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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17443

Chapter 17443 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

The pendletons of Kansas: doing better with asparagus and tomatoes
, Unknown (1989)

The pendulum and the toxic cloud
, Unknown (1979)

The penetation of the pollen tube into the stigma and the style in some species of Ranunculaceae
, Revue de cytologie et de biologie vegetales le botaniste(3): 281-289 (1980)

The penetrance behaviour of mutant genes as a limiting factor of mutation breeding
, Unknown (1969)

The penetration and development of the pathogen of Rhynchosporium graminicola disease in the tissues of barley host plants
, Mikologiia i Fitopatologiia 1(4): 335-338 (1977)

The penetration characteristics of CCA preservatives in wood. 1. Radial
, Symposium on forest products research international achievements and the future: 22-26 Apr 1985 Pretoria org National Timber Research Institute of the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (1985)

The penetration of brackish-water by the Echinodermata
, Marine Science (Plenum): 15: 135-151 (1981)

The penetration of clays by fine probes and root tips.(peas)
, Australian Journal of Soil Research 7(3): 333-348 (1969)

The penetration of emthyl bromide into wheat at freezing temperatures
, Manitoba entomologist: ub 1975), 8 90-93 (1975)

The penetration of fungicidal chromium compounds into pine wood
, Unknown (1976)

The penetration of iodine-labelled follicle-stimulating hormone and albumin into the seminiferous tubles of sheep and rats
, Journal of endocrinology 54(1): 67-77 (1972)

The penetration of money economy in Japan and its effects upon social and political institutions
, Unknown (1968)

The penetration of mycelium of Aspergillus flavus Link. into the groundnut seed coat after artificial contamination. Ultrastructural analysis
, Oleagineux 33(8-9): 447-453 (1978)

The penetration of organic molecules of widely differing solubilities and of water through isolated orange leaf cuticle
, Abstracts 2-13 (1977)

The penetration of photosynthetically active and ultraviolet radiation into vegetative canopies
, Unknown (1998)

The penetration of western hemlock wood with kraft white liquor
, Unknown (1969)

The penetrometer as an instrument for the rheological analysis of gelled systems
, Lebensmittel Wissenschaft Technologie Food science technology: (1) 17-20 (1972)

The penetrometer, an indispensable tool for judging a total of cultural methods at the plot level
, Unknown (1974)

The penicillin pearl test in the differential diagnosis of bacillus anthracis and bacillus cereus
, Veterinarni Medicina 14(2): 103-112 (1969)

The pension cost of changing jobs
, Unknown (1989)

The pension inducement to retire
, Unknown (1988)

The pensioner and the land
, Unknown (1956)

The pensioner--leisure time problem?
, Norsk hagetidend 91(12): 398-399 (1975)

The pentachlorocyclopentadienide anion and its organometallic derivatives
, Unknown (1971)

The pentachlorophenol treatment for preserving fence posts
, Unknown (1949)

The pentaerythritols
, Unknown (1958)

The pentafunctional FAS1 gene of yeast: its nucleotide sequence and order of the catalytic domains
, Molecular and General Genetics 203(3): 479-486 (1986)

The pentavalent vaccine (Distemper-hepatitis-leptospirosisrabies)
, Unknown (1973)

The pentosan-starch ratio in relation to quality of milled rye products
, Cereals for food and beverages: recent progress in cereal chemistry and technology edited by George E Inglett Lars Munck: 512 (1980)

The pentose cycle during the development of the mealworm tenebrio molitor
, Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de ses Filiales 168(10-12): 1289-1292 (1974)

The pentose phosphate pathway in skeletal muscle under patho-physiological conditions
, Progress in Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 22(2): III-114 (1991)

The pentose phosphate pathway of glucose oxidation in grapevine
, Izvestiia Akademii nauk Gruzinskoi SSR seriia biologicHeskaia Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR biological series: (3) 232-237 (1977)

The pentose shunt in wild-type and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficient Drosophila melanogaster
, Journal of Experimental Zoology 187(1): 77-86 (1974)

The peony state flower of Indiana
, HO Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service: 0? (76) (1970)

The people and a united party
, Unknown (1984)

The people and politics of Latin America
, Unknown (1945)

