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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17483

Chapter 17483 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Efimov, M.; Shcherbakov, G., 1971:
The state and means of improving the seed culture for spring wheat in the northern Kazakhstan region

Dziezyc, J., 1974:
The state and need of further development of investigations concerning the transpiration ratio of soils and plants and agronomic water supply (agrohydrology)

Stolzman, M., 1974:
The state and organization of dairy cattle breeding and improvement in the United States, with emphasis on Holstein--Friesian breed

Vilkova, N.; Vinogradova, N.; Poliakov, I.; Shapiro, I., 1969:
The state and outlook of the problem of wheat protection against Eurygaster integriceps Put. (Heteroptera, Scutelleridae)

Sirakov, C., 1975:
The state and perspective of forestry in the Bulgarian Peoples Republic

Persin, Sa, 1968:
The state and perspectives for a combined application of pesticides and mineral fertilizers

Gaspersic, F., 1973:
The state and perspectives of silvicultural planning

Mucha, M., 2007:
The state and perspectives of the sugar sector one year after the EU sugar market reform

Kardos, E., 1979:
The state and pertinent problems related to the fruit juice production by extraction (diffusion)

Ciurus, J., 1973:
The state and possibilities of sheep husbandry in Podhale

Somos, A., 1973:
The state and possible development of horticultre in Heves county

Avramov, L.M.rinkovic, A.P.trovic, I., 1972:
The state and problems in the production of grape grafts in Yugoslavia

Brezhnev, Dd, 1971:
The state and problems of introduction of vegetables and cucurbits in the USSR

Zgirski, A., 1971:
The state and professional training needs of the village agricultural advisory services

Czerniewski, K.L.stowiecki, K., 1976:
The state and prospects of application of information theory to agriculture

Gorlenko, Mv, 1979:
The state and prospects of biological method of plant protection from diseases

Zabrodin, V.; Solomakha, A.; Silkov, A.; Zaiarniuk, V., 1977:
The state and prospects of controlling the major diseases of reindeers

Ruebenbauer, T., 1972:
The state and prospects of development of cereals genetics and breeding in Poland

Wawrzyniak, B., 1974:
The state and prospects of development of farming cooperativs in the Bydgoszcz province

Murtazov, T., 1977:
The state and prospects of growing vegetable seedlings

Borisov, V.A.; Dyatlikovich, A.I.; Polyakov, A.V., 2006:
The state and prospects of onion production in different regions of Russia

Sobczak, K., 1975:
The state and prospects of sheep husbandry on socialized farms

Martin, J.T.mm, H., 1975:
The state and prospects of the research of anthropotolerant vegetation in the Estonian S.S.R

Bartko, P., 1974:
The state and prospects of veterinary care in large-scale swine raising in Slovakia

Kloczowski, Z., 1976:
The state and prospets of oil sunflower breeding in the world

Petrjaev, E.P., 1980:
The state and reactivity of formaldehyde in solutions of ethylene glycol

Barres, D., 1985:
The state and representation of professional interests in agriculture

Shakoori, Ali, 2001:
The state and rural development in post-revolutionary Iran

Moran, W.C.cklin, C., 1989:
The state and rural systems

Abdi-Ismail-Samatar, 1989:
The state and rural transformation in Northern Somalia, 1884-1986

Paerez, Ricardo, 2005:
The state and small-scale fisheries in Puerto Rico

Volodarskii, Ni, 1973:
The state and tasks of the morphophysiology of plants

Strahal, M., 1976:
The state and the collective farm

Mazanec, O., 1972:
The state and the development of the agro-chemical properties of soil in Czechoslovakia

Barry, J.; Eckersley, R., 2005:
The state and the global ecological crisis

Okidi, Co, 1988:
The state and the management of international drainage basins in Africa

Plichta, J., 1973:
The state and utilization of mechanization on selected state agricultural enterprises of eastern Slovakia

Hu, T.W.; Sung, H.Y.; Keeler, T.E., 1995:
The state antismoking campaign and the industry response: the effects of advertising on cigarette consumption in California

Dumars, Ct, 1985:
The state as a participant in water markets: appropriate roles for Congress and the courts

Horrocks, Sidney, 1952:
The state as publisher

James, Arthur-Wilson, 1942:
The state becomes a social worker

Krizan, M., 1970:
The state branch control of labor safety in the state forest

Povarenkin, V.K.M.l'-Nikov, V.I., 1973:
The state breeding farm Gorneiiak-the foremost farm on the Don

Shermenev, M.K., 1978:
The state budget of the USSR

Pavlov, V.S., 1990:
The state budget of the USSR in 1990, and the fulfillment of the state budget of the USSR from 1988

Cannon, Kr, 1972:
The state context

Myshelova, A., 1971:
The state cost accounting system and source formation of capital investments in state farms

Angel'-Ev, D.D.B.rodin, N.N.T.ofimenko, N.F., 1978:
The state farm Gigant

Gorshkov, M., 1977:
The state farm Kholmogorka past, present, future

Denisov, G.S.pov, G.S.eremet, L., 1964:
The state farm Krep.

Ansin, A.N., 1974:
The state farm Lensovetovskiaei.

Golubash, Eiiu, 1954:
The state farm Lesnye Poleiiany

Nistoetiskiaei, N.N.G.ch, C.-G.K.z'-Menko, G.A., 1973:
The state farm Mikhaaeilovskiaei pereval

Duduk, A.N.M.lkov, I.G.E.iakovlev, L.A., 1983:
The state farm group MIR.

