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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17403

Chapter 17403 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Muroshima, Seiichirao, 1969:
The implementation of agricultural reform

Wessel, Andrew, E., 1979:
The implementation of complex information systems

Cardozo, Arthur-Camara, 1990:
The implementation of laws and regulations on transfer of technology

Kleinhanss, Werner-Willi, 1997:
The implementation of nitrate policies in Europe

Young, W.Jr, 1993:
The implementation of photovoltaic transportation devices

Magrath, C.Peter, 1981:
The implementation of principles for effective participation of colleges and universities in international development activities

Miller, Sa, 1982:
The implementation of public health policy: science and reality Hypertension

Izrael'-, Iu, A., 1978:
The implementation of systems for monitoring environmental pollution in the USSR

Tsang, Ewk, 1995:
The implementation of technology transfer in Sino-foreign joint ventures

Hall, J.S., 1969:
The implementation of the pilkington report in scotland

Anonymous, 2003:
The implementation of the Yosemite Valley Plan

Nyssen, J., 1978:
The implementation of the metric system

Summers, D., 1976:
The implementation of the new Waste Food Law in Kent

Cotton, G., 1974:
The implementation of the socio-structural community policy: Plans for development

Jordan, T., 1989:
The implementation process of production medicine programs

Ransome, J.Allen, 2003:
The implements of agriculture

Piorr, H.; Hindorf, H., 1986:
The implication for plant diseases and pests during the conversion from conventional to biological agriculture

Sciuto, S.P.attelli, M.C.illemi, R.F.rnari, G.C.rmaci, M., 1979:
The implication of Haematocelis rubens J. Agardh in the life history of Schizymenia dubyi (Chauvin) J. Agardh (Rhodophyta, Gigartinales): a chemical study

Mcfarlane, I.; Davies, D., 1970:
The implication of cheap nitrogenous fertilisers in N.Z. AGRICULTURE and horticulture, with special reference to Canterbury

A-Elbasit, I.E.; Alifrangis, M.; Khalil, I.F.; Bygbjerg, I.C.; Masuadi, E.M.; Elbashir, M.I.; Giha, H.A., 2007:
The implication of dihydrofolate reductase and dihydropteroate synthetase gene mutations in modification of Plasmodium falciparum characteristics

Melrose, D.; Gracey, J., 1975:
The implication of disease in the meat industry

Horton, R., 1980:
The implication of engineering design on anaerobic digester systems

Dershowitz, W., 1992:
The implication of fractal dimension in hydrogeology and rock mechanics

Spiridon, G.N.voselef, M., 1978:
The implication of mycotoxins in animal production

Chrysohoou, C.; Panagiotakos, D.B.; Pitsavos, C.; Skoumas, I.; Papademetriou, L.; Economou, M.; Stefanadis, C., 2006:
The implication of obesity on total antioxidant capacity in apparently healthy men and women: the ATTICA study

Acar, N., 2007:
The implication of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in retinal physiology

Edwin, E.E.; Lewis, G., 1971:
The implication of ruminal thiaminase in cerebrocortical necrosis

Jacobs, G., 1981:
The implication of the effluent tax regulation for our mills

Htun, M.R.vo, A.D., 1978:
The implication of the fines fraction for the properties of bleached kraft sheet

Flyman, M.V.; Afolayan, A.J., 2007 :
The implication of the mineral ratios of Cucumis myriocarpus Naud. and Pergularia daemia (Forsk.) Chiov. in human diets

Clayton, Pb, 1988:
The implications for industry of technological advances in seed treatment

Altieri, Ma, 1993:
The implications of Cubas agricultural conversion for the general Latin American agroecological movement

Marshman, L.A.G.; Aspoas, A.Robert.; Rai, M.S.; Chawda, S.J., 2007:
The implications of ISAT and ISUIA for the management of cerebral aneurysms during pregnancy

Rempe, Jay, E., 1993:
The implications of a North American Free Trade Agreement for the Mexican corn, wheat, and sorghum markets

Huntingford, F.; Adams, C.; Braithwaite, V.A.; Kadri, S.; Pottinger, T.G.; Sandoe, P.; Turnbull, J.F., 2007:
The implications of a feelings-based approach to fish welfare: a reply to Arlinghaus et al

King, Robert, G., 1983:
The implications of an endogenous money supply for monetary neutrality

Anonymous, 2000:
The implications of banning methyl bromide for fruit and vegetable production

Onions, D., 1995:
The implications of biotechnology for equine practice

Chalupa, W.S.hneider, P., 1986:
The implications of biotechnology in animal feeding

Todd, Bs, 1996 :
The implications of changing federalism: the county view

Elliot, Il, 1970:
The implications of cheap nitrogenous fertilisers in New Zealand agriculture and horticulture. the place of symbiotic nitrogen in competition with low cost nitrogen fertilisers in the future

Arthur, Lm, 1989:
The implications of climate change for agriculture in the prairie provinces

Brklacich, M., 1989:
The implications of climatic change for agriculture in Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces

Holmes, Aw, 1977:
The implications of consumer demands for the restriction of food additives

Tyre, Gary-Lawton, 1973:
The implications of cost-benefit analysis in recreation systems management

Greiner, Romy, 1994:
The implications of dryland salinity for farm management

Soileau, Robert, R., 1978:
The implications of early and career socialization for social and leisure patterns among the elderly

Kruckeberg, Ar, 1969:
The implications of ecology for plant systematics

Dhoray, S.; Teelucksingh, S.Sabita., 2006:
The implications of ecosystem dynamics for fisheries management: a case study of selected fisheries in the Gulf of Paria, Trinidad

Bekaert, G.; Hodrick, R.-J.M.rshall, D., 1994:
The implications of first-order risk aversion for asset market risk premiums

Hetzel, Djs, 1990:
The implications of gene mapping for animal breeding

Clifford, B.; Carver, T.; Roderick, H., 1985:
The implications of general resistance for physiological investigations

Smillie, R.; Bishop, D.; Conroy, J., 1975:
The implications of genetic, physiological and environmental control of chloroplast ultrastructure to the optimization of photosynthetic activity

Barlow, R., 1979:
The implications of genotype X environment interactions for genetic improvement of livestock

Storey, Gary, G., 1996:
The implications of government reform in New Zealand for the Canadian agri-food sector

Harel, Jp, 1982:
The implications of grinding trash with cane as it is currently done at Ookala factory

Backhouse, Jw, 2000:
The implications of heat generation and electrolytes in feed and competition in athletic horses

Ayres, P., 1980:
The implications of high speed low volume spraying for the efficiency of herbicides used in winter cereals

Boulding, Ke, 1980:
The implications of improved water allocation policy

Trumper, Pw, 1972:
The implications of increasing land values for the owner occupier and tenant farmer

Abel, Andrew, B., 1988:
The implications of insurance for the efficacy of fiscal policy

Oliveri, Sf, 1986:
The implications of intensive forest management practices for wildlife in Maine

Kohn, M.; Marion, N.-Peregrim, 1988:
The implications of knowledge-based growth for the optimality of open capital markets

Anonymous, 1990:
The implications of long-term climatic changes on transportation in Canada

Frankel, Jeffrey, A., 1985:
The implications of mean-variance optimization for four questions in international macroeconomics

Marquenie-Van-Der-Werff, M., 1979:
The implications of natural complexing agents on the toxicity of heavy metals to plants

Mautino, P., 1980:
The implications of networking on school-public library cooperation in rural America

Kilburn, Pd, 1977:
The implications of oil shale development

Rotherham, Id, 2007:
The implications of perceptions and cultural knowledge loss for the management of wooded landscapes: A UK case-study

Johnson, Rr, 1984:
The implications of pest impacts on harvesting scheduling

Anonymous, 2002:
The implications of policy changes for the world dairy industry

Smits, J.; Blunt, R., 1976:
The implications of poor cane quality

Widner, R.; Buxbaum, R., 1981:
The implications of population change for public policy in the Midwest

Picotti, P.; Aebersold, R.; Domon, B., 2007:
The implications of proteolytic background for shotgun proteomics

Frisancho, A.; Garn, S., 1971:
The implications of skinfolds and muscle size to developmental and nutritional status of central American children. iII. guatemala

Warning, Maragret-Cynthia, 1956:
The implications of social class for clothing behavior

Walsh, W.J., 1975:
The implications of specialization in medicine

Morehouse, B.; Carter, R.; Sprouse, T., 2000:
The implications of sustained drought for transboundary water management in Nogales, Arizona, and Nogales, Sonora

Henderson, Dw, 1990:
The implications of the European market for producers and exporters

Campbell, C.; Spencer, S.Andrew., 2007:
The implications of the Working Time Directive: how can paediatrics survive?

