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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 17451

Chapter 17451 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Crawford, N., 1971:
The presence of contractile proteins in platelet microparticles isolated from human and animal platelet-free plasma

Kolodner, R.; Warner, R.C.; Tewari, K.K., 1975:
The presence of covalently linked ribonucleotides in the closed circular deoxyribonucleic acid from higher plants

Bernacki, Z., 1974:
The presence of cryptorchism and the determination of the size of vesical glands in the bulls of Black Pied Lowland breed

Payne, L.; Foley, J., 1992:
The presence of dihydroerythroidines in the milk of goats fed Erythrina poeppigiana and E. berteroana foliage

Fiddler, W.; Pensabene, J.W.; Doerr, R.C.; Dooley, C.J., 1977:
The presence of dimethyl- and diethylnitrosamines in deionized water

Bierl, B.; Beroza, M.A.ler, V.; Kasang, G.S.hroter, H.S.hneider, D., 1975:
The presence of disparlure, the sex pheromone of the gypsy moth, in the female nun moth

Kelly, Jd, 1989:
The presence of dwarf lethal DL genes in Phaseolus germplasm, lines, and cultivars

Juberthie-Jupeau, L.S.rambi, A.R.ggi, M.D.; Juberthie, C., 1979:
The presence of ecdysteroids and the variations of their level during the first adult stage of the myriapod Hanseniella ivorensis Juberthie-Jupeau and Kehe (Symphyla)

Gonzalez-Aleu, Ja, 1969:
The presence of electrical energy in arid and semi-arid regions of Mexico

Kies, L., 1980:
The presence of endophytic bacteria in Colacium vesiculosum Ehrenb. (Euglenophyceae) and their loss during long-term culturing of the alga

Van-Amstel, S.; Oberem, P.; Didomenico, M.K.rkpatrick, R.; Mathee, J., 1989:
The presence of endotoxin activity in cases of experimentally-induced heartwater in sheep

Nenkov, M., 1974:
The presence of enteropathogenic

Downing, Dl, 1969:
The presence of enzymes in fruits and vegetables

Iglesias, A.; Andreo, C., 1983:
The presence of essential histidine residues in phosphoenol pyruvate carboxylase from maize leaves

Goosen-De-Roo, L.B.khuizen, R.V.n-Spronsen, P.; Libbenga, K., 1984:
The presence of extended phragmosomes containing cytoskeletal elements in fusiform cambial cells of Fraxinus excelsior L

Bykowski, P.K.stuch, S.K.walczuk, M., 1981:
The presence of fluorine in feed meals

Blondeau, R., 1969:
The presence of folic acid compounds in the rhizosphere of rape seedlings (Brassica napus oleifera)

Gildemeister, E., 1977:
The presence of foot and mouth disease virus in pox-lymph

Nagy, F.; Petrescu, I.; Marza, I., 2002:
The presence of fossil wood of Glyptostroboxylon in the miocene from Pravaleni-Brad

Rypackova, M.T.chy, V., 1971:
The presence of free radicals in wood decomposed by fungi

Notton, B.; Fido, R.; Hewitt, E., 1977:
The presence of functional haem in a higher plant nitrate reductase

Gligorijevic, J.P.trovic, B.Z.gorcic, A., 1972:
The presence of gas in the oesophagus and its significance in radiological diagnostics of the digestive tract diseases in the dog

Pal, T.; Napierala, D.; Becker, T.A.; Loscalzo, M.; Baldridge, D.; Lee, B.; Sutphen, R., 2007:
The presence of germ line mosaicism in cleidocranial dysplasia

Vien, C., 1968:
The presence of giant forms of chromosomes in free Peridinian, Amphidinium carteri

Proliac, A.C.mbier, H., 1974:
The presence of glucuronide 7-apigenine in the flowers of Catananche caerulea L. (Compositae)

Sallal, A.; Nimer, N., 1990:
The presence of glutamate dehydrogenase in Chlorogloeopsis fritschii

Iukhananov, D.; Sapunova, L., 1976:
The presence of gypsoide in the representatives of the family Caryophyllaceae

Jerlstrom, E., 1973:
The presence of harmful substances in mink feed

Schmersahl, P., 1969:
The presence of helveticoside in seeds of Corchorus capsularis L. and C. olitorus L

Moraillon, A.T.ma, B.G.ret, P.B.ion, A.R.chard, Y.I.kander, G., 1971:
The presence of herpesvirus in leucocyte cultures prepared from the blood of healthy horses

Moraillon, A.T.ma, B.G.ret, P.B.ion, A.R.chard, Y.L.ka-Iskander, G., 1971:
The presence of herpesvirus in leucocyte cultures prepared from the blood of healthy horses. 1

Cordeior, R.S.; Aragão, J.B.; Morhy, L., 1983:
The presence of histamine in Cnidosculus oligandrus (Euphorbiaceae)

Jagos, P.S.riz, J.I.lek, J.J.rajdova, J., 1974:
The presence of hypomagnesemia along with hypercalcemia and dystrophy of the liver in milch cows

Suzuki, A.O.wada, S.T.mate, H., 1978:
The presence of intrafiber fat

Pavlidis, Eiiuriaei-Angeleevich, 1980:
The presence of iron in the sediment of the Cuban shelf

Vanni, P.V.ncenzini, M., 1972:
The presence of isocitrate lyase and malate synthase activity in germinating Ginkgo biloba seeds

Zapisek, W.F.; Papaconstantinou, J., 1972:
The presence of large amounts of adenosine triphosphate in phenol extracts of chicken lenses

Everaert, G.; Jawhari, M.G.ufreteau, A., 1974:
The presence of large flukes Fasciola gigantica in asses livers in Morocco

Weijer, K.D.ams, J., 1976:
The presence of leukaemia and feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) in cats in The Netherlands

