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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17481

Chapter 17481 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mckitrick, Jw, 1976:
The sooner the calf is fed colostrum, the better

Reynolds, Dr, 1971:
The sooty mold ascomycete genus Limacinula

Minnich, J., 1974:
The sophisticated village; a return to village economies and thrift is more than a dream, says this scientist-organic ga rdener itss an economic necessity

Pratviel-Sosa, F.P.rcheron, F., 1972:
The sophorosides of flavones of some pollens

Frosch, W.A., 2006:
The sopranos: post-op virtuosi

Pasich, U., 1973:
The soralia found in the lichen Stereocaulon incrustatum Flk

Ongert, E.G., 1973:
The sored horse and the Horse Protection Act of 1970

Bottrell, Dg, 1971:
The sorghum greenbugprogress with an old pest on a new crop

Ball, C.R., 1908:
The Sorghum Midge

Barral, J.; Peterlin, O.; Arias, M.; Stacul, M.-De, 1977:
The sorghum midge (Contarinia sorghicola Coq.) in the central Chaco region

Vargas-Lopez, J.; Ves-Losada, J., 1979:
The sorghum midge , a pest aquiring importance in La Pampa, Argentina

Wiseman, B.; Mcmillian, W.; Widstrom, N., 1976:
The sorghum midge a bibliography, 1898-1975

Thomas, J.G.; Cate, J.R.Jr, 1971:
The sorghum midge and its control

Pitre, H.; Roth, J.; Gourley, L., 1975:
The sorghum midge in Mississippi

Winberry, Jj, 1980:
The sorghum syrup industry 1854-1975

Clunie, J.; Roberts, E., 1987:
The sorption and desorption of formaldehyde by fabrics. 1. Cotton fabrics

Clunie, J.; Roberts, E., 1987:
The sorption and desorption of formaldehyde by fabrics. 2. Cotton, viscose, nylon 6,6 and polyester

Jarczyk, A., 1977:
The sorption isotherms of some freeze dried fruits and vegetables

Kremer, J.P.dlesakova, E., 1971:
The sorption of anions on bentonite

Neal, C.T.uesdale, V., 1976:
The sorption of iodate and iodide by riverine sediments: itsimplications to dilution gauging and hydrochemistry of iodine

Farrah, H.P.ckering, W., 1977:
The sorption of lead and cadmium species by clay minerals

Hudcova, O.K.varova, B., 1970:
The sorption of phosphates by the soil clay fraction

Alince, B.K.niak, L.R.bertson, A., 1970:
The sorption of poly (vinyl acetate) on cellulose. I. The nature and extent of the sorbed layer

Marounek, M.B.rtos, S., 1977:
The sorption of rumen fluid ammonia to some ion exchangers in vitro

Farrah, H.P.ckering, W., 1976:
The sorption of zinc species by clay minerals

Parham, Price-Hansel, 1969:
The sorption, penetration, and uptake of selected biologically active compounds through plant cuticles as related to molecular structure

deBruyn, A.M.H.; Gobas, F.A.P.C., 2007:
The sorptive capacity of animal protein

Atkins, Jg, 1973:
The sorst disease of crops, rice

Schopfer, W.N.gel, D.M.kloss, J.G.hrmann, G., 1971:
The sortiment and value assessment of forest stands

Spicer, Robert, A., 1981:
The sorting and deposition of allochthonous plant material in a modern environment at Silwood Lake, Silwood Park, Berkshire, England

Koblos, J., 1970:
The sorting of crumbled formula feeds

Okita, T.; Muench, D.; Wu, Y., 1997:
The sorting of storage protein mRNAs in developing rice endosperm cells

Eyal-Giladi, H.; Kochav, S.; Yerushalmi, S., 1975:
The sorting-out of thymidine-labelled chick hypoblast cells in mixed epiblast--hypoblast aggregates

Peterson, R.; Kott, L., 1974:
The sorus of Polypodium virginianum: some aspects of the development and structure of paraphyses and sporangia

Koten, D.; Herrington, L., 1985:
The soul of a forest inventory program

Kidder, Tracy, 1981:
The soul of a new machine

Kuczewski, M.G., 2007:
The soul of medicine

Gershuny, G.; Smillie, J., 1986:
The soul of soil

Fox, Michael, W., 1980:
The soul of the wolf

Kowalski, Gary, A., 1991:
The souls of animals

Vince, M.; Armitage, S.; Baldwin, B.; Toner, J.M.ore, B., 1982:
The sound environment of the foetal sheep

Es'-Kov, Ek, 1976:
The sound language of bees

Love, Rl, 1997:
The sound of crashing timber: moving to an ecological sociology

Fuchs, S.K.eniger, N., 1974:
The sound production, a mean of defense for the honeybee colony (Apis cerana Fabr.)