Roberts, E.; Ellis, R., 1984:
The implications of the deterioration of orthodox seeds during storage for genetic resources conservation

Mitts, Dl, 1974:
The implications of the energy crisis to the landscape indus try

Wills, Ian-Robert, 1970:
The implications of the green revolution for future production income and employment in agriculture in western Uttar Pradesh, India

Anonymous, 1985:
The implications of the industrial disaster in Bhopal, India

Donnelly, Pjd, 1974:
The implications of the proposed capital transfer tax in private forestry

Millar, K.; Tomkins, S., 2006:
The implications of the use of GM in aquaculture: issues for international development and trade

Bishop, P.M., 1997:
The implications of trade liberalization for federal milk mamarketing orders

Sigua, Celia-Avellanoza, 1992:
The implications of trade liberalization for sugar in the United States

Boyd, Rj, 1990:
The implications of vegetation management on growth and yield in mixed conifer forests in the Inland Northwest

Molnar, A., 1981:
The implications of womens role in food preparation in rural homes in Nepal

Voydanoff, Patricia, 1980:
The implications of work-family relationships for productivity

Caporale, Lynn-Helena, 2006:
The implicit genome

Simonovic, S., 1987:
The implicit stochastic model for reservoir yield optimization

Dick, A.-W.E.lin, A., S., 1995:
The implicit taxes from college financial aid

Mason, Scott, D., 1990:
The implicit values of fiber properties for cotton produced in northeastern Arkansas and southeastern Missouri

Robertson, Wk, 1979:
The import

Watson, W.A., 1984:
The import and export of sheep and goats

Fordham, Miriam, A., 1994:
The import demand for U.S. hardwood lumber in Japan

Anonymous, 1997:
The import issue: how safe is U.S. produce

Anonymous, 1974:
The import of exports

Keay, Sj, 1983:
The import of olive oil into Catalunya during the third century AD

Lerner, Jv, 1986:
The import of temperament for psychosocial functioning: tests of a goodness of fit model

Kubrich, M.R.ssow, J.V.os, W.P.anner, N.H.nlinger, A., 1998:
The import route of ADP

Turgeon, R., 1980:
The import to export transition experiments on Coleus blumei

Siegel, O., 1975:
The import value for food rises 19 percent in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Turgeon, R., 1986:
The import-export transition in dicotyledonous leaves

Czerniakowski, Z., 1971:
The importance and achievements of the plant protection service in the Rzeszow province

Loennerdal, Bo, 2007:
The importance and bioavailability of phytoferritin-bound iron in cereals and legume foods

Amaranthus, Michael, P., 1998:
The importance and conservation of ectomycorrhizal fungal diversity in forest ecosystems

Nurmi, E.K.iranen, J., 1971:
The importance and control of mastitis

Chermette, R., 1983:
The importance and current status of hydatid disease (immature echinococcosis) in France. Part I. Practical considerations in veterinary medicine

Kluk, T., 1975:
The importance and development of the Polish meat industry. I

Kluk, T., 1975:
The importance and development of the Polish meat industry. II

Milkovski, I., 1972:
The importance and distribution

Kaline, K.; Bornstein, S.R.; Bergmann, A.; Hauner, H.; Schwarz, P.E.H., 2007:
The importance and effect of dietary fiber in diabetes prevention with particular consideration of whole grain products

Hu, Ht, 1978:
The importance and effects of

Zepezauer, V., 1971:
The importance and execution of cleaning and disinfection in livestock production along industrial lines

Sortscher-Ullmann, M., 1970:
The importance and extent of farmer self-supplying gardens

Wierbicki, Eugen, 1979:
The importance and feasibility of irradiated low nitrite meat products

Loser, H.N.ubert, H., 1974:
The importance and implementation of fresh forage ventilation in factory-like dairy units

Everett, S.; Williams, D., 1983:
The importance and implementation of management functions in agricultural teacher education programs

Blanchet, R.M.ertens, C.B.sc, M.P.ech, J., 1972:
The importance and limits of mineral riches effect of a soil with respect to plant nutrition in presence of other limitations

Shono, K., 1971:
The importance and methods of a

Tegledy-Kovats, L.B.rndorfer, M.-Ke; Pokol, M.-Sk, 1974:
The importance and occurance of vitamin U in Hungarian vegetables

Kraszner-Berndorfer, M.-E.T.legdy-Kovats, L., 1971:
The importance and occurrence of some bioquinones in food

Reuss, U., 1970:
The importance and possibilities of widespread liver fluke control

Martel, J.; Fedida, M., 1980:
The importance and practical consequences of antibiotic resistance of Salmonella isolated from calves

Mihal, L.C.usevic, Z., 1975:
The importance and role of lamb and mutton in human nutrition

Szikora, A., 1979:
The importance and role of quail rearing and feeding in broadening the assortment of products

Blagojev, O., 1972:
The importance and role of the institutions for quality

Gaborcik, S.S.hwartz, V., 1975:
The importance and routine evaluation of the digestibility of feeds

Geary, Wrc, 1970:
The importance and significance of a new wool press and a new wool bale to a modern wool marketing plan

Schaal, E., 1969:
The importance and spread of Q-fever in cattle

Wintrebert, D., 1972:
The importance and status of the transiens phase of locusts

Jasnowski, M.F.iedrich, S., 1979:
The importance and tasks of Puszcza Bukowa near Szczecin and the need for protection

Palaniswamy, K.; Subbarayalu, M., 1974:
The importance and technique of field experiements

Satovic, F., 1972:
The importance and the problems of a more successful applica tion of science in the agricultural production

Hagberg, A., 1979:
The importance and the use of disease resistant cultivated plants in integrated disease control

Seidemann, J., 1978:
The importance and the utilization of manioc and manioc products as food

Grentin, A., 1972:
The importance and timeliness of wheat culture

Holle, Mary-Dean, 1960:
The importance and value of certain aspects of the Kansas preservice training program for prospective home economics agents

Pelcner, J., 1975:
The importance and ways of determining the profitableness of timber production in relation to tree species and grades of wood

Zhang, Y.; Wimberly, M., C., 2007:
The importance census data to interface of scale in using hierarchical identify the wildland-urban

Rotini, Ot, 1977:
The importance in history of organic matter for soil productivity in the Mediterranean area

Perey, S., 1969:
The importance of A and D vitamins in the manufacture of mixed feeds

Hasslinger, M.; Nagler, M., 1969:
The importance of Dunckers muscle leech

Bussler, W., 1974:
The importance of balanced fertilizers with 12 mineral nutrients for higher yields of adequate quality

Epsztein, T., 1974:
The importance of non-traditional agricultural commodities in the trade with Western Europe

Shcherbak, G.; Akimov, I., 1979:
The importance of scleronodules in the systematics of the family Rhodacaridae Oudemans, 1902

Gerei, L.R.menyi, M., 1974:
The importance of Sigmonds activity in modern soil mineralogy

Willet, G., 1988:
The importance of what if: computer helps planning for a volatile dairy future

Nikolaishvili, Aa, 1971:
The importance of Aphytis mytilaspidis and aspidiotiphage of citrus in reducing the population of Dynaspidiotus britannicus

Zhang, N.; Peairs, J.J.; Yang, P.; Tyrrell, J.; Roberts, J.; Kole, R.; Jaffe, G.J., 2007:
The importance of Bcl-xL in the survival of human RPE cells

Reinhold, J., 1974:
The importance of CO2 measuring in aerobic pit rotting of solid animal faeces with additives

