effects of maize seed cracking on their seminal indices

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The effects of making weight on performance and health parameters in college wrestlers

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The effects of management on timber productivity

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The effects of management regime and host species on sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) recruitment near Paynes Find, Western Australia

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The effects of manufacturing va

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The effects of manure applications on runoff, erosion and nitrate losses

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The effects of marijuana on the young

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The effects of market uncertainty on the decisions of agri business firms the view of a processor

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The effects of market-driven reform on rural health care delivery systems

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The effects of mechanical handling on the harvest

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The effects of media exposure on alcohol consumption patterns in African American males

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The effects of meliorative doses of mineral powder to sandy soil and of mineral sand to clay soil on the yield of agricultural plants and the change of some physical and chemical qualities

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The effects of mercuric chloride upon respiration in congeri a leucophaeata

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The effects of metal contamination on earthworm populations around a smelting works: quantifying species effects

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The effects of methionine hydroxy analog and cow nutrition on milk and calf production of the beef cow

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The effects of methionine when supplemented in the diet of laying hens or injected into eggs in embryo and post-natal development of chicks

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The effects of methoxychlor on fishes. I. Acute toxicity and breakdown studies

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The effects of methyl bromide fumigation and farm manure application on severity of Corynebacterium michiganense on greenhouse tomatoes

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