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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17397

Chapter 17397 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Szabo, S., 1978:
The heating of production structures and their energy sources

Guidi, M., 1972:
The heating of the greenhouses

Baille, M.N.colas, B.R.ssent, E.B.un, R., 1977:
The heating of the greenhouses by water circulation in plastics film tubes laid out on the soil: microclimatic study and agronomic results

Martinez-Garcia, Pf, 1980:
The heating of wintering places by solar energy Sheep, Mexico, animal housing.1

Sinkey, Jd, 1979:
The heating of wood chips in thermomechanical pulping

Fehlberg, Ulrich, 1986:
The heating pattern of slaughtered pigs under distinct and definite conditions

Tillotson, Je, 2005:
The heavy burden of eating out today

Caldentey, P., 1976:
The heavy burdens of the Ministry of Agriculture in recent years

Zumbach, W., 1979:
The heavy cultivator

Isselstein, R., 1975:
The heavy cultivator earns importance in soil tillage

Pichon, B., 1978:
The heavy draft horse breeds

Keegan, Terry, 1973:
The heavy horse

Anonymous, 1952:
The heavy horse for farm work and transport

Rayner, N.; Chivers, K., 1981:
The heavy horse manual

Paulais, Am, 1978:
The heavy horse: new orientations are necessary

Foroughi, M.V.nter, F.T.icher, K., 1980:
The heavy metal contents of leaf vegetables in relation to increasing amounts of garbage sewage sludge composts applied in pot experiments

Feind, Jeurgen, 1984:
The heavy metal emission effects of lead, cadmium, mercury, copper, chrome and nickel and domestic ruminants

Hardh, Je, 1977:
The heavy metals in alimentary crops and in soils

Ajani, E.K.; Ayoola, S.O., 2007:
The heavy metals in the muscle of some imported frozen fish in Ibadan, Nigeria

Estler, M.S.hurig, M., 1975:
The heavy transporter

Harrison, Hp, 1978:
The heavy-duty cultivator

Cobben, Rh, 1982:
The hebrid fauna of the Ethiopian Kaffa Province, with considerations on species grouping (Hebridae, Heteroptera) Hebrometra spp., Hebrus spp., morphology, new taxa

Benjamin, R., 1975:
The hedge

Schultz, W.Jr, 1984:
The hedge edge

Wrobel, D.; Brown, S., A., 1997:
The hedgehog

Levitt, R.J.; Zhao, Y.; Blouin, M-José.; Pollak, M., 2007:
The hedgehog pathway inhibitor cyclopamine increases levels of p27, and decreases both expression of IGF-II and activation of Akt in PC-3 prostate cancer cells

Schicht-Tinbergen, Maartje, 1995:
The hedgehog patient

Dale, C., 1981:
The hedging effectiveness of currency futures markets

Brookins, C., 1979:
The hedging factor

Weiner, Ns, 1981:
The hedging rationale for a stock index futures contract

Moskowitz, H.; Klarman, L., 1975:
The hedonic tones of artificial sweeteners and their mixtures

Douglas, Jb, 1973:
The heed for controlled environment housing

Mansfield, L.; Burton, R.; Schwarz, G.; Brown, K.; Convery, I., 2006:
The heft: a multifunctional management tool

Lasseur, M.G.rard, P., 1975:
The heifer station in Aubiet

Bergan, J., 1971:
The height development in young plantations of Norway spruce (Picea abies) in Troms, Trondelag and South-East Norway

Gordiichuk, As, 1971:
The height of capillary water rise in peaty soils

Akachi, Y.; Canning, D., 2007:
The height of women in Sub-Saharan Africa: the role of health, nutrition, and income in childhood

Sokoloff, Kenneth-Lee, 1984:
The heights of Americans in three centuries

Floud, Roderick, 1984:
The heights of Europeans since 1750

Gardner, J.-Ann; Gardner, J.-Ann, 2001:
The heirloom flower garden

Gardner, Jo-Ann, 1992:
The heirloom garden

Bergstrom, D., 1987:
The heli-stat legacy: a new model for timber harvest planning

