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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17421

Chapter 17421 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Luneva, Z.S.M.khaaeilov, N.L.S.dakova, E.A., 1989:
The lilac

Millham, K., 1999:
The lilac collection of highland botanical park: old and unusual varieties

Rappleye, Robert, D., 1950:
The lily buyers guide of the North American Lily Society

Dawson, C., 1978:
The lily extravaganza

Schenk, P., 1982:
The lily industry in Holland: 1982

Spitzer, P., 1981:
The lily of birds

Macdaniels, Lh, 1986:
The lily plant

Marshall, Ld, 1981:
The lily species behind todays hybrids. I. Lilium, North America

Feldmaier, C., 1977:
The lily yearbook of the North American Lily Society

Tilsher, Wg, 1977:
The lima as king bean

Detels, Axel, 1980:
The limb bones of the dachshund

Bollwahn, W., 1976:
The limb infirmity syndrome in swine from the clinical and veterinary point of view

Radtke, W., 1981:
The limbing and bundling combine EPAK

Feige, W.L.isen, E., 1973:
The lime requirement of soils containing sulphur

Selimi, A., 1970:
The lime story for Goulburn Valley pears

Bakker, Y.S.ruijs, L., 1973:
The lime supply in the Netherlands

Chin, Sc, 1983:
The limestone hill flora of Malaya. IV

Mohamed, Mah, 1987:
The limestone moss flora of Malaya

Schmidt, Walter, 1974:
The limestone, dolomite and coquina resources of Florida

Robertson, Thomas, 1949:
The limestones of Scotland

Johnson, S.; Tibbitts, T., 1971:
The liminal angel of a plagiogeotropic organ under weightlessness

Naramabuye, F.'-Ois-X.H.ynes, R., J., 2007:
The liming effect of five organic manures when incubated with an acid soil

Zhuravlev, B.I., 1979:
The liming of acidic soil with the use of industrial technology

Dickson, W., 1979:
The liming of lakes

Hoffman, Ms, 1971:
The liming of sugar juice: Magnesium oxide versus lime

Boon, J.Van-Der, 1974:
The liming requirements of tulips on bogland

Hardie, D.G.; Manners, D.J.; Yellowlees, D., 1976:
The limit dextrinase from malted sorghum (Sorghum vulgare)

Gordon, R.; Manners, D.; Stark,. Jr.;, 1975:
The limit dextrinase of the broadbean (Vicia faba L.)

Dunn, G.; Manners, D.J., 1975:
The limit dextrinases from ungerminated oats (Avena sativa L.) and ungerminated rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Ivanov, Eiiu, M., 1940:
The limit of plastic flow of wood a new theory of the mechanical strength of wood

Peled, M.R.senfeld, P., 1982:
The limit of reinforcing products by milk powder

Reents, Hans-Jeurgen, 1982 :
The limit of soil populations because of the functional relationship between soils, represented by two examples from the Northwest Germany Association

Yoshida, M., 1973:
The limit of the nursing abilit

Sadras, V.O.; Rodriguez, D., 2007:
The limit to wheat water-use efficiency in eastern Australia. II. Influence of rainfall patterns

Mudd, A.; Hooper, L., 1973:
The limitation of amino acid supply to the dairy cow

Popkin, B.M.; Latham, M.C., 1973:
The limitations and dangers of commerciogenic nutritious foods

Harriss, J., 1977:
The limitations of HYV technology in North Arcot District: the view from a village

Oakeley, Rd, 2000:
The limitations of a feed

Williams, Mlb, 1971:
The limitations of the Du Pont luminescence biometer in the microbiological analysis of foods

Le-Vay, C., 1975:
The limitations of the questionnaire method

Yang, Anand, A., 1989:
The limited Raj

Keyhani, M., 1972:
The limited diagnostic value of rapid agglutination test in tuberculosis of fowl