Henneman, H.; Benson, M., 1988:
The sound sheep: feet & legs

Henneman, H.; Benson, M., 1988:
The sound sheep: mouth & eyes

Manassis, K.; Tannock, R.; Garland, E.Jane.; Minde, K.; McInnes, A.; Clark, S., 2007:
The sounds of silence: language, cognition, and anxiety in selective mutism

Arnett, J., 1992:
The soundtrack of recklessness--musical preferences and reckless behavior among adolescents

Ansel, David, 2005:
The soup peddlers slow & difficult soups

Bender, S., 1983:
The sour gum Nyssa sylvatica, hardwood shade trees of the eastern United States

Winkler, G., 1970:
The sour preserve industry before the 1970 harvest

Moncrieff, Rw, 1971 :
The sour taste

Abdelal, H.; Ibrahim, A.1; El-Fahl, A.1; Badawi, M., 1982:
The source and nature of resistance in vine fruit stages to grape rot disease. II. Amino acids, phenols and organic acids Grape varieties

Abdelal, H.; El-Fahl, A.1; Ibrahim, A.1; Badawi, M., 1982:
The source and nature of resistance in vine fruit stages to grape rotdisease. I. Plant growth regulators and gibberilin Egypt

Mingwu, Cui, 1998:
The source and the regulation of nitrogen oxide production for tobacco-specific nitrosamine formation during air-curing tobacco

Zhu, G.; Sun, C.T.ao, T., 1987:
The source and utilization of free proline in fertile anthers and their relation to the abortion of sterile anthers

B.X.aoHui; Feng YinChang; Zhu Tan; Chen Kui, 2007:
The source apportionment technique and application of particulate matter buffer capacity to acid rain

Tabata, M., 1982:
The source cell of the pineal mass potential, electropinealogram (EPG), of rainbow trout Salmo irideus, fish, electrophysiology

Whitfield, F.; Shaw, K.; Walker, D., 1992:
The source of 2,6-dibromophenol: cause of an iodoform taint in Australian prawns

Miller, D.; Byrd, J.; Perona, M., 1987:
The source of Pb, Cu, and Zn in fogwater

Wilkinson, Rs, 1974:
The source of Townend Glovers American Moth Trap

Podpecan, B.; Pengov, A.; Vadnjal, S., 2007:
The source of contamination of ground meat for production of meat products with bacteria Staphylococcus aureus

Drachmann, T.; Mathiessen, J.-H.P.dersen, M.-H.H.llgren, L., I., 2007:
The source of dietary fatty acids alters the activity of secretory sphingomyelinase in the rat

Bindelle, J.; Buldgen, A.; Wavreille, J.; Agneessens, R.; Destain, J.P.; Wathelet, B.; Leterme, P., 2007:
The source of fermentable carbohydrates influences the in vitro protein synthesis by colonic bacteria isolated from pigs

Ramey, Valerie-Ann, 1991:
The source of fluctuations in money

Lin, T.L., C., 1984:
The source of insects occurring in stored rice grain

Marschall, F., 1970:
The source of meadow plants

O'Shea, B.; Jankowski, J.; Sammut, J., 2006:
The source of naturally occurring arsenic in a coastal sand aquifer of eastern Australia

Lebedev, S.; Aleinikov, I., 1973:
The source of plastid pigment biosynthesis

Gundyrin, P.S.ilin, V., 1964:
The source of popular welfare

Paliwal, Bs, 1982:
The source of salt in Rajasthan--an investigation of the salt lake of Didwana India

Fesenko, F., 1977:
The source of technical and economical progress

Esposti, R.; Pierani, P., 1997:
The source of technical change in Italian agriculture

Soukup, M.H.jlicek, K.B.nes, M., 1973:
The sources and causes of the origin of avian tuberculosis in cattle in the district after the elimination of bovine tuberculosis

Fuller, C.-E.R.bertson, J.-Kenneth, 1964:
The sources and disposition of grain in Tennessee