The people and technology of the Hawaiian sugar industry
, Reports Annual conference Hawaiian Sugar Technologists: 3rd) G12-G16 (1985)

The people and the Preston River
, Unknown (1997)

The people and the institutions: an economic assessment
, Increasing understanding of ic problems and policies: 1-89 (1986)

The people and the land
, Appalachia: journal of the Appalachian Regional Commissioner Spring 28(1-2): 1-11 (1995)

The people and the profession
, Unknown (1979)

The people and their use of land in nine Vermont towns
, Unknown (1947)

The people ask
, Unknown (1940)

The people behind the Bee Research Association
, Gleanings in bee culture 102(11): 348-349 (1974)

The people elect a president
, Unknown (1952)

The people in Tennessees title V counties
, Unknown (1976)

The people left behind
, People's Land: a Reader on Land Reform in the United States P Barnes ed: 82-186 (1975)

The people of Delaware
, Unknown (1960)

The people of Karachi
, Unknown (1965)

The people of Lake Kutubu and Kikori
, Unknown (1993)

The people of New Mexico
, Unknown (1973)

The people of Penns woods west
, Unknown (1984)

The people of Tennessee
, Unknown (1949)

The people of Washington, 1890-1950
, Unknown (1952)

The people of rural America
, New dimensions in rural policy: building upon our heritage: studies prepared for the use of the Subcommittee on Agriculture and Transportation of the Joint Economic Committee Congress of the United States: 120 (1986)

The people side of systems
, Unknown (1976)

The people to people approach--non-government organizations and aid
, Agrologist er 10(1): 11-12 (1981)

The people versus the government: the 1918 Cloquet fire and the struggle for compensation
, Journal of forest history 29(1): 4-21 (1985)

The people who eat the trees
, American forests 94(11-12): 30-33 (1988)

The peoples colleges
, Unknown (1949)

The peoples commune and the socialist transformation of the Chinese peasantry
, Social anthropology of peasantry JP Mencher: 227 (1983)

The peoples communes and Chinas new development strategy
, China from Mao to Deng: the politics and economics of socialist development edited by the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars with an introduction by Bruce Cumings: 2 (1983)

The peoples department
, Unknown (1987)

The peoples department: myth or reality?
, Agricultural historyng 64(2): 291-299 (1990)

The peoples farm
, Unknown (1988)

The peoples food: the ingredients of ethnic hierarchies and the development of Chinese restaurants in Rome
, GeoJournal 68(2/3): 195-210 (2007)

The peoples pharmacy-2
, Unknown (1980)

The peoples purse and full employment
, Unknown (1945)

The peoples school system
, Unknown (1983)

The peoples third forest
, Unknown (1970)

The peoples treaties from the Earth Summit
, Unknown (1992)

The people, politics, and the politician
, Unknown (1950)

The people, the land, and the church in the rural South
, Unknown (1941)

The people, the land, and the church in the rural West
, Unknown (1943)

The people--food race, and how to win it
, Unknown (1975)

The people-plant connection: while people are dependent on plants, botanic gardens are dependent on people
, Public garden: the journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta 11(2): 18-20 (1996)

The pepper plant (Piper nigrum L.)
, Agronomico 26 (1) 19-24 (1974)

The pepper weevil and its management
, Leaflet L Texas Agricultural Extension Service Texas A and M University System: 92 (5069) (1992)

The peppermint situation in the Midwest
, Unknown (1969)

The peppers, Capsicum series
, Unknown (1979)

The peppers, Capsicum series Includes varieties, composition and nutritional value, Puerto Rico
, Vegetables for the hot humid Tropics United States Dept of Agriculture Agriculture Research Service: (pt 7) (1979)

The pepsin digestibility test
, Unknown (1972)

The peptaibol alamethicin induces an rRNA-cleavage-associated death in Arabidopsis thaliana
, Chemistry and Biodiversity 4(6): 1360-1373 (2007)

The peptide NAP promotes neuronal growth and differentiation through extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase and Akt pathways, and protects neurons co-cultured with astrocytes damaged by ethanol
, Journal of Neurochemistry 103(2): 557-568 (2007)