Bergus, G.R.; Hartz, A.J.; Noyes, R.; Ward, M.M.; James, P.A.; Vaughn, T.; Kelley, P.L.; Sinift, S.D.; Bentler, S.; Tilman, E., 2005:
The limited effect of screening for depressive symptoms with the PHQ-9 in rural family practices

Bowen, B.; Hancock, D., 1982:
The limited entry prawn fisheries of western Australia: research and management Penaeus latisulcatus, Penaeus esculentus, Metapenaeus endeavouri

Froot, Kenneth, 1997:
The limited financing of catastrophe risk

Eapen, Ke, 1980:
The limited relevance of SITE

Miller, Rm, 1985:
The limited value of bran

Frenkel, Jacob, A., 1986:
The limited viability of dual exchange-rate regimes

Glenn, L.Fred, 1972:
The limiting resistance to water uptake by plants

Campbell, Ta, 1992:
The limits of agrarian action: the 1908 Kentucky tobacco strike

Salmeraon-Castro, Fernando, I., 1989:
The limits of agrarianism

Rubin, J., 1975:
The limits of agricultural progress in the nineteenth-century South

Shleifer, A.; Vishny, R., 1995 :
The limits of arbitrage

Cooper, B., 1998:
The limits of care: the veterinary nurses perspective

Grzybowski, A.L.pacz, B., 1976:
The limits of concentration in the sawmill industry

Hannah, H.W., 1995:
The limits of confidentiality: a veterinarian's duty to report disease, cruelty, and theft

Hartman, C., 1981:
The limits of consensus building

Nelson, Rr, 1973:
The limits of disease control by genetic means

Darnell, A.C.E.ans, L., 1990:
The limits of econometrics

Meeuse, Bjd, 1983:
The limits of edibility--a warning to the starry-eyed

Browder, Jo, 1992:
The limits of extractivism: tropical forest strategies beyond extractive reserves

Phillips, S., 1996:
The limits of federal policy making: the Soil Conservation Service and levee repair

Stupnev, Gk, 1974:
The limits of forestry and effectiveness of production

Orsini-Rosenberg, H., 1968 :
The limits of government forestry supervision

Prax, A., 1980:
The limits of integration

Rees, D., 1984:
The limits of legislation

Meth, Ts, 1981:
The limits of legislation in achieving social change

Lacassagne, L., 1983:
The limits of lupin seed incorporation in broiler diets (Lupinus albus var. Kalina)

Stein, William, W., 1982:
The limits of peasant movement

Fekete, E.; Wiebe, K., 1999:
The limits of pressing

Sylvester, Kenneth-Michael, 2000:
The limits of rural capitalism

Tricard, J., 1975:
The limits of rural reconstruction in a poor area at the end of the Middle Ages: the case of Limousin

Reid, R.; Smith, F., 2000:
The limits of sodium

Gupta, V.; Dawdy, D.1; Waymaire, E1; Singh, V., 1979:
The limits of stationarity and second order analysis in modelling Streamflows in the context of investigating drought behaviour

Pudup, Mb, 1990 :
The limits of subsistence: agriculture and industry in central Appalachia

Amin, S., 1970:
The limits of the green revolution unless accompanied by an industrial revolution it is liable to maintain the status quo

Cobos, Ep, 1993:
The limits of the Mexican maquiladora industry

Lobreau, D., 1969:
The limits of the order Celastrales based on pollen study

Burtt, B.; Olatunji, O., 1972:
The limits of the tribe Zingibereae

Nikitina, E.; Budnitskaia, E.; Stoletov, V., 1975:
The limits of variability in the content of nucleic acids in the ontogenesis of wheat variety Virtus and its derived forms

Isagawa, T., 1971:
The limits on capital investmen

Conrad, Hr, 1971:
The limits on voluntary feed intake in dairy cattle

Zeeuw, D.De, 1988:
The limits to agriculture

Telfer, Es, 1974:
The limits to growth: some implications for forestry

Guinnane, T.; Miller, R., 1997:
The limits to land reform: the Land Acts in Ireland, 1870-1909