Zoller, W.; Gordon, G.; Gladney, E.; Jones, A., 1973:
The sources and distribution of vanadium in the atmosphere

Ramirez, Jm, 1976:
The sources and extent available weather and climate information for North Dakota

Ramirez, Juanito-Marasigan, 1976:
The sources and extent of weather and climatic information for North Dakota

Haubrich, J.-Gerard; Lo, A., W., 1989:
The sources and nature of long-term memory in the business cycle

Masek, J., 1975:
The sources and objectives of food policies

Anonymous, 1977:
The sources and resolution of conflict in management

Reichmann, Felix, 1980 :
The sources of Western literacy

Torrenueva, Allen, L., 1979:
The sources of acid precipitation and its effects on biological systems

Einarsson, S.S.efansson, U., 1983:
The sources of alkalinity in Lake Miklavatn, north Iceland

Frankel, Jeffrey, A., 1986:
The sources of disagreement among international macro models and implications for policy coordination

Bodnar, M., 1976:
The sources of effective accumulation, the modification of their structure and scales under changing economic conditions in cooperative farming

Lovejoy, S.A.stin, G., 1979:
The sources of error in rain amount estimating schemes from GOES and IR satellite data

West, Kenneth-David, 1989:
The sources of fluctuations in aggregate inventories and GNP

Anonymous, 1954:
The sources of insects found in stored raisins

Dedolph, R.; Haar, G.; Holtzman, R.L.cas, H., 1969:
The sources of lead in perennial rygrass and radishes

Park, Jk, 1986:
The sources of productivity growth in Korean rice

Rosenbloom, J.-L.S.ndstrom, W.-Andrew, 1997:
The sources of regional variation in the severity of the Great Depression

Jovanovic, J., 1975:
The sources of supply of veterinary materials under war conditions and their preparation in peace

Sartorius, Rolf, H., 1988:
The sources of the basic human needs mandate

van Beers, R.J., 2007:
The sources of variability in saccadic eye movements

Ahearn, Dg, 1974:
The sources, fates and effects of oil in the seas

Cook, Ml, 1978:
The sources, limits, and extent of cooperative market power: financial laws and institutions

Gobetti, M., 1998:
The sourdough microflora: interactions of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts

Seibel, W.B.ummer, J., 1991:
The sourdough process for bread in Germany

Arango, T., F., 1975:
The soursop (Annona muricata L.)

Hayes, B., 1978:
The sourwood tree and its honey, distinctive and unique

Taber, S., 1998:
The sourwood tree--one fine honey plant!

Creed, Philip, 1996:
The sous vide method

Mcpherson, B.-F.H.lley, R., B., 1996:
The south Florida environment

Wolfshohl, K.J.hnson, B., 1978:
The south can grow its own Christmas trees

Compagna, Francesco, 1976:
The south in crises

Jones, Aw, 1976:
The souths first black farm agents

Davis, K., 1975:
The souths first museum of forestry

Sampson, N., 1986:
The souths fourth forest: will it measure up?

Crater, Gd, 1981:
The souths leading pot plants

Bentley, James, W., 2003:
The souths timber industry

Johnson, T.G.; Bentley, J.W.; Howell, M., 2006:
The souths timber industry-an assessment of timber product output and use, 2003

Tille, Pj, 2001:
The south-west hydrological information package

Harrison, J., 1992:
The southeast dominates peanut production

Aure, C.D', 1986:
The southeast, a privileged region for seed production

Bergman, Kh, 1987:
The southeastern U.S. drought of 1986 and its impact on agriculture and hydrology

Wagner, Wh, 1971:
The southeastern adders-tongue, Ophioglossum vulgatum var. pycnostichum, found for the first time in Michigan

Jerz, H., 1982:
The southern Allgau Region--a geological review Germany, Federal Republic.1

Saito, Y.W.mersley, H., 1974:
The southern Australian species of Laurencia (Ceramiales: Rhodophyta)

Wimberley, R.-C.M.rris, L., V., 1997:
The southern Black Belt

Gruber, W., 1974:
The southern Black Forest for nature lovers

Cohen, S.; Alexander, J., 1978:
The southern California chaparral microfungi and secondary plant products

Philbrick, R.; Haller,. Jr.;, 1977:
The southern California islands

Schmeidl, H., 1976:
The southern Chiemseemoore, an example for the change of a bog landscape