The peptide analogue of MCP-1 65-76 sequence is an inhibitor of inflammation
, Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 85(3-4): 332-340 (2007)

The peptide cargo of class I molecules: not just passive passengers
, Journal of Immunology 179(7): 4299-4300 (2007)

The peptide carrier Pep-1 forms biologically efficient nanoparticle complexes
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 355(4): 877-882 (2007)

The peptide fund of Salicornia herbacea
, Soviet plant physiology 30(2): 293-298 (1983)

The peptide pheromone-inducible conjugation system of Enterococcus faecalis plasmid pCF10: cell-cell signalling, gene transfer, complexity and evolution
, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B Biological Sciences 362(1483): 1185-1193 (2007)

The peptide toxin of the cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa PCC 7941. Isolation and analysis by nuclear magnetic resonance and fast atom bombardment mass spectroscopy
, Journal of Chromatography 449(2): 423-431 (1988)

The peptide-binding activity of GRP94 is regulated by calcium
, Biochemical Journal 405(2): 233-241 (2007)

The peptides of the hyphal wall of Neurospora crassa
, Journal of General Microbiology 78(1): 139-153 (1973)

The peptidoglycan recognition proteins LCa and LCx
, Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 64(11): 1395-1402 (2007)

The peptidyl-prolyl isomerase activity of SlyD is not required for maturation of Escherichia coli hydrogenase
, Journal of Bacteriology 189(21): 7942-7944 (2007)

The peptidyl-puromycin reaction with Neurospora crassa ribosomes. The number of active ribosomes in different conditions of growth
, Archiv für Mikrobiologie 80(2): 166-175 (1971)

The peptolytic activity of piglet gastric juice after administration of some humoral factors
, Lucrari stiintifice Seria medicina veterinara: 4 25-28 (1977)

The peracetic acid oxidation of benzaldehyde methylhydrazone a further investigation
, Unknown (1971)

The perceived appeals of television program content
, Unknown (1957)

The perceived autonomy support scale for exercise settings (PASSES): development, validity, and cross-cultural invariance in young people
, Psychology of Sport and Exercise 8(5): 632-653 (2007)

The perceived availability and utilization of employee benefits and work-life conflict
, Unknown (2000)

The perceived burden of children
, Journal of Family Issues 10(4): 504-526 (1989)

The perceived financial condition of small-scale jurisdictions: the elected leaders perspective
, ESO Ohio State University Dept of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology: 84 (1116) (1984)

The perceived management system as related to job satisfaction in the Maryland Cooperation Extension Service
, Unknown (1980)

The perceived supervisory role expectations of area extension directors in Iowa
, Journal of the American Association of Teacher Educators in Agriculture 28(3): 49-56 (1987)

The perceived tasks performed by principal vocational administrators in publicly-supported post-secondary institutions in the United States
, Unknown (1991)

The percentage of barn area partitioned into stalls and that part left open
, Lantmannen 84 (20) 14-15 (1973)

The percentage of mass components of cultured sturgeons
, Fisheries Science Dalian 26(10): 570-573 (2007)

The percentage of passively contracted fibres in rigor skeletal muscles from different species. 5
, Unknown (1973)

The percentage of pollinated ov
, Unknown (1975)

The perception and appreciation of landscape
, Unknown (1987)

The perception and future perspectives of wood preservation
, Proceedings annual meeting American Wood Preservers' Association 3(83): 76-79 (1987)

The perception and valuation of water quality: a review of research method and findings
, Unknown (1975)

The perception of biosecurity on swine farms in Spain
, Pig Progress 23(7): 30-31 (2007)

The perception of emotion and social cues in faces
, Neuropsychologia 45(1): 1-1 (2006)

The perception of gravity by a plant
, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B Biological Sciences 199(1137): 537-550 (1977)

The perception of light direction and orientation responses in chloroplasts
, Symposia of the Society for Experimental Biology 36: 423-442 (1983)

The perception of light-dark transitions
, Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London Series B Biological sciences 303(1116): 523-536 (1983)

The perception of mission of agricultural extension held by extension personnel and clientele in Cura* eth *cao
, Unknown (1991)

The perception of natural vs. build environments by young children
, Unknown (1977)