Chucharoen, P.; Chetsawang, B.; Putthaprasart, C.; Srikiatkhachorn, A.; Govitrapong, P., 2007:
The presence of melatonin receptors and inhibitory effect of melatonin on hydrogen peroxide-induced endothelial nitric oxide synthase expression in bovine cerebral blood vessels

Begliomini, A.M.rcellini, M.M.rozzi, A., 1977:
The presence of metals (cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead and zinc) in imported fish meals

Gergis, M.S., 1971:
The presence of microbodies in three strains of Chlorella

Verona, O.; Nuti, M.P., 1971:
The presence of microorganisms which degrade urea and cyanamide in spermosphere and rhizosphere

McMillan, F.D.; Rollin, B.E., 2001:
The presence of mind: on reunifying the animal mind and body

Coucke, P.; van Parijs, R., 1979:
The presence of minor histone components in the chromatin of Pisum sativum L. seedlings

Krogmann, D.W.; Pérez-Gómez, B.; Gutiérrez-Cirlos, E.Berta.; Chagolla-López, A.; González de la Vara, L.; Gómez-Lojero, C., 2007:
The presence of multidomain linkers determines the bundle-shape structure of the phycobilisome of the cyanobacterium Gloeobacter violaceus PCC 7421

Saunders, Ja, 1978:
The presence of nicotine in vacuoles isolated from tobacco

Hanya, T.M.tsumoto, G.N.gao, K.K.tase, T., 1976 :
The presence of p coumaric and ferulic acids in natural waters and their significance in relation to environmental health

Gatica, M.; Allende, J.E., 1971:
The presence of peptidyl transferase in wheat embryo ribosomes

D'-Aubert, S.C.rrado, A., 1974:
The presence of phenolic compounds in fish meats

Vanossi, L., 1974:
The presence of phenols in the water supply

Cadman, E.; Eichberg, J., 1983:
The presence of phospholipase A and lysophospholipase activities in culture supernatant fluid from Alteromonas espejiana

Chavant, L.K.der, J., 1982:
The presence of phospholipid transfer proteins in filamentous fungi Mucor mucedo

De-Souza, N.; Nes, W., 1969:
The presence of phytol in brown and bluegreen algae and its relationship to evolution

Iwata, M.M.rishita, T., 1989:
The presence of plasmids in Bifidobacterium breve

Johnson, W.E.B.; Patterson, A.M.; Eisenstein, S.M.; Roberts, S., 2007:
The presence of pleiotrophin in the human intervertebral disc is associated with increased vascularization: an immunohistologic study

Thompson, S.E.linton, G., 1979:
The presence of pollutant hydrocarbons in estuarine epipelic diatom populations. II. Diatom slimes

Manahan, C.O.; App, A.A.; Still, C.C., 1973 :
The presence of polyadenylate sequences in the ribonucleic acid of a higher plant

Bechtel, D.; Gaines, R., 1982:
The presence of protease-digestible material in Golgi vesicles during endosperm development of selected cereals Oryza sativa, rice, Triticum aestivum, wheat, Hordeum vulgare, barley, Avena sativa, oats

Trenin, Vv, 1982:
The presence of protein bodies in Siberian larch pollen Larix sibirica, ultrastructure

Petrosian, T.; Movsesian, A., 1977:
The presence of protein substances in cognac alcohols

Sanada, Y.N.shida, K., 1982:
The presence of pyruvate, orthophosphate dikinase in CAM plants

Miyazaki, N.H.Tokumaru.; Abreu, A.O.; Marin, V.A.; Rezende, C.A.F.; Moraes, Márcia.T.B.; Villas Bôas, M.Helena.S., 2007:
The presence of qacA/B gene in Brazilian methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Sheveleva, S.; Bogoroditskaia, V., 1977:
The presence of residual amounts of clortetracycline in the organs and tissues of poultry

Kouba, R.F.; Craine, E.M.; Ray, W.H., 1971:
The presence of residues in the tissues of rats receiving decoquinate orally

Janistyn, B.N.hrstedt, A.P.hl, R., 1974:
The presence of rhamnetine in the genus Euphorbia; a correction

Fareed, V.; Percival, E., 1977:
The presence of rhamnose and 3-0 methylxylose in the extracellular mucilage from the red alga Rhodella maculata

Aeschlimann, A.H.cker, H., 1970:
The presence of ringed membranes in the oocytes of Ornithodoros moubata, Murray (Ixodoidea: Argasidae)

Mateev, M.D.kov, T.N.kolov, N., 1974:
The presence of salmonellae in t

Kiyomoto, Setuo, 2007:
The presence of scavengers increases the vulnerability of juvenile abalone to predatory fish

Mercer, P.; Jeffs, M., 1988:
The presence of seed-borne pathogens on three cultivars of linseed

Shcherbanivs'-Kyi, Lr, 1971:
The presence of shiconine in som

Ishay, J.; Shimony, T.1; Arcan, L., 1983:
The presence of statocysts and statoliths in social wasps (Hymenoptera, Vespinae) Vespa orientalis, Vespa crabro

Jeanson, C., 1975:
The presence of sulfur in aggregates formed by earwigs

Zander, J.; Caspi, E.P.ndey, G.; Mitra, C., 1969:
The presence of tetrahymanol in Oleandra wallichii

Boillot, A., 1971:
The presence of tetraspores in the cycle of Helminthora divaricata (C. agardh) J. agardh (Rhodophyceae, Nemalionales)

Cleary, M.; Phillips, F., 1999:
The presence of the fa gene in heterozygous (FA

Hallim, Mki, 1980:
The presence of the Africanised bee in Trinidad

Jensen, R.Beck.; Vielwerth, S.; Larsen, T.; Greisen, G.; Leffers, H.; Juul, A., 2007:
The presence of the d3-growth hormone receptor polymorphism is negatively associated with fetal growth but positively associated with postnatal growth in healthy subjects

Berishvili, Tt, 1973:
The presence of the Ne3 gene of

Zardini, Em, 1974:
The presence of the genus Gerbera in America

Parra, B., O., 1972:
The presence of the genus Planctomyces (Fungi Imperfecti, Monilialese in Chile

