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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17431

Chapter 17431 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Murakami, A., 1974:
The mutagenic activity of quinacrine hydrochloride in the silkworm

Brink, N.G., 1969:
The mutagenic activity of the pyrrolizidine alkaloid heliotrine in Drosophila melanogaster. II. Chromosome rearrangements

Palmer, K.; Denunzio, A.G.een, S., 1977:
The mutagenic assay of some hair dye components, using the thymidine kinase locus of L5178Y mouse lymphoma cells

Tarasenko, N.; Sokolov, V., 1971:
The mutagenic effect of 5-Br-uracil on barley

Podstavkova, S.M.adokova, E.T.i-Hoa, T., 1973:
The mutagenic effect of N-nitroso-N-methylurea applied alone and combined with ultraviolet irradiation on the cells Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Dang

Dzhmukhadze, Nf, 1972:
The mutagenic effect of ethylmethanesulfonate on Drosophilamelanogaster sperm and spermatids

Nikolov, N.; Khubavenska, N.; Georgiev, G.; Patrikov, T., 1981:
The mutagenic effect of laser light on the single-celled alga, Scenedesmus acutus

Gukasian, L.; Akopian, D., 1975:
The mutagenic effect of nitrosomethylurease on bush redpeppers

Ali, A.; Mahmond, A.1; Ibrahim, A.1; Rahman, M., 1981:
The mutagenic effect of nitrous acid, acriflavine and diethylamine on Streptomyces scabies to induce mutations to improve cultivated plants

Nagy, Z.; Mile, I.; Antoni, F., 1975:
The mutagenic effect of pesticides on Escherichia coli WP2 try

Woodruff, R.C.; Valencia, R.; Lyman, R.F.; Earle, B.A.; Boyce, J.T., 1980:
The mutagenic effect of platinum compounds in Drosophila melanogaster

Marghitu, V., 1972:
The mutagenic effect of the X rays and ethylmetansulfonate on beans in the generation of M3 and M4

Nehéz, M.; Páldy, A.; Selypes, A.; Körösfalvi, M.; Lörinczi, I.; Berencsi, G., 1980:
The mutagenic effect of trifluralin-containing herbicide on mouse germ cells in vivo

Agrawal, S.; Sarma, Y., 1983:
The mutagenic effect of ultraviolet light on Stigeoclonium pascheri (Vischer) Cox and Bold

Sal'-Nikova, T.; Dosmailova, O., 1982:
The mutagenic effect of urethylans on bread wheat

Hussein, H.; Sallam, S.; Kamel, H.; Labib, T., 1974:
The mutagenic effects of EMS on Salvia splendens

Cipp, D.; Singh, R., 1983:
The mutagenic effects of cis-platinum(II) diammine dichloride (CPDD) and CPDD plus caffeine

Kolotenkov, Pv, 1974:
The mutagenic influence of drying on pea seeds

Uwaifo, A.O., 1984:
The mutagenicities of seven coumarin derivatives and a furan derivative (nimbolide) isolated from three medicinal plants

Searle, Ce, 1985:
The mutagenicity and carcinogenicity of the food additive AF-2: how real was the hazard?

Talmud, P.J.; Lewis, D., 1974:
The mutagenicity of amino acid analogues in Coprinus lagopus

Kurinnyi, Ai, 1977:
The mutagenicity of certain pesticides derivatives of urea, carbamic, and thiocarbamic acids

Kramers, P.G., 1975:
The mutagenicity of saccharin

Stoltz, D.; Stavric, B.K.assen, R.B.ndall, R.; Craig, J., 1977:
The mutagenicity of saccharin impurities. I. Detection of mutagenic activity

Zdzienicka, M.Z.elenska, M.H.yniewicz, M.T.ojanowska, M.Z.lejska, M., 1981:
The mutagenicity of the fungicide thiram

Song, F.; Qu, Y-jin.; Yang, Y-ling.; Jin, Y-wei.; Zhang, Y-min.; Wang, H.; Yu, W-zhong., 2007:
The mutant spectrum of phenylalanine hydroxylase gene in Northern Chinese

Ayra-Pardo, C.D.vis, P.E.lar, D., 2007:
The mutation RS in the Bacillus thuringiensis hybrid toxin CryAAC slightly increases toxicity for Mamestra brassicae L

Delange, A.M., 1981:
The mutation SK(ad-3A) cancels the dominance of ad-3A+ over ad-3A in the ascus of Neurospora

Crow, J.; Simmons, M., 1983:
The mutation load in Drosophila

Kapietisa, O.S., 1960:
The mutation of the virus of tobacco mosaics under the influence of increased temperatures

Zakharov, I.A., 1980:
The mutation process of fungi

Browning, L.S., 1969:
The mutational spectrum produced in Drosophila by N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine

Golodkovskii, V.; Rashidov, T.; Akhundzhanov, N., 1971:
The mutations ba1 and a1 in the intergeneric hybrids Zea ma ys L. x Euchlaena mexicana Schrad

Gabelli, C.B.lato, C.M.rtini, S.T.nnyson, G.; Brewer, H.J.; Crepaldi, G.B.ggio, G., 1993:
The mutations of apolipoprotein B gene causing hypobetalipoproteinemia: molecular and functional abnormalities in Apo B-87(Padova)