The perception of prey by the newly hatched larvae of Aphidoletes aphidimyza
, Entomophaga 9 (2) 173-181 (1974)

The perception of problematic behavior in dogs: application of multi-dimension scaling & hierarchical cluster analysis
, Anthrozoos 0(4): 198-213 (1997)

The perception of profit before the leasing of demesnes
, Agricultural history review 4(1): 12-28 (1986)

The perception of regional cooking in French cookbooks of the eighteenth century
, National and regional styles of cookery: proceedings edited by Alan Davidson: 215 (1981)

The perception of sounds by the worker bees
, International Congress of Entomology 13th Moscow 1968 Trudy: 13 (1971)

The perception of stimulus relations
, Unknown (1968)

The perception of the agricultural environment
, Symposium on Agriculture in the Development of the Far West: ub 1975) 230-237 (1975)

The perception of visual movements in scarabaeid beetles
, International Congress of Entomology 13th Moscow 1968 Trudy: 14 (1971)

The perception-retention of fire prevention messages
, Unknown (1966)

The perceptions of farmers and participation in the Taddanpalle watershed project in 1982-1983 India
, Economics Program Progress Report International Crops Research Institute for the Semi Arid Tropics: 82 (44) (1982)

The perceptions, attitudes, and reactions of Maine commercial fishermen regarding extended jurisdiction and fishery management practices
, Bulletin Life Sciences and Agriculture Experiment Station University of Maine: 79 (763) (1979)

The perceptual differences of beach users and management staff towards the recreation attributes of the beach
, Unknown (1989)

The percieved impacts of change education on rural community leaders using a mixed method approach
, Unknown (2006)

The percoid genus sphyraenops, from the Pacific Ocean, with discussion on Scombrosphyraena
, Gyoruigaku zasshi = Japanese journal of ichthyology 30(3): 291-296 (1983)

The percutaneous absorption of 35S acetyl L methionine and L serine in rabbit
, Unknown (1977)

The peregrine falcon in Greenland
, Unknown (1979)

The peregrine falcon, saved!
, Unknown (1985)

The peregrine fund: giving wing a recovery
, Endangered species technical bulletin 19(2): 6 (1994)

The perennation and performance of Czechoslovak varieties of Festuca pratensis Huds. and Lolium perenne L. sown in mixtures
, Rostlinna vyroba 24(1): 75-86 (1978)

The perennial adventure
, Unknown (1954)

The perennial border and rock garden
, Unknown (1961)

The perennial change of precipitation and annual runoff in the Susve river basin
, Vandens Ukio Inzinerija 20(42): 25-30 (2002)

The perennial garden
, Unknown (1985)

The perennial gardener
, Unknown (1989)

The perennial gardeners design primer
, Horticulture 102(4) (2005)

The perennial likes sunlight
, Norsk hagetidend 91(6): 214-217 (1975)

The perennial photosynthesis challenge
, Public garden: the journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta 19(1): 34-35 (2004)

The perennial taxa of Crucianella (Rubiaceae) in SW. Asia and their eco-geographical differentiation
, Plant systematics and evolution 65(1-2): 101-136 (1989)

The perenniality of grass species used for grazing
, Unknown (1973)

The perfect Alabama lawn
, Unknown (2002)

The perfect Louisiana lawn
, Unknown (2002)

The perfect Mississippi lawn
, Unknown (2002)

The perfect North Carolina lawn
, Unknown (2002)

The perfect Oklahoma lawn
, Unknown (2002)

The perfect South Carolina lawn
, Unknown (2002)

The perfect Texas lawn
, Unknown (2002)

The perfect blendship: cross-gender friendships among adolescents
, Family life educatorer 11(4): 4-9 (1993)

The perfect cow pen
, Georgia cattleman 12(6): 8 (1984)

The perfect form of Sporotrichum schenckii (Hetkoen and Perkins 1900): Dolichoascus schenckii Thibaut and Ansel 1970 nov. gen
, Annales de Parasitologie Humaine et Comparee 47(3): 431-441 (1972)

The perfect form of a marine-occurring yeast of the genus Rhodotorula
, Mycologia 62 (2) 272-281 (1970)

The perfect grass
, USGA Green Section record 33(3): 9 (1995)