Zuloaga, Fo, 1981:
The presence of the genus Rottboellia (Gramineae, Andropogoneae) in the Argentina Republic

Corte, A., 1975:
The presence of the grape black rot in La Spezia Province

Bos, R.P.; Theuws, J.L.; Leijdekkers, C.M.; Henderson, P.T., 1984:
The presence of the mutagenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons benzo[a]pyrene and benz[a]anthracene in creosote P1

Pasich, U., 1974:
The presence of the soralia in the lichen species of Mycoblastus sanguinarius (L.) Norm

Louw, J.P., 1988:
The presence of the trichostrongylid Teladorsagia davtiani in sheep in the south-western Cape

Takahashi, S., 1969:
The presence of the tumor inhibitor crotepoxide (futoxide) in Piper futokadzura

Yamada, M.K.neda, T., 1975:
The presence of toxic dimer of

White, F.; Wainwright, T., 1977:
The presence of two dimethyl sulphide precursors in malt, their control by malt kilning conditions, and their effect on beer DMS levels

Huang, X.; Jiao, B.; Fung, C.Kit.; Zhang, Y.; Ho, W.K.K.; Chan, C.Bun.; Lin, H.; Wang, D.; Cheng, C.H.K., 2007:
The presence of two distinct prolactin receptors in seabream with different tissue distribution patterns, signal transduction pathways and regulation of gene expression by steroid hormones

Motoyama, N;;, 1983:
The presence of two forms of glutathione S-transferases with distinct substrate specificity in OP organophosphorylation-resistant and -susceptible housefly strains Musca domestica

Uhl, R.; Borys, T.; Semple, N.; Pasternak, J.; Abrahamson, E.W., 1979:
The presence of two major protein components in the bovine photoreceptor disc membrane

Descamps, M., 1969:
The presence of two not reducing mitosis after the phase of spermacyte growth in Lithobius forficatus L. (Myriapoda, Chilopoda)

Meiniel, A.; Vivien-Roels, B., 1983:
The presence of two populations of sensory-type cells in the pineal organ of the five-bearded rockling, Ciliata mustela L. (Teleostei)

Silverberg, B.A., 1974:
The presence of unusual microtubular structures in senescent cells of Chlamydomonas dysosmos

Fiorentino, C.E.; Paoloni, J.D.; Sequeira, M.E.; Arosteguy, P., 2007:
The presence of vanadium in groundwater of southeastern extreme the pampean region Argentina Relationship with other chemical elements

Devauchelle, G.V.go, C., 1969:
The presence of virus like particles in the nucleolus of the cells of the middle intestine of Coleoptera Tenebrio molitor (Linne)

Regalado, Alejandro, 1995:
The presence of wetlands and their effects on rural land values

Stollarova, V., 1976:
The presence of yeasts and yeast like microorganisms on a number of fruits in the surroundings of Nitra

Barwald, G.H.mad, S., 1984:
The presence of yeasts in Sudanese cane sugar factories

Ismail, Fa, 1975:
The presence ofinosin-5-monophosphate in camel meat

Hulea, A.R.sca, I., 1974:
The presence on seed of the oospores of Peronospora manshurica (Naum) Syd., which produce soybean mildew is reported

Renner, B., 1982:
The presence or absence of secondary metabolites in Cephalodia and their possible implications Lichens

Sukhoretskii, Bs, 1970:
The presense of antibodies to virus of the human group in blood serum of swine

Dahlgren, Wh, 1980:
The present & future of retort pouch packaging equipment considering technological problems, speeds & cost

Ali, Am, 1977:
The present Egyptian regulations and legislation for new pesticides

Dayrit, Mg, 1977:
The present activities of the University Library in providing information to the research and academic community

Hopkin, Ja, 1974:
The present agricultural environment--implication for farm m anagers and appraisers

Czuba, R., 1976:
The present and anticipated demand of agriculture for fertilizers

Adegboye, Johnson, B., 1977:
The present and desired involvement of extension agents, 4-H in selected tasks of Extension Programs as perceived by themselves and by their county extension directors

Hadders, G., 1977:
The present and future area requirements of spruce seed orchards in Sweden

Thrusfield, Mv, 1983:
The present and future condition of companion animal epidemiology in the United Kingdom Dogs, cats, the smaller domestic pets, and horses

Sato, K., 2006:
The present and future conditions of drugs promoting gastrointestinal function in small animals

Davis, John-Hebert, 1944:
The present and future contributions of the farmer cooperatives in New England agriculture

O'-Connor, Lk, 1968:
The present and future development of dairy cattle

Kazmann Raphael, G., 1970:
The present and future ground-water supply of the baton rouge area

Oldach, K.; Bernhardt, H., 1975:
The present and future importance of straw in the socialist agriculture of the German Democratic Republic

Shimizu, H., 1974:
The present and future in fruit

Berkessel, H., 1970:
The present and future marketing of soft drinks

Mirtskhulava, Tse, 1977:
The present and future of Kolkhida

Kampelmacher, Eh, 1985:
The present and future of Salmonella control

Rukov, B., 1977:
The present and future of Soviet agriculture

Goudy, Wj, 1984:
The present and future of The Rural Sociologist

Peters, M.; Mcadoo, H., 1983:
The present and future of alternative lifestyles in ethnic American cultures

Sipos, S., 1971:
The present and future of apple export

Staff, B., 1985:
The present and future of compost marketing

Kikuchi, S., 1973:
The present and future of dairy

Shimizu, S., 1974:
The present and future of green

Catinot, R., 1974:
The present and future of humid tropical forests: The biological and economic possibilities of tropical forest ecosystems and the limits of their transformation, with particular reference to tropical Africa