Gelston, W.L.W.od, R.D., 1982:
The mute swan in northern Michigan

Cannon, D.; Thatcher, L.; Thomas, I., 1973:
The mutton and lamb industries

Vandenberghe, N., 1978:
The mutton market in Madrid: distribution systems and margins. I

Vandenberge, N., 1978:
The mutton market in Madrid: distribution systems and margins. II

Vandenberghe, N., 1978:
The mutton market in Madrid: systems and margins of distribution. IV

Ichard, Jl, 1981:
The mutton market in the European Economic Community

Alonso, A., 1977:
The mutton market in the European Economic Community and Spain

Baldwin, R.-E.L.ons, R., 1988:
The mutual amplification effect of exchange rate volatility and unresponsive trade prices

Noguchi, Heikichi, 1955:
The mutual benefit society in agriculture

Nair, Vg, 1982:
The mutual dependance of M1 fertility and M2 mutations in rice

Novoplansky, A.C.hen, D., 1997:
The mutual distribution of competing root systems: A stationary model

Fukuda, T.M.yagi, T., 1975:
The mutual effect of various co

Sokolova, E.; Ivanov, V.; Mikriukov, G., 1970:
The mutual influence of pea, mustard and barley in mixed sowings

Szczepanik, R.S.rzynski, W., 1969:
The mutual influence of the molecules of vanillin and ethylvanillin on the technology and quality of aromatic substances for foodstuffs

Grant, Rh, 1984 :
The mutual interference of spruce canopy structural elements

Zenov, Ig, 1969:
The mutual regulation of the fecundity of animals and the sex ratio in their posterity

Wouterlood, Fg, 1975:
The mutual relations of structures in the growing bill of chick (Gallus domesticus L.) and duck (Anas plantyrhynchos L.) embryos. I. Normal embryonic growth and growth after excision of the prospective uppper or lower bill, in terms of external dimensions

Wouterlood, Fg, 1976:
The mutual relations to structures in the growing bill of chick (Gallus domesticus L.) and duck (Anas platyrhynchos -L.) embryos. II. Normal growth of duck embryos (external dimensions); the size, shape, and position of skeletal elements in the heads of chick and duck embryos lacking an upper or lower bill

Kangas, E., 1981:
The mutual relationship between insects injurious to forests and their host plants

Kalinowska, C.P.dgorski, W., 1969:
The mutual relationship between the PBI level in blood serum and milk production in sheep

Rychtera, M.T.cha, J., 1983:
The mutual relationship of important biochemical and technological activities in bakers yeast

Weil, J.; Schollenberger, C.; Linfield, W., 1977:
The mutual solubilization of soap and lime soap dispersing agents

Blaschke, D., 1973:
The mutual tasks of improving the agrarian structure and coastal protection

Raimbault, R., 1979:
The mutualist and cooperative movement in French society

Raimbault, R., 1979:
The mutualist and cooperatives movement in French society

Weiss, R., 1982:
The myc oncogene in man and birds Chicken bursal lymphomas

Anagnostakis, Sl, 1984:
The mycelial biology of Endothia parasitica. I. Nuclear and cytoplasmic genes that determine morphology and virulence

Anagnostakis, Sl, 1984:
The mycelial biology of Endothia parasitica. II. Vegetative incompatibility

Bulman, R.A.; Chittenden, G.J., 1976:
The mycelial cell wall of Penicillium charlesii G. Smith NRRL 1887

Caporali, L., 1975:
The mycelial forms of Urophlyctis leproides (Trab.) Magn

Moss, Mo, 1984:
The mycelial habit and secondary metabolite production

Shukla, P., 1974:
The mycelium of Fomes igniarius in natural and artificial environments

Gidel, R.A.bert, J.; Lefevre, M.M.nard, M.R.tif, M., 1969:
The mycobacteria of animal origin isolated by the Muraz Centre from 1965-1968. isolation and identification method. results

Besra, G.S.; Brennan, P.J., 1997:
The mycobacterial cell wall: biosynthesis of arabinogalactan and lipoarabinomannan

Kowalski,, K., 1983:
The mycoflora in the needles of pines of various age (Pinus sylvestris L.) Thirty-two species were isolated.1

Consiglio, G.; Setti, L.; Minari, E., 2007:
The mycoflora of Bosco della Fontana

Ichinoe, M.T.katori, K.K.rata, H., 1973:
The mycoflora of barley and whe

Flannigan, B.H.aly, R., 1983:
The mycoflora of barleys accepted and rejected for malting

Moreau, M., 1978:
The mycoflora of bottle corks: Its evolution in contact with the wine; possible consequences of the metabolism of the molds

Di-Menna, Me, 1971:
The mycoflora of leaves of pasture plants in New Zealand

Slusarska, E.S.pien, M., 1979:
The mycoflora of onion seeds and its effect on the health of the plants

Charpentie, M.; Nicot, J., 1978:
The mycoflora of pea grains: listing and biological remarks

Waliyar, F.R.quebert, M., 1979:
The mycoflora of peanut pods and seeds in Senegal

Courtois, H.I.slinger, R., 1976:
The mycoflora of pine butt rot on seasonal moist silty clay soil

Vrany, J., 1970 :
The mycoflora of plant rhizosphere after the treatment of the overground parts with a solution of urea

Litvinov, M.; Smirnova, N., 1975:
The mycoflora of sandy desert soils covered by Bromus tectorum, Carex physodes and Haloxylon persicum in the Repetek Reservation