The perfect hardwood?
, National hardwood magazine 51(10): 44-45 (1977)

The perfect interior fern?
, Florists' review 174(4503): 26-27 (1984)

The perfect lie
, USGA Green Section record 39(6): 5-7 (2001)

The perfect parlour!
, Dairy farmer and dairy beef producer 27(8): 57 (1980)

The perfect plant
, Unknown (1998)

The perfect poison for the perfect banana
, Journal of pesticide reform: a ication of the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides 12(3): 27-29 (1992)

The perfect pumpkin
, Unknown (1997)

The perfect puppy
, Unknown (1988)

The perfect stage of Fusarium
, Nung yeh yen chiu: 24 (1 2) 11-19 (1975)

The perfect stage of Pyrenopeziza brassicae on oilseed rape and its agricultural implications
, 7th International Rapeseed Congress convened under the patronage of Stanislaw Zieba by the Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute under the auspices of the Group Consultatif International de Recherche sur le Colza: -1267 (1988)

The perfect stage of an anthrac
, Unknown (1971)

The perfect stage of an isolate of Rhizoctonia solani from kenaf
, Unknown (1972)

The perfect stock dog
, Unknown (1973)

The perfect storm: An extension view on bed bugs
, American entomologistmmer 52(2): 102-104 (2006)

The perfect storm: Torsades de Pointes in a child with leukemia
, Pediatric Blood and Cancer 49(7): 996-999 (2007)

The perfect trees
, Unknown (1974)

The perfection mechanism of relationships in linen branch
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Agrarian Sciences Series (5): 10-12 (2006)

The perfection of methods for calculating the assignments fo r tractor repair
, Unknown (1974)

The perfection of methods for the usage of techniques in field-crop cultivation
, Unknown (1990)

The perfection of operational management in collective and state farms
, Unknown (1975)

The perfection of procurement of animal produce
, Unknown (1979)

The perfection of technological processes in the treatment of soils and sowing
, Unknown (1983)

The perfection of technology and the technical means of production in stock-raising
, Unknown (1988)

The perfection of the technology of rabbit-keeping on an industrial basis
, Unknown (1978)

The perfection of working bodies for potato tops cutting
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Agrarian Sciences Series (5): 196-198 (2006)

The perfomance of Hongguozi in Xiamen, Fujian province
, China Fruits (3): 28-29 (2006)

The perforated soil system, a new method of root research
, Proceedings of the 6th North American Conference on Mycorrhizae: June 25-29-1984 Bend Oregon compiled and edited by Randy Molina sponsoring institutions Oregon State University College of Forestry and USDA (1985)

The perforation of leaves of the tomato plant in the state of Hidalgo
, Unknown (1982)

The performance against carrot fly and uptake by carrots of carbofuran and phorate incorporated as granular formulations in gels used for drilling pre-germinated carrot seed Psila rosae
, Unknown (1981)

The performance and application of fly ash modified by PDMDAAC
, Journal of Hazardous Materials 147(1-2): 133-138 (2007)

The performance and costs of waste water flotation as a purification level in communal treatment plants
, Unknown (1984)

The performance and economic effects of sorting long yearling steers by initial feedlot weight, the effects of Optaflexx supplementation, and a performance and economic comparison of a long yearling and calf-fed production system
, Unknown (2006)

The performance and efficacy of a two-person operated portable PIT-antenna for monitoring spatial distribution of stream fish populations
, River Research and Applications 23(6): 559-564 (2007)

The performance and environmental effects of a hydraulic clam dredge
, Unknown (1981)

The performance and physiological changes in lactating beef cows subject to different degrees of undernutrition
, Conferencia Mundial de Produccion Animal = World Conference on Animal Productionub 1980) 2(2): 183-192 (1980)

The performance and problems of co-operative fair price shops in Poona District
, Unknown (1970)

The performance and prospects of particleboard flooring
, Australian forest industries journal and logger 39(10): 10-12 (1973)

The performance approach to acceptance of building products
, Proceedings of the Washington State University International Symposium on Particleboard 4(14): 77-84 (1980)

The performance capability of microscopic study of direct smears from tuberculosis material of slaughtered swine in the directions of paragraph 20 (2) AB.A
, Unknown (1970)

