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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17435

Chapter 17435 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Swaminathan, Ms, 1970:
The next step is dry land farming

Schneider, K., 1983:
The next step is out the door Political harassment of research personnel in pesticide research

Thomas, Lm, 1986:
The next step on acid rain

Laffleur, J., 1998:
The next step: biological sustainability

Selin, S.P.erskalla, C., 2005:
The next step: strengthening the social science voice in environmental governance

Buckwell, A., 2007:
The next steps in CAP reform

Kaufmann, F.S.hodel, S., 1974:
The next tasks in the development of asparagus production

Gerio, Ernio, 1950:
The next tasks of the development of the Hungarian peoples economy

Riedel, H., 1973:
The next tasks to be solved in the implementation of the programme on the development of fruit and vegetable industry in the German Democratic Republic

Wittig, H., 1978:
The next tasks will be solved with power and wealth of ideas of cooperative farmers and workers

Johnston, Wr, 1983:
The next ten years in groundwater conditions on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley

Burzell, Lr, 1983:
The next ten years in groundwater--San Diego County

Enos, F.Jr, 1983:
The next ten years in groundwater: Sacramento Valley

James, Rb, 1983:
The next ten years in groundwater: the San Francisco Bay area

Steane, De, 1983:
The next ten years of conservation Rare breeds of animals

Schumacher, Ef, 1977:
The next thirty years

Eddington, C., 1970:
The next thirty years for forestry, a time of challenge

Zinsser, H., 1931:
The Next Twenty Years

Tombaugh, L.; Macdonald, B., 1984:
The next twenty years: where will technology lead?

Reisner, M., 1988:
The next water war: cities versus agriculture

Annis, S., 1987:
The next world bank? Financing development from the bottom up

Spira, A.W., 1971:
The nexus in the intercalated disc of the canine heart: quantitative data for an estimation of its resistance

Saracoglu, A.; Ibis, C., 1982:
The niacin and iron content of Turkish wheats and corresponding bulgurs Nicotinic acid.1

Adrian, J., 1973:
The niacin efficiency in maize or oat diets

Frainier, M., 1977:
The nice days or the life of honeybees

Bernard, M.L.roche, G., 1985:
The nice future of triticale

Anonymous, 1949:
The nicer you treat me, the more Ill do for you

Kleiner, E., 1977:
The nicest of Aeonium

Reed, K.; Clark, S., 1982:
The niche and forest growth Relation to ecological indexes, ponderosa pine, western red cedar, and Douglas-fir in the western United States, succession, model

Lechowicz, Mj, 1992:
The niche at the organismal level: lichen photosynthetic responses

Yang-Yuan-Bing; Fu-Zhi-Ping, 2007:
The niche characteristics of Castanopsis fargesii and Elaeocarpus japonicus at different age groups in sub-tropical evergreen broad-leaved forest

Frison, M., 1974:
The niche-stall, a general solution for housing cattle

Robbins, Amj, 1972:
The niches available to the forester

Kronemann,, M1; Thomas, S1; Riedel, E., 1980:
The nickel concentration of different food and feedstuffs from areas with and without nickel exposure Nutrient content

Grun,, M.R.gius, A.S.entmihalyi, S., 1980:
The nickel status of cow, sheep and horse in the German Democratic Republic and Hungary

Schneider, H.; Anke, M.K.inger, G., 1980:
The nickel status of human beings

Groppel,, M.R.edel, E.G.un, M., 1980:
The nickel supply and status of wild ruminants in the German Democratic Republic

Szentmihalyi, S.R.gius, A1; Anke, M1; Grun, M1; Groppel, B., 1980:
The nickel supply of ruminants in the German Democratic Republic, Hungary and Czechoslovakia dependent on the origin of the basic material for the formation of soil Indicator plants

Hansen, S.T.; Mark, G.P., 2007:
The nicotinic acetylcholine receptor antagonist mecamylamine prevents escalation of cocaine self-administration in rats with extended daily access

Jones, A.K.; Davis, P.; Hodgkin, J.; Sattelle, D.B., 2007:
The nicotinic acetylcholine receptor gene family of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans: an update on nomenclature

Gao, J.R.D.acutis, J.; Scott, J., 2007:
The nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit Mdl6 from Musca domestica is diversified via post-transcriptional modification

Eldefrawi, M.; Sherby, S.; Eldefrawi, A., 1986:
The nicotinic acetylcholine receptor: molecular aspects and interactions with insecticides