Eisenberg, D.W.iss, R.1; Terwilliger, T., 1982:
The helical hydrophobic moment: a measure of the amphiphilicity of a helix Including proteins of domestic animals, bees, tobacco mosaic virus, and human organs

Rockwell, W.; Farkas, D.; Lazar, M., 1970:
The helical pump: Use as a multizone processing system

Rose, Rc, 1974:
The helicoater and its use in predicting coating performance

Vian, B.R.land, J., 1987:
The helicoidal cell wall as a time register

Neville, A.; Levy, S., 1985:
The helicoidal concept in plant cell wall ultrastructure and morphogenesis

Anonymous, 1976:
The helicoidal silo

Brown, K.; Mielke, O., 1972:
The heliconians of Brazil (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae). II. Introduction and general comments, with a supplementary revision of the tribe

Brown, Ks, 1972:
The heliconians of Brazil (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae). III. Ecology and biology of Heliconius nattereri, a key primitive species near extinction, and comments on the evolutionary development of Heliconius and Eueides

Wild, Aer, 1980:
The helicopter and soil conservation in alpine areas of the Snowy Mountains

Wray, P., 1987:
The helicopter harvest

Lindsey, J., 1971:
The helicopter in aerial application

Sherman, Ish, 1974:
The helicopter in forest protection work

Penna, D., 1975:
The helicopter--new tool for forest management

Iris, P., 1982:
The heliogeothermal doublet Solar energy, thermal use of aquifers, Paris

Weaver, R.Jr, 1979:
The hellebores

Cranwell, John-Philips, 1975:
The hellfire cookbook

Sainz-Elipe, S.; Galan-Puchades, M.T.; Fuentes, M.V., 2007:
The helminth community of the Mediterranean mouse, Mus spretus, in a post-fire regenerated Mediterranean ecosystem

Kvach, Y.V., 2007:
The helminth fauna of gobies (Gobiidae) of the Gulf of Odessa of the Black Sea

Dobrynin, Mi, 1976:
The helminth fauna of sheep from south eastern Turkmenistan

Shalaeva, Nm, 1975:
The helminth fauna of the wild reindeer of western Taimyr

Schoo, Gundela, 1993:
The helminth parasites of stone martens (Martes foina Erxleben 1777)

Eira, C.; Torres, J.; Miquel, J.; Vingada, J., 2007:
The helminth parasites of the wild rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus and their effect on host condition in Dunas de Mira, Portugal

Olsen, O.W.lford; Fenstermacher, R., 1943:
The helminths of North American deer

Lorenzo-Hernandez, N.C.y-Otero, A.A.reu-Hernandez, R., 1981:
The helminths that invade the species of the genus Solenodon Brandt, 1833

Barkas, J.L., 1979:
The help book

Matasci-Brungger, Ar, 1980:
The help of farm children in households and farms

Rushford, Patricia, H., 1985:
The help, hope, and cope book for people with aging parents

Preston, Noreen, L., 1977:
The help-wanted index

Wang AnPing; Sun HuaiChang; Wang JianYe; Wang YongJuan; Yuan WeiFeng, 2007:
The helper activities of different avian viruses for propagation of recombinant avian adeno-associated virus

Bauko, A., 1979:
The helper of the combine tractor driver

Lieutaghi, Pierre, 1991:
The helpful plant

Korte, C., 1984:
The helpfulness of urban villagers

Zahran, Ma, 1989:
The hema system--a traditional form of range management in Saudi Arabia

Frey, Wr, 1970:
The hemagglutination of the A2-Hongkong influenza virus

Candeias, J.; Ribeiro, L., 1970:
The hemagglutination-inhibiting antibodies against SF-4 and HA-1 strains of Myxovirus parainfluenza 3 in normal bovine from the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Larski, Z.W.sniewski, J., 1972:
The hemagglutination-inhibition antibodies against parainfluenza-3 virus in the sera of cattle in the Olsztyn, Gdansk and Bydgoszcz provinces