Rautapaa, J., 1972:
The importance of Coccinella septempunctata L. (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) in controlling cereal aphids, and the effect of aphids on the yields and quality of barley

El-Kaschab, S.A.d-Ellatif, M.A.ifi, Y., 1981:
The importance of Damiatta dairy cows for the increase of milk production in Egypt

Scheibelreiter, G., 1974:
The importance of Diopsis tenuipes Westwood as a pest of rice, based on a comparison of the egg-laying behaviour of Diopsis tenuipes and Diopsis thoracica Westwood

Karasszon, D.H.llo, F., 1978:
The importance of Dr. J. Csek and of the Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja on the development and formation of veterinary attitudes

Khamidov, G., 1971:
The importance of Echium vulgare and Echium itali in the agriculture of Central Asia

Hagnauer, W.K.opf, W., 1978:
The importance of European dual-purpose breeds for the development of cattle production in the tropics as exemplified by Latin America

Lasch, R., 1983:
The importance of German seafish markets in international trade

Urban, E., 1973:
The importance of Gloeosporium rot in fruit plantations with a view to losses during storage

Pakizh, Vi, 1972:
The importance of Ixodidae ticks in supporting the natural focus of tularemia on the floodplain of the central Irtysh region

Frank, C., 1977:
The importance of Laelaps agilis C.L. Koch 1836 (Mesostigmata: Parasitiformae) as a vector of Hepatozoon sylvatici Coles 1914 (Sporozoa: Haemogregarinidae)

Forero, E., 1975:
The importance of Latin American national herbaria to the investigation of modern botany

Kurtz, A.S.uer, I., 1970:
The importance of Lenins theorems to agricultural progress in the German Democratic Republic

Ko, Ww, 1991:
The importance of Limau Langkat in Malaysia and its susceptibility to the greening disease

Ausman, L., 1984:
The importance of Midwest North America as a market and a source for animals and animal products

Milanko, O.; Lysenko, M., 1975:
The importance of Mycoplasma in

Pedone, K.H.; Hepler, J.R., 2007:
The importance of N-terminal polycysteine and polybasic sequences for G14alpha and G16alpha palmitoylation, plasma membrane localization, and signaling function

Stewart, Jwb, 1980:
The importance of P cycling and organic P in soils

Dufait, R., 1978:
The importance of Pityrosporum canis in canine otitis externa and dermatitis

Plock, H., 1973:
The importance of Prunus fruticosa Pall. as a dwarf stock for sweet and sour cherries

Nott, Jonathan, 2007:
The importance of Quaternary records in reducing risk from tropical cyclones

Tanner, R., 1984:
The importance of SOEPs in forestry

Tompa, K., 1980:
The importance of Salix in timber production

Reboredo, F., 1983:
The importance of Spartina maritima in the recycling of metals from a polluted area of River Sado Estuary, Portugal

Eberhard, A., 1976:
The importance of Swiss swine production

Ho, Cc, 1971:
The importance of Taman Negara as a gene pool of major cultivated palnts

Koehler, W.B.rzynski, J.K.t, J., 1972:
The importance of Trichogramma sp. in the reduction of populations of Rhyacionia buoliana Schiff

Erturk, E.K.lemli, M.M.lli, U., 1978:
The importance of Trichosomoides crassicauda (Bellingham 1840) infection in rats in the studies involving the uninary bladder

Kuthe, G., 1969:
The importance of Zebu for the breeding of new heat tolerant cattle breeds

Wurtz, Lh, 1972:
The importance of a cooperative in successful marketing

Kamper, A-Lise., 2006:
The importance of a correct evaluation of progression in studies on chronic kidney disease

Biondi, B., 1970:
The importance of a dietetical knowledge of the young people and trend to carry it out

Firebaugh, Fm, 1990:
The importance of a global perspective in human ecology

Trewin, Ard, 1981:
The importance of a good outplanting system for the establishment of bare-root pine seedlings

Sewell, Jn, 1975:
The importance of a good show program and schedule

Piatkowski, B., 1975:
The importance of a higher roughage intake in cattle rearing

Goss, R.P.nto, E.; Wilhelm, C.R.chter, M., 2006:
The importance of a highly active and pH-regulated diatoxanthin epoxidase for the regulation of the PS II antenna function in diadinoxanthin cycle containing algae

Sobolevskaia, Ka, 1976:
The importance of a knowledge of the genesis of the Siberian flora for the purpose of introduction

Aranha, S.F.D.; Pierini, H.B.; Alberconi, R.A.; Santos, G. dos, 2007:
The importance of a multidisciplinary approach in the microbiological control of chilling systems of distilleries

Hu-Ssu-Hui, 1940:
The importance of a proper diet

Ali, A., 1981:
The importance of a proper pesticide monitoring programme

Gray, R., 1973:
The importance of a single beef cow

Eriksson, L.; Muller, K., 1982:
The importance of a small river for recruitment of coastal fish populations Bothnian Sea

Ghirardini, M.Pia.; Carli, M.; del Vecchio, N.; Rovati, A.; Cova, O.; Valigi, F.; Agnetti, G.; Macconi, M.; Adamo, D.; Traina, M.; Laudini, F.; Marcheselli, I.; Caruso, Nò.; Gedda, T.; Donati, F.; Marzadro, A.; Russi, P.; Spaggiari, C.; Bianco, M.; Binda, R.; Barattieri, E.; Tognacci, A.; Girardo, M.; Vaschetti, L.; Caprino, P.; Sesti, E.; Andreozzi, G.; Coletto, E.; Belzer, G.; Pieroni, A., 2007:
The importance of a taste. A comparative study on wild food plant consumption in twenty-one local communities in Italy

Francione, Gl, 1990:
The importance of access to animal care committees: a primer for activists

Johnstone, I.B., 1993:
The importance of accurate citrate to blood ratios in the collection of canine blood for hemostatic testing

Hawkins, Rh, 1975:
The importance of accurate curve numbers in the estimation of storm runoff

Johnson, K.M.nshower, F., 1984:
The importance of acid and metal tolerant native vegetation in the rehabilitation of hardrock mines

Lotsch, D.G.rbatsch, V.H.rtling, D.H.tzel, K.R.mm, C., 1970:
The importance of action economy to the development of a personnel pattern of veterinary science for the purposes of socialist agriculture

Kramer, M., 1975:
The importance of activities of Gyorgy Varallay, Sen. in the Hungarian agrochemical science and in fertilization practice

Dukic, D.T.ampetic, V., 1975:
The importance of additives in industrial production of bread, baked goods and pastry

D'Agata, E.M.C.; Cataldo, M.Adriana.; Cauda, R.; Tacconelli, E., 2006:
The importance of addressing multidrug resistance and not assuming single-drug resistance in case-control studies

Hinze, Pm, 1976:
The importance of adequate feeding before breeding in the beef cow

Bean, K.; Seifert, G., 1979:
The importance of adjustments for dam age effects on weight for age at approximately 500 and 800 days of age

Canevari, M., 2001:
The importance of adjuvant use with alfalfa herbicides

Mitsuhashi, T., 1971:
The importance of affection to

Zabierowski, K., 1974:
The importance of afforestations and greens in the protection of the natural environment

Shotwell, Ol, 1975:
The importance of aflatoxins in grain markets and their detection in the laboratory and at the elevator

Zaehle, Sönke.; Sitch, S.; Prentice, I.Colin.; Liski, J.; Cramer, W.; Erhard, M.; Hickler, T.; Smith, B., 2006 :
The importance of age-related decline in forest NPP for modeling regional carbon balances

Hinish, Ww, 1981:
The importance of aglime fineness

Walden, Michael, L., 1994:
The importance of agribusiness in North Carolina counties

Kalinichenko, I.-Ivanovich; Chichin, D.-Iakovlevich, 1975:
The importance of agricultural and industrial production

Vollaers, Ja, 1979:
The importance of agricultural machinery in the Netherlands during 1978

Berberan, Jc, 1972:
The importance of agricultural mechanics courses in Mozambique

Stubblefield, T.; Robertson, C., 1980:
The importance of agricultural production in Maricopa County, Arizona, economy