Rakonczay, Z., 1978:
The present and future of nature conservation

Chino, T., 1973:
The present and future of sprin

Serebriakov, S.V.s'-Kin, E., 1976:
The present and future of supermarkets

Lupashku, Mf, 1976:
The present and future of the scientific production association Selektsiia

Ozawa, Y., 1978:
The present and future of veter

Begley, Cd, 1982:
The present and future place of coppice Forestry

Ponomarev, Gs, 1969:
The present and future practical application of research at the Institute of Plant Physiology of the Ukrainian SS-R

Angelotti, R., 1978:
The present and future regulatory scene

Carlson, Je, 1985:
The present and future role of cooperative extension in Idaho

Schopfer, W., 1981:
The present and future role of forestry biometrics and computer science

Wilson, Ct, 1972:
The present and future role of peanuts in meeting the worlds need for food

Carlson, Je, 1986:
The present and future role of teaching and research in the College of Agriculture

Longo, L., 1981:
The present and future role of the Cooperative Committee of the Northeast

Turnbull, Wj, 1969:
The present and future role of the purebred industry as a source of seed stock. (Swine breeding)

Majoli, F., 1973:
The present and future situation in the Tuscan flower industry with particular reference to the district of Lucca and Pistoia

Hulsemeyer, F., 1975:
The present and future situation of supply with raw materials for mineral fodder containing calcium, phosphorus and magnesium

Miakishev, Vm, 1975:
The present and future state of Bezhetskselmash

Noonan, Je, 1977:
The present and future status of certified color additives: the uncertain additives

Hawley, Aj, 1974:
The present and future status of eastern North Carolina wetlands

Davila, Jj, 1977:
The present and future sugar industry

Stipek, Jw, 1982:
The present and future technology in wood particle drying

Carlson, J.; Dillman, D.; Lamiman, C., 1987:
The present and future use of no-till in the Palouse

Pisani, R., 1975:
The present and perspective legislation in France concerning rum

Moss, Jt, 1981:
The present and planned activities on genetic resorces in Tuvalu

Robinson, K.; Falusi, A., 1974:
The present and potential role of fertilizer in meeting Nigerias food requirements

Borek, T., 1974:
The present and prospective methods of harvesting cereals on small-acreage farms

Lupori, N., 1974:
The present and prospective situation of the Italian marketin the supplying of protein feeds for livestock

L.M.ng; Zheng Yu, 2007:
The present and the developmental trend of technique of processing sweet corn seeds

Khorin, V., 1970:
The present and the future of Soviet consumers co-operatives

Febrer, P., 1971:
The present and the future of the plastics industry and uses in Portugal

Anonymous, 1975:
The present and the technical possibilities of the sunflower

Kunast, C.L.mina, J.M.derer, H.R.mmert-Zirngibl, J., 1981:
The present availability of dimethoate and pyrethroids in fly control in barns in the area of the Federal Republic of Germany

Tirgari, S., 1972:
The present beekeeping in Iran

Sakai, T.O.ada, I., 1973:
The present beekeeping in Japan

Powelson, J.-P.S.ock, R., 1987:
The present betrayed

Charpentier, A., 1975:
The present cheese situation and international activity for increasing cheese production in developing countries

Anonymous, 1990:
The present condition and goals of agricultural research developments

Kovacs, J., 1979:
The present condition and tasks of the Hungarian poultry industry

Anonymous, 1941:
The present condition of the work done in view of the second World agricultural census

Anonymous, 1953:
The present conditions and prospects for Hong Kongs economy

Ibekwe, Go, 1988:
The present constraints to the realization of the role of Nigerian agricultural libraries in food production, and prospects for fulfillment

Anonymous, 1952:
The present credit and debt position of farmers

Nair, Vkb, 1971:
The present day need for rubber planting materials

Kothari, Dc, 1970:
The present day problems of the sugar industry

Bohosiewicz, M., 1969:
The present day problems of the veterinary toxicology. II. THE poisoning by feed

Mukai, M.; Yaoita, H.; Kobayashi, T., 1992:
The present day rice problem

Miyamoto, J., 1976:
The present day situation of organophosphorus insecticides in Japan

Gorelova, T.; Kozhukhov, V., 1985:
The present day state of wild fig trees in the western Badkhyz

Roark, Ruric-Creegan, 1944:
The present demand and long-term outlook for insecticides

Yeoman, Mm, 1986:
The present development and future of plant cell and tissue culture in agriculture, forestry and horticulture

Uhlir, A., 1975:
The present development and prospects of furniture finishing

Gerasimov, Ip, 1972:
The present development of Soviet soil science

Ross, Hh, 1978:
The present disposition of components of the Sericostomatidae s. lat. (Trichoptera)

Badinand, B., 1973:
The present economic situation in some African countries: Senegal, Mali, Upper Volta, Niger, Ivory Coast, Cameroon

Barrington, Ds, 1985:
The present evolutionary and taxonomic status of the fern genus Polystichum: the 1984 Botanical Society of America Pteridophyte Section Symposium

Horst, J.; Kamp, H., 1973:
The present experimental program in Papendal

Skalski, K., 1977:
The present fertilizer value of the sugar factory sewage

Anonymous, 1965:
The present freedom status of Japanese agriculture

Anonymous, 1961:
The present import commodity classification

Wachendorfer, G.L.hrbach, W., 1980:
The present knowledge concerning pathogenicity of mammalian chlamydial strains for man

Busch, W., 1970:
The present knowledge on reproduction physiology and the resulting trend for the reproduction of cattle

Sekamatte, M.; Okwakol, M., 2007:
The present knowledge on soil pests and pathogens in Uganda

Schultze-Petzold, H., 1972:
The present laws on the protection of animals; basis and scientific principles

Schuch, M., 1978:
The present legal basis of peat production in south Germany and its practical consequences

Hungspreugs, M.Y.angthong, C., 1984:
The present levels of heavy metals in some molluscs of the upper gulf of Thailand