Schevers, J.; Jager, L., 1978:
The nictitating membrane

Blackmore, D.; Hathaway, S., 1980:
The nidality of zoonoses Leptospira interrogans serovar ballum in rats, New Zealand

Pikula, Jiri, 1981:
The nidobiology of feral Columba livia F. domestica

Lavi, E.; Weiss, S.-R.H.ngley, S., T., 2001:
The nidoviruses (coronaviruses and arteriviruses)

Lafont, P.L.font, J.F.ayssinet, C., 1970:
The nidulatoxin

Elmerich, C.S.bold, L.G.erineau, M.T.ndeau-De-Marsac, N.C.ocat, P.G.rbaud, C.A.bert, J., 1981:
The nif genes of Klebsiella pneumoniae: characterization of a nif specific constitutive mutant and cloning in yeast

Aguilar, O.M.; Taormino, J.; Thöny, B.; Ramseier, T.; Hennecke, H.; Szalay, A.A., 1990:
The nifEN genes participating in FeMo cofactor biosynthesis and genes encoding dinitrogenase are part of the same operon in Bradyrhizobium species

Kennedy, C.G.mal, R.H.mphrey, R.R.mos, J.B.igle,, D., 1986:
The nifH, nifM and nifN genes of Azotobacter vinelandii: characterisation by Tn5 mutagenesis and isolation from pLAFR1 gene banks

Perroud, B.B.ndhari, S.; Elmerich, C., 1985:
The nifHDK operon of azospirillum brasilense Sp7

O'Donnell, M., 2006:
The night Bernard Shaw taught us a lesson

Eiseley, Loren, C., 1971:
The night country

Radinovsky, S., 1969:
The night insects of West Bengal

Kupper,, K., 1983:
The night resting sites of Glossina spp. (Diptera:Glossinidae) in western Upper Volta. I. Glossina tachinoides Westwood

Kupper, W., 1983:
The night resting sites of Glossina spp. (Diptera:Glossinidae) in western Upper Volta. II. Glossina palpalis gambiensis Vanderplank

Witkind, Irving-Jerome, 1962:
The night the earth shook

Severson, Harold, 1962:
The night they turned on the lights

Wojtczak-Jaroszowa, J., 1976:
The nights and relays work, and the problems of the communal feeding

Garzaon, C.; Macuritofe, V., 1990:
The night, the plants and their masters

Barghi, Nasser, 1978:
The nightguard

Anonymous, 1960:
The nighttime influence of irrigation upon desert humidities

Wahl, Db, 1986:
The nigriscapus group of Venturia (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)

Tokunaga, Rs, 1990:
The nigrohirsutae dendrobiums of Thailand and their hybrids

Schekman, R.; Koshland, D.E., 2007:
The nine lives of Daniel E. Koshland, Jr. (1920-2007)

Adrian, L., 1977:
The nineteenth century gazette corn returns from East Anglian markets

Wines, Ra, 1981:
The nineteenth-century agricultural transition in an eastern Long Island community

Hanson,. Jr.;, 1973:
The nineteenth-century exports of the less developed countries

Gerald, Debra, E., 1997:
The ninth Federal Forecasters Conference - 1997

Fowden, L., 1978:
The ninth SSRPB lecture: from fertilizer nitrogen to grain protein: constraints and opportunities

Jurczynski, T., 1973:
The ninth national cheese evaluation, Warsaw, December 13-14, 1972

Riazantsev, In, 1972:
The ninthFive-Year-Plan for developing the canning industry by republics

Kadas, L., 1978:
The nitrate amount in different parts of some vegetables

Gorner, F.H.uchan, E.A.talik, E., 1978:
The nitrate and nitrite content of dried dairy products

Hansen, H., 1976:
The nitrate and protein content of lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. capitata (Butterhead salat) grown under different conditions

Ahonen, S.K.okkanen, I.P.nttila, P., 1987:
The nitrate concentration of domestic vegetables on Helsinki market in summer and autumn 1984

Becker, F., 1980:
The nitrate content in medium hard cheese with different additions of saltpeter and different ripening

Cardoso, Sm, 1991:
The nitrate content of drinking water in Portugal

Hatcher, D.-William; Schall, E.D., 1963:
The nitrate content of swine supplements, feeds and ingredients