Zacharias, H., 1972:
The importance of agricultural records on socialist agricultural enterprises

Mizell, Wd, 1984:
The importance of agriculture

Borlaug, N.; Dowswell, C., 1995:
The importance of agriculture and a stable adequate food supply to the well-being of humankind

Ojala, E.M., 1977:
The importance of agriculture for humanity

Pevetz, W., 1971:
The importance of agriculture for landscape cultivation in recreation areas

Sheils, D., 1972:
The importance of agriculture from the perspective of neoevolutionary theory

Neumark, Solomon-Daniel, 1950:
The importance of agriculture in Caribbean economy with reference to the world market

Young, Ja, 1983:
The importance of agriculture in Northern Ireland Employment on farms, economy

Maric, M., 1975:
The importance of agriculture in protecting mans environment

Guedira, A., 1983:
The importance of agriculture in the Moroccan economy

Cook, V., 1976:
The importance of agriculture in the economy

Anonymous, 1982:
The importance of agriculture to the U.S. economy

Smith, Lp, 1973:
The importance of agroclimatology in the world of today

York, E.T.Jr, 1990:
The importance of agroforestry education and training

Schlichting, H.E., 1969:
The importance of airborne algae and protozoa

Schmidt, L., 1975:
The importance of alfalfa to the reproduction of soil fertility in the German Democratic Republic in industrial production. a review

Morabito, F., 1970:
The importance of alimentary education in the consumption of infant dietetic products

Mair, S.M.; Trobinger, H.; Klever, S.F.; Ruffini, F.V., 2006:
The importance of alpine pasturing for the conservation of biodiversity - intermediate results of the Interreg IIIB-project AlpNaTour

Fahnenstich, R., 1970:
The importance of amino acids in human and animal nutrition

Nicholls, William-Hord, 1962:
The importance of an agricultural surplus in underdeveloped countries

Kundyshev, Pp, 1973:
The importance of anabiosis and aerobiosis in the technology of freezing bull semen

Sissingh, G., 1976:
The importance of and consequences of human intervention in the composition and preservation of the forest, especially in the Netherlands

Dimitrov, D., 1976:
The importance of and need for forests

Jankowski, S., 1977:
The importance of and need for testing the physical properties of agricultural and food products

Russell, E.S., 1969:
The importance of animal genetics in biomedical research

Cook, J.; Morck, T.; Skikne, B.; Lynch, S., 1982:
The importance of animal products in human iron nutrition

Bensel, Rw-Ten, 1987:
The importance of animals and children: their place in the family and in the world

Anonymous, 1994:
The importance of animals in biomedical and behavioral research

Hoflich, G., 1978:
The importance of antagonistic soil microflora for eliminating soil born fungal pathogens in intensive cereal cultivation

Ernest, T., 1974:
The importance of anti-tripsine factors in livestock feeding

Brown, F., 1994:
The importance of antigenic variation in vaccine design

Gosswald, 1975:
The importance of ants for West German apiculture. iI

Gosswald, 1975:
The importance of ants in German apiculture

Wiesner, K., 1972:
The importance of aphids in sugar beet growing

Kurilov, Vi, 1969:
The importance of aphids in the spread of potato viruses

Packard, Pm, 1976:
The importance of apiary inspection

Ward, Kj, 1977:
The importance of apple & pear products

Thiede, H., 1979:
The importance of application in plant protection

Jarman, Ne, 1982:
The importance of appropriate refrigeration to the New Zealand fishing industry Fish and fish products

Canyurt, M.A., 2006:
The importance of aquaculture in the Southeastern Anatolia Project in Turkey

Forney, Sj, 1987:
The importance of archeological sites related to the naval stores industry in Florida

Lempits'-Kyi, L.; Aleksandrova, N., 1970:
The importance of ascorbic acid

Rops, Aj, 1970:
The importance of asparagus cultivation for tenant farming

Robertson, S., 2006:
The importance of assessing pain in horses and donkeys

Tillery, Mj, 1974:
The importance of auction markets in animal health programs

Kappel, W.E.derlein, H., 1974:
The importance of autochthonous initial material for maize breding in the German Democratic Republic

Grinenko, Vv, 1971 :
The importance of automatic control of the water conditions of plants in its adaptation to natural factors

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The importance of automation in lipid chromatography

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The importance of autumn tillage New Zealand

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The importance of average daily gains of progeny in evaluation of fattening and slaughter performance of bulls

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The importance of bacteria which are resistant to antibiotics and similar drugs in foods of animal origin, especially in meat and meat products, from the point of view of human and animal health

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The importance of bacterial decomposition in aquaculture

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The importance of bacterial ice nuclei in plant frost injury

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The importance of baro- and chemoreflexes in the control of the fetal cardiovascular system

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The importance of basic nutrients in the fertilization of cutover peat-bogs

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The importance of basic research

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The importance of basing Codex standards on good science

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The importance of bee culture in the Netherlands

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The importance of beef in the future A.I. industry

Martin, A., 1975:
The importance of beef in the future of A.I. industry

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The importance of behavior in plant-herbivore interactions: a case study

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The importance of being earnest about topsoil

Berman, D.T., 1981:
The importance of being earnest with your antigens

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The importance of being hairy: instead of using their fangs, many tarantulas rely on their fuzzy coats for defense

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The importance of below ground interactions for hardwood growth

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The importance of beta-carotene as a source of vitamin A with special regard to pregnant and breastfeeding women

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The importance of biodiversity in crop sustainability: a look at monoculture

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The importance of biogeography to biodiversity of bird communities of coniferous forests

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The importance of biological agriculture in a world of diminishing resources

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The importance of biological control of hatching for the diagnosis of disturbances in the condition of poultry

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The importance of biological field stations Research institutions, biology, conservation, education, research, field research

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The importance of biological surveys in managing public lands in the western United States

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The importance of biotic interactions for modelling species distributions under climate change

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The importance of birds in ecosystems

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The importance of botanical analysis in toxicological studies

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The importance of botanical g

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The importance of brashing

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The Importance of Breakfast Consumption to Nutrition of Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults

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The importance of breeding of perennial forage grasses in the mountain territories of the Beskids in Czechoslovakia

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The importance of brucellosis in France

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The importance of bryophytes in a man-centered world

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The importance of bull selection

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The importance of bursa of Fabricius in diagnosis

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The importance of business incubators

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The importance of butchers broom (Ruscus aculeatus)

Ott, S.; Rask, N., 1982:
The importance of by-products on the economics of alcohol production from corn

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The importance of cAMP and different sugars for the effect of phytohormones on elongation growth of Avena coleoptile cylinders

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The importance of calcium in apples

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The importance of carbohydrates in human nutrition

D'-Appolonia, Bl, 1976:
The importance of carbohydrates in relation to milling and baking

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The importance of carbohydrates in the diet

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The importance of carotene in prevention of sterility

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The importance of cedar in Michigans forest History

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The importance of cell proliferation and differentiation in resistance to infection

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The importance of cellular energy metabolism for the sparing effect of dose fractionation with electrons and ultra-violet light

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The importance of cellulosic fibers

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The importance of cereal to fluid milk consumption

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The importance of certain experimental anemias for the evaluation of the anti-anemia activity of liver extracts

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The importance of certified seeds--from garlic to cereals

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The importance of chamiso (Atriplex canescens) in the diet of cattle in pasture in a desert thicket of Atriplex prosopis during the dry period Mexico.1

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The importance of chelate compounds for plant nutrition

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The importance of chemical and bioclimatic factors in swine horses

Griesinger, A., 1980:
The importance of chemical food inspection for consumer protection

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The importance of chemical toxin detection and substrate factor interactions in the reclamation of unusual toxic sites

Hansen, K., 1975:
The importance of chemistry for the existence of mankind

Harvie, Re, 1982:
The importance of chilling in producing top quality snapper (Chrysophrys auratus) for the Japanese market Includes freshness table for raw fish

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The importance of chirality in influencing both acute and delayed neuropathic toxicity of organophosphorus esters

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The importance of chlorinated hydrocarbons in world agriculture

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The importance of chromium in animal nutrition

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The importance of circular pi

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The importance of cities to rural living