Morris, I., 1974:
The limits to the productivity of the sea

Uhlmann, D., 1981:
The limnological background of sewage control for relieving water pollution

Lundquist, I., 1982:
The limnological basis for planning water quality management

Gordon, A.; Cupp, E., 1980:
The limnological factors associated with cytotypes of the Simulium (Simulium) venustum

Free, B.; Mulamoottil, G., 1983:
The limnology of Lake Wabukayne, a storm-water impoundment

Alexander, V.; Gu, B., 1997:
The limnology of Smith Lake

O'brien, W.J.hn; Bahr, M.; Hershey, A.E.; Hobbie, J.E.; Kipphut, G.W.; Kling, G.W.; Kling, H.; Mcdonald, M.; Miller, M.C.; Rublee, P.; Vestal, J.R.bie, 1997:
The limnology of Toolik Lake

Forsyth, D.; Mccoll, R., 1974:
The limnology of a thermal lake: Lake Rotowhero, New Zealand. II. General biology with emphasis on the benthic fauna of Chironomids

Fortner, Heather, J., 1978:
The limu eater

Mikolajcik, E.; Brucker, R., 1982:
The limulus test: Horseshoe crabs help determine milk quality Bacterial assay, lipopolysaccharide complex, methods

Suda, K.U.hida, A., 1974:
The linage relationship of the cytoplasmic drug-resistance factors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Berner, U., 1974:
The linden problem

Fontnoire, J., 1974:
The linden tree

Smirnov, Vm, 1974:
The linden tree in the forests of the Primorye Territory

Bender, S., 1985:
The linden viburnum

Kramer, Ku, 1970:
The lindsaeoid ferns of the Old World. V. The smaller Pacific islands

Kadlec, J., 1969:
The line for joining of vene

Goodwin, Jeff, 1996:
The line in the sand

Holtz-Eakin, Douglas, 1988:
The line item veto and public sector budgets

Funk, J.R.; Rudd, R.W.; Kerrigan, J.R.; Crandall, J.R., 2006:
The line of action in the tibia during axial compression of the leg

Sheinin, Ne, 1971:
The line of greatest slope for oblique surfaces

Atanasov, A.Todorov., 2006:
The linear allometric relationship between total metabolic energy per life span and body mass of mammals

Kirshen Diana, M.; Bras Rafael, L., 1983:
The linear channel and its effect on the geomorphologic IUH

Joeres, E.; Seus, G.; Engelmann, H., 1981:
The linear decision rule (LDR) reservoir problem with correlated inflows. 1. Model development

Eastman, J.R.velle, C., 1977:
The linear decision rule in resevoir management and design. 3. direct capacity determination and intraseason constraints

French, A.S., 1980:
The linear dynamic properties of phototransduction in the fly compound eye

Vasavda, N.; Menzel, S.; Kondaveeti, S.; Maytham, E.; Awogbade, M.; Bannister, S.; Cunningham, J.; Eichholz, A.; Daniel, Y.; Okpala, I.; Fulford, T.; Thein, S.Lay., 2007:
The linear effects of alpha-thalassaemia, the UGT1A1 and HMOX1 polymorphisms on cholelithiasis in sickle cell disease

Künzler, P., 1985:
The linear extrachromosomal DNA of Physarum polycephalum replicates and is maintained under non-selective conditions in two different lower eukaryotes

Christensen, Km, 1985:
The linear interval method for determining habitat selection of riparian wildlife species

Wu, B.; He, Z.J.; Ooi, T.Leng., 2007:
The linear perspective information in ground surface representation and distance judgment

Basargin, Dd, 1978 :
The linear proportions of dorsal oil canal lengths of mericarps in Far Eastern and North American species of the genus Heracleum L