Taylor, Cr, 1975:
The nitrate controversy: three proposed policies and their economic effects

Vennesland, B.; Jetschmann, C., 1971:
The nitrate dependence of the inhibition of photosynthesis by carbon monoxide in Chlorella

Farrow, R.; Lao, N., 1970:
The nitrate detinning reaction in model systems

Hofman, G.O.semerct, C.C.eemput, O.V.n; Ide, G.R.ymbeke, M.V.n, 1979:
The nitrate fertillzation advice for sugarbeets calculated on the nitrogen residue in the soil profile on the end of the winter is of great promise

Densmore, Ff, 1980:
The nitrate problem Cattle poisoning

Wilkinson, Wb, 1976:
The nitrate problem and groundwater

Custer, S., 1976:
The nitrate problem in areas of saline seep--a case study

Wright, F.; Oleskie, E., 1985:
The nitrate problem in dairy cattle

Vennesland, B.S.lomonson, L., 1972:
The nitrate reductase of Chlorella

Vennesland, B.; Jetschmann, C., 1971:
The nitrate reductase of Chlorella pyrenoidosa

Ninnemann, H., 1984:
The nitrate reductase system

Crawley, W.; Twomey, A., 1969:
The nitrate reductase test

Vogtmann, H.; Biederman, R., 1989:
The nitrate story

Spath, Dp, 1990:
The nitrate threat

Barea, J.L.; Cárdenas, J., 1975:
The nitrate-reducing enzyme system of Chlamydomonas reinhardii

Durmishidze, S.; Nutusubidze, N.; Abashidze, N., 1976:
The nitric oxide assimilation by the higher plants

Qu, W.; Liu, J.; Fuquay, R.; Saavedra, J.E.; Keefer, L.K.; Waalkes, M.P., 2007:
The nitric oxide prodrug, V-PYRRO/NO, mitigates arsenic-induced liver cell toxicity and apoptosis

Rankov, V., 1973:
The nitrification activity of ce

Meuller, Wolf-Reudiger, 1984:
The nitrification in fixed beds using the example of a downstream flowing sand filter

Marendiak, D.H.rnik, A., 1974:
The nitrification of nitrogen in soil under winter wheat

Marendiak, D.H.rnik, A., 1974:
The nitrification of nitrogen in soil with winter wheat

Bennett, Eb, 1986:
The nitrifying of Lake Superior

Bennett, Edward, B., 1988:
The nitrifying of Lake Superior, 1880-2000

Krebs, Et, 1970:
The nitrilosides (vitamin B-17), their nature, occurrence and metabolic significance antineoplastics vitamin B-17

Durand, P.V.ndeuvre, J.; Hamelin, M., 1976:
The nitrite and nitrate salts contents in French cooked hams and shoulders

Ono, Noboru, 2001:
The nitro group in organic synthesis

Poli, G.F.ravelli, G., 1974:
The nitroblue tetrazolium test in the cat

Buckley, G.; Zwerneman, R., 1990:
The nitrogen and phosphate outlook

Ramos, M., 1972:
The nitrogen and phosphorus influence on the fertility of soils from Campos Gerais, in the state of Parana, Brazil

Hocking, Pj, 1981:
The nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition of developing plants of two seagrasses, Posidonia australis and posidonia sinuosa

Jurgens-Gschwind, Sigrid, 1974:
The nitrogen balance in intensive arable farming based on lysimeter tests and balance calculations from practical experience

Schulze, E.; Koch, G.P.rcival, F.M.oney, H.; Chu, C., 1985:
The nitrogen balance of Raphanus sativus X raphanistrum plants. I. Daily nitrogen use under high nitrate supply

Koch, G.; Schulze, E.; Percival, F.M.oney, H.; Chu, C., 1988:
The nitrogen balance of Raphanus sativus X raphanistrum plants. II. Growth, nitrogen redistribution and photosynthesis under NO-3 deprivation

Suzuki, K.K.nke,, S., 1982 :
The nitrogen balance of rats fe

Schalscha, B.-E.V.rgara, F.-Io, 1982:
The nitrogen balance of vegetable crops irrigated with untreated effluent Nutrient source, danger of contamination of soils, crops and subsurface water, drinking water sources

Kolenbrander, Gj, 1977:
The nitrogen balance sheet

Hardy, R.; Havelka, U., 1974:
The nitrogen barrier: can the root nodules of a soybean plant be coaxed into fixing more nitrogen?