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The importance of citrus cultivation in the economy of Cyprus. 2

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The importance of cleaning and disinfection control

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The importance of clinical examination of the testicles of young bulls

Uberreiter, O., 1969:
The importance of clinical fi

Zhu, Y-jue., 2007:
The importance of close crosstalk between clinicians and pathologists

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The importance of closely related taxa for the delimination of phytosociological units

Landolt, E., 1984:
The importance of closely related taxa for the delimitation of phytosociological units and for vegetation analysis

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The importance of clutch characteristics and learning for antiparasite adaptations in hosts of avian brood parasites

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The importance of coat colour and coat type as indicators of productive adaptability of beef cattle in a subtropical environment

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The importance of cognitive phenotypes in experimental modeling of animal anxiety and depression

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The importance of cold requirement and day length for the cultivation of trees

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The importance of color in cut-flower lilies

Plomin, K., 1976:
The importance of color in the garden

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The importance of colostrum for the biological antioxidant status of the neonatal pig

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The importance of colostrum to the health of the neonatal calf

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The importance of colour vision for man

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The importance of common broom (Sarothamnus scoparius Koch.) in the nutrition of the Cervidae Deer, Italy.1

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The importance of communications and information systems to rural development in the United States

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The importance of community law for French Consumer protection legislation

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The importance of competition within the seed-feeding insect guild of wild sunflower Helianthus annuus (L.)

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The importance of composition of gain

Webster, Cd, 1992:
The importance of composition of weight gain in evaluating fish diets

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The importance of compound feed in egg production

Mercimekci, O., 1970:
The importance of concentrated and mixed artificial fertilizer

Vinokurov, Lv, 1971:
The importance of concentrated calving in the prophylaxis of sterility of cows

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The importance of considering children's- and adults'-cognitive functions when discussing living conditions and psychosomatic complaints

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The importance of context: integrating resource conservation with local institutions

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The importance of control cards for the quality supervision in the industrial manufacture of foodstuffs

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The importance of controlled decaying of stumps in forestry

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The importance of cooperative institutions in socialist countries as a link between producers and markets

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The importance of copper to our environment; an after-consideration

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The importance of corn quality in world markets

Golenia, A., 1975:
The importance of correct evaluation of the degree of infection in diseased plants

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The importance of correct nomenclature in biotechnology: a brief history of Saccharomyces sensu stricto

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The importance of correct norms in blood volume measurement

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The importance of correlations in the evolutionary transformations of the types of shoots in Betula

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The importance of corrosion protection in the meat industry

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The importance of costings for effective management

De-Luca, L.; Thibodeaux, D., 1996:
The importance of cotton crystallite orientation angle in evaluation of bundle and

Murrill, Fd, 1978:
The importance of cow identification

Biddle, Aj, 1977:
The importance of critical timing of spray applications in the control of pea moth (Cynia nigricana F.) and field tests with insecticides

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The importance of crop establishment

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The importance of crop residues as a feed resource in the middleveld of Swaziland

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The importance of crop residues as fodder. A resource analysis in Katsina Province, Nigeria

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The importance of crop rotation

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The importance of crop rotation in preventing plant diseases, with special reference to one-crop system and wheat- maize rotation

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The importance of cropping systems and agriculture technology in irrigated farming

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The importance of cross fertilization in hazel-nut

Graziani, R., 1970:
The importance of cross-breeding in swine production

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The importance of cultivating the hard wheat (Triticum durum)

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The importance of cultural practices by small-farm agriculturists in growing barley (Hordeum vulgare), comparing various technologies

Vorups, F., 1973:
The importance of current quality in cream with regard to increased demand

Anonymous, 1978:
The importance of cytogenetic facilities for estrus management, biochemical aspects of animal breeding

Stranzinger, G., 1978:
The importance of cytogenetic studies for practical animal husbandry

Stoian, C., 1970:
The importance of dairy products and the dairy industry in Romania

Turnock, Wj, 1975:
The importance of damage assessment in pest management

Collins, Th, 1971:
The importance of damaged starch

Taylor, Mr, 1995:
The importance of data in pursuing a science-based strategy for protecting public health

Brown, J.M.; Lemmon, A.R., 2007:
The importance of data partitioning and the utility of Bayes factors in Bayesian phylogenetics

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The importance of day length for grape growing and breeding

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The importance of day length in regulating the seasonal cycles and diapause in some Psocoptera

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The importance of death taxes to forestry

Bagnli, G., 2007:
The importance of defensive works against fire

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The importance of demographic variables on the probability of consuming meat away-from-home

Albrecht, Hartmut, 1965:
The importance of demonstration farms as a form of agricultural development aid

Swinarski, J., 1978:
The importance of demonstrations and exhibitions in cattle breeding

Cameron, Cw, 1970:
The importance of dependable feeds for profitable livestock production

Gawrych, S.K.upa, W., 1970:
The importance of designation of the level of saccharose contents in sugar beet pulp in the process of continous extraction

Buffington, Cat, 2001:
The importance of determining feline food intake

Lichatschov, Bs, 1981:
The importance of determining vigour in the evaluation of seed quality

Mcallister, Gl, 1979 :
The importance of developing skills

Pun, B.T.; Ely, E.Wesley., 2007:
The importance of diagnosing and managing ICU delirium

Bailey, E.Jr, 1988:
The importance of diagnosing poisoning from plants

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The importance of diet food products in the treatment of diabetes and obesity

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The importance of dietary fiber in food

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The importance of dietary linolenic acid in the composition of nervous membranes, control of enzymatic activity, amplitude of electrophysiological parameters, resistance to poisons, and performance of learning tasks. Linolenic acid requirement for developing brain and various organs

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The importance of dietetic fiber content of cereal based foods

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The importance of differences in maturity periods and stature in sorghum

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The importance of different temperatures in the incubator and the optimum heat for the development, growth and production of chicks. the action of different temperatures in the incubator in the course of the second half of incubation on embryonic and post-embryonic mortality

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The importance of disc parallelism in single rotating disc refiners

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The importance of discoveries in animal science to human welfare: contributions of ruminant nutritionists

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The importance of discoveries in nematology to human welfare

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The importance of disease in immunodeficient mice and rats

Spence, Ja, 1975:
The importance of diseases in relation to the Grain Legume Research Program in the eastern Caribbean

Satterthwaite, William, H., 2007:
The importance of dispersal in determining seed versus safe site limitation of plant populations

Behrendt, K., 1982:
The importance of dispersion for the abundance dynamics of Aphis faba Scop. (Homopters , Aphididae) on sugar-beet stocks

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The importance of dissemination of information in the effectiveness of an agricultural extension agent

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The importance of dissolved salts to the in vivo efficacy of antifreeze proteins

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The importance of distribution statistics in the characterization of chip quality

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The importance of domestic traits of wheat and types of maize for creating new varieties and hybrids

Schwartz, A., 1974:
The importance of early orchard sanitation of fruit for false codling moth control

Kvasnitskii, Av, 1975:
The importance of early weaning of piglets

Lazar, I., 1969:
The importance of early weaning of piglets and experiences with this technique

Kollmannsperger, F., 1980:
The importance of earthworms for the regeneration of soil fertility with retrospect to the Himalaya

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The importance of ecological and historical factors in the production of benzaldehyde by tiger beetles

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The importance of ecological methods of evaluation for landscape planning

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The importance of ecological studies for a rational use of the bioenvironment

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The importance of ecology for generic and specific differentiation in the Araceae-Aroideae

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The importance of economic policy in development

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The importance of ecosystem structure and function in the management of water quality in India

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The importance of edge in the structure and dynamics of forest islands

Pocta, S., 2007:
The importance of eicosanoids in the management of canine atopic dermatitis

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The importance of eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids

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The importance of elderberries as a raw material

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The importance of electrokinetic properties of wood fiber for papermaking

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The importance of electrophoresis, now and in nutritional research

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The importance of electrophoretic analysis of blood proteins for the understanding of bovine ketosis

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The importance of electrophoretic protein analysis of phytophytogenic fungi as a means for their taxonomic characterization

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The importance of element concentration in the soil solultion for element flow in woodland and agricultural soils in the region of Bornhoeved Lake in North Germany