Gilois, C.; Wierzbicki, A.S.; Hirani, N.; Norman, P.M.; Jones, S.J.; Ponsford, S.; Alani, S.M.; Kriss, A., 1992:
The hematological and electrophysiological effects of cobalamin. Deficiency secondary to vegetarian diets

Chevrier, L., 1977:
The hematological aspect of an anti-foot-and-mouth disease vaccination

Boghian, V.; Hagiu, N.; Hritcu, L.D.; Mocanu, D., 2007:
The hematological profile in cats with infectious peritonitis

Zajicek, D., 1973:
The hematological values in the experimental infection by Haemonchus contortus and Trichostrongylus colubriformis in lambs, and the changes obtained after Nilverm treatment. (ICI)

Ellis, J., 1982:
The hematology of South American Camelidae and their in adaptation to altitude Llamas, vicunas, guanacos, and alpacas

Cassidy, Delmar-Ronald, 1970:
The hematology of hog cholera

Crozatier, Mèle.; Krzemien, J.; Vincent, A., 2007:
The hematopoietic niche: a Drosophila model, at last

Schalm, Ow, 1979:
The hematopoietic system

Fitch, C.D., 1972:
The hematopoietic system in vitamin E-deficient animals

De Jesús-Bonilla, W.; Jia, Y.; Alayash, A.I.; López-Garriga, J., 2007:
The heme pocket geometry of Lucina pectinata hemoglobin II restricts nitric oxide and peroxide entry: model of ligand control for the design of a stable oxygen carrier

Rae, T.D.; Goff, H.M., 1998:
The heme prosthetic group of lactoperoxidase. Structural characteristics of heme 1 and heme 1-peptides

Dekker, Rfh, 1979:
The hemicellulase group of enzymes

Simonson, R., 1969:
The hemicellulose in the sulfate pulping process. 5. hemicellulose-lignin compounds present in birch sulfate cooking liquors

Simonson, R., 1971:
The hemicellulose in the sulfate pulping process. 6. hemicellulose-lignin compounds present in birch sulfate cooking liquors

Simonson, R., 1971:
The hemicellulose in the sulfate pulping process. 7. crystallized xylan-lignin compounds

Amin, E.S.; Kandeel, K.M., 1972:
The hemicellulose of pollen grains of Phoenix dactylifera

Bremner, I.; Wilkie, K.C., 1971:
The hemicelluloses of bracken. II. A galactoglucomannan

Wilkie, Kcb, 1979:
The hemicelluloses of grasses and cereals

Kranjcev, R., 1979:
The hemiparasites Loranthus europaeus Jacq. and Viscum album L. (family of Loranthaceae) as host plants of clearwing moth larvae (Aegeridae = Sessidae, Lepidoptera)

Njajou, O.T.; Vaessen, N.; Oostra, B.; Heutink, P.; Van Duijn, C.M., 2002:
The hemochromatosis N144H mutation of SLC11A3 gene in patients with type 2 diabetes

Lamy, Jn, 1983:
The hemocyanin structure: a powerful tool for studying chelicerate evolution

Ravindranath, M.H., 1974:
The hemocytes of a scorpion Palamnaeus swammerdami

Garland, E.M.; Raj, S.R.; Black, B.K.; Harris, P.A.; Robertson, D., 2007:
The hemodynamic and neurohumoral phenotype of postural tachycardia syndrome

Maslow, 2007:
The hemodynamic effects of methylene blue when administered at the onset of cardiopulmonary bypass (vol 103, pg 2, 2006)

Branson, K.; Benson, G.; Thurmon, J.; Olson, W.; Tranquilli, W.; Dorner, J., 1993:
The hemodynamic, tissue oxygenation, and selected biochemical effects of isoflurane and halothane anesthesia in horses

Goldfischer, S.; Schiller, B., 1971:
The hemoglobin cells of Gastrophilus intestinalis; a cytochemical study