King, A.; Hocking, A.; Pitt, J., 1981:
The mycoflora of some Australian foods

Jooste, Wj, 1976:
The mycoflora of wheat field debris. II

Jooste, Wj, 1978:
The mycoflora of wheat field debris. III

Prance, G.T., 1973:
The mycological diet of the Yanomam Indians

Garcia-Bona, Lm, 1982:
The mycological flora of Navarra. IV

Luciani, A., 1980:
The mycological iconography of French authors. 1

Anonymous, 1987:
The mycologist

Lizon, P., 1975:
The mycologist Igor Fabry is seventy years old

Hood, I.A., 2006:
The mycology of the basidiomycetes

Tursunkhodzhaev, A.; Tansykbaeva, R., 1970 :
The mycolytic bacteria in the root zone of cotton plants

Ulanova, Ef, 1975:
The mycoplasm distribution in tomato shoot apex infected by big bud of tomato

Cottew, Gs, 1974:
The mycoplasmas of sheep and goats

Naqvi, Nusrat, Z., 1971:
The mycoplasmic stage of Sclerospora sorghi Weston and Uppal and Fusarium moniliforme Sheldon

Andruszewska, A.D.minik, T., 1972:
The mycorhiza Prunus cerasus L. x Rhodophyllus clypeatus (Bull. ex Fr.) Quel

Korotkov, Gp, 1974:
The mycorhiza distribution in the pine stands damaged by Fomes annosus

Zherebtsov, V.; Petrenko, V., 1974:
The mycorhiza influence on the growth of Pinus sylvestris L. and Quercus robur L. seedlings

Deveau, A.; Palin, B.; Delaruelle, C.; Peter, M.; Kohler, A.; Pierrat, J.C.; Sarniguet, A.; Garbaye, J.; Martin, F.; Frey-Klett, P., 2007:
The mycorrhiza helper Pseudomonas fluorescens BBc6R8 has a specific priming effect on the growth, morphology and gene expression of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Laccaria bicolor S238N

Frey-Klett, P.; Garbaye, J.; Tarkka, M., 2007:
The mycorrhiza helper bacteria revisited

Protsenko, Ma, 1974:
The mycorrhiza ultrastructure of peas

Pope, P.; Chaney, W.1; Rhodes, J.1; Woodhead, S., 1983 :
The mycorrhizal dependency of four hardwood tree species Glomus, Gigaspora margarita

Tolleson, W.H.; Dooley, K.L.; Sheldon, W.G.; Thurman, J.D.; Bucci, T.J.; Howard, P.C., 1996:
The mycotoxin fumonisin induces apoptosis in cultured human cells and in livers and kidneys of rats

Garren, K.; Christensen, C.; Porter, D., 1969:
The mycotoxin potential of peanuts (groundnuts): the U.S.A. VIEWPOINT

Frank, Hk, 1974:
The mycotoxin problem in foods

Huff, W.; Ruff, M., 1981:
The mycotoxin-compromised chick Ochratoxin A, Eimeria acervulina, Eimeria tenella

Vitali, G., 1975:
The mycotoxins of oil products

Ruggiero, M.N.castro, C., 1980:
The mycotoxins problem in tropical countries

Del-Grande, P., 1974:
The myelination of the fibres of the spinal cord of chicken embryo

Rosenberg, J.S.ifert, G., 1978:
The myeline sheath around central nervous system and peripheral nerves of the Geophilomorpha (Chilopoda)

Nguyen-Legros, J.M.rchi, N., 1974:
The myeloid bodies of pigmented epithelium. III. Differe ntiation and culture of tissues

Huang, L.; Osato, M.; Yanagida, M.; Yamashita, N.; Ito, Y., 2007:
The myeloid features of BXH2 leukemias may result from the lack of one copy of the repetitive sequence in the long terminal repeat viral enhancer

Raven, Rj, 1981:
The mygalomorph spider genera Phyxioschaema Simon and Stenygrocercus Simon (Dipluridae: Ischnothelinae)

E.Din, A.M.S., 2006:
The mylius thermometric technique. A review of a simple corrosion testing method of wide potentialities

Ustanina, S.; Carvajal, J.; Rigby, P.; Braun, T., 2007:
The myogenic factor Myf5 supports efficient skeletal muscle regeneration by enabling transient myoblast amplification

Porter, Dg, 1979:
The myometrium and the relaxin enigma

Gempel, K.; Topaloglu, H.; Talim, B.; Schneiderat, P.; Schoser, B.G.H.; Hans, V.H.; Pálmafy, B.; Kale, G.; Tokatli, A.; Quinzii, C.; Hirano, M.; Naini, A.; DiMauro, S.; Prokisch, H.; Lochmüller, H.; Horvath, R., 2007:
The myopathic form of coenzyme Q10 deficiency is caused by mutations in the electron-transferring-flavoprotein dehydrogenase (ETFDH) gene

Knochel, J.P.; Cronin, R.E., 1984:
The myopathy of experimental magnesium deficiency

Brautbar, N.; Massry, S.G., 1984:
The myopathy of phosphate depletion

van den Boom, F.; Düssmann, H.; Uhlenbrock, K.; Abouhamed, M.; Bähler, M., 2007:
The Myosin IXb motor activity targets the myosin IXb RhoGAP domain as cargo to sites of actin polymerization