Bjerrigaard, Richard, S., 1973:
The nitrogen budget of two salt desert shrub plant communities of Western Utah

Leonhard-Kluz, I.B.elak, F.B.rabasz, J.S.udniewska, L., 1979:
The nitrogen content of milk and other milk elements during successive months of lactation in the cow

Millard, P., 1986:
The nitrogen content of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) tubers in relation to nitrogen application--the effect on amino acid composition and yields

Greenland, Dj, 1980:
The nitrogen cycle in West Africa--agronomic considerations Nitrogen fixation by legumes

Jordan, C.C.skey, W.E.calante, G.H.rrera, R.M.ntagnini, F.T.dd, R.U.l, C., 1982:
The nitrogen cycle in a Terra Firme rainforest on oxisol in the Amazon territory of Venezuela

Sauerbeck, D., 1979:
The nitrogen cycle in agroecosystems

Hainnaux, G., 1980 :
The nitrogen cycle in agroecosystems in West Africa

Jagnow, G., 1979:
The nitrogen cycle in agronomy as a result of microbial transformation, and possibilities of recording and affecting denitrification and biological nitrogen bonding

Jenkinson, Ds, 1982:
The nitrogen cycle in long-term field experiments

Federico, Lg, 1971:
The nitrogen cycle in soil

Tosca, C.L.broue, L., 1981:
The nitrogen cycle in the supra forest environments of the central Pyrenees: contribution to the evaluation of gains

Frink, Cr, 1970:
The nitrogen cycle of a dairy farm

Clark, Fe, 1981:
The nitrogen cycle, viewed with poetic licence

Rosswall, T., 1980:
The nitrogen cycle--general considerations

Kudeyarov, Vn, 1980:
The nitrogen cycle--pedological considerations

Soderlund, R.R.sswall, T., 1982:
The nitrogen cycles Nitrogen fixation

Garrett, M.; Watson, C.; Jordan, C.S.een, R.; Smith, R., 1992:
The nitrogen economy of grazed grassland

Stabrowska, J., 1971:
The nitrogen economy of higher plants

Furst, L., 1971:
The nitrogen effect of commercial organic fertilizers

Froment, A.T.nghe, M., 1972:
The nitrogen factor as a means to characterise the forest ecological groups along a transect of the Eprave-Rochefort (Lhomme valley--southeast Belgium)

Postmus, J., 1976:
The nitrogen fertilization of grassland. 10. The spring straw crop resulting from nitrogen in relation to temperature problems

Hannemann, Thomas, 2000:
The nitrogen fertilizer market

Riedel, G.M.rgolskee, R.C.nnon,, A.A.subel, F., 1977:
The nitrogen fixation (nif) operon of Klebsiella pneumoniae: cloning nif genes and the isolation of nif control mutants

Winter, H.C.; Arnon, D.I., 1970:
The nitrogen fixation system of photosynthetic bacteria. I. Preparation and properties of a cell-free extract from Chromatium

Yoch, D.C.; Arnon, D.I., 1970:
The nitrogen fixation system of photosynthetic bacteria. II. Chromatium nitrogenase activity linked to photochemically generated assimilatory power

Huser, R., 1971:
The nitrogen gain of forest ecosystems from precipitation

Martin,, B.-E.G.nzalez, G., F., 1971:
The nitrogen in two fractions of an Andalusian blackearth humic matter

Halle, I.J.roch, H.P.hle, T.G.bhardt, G., 1984:
The nitrogen maintenance requirement of the broiler breeder laying hen

Tatuzian, R.; Kozlova, Z., 1975:
The nitrogen metabolism and digestion processes in the gastrointestinal tract of ruminants during their feeding with proteins treated with formaldehyde

Juhasz, B., 1970:
The nitrogen metabolism in the rumen and in the intermediary metabolism of the ruminant

Ferguson, A.R., 1969:
The nitrogen metabolism of Spirodela oligorrhiza : II. Control of the enzymes of nitrate assimilation

Miller, El, 1982:
The nitrogen needs of ruminants

Hirsch, Christoph, 1985:
The nitrogen nutrition of asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.)

