The impact of the U.S. Wheat Export Enhancement Program on the world wheat market: comment

Seitzinger, A.H.

Canadian journal of agricultural economics = Revue Canadienne d'economie rurale 39(2): 355-356


DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7976.1991.tb03577.x
Accession: 017401616

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In their paper [CJAE (1990) 38(2) pp.252-277], Brooks, Devadoss and Meyers (BDM) provide estimates of the impact of the US Export Enhancement Program (EEP) on the world wheat market and claim that their estimates of export additionality due to the EEP are lower than those of other estimates reported in the literature. Seitzinger challenges their results and conclusions while BDM defend them, confirming that their study shows that if a non-passive response by competing exporters is incorporated (as in their study), the estimate of the efficacy of the EEP is lower than that measured in the other studies which did not appropriately include these responses.