Dietl, J.D.ka, S., 1972:
The lines of development and reconstruction of the agrarian market and rural commerce

McKercher, B.; Decosta, P.L., 2007:
The lingering effect of colonialism on tourist movements

Boyer, John, W., 1988:
The lingering impact of chapter 11 on collective bargaining

Pankoke, W., 1977:
The lining and covering of raw wooden boards today and tomorrow

Cortez-Lara, A.G.rcia-Acevedo, M., 2000:
The lining of the all-American Canal: the forgotten voices

Baker, Shari, 1984:
The link between COPD and nutrition

Ritchie, S.A.; Connell, J.M.C., 2006:
The link between abdominal obesity, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease

Biritz, Lf, 1985:
The link between agricultural and industrial productivity

Boerger, Albert, 1948:
The link between agronomic research and the productive rural environment

Recker, Rr, 1987:
The link between calcium nutrition and bone remodeling

Demicco, F.; Sneed, J.B.erbauer, D., 2000:
The link between child nutrition programs and learning

McKay, M.M., 1994:
The link between domestic violence and child abuse: assessment and treatment considerations

Little, Peter, D., 1993:
The link between local participation and improved conservation

Burkitt, Dp, 1978:
The link between low-fiber diets and disease

Gnudi, L.; Viberti, G., 2007:
The link between mechanical stretch and glucose metabolism - a conceptual advance in understanding diabetic (and non diabetic?) renal disease

Anonymous, 1978:
The link between nutrition and family planning

Nocek, Je, 1996:
The link between nutrition, acidosis, laminitis and environment

Rand, J.S.; Appleton, D.J.; Fleeman, L.M.; Farrow, H.A., 2003:
The link between obesity and diabetes in cats and dogs

Terzic, M.; Arsenovic, N., 2007:
The link between ovarian cancer and infertility drugs

Stets, Je, 1993:
The link between past and present intimate relationships

Lund, P.D., 2007 :
The link between political decision-making and energy options: assessing future role of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Finland

Koenig, H.-George; Cohen, H.-Jay, 2002:
The link between religion and health

Goto, S.P.lton, R., 2000:
The link between strength and shear sensitivity for filler flocs formed with retention aids

Bell, Ea, 1988:
The link between systematics and ecology

Kelpis, E., 1983:
The link between the characteristics of the milking apparatus, working parameters and quality of the udders stimulation

Hersoug, L-G.; Linneberg, A., 2007:
The link between the epidemics of obesity and allergic diseases: does obesity induce decreased immune tolerance?

Nissan, A.; Batten, G.J., 1997:
The link between the molecular and structural theories of paper elasticity

W.H.iRong; Cai Yi; Y.D.n (), 2005:
The link of homocysteine levels to the carotid arteriosclerosis and cerebral infarction

Robinson, M.D.iscoll, D., 1988:
The link that gets results: marketing representatives leadership roles

Lacy, E.; Hardison, R.C.; Quon, D.; Maniatis, T., 1979:
The linkage arrangement of four rabbit beta-like globin genes

Eardley, A.L.wis, T.A.ison, D.P.well, P., 1996 :
The linkage between IT and business strategy in competitive systems: a reappraisal of some classic cases using a competition analysis framework

Hoy, C.W.; McCully, J.F.; Laborde, J.A.; Vargas Lopez, A.; Bujanos Muniz, R.; Rangel, E., 2007:
The linkage between integrated pest management and agroecosystem management: a case study in the Bajio, Mexico

Flood, R.-P.G.rber, P., M., 1989:
The linkage between speculative attack and target zone models of exchange rates

Miller, Hm, 1978:
The linkage of community decision making to economic development: a theoretical perspective

Baker, J.R.; Cifonelli, J.A.; Rodén, L., 1975:
The linkage of corneal keratan sulfate to protein