Sung, Sk, 1977:
The myosin nature of PSE (pal

John, H.A., 1974:
The myosin of developing and dystrophic skeletal muscle

Obinata, T., 1969:
The myosin of developing chick embryo

Gerbasi, V.R.; Link, A.J., 2007:
The myotonic dystrophy type 2 protein ZNF9 is part of an ITAF complex that promotes cap-independent translation

Whalley, Pes, 1969:
The myrmarid (Hymenoptera) egg-parasites of Tettigella viridis L. (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae) and embryo-parasitis

Lawrence, J.F.; Reichardt, H., 1969:
The myrmecophilous Ptinidae (Coleoptera), with a key to Australian species

Peck, Sb, 1976:
The myrmecophilous beetle genus Echinocoleus in the southwestern United States (Leiodidae: Catopinae)

Gammelmo, O.; Aarvik, L., 2007:
The myrmecophilous fly Microdon myrmicae Schonrogge et al., 2002 (Diptera, Syrphidae) in Norway

Kistner, Dh, 2006:
The myrmecophilous genus Trilobitideus (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae)

Van-Wyk, Ae, 1985:
The myrtle apple, a forgotten veld fruit

Steffey, J., 1982:
The myrtle family Eucalyptus ficifolia

Wang, Shu-Jung, 1984 :
The mysteries of frogs and snakes

Van-Veen, T., 1975:
The mysteries of rhododendron propagation

Triantafil, D., 1973:
The mysteries of the honey bee

Matsumoto, Kosai, Ii, 1978:
The mysterious Japanese plum

Weber, W., 1982:
The mysterious Tillandsia rosea Description, classification

Mari, F.; Polettini, A.; Lippi, D.; Bertol, E.; I de Medici, F.; Capello, B., 2006:
The mysterious death of Francesco I de' Medici and Bianca Cappello: an arsenic murder?

Thompson, J., 2007:
The mysterious demise of an ice-age relic: exposing the cause of yellow-cedar decline

Fisher, Rf, 1972:
The mysterious fairy rings

Zwinger, Ann, 1989:
The mysterious lands

Lemieux, T., 1978:
The mysterious mistletoe

Klein, Rm, 1977:
The mysterious mushroom

Sporne, Kr, 1973:
The mysterious origin of flowering plants

Crawford, Rl, 1984:
The mysterious phoretic mites

Paarlberg, Rl, 1990:
The mysterious popularity of EEP

Spaven, Jw, 1971:
The mysterious rainfall is solved

Matsumoto, Kaosai, 1979:
The mysterious reishi mushroom

Lane, Ferdinand, C., 1947:
The mysterious sea

Pedrazzani, Jean-Michel, 1980:
The mysterious sixth sense of animals

Bristowe, Ws, 1979:
The mysterious swarms of sepsid flies and their unpalatability to spiders

Ustinov, S.K., 1989:
The mysterious trail of the musk deer

Simush, P.I., 1991:
The mysterious world reflections about peasantry

Lin, Min-Ju, 1958:
The mystery and usefulness of plants

Johnson, Rc, 1979:
The mystery continues! What causes sugar content to increase--read on

Radcliffe-Smith, A., 1976:
The mystery of Euphorbia robbiae (Euphorbiaceae)

Rooks, Evelyn, 1981:
The mystery of Isadora

Yasuda, Hitoshi, 1976:
The mystery of flower colors

Leisman, Ga, 1987:
The mystery of flowering plants

Leake, Ll, 1998:
The mystery of hairy footwarts: the plot thickens with conflicting clues

Bir, Re, 1986:
The mystery of milkweed germination

Brumfield, Pc, 1978:
The mystery of pine bark

Kamiyama, Keizo, 1980:
The mystery of plants

Winstanley, M., 1980:
The mystery of pre-slaughter stress in pigs

Long, Ag, 1980:
The mystery of the Orange Tip butterfly

Bojarczuk, W., 1975:
The mystery of the queen cells

Kalmbacher, G., 1973:
The mystery of the red berry of Opuntia caribaea

Konstant, Da, 1991:
The mystery of the sexual jungle fungus

Mazokhin-Porshniakov, G.; Semenova, S.; Serdiukova, I., 1978:
The mystery of the shape perception in the honey bee, Apis mellifera L. (Hymenoptera, Apidae)

Taber, S., 2002:
The mystery of the virgin queens mating

Gorban, A.N.; Zinovyev, A.Y., 2007:
The mystery of two straight lines in bacterial genome statistics

Anonymous, 2007:
The mystery of vaults

Best, Mr, 1976:
The mystery of vintners

Ward, Francis-Kingdon, 1986:
The mystery rivers of Tibet

Darling, C.A.; Davidson, J.K.; Passarello, L.C., 1992:
The mystique of first intercourse among college youth: the role of partners, contraceptive practices, and psychological reactions

Anonymous, 1975:
The myth and reality of aging in America

Hou, Joseph, P., 1978:
The myth and truth about ginseng

Martin, Fw, 1977:
The myth of Progress Forever

Chandler, William, U., 1984:
The myth of TVA

Nigam, R.; Suri, M., 1979:
The myth of agricultural bias in the budget

Caplow,, H.; Chadwick, B.; Hill, R.W.lliamson, M., 1986:
The myth of declining family