Nommik, H., 1968:
The nitrogen nutrition of fore

Aliev, A.; Kosharov, A., 1971:
The nitrogen of synthetic substances in proteins and amino acids of swine

Dible, B., 1977:
The nitrogen outlook: not all bad

Smanenkov, N.; Kosarov, A.; Aitova, M.; Kosarova, L.; Kordakov, N., 1970:
The nitrogen part from glycine, urea and salts of ammonium in the biosynthesis of amino acids in the animal organism

Mikhalake, In, 1970:
The nitrogen phosphorus and potassium content of grape leaves

Heinze, H., 1978:
The nitrogen problem today. Works with productive nature

Boyce, J.Scott, 1970:
The nitrogen regime of beef cattle feedlot soils

Bezkorovainaya, I.N.; Tarasov, P.A.; Ivanova, G.A.; Bogorodskaya, A.V.; Krasnoshchekova, E.N., 2007:
The nitrogen reserves in sandy podzols after controlled fires in pine forests of Central Siberia

Watson, M., 1985:
The nitrogen response curve for vegetatively propagated tea in the low country of Sri Lanka, and its implications on fertilizer policy

Hill, J.; Roberts, S.; Brandon, D.; Scardaci, S.; Williams, J.; Wick, C.; Webster,. Jr.;, 1992:
The nitrogen response of selected California rice cultivars 1984 to 1990

Rowland, Ian, 1995:
The nitrogen response of wheat crops following field peas

Rowland, I.M.son, M.H.mblin, J., 1989:
The nitrogen response of wheat crops following lupins

Sporri, H.D.nac, M., 1970:
The nitrogen restitution test in the measurement of pulmonary function

Peisker, M.L.ebert, F1; Pahle, T1; Gebhardt, G., 1982:
The nitrogen retention capacity of female pigs of a live weight of between 35 and 40 kg kilograms.1

Harre, E.; Douglas,. Jr.;, 1974:
The nitrogen situation

Solansky, S., 1981:
The nitrogen stabilizer SKW-Didin dicyandiamide: results of trials and recommendtions for use Reduction of liquid manure nitrogen losses, West Germany.10

Lin, C.; Chang, A.; Tseng, C., 1973:
The nitrogen status and nitrog

Hagmeier, Hans-Ulrich, 1986:
The nitrogen supply of winter wheat and winter rye by preceeding them with Leguminosae crops represented by following experiments of a cattle-free farming of an organic-biologic husbandry operation in the Swabian Alps

Glonti, T.; Kalandarishvili, E., 1971:
The nitrogen, chlorine and sulfur from atmospheric precipitation and their contents in lysimetric waters of red soils

Gordetskaia, S.; Lazurskii, A.; Lebedinskaia, V., 1975:
The nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium balance in the plant-fertilizer system relative to the efficiency of individual types of mineral fertilizers in grain-sugarbeet rotation

Levin, F.; Shkol'-Naia, G., 1976:
The nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium uptake and the phytomass of the barley crop grown on the typical Chernozem and chernozemic meadow soils

Kvasnikov, I.; Kliushnykova, T.; Nagorna, S., 1974:
The nitrogen-fixing ability of f

Toskov, N., 1969:
The nitrogen-fixing activity of

Zumft, W.G.; Mortenson, L.E., 1975:
The nitrogen-fixing complex of bacteria

Nazarov, Iui, 1973:
The nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium balance in virgin soils and means of improvement

Njaa, L.; Aksnes, A., 1982:
The nitrogen-sparing effect of methionine sulphoxide and some other sulphur-containing amino acids Rats, methionine, homocystine, cystine

Gao, J.; Huang, T.; Wu, J.; Pan, Z., 1982:
The nitrogen-supplying charact

Bonartseva, G.; Shemakhanova, N., 1978:
The nitrogenase activity of Rhizobium meliloti and Rhizobium vigna in the root tissue culture of legumes and non-legumes

Bishop, Lr, 1977:
The nitrogenous complexes of haze and foam and their measurement

Anonymous, 1942:
The nitroparaffins

Markovic, L., 1982:
The nitrophilous edge plant community Anthriscentum trichospermae in northern Croatia

Leipe, H.; Pfeil, E., 1973:
The nitrosamine problem

Mohler, K.M.yrhofer, O.; Hallermayer, E., 1972:
The nitrosamine-problem as seen by a food scientist

Ferguson J.H.; Mysliwy T.J.; Archer M.C., 1975:
The nitrosation of spermidine and spermine

Velísek, J.; Davídek, J.; Klein, S.; Karásková, M.; Vykouková, I., 1975:
The nitrosation products of creatine and creatinine in model systems