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The importance of emotional quality as a buying pattern argument: results of a consumer survey

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The importance of endogenous substances active physiologically in the rooting process

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The importance of endometrial biopsy in the evaluation of fertility potential of mares in raise horses in Turkey

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The importance of endrocrine disturbances in the development of quality faults in pork: A survey

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The importance of energetic versus pelvic constraints on reproductive allocation by the eastern fence lizard (Sceloporus undulatus)

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The importance of energy source in poultry rations

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The importance of energy when feeding dogs

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The importance of energy-reduced diets in the management of diabetes

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The importance of enterococci in sausage stuffed encasings

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The importance of entomological taxonomy for practical plant protection

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The importance of environmental control in animal houses

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The importance of epidemiological study in the diagnosis of human intestinal miasis: a case study

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The importance of ergonomics in research and practice

Krolak, Marian, 1980:
The importance of erythritol in the pathogenesis of brucellosis in cattle

Blowey, Rw, 2002:
The importance of esophageal groove closure in reducing calf digestive problems

Aitkin, J.Kevin, 1997:
The importance of estuarine habitats to anadromous salmonids of pacific northwest: a literature review

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The importance of ethylene and using 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) in vegetables

Petisca, Jln, 1973:
The importance of examining the liver in meat inspection

Cena, M., 1972:
The importance of exercise in the organization of livestock production

Chapman, Bm, 1970:
The importance of experimental conditions on the structural state of keratin fibers at different extensions as indicated by X-ray diffraction patterns

Dubois, M.J.hue, B., 2000:
The importance of experimental milling for determining rheological parameters as measured by the alveograph

Dwyer, Mj, 1998:
The importance of exports to U.S. agriculture

Bittar, EE.; Chambers, G., 1984:
The importance of external magnesium in the sensitivity of the sodium efflux to injected cyclic AMP: the barnacle muscle fibre as a preparation

Roffael, E., 1976:
The importance of extractives on the utilization of bark in particle boards. I. Influence of extractives on the formaldehyde release of bark boards

Dimova, R., 1975:
The importance of fall and sprin

Warren, Sr, 1994:
The importance of fans in the lumber kiln drying process

Gould, Brian, W., 1988:
The importance of farm and operator characteristics in the adoption and use of conservation tillage in southwestern Wisconsin

Meijaard, D., 1969:
The importance of farm comparison and linear programming in farm management research of glasshouse crops

Schwede, Tc, 1969:
The importance of farmland consolidation for the structural size of farms

Barabas, E., 1969:
The importance of fat in feeding of farm animals

Kaim, W., 1974:
The importance of feed basis for the cereal milling industry establishments

Leibetseder, J., 1981:
The importance of feed hygiene for animal production

Dong, G.Z., 2006:
The importance of feed intake in newly-weaned pigs

Thorpe, J.E.H.ntingford, F., 1992:
The importance of feeding behavior for the efficient culture of salmonid fishes

Sommer, H.K.wertz, D., 1980:
The importance of feeding for maintaining health of dairy cows

Bosis, A., 1973:
The importance of fertilization of forage plants

Reid, Ws, 1993:
The importance of fertilizer quality to agronomics & environmental concerns

Burkersroda, Kw-Von, 1976:
The importance of fertilizer use on sisal in Tanzania

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The importance of fertilizers and alfalfa in the formation of soil fertility in the course of development of reclaimed -Solonchak soils in the Vakhsh valley

Hanic, E., 1971:
The importance of fertilizers and irrigation to the

Vertii, S.; Volkova, V.; Mileiko, O.; Pravotorova, M., 1971:
The importance of fertilizers in improving fractional and amino acid content of protein in winter wheat grains under irrigation

Anonymous, 1979:
The importance of fertilizers in raising soil fertility

Bragg, Ck, 1970:
The importance of fiber control in cotton spinning

Piekarska, J.G.rszel, J., 1977:
The importance of fiber in human nutrition

Mccoll, A., 1997:
The importance of fiber testing

Donefer, E., 1976:
The importance of fibre for herbivorous animals

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The importance of fibroblasts in remodelling of the human uterine cervix during pregnancy and parturition

Thiem, E., 1970:
The importance of field border treatment to control Dasineura brassicae Winn. (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) and Ceuthorrhynchus assimilis Payk. (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in blooming rapeseed fields and the influence of this insecticidal treatment on the occurrence of Trichomalus perfectus Walker (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Pteromalidae) on the larvae of Ceuthorrhynchus assimilis

Vieira, C.W.lkinson, R., 1972:
The importance of field resistance and genetical diversity in bean breeding programs in south-central Brazil

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The importance of field studies in determining the factors influencing the occurrence and growth of lichens

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The importance of fire ant taxonomy

Connor, W.E.; Connor, S.L., 2007:
The importance of fish and docosahexaenoic acid in Alzheimer disease

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The importance of fish in the prevention of chronic degenerative diseases

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The importance of fixed ammonium ions in soil for plant nutrition

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The importance of flavonoids and related compounds in fern taxonomy and ecology: an overview of the symposium

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The importance of flowers

Van Geel, P.J.; Sykes, J.F., 1997:
The importance of fluid entrapment, saturation hysteresis and residual saturations on the distribution of a lighter-than-water non-aqueous phase liquid in a variably saturated sand medium

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The importance of fluorescent antibodies in diagnosis and research

Wojick, E.G.anville, N., 1999:
The importance of folate intake in early pregnancy: university students lack of knowledge

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The importance of food & fiber industries in Washington

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The importance of food hygiene and food technology to the quality of meat and meat products

Reusse, U., 1980:
The importance of food hygiene and technology for the quality of eggs, fish and game

Tolle, A., 1980:
The importance of food hygiene and technology for the quality of milk and dairy products

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The importance of food in the affairs of man

Hoffmann, E., 1980:
The importance of food-grade acid preparations for manufacturing meat products

Grieger, C., 1970:
The importance of foodstuffs evaluation from the viewpoint of their organo-caustic properties for the veterinary-hygienic service

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The importance of forage quality

Stokes, S., 2002:
The importance of forage quality for milk production and health

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The importance of forage quality in the economical feeding of high producing dairy cows--protein and energy

Grabiec, B., 1972:
The importance of forage rape culture

Matches, Ag, 1976:
The importance of forages in todays agriculture

Atlamaz, A.Z.ki, C.U.udag, A., 2007 :
The importance of forecasting and warning systems in implementation of integrated pest management in apple orchards in Turkey

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The importance of forest and tasks of forestry in solving land improvement tasks

Rice, R.E., 1990:
The importance of forest inventories to the conservation of biological diversity

Hughes, Jm, 1988:
The importance of forest inventory information in national forestry economic evaluation

Toth, Ja, 1978:
The importance of forest litter

Owadally, Aw, 1969:
The importance of forest on Mauritius

Ramdial, Bs, 1972:
The importance of forest reserves and wildlife sanctuaries in Trinidad and Tobago

Reinhold, F., 1974:
The importance of forestry history in central Europe and in France for the syndynamical vegetation science

Keller, T.F.uhler, H., 1978:
The importance of forests as air filters in an industrialized environment

Kettunen, L., 1983:
The importance of forests for Finnish farmers

Mazurski, Kr, 1974:
The importance of forests in Britains nature conservation

Mracek, Z., 1984:
The importance of forests in the region of the Pardubice industrial agglomeration

Mracek, Z., 1978:
The importance of forests in the region of the industrial agglomeration of Pardubice

Veiga, A.De, A., 1974:
The importance of form height in dendrometrics

Tilzer, MM., 1983:
The importance of fractional light absorption by photosynthetic pigments for phytoplankton productivity in Lake Constance

Labroue, L., 1971:
The importance of free aluminum in the neutral soils of the Pic of Midi of Bigorre. relation to the phenomenon of podzolization

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The importance of free amino nitrogen in wort and beer

Wilding, J.P.H., 2007:
The importance of free fatty acids in the development of Type 2 diabetes

Hazelman, M.P.lon, B., 1997:
The importance of fresh fruit and vegetables in the Pacific Region