Lachin, J.M.; Genuth, S.; Nathan, D.M.; Rutledge, B.N., 2007:
The hemoglobin glycation index is not an independent predictor of the risk of microvascular complications in the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial

Winslow, R.; Anderson, W., 1983:
The hemoglobinopathies

Cirotto, C.; Scotto di Tella, A.; Geraci, G., 1975:
The hemoglobins of the developing chicken embryos. Fractionation and globin composition of the individual component of total erythrocytes and of a single erythrocyte type

Pravda, D.S.ama, Z.S.rha, L., 1976:
The hemogram of different age categories of cattle with a high level of milk production

Goodman, W.; Gilbert, L.I., 1978:
The hemolymph titer of juvenile hormone binding protein and binding sites during the fourth larval instar of Manduca sexta

Cermak, O., 1975:
The hemolytic factor in the sperm of bulls and stud-horses and its relationship with some indices of ejaculate quality

Kaluina, V.T.mosiunas, A., 1975:
The hemopoiesis of hens ill with different forms of leucosis. 7. on the question of the spontaneous hemocytoblastic form of leucosis

Hoffmann, J.A., 1970:
The hemopoietic organs of the two orthopterans Locusta migratoria and Gryllus bimaculatus

Fliedner, T.M.B.kkum, D.W.Van; Cronkite, E.-P.S.idel, H.-Joachim, P., 1990:
The hemopoietic stem cell

Bahelka, L., 1974:
The hemorrhage rate and its most frequent causes in poultry

Rustamova, K.M.; Khalmatova, N.M.; Sabitkhodzhayeva, S.U.; Shadybekova, O.B.; Begulova, A.A., 2006:
The hemostasis condition in youths of call-up age with thrombocytopathies

Cho, Y.Kyun.; Kim, C.Seop.; Kim, S.Young.; Park, J.Ho.; Kim, H.Joo.; Park, D.Il.; Sohn, C.H.; Jeon, W.Kyu.; Kim, B.Ik.; Shin, J.Ho.; Son, B.Ho., 2007:
The hemostatic effect of endoscopic sodium hyaluronate injection in peptic ulcer bleeding

Amorin, Jl, 1972:
The hemp and the marijuana

Ditchfield, Carolyn, 1997:
The hemp industry in Europe and its future in Australia

Tjaden, W., 1971:
The hen and chickens houseleek: Jovibarba globifera (L) Tjaden

Bramwell, D., 1971:
The hen and chickens houseleek: Jovibarba sobolifera (Sims) Opiz

Flammarion, Ernest, 1956:
The hen and her eggs

Mcbride, G., 1969:
The hen needs to be understood

Anonymous, 1975 :
The hen of the future.

Anonymous, 1959:
The hen with golden eggs

Sparks, N.H.C., 2005:
The hens egg - is its role in human nutrition changing?

Kniewallner, K., 1974:
The hens egg as human food

Anonymous, 1994:
The hens egg test on the chorioallantoic membrane (HET-CAM)

Carter, Tc, 1975:
The hens egg: a rapid method for routine estimation of flock mean shell thickness

Carter, Tc, 1973:
The hens egg: effect of a hole in the shell on the incidence of splitting during cooking

Carter, Tc, 1969:
The hens egg: relationship between shell thickness and the amount of organic matter in the shell

Sykes, G.; Morgan, G., 1952:
The henyard

Marinovich, M.L.renzo, J.; Flaminio, L.; Granata, A.G.lli, C., 1988:
The hep G2 cell line as a possible alternative to isolated hepatocytes in cytotoxicity studies

Misenheimer, T.M.; Buyue, Y.; Sheehan, J.P., 2007:
The heparin-binding exosite is critical to allosteric activation of factor IXa in the intrinsic tenase complex: the role of arginine 165 and factor X

Hubert, M., 1978:
The hepatic cells of Cylindroiulus londinensis (Leach, 1814) (Diplopoda, Iuloidea)

Bird, C.; Hong, W., 1975:
The hepatic flora of Alberta: a phytogeographical analysis