Belovod, Andreaei-Karpovich, 1956:
The state farm on the rise

Tkocz, J., 1974:
The state farms personnel settlements in Opole region in the opinion of their inhabitants

Anonymous, 1975:
The state financial help for modernizing sawmills and forest logging

Wyckoff, V.-Judson; Walker, W.-Paul, 1940:
The state fiscal capacity of Maryland and other selected states

Volz, Karl-Reinhard, 1990:
The state forest acquisition policy as a part of forest policy

Chytry, M., 2001:
The state forest administration in the Czech Republic and personnel problems

Pfeuffer, 1969:
The state forest near Nurnberg--ago and now

Pipan, R., 1975:
The state forest region in terms of Slovenian government policy

Burnett, Gw, 1978:
The state land trust, its retention or elimination

Migdal, J., 1974:
The state machinery centers--yesterday and today

Meyer, O., 1981:
The state minister Otto Meyer emphasizes the social function of apiculture

Yamada, S., 1971:
The state monopoly capitalism a

Tauscher, Hj, 1970:
The state monopoly regulation of the European Economic Community agricultural market

Anonymous, 1996:
The state of Americas children yearbook, 1996

Anonymous, 1997:
The state of Americas children yearbook, 1997

Anonymous, 1992:
The state of Americas children, 1992

Breimyer, Hf, 1983:
The state of American agriculture--a veterans judgment

Booth, A., 1987:
The state of American family

Gullett, D.W.S.inner, W., 1992:
The state of Canadas climate

Valdez, A.; Camarillo, A.; Almaguer, T., 1983:
The state of Chicano research on family, labor, and migration

Mcdonald, Se, 1982:
The state of Colorados Conservation Plant Materials System--what makes it successful? Marketing, distribution, extension

Bennetzen, J.; Brown, W.; Springer, P., 1988:
The state of DNA modification within and flanking maize transposable elements

Christensen, P., 1999:
The state of DOV systems

Smittle, B., 1995:
The state of Florida perspective on irradiation as a quarantine treatment

La-Bretesche, M.De, 1978:
The state of French agricultural law in 1978

Grausland, J., 1993:
The state of IFP in Denmark 1992

Gvozdenovic, D., 1993:
The state of IFP in Yugoslavia

Sujastani, T., 1981:
The state of Indonesian marine fishery resource exploitation

Fanfani, A., 1973:
The state of Italian coastal pine trees in relation to ecological factors

Kaono, Shauichirao, 1990:
The state of Japanese agricultural chemicals

Pronczuk, S., 1971:
The state of Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) breeding in Poland

Morrison, B.-J.L.pan, S., R., 2007:
The state of Lake Ontario in 2003

Ebener, Mark, P., 2007:
The state of Lake Superior in 2000

Ryser, Et, 1999:
The state of Listeria: where have we been and where are we going?

Taylor, J., 1984:
The state of Malaysias environment

Niederlein, Gustavo, 1989:
The state of Nicaragua of the greater republic of Central America

Fuss, M.-A.M.rphy, S.; Waverman, L., 1992:
The state of North American and Japanese motor vehicle industries

Anonymous, 1990:
The state of Oregon scenic waterways program. I. Questions and answers

Anonymous, 1990:
The state of Oregon scenic waterways program. II. Map and locator descriptions

Anonymous, 1992:
The state of Paranaa, Brazil

Gaspar-Hantos, G., 1975:
The state of Populus forest management in Hungary, tasks in relation to satisfying demands for paper producing wood

Swieboda, M., 1970:
The state of Rhododendron flavum G. don nature reserve

Groenewald, Ja, 1971:
The state of South African agriculture--a diagnosis

Borst, Alan, D., 1990:
The state of U.S. organic producer marketing cooperatives in 1990

Borst, Alan, D., 1991:
The state of U.S. organic producer marketing cooperatives in 1991

Szalecki, J.F.lar, J., 1972:
The state of acid-base balance in calves with endemic struma and decreased level of protein-bound iodine

Varnagy, L., 1976:
The state of agricultural chemistry in Hungary during the 5th Five Year Plan

Hilbig, W., 1975:
The state of agricultural geobotanical research in the German Democratic Republic

Franzo, R., 1975:
The state of agricultural mechanization

Fons, Jf, 1986:
The state of agricultural quarantine research in the United States

Narain, P., 1979:
The state of agricultural statistics

Anonymous, 1976:
The state of agriculture

Romaniuk, M.Z.anowski, S., 1974:
The state of agriculture and trends in agricultural development of the Siedlce county

Rinderle, L., 1969:
The state of agriculture live

Surewicz, W., 1976:
The state of analytics in the field of chemistry and chemical wood technology in Poland

Swietlik, M., 1976:
The state of and need for additional training and improving professional qualifications of managers of Farmers Association Cooperatives

Boryaev, G.I.; Sobol', A.S.; Fedorov, Yu, N., 2007:
The state of animal immune system in connection with ecological loading

Mandecki, S., 1972:
The state of animal production in Poland and its immediate developmental tendencies

Douglass, A., 1999:
The state of animal welfare at the turn of the century

Riechert, S.; Uetz, G.A.rams, B., 1985:
The state of arachnid systematics

Lipoglavsek, M.; Staudt, F.J., 2005:
The state of art of ergonomics in forestry

Kalew, G.P.atikanow, N., 1972 :
The state of artificial insemination of sheep in Bulgaria

Namikawa, Y., 1973:
The state of banana production

Bappoo, D.; Ramanah, D., 1989:
The state of beekeeping in Mauritius and other Mascarene Islands

Goldstein, N., 2000:
The state of biosolids in America

Surdacki, Z., 1969:
The state of breeding and characteristics of the swine breed Pulawy

Frenkel, S., 1977:
The state of breeding of Angora rabbits in Poland and the demand for their wool

Lemarchal, P., 1978:
The state of brewers grains

Rudnicka-