Schneiders, B., 1996:
The myth of environmental management: the Corps, the Missouri River, and the Channelization Project

Keniston, K., 1985:
The myth of family independence

Edwards, Jg, 1980:
The myth of food-chain biomagnification

Singh, S., 1981:
The myth of intercalary segment in insect head

Fowlkes, Mr, 1987:
The myth of merit and male professional careers: the roles of wives

Sterling, Em, 1970:
The myth of multiple use

Degraaf, R.; Healy, W., 1993:
The myth of natures constancy--preservation, protection and ecosystem management

Saether, Oa, 1986 :
The myth of objectivity post-Hennigian deviations

Forsyth, William-Douglass, 1942:
The myth of open spaces

Shurtleff, M., 1978:
The myth of pesticide induced injuries

Pitzer, Rl, 1979:
The myth of self-sufficiency: family problems and the social system

Taber, S., 1986:
The myth of stimulative feeding

Einbinder, Harvey, 1964:
The myth of the Britannica

Malacarne, Giancarlo, 1995:
The myth of the Gonzaga horse

Harrison, R., 1991:
The myth of the barn egg

Reulbach, U.; Biermann, T.; Markovic, K.; Kornhuber, J.; Bleich, S., 2007:
The myth of the birthday blues: a population-based study about the association between birthday and suicide

Mishel, L.-R.T.ixeira, R., A., 1991:
The myth of the coming labor shortage

Fullbright, K., 1986:
The myth of the double-advantage: black female managers

Birdsall, William, F., 1994 :
The myth of the electronic library

Vogeler, Ingolf, 1981:
The myth of the family farm

Hernandez, J., 1998:
The myth of the magic bullet

Bunnell, Fl, 1976:
The myth of the omniscient forest

Hall, B.-J.W.instein, D., E., 1996:
The myth of the patient Japanese

Keniston, K., 1984:
The myth of the self-sufficient family

Morton, Lt, 1979:
The myth of the universal rootstock

Morton, L., 1995:
The myth of the universal rootstock revisited

Huszar, Pc, 1974:
The myth of urban growth, or how fiscal imbalance came to San Jose

Ghosh, B., 1970:
The myth of village community

Whiteside, Mc, 1983:
The mythical concept of eutrophication

Hausman, G.; Hausman, L., 1998:
The mythology of cats

Durkin, Ta, 1982:
The mythology of consumer credit American economy, statistical analysis

Hausman, G.; Hausman, L., 1997:
The mythology of dogs

Heywood, Vh, 1983:
The mythology of taxonomy

Rubin, Kw, 1996:
The myths & realities: taking a fresh look at food safety

Dainton, M., 1993:
The myths and misconceptions of the stepmother identity: descriptions and prescriptions for identity management

Anonymous, 1992:
The myths and realities of North Dakota poverty

Mainie, P., 1970:
The myths and realities of evolution of agricultural enterprise

Jaenicke, Edward, C., 1997:
The myths and realities of pesticide reduction

Hilderbrand, R.H.; Watts, A.C.; Randle, A.M., 2005:
The myths of restoration ecology

Ackerman, F.Eugene, 1951:
The myths of synthetic wool and skyrocketing wool prices

Clark, J., 1992:
The myxamoebae of Didymium iridis and Physarum polycephalum are immortal

Rive, M., 1978:
The myxomatosis epizootic in 1977

Rakoczy, L., 1973:
The myxomycete Physarum nudum as a model organism for photobiological studies

Carlile, Mj, 1974:
The myxomycete Physarum nudum: life-cycle and pure culture of plasmodia

Eliasson, UH., 1991:
The myxomycete biota of the Hawaiian Islands

Ing, Bruce, 1999:
The myxomycetes of Britain and Ireland

Sekhon, Ss, 1980:
The myxomycetes of Chandigarh. III. Genus Licea

Houtman, G., 1975:
The myxomycetes of the Netherlands

Gray, W.D., 1976:
The myxomycetes--some problems and unanswered questions

Samuels, Gj, 1973:
The myxomyceticolous species of Nectria

Abe, Z.M.nami, K., 1974:
The n-hexane extract from the w

Beer, R.; Naylor, A., 1973:
The nabam oxidation product synthesis of some imidozo-1,2,4-dithiazole derivatives

Jaarsveld, E.Van, 1984:
The naboom (Euphorbia ingens) with particular reference to its age

Kanamori, K.C.ino, A.K.warada, Y., 1978:
The nailed-glued joints of Lami

Hersteinsson, P.; Georgsson, G.; Adalsteinsson, S.; Gunnarsson, E., 2007:
The naked fox: hypotrichosis in arctic foxes (Alopex lagopus)

Berberich, Stephen, M., 1989:
The naked intruder

Hayes, Bartlett, H., 1955:
The naked truth and personal vision

Suss, H.; Nimmerfroh, N.; Kronis, J., 1998:
The naked truth on hot peroxide bleaching

Walters, S.; Walters, M.; Lourens, M., 1971:
The namaqualand vygie caterpillar

Friedrich, H., 1976:
The name Opuntia

Hartmann, H., 1979:
The name Argyroderma L. Bol and the problem of Cline in the variety Argyroderma pearsonii (N.E.Br.) Schw

Burtt B.L., 1973:
The name Begonia sinuata

Dennis, Rgw, 1982:
The name for the type species of Propolomyces Sherwood Propolomyces versicolor