Crothers, R.; Bullen, K., 1985:
The southern Darling Downs approach to conservation cropping

Delgado, Christopher, L., 1979:
The southern Fulani farming system in Upper Volta

Schremmer, E., 1979:
The southern Hesse Odenwald. An example for economic marginal area during the period of industrialization, 1871-1913

Anonymous, 1997:
The southern Maryland heritage area plan

Seagrave, Charles-Edwin, 1971:
The southern Negro agricultural worker: 1850-1870

Minaei, K.; Azemayeshfard, P.; Mound, L., A., 2007:
The southern Palaearctic genus Neoheegeria (Thysanoptera : Phlaeothripidae): redefinition and key to species

Redman, De, 1992:
The southern Woodfern Hybrid, Dryopteris Xaustralis (Palmer) Small, new to Maryland

Erlich, S.S.ith, I., 1979:
The southern armyworm

Pihl, Kb, 1978:
The southern beeches of Strybing Arboretum

Howard, A., 1994:
The southern border

Crass, David-Colin, 1998:
The southern colonial backcountry

Clark, Thomas-Dionysius, 1948 :
The southern country editor

Atherton, Lewis-Eldon, 1949:
The southern country store, 1800-1860

Meuller, Geotz-Reudiger, 1983:
The southern expansion of the European Economic Community

Wherry, Edgar-Theodore, 1964:
The southern fern guide

Wherry, Edgar-Theodore, 1978:
The southern fern guide, Southeastern and South-midland United States

Squillace, Ae, 1983:
The southern forest tree improvement committee, 1971-81

Pleasant, Barbara, 2003:
The southern garden advisor

Hastings, A.L.H.stings, D.; Hudson, C., J., 1948:
The southern garden book

Bralliar, Floyd-Burton, 1946:
The southern gardener

Chaplin, Lois-Trigg, 1994:
The southern gardeners book of lists

Granich, Ci, 1992:
The southern giant: a look at Mexicos avocado industry

Leath, M.; Blakley, L.; Rathjen, R., 1971:
The southern grain marketing industry

Guttenberg, S., 1971:
The southern hardwood situation

Gaydon, D.; Young, D.J.; Ouzts, J., 1981:
The southern house mosquito and its allies: biology and control

Anderson, Jd, 1978:
The southern improvement company: northern reformers investment in negro cotton tenancy, 1900-1920

Crutchfield, Dm, 1986:
The southern industrial forestry research council (SIFRC)

Cantero, J.; Bianco, C., 1987:
The southern limit of Polylepis australis Bitter (Tabaquillo) in Argentina

Cabral, J.-Paulo; Simoes, J., 2007:
The southern limit of distribution of Patella vulgata

Duncan, Wh, 1970:
The southern limits of Trientalis borealis

Anonymous, 1961:
The southern migrant in Lehigh and Northampton counties

Ward, Gfa, 1985:
The southern oscillation and its effects on New Zealand weather

Stall, W.; Williams, R.; Simone, G.; Dunn, R.; Johnson, F., 1983:
The southern pea in Florida: a small farm production guide

Purificato, D., 1976:
The southern peasant in art

Smith, M.T.S.lom, S.M.P.yne, T., L., 1993:
The southern pine bark beetle guild

Flamm, R.; Coulson, R.; Payne, T., 1988:
The southern pine beelte

Kulhavy, D.; Mitchell, J.; Conner, R., 1988:
The southern pine beetle and the red-cockaded woodpecker: potential for interaction

Sauders, M.; Loh, D.; Rykiel, E.; Coulson, R.; Payne, T.; Pulley, P.; Sharpe, P.; Hu, L., 1985:
The southern pine beetle decision support system

Anonymous, 1949:
The southern pine beetle in the Tennessee Valley

Olson, R., 1970:
The southern pine industry

Horn, Stanley-Fitzgerald, 1950:
The southern pine story

Cuthbert, F.-P.R.id, W.J.D.y, A., 1965:
The southern potato wireworm

Matthews, K., 1982:
The southern region experience Herbicides, sugarbeets, Great Britain

Hall, W.B.ard, J.; Boquet, D.; Griffin, J.R.bb, J., 1980:
The southern regional uniform soybean tests in Louisiana, 1980