Carroll, M.; Straus, H., 1991:
The no cholesterol (no kidding!) cookbook

Moe, J.; Rubin, K.; Abrams, S., 1984:
The no sugar delicious desserts cookbook

Stangl, M.-Jean; Stangl, L.-Ann, 1976:
The no-cook cookery cookbook

Milani, M.M., 1997:
The no-kill controversy

Alter, Robert-Mark, 1981:
The no-nibbling book

Grant, Catharine, 2006:
The no-nonsense guide to animal rights

Godrej, Dinyar, 2006:
The no-nonsense guide to climate change

Ransom, David, 2001:
The no-nonsense guide to fair trade

Mcgill, M.; Pye, O.-Florence, 1978:
The no-nonsense guide to food and nutrition

Gonshorowski, Addie, 1983:
The no-sugar cookbook

Hudson, M., 1987:
The no-trauma heart-bar shoe: screw-on butterfly plates provide an alternative to nailing

Eintrebert, J., 1969:
The no. 1 sugar-product Frenc

Inglis, T., 1998:
The nobel hop the vitality of beer

Duvick, D., 1986:
The nobility of seed research and its critics

Carvalho, Marcelino-De, 1978:
The noble art of eating

Bernetti, G.; Padula, M., 1984:
The noble broad-leaved trees in our forests

Simon, Andre-Louis, 1957:
The noble grapes and the great wines of France

Peters, Gl, 1990:
The noble grapes of California

Silva, B., 1999:
The noble neem--a newsworthy new crop in North America

Busurin, Eiia, A., 1954:
The noble shepherd

Leggett, J.D.; Jessop, D.S.; Fulford, A.J., 2007:
The nociceptin/orphanin FQ antagonist UFP-101 differentially modulates the glucocorticoid response to restraint stress in rats during the peak and nadir phases of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis circadian rhythm

Owada, M., 1978:
The noctuid moth of the genus Trotosema, with special reference to its male scent organ

Johnson, S.; Mason, L., 1985:
The noctuidae: a case history

Todd, El, 1981:
The noctuoid moths of the Antilles. I. (Lepidoptera: Dioptidae)

Todd, El, 1982:
The noctuoid moths of the Antilles. II. Lepidoptera: Arctiidae: Pericopinae Stenognatha flinti, morphology, new taxa

Parkinson, R.; Fisher, R., 1982:
The nocturnal cooling of water used for refrigeration precooling Refrigerated farm tank, dairy farms

Huseyin-Ozturk, H.B.scetincelik, A., 1997:
The nocturnal heat loss and internal temperatures in plastic tunnel greenhouses with thermal screens

Lafrance, J., 1970:
The nocturnal insect catches at predetermined time interval in the organic soil district of Ste. clotilde, southwestern Quebec. iII

Boudouresque, Cf, 1971:
The nodal concept in bionomics and its generalization

Coetzer, L.; Robbertse, P.; Reyneke, W., 1976:
The node and petiole morphology of the South African representatives of the genera Adenolobus (Harv.) Torre & Hillc., Bauhinia L., Piliostigma Hochst. and Tylosema (Schweinf.) Torre & Hillc

Kramer, Rw, 1992:
The nodular pulmonary opacity--is it real?

Van-Ryssen, F.; Grobbelaar, N., 1970:
The nodulating and nitrogen fixing ability of South African Myrica species

Downie, J.; Ma, Q.; Wells, B.K.ight, C.; Hombrecher, G.J.hnston, A., 1984:
The nodulation genes of Rhizobium leguminosarum

Moller, Robert-Brooke, 1996:
The nodulation of legumes

Plumridge, Rj, 1979:
The noise control of band resaws by enclosure

Fushimi, T.E.aki, T., 1975:
The noise of chainsaw. III. Cal

Fushimi, T.S.igaki,, T., 1974:
The noise of the chainsaw. II

Fushimi, T., 1971:
The noise of the chainsaw; a si

Fushimi, T., 1974:
The noise pollution by wood chi

Korff, H.; Grahn, J.W.rncke, J.H.nsen, U., 1980:
The noise spectrum of the membrane potential in Nitella

Mihut, I., 1976:
The noises in the woodworkig industry and the constructive evolution of the knives shaft. i

Sanchez-Cordova, J.Z.recero-Leal, G., 1981:
The nolina and its exploitation in the state of Sonora