Fan, Y.M.; Lehtimäki, T.; Rontu, R.; Ilveskoski, E.; Goebeler, S.; Kajander, O.; Mikkelsson, J.; Viiri, L.E.; Perola, M.; Karhunen, P.J., 2007:
The hepatic lipase gene C-480T polymorphism in the development of early coronary atherosclerosis: the Helsinki Sudden Death Study

Miyaki, T., 1973:
The hepatic lobule and its rela

Duchene-Marullaz, P., 1979:
The hepatic, renal and cardiac functional exploration during a study of chronic toxicity

Jovet-Ast, S.B.schler, H., 1968:
The hepatics of Libya. enumer

Jones, E.W.H.rrington, A.J., 1983:
The hepatics of Sierra Leone and Ghana

Liang, X.; Du, J.; Liu, Y.; Cui, M.; Ma, C.; Han, L.; Qu, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Sun, Z.; Zhang, L.; Chen, Y.H.; Sun, W., 2007:
The hepatitis B virus protein MHBs(t) sensitizes hepatoma cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis through ERK2

Dumas, E.; Masante, C.; Astier-Gin, T.; Lapaillerie, D.; Ventura, M., 2007:
The hepatitis C virus minigenome: a new cellular model for studying viral replication

Rice, C.M.H.gedorn, C.H., 2000:
The hepatitis C viruses

Shelton, D.W.; Hendricks, J.D.; Bailey, G.S., 1984:
The hepatocarcinogenicity of diethylnitrosamine to rainbow trout and its enhancement by Aroclors 1242 and 1254

Thielemans, L.; Peeters, P.J.; Jonckheere, H.; Luyten, W.; de Hoogt, R.; Coulie, B.; Aerssens, J., 2007:
The hepatocarcinoma cell line HepG2 does not express a GHS-R1a-type ghrelin receptor

Berry, M.-N.E.wards, A., M., 2000:
The hepatocyte review

Fouad, A.A.; El-Rehany, M.Abdel-Aziz.; Maghraby, H.K., 2007:
The hepatoprotective effect of carnosine against ischemia/reperfusion liver injury in rats

Palma, D.T.; Fallon, M.B., 2006:
The hepatopulmonary syndrome

Schoental, R., 1972:
The hepatotoxic and carcinogenic effects of some East African plants

Wilkie, I.W.; Seawright, A.A.; Hrdlicka, J., 1985:
The hepatotoxicity of carbon disulphide in sheep

Brash, A.R.; Yu, Z.; Boeglin, W.E.; Schneider, C., 2007:
The hepoxilin connection in the epidermis

Anonymous, 1977:
The herald of Moscow University. Series XV: Computer mathematics and cybernetics

Rushen, J., 1998:
The heraldic honey bee: its symbolism and importance

Haley, J.Evetts, 1949:
The heraldry of the range

Burdsall, G.R.se, E., 1975:
The herb associates of the Berkshire Garden Center

Keunzle, Johann, 1952:
The herb atlas

Lee, Pa, 1987:
The herb code

Mijatovic, J.; Simonovic, D., 1972:
The herb collector

Mcrae, Bobbi, A., 1992:
The herb companion wishbook and resource guide

Jones, Dorothy-Bovee, 1947:
The herb garden

Hutson, Lucinda, 1998:
The herb garden cookbook

Painter, Gilian, 1979:
The herb garden displayed

Mcclure, Susan, 1995:
The herb gardener

Moos, Elayne, 1987:
The herb gardeners mail order source book

Mathieu, Rosella-Fehr, 1949 :
The herb growers complete guide

Carruthers, Barbara, 1981:
The herb growers guide

Holland, M.; Burk, C., 1984:
The herb strata of three Connecticut River oxbow swamp forests

Whallon, Dc, 1984:
The herb women of Crete

Perry, Frances, 1948:
The herbaceous border

Schlanker, C.; Leisman, G., 1969:
The herbaceous carboniferous lycopod Selaginella fraiponti comb. nov