Baker, Hg, 1978:
The name game

Witt, Ja, 1982:
The name game Botanical name changes

Tjaden, W., 1971:
The name game. 2

Walter, Ks, 1982:
The name of a hybrid X Asplenosorus Pteridophyta, new hybrid

Sohmer, Sh, 1975:
The name of the American Nelumbo

Greuter, W., 1986:
The name of the Corsican hellebore

Mabberley, Dj, 1981:
The name of the Madeiran Maytenus (Celastraceae)

Burtt, Bl, 1981:
The name of the Spanish Merendera

Rosenblatt, D.H., 1984:
The name of the game

Mckinlay,, K., 1973:
The name of the game: farming

Cowan, C.F., 1969:
The name of the meadow brown

Fosberg, Fr, 1973 :
The name of the octopus tree

Kleis, R.; Edwards, D., 1973:
The name of the profession

Brown, Cg, 1973:
The names the same

Finch, Jm, 1990:
The named veterinary surgeon--a personal view

Smithers, Cn, 1975:
The names of Australian and New Zealand Myopsocidae (Psocoptera)

Anonymous, 1984:
The names of Floridas native palms. Names for attributes or for resemblance to other plants

Hovda, J.; Jorgensen, P.; Krog, H.O.thagen, H., 1975:
The names of Norwegian lichens

Clench, Hk, 1979:
The names of certain holarctic hairstreak genera (Lycaenidae)

Rakaj, N., 1970:
The names of fish and water organisms

Gledhill, D., 1989:
The names of plants

Fosberg, Fr, 1981:
The names of published in Stickmans Herbarium Amboinense or Casuarina litorea L., a valid Rumphian name

Hall, N.; Johnson, L.A.S., 1993:
The names of the acacias of New South Wales

Butzin, F., 1971:
The names of the suprageneric units of Orchidaceae

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The nation needs 1,585 eggs per second

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The nations rural elderly

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The nations tropical garden

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The nations unused wood offers vast potential energy and product benefits

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The nations water

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The nations water resources

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The nations wood preserving industry

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The national Department of Forestry and Our Green Heri tage

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The national F.F.A. contest as a measure of ability in judging

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The national FFA Agricultural Mechanics Contest and its usefulness in recruiting

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The national Pedon Coding System , expansion, revisions, and use

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The national academies in focus

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The national accounts of the Philippines CY 1946--1967, with supporting and analysis tables and technical notes (overall revision as of August 30, 1968)

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The national agricultural conference

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The national agricultural research systems of West and Central Africa

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The national agro-industrial complex in Bulgaria

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The national air monitoring program, air quality and emissions trends

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The national alcohol program--present situation and prospects

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The national and international roles of the IR 2 virus free fruit tree repository Washington

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The national anti-inflation program, 1942

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The national assessment and the next phase

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The national atlas of Canada

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The national bank for virus free fruit clones and drupe fruit germplasm indegenous to Mexico

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The national beef cattle genotype X environmental interaction research study and its implication to Louisiana cattlemen

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The national beef quality audit

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The national biomass program

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The national brucellosis program of Canada

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The national brucellosis program of mexico

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The national brucellosis program of the United States

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The national brucellosis programme of Australia

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The national brucellosis programme of Britain

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The national brucellosis programme of the Republic of Ireland

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The national center for study an

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The national collection of Lepidoptera

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The national commission on water quality study of the impacts of Public Law 92-500 on industry

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The national conference of the works and institutional organizations of MTESZ

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The national conservation buffer initiative

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The national crossbreeding program for milk production in Cuba

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The national curriculum project for professional youth workers

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The national dairy herd--current situation

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The national economic accounts of the United States

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The national economy of Tatar ASSR (for the 50-year formation of the USSR)

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The national economy of the USSR after 60 years

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The national electric safety code and its application to rural systems

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The national environmental specimen bank--its concepts, its history and its objectives

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The national forest inventory. Results of the second inventory

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The national forest supervision program of Brazil

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The national forests Americas great outdoors national recreation strategy

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The national forests in Mississippi and their water resources

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The national forests of Nurnberg--from the history of the oldest artificial forests

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The national forests of the Southwest

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The national forests, Americas great outdoors

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The national forests, Pacific Northwest Region, multiple use highlights

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The national forests--better planning needed to improve resource management

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The national forests: an experiment in land management USA

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The national forests: fact sheet

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The national forests: some neglected costs

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The national formulary

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The national garden survey

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The national genebanks creation programme

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The national goat database

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The national goat program for chevon and dairy production in Malaysia

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The national goat program for chevon and dairy production in the Philippines

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The national goat program for rural smallholders in Indonesia

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The national government will not depart from the policy laid out for the agricultural sector

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The national grid 1

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The national guide to chinchilla breeding

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The national hazardous waste land disposal restrictions

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The national health and S. 545

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The national health and nutrition examination survey and measurement of human exposure and body burden

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The national health and nutrition examination survey data and food fortification policy USA

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The national historical distribution of Platanthera peramoena (A. Gray) A. Gray (Orchidaceae) and its status in Ohio

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The National Human Monitoring Program for Pesticides

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The national implications of the dairy industry report

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The national importance of the expansibility of imported wine business

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The national income and national accounts of Mauritius, 1948-1954

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The national income and population income in 1958, Hungary

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The national income and social accounts of Southern Rhodesia, 1946-1951

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The national income of British India, 1931-1932

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The national information infrastructure and the recommendations of the 1991 White House Conference on Library and Information Services

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The national institutes of environmental research

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The national interagency incident management system--a glossary of terms

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The national interest in a farm program

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The national lament--service, where is it?