Fontenil, R., 1969:
The present limits of expansion in sheep raising

Parameshwarappa, S., 1971:
The present logging conditions and methods in Mysore

Anonymous, 1977:
The present meat export policy

Schon, L.B.ch, H., 1975:
The present method of classification of pork sides in the EEC

Detkens, S., 1975:
The present methods of dairy cattle breeding and directions of its selection for that purpose

Baker, Cj, 1970 :
The present methods of pasture establishment

Mashiringwani, Na, 1983:
The present nutrient status of the soils in the communal farming areas of Zimbabwe

Porter, Jwg, 1978:
The present nutritional status of milk proteins

Blake, Cd, 1970:
The present objectives and attainments of agricultural education

Commere, M., 1971:
The present orientation of the selection of rustic bovine breeds

Reitzel, J., 1978:
The present pest situation in Danish grain cultivation

Giles, N., 1976:
The present picture of transmissible gastroenteritis

Strojny, W., 1975:
The present population state of Chalicodoma muraria (Fab.) (Hymenoptera, Apidae) in the nature reservation Skalki Stoleckie near Zabkowice Slaskie

Gunther, K., 1973:
The present position and future prospects in the animal nutrition in connection with animal production and mineral additive supplies

Gill, Ks, 1980:
The present position and the future needs for oilseeds in India

Ruttner, 1972:
The present position in breeding. I

Davey, Plh, 1969:
The present position of applied nutrition programmes

Shiraki, Y., 1974:
The present position of clay so

Garnaud, M., 1977:
The present position of protected cultivation in the Mediterranean basin

Schettler, H., 1969:
The present position of resea

Pirie, N.W., 1969:
The present position of research on the use of leaf protein as a human food

Miegroet, M.V.n; Schuyter, J.D., 1970:
The present position of silviculture and its tasks in W. europe

Haas, Hg, 1980:
The present position of the manufacture of moldings from wood particles

Obasola, Co, 1972:
The present position of work on coconut in Nigeria

Thornton, H., 1948:
The present position regarding food inspection in England and Wales

Czaplak, T., 1972:
The present possililities of increasing profitability of milk production

Tanke, Cg, 1972:
The present price quotations for wool in some form must be considered exaggerated

Anusorn-Boon-It, 1971:
The present problems and future agricultural mechanization in Thailand

Chaiboonruang, Piyachai, 1979:
The present problems of agricultural extension services, Thailand

Mincu, I., 1980:
The present problems of diabetes mellitus as a social disease with special reference to Romania

Rao, Np, 1975:
The present problems of packaging in India

Zhang ChuanLi; Lin LiangBin; Liu YaTing; Mao XiaoQiang; Xia GuoYin; M.Z.ongQin, 2007:
The present production situation and technology progress of bio-diesel

Walther, U.T.iele, M., 1979:
The present race situation of brown rust (Puccinia hordei Otth.) in the German Democratic Republic

Buchwald, W., 1974:
The present raw material situation in the meat industry

Shinohara, T., 1974:
The present reckless developmen

Laur, A., 1973:
The present reform marks a progress but still does not go very far

Herbst, Rl, 1976:
The present resource situation: on state and private lands

Mcguire,. Jr.; , 1976:
The present resource situation: on the federal lands

Klett, W., 1975:
The present responsibility of the Plant Protection Service in the Federal Republic of Germany

Monzini, A., 1975:
The present role and future prospectives in the application of cold in the food industry

Monzini, A., 1975:
The present role and future prospects of using refrigeration in the food industry

Saito, W., 2005:
The present situation and development of simplified and accelerated detection and identification of micro-organisms (4) rapid hygienic inspection by the use of ATP method (Bio Luminescence Procedure)

Gol'-Dshmidt, Yum, 1979:
The present situation and future prospects in processing of wood tars

Greenwood, K., 1975:
The present situation and future prospects of the false-twist process

Taniguchi, S.; Kobayashi, H.; Matsumura, I., 2006:
The present situation and issues of farmers pension scheme in Japan

Hell, P., 1975:
The present situation and perspective of hare rearing in Slovakia

Matsubara, E., 1993:
The present situation and problems in administration of dams for irrigation in the Totsukawa-Kinokawa District

Kvochkin, A.N.; Martynov, I.G., 2006:
The present situation and prospects for development of investment activity in the agro-industrial complex of the Lipetsk province

Kiss, G., 1974:
The present situation and prospects of soybean growing in Hungary

Miettinen, Jk, 1969:
The present situation and recent developments in the accumulation of 137Cs, 90Sr and 55Fe in Arctic foodchains

Ventura, S., 1979:
The present situation and short-term outlook of the beef and veal market in the European Economic Community

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The present situation and the rate of self purification of the upper reaches of the Sukhona River

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The present situation and the trend of furniture development in Czechoslovakia

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The present situation in horse breeding

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The present situation in rabies in the Federal Republic of Germany

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The present situation in resistance breakdown by the potato cyst nematode (Heterodera rostochiensis) and its control in Bayern

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The present situation in the embryology of angiosperms

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The present situation in the maintanence of the forest machines and the tasks of the development

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The present situation of Japane

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The present situation of Newcastle disease in Austria

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The present situation of agricultural chemicals in the chemistry industry of Japan

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The present situation of aphid control in seed potato growing

Anonymous, 1988:
The present situation of bamboo research and production in the Philippines

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The present situation of biodegradation of anionic detergents in the waters of a river

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The present situation of children with psycho-motor disabilities and their parents

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The present situation of citrus culture in Italy

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The present situation of de-sulphuring exhaust gas

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The present situation of forest resources in tropical Africa and problems of reforestation and afforestation in the region

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The present situation of immunoprophylaxis against foot-and-mouth disease

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The present situation of mareks disease

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The present situation of organophosphorus pesticides in Japan. I

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The present situation of pineapple culture in the Hawaiian islands

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The present situation of rice growing in Spain.