Gibbons, J.; Capella, J., J.; Kusch, A.; Carcamo, J., 2006:
The southern right whale Eubalaena australis (Desmoulins, 1822) in the Strait of Magellan, Chile

Rugolo-De-Agrasar, Ze, 1978:
The southern species of the genus Deyeuxia Clar. (Gramineae) of Argentina and Chile

Tarman, K., 1977:
The southern species of the oribatid fauna in Yugoslavia

Kennedy, He, 1969:
The southern swamplands; potential timber bonanza

Boiko, Mf, 1974:
The southernmost bog in the Ukra

Parsons, R.F., 2007:
The southernmost limits for palms

Stachwick, George, T., 1990:
The southwestern Michigan fruit and vegetable industry

Davis, S.; Gomez, Y., 1993:
The Southwestern Cardiovascular Curriculum Project

Cevaal, Pk, 1979:
The southwestern clay region

Rolston, L.H., 1955:
The southwestern corn borer in Arkansas

Chippendale, G.Michael, 1979:
The southwestern corn borer, Diatraea grandiosella

Pieper, Rd, 1977:
The southwestern pinyon-juniper ecosystem

Lincoln, C.-Gatewood; Eden, W.G., 1974:
The southwestern screwworm eradication program

Heinrichs, J., 1983:
The sovereign state of confusion Forestry

Mandel, William, M., 1944:
The soviet Far East and central Asia

Best, Harry, 1941:
The soviet experiment

Johnson, Hewlett, 1940:
The soviet power

Anonymous, 1951:
The sovietization of agriculture in the Soviet zone

Espouy, Fernand, 1956:
The sow and her young

Brennan, P.; Gillies, K.; Grieve, C.; Hunter, G.; Macrae, C.; Reinbott, N., 1975:
The sow and litter--correct housing means more money

Ferrando, R., 1972:
The sow and the baby pigs

Dixon, Jm, 1971:
The sow at farrowing time

Soures, B., 1974:
The sow bug caterpillar (observations on apple tree damages)

Holthuis, Lb, 1983:
The sow bugs (Crustacea Isopoda, Oniscoidea) of the subterranean limestone quarries in Southern Limburg

Martin, Wl, 1977:
The sow fertility problem

Bostedt, H., 1978:
The sow in the antepartum and postpartum period. I. Report research into electrolyte concentrations (calcium, anorganic phosphorus, magnesium) in blood serum, and the iron and copper content in blood serum and milk

Bostedt, H., 1978:
The sow in the antepartum and postpartum periods. II. Measurements of activity of the enzymes GOT, GPT, LDH, CPK, SDH, GLDH and gamma GT in blood serum

Etienne, M.D.ee, P., 1975:
The sow is a good milker it is important to feed sufficiently

Elias, G.; Forrai, L., 1979:
The sowing and culture technology of sugarbeets in Hungary during 1978

Popushoi, I.; Grinberg, S., 1974:
The sowing dates and the incidence of sunflower infection by downy mildew

Slattery, F., 1974:
The sowing of crops in rows

Saidburkhanov, F., 1975:
The sowing of seed kenaf with broad interrow spacings

Celador-Navas, V., 1976:
The sowing of sugarbeets with selected seeds

Moreno-Ramos, Oscar, H., 1982:
The sowing of wheat

Solov'-Ev, Viktor-Petrovich, 1978:
The sowing qualities of cotton seeds and ways to improve them

Musiiko, A.; Sokolov, B.; Trofimov, V., 1974:
The sowing quality of high lysine maize seeds depending on t he density of the endosperm

Demkin, A.; Bondarenko, A., 1975:
The sowing rates of hemp seeds

Lindermanis, J., 1972:
The sowing rates of the tetraploid rye varieties

Ljungberg, G., 1974:
The sowing situation in reference to spring farming

Pintilie, C.S.n, G.N.colae, C.I.nescu, F.T.mpeanu, I., 1973:
The sowing time and density in some varieties of wheat, barley and two-barley newly introduced in culture

Jin LinCan (), 2006:
The sowing time and the amount of seeds required for direct seeding cultivation of early rice

Kozlenko, Vn, 1977:
The sowing time and use of legume oat mixtures

Machlajewski, S., 1974:
The sowing value for single-row seeding

Glenadel, R., 1975:
The sowrn-in merchandise broker

Kirianova, E.K.all, E.K.all, H., 1976:
The sowthistle cyst forming nematode Heterodera sonchophila sp. n. (Nematoda: Heteroderidae) from Estonia