Hansen, Ap, 1976:
The importance of fruit, fruit purees and flavors used in frozen desserts

Jacorzynski, B.D.brzycki, J., 1978:
The importance of fruits, including the wild-growing ones, in human nutrition

Anonymous, 1963:
The importance of full employment to agriculture

Sutton, Wrj, 1981:
The importance of fully effective establishment in relation to subsequent tending operations and to crop quality and value

Fitzgibbon, S., I.; Putland, D., A.; Goldizen, A., W., 2007:
The importance of functional connectivity in the conservation of a ground-dwelling mammal in an urban Australian landscape

Kling, Cl, 1989:
The importance of functional form in the estimation of welfare

Svarc, J., 1971:
The importance of game in forestry

Wilson, M.L., 1946:
The importance of gardening to the future of the nation

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The importance of garlic and its products in phytotherapy

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The importance of genetic disea

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The importance of germ count

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The importance of glycerol in the fatty acid industry

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The importance of glycogen in brewing yeasts

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The importance of good flower selection

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The importance of good light control

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The importance of good quality of onions for their storage

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The importance of grain grades in marketing and inspection

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The importance of grain intake and storage plants

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The importance of grain transportation to the farm economy and the railroad industry

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The importance of grana stacking for xanthophyll cycle-dependent NPQ in the thylakoid membranes of higher plants

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The importance of grasses in agriculture and the main trends in their breeding and utilization

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The importance of grazing management in livestock production Pasture management

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The importance of green belts and plants in the city for health of man

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The importance of greenery in landscaping

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The importance of ground cover policy for untapped rubber

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The importance of ground water in California

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The importance of ground water in the Great Lakes Region

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The importance of growing stubble aftercrops and their profitability in the light of experiments

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The importance of growth regulators in fruit production

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The importance of harvest initiation date

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The importance of harvesting frequency for non-industrial forest owners inclined to change their forest land holdings

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The importance of having good web transport process data

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The importance of hedging in futures trading and the effectiveness of futures trading for hedging

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The importance of herbicide app

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The importance of herbivore population density in multitrophic interactions in natural and agricultural ecosystems

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The importance of herbivory in the population dynamics of three sub-alpine eucalypts in the Brindabella Range, south-east Australia

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The importance of herd health to swine producers

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The importance of heredity in Red Danish dairy cattle

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The importance of high root growth potential in cherry rootstocks

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The importance of high temperatures in the induction of the resting phase of pinus elliottii

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The importance of home landscapes in the fight against economically important exotic agricultural pests

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The importance of home-grown vegetables in the Nigerian diet

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The importance of homology for biology and philosophy

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The importance of honeybees for the pollination of some fruit plants

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The importance of horticultur

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The importance of household size in explaining low-fat and whole milk expenditures in the U.S

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The importance of housing education in the secondary home economics curriculum

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The importance of human relations for mechanized agriculture

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The importance of hydrologic factors on the relative eutrophic impacts of point and non-point pollution in a reservoir

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The importance of hydroponics for factory-like vegetable production in greenhouse units

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The importance of hygiene in meat processing

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The importance of hygiene in slaughterhouses

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The importance of hypothermy in the mechanism of the protective action of sodium fluoroacetate

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The importance of identification for sire evaluation

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The importance of illumination in choice by oviposition site by Caloptilia syringella (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae)

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The importance of immobilizing wings after tenectomy and tenotomy

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The importance of immune prophylaxis in connection with breeding hygiene

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The importance of imports as a source of food

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The importance of incorporating fine-scale habitat data into the design of an, intertidal marine reserve system

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The importance of increasing progeny in sheep-breeding

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The importance of indices related to nitrogen metabolism in fermentation control

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The importance of indigenous animal species and the possibility of their use in the present and future animal sector of Hungary

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The importance of individual traits of swine productivity in the overall effect of heterosis and their hereditary conditions

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The importance of inhibiting polyphenol oxidase in the extraction of Fraction 1 leaf protein

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The importance of initial protection of conspicuous mutants for the coevolution of defense and aposematic signaling of the defense: a modeling study

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The importance of inner complex compounds (chelates) in agriculture

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The importance of insect damage to Norway spruce (Picea abies L.) cones for seed processing

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The importance of insect importation for insect distribution

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The importance of insects in the ontogeny of Colchicum speciosum Stev. (Liliaceae)

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The importance of insects, diseases and weeds in Tanzanian agriculture

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The importance of inseminating dates for prophylaxis of infertility of cows

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The importance of inseminating swine in Bavaria

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The importance of institutions for the transition in Central and Eastern Europe

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The importance of integrating nonengineering aspects in irrigation system design

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The importance of intensifying technological procedures for the economical production of pork

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The importance of international information systems for building national capabilities

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The importance of international markets to Kentucky agriculture

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The importance of interspecific hy

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The importance of intestinal microflora in the pathogenesis of rabbit coccidiosis

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The importance of intraguild interactions to the combined effect of a parasitoid and a predator on aphid population suppression

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The importance of involving the black community in rural development efforts

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The importance of irrigation and drainage of land for improving and stabilizing crop yields

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The importance of irrigation and other reclamation work for increasing yields of grain crops in the USSR

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The importance of irrigation in tobacco growing

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The importance of isolated wetlands to fish and wildlife in Florida

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The importance of juice-holding ability to pork quality

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The importance of keeping records

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The importance of ketone bodies as tissue specific fuels in the development of the chick embryo neonate

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The importance of kidney examination in meat inspection

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The importance of kinship and familiarity in social interactions between mice

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The importance of knowing the pharmacological action of drugs (the emetic property of Rompun saves a dogs life who had eaten rat poison)

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The importance of knowing what to plant and where

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The importance of labelling living plants

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The importance of labor market development legislation for agriculture

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The importance of labor safety measures in chemical selection of potatoes

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The importance of laboratory lighting as an experimental variable

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The importance of lactic ferments in yoghurt

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The importance of land and tree tenure in agroforestry

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The importance of large animal models in transplantation

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The importance of large benthic invertebrates to the diet and growth of yellow perch in Lake St. Clair, Michigan

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The importance of larval systematics studies for ecology and faunistics

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The importance of leaf frost resistance to the winter survival of seedling stands of Alfalfa Cultivars of medicago sativa, Medicago media and Medicago falcata

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The importance of leaf orientation for light reception by sunflower plant

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The importance of legumes as a protein source in Asian diets

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The importance of leguminous grasses in pastures relative to soil moisture

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The importance of leisure education in Extension youth programs in the United States

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The importance of ley farming for improving the forage basis of tropical Africa

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The importance of light for poultry

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The importance of lignin in the maturing of rum

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The importance of liming and treating with gypsum in silvicultural practices in the Carpathians

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The importance of liming in the technology of establishment and management of sown grasslands on Podzol soil

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The importance of limitations in aerobic metabolism, glycolysis, and membrane excitability for the development of high-frequency fatigue in isolated rat soleus muscle

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The importance of line hybridization in laying hen and broiler chick breeding for increasing production

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The importance of linoleic acid and linoleni acid as precursors of hexanal and trans-2-hexenal in black tea

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The importance of lipid research in medicine: requirements, utilization of results

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The importance of lipolytic microorganisms in the deterioration of palm oil products in Malaysia

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The importance of liquid feeds is not evident

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The importance of liquor investigations for the intravital neurodiagnostics in cattle

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The importance of liver lesions in the pathology of rhinopneumonitis

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The importance of livestock production for assuring human nutrition in the future

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The importance of livestock production in Cuba. Ecological and social characteristics

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The importance of living vectors for the dissemination of Salmonella in brolier flock

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The importance of lizards as frugivores and seed dispersers

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The importance of local fiscal conditions in analyzing local labor markets

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The importance of long term research in forestry

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The importance of lymphocyte antigens for the control of mastitis

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The importance of magnesium in coconut nutrition

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The importance of maize for animal industry in France

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The importance of management in raising the level of feed production

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The importance of management science in the large scale farms

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The importance of managing hypertension and dyslipidemia to decrease cardiovascular disease

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The importance of manganese in poultry feeding