Descoings, B., 1979:
The herbaceous formations in the phytogeographic classification of UNESCO

Gilliam, F.S.; Roberts, M.R., 2003:
The herbaceous layer in forests of eastern North America

Noirfalise, A.D.thioux, M., 1972:
The herbage map of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Gerard, J.; Johnson, T., 1975:
The herbal

Rago, Linda-Ours, 1992:
The herbal almanac

Baeiracli-Levy, Juliette-De, 1961:
The herbal book for the dog

Anonymous, 2003:
The herbal dispatch

Ottesen, Carole, 2001:
The herbal epicure

Forsell, Mary, 1994:
The herbal grove

Takei, H.; Iizuka, S.; Yamamoto, M.; Takeda, S.; Yamamoto, M.; Arishima, K., 2007:
The herbal medicine Tokishakuyakusan increases fetal blood glucose concentrations and growth hormone levels and improves intrauterine growth retardation induced by N(omega)-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester

Takei, H.; Nakai, Y.; Hattori, N.; Yamamoto, M.; Takeda, S.; Yamamoto, M.; Arishima, K., 2007:
The herbal medicines Saireito and Boiogito improve the hypertension of pre-eclamptic rats induced by Nomega-Nitro-L-arginine methyl ester

Janick, J., 1987:
The herbal of John Gerard

Halmai, J., 1972:
The herbal of peter melius juhasz and hungarian medicinal plants

Klausner, A., 1998:
The herbal renaissance of the 90s: whats old is new again

Rodale, R., 1977:
The herbal route to independence

Duke, J.A., 1999:
The Herbal Sling vs. the Magic Bullet

Marcin, M.-Marshall; Marcin, M.-Marshall, 1993:
The herbal tea garden

Rashid, A.Z.M.M.; Rahman, M.S., 2007:
The herbal village of Bangladesh-status, potentiality and problems: experiences from Laxmipur kholabaria village of Natore District

Phillips, N.; Phillips, M., 2005:
The herbalists way

Gerard, John, 1974:
The herball

Hernandez-Cardona, Am, 1983:
The herbaria as indicators of botanical research

Allen, De, 1983:
The herbaria of Joseph Woods

Nordenstam, B., 1980:
The herbaria of Lehmann and Sonder in Stockholm, with special reference to the Ecklon and Zeyher collection

Aston, Hi, 1980:
The herbarium and plant collections of Norman A. Wakefield (1918-1972)

Wentz, Wa, 1974:
The herbarium and type specimens of Thomas Henry Kearney, Jr. from 1890-1901

Cowan, Rs, 1973:
The herbarium as a data-bank

Anonymous, 1979:
The herbarium lending a hand to science and worldwide research

Granel-De-Solignac, L.B.rtrand, L., 1972:
The herbarium of Abbot H. coste in Montpellier

Miller, Hs, 1970:
The herbarium of Aylmer Bourke Lambert: notes on its acquisition, dispersal, and present whereabouts

Burt, Ls, 1973:
The herbarium of Thomas Alva Edison

Webb, Da, 1991:
The herbarium of Trinity College, Dublin: its history and contents

Mori, S.; Silva, L., 1979:
The herbarium of the Centro de Pesquisas do Cacau at Itabuna, Brazil

Arango, T.-Oj, 1975:
The herbarium of the Joaquin Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden

Demidova, L.; Kuvaev, V.; Larionova, N., 1975:
The herbarium of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Medicinal Plants

Cremers, G., 1984:
The herbarium of the Cayenne Center (CAY) of the Office of Overseas Research and Technical Research is 25 years old

Sendek, A., 1977:
The herbarium of the Upper Silesia Museum in Bytom

Stuessy, Tf, 1984:
The herbarium resources of Ohio: Introduction

Skvortsov, Ak, 1973 :
The herbarium, a basis for systematic and geographic botany