Williams, Thomas, A., 1980:
The soy bean as a forage crop

Gustafson, Df, 1988:
The soy complex: an industry prospective

Taylor, Demetria, M., 1944:
The soy cook book

Ochi, H.B.enford, D., 1980:
The soy sauce explosion

Nichols, Andrew, J., 1953:
The soya wurst program; a case study

Salerno, A., 1970:
The soya-bean and its use in animal feeding

Wang, H-Wen.; Zhang, B.; Hao, Y-Jun.; Huang, J.; Tian, A-Guo.; Liao, Y.; Zhang, J-Song.; Chen, S-Yi., 2007:
The soybean Dof-type transcription factor genes, GmDof4 and GmDof11, enhance lipid content in the seeds of transgenic Arabidopsis plants

Anonymous, 1970:
The soybean and ASA--fifty years of growing up together

Cowan, Jc, 1976 :
The soybean and its growing applications

Fulmer, Rw, 1988:
The soybean as a chemical factory

Babich, Anatolii-Aleksandrovich, 1974:
The soybean as feed

Wadsworth, G.J.; Matthews, B.F., 1992:
The soybean aspartate aminotransferase gene family

Mckie, J.-W.A.derson, K., L., 1967:
The soybean book

Loewy, Ra, 1993:
The soybean complex price outlook

Lager, M.-M.J.nes, D.-Van-Gundy, 1964:
The soybean cookbook

Noacco, N.R.jas, A., 1978:
The soybean crop

Anonymous, 1978:
The soybean cyst nematode

Taylor, D.; Edwards, D.; Malek, R., 1968:
The soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines) spreads southern Illinois

Benz, C., 1979:
The soybean cyst nematode a growing problem for Midwest soybean producers

Gray, F.; Rodriguez-Kabana, R., 1979:
The soybean cyst nematode a new threat to Alabama soybeans

Carver, R.; Birchfield, W., 1971:
The soybean cyst nematode in Louisiana

Erickson, E.,. Jr.;, 1983:
The soybean for bees and beekeeping

Montero, R.-Rafael-A.M.ta, M.-Eduardo, J., 1988:
The soybean guide for its cultivation and consumption in Costa Rica

Kueneman, E.; Root, W.; Dashiell, K.; Singh, S., 1985:
The soybean improvement program at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

Diaconescu, O.H.mowitz, T., 1970:
The soybean in Romania

Anonymous, 1947:
The soybean industry

Horan, Fe, 1977:
The soybean industry, general processes, products and definitions

Szmedra, P.-I.W.tzstein, M.-Eugene; Mcclendon, R., W., 1987:
The soybean integrated crop management model

Jensen, E.; Hein, J.P.ludan, K.M.rcker, K., 1983:
The soybean leghemoglobin gene family

Bader, Kl, 1981:
The soybean marketing systems

Nahas, E.M.chado, J., 1984:
The soybean meal--grown Rhizopus oligosporus for tempeh fermentation

Tsukamoto, Jy, 1979:
The soybean picture in 1979

Windish, Leo, G., 1981:
The soybean pioneers

Plato, Gerald, E., 2001:
The soybean processing decision

Copeland, Lo, 1973:
The soybean seed crisis

Barnes, Hh, 1969:
The soybean situation, the challenges, and outlook for the American soybean industry

Wynstra, Robert, J., 1986:
The soybean solution

Phillips, T.; Jerome, F., 1974:
The soybean storage decision

Quast, U.; Steffen, E., 1975:
The soybean trypsin inhibitor (Kunitz) is a doubleheaded inhibitor

Montes-Agusti, F.C.amber-Perez, M.B.rtual-Pastor, R., 1978:
The soybean, a protein and fat source; possibilities of growing it in Guadalquivir

Pak, A.V.P.pov, V.M., 1983:
The soybean, a valuable feed crop

Arienti, L., 1974:
The soybean, the complete food: appreciation and prejudices. When will Italian farmers start growing soybeans?