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The present situation of rootstock study for apricots in Czechoslovakia

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The present situation of scientific information on fat hardening

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The present situation of the 2,4,5-T problem

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The present situation of the agricultural machinery industry in North America and Western Europe

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The present situation of the beef cattle farms in the eastern townships

Anonymous, 1981:
The present situation of the canning industry in Japan

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The present situation of the research on warble fly

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The present situation of transpo

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The present situation regarding the use of fluorescent tracers in limnology

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The present situation with aviculture: the spectacular development of intensive animal production

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The present situation with swine: economic data for fattening

Juana-Sardon, A., 1974:
The present situation with swine: summary of the swine year

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The present situation. 1

Ovens, G., 1976:
The present situation. 2

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The present stage of development in the manufacture of canned meats

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The present stage of development of climatic chambers for the purposes of agricultural research in Czechoslovakia

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The present stage of development of ionizing radiation treatment in France

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The present stage of flowering and seed production in the seed orchards of Romania

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The present stage of heterosis breeding of horsebean (Vicia faba L. genetika var. equina)

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The present stage of knowledge of mammal exploitation during the Epipalaeolithic and the earliest Neolithic on the terr itory of romania

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The present stage of knowledge on prevention and therapy of the nutritional muscular dystrophy of ruminants

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The present stage of mechanizati

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The present state and development directions of livestock land use

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The present state and development of regulation technique in potato stores

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The present state and development of the Polish cereal and milling industry

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The present state and development of three gullies on the Lublin Plateau

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The present state and development perspectives of Scientific entomology in Poland

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The present state and development prospects of poultry industry

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The present state and directions of fundamental studies for the needs of crop production

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The present state and further trends in the development of logging mechanization in Scandinavia

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The present state and future ou

Kovacs, M., 1985:
The present state and importance of environmental control

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The present state and main integration problems during the building-up of management information systems in agriculture and food production

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The present state and main problems in winter Triticale breeding in Laski and Choryn experiment stations Poland

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The present state and perspectives of cooperation among state farms in the South Moravian Region

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The present state and planned development of the technic base of agriculture in the U.S.S.R

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The present state and possibilities in rationalisation of the reproduction process in sows

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The present state and possibilities of intersector cooperation in swine husbandry

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The present state and problems of irrigation in Campania region

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The present state and prospects for development of apiculture in Yugoslavia

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The present state and prospects of entomofaunistics in Czechoslovakia

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The present state and prospects of increasing the production of plant protein in the USSR

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The present state and prospects of insect taxonomy in Czechoslovakia

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The present state and prospects of liming acid soils in the Ukrainian SSR

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The present state and prospects of panel material application in the furniture production

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The present state and prospects of the enzyme industry

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The present state and tasks for future development in poultr y breeding

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The present state and tasks in the organization of farm- and labor management

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The present state and tasks of horticultural mechanization research

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The present state and tendencie

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The present state and tendencies in the progress of law regulations with regard to the protection of experimental animals in the Slovak Republic

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The present state and the efficiency of agricultural activity of peasant farmers in Republic of Moldova

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The present state and the future of the conservation of natural resources

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The present state and the perspectives of the development of raspberry production in the mountain regions of Bulgaria

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The present state and the prospects of Czechoslovak breeding work

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The present state and the prospects of studies in the field of remote hydridization

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The present state and the trends of recreation development o f the coastal zone of the Black Sea (including the U.s.s. r., Rumania and Bulgaria)

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The present state and trend of development of poultry production in Poland till 1980

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The present state and trends for development of apricot-growing in Bulgaria

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The present state and trends in fodder beet breeding

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The present state and trends in world fertilizer production and supply (review)

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The present state concerning food-borne diseases

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The present state in veterinary profession in USA and the forseen needs in future

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The present state of Cowdria ruminantium cultivation in cell lines

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The present state of agriculture and the most urgent duties of agricultural policy and production development in Hungary

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The present state of agriculture in Japan Food consumption patterns, imports

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The present state of agronomy

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The present state of apiculture

Nyujto, F., 1980:
The present state of apricot and plum varieties demand and amelioration

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The present state of breeding work with strain 59c

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The present state of cattle breeding for meat in Hungary

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The present state of cattle production in Tanzania and methods of increasing the performance through feeding and breeding. 2. Breeding problems

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The present state of chemical and agricultural investigations up to 1970, and the stipulated trends of development basing upon plans of fertilizers delivery for agriculture up to 1985

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The present state of coffee industry in Nigeria

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The present state of construction and equipment of agrochemical centres

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The present state of control of disease carrying insects

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The present state of development and new knowledge in the removal of liquid manure from animal production plants

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The present state of development of the woodworking and furniture industry and the plans for the future development in the frame of the Ministry for Industry in the Slovak Socialistic Republic

Michalka, J., 1980:
The present state of diagnosis and immunotherapy of hog cholera

Zander, H., 1974:
The present state of drinking water supply in the German F ederal Republic

Anonymous, 1962:
The present state of economic development planning in Latin America

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The present state of equine dentistry

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The present state of family relations research

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The present state of flour processing

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The present state of food industry in Hungary and problems related to its development

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The present state of foot-and-mouth disease research

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The present state of genetics of Acarina

Balashov, Ius, 1975:
The present state of genetics of the Acarina

Segler, G., 1969:
The present state of hay ventilation technology

Stoianov, V., 1977:
The present state of hog cholera

Tiesler, Fk, 1980:
The present state of honeybee breeding with special consideration of breeding in densely settled areas

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The present state of improvement programs for dry bean resistance to BCMV in Spain

Anonymous, 1991:
The present state of information in rural areas and the direction of future developments

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The present state of investigations on the demand for microfertilization of crops in Poland

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The present state of knowledge of soil mesostigmatid mites of West Bengal, India Geographic distribution, soil fauna

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The present state of knowledge of the Trichoptera of Southern Africa

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The present state of large-scale fruit production and certain problems of its extension in the cooperative farms

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The present state of legislation concerning environmental protection against residues in products of animal origin

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The present state of legislation, organization, and future outlooks in the field of plant protection

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The present state of livestock raising and breeding in Szczecin Province

Grumeza, N., 1978:
The present state of localized irrigation of horticultural crops

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The present state of locations of Betula humulis var. Cretacea Litv. in Cretaceous deposits of Kursk Region

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The present state of mechanized industrial methods of food potato and seed potato production

Anonymous, 1968:
The present state of mutation breeding; report of International Symposium held on August 15 to 17, 1968

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The present state of orchid growing in Czechoslovakia

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The present state of peat production and use of peat in the Federal Republic of Germany

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The present state of plant cytology in Poland

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The present state of production of slaughter cattle

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The present state of production, processing and marketing cooperatives within the food business in Bacs-Kiskun County

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The present state of rabbit research

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The present state of research in red clover pollination and seed production (Trifolium pratense L.)