Junak, S., 1991:
The herbarium--A botanical encyclopedia

Granel-De-Solignac, L.B.rtrand, L.B.anchet, G.B.anchet, J.A.ouroux, T., 1972:
The herbariums of the Botanical Institute of Montpellier: New acquistions since 1967

Hagimoto, H., 1969:
The herbicidal activity of 2-amino-3-chloro-1,4-naphthoquinone. I. herbicidal activity and water depth

Hagimoto, H., 1970:
The herbicidal activity of 2-amino-3-chloro-1,4-naphthoquinone. II. penetration and translocation

Hagimoto, H., 1970:
The herbicidal activity of 2-amino-3-chloro-1,4-naphthoquinone. III. mode of action and inactivation

Fetvadzhieva, N.G.orgieva, M.I.ieva, V., 1971:
The herbicidal and fungicidal pr

Vassilev, G.; Iliev, L.; Vassileva, R., 1972:
The herbicidal effect of several thiourea derivatives

Lay, M.; Niland, A., 1983:
The herbicidal mode of action of R-40244 and its absorption by plants Corn, Zea mays, leaf chlorosis, phytotoxic action

Bychkova, Z.; Murashova, N.; Volkova, N., 1974:
The herbicide 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid harvest and yield of flax fiber

Landauer, W.S.lam, N.S.pher, D., 1971:
The herbicide 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole (Amitrole) as teratogen

Palmer, J.; Kuntz, J.; Palmer, J.J., 1981:
The herbicide DCPA and ectomycorhization on seedlings of Pinus resinosa Ait. in southern Wisconsin

el-Ibrashy, M.T., 1971:
The herbicide Eptam 6-E: a selective female chemosterilant for the Egyptian cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis

Looker, D., 1981:
The herbicide breakdown: why chemicals sometimes fail

Verloop, A.N.lle, H., 1972:
The herbicide dichlobenil and its decomposition products in soils and in waters

Frost, K.R., 1965:
The herbicide encyclopedia

Shul'-Tse, V.E.seeva, R., 1982:
The herbicide for control of weeds in alfalfa, potatoes and tomatoes, USSR.1

Erbas, S., 1972:
The herbicide in sugar beet cultivation, its application methods and application results

Parshutin, Sm, 1980:
The herbicide propanid

Mccavish, W.; Turner, D., 1984:
The herbicide terbuthylazine--a review of its potential for forestry use

Fetvadzhiev, V.L.lov, K., 1970:
The herbicides in tobacco growin

Wise, Michael, J., 2007:
The herbivores of Solanum carolinense (Horsenettle) in northern Virginia: Natural history and damage assessment

Bennett, C.A.; Buckingham, G.R., 2000:
The herbivorous insect fauna of a submersed weed, Hydrilla verticillata (Alismatales: Hydrocharitaceae)

Frith, Hj, 1970:
The herbivorous wild animals

Lynch, Ja, 1977:
The herbs and spices of Christmas

Anonymous, 1976:
The herbs and the heart

Kydonieus, A.; Beroza, M., 1981:
The hercon dispenser formulation and recent test results

Sargent, Fd, 1987:
The herd management comparison

Lucas, Norbert-Marie-Francois, 1981:
The herd of Normand cattle in Colombia

Salazar, Zacaraias, 1942:
The herd of horses

Orensanz-Molinae, Josae, 1947:
The herd of horses and its hybrids in the valladolid province

Janini-Janini, Rafael, 1943:
The herd of mules and their fathers

Fil'-, I.; Zagrebel'-Nyi, P.; Belogub, D., 1973:
The herd of swine at the Bolshaia Buromka Breeding Farm

Geithner, E.L.nge, W., 1980:
The herding efficiency of electric fences in cattle pastures as influenced by the operating principle

Frilli, A.S.rchi, G., 1975:
The herds have returned to the hills

Keller, P., 1972:
The herdsman in focus

Russell, Kenneth, N., 1956:
The herdsmans book

Orlov, A.A.L.skun, E.F., 1944:
The herdsmans reminder list

Agabeili, A.; Abbasov, Z., 1969:
The hereditability of some valuable properties in buffaloes