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The importance of marketing boards in Canada: A twenty-first century perspective

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The importance of marketing tools for accessing markets by agribusiness firms of newly emerged market economy countries

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The importance of matching correlations of antigens in a single vaccination of livestock for salmonellosis and anaerobic infections

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The importance of matroclinity for milk profitability of the Slovak Spotted cattle with the Jersey breed

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The importance of maximal point of hygroscopy in factorial analysis of Collembola biotype

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The importance of meadows for farming and for the environment; papers of a conference

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The importance of measuring microbial enzymatic functions while assessing and predicting long-term anthropogenic perturbations

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The importance of meat products in human nutrition, with special reference to sausage products

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The importance of meat tissue that does not belong to the skeletal musculature or to the connective tissue in histometric quality evaluation of minced meat and of dry sausages and frankfurter-type sausages

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The importance of mechanization indicated by agricultural production function in the rice region of Taichung area, Taiwan

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The importance of medicinal plants in Vietnam

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The importance of methionine in

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The importance of methionine in laying hen feeding

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The importance of methods of fixation in the study of insect blood cells

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The importance of micro-nutrients and the prospects of their use in fertilizer production

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The importance of microbial adaptation in the degradation of BTX

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The importance of microbiological standards to increase safety of canned meat products manufacture

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The importance of microbiology in crop production

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The importance of microelements in agriculture

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The importance of micronutrients for livestock fertility

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The importance of micronutrients for starter mechanisms of s eed germination

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The importance of micronutrients in nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism in cattle

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The importance of microorganisms used in dairy industry (composition and peculiarities of the main types of selected cultures)

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The importance of milk and dairy products for human nutrition

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The importance of milk in huma

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The importance of milk protein in human nutrition

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The importance of mineral fertilization in a general survey of agricultural production. survey methods designed by the S.C.E.E.S

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The importance of molybdenum for animals

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The importance of monitoring environmental factors for better pest control

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The importance of moors even after peat removal as the biotope for the breeding of endangered bird species

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The importance of mosquito control to tourism in Florida

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The importance of mould fungi on the quality of wood

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The importance of mould layers on salami

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The importance of mountain forests and for the development of the operation Japan

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The importance of mountain forests and their management

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The importance of mulching strips of tea crops in the Kuban foothills of the Adygei zone

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The importance of municipal recreational areas

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The importance of muscular and connective proteins for an assessment of the quality of meat products

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The importance of mutagenes is in modern plant breeding

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The importance of mutant yield data for the quantification of induced mutagenesis Saccharomyces cerevisiae, environmental pollutant testing

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The importance of mutualism in succession

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The importance of mycological studies for soil quality control

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The importance of mycorrhizal fungi in New Zealand farming

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The importance of mycotoxins

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The importance of mycotoxins in agriculture

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The importance of mycotoxins in the food-industries

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The importance of mycotoxins to the feed industry

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The importance of native plants to food production in Mexico

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The importance of natural H+ production for acidity in soil and water

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The importance of natural ennemies in the control of the population of pests of vegetables of the cabbage group

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The importance of natural immunity in piglets at early weaning

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The importance of natural regulators of the population of Tortrix viridana

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The importance of nearby forest to known and potential pollinators of oil palm Elaeis guineensis Jacq.; Areceaceae) in southern Costa Rica

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The importance of nematodes in mushroom culture

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The importance of nerve terminal depolarization in pyrethroid poisoning of insects Musca domestica, Culex quinquefasciatus, Anopheles stephensi, Trichoplusia ni

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The importance of new grape varieties and clones in the development of viticulture

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The importance of nitrite in meat curing

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The importance of nitrogen

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The importance of nitrogen inputs for simulated natural ecosystems in Central Europe

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The importance of nitrogen planning in sericulture

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The importance of non-climatic housing factors for the animal

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The importance of non-climatic stall factors for livestock

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The importance of non-farm income on farm family income inequality in New York

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The importance of non-partisan charging

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The importance of non-protein nitrogen compounds in cattle feeding

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The importance of nutrient balance, cropping strategy and quality of dairy cow diets in sustainable organic systems

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The importance of nutrition in obtaining livestock production data

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The importance of nutrition surveys: outlook on future nutritional research in Switzerland

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The importance of nutrition to animal health

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The importance of oak to ranchers in the California Foothill Woodland

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The importance of oats in livestock feeding

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The importance of objective measurement in a modern breeding program with particular reference to milking speed

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The importance of observing optimum conditions in the operation of refrigerating systems for the food retail activity

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The importance of odour, appearance and voice in maternal recognition of the young in Merino sheep (Ovis aries)

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The importance of offspring value: maternal defence in parasitoid contests

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The importance of olfactory bulb noradrenalin for maternal recognition in sheep

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The importance of onions and other byproduct feeds in a dry lot sheep operation

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The importance of open (green) spaces in the polluted Ruhr and the resultant consequences for land-use planning in the Ruhr

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The importance of open-space value for land use policy in Hawaii

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The importance of opinion leaders in agricultural extension

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The importance of optimised microclimate in old-age stables to calf keeping

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The importance of organic matter dynamics

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The importance of organic matter for the nutrient status in soils used for sugarbeet cultivation

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The importance of organization in egg production

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The importance of origin in the choice of agricultural products. The case of Navarra asparagus

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The importance of ornamental plants in national economy and culture

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The importance of osmotic potential in maintaining favorable water balance in cotton

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The importance of ovulation control for successful insemination of cows

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The importance of oxidation in breadmaking

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The importance of pH and the measurement of pH value in meat and meat products, plus a rapid testing method for pH determination

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The importance of pH control during brewing

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The importance of pH in controlling metal-soap deposition

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The importance of pH in liquid feed supplements

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The importance of pH in relation to the acid-excitation of epithelial receptors in the reticulo-rumen of sheep

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The importance of pH in sugar extraction process

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The importance of pH in winemaking

Nielsen, Bv, 1970:
The importance of packaging for sales promotion

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The importance of palynology in stratigraphic micropaleontology

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The importance of parasite life history and host density in predicting the impact of infections in red deer

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The importance of parasitic diseases

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The importance of part repair in agricultural maintenance in Czechoslovakia

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The importance of pasture in Karakul husbandry

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The importance of pastures and meadows in the development of a feed base

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The importance of pectolytic, cellulolytic, and proteolytic enzymes to the virulence of phytopathogenic bacteria

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The importance of persistence in the feeding of cows

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The importance of pesticides and other pest management practices in U.S. alfalfa production

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The importance of pesticides and other pest management practices in U.S. strawberry production

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The importance of pesticides and other pest management practices in U.S. tomato production

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The importance of pesticides application to plants

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The importance of pesticides in successful pest management programs

Novotny, H., 1975:
The importance of pet animal keeping for the development of a childs personality

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The importance of pet identification

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The importance of phosphate buffering and phosphate concentration of the soil solution for the phosphate absorption of the plant

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The importance of phosphate fertilizers containing lime and silicate for the fertilization of latosols

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The importance of phosphates in muscle development

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The importance of phosphorus and the relationship of clcialphosphorus on the fertility of livestock

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The importance of phosphorus for improved cattle fertility

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The importance of phosphorus in agriculture. Conclusions of the symposium

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The importance of phosphorus in agriculture: evaluation and conclusions of an international scientific symposium

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The importance of phosphorus supply in the feeding of growing ruminants

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The importance of physical activity in closing the achievement gap

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The importance of physical activity of young boars during the period of testing for selected performance characters

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The importance of physical and biotic scaling to the experimental simulation of a coastal marine ecosystem

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The importance of physiological, anatomical and environmental factors affecting milk producton of cattle

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The importance of phytocides

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The importance of phytoestrogens in animal nutrition

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The importance of phytooestrogens-coumestrol and zearalenone in insulin receptor regulation and lipid-carbohydrate metabolism of ovariectomized female rats

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The importance of phytotoxicity of herbicides and fungicides in cereals

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The importance of phytotronics in horticulture

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The importance of pilomotor response in temperature regulation Mammalian and avian species

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The importance of plant analysis to food regulation

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The importance of plant estrogens in domestic animal reproduction

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