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The national landscape park, the vision of the Institute onNature and the Environment

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The national malnutrition

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The national meeting of outstanding farmers held in Kwidzyn

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The national need for an integrated trade policy: the textile example

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The national network for the collection and processing of animal husbandry data

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The national non-fed beef quality audit

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The national nutrition program in Colombia

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The national nutrition safety net

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The national nutrition survey in the United States

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The national outlook for the Australian beef industry

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The national outlook in forestry

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The national pandemic influenza preparedness and response plan

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The national park

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The national park Bavarian Forest

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The national park and forest administration: relations and cooperation in Upper Franconia

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The national park and legal questions

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The national park and reserve system in Botswana

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The national park of Mercnatour

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The national park of the Dolomitic peaks: a proposal of a natural reserve for the protection of the Venetian pre-Dolomitic district

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The national park of the forests of Casentino, Monte Falterona and Campigna

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The national park system in the United States

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The national park system in the United States: an overview with a survey of selected government documents and archival materials

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The national park system plan

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The national park system: ways and means

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The national park, forest under glass plate

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The national parks and game reserves of Dahomey

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The national parks and other wild places of Southern Africa

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The national parks and young America

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The national parks fishing guide

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The national parks in Finland

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The national parks in Italy

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The national parks of Canada

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The national parks of Costa Rica

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The national parks of France

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The national parks of Uganda

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The national parks of the Belgian Congo

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The national parks of the United States

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The national perspective

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The national pesticide use observation program. I. An overview

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The national pig information database

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The national plan for ozone monitoring and early detection of stratospheric change 1979-1984

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The national plan for production and marketing research for florist and nursery agriculture

Anonymous, 1980:
The national plan for stratospheric ozone monitoring and early detection of change, 1980-1985

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The national plan of irrigation works for rural development

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The national policy and prairie economic discrimination, 1870-1930

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The national policy and the prairie region

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The national policy and the wheat economy

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The national potential of home equity conversion

Calet, C., 1982:
The national problem of protein resources and animal nutrition

Anonymous, 1976:
The national program for conservation and development of forest resources in the period 1976-2010

Tabaras, I., 1976:
The national program for conservation and development of forest resources offers great possibilities of activity of each forester

Echeverria, A., L., 1973:
The national program in forests development

Rio, Ja-Del, 1977:
The national program of Mexico

Nance, Gordon, B., 1942:
The national program to check price rises during the war and price declines in the post-war period

Sendak, Pe, 1972:
The national pure maple sirup consumer survey

Walther, F., 1971:
The national regional park of Morvan

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The national research grid for sugarcane in India

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The national research program in applied rural sociology and macroeconomics

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The national research program on the effects of atmospheric deposition on U.S. forests

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The national role in rural economic development

Anonymous, 1996:
The national rural development policy consultation

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The national rural libraries reference survey: a preliminary report

Anonymous, 1980:
The national sample survey and evaluation programme, 1980-1984

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The national scene for the year 2000: professional societies engineers

Anonymous, 1996 :
The national sediment quality survey

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The national sharecroppers fund and the farm co op movement in the South

Anonymous, 1998:
The national sheep database

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The national situation of basic agricultural products from 1967 to 1974 and prospects for 1975

Anonymous, 2007:
The national standard of the Russian Federation GOST RISO 15190. Medical laboratories. Safety requirements

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The national standard squab book

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The national subterranean clover improvement program--progress and directions

Anonymous, 1940:
The national sugar problem

Anonymous, 1997:
The national survey of laboratory animal use, facilities, and resources

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The national swine research program in the United States

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The national system for soybean oil and protein testing

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The national tobacco industry report

Anonymous, 1990:
The national trade data bank

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The national trust and its function in todays changing world

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The national vegetation survey of Ireland: Nardo Callunetea

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The national water data exchange--how it will benefit you

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The national water data network: a case history

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The national wealth of the United States by major sector and industry

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The national wealth of the United States in the postwar period

Anonymous, 1997:
The national weeds strategy

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The national wetlands inventory and its relationship to wildlife habitat values in the southwestern United States Land resources, wildlife conservation

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The national wetlands inventory in North Carolina

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The national wildlife refuges

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The national wildlife reserve of Manovo-Gounda-Saint Floris (C.A.R.). Vegetation and wildlife

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The nationalized industries and the Retail Price Index 1962-1978

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The nations within

Anonymous, 1976:
The nationwide trend

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The native Americans

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The native Ilex (Aquifoliaceae) of Turkey, Transcaucasia, Iran, the Georgian Caucasus and Bulgaria

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The native Juniperus of Osima I

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The native Vandas of India

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The native breeds in formation of the populations of farm animals in Poland

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The native garden

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The native grasses, and what they mean

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The native orchids of Rock Island and Henry Counties, Illinois

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The native orchids of continental United States excluding Florida

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The native orchids of the United States and Canada, excluding Florida

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The native palms of Puerto Rico

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The native pastures of the Australian Capital Territory

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The native pecan--gift of nature?