Lopez-Hernandez, J., 1974:
The soybean-bagasse board

Bartual, R.M.ntes, F., 1976:
The soybean. 2. Varieties and their adaptation

Bonetti, Lp, 1978:
The soybean: points to observe for a correct choice of varieties for cultivation in Rio Grande du Sul

Diaconescu, O., 1970:
The soybeans harvest as an outstandingly important operation for the growers from the State and cooperative sectors

Gol'-Dman, I.; Zolotarev, V.; Vasil'-Eva, S.; Isamukhamedov, S., 1978:
The space location of chromosomes in the nuclei of somatic cells. v. non homologous chromosomes of swine

Gold'-Man, I.; Zhivalev, I.; Zolotarev, V., 1973:
The spaced chromosome distribution in the somatic cell nuclei. III. X-chromosomes of Bos taurus L

John, P.H.; Lock, M.A., 1977:
The spacial distribution of groundwater discharge into the littoral zone of a New Zealand lake

Abdel-Fattah, M.; Hosny, M.; El-Saadany, G., 1980:
The spacing and density of cotton plants as factors affecting populations of the bollworms, Earias insulana Boisd. and Pectinophora gossypiella (Saund.)

Persson, A., 1974:
The spacing of plants has an effect on wood and pulp quality

Viscardi, K., 1975 :
The spacing of rows determines further mechanization

Dziezycowa, D.D.iezyc, J., 1977:
The spacing selection for vegetables and root crops and the sowing norms for wheat on irrigated light soils

Beresford, M., 1992:
The spade might soon determine it: the representation of deserted medieval villages on ordnance survey plans, 1849-1910

Stewart, Vi, 1976:
The spade, the plough and paraquat

Neollert, Andreas, 1984:
The spadefoot toad

Stankov, I.T.ikov, D., 1972:
The spahaerococcum-type in penta

Lynch, Meghan, 2006:
The spare-time gardener

Mohsin, A., 1979:
The sparing effect of dose-fractionation in adult Drosophila

Raab, Or, 1976:
The sparrow-mass trap in practical use

Shaw, L., 1979:
The spasm theory of heart attack

Cruz, T.J.menez, J.Z.rzuelo, A.C.bo, M., 1989:
The spasmolytic activity of the essential oil of Thymus baeticus Boiss in rats

Chien, C-Hsien.; Tsai, Y-Chuan.; Tseng, C-Yu.; Huang, B-Miin.; Chang, Y-Hsien., 2007:
The spatial and segmental innervation of somatic acupoint - a study of canine Shen-Shu point (BL-23)

Dolezal, B., 1970:
The spatial and species integration of a Central European forest

Freeman, B.; Adams, C., 1972:
The spatial and temporal distribution of adult Tipulidae (Diptera) at Hothfield Heath, Kent

Jenkerson, C.; Hickman, M., 1983:
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The specific field survey--information for action

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The specific immune response in the lymph nodes of cattle undergoing Theileria parva infection, as determined by the Rosette test

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The specific innate immune receptor CEACAM3 triggers neutrophil bactericidal activities via a Syk kinase-dependent pathway

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The specific pathogen free (SPF) cat as an experimental model

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The specific pathogen-free option: conditions for success at the level of rearing

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The specific role of interest in financial and economic analysis under inflation: discussion

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The specific status of Psylliodes luridipennis Kutschera (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)

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The specific surface of fine grained soils relating to engineering properties. iII. utility of calorimetry for the study of the engineering properties of fine grained soils

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The specific surface of fine grained soils relating to engineering properties. iV. a consideration on the phenomenon of moisture hysteresis effect of Kanto loam

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The specific surface of fine grained soils relating to engineering properties. v. on the relation between specific surface and soil mechanics. 1. on the unconfined compressive strength

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The specific surface of soils as an indicator of basic elements of their potential fertility. I. Correlation between the specific surface and colloidal fraction and humus compounds as an element of the estimation of the potential soil fertility

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The specific surface of soils as an indicator of basic elements of their potential fertility. II. The use of specific surface measurements of soil sorption ability as elements of their potential fertility

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The specific temperature for legumes

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The specific traits of the three principal olive growing zones of Morocco

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The specific treatment of migraine: a story about one triptan

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The specification and influence of asset markets

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The specification of manufactu

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The specification of pig supply models

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The specification of the method of the biotest prognosis (Helianthus annuus L.)