Mouriquand, P., 2006:
The nomad testis

Rauschert, S., 1976:
The nomenclatur and chorology of the group of Onosma pseudoarenarium Schur. s. lat

Gillett, Gw, 1969:
The nomenclatural and taxonomic status of the Hawaiian shrub Scaevola gaudichaudii H. & A

Jennings, Mr, 1982:
The nomenclatural enigma of single versus double-i endings for scientific patronyms emended to represent a mans name: a comment and some considerations Fishes, nomenclature

Berch, Sm, 1985:
The nomenclatural fate of Rhizophagites acinus

Mukerji, Kg, 1973:
The nomenclatural status and synonymy of Acremoniella serpentina and Sporomia cainia

Stahnke, Hl, 1972:
The nomenclatural status of Heterometrus and Palamnaeus (Scorpionidae)

Silva, Pc, 1991:
The nomenclatural status of Holodiscus Maxim. (Rosaceae), with a proposal (1005) to reject Sericotheca Raf

Shirata, A.T.kahashi, K., 1975:
The nomenclatural status of Sti

O'-Shea, S.; Jackson, G.; Bolstad, K.S., 2007:
The nomenclatural status, ontogeny and morphology of Pholidoteuthis massyae (Pfeffer, 1912) new comb (Cephalopoda: Pholidoteuthidae)

Margadant, W.; Norkett, A., 1973:
The nomenclatural tangle of Garckea phascoides

Griffin, D.Iii, 1985:
The nomenclatural type for Venturiella sinensis (Vent.) C. Muell, var. angusti-annulata Griff. and Sharp

Dvorak, F., 1975:
The nomenclatural type of Malcolmia pyramidum C. Presl

Silfverberg, H., 1990:
The nomenclaturally correct names of some family-groups in Coleoptera

Davenport J.B.; Johnson A.R., 1971:
The nomenclature and classification of lipids

Dantsig, Em, 1977:
The nomenclature and distribution of some injurious scale insects (Homoptera, Coccoidea)

Bell, Rn, 1971:
The nomenclature and manufacture of phosphates

Pollack, F.; Mcknight, K., 1972:
The nomenclature and morphology of Gloiosphaera clerciana

Dantsig, Yem, 1980:
The nomenclature and synonomy of several species of Coccinea and Aleyrodinea (Homoptera) Zylococcus quericicola, Parthenolecanium rufulum, Japaneyrodes similis, new taxa

Meikle, Rd, 1970:
The nomenclature and taxonomy of Helianthemum lavandulifolium Auctt

Mears, Ja, 1978 :
The nomenclature and type collections of the widespread taxa of Alternanthera (Amaranthaceae)

Simmons, M.; Sitts, R.; Allen, J.; Knight, A., 1974:
The nomenclature for mysids in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary

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The nomenclature of lipids

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The non Chernozem Zone is gaining tempo

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The non agricultural population in the village. Differentation and proletarianization of rural society

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The non farm fertilizer market today

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The non-neutrality of inflation for international capital movements

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The non-perishable quality of cheese can be increased substantially with a raise in the hydrogen-ion concentration

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The non-shop structure and organization of engineering and technical forest labor

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The non-sugar organic solids and lycopene contents of some Australian (Victorian) tomato sauces

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The non-tillage growing of maize for silage. the structure and level of yields

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The non-utility value of nature

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The nonagricultural rural sector

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The noncarbohydrate part of the polysaccharide complex of Solidago virgaurea

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The nondestructive continuous determination of potato position in the ridge during harvesting by using the gamma radioscopy method

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The nonenzymatic browning reaction as affected by water in foods

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The nonequivalence of tariffs and import quotas

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The noney bee and its differen

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The nonfarm sector and rural development

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The nonformal education program of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Philippines

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The nonmetro elderly

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The nonpregnant mare: a review of some current research and of the last 25 years of endocrinology

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The nonprofit organization

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The nonsexist word finder

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The nonuse of neighborhood parks

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The normalization of fruit and vegetables in relation of the market organization

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The normalization of the milling test of maize

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The normalizing influence of LTH (prolactin) on the serum protein of hypophysectomized pigeons

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The normative method of accounting: on the agenda

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The normative of the Nmin content in the soil and N-NO3 concentration in the soil solution of arable land in Poland

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The norphology of lung injury by ozone and oxides of nitrogen in animals