Stolobova, A.; Fam-Tkhan'-Kho; Kvitko, K., 1976:
The linkage of groups of mutations disturbing the functions of chloroplasts in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Wusteman, F.S.; Davidson, E.A., 1975:
The linkage region in the polypeptide of pig costal cartilage proteoglycan

Cai, J.; Leung, P., 2002:
The linkages of agriculture to Hawaiis economy

Markowski, T., 1969:
The linking of science with practice in college farms of the Polish agricultural colleges up till the year 1939

Von-Braun, J., 1997:
The links between agricultural growth, environmental degradation, and nutrition and health: implications for policy and research

Main, A.W.lpole, P., 1972:
The linseed crop in northern counties

Kozhevin, P.; Zviazintsev, D., 1975:
The linuniscence microscopic study microbial mass isolated from soils

Beatty, J.; Berry, J.; Millidge, A., 1992:
The linyphiid spiders of Micronesia and Polynesia, with notes on distribution and habitats

Patterson, Bruce, D., 2004:
The lions of Tsavo

Chapus, C.C.arles, M.S.meriva, M.V.rger, R.D.snuelle, P., 1976:
The lipase colipase system for the digestion of food triglycerides

Mora-Pale, J.Mauricio.; Pérez-Munguía, S.; González-Mejía, J.C.; Dordick, J.S.; Bárzana, E., 2007:
The lipase-catalyzed hydrolysis of lutein diesters in non-aqueous media is favored at extremely low water activities

Desnuelle, P., 1972:
The lipases

Fork, D.; Murata, N.S.to, N., 1977:
The lipid and fatty acid composition, electron transport, and light-energy redistribution in the thermophilic blue-green alga Synechococcus lividus grown at 55 C and 38 C

Fork, D.; Murata, N.S.to, N., 1977:
The lipid and fatty acid composition, electron transport, and light-energy redistribution in the thermophilic blue-green alga Synechococcus lividus grown at 55 and 38 C degrees Celsius

Radwan, H.M.; El-Missiry, M.M.; Al-Said, Y.M.; Abdel-Shafeek, K.A.; Seif-El-Nasr, M.M.; Ismail, A.S., 2006:
The lipid and flavonoidal constituents of Lepidium sativum (L.) growing in Egypt and their biological activity

Dolphin, P.; Amy, R.; Russell, J., 1988:
The lipid and lipoprotein status of the LA

Meijer, Lucas, A., 1994:
The lipid bilayer membrane and its interactions with additives

Negishi, T.S.to, K.H.rose, S.F.jino, Y., 1975:
The lipid class and its composi

Christie, W.W.; Moore, J.H., 1972:
The lipid components of the plasma, liver and ovarian follicles in the domestic chicken (Gallus gallus)

Christie, W.W.; Moore, J.H., 1972:
The lipid composition and triglyceride structure of eggs from several avian species

Sangar, V.; Patrick, M.; Dugan, P., 1973:
The lipid composition of a species of Alternaria of the Alternaria alternata group

Suomalainen, H.N.rminen, T., 1970:
The lipid composition of cell wall and plasma membrane of bakers yeast

Karpova, I.; Nechaev, A.; Gavrilova, N., 1986:
The lipid composition of fungi of the genus Absidia

Body, Dr, 1983:
The lipid composition of karaka seeds (Corynocapus laevigatus)

Hegde, Sn, 1972:
The lipid composition of pigeon milk

Diringer, H.; Kulas, H.P.; Schneider, L.G.; Schlumberger, H.D., 1973:
The lipid composition of rabies virus

Mills, G.; Cantino, E., 1978:
The lipid composition of the Blastocladiella emersonii gamma particle and the function of gamma particle lipid in chitin formation

Michailidis, I.E.; Zhang, Y.; Yang, J., 2007:
The lipid connection-regulation of voltage-gated Ca(2+) channels by phosphoinositides

Lavon, U.; Volcani, R.; Danon, D., 1970:
The lipid content of bovine spermatozoa during maturation and ageing