Hecker, W., 1975:
The hereditability of speediness

Fujimura, C.H.ra, K.T.mura, T., 1971:
The hereditary blindness and ab

Abil'-Dinov, Rb, 1970:
The hereditary nature of economically useful traits in sheep obtained thru interbreed zygote transplants

Hara, H., 1981:
The hereditary relation between

Miasnicov, I.P.trascu, M.M.rafa, E., 1972:
The hereditary transmission of some indices of semen production and fertility capacity in bulls

Duerr, Wa, 1972:
The heredity and environment of professional forestry education

Meunier, J.N.iret, J., 1970:
The heredity of bunch characteristics of Elaeis guineensis Jacq. in the Ivory Coast heritability; combining aptitude

Woyke, J., 1977:
The heredity of color patterns in the honeybee

Mao, Y.; Tsai, T.; Li, J.; Chang, C., 1980:
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The hexagon

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The hibernation of Longiunguis

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The hibernation of bears

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The hibernation of the olive fly adults (Dacus oleae Gmel.) in Crete, Greece

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The hibernation of the silver Y-moth (Autographa gamma L.) (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) under the climatic conditions of Central Europe

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The hibernation of the spotted

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The hibiscus, used for the exoticism of its flower

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The hickories in Ontario

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The hickory shuckworm its biology, effect upon nut quality, and control

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The hidden benefits of haylage

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The hidden cost of calf mortality

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The hidden cost of liver abscesses

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The hidden cost of tourism: detecting long-term effects of tourism using behavioral information

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The hidden costs of feeding young minds

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The hidden costs of income taxes for Alabama farmers

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The hidden costs of packaging

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The hidden forest

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The hidden migration

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The hidden mobility during pollination of flowering plants

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The hidden work of constructing class and community: women volunteer leaders in social philanthropy

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The hide and skin markets of the world

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The hides and skins industry in Europe

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The hierarchical control of phyllotaxis Plant anatomy, includes Algae

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The hierarchy of types--again

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The high cost of doing business

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The high cost of eating

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The high cost of farm welfare

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The high cost of injuries

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The high cost of injustice. The basic needs strategy is likely to be more economical than the continuation of the policy of economic growth for its own sake

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The high cost of labeling

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The high cost of waiting for child care assistance

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The high dose and the low dose food irradiation programs in the United States

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The high dose effect of fertilizers on the results of agricultural works under large-scale conditions and their economical efficiency

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The high intensity combustion of straw bales to raise steam for power generation Biomass energy

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The high intensity food irradiator

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The high level forest service should be a technical service

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The high mobility group I

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The high plains

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The high price of fat

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The high price of meat

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The high price of money requires careful retail management

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The high price of natural gas and its impact on small businesses

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The high rainfall region

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The high ranges

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The high road to socialized credit

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The high school dropout puzzle

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The high stepper

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The high tech consumer

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The high temperature storage of onions in the United Kingdom

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The high tide of socialism in Chinese villages; selected articles

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The high yield program in Burma

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The high yielding ability of the cattle business in a Stalin Collective Farm

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The high yielding cow

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The high-osmolarity glycerol response pathway in the human fungal pathogen Candida glabrata strain ATCC 2001 lacks a signaling branch that operates in baker's yeast

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The high-pressure pick-up baler K453, a new harvesting machine for the baler line

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The high-producing animal and intensive husbandry

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The high-risk concept Infectious diseases, control

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The high-tech potential

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The high-temperature seasoning of softwood boards

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The highbush blueberries

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The highbush blueberry and its management

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The highdown peony - its history and nomenclature

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The higher achievements of cotton farmers

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The higher agricultural education and the agronomic research in Tunisia

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The higher aquatic and littoral flora in the polyhumic Lake Hakojarvi

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The higher civil service of Great Britain

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The higher plant as a whole

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The higher plant mitotic apparatus: redistribution of microtubules, calmodulin and microtubule initiation material during its establishment

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The higher the product quality, the greater the income

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