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The native pinewoods and their management

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The native pinewoods of Scotland: the current state of the resource

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The native pollinators of an apple orchard: variations and significance Apis mellifera, Anthomyiidae, Andrenidae, Halictidae, Ontario, Canada

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The native reserves and their place in the economy of the Union of South Africa

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The native rhododendrons of Canada and Alaska

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The native south Florida aroids

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The native species of the Dianthus fimbriatus section

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The native structure of dinoflagellate chromosomes and their stabilization by Ca2+ calcium and Mg2+ magnesium cations Algae. p

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The native thistles of North Dakota

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The native trees of Florida

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The native vegetation of the Crasna Plain, as related to soil distribution

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The nativity and economic status of the free inhabitants in the Alabama black belt in 1850

Barella, A., 1971:
The natue of the hairiness of open-end-spun yarns

Campbell, D., 2006:
The natural brickless marketing co-op helps ranchers tap growing market for lean, natural beef

Sloan, Ae, 2002:
The natural & organic foods marketplace

Feigin, A.S.earer, G.D.ffy, J.V.ughan, W.K.hl, D.C.mmoner, B., 1974:
The natural abundance of 15N in inorganic nitrogen mineralized from soil under field and laboratoy conditions

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The natural abundance of 15N in nodulating and non nodulating isolines of soybeans

Skok, V.-I.I.anov, A.E.ia, 1989:
The natural activity of vegetative ganglion

Hargroves, K.; Smith, M., H., 2005:
The natural advantage of nations

Anonymous, 2002:
The natural and beneficial functions of floodplains

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The natural and forced heterok

Anonymous, 1978:
The natural and humane conditions of the quality of wines

Erdos, L.H.ynh-Nguyen-Lan, 1974:
The natural and potential evapotranspiration of corn

Coaldrake, Je, 1975:
The natural and social history of Cooloola

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The natural aroma revolution

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The natural aspects of the simplification and specialization of agricultural production

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The natural basics of agroecosystems protection

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The natural bio-insecticide spinosad and its toxicity to combat some mosquito species in Ismailia Governorate, Egypt

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The natural border geography

Ramey, Er, 1982:
The natural capacity for health in women

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The natural cat

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The natural center of Opisthorchis

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The natural centers of infestation by Meloidogyne hapla Chitwood, 1949 nematode in the areas of south western Kopet Dagh

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The natural clinical history of canine congenital subaortic stenosis

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The natural conditions and soil geography of Moldavia

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The natural conditions of Phalaenopsis mannii and Phalaenopsis parishii (with notes on their jungle mimics)

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The natural conditions of agricultural production in the southeastern macroregion

Anonymous, 1996:
The natural connection

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The natural content of F, As, Pb, and Cd in the forest trees

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The natural control of populations of butterflies and moths

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The natural cytokinins of grape

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The natural deciduous forests of wollnisse near Jena

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The natural decline of couch grass Agropyron repens (L.) Beauv. in a spring barley field and two grass fields Weed density, grassland management, Aberdeen, Scotland

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The natural diets of waterbugs (Hemiptera-Heteroptera): electrophoresis as a potential method of analysis

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The natural distribution and biological status of Helenium amarum and H. badium (Asteraceae, Heliantheae)

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The natural distribution of fungi in the Kopet-Dagh

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The natural dog

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The natural history, distribution, and larval description of Brychius hungerfordi Spangler (Coleoptera: Halipidae)

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The natural horse

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The natural host plants of Anastrepha in the state of Amazonas, Brazil

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The natural illumination regime over the European territory of the USSR

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The natural infection potential and reservior of Borrelia anserina (Sakharoff, 1891) and Aegyptianella pullorum Carpano, 1928 in natural populations of Argas (Persicargas) persicus (Oker 1818) and Argas (Argas africolumbae Hoogotraal, Kaiser, Walker, Ledge r, Converse and Rice, 1975, both from Upper Volta, have been investigated

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The natural invasion of wildlife food and cover species onto bituminous coal spoil

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The natural landmarks program of the United States

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The natural landscape

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The natural livestock production regions of South Africa

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The natural look

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The natural look Golf course management

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The natural lunchbox

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The natural magic of mulch

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The natural microbial food sources of two species of British woodland Drosophila: Drosophila subobscura Collin and Drosophila obscura Fallen

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The natural mortality and its f

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The natural mortality of the eg

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The natural multitude of anthropozoonosis, a problem of human and veterinary medicine and biology

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The natural occurrence and uses of the toxic coumarins

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The natural occurrence of pathogenic fungi

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The natural occurrence of trace metals in human

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The natural occurrence of two distinct begomoviruses associated with DNA and a recombinant DNA in a tomato plant from Indonesia

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The natural plant system

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The natural prerequisites of forestry and timber industry in the Monogolian Peoples Republic

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The natural production conditions and the development of the agricultural structure in Spessart

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The natural proportion of amino acids in orange juices and its dependance on the harvest-time of the fruits

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The natural protected areas of the world

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The natural radiation background of Utah

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The natural radioactivity of several Chernozems in the European USSR

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The natural rate of solidification of chocolate

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The natural recolonization of a burned area in the Luneburger Heide with mosses and phanerogames

Dafis, S., 1978:
The natural regeneration as an integrated part of cultural cuttings

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