Mitchell, R.F., 1969:
The lipid content of mitochondria from transplantable animal tumours

Darwish Sayed, M.; Balbaa, S.I.; Afifi, M.S., 1973:
The lipid content of the seeds of citrullus colocynthis

Aliev, A.A., 1980:
The lipid exchange and productivity of ruminants

Tamas, M.P.pescu, H.F.garasan, E.L.ngu, D., 1976:
The lipid fraction in seeds of Euonymus europaeus L. (Celastraceae)

Caponio, F.; Clodoveo, M.L.; Pasqualone, A.; Summo, C.; Gomes, T., 2007:
The lipid fraction of gluten-free bakery products

Bauer, H.; Sigarlakie, E.; Bracco, U., 1975:
The lipid globules of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. A combined chemical and ultrastructural study using ultrathin frozen sections

Stehbens, William, E., 1993:
The lipid hypothesis of atherogenesis

Sohlenkamp, C.; Galindo-Lagunas, K.A.; Guan, Z.; Vinuesa, P.; Robinson, S.; Thomas-Oates, J.; Raetz, C.R.H.; Geiger, O., 2007:
The lipid lysyl-phosphatidylglycerol is present in membranes of Rhizobium tropici CIAT899 and confers increased resistance to polymyxin B under acidic growth conditions

Soldatenkov, P.; Sbrodov, F.; Timofeev, V., 1972:
The lipid metabolism in the rumen and wall of the digestive tract in sheep at different levels of their feeding

Zarrouki, B.; Soares, A.F.; Guichardant, M.; Lagarde, M.; Géloën, A., 2007:
The lipid peroxidation end-product 4-HNE induces COX-2 expression through p38MAPK activation in 3T3-L1 adipose cell

Li-Hao; Wang-Qiu-Juan; Yuan-Lin; Zhu-Dan-Ni, 2007:
The lipid regulating effects of Polygala total saponin in hyperlipidmia quails

Rifkind, B.M., 1986:
The Lipid Research Clinics Coronary Primary Prevention Trial

Novitsky, V.V.; Kravets, Y., B.; Kolosova, M.V.; Stepovaya, Y., A.; Yurchenko, Y., V.; Koshevets, T.Y., 2006:
The lipid spectrum of erythrocytie membranes in children with diabetes mellitus

Goto, K., 1974:
The lipid-origin flavour consti

Sova, Z.V.benska, A.S.vcikova, I.P.tkov, S.T.efny, D.C.bulka, J.K.udela, K.H.uska, J.B.nysek, J.B.rgmann, J., 1973:
The lipids (total lipids), cholesterol aesterified greasy acids and lipoproteins in the serum of geese in ontogenesis at different nutrition levels

Kinsella, J.E., 1969:
The lipids of Lepisma saccharina L

Camara, B.M.neger, R., 1977:
The lipids of green and mature fruits of bush redpeppers (Capsicum annuum L.)

Peress, N.S.; Anderson, H.C.; Sajdera, S.W., 1974:
The lipids of matrix vesicles from bovine fetal epiphyseal cartilage

Kurtz, Fe, 1974:
The lipids of milk: composition and properties

Schwartz, D.; Parks, O.; Schwartz, D., 1974:
The lipids of milk: deterioration. 1. Lipolysis and rancidity. 2. autoxidation

Richert, Mt, 1971:
The lipids of oil palm pollen

Radwan, S.S.; Mangold, H.K., 1976:
The lipids of plant tissue cultures

Acker, L., 1977:
The lipids of starch--a field of research between carbohydrates and lipids

Nagy, I.; Matkovics, B., 1975:
The lipids of the bovine pineal gland

Cenedella, Rj, 1971:
The lipids of the female monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus, during fall migration

Vioque, E.M.za, M., 1970:
The lipids of the olive tree fly (Dacus oleae); triglycerides

Mumma, R.O.; Fergus, C.L.; Sekura, R.D., 1970:
The lipids of thermophilic fungi: lipid composition comparisons between thermophilic and mesophilic fungi

Costes, C.B.zier, R., 1971:
The lipids of tomato leaf chloroplasts: effects of light on their fatty acid composition

Jacobs, F.; Vandergeynst, F., 1986:
The lipids of worker and drone larvae of honeybees (Apis mellifera L.)