The performance characteristics of Kentucky bluegrass mixtures
, Turf bulletin: er 7 (2) 16-22 (1970)

The performance concept
, Publication University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service: 91 (400G-01550) (1991 )

The performance during winter, of heifers fed grass silage, made under unfavourable weather conditions and Eragrostis curvula hay, produced from the same sward
, South African journal of animal Science 2(1): 83-84 (1982)

The performance environment of the England youth soccer teams
, Journal of Sports Sciences 25(12): 1307-1324 (2007)

The performance factor resistance in animal production
, Tierzucht 31 (5) 214-216 (1977)

The performance fields of veterinary medicine curricula in universities of southern Brazil
, Revista de Ciencias Agroveterinarias 6(2): 44-53 (2007)

The performance for improvement of the Italian swine stock
, Suinicoltura 16 (2) 13-18 (1975)

The performance horse
, Unknown (1995)

The performance inheritance of bull Jan and his sons with the daughter-mother comparision illustrated by examples in the study of the Westfalian herd book society
, Unknown (1951)

The performance mare
, Unknown (1993)

The performance of Autumn Bliss raspberry cultivar in Shenyang area, Liaoning province
, China Fruits (3): 19-20 (2006)

The performance of Lizao, jujube cultivar in Jinsha area, Guizhou province
, South China Fruits (2): 65-66 (2006)

The performance of mini layers
, Unknown (1972)

The performance of Grasslands Matua prairie grass in the southern North Island
, Proceedings of the New Zealand Grassland Association 9(1): 148-155 (1978)

The performance of Valencia orange trees on 21 rootstocks in the Florida flatwoods
, Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Florida State Horticultural Society 105(105): 60-63 (1993)

The performance of 5 strawberry cultivars grown under protected conditions in Shenyang area
, China Fruits (5): 24-26 (2006)

The performance of Africander cattle. Prepared from Animal Breeding Abstracts, 1972-1977
, Annotated bibliography Commonwealth Bureau of Animal Breeding and Genetics: 84A (1978)

The performance of Anna apple cultivar in Zaozhuang area, Shandong province
, China Fruits (4): 20-22 (2006)

The performance of Austrian pine seed sources on various sites in West Virginia and Pennsylvania
, Proceedings Northeastern Forest Tree Improvement Conference: 7th) 103-114 (1981)

The performance of Autumn Red nectarine cultivar in Xingtao area, Hebei province
, South China Fruits (2): 68-69 (2006)

The performance of Baguio bean, pole sitao and cucumber grown with corn and sorghum Phaseolus vulgaris, Vigua sinensis, Cucumis sativus, Zea maize, Sorghum vulgare
, MSAC research journal Mountain State Agricultural College: (9) 43-62 (1981)

The performance of Baxi banana cultivar in Fujian banana producing area
, South China Fruits (2): 27-28, 45 (2006)

The performance of Boran cattle. Prepared from Animal Breeding Abstracts, 1971-1976
, Unknown (1977)

The performance of Dalbergia wood and Dalbergia extractives impregnated into pine and exposed in a water cooling tower
, Proceedings of a Workshop on the Biodeterioration of Tropical Woods: Chemical Basis for Natural Resistance: ical Basis for Natural Resistance, 41-56 (1976)

The performance of Dashiguosang mulberry cultivar in Mengzi area, Yunnan province
, China Fruits (3): 42-43 (2006)

The performance of EMLA apple trees and Mycoplasma infected trees
, Acta Horticulturae 67: 9-65 (1976)

The performance of Fallglo and Murcott (hybrids of mandarin and orange) cultivars in the southern part of Jiangxi province
, South China Fruits (3): 8-9 (2006)

The performance of Finn-Dorset sheep allowed to mate four times in two years
, Animal production 13(4): 637-641 (1971)

The performance of Friesian steers grazing Grasslands Roa tall fescue pastures on peat soils in the Waikato
, Proceedings of the New Zealand Grassland Association conference 1(41): 130-137 (1980)

The performance of Fucuimi jujube cultivar in Shaoxing area, Zhejiang province
, China Fruits (3): 20-22 (2006)

The performance of Gaoqi grape cultivar in the area with low elevation and high wet and high temperature climate
, South China Fruits (5): 56-57 (2006)