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The present state of sago produ

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The present state of scientific research in the field of domestic flora and its use in industry, agriculture and medicine

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The present state of sheep husbandry in Republic of Serbia

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The present state of sugar beet breeding in Sugar Beet Breeding Enterprise

Trnkova, V., 1977:
The present state of the age structure of persons working in agriculture and its geographical mapping

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The present state of the breeding program of the Federal Union of Agricultural Cooperatives (Switzerland)

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The present state of the genetics of the Acarina

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The present state of the harmonizing of veterinary training in the framework of the European Economic Community

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The present state of the research on Trichogramma in Europe and its future tasks

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The present state of the steppe vegetation and floristic reservations in the environs of Miechow

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The present state of the systematics of vascular plants in Poland on the background of its development during the last quarter century

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The present state of theories of inflation in view of the inflation of theories

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The present state of tropical floristics

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The present state of ultrastructural research into fossil sporomorphs

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The present state of veterina

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The present state of whole-tree harvesting

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The present state of world desertification

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The present state, and the perspectives of the development of animal production in the Sudety mountain region

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The present states and the cour

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The present states and the futu

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The present status and background of antibiotics in the feeding of domestic animals

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The present status and development of technical drying and i ts significance as an important factor of intensification

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The present status and development trends of agricultural transports

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The present status and directions of the development of woodworking industry in Bieszczady Mountains

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The present status and future

Saladiova, D.; Durecko, R.; Turek, P.; Simanska, I., 2007:
The present status and future of salmonellosis

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The present status and future outlook for biological control of arthropod pests of vegetable and fruit crops in the U.S.S.R

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The present status and future outlook of the use of natural enemies and pollinators in protected crops

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The present status and future prospect for the American chestnut in Michigan

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The present status and future prospect of radiation stimulation in crop plants

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The present status and future prospects of tropical moist forests

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The present status and future tasks of meat technology

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The present status and new tre

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The present status and problems of marketing farm machinery in Korea

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The present status and prospects of development of the mobile distribution of liquid manure

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The present status and prospects of high fructose syrup production in Japan

Anonymous, 1978:
The present status and prospects of the Philippine sugar industry

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The present status and research on farm mechanization of sandy land agriculture in Japan for cooperative activity in arid land agriculture development

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The present status of Chinese cabbage growing in Japan

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The present status of DNA repair mechanisms in UV irradiated yeast

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The present status of Ephemerella borakensis (Ephemeroptera: Ephemerellidae)

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The present status of Ephemerella uenoi (Ephemeroptera: Ephemerellidae)

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The present status of Lactobacillus casei factor

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The present status of Lithophane leautieri (Boisd.) in Britain

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The present status of Oregon agriculture labor

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The present status of Rhynia gwynne-vaughanii (K. and L.) Y.L

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The present status of agricultu

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The present status of agricultural mechanization in Bhutan

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The present status of agriculture and economy in the Syrian region of the United Arab Republic in the year 1958

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The present status of animal production and research in the Phillippines

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The present status of attempts at improvement of instruction in land-grant colleges

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The present status of biosystematics

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The present status of blueberry work and wild Vaccinium species in Japan

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The present status of breeding rust resistant oats at the Minnesota station

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The present status of brown algae culture in Japan Phaeophyceae

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The present status of canine parvovirosis

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The present status of chemoprophylaxis of psittacosis in parakeets and parrots and proposals for the future control

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The present status of chromosome recognition and gene localization in rye, Secale cereale L

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The present status of citrus virus and virus-like diseases in China

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The present status of classification in biflagellate fungi

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The present status of cocoa bee bug, Platyngomiriodes apiformis Ghauri, in Sabah and its life cycle study

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The present status of cucumber seed production in Hungary

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The present status of development of cell compressors for milking equipment

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The present status of diagnosis and differential diagnosis of hog cholera including emendations to an article of radtke on piglet influenza and swine paratyphoid (BTW, 1937 no. 8)

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The present status of effluent utilisation in Malaysia

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The present status of environmental geochemistry and health in the United Kingdom

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The present status of euthanasia by nonanesthetic gases

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The present status of evolution and phylogeny of Ustilaginales

Anonymous, 1976:
The present status of food control

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The present status of forest seed aquisition for afforestation programes in Somalia

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The present status of health fo

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The present status of hybridity among the pteridophytes

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The present status of hydrogen recycling in legumes Nitrogen fixation, Rhizobium japonicum, hydrogen oxidation, effect of recycling on yields, inoculant strain comparisons

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The present status of insect attractants

Anonymous, 1962:
The present status of machine and implements used for rice cultivation in Japan

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The present status of marine living resources statistics in India

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The present status of mechanization in sugar beets production in Europe

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The present status of mechanized maize production in Hungary

Banhazi, G., 1973:
The present status of mechanized maize production in the Hungarian Peoples Republic

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The present status of mercurial seed treatments

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The present status of methods for wine analysis and possible future trends

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The present status of obesity research

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The present status of objective social indicators: a review of theory and measurement

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The present status of orthopterology in China

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The present status of packaging in sea food industry in India