Haboucha, J.D.vreux, A1; Masschelen, C., 1981:
The lipids of wort and their effect on the foam stability of the beer Clarification.1

Mordret, F.H.lme, J., 1975:
The lipids: composition and glyceridic structure

Deuel, Harry, J., 1951:
The lipids; their chemistry and biochemistry

Lakkaraju, A.; Finnemann, S.C.; Rodriguez-Boulan, E., 2007:
The lipofuscin fluorophore A2E perturbs cholesterol metabolism in retinal pigment epithelial cells

Davletova, L.; Termeleva, A., 1970:
The lipolythical activity of digestive organs of sheep in embryogenesis

Buzzell, Bl, 1975:
The lipolytic activity of two porcine growth hormone preparations in pigs

Felinski, L., 1972:
The lipolytic and proteolytic function of the abomasum of suckling calves

Iotov, I.I.tova-Bruchkova, S., 1975:
The lipolytic process in milk an

Hosono, A.T.kita, F., 1970:
The lipolytic properties of Candida mycoderma and Debaryomyces kloeckeri isolated from Limburger cheese and some properties of the lipases produced by these yeasts

Merilainen, V.U.si-Rauva, A., 1976:
The lipolytic properties of propionic acid bacteria

Cirioni, O.; Giacometti, A.; Ghiselli, R.; Kamysz, W.; Silvestri, C.; Orlando, F.; Mocchegiani, F.; Vittoria, A.Della.; Kamysz, E.; Saba, V.; Scalise, G., 2007:
The lipopeptides Pal-Lys-Lys-NH(2) and Pal-Lys-Lys soaking alone and in combination with intraperitoneal vancomycin prevent vascular graft biofilm in a subcutaneous rat pouch model of staphylococcal infection

Petri, S.; Calingasan, N.Y.; Alsaied, O.A.; Wille, E.; Kiaei, M.; Friedman, J.E.; Baranova, O.; Chavez, J.C.; Beal, M.Flint., 2007:
The lipophilic metal chelators DP-109 and DP-460 are neuroprotective in a transgenic mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Weisshaar, Reudiger, 1983:
The lipopolysaccharide of a chloridazon decomposing bacteria

Ohnishi, T.; Muroi, M.; Tanamoto, K-ichi., 2007:
The lipopolysaccharide-recognition mechanism in cells expressing TLR4 and CD14 but lacking MD-2

Li, Ch, 1982:
The lipotropins

Braux, Y.D.aphon, R.N.colas, J.C.illat, J., 1973:
The lipoxygenase of Vocia faba L. I. Isolation

Vick, B.; Zimmerman, D., 1987 :
The lipoxygenase pathway

Heimann, W.D.esen, P.S.hreier, P., 1973:
The lipoxygenase-:Lipoperoxidase-System in Cerals. isolation of two protein complexes with Lipoxygenase and Linolic Acid Hydroperoxide Activity from Oats and soybeans

Taranov, A.D., 1950:
The liqudation of losses from the deaths of insured animals

Rother, H., 1977:
The liquid

Aitzetmuller, K.G.hr, G., 1976:
The liquid chromatographic determination of unchanged triglycerides in used frying fats

Hammond, Gp, 1978:
The liquid dehydration and preservation of real flowers

Stark, Andrea, L., 1993:
The liquid diner

Kierzek, R., 2007:
The liquid dose in field crop protection interventions

Marks, V., 1978:
The liquid lunch and afternoon work performance

Hjulstad, O.G.emmestad, E.M.hl, I.M.lleby, A.S.nderod, P., 1969:
The liquid manure system has est