The performance of Guifeihongyou pummelo cultivar in Guangzhouarea, Guangdong province
, China Fruits (4): 35-37 (2006)

The performance of Guinugan strawberry cultivar and its cultural techniques
, China Fruits (2): 56-57 (2006)

The performance of Holstein
, Occasional symposium British Grassland Society: 2) 140-145 (1988)

The performance of Hongjiangjun apple cultivar in Baiyin area, Gansu province
, China Fruits (2): 33-34 (2006)

The performance of Hosui pear cultivar in Luanxian county area, Hebei province
, China Fruits (3): 57 (2006)

The performance of Japanese apple varieties on experimental rootstocks and interstocks
, Compact fruit tree (20): 124-138 (1987)

The performance of Jumeigui grape cultivar in Hengyang area and its cultural techniques
, China Fruits (5): 42-44 (2006)

The performance of Karacabey and Kenya Merino sheep at Lalahan
, Unknown (1972)

The performance of Leucaena leucocephala on salt-affected soils
, Potentials of forage legumes in farming systems of Sub Saharan Africa: proceedings of a workshop held at ILCA Addis Ababa Ethiopia 16-19 September 1985 edited by I Haque S Jutzi PJH Neate: 471 (1986)

The performance of merino ewes deprived of drinking water
, Australian Journal of Science 31(10): 369-370 (1969)

The performance of Miyagawa Wase satsuma mandarin and Washington Navel orange cultivar on trifoliate and hybrid seedling rootstocks
, South China Fruits (3): 5-7 (2006)

The performance of Nova Tangelo mandarin cultivar in Anhua area, Hunan province
, South China Fruits (2): 2 (2006)

The performance of Polish grass varieties used in lawns
, Unknown (1976)

The performance of Rongotea and Oroua wheats in Canterbury
, New Zealand wheat review 79(14): 103-105 (1977)

The performance of Seedless 8612 grape selection in Chongqing area and its cultural techniques
, China Fruits (2): 55-56 (2006)

The performance of Super Seedless grape cultivar in Heze area, Shandong province
, China Fruits (5): 66 (2006)

The performance of Tainong Tianmi peach cultivar in Shaoguan area, Guangdong province
, China Fruits (4): 47-48 (2006)

The performance of Taiwan Tianmitao peach cultivar in northern part of Guangdong province
, South China Fruits (5): 53-54 (2006)

The performance of Tiancao Tangor in Guangzhou area
, South China Fruits (5): 1-2 (2006)

The performance of U.S. meat exports to the Pacific Rim
, Unknown (1996)

The performance of USDA pecan numbered selections at Baton Rouge, LA
, Proceedings annual convention Southeastern Pecan Growers Association: 8th) 133-136 (1985)

The performance of Wisconsin retail and service markets
, Unknown ( 1998)

The performance of Xiahei, a triploid seedless grape cultivar and cultural techniques
, South China Fruits (3): 74-76 (2006)

The performance of Yuanhuangli pear cultivar in the mid-lower region of Yantze River
, South China Fruits (5): 50-51 (2006)

The performance of Yuchi clover-Coastal bermudagrass and Gulf ryegrass-coastal mixtures as influenced by seedbed preparation and seeding rate
, PR Texas Agricultural Experiment Station: (4141) 135-141 (1983)

The performance of Zhujian mandarin in Guangdong province and cultural techniques
, South China Fruits (4): 1-2 (2006)

The performance of a Pangola grass
, Unknown (1971)

The performance of a co-formulation of Bacillus subtilis plus Rhizobium and their effect on dry bean root rot in Minnesota
, Annual report 44(44): 81-82 (2001)

The performance of a fluidized bed refined sugar dryer
, Proceedings annual congress South African Sugar Technologists' Association: (54th) 52-55 (1980)

The performance of a house paint on two overlays on cottonwood siding
, Unknown (1971)

The performance of a petrol engine modified to operate on pure ethanol
, Proceedings of the annual congress South African Sugar Technologists' Association: 0th) 251-254 (1986)

The performance of a proto-fermenter containing independently-driven dual impellers in a draft tube (IDDIDT): mixing times
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