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The specification of wood preservative treatments

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The specification, estimation, and simulation of a small global macroeconomic model

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The specificity and action of animal, bacterial and plant toxins

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The specificity of Bacillus thuringiensis crystal proteins

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The specificity of a bovine fibroblast cathepsin D. I. Action on the S-sulfo derivatives of the insulin A and B chains and of porcine glucagon

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The specificity of acid proteinase from Acrocylindrium

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The specificity of apple-tree physiology under the conditions copper deficiency

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The specificity of aspergillo peptidase b

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The specificity of carbohydrate--fat metabolism and energy exchange in ruminants and principles of their evaluation

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The specificity of flowering and fruit formation in the sea buckthorn

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The specificity of hog cholera tissue culture antigens using the agar gel precipitation

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The specificity of in vitro and in vivo cellular responses in cells of insect species not susceptible to certain baculoviruses

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The specificity of intracellular changes in the blastoderm of chicken embryos during the latent period of embryogenesis

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The specificity of kinetin effect on the formation of amaranthin in Amaranthus caudatus L. and on the growth of cotyledon callus of soybeans (Glycine soja L.)

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The specificity of pituitary cells and regulation of their activities

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The specificity of serological reactions

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The specificity of the Wright and Huddelson agglutination tests in brucellosis

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The specificity of the biology of flowering of monoecious and dioecious hemp

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The specificity of the development of root system in spring wheat

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The specificity of the diagnostic serums for the agglutination determination of Escherichia coli 0-antigens

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The specificity of the spectrum of barley chlorophyll mutations after treatment at different pH with chemical mutagens

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The specificity of the synthetic reaction of two yeast alpha-glucosidases

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The specificity of thiosubstrates of different cholinesterases

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The specificity of tiller formation in Dactylis glomerata

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The specificity of yeast low-Km cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase towards free bivalent metal ions and the diastereoisomers of cyclic adenosine phosphorothioate

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The specified pathogen free laboratory cat and its role in the successful control of the common cold of cats

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The specifity of the Amaranthus cytokinin test. V. Adenine- and adenosine-derivatives

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The specimen plant--a Camellia use neglected?

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The specter of 1953

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The spectra and complex of sporo-pollen analysis

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The spectra and dynamics of diatomic molecules

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The spectra of fluorescence and the effect of pure culture on the phytopathogenic fungus Phoma tracheiphila

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The spectral analyses of the ac

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The spectral and photochemical properties of subchloroplast membrane particles from Pinus silvestris

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The spectral composition of fluxes and variances over land and sea out to the mesoscale

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The spectral composition of inc

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The spectral reflectance of American soils

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The spectral reflection of wheat

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The spectral sensitivity of Aedes aegypti (L.) at oviposition

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The spectral sensitivity of motion detector units recorded in the optic lobe of the honeybee

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The spectral sensitivity of polarized light orientation in Cataglyphis bicolor (Formicidae, Hymenoptera)

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The spectral sensitivity of the honeybees optomotor walking response

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The spectral sensitivity of ultraviolet light orientation in the honey bee

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The spectral studies on the effect of Glu 101 to the metal binding characteristic of Euplotes octocarinatus centrin

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The spectral transmission and the optical activity of the dioptric apparatus of the worker honeybee (Apis mellifera)

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The spectral transmission of

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The spectroanalysis of DDT and its degradation products in the large milkweed bug

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The spectrographic determination of exchangeable potassium in soils

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The spectroscope

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The spectroscopy, dynamics, and electronic structure of pyrenyl-dU nucleosides: P center dot+/dU(center dot-) charge transfer state photophysics

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The spectrum needs of our nations first responders

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The spectrum of forest settings for recreation

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The spectrum of the calling signals, phonotaxis, and the auditory system in the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus

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The spectrum, intensity, and direction of the calling song of the cricket Gryllus campestris under natural conditions

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The speculation of agricultural enterprises in the system of production

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The speech made at the central harvest festival at Bydgoszcz: Everybody who contributed to this years crop yields rendered a good service to our country

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The speech made by the Prime Minister Piotr Jaroszewicz to conclude the National Conference of Leading Organizers of Agriculture, held on January 26, 1976

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The speech of Fallow deer

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The speed and coefficient of 14

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The speed depending flow control of pesticides of spray liquids on sprayers

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The speed of decomposition of coarse woody debris in forest ecosystems

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The speed of walking of Cataglyphis bicolor (F.) (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

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The speed of water penetration into the wheat grain depending from some of its characteristics

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The speedsizer

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The speedwells

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The speedy bee

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The speleological survey in the

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The spell at Tolworth--a wifes view