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The north Mexican cattle industry, 1910-1975

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The north and east areas of Madrid. Presentation of a morpho-pedological map in color to the scale of 1

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The north central Nebraska resource conservation and development area

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The north central and northeastern U.S. retail lumber dealers as a softwood lumber marketplace

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The north central forest inventory and analysis timber product output database

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The north of Corsica

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The north-eastern Bulgarian fine-fleeced sheep breed

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The northeast leaf-cutting, ant, Atta opaciceps Borgmeier, 1939 in grazing lands in the State of Ceara, Brazil, II. Effect on soil fertility

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The northeastern ice storm, 1998

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The northeastern part of Rio Grande do Sul

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The northeastern regional coordinator of the National Program for Sugarcane Improvement at the Alagoas Experimental Sugarcane Station for training labor for the sugar industry

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The northeastern rodeo and its origin

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The northern Adriatic Sea

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The northern Black Forest nature park

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The northern Manitoba greenhouse project

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The northern Nearctic Orthoptera: their origins and survival

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The northern New York Dairy Herd Management Project

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The northern North Atlantic

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The northern Rhine--How can one continue in horticulture?

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The northern Sierra Nevada

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The northern boundaries of distribution of Abies sachalinensis

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The northern coastal region of the state of Sao Paulo

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The northern coniferous forest, a primary source of world resources, can Canada meet the growing challenge of expanding world demands?

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The northern crisis

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The northern flora of crops

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The northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys Sabrinus): A conservation challenge

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The northern garden week by week

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The northern goshawk in Utah

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The northern hardwood resource: some silvicultural implications of its historical development and current structure

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The northern limit of Aleppo pine in France. Dendroclimatological study of the impact of extreme cold

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The northern limit of Elatine triandra

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The northern limit of distribution of Daphniphyllum macropodum Miq. (Daphniphyllaceae) on the Pacific side of Japan

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The northern limit of distribution of Neolitsea sericea (Blume) Koidz. (Lauraceae) on the Pacific side of Japan

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The northern limit of forests on the eastern coast of Hudson Bay, New Quebec

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The northern limit of indian agriculture in North America

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The northern limit of the Andean Patagonian forests

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The northern llimit for holly

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The northern part of the plateau of Leon

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The northern pecan seed distribution program 1978-79

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The northern plains in a world of change

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The northern pocket gopher--most of what you thought you might want to know, but hesitated to look up

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The northern quahog

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The northern range of eastern mistletoe, Phoradendron serotinum (Viscaceae), and its status in Ohio

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The northern root knot nematode (Meloidogyne hapla on roses

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The northern rustic: Standfussiana lucernea (Linn.) (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) in Lancashire Great Britain

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The northern scientific research institute of animal husbandry

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The northern species of the Co

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The northern spotted owl and the Endangered Species Act

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The northern spring garden

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The northern strip field

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The northernmost English record of Leistus spinibarbis (Fabricius, 1775) (Coleoptera : Carabidae)

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The northernmost Tecate cypress

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The northernmost find of Brachypodium pinnatum in Finland

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The northernmost occurrence of Carex paniculata in Finland

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The northward distribution of ants in North America

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The northwest European pollen flora. 11. Escalloniaceae

Verbeek-Reuvers, Aaml, 1977:
The northwest European pollen flora. 12. Grossulariaceae

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The northwest European pollen flora. 13. Hydrangeaceae

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The northwest European pollen flora. 14. Parnassiaceae

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The northwest European pollen flora. 16. Valerianaceae

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The northwest European pollen flora. 6. Gentianaceae

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The northwest European pollen flora. 9. Saxifragaceae

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The northwest Ohio special windbreak program: a unique experiment with state government-contract planting field windbreaks on private lands

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The northwest greenbook

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The northwest processors in the world market place

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The northwests widening water crisis!

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The nose - from symptoms to evidence-based medicine

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The nose and the rose

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The nose knows

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The nosema story and you

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The not for profit hospital as a physicians co operative

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The not so mysterious gas sterilizer. Theres a place for it in veterinary practice

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The not so quiet revolution

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The not-so-average typical snowmobiler

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The not-so-empty-nest: the return of the fledgling adult

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The not-so-friendly skies. Client Advisory: Planning safe air travel for pets

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The not-so-lowly onion

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The notable position of wines and brandies in French foreign trade

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The notary and the land

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