Anonymous, 1960:
The present status of peaceful uses of atomic energy for agriculture

Lee, St, 1982:
The present status of plant qu

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The present status of prevalence of endemic goiter in Brazil

Kampelmacher, Eh, 1980:
The present status of research on salmonellosis

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The present status of selenium in nutrition and metabolism

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The present status of small millets in China

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The present status of small-scale traditional fishery at Vizhinjam

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The present status of sorghum diseases in El Salvador

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The present status of studies on advancing the age at first insemination in gilts

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The present status of tear thumb (Polygonum sagittatum L.) in Ireland, and notes on some other Kerry plants

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The present status of testing measuring instruments in machinery maintenance

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The present status of the alfalfa weevil in California

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The present status of the binding-change mechanism and its relation to ATP formation by chloroplasts

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The present status of the biological control of Cordia curassavica in Malaysia Weed, Schematiza cordiae, Eurytoma attiva

Anonymous, 1943:
The present status of the experimental researches at the Agricultural Experiment Station Commemorative number of the 50th year from the foundation

Hashim, Aw, 1980:
The present status of the fruit industry in Malaysia

Hauser, H., 1970:
The present status of the land machine and field tractor industry

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The present status of the leukemia-sarcoma complex in man and lower animals

O'-Dea, Jc, 1984:
The present status of the medication issue

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The present status of the parasitology literature Helminthology, protozoology, veterinary and medical aspects

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The present status of the problem of apical dominance

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The present status of the sterile insect release method for codling moth

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The present status of the study of entomophagous insects in the USSR and future Tasks

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The present status of the water pollution problems in the Kafue Township area

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The present status of tomato and pepper viruses

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The present status of tree breeding work in Queensland

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The present status of verticillium wilt in the United States

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The present status of virus diseases of rice in Ceylon

Anonymous, 1947:
The present status of vitamins

Asibey, Eoa, 1971:
The present status of wildlife conservation in Ghana

Anderson, Gb, 1974:
The present status of zygote transfer in cattle

Robertson, A., 1984:
The present status research on the zooplankton and zoobenthos of the Great Lakes

Anonymous, 1977:
The present structure of the South African sugar industry

Bhattacharya-, S., 1981:
The present susceptibility status of Armigeres subalbatus to hydrochlorin and different organophosphorus insecticides Mosquito, Calcutta area, India

Rankin, Jd, 1982:
The present system for controlling experiments on animals in Britain

Sepros, I., 1970:
The present system of forecasting in Hungary

Kithu, Cj, 1977:
The present system of land tenure a menace to cardamom industry in India. i

Bartelli, L.; Dement, J., 1973:
The present system of soil classification

Van-Etten, Paul, 1977:
The present technology of impulse radars

Bohling, H.H.nsen, H., 1972:
The present technology of storing fresh vegetal foods with special stress on controlled-atmosphere storage conditions as a means of plant protection

Hirai, T., 1982:
The present trend of tangerine f

Moraczewski, R., 1970:
The present trends in meadow cultivation

Stolzman, M., 1972:
The present trends in the Black-and-White cattle breeding in capitalistic countries

Filip, Z., 1972:
The present trends of the study of soil biology in the USSR

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The present validity of the pancreatic lipase method for husk oil protection

Pindyck, Robert, S., 1992:
The present value model of rational commodity pricing

Pavlik, V.; Hlubik, P., 2007:
The present view of combat food rations

Canecky, P., 1970:
The present view of ethiopathogenesis of rhinitis of pigs

Baczynski, Z., 1974:
The present views on the epizootiology of rabies in free-living animals

Wiener, Aaron, 1963:
The present water supply position in Israel

Strange, H.G.L., 1953:
The present wheat situation

Stors, A., 1973:
The present working plans for the management of forest enterprises

Kock-Henriksen, P., 1974:
The present world dairy situation

Domsodi, J., 1979:
The present, past and future of peat bogs

Wang, Ci, 1973:
The present, the past and the

Wilski, A., 1975:
The present-day aspects of growing cereals in monoculture

Becker, H., 1970:
The present-day distribution of the Hylotropes bajulus L. in the German Federal Republic

Grzegorzak, A., 1974:
The present-day hygienical problems in milk and beef cattle husbandry

Erokhin, Ai, 1981:
The present-day problems of Romanov sheep production

Clay, Sampson, 1954:
The present-day rock garden

Kupferschmied, H., 1970:
The present-day status of the artificial insemination of domestic animals

Mankowski, W., 1971:
The present-state and achievements of marine hydrobiology over the 25 years of Peoples Poland

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The presentation chart: its use and its preparation

Rabb, Margaret, Y., 1993:
The presentation design book

Doyle, E.; Casswell, A.G., 2006:
The presentation of data relating to visual acuity

Bhatnagar, A.; Musadiq, M.; Yang, Y.C., 2007:
The presentation of data relating to visual acuity - Reply

Pirie, Nw, 1971:
The presentation of leaf protein on the table

Jones, G.; Connell, I.; Meadows, A.J., 1978:
The presentation of science by the media

Kapp, Reginald, O., 1957:
The presentation of technical information

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The presently contemplated state plan for the development and utilization of the waters of the state

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The preservation of our gardens

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The preservation of the freshness of horticultural products

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The presettlement vegetation of Williamson County, Illinois

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The president and the wood industries have the same dilemma

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The president of the Sugar and Alcohol Institute talks to sugar producers

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The presidents education technology initiative

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The presidents environmental program

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The presidents favorites

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The presidents national land use policy proposal

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The press reporter: a means between wish and reality

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The press reports the achievements of the N.P.C

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The press writes

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The press, the regulator, and the regulated

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The pressure canner--how it works

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The pressure fed Lotus cane mill

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The pressure in the particle board production

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The pressure of duty: the challenge of excellence

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The pressure of the subject and the freedom of decision in making economic policy

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The pressures of the first job

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The pressures on the quarantine service

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The prestalk

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