Urbasch, Irene, 1982:
The liquid metabolism products of tomato plants and the possible antigen function of these substances against phytopathogenic fungi

Clarke, J.; Blackman, R.G.tes, W.; Kerr, J.; Speakman, W.; Moxon, D., 1974:
The liquid milk market in 1978

Charleston, A.; Evans, L.S.awcross, E.; White, M., 1974:
The liquid phase of superphosphate

Cecchi, L.; Volonterio, G.; Resmini, P., 1976:
The liquid scintillation counting of the 14C natural level in ethanol: a comparison of different standardisation methods

Forty, S., 1980:
The liquid solution

Jakic Dimic, D.; Pavlovic, I.; Savic, B., 2007:
The liquid waste/slurry of swine farms, ecological problem of environmental contamination and its control

Todua, Na, 1974:
The liquidation of areas of Solanum cardinense in the western part of Georgia

Kaplan, A.D.H., 1944:
The liquidation of war production

Burns, A.-R.G.yer, A.-D.B.rns, A.-R.G.yer, A., D., 1944:
The liquidation of war surpluses

Noble, D., 1983:
The liquidator of lodgepole pine

Bernanke, B.; Mihov, I., 1998:
The liquidity effect and long-run neutrality

Wu, Wl, 1980:
The list of Taiwan bivalve fauna

Zajac, E.; Zajac, A., 1975:
The list of archeophytes ocurring in Poland

Anonymous, 1961:
The list of farm records in Japan

Anonymous, 1956:
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The llama, alpaca and vicuna: fact vs. fiction

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The load of infectious micro-organisms in the waste water of two South African hospitals

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The loading and transporting living animals by the state railroad and on trucks

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The loading trailer--still an increasingly important machine

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The local and systemic immune response of calves following experimental infection with I.B.R. virus

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The local authorities role in the control of food

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The local authority agency function for sewerage

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The local decision to tax

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The local freezed products industry

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The local government dilemma

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The local immune response

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The local lymph node assay and the assessment of relative potency: status of validation

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The local non-governmental organizations and community food self-sufficiency

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The local occurrence of Agarum cribrosum in relation to the presence or absence of its competitors and predators

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The local open space structure plan as a component of the local plan--objectives and contents according to the Bavarian Nature Conservation Act

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The local planning commission

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The local political market and periherical administration of CAP

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The local politics of landscape conservation

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The local private business sector as a potential resource base for extension youth organizations and their programs

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The local school administrator: supporter or non-supporter Vocational agricutlure, teacher activities conducive to good administrator support

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The local sheep in Finland

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The local varieties of vegetables and their merits

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The local wellness policy

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The local-use approach to the introduction of wheat in a nonproducing country: Thailand

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The localisation of alkaline phosphatase in the midgut epithelium of Carausius morosus

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The localisation of beta-N-acetyl-glucosaminidase in the oviduct of the domestic fowl

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The locality of Galium saxatile L. in the Polish Carpathian Mountains

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The location inducement package in the project location selection process

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The location of marginal production for value-added and intermediate goods

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The location of the storm area. II. Approximation of forest damage

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The location of the structural difference between ovotransferrin types A and B in hens

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The locomotion in tubular olfactometer of Diadrmus pulchellus (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) in presence of different olfactive stimulus mediating in the host searching

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The locomotion of hexapods on rough ground

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The locomotion of the camel (Camelus dromedarius)

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The locomotion of the pond skater Gerris lacustris L. on the water surface

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The locomotive activity of Leuc

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The locomotor activity of Hepialus humuli (L.) (Lepidoptera)

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The locomotor system of the domestic mammals

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The locomotory system of the purchase examination in the horse

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The logger, a professional tree harvester

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The loggers

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The logging unit in the future

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The logical use of anitbiotics

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The long and the short of it

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The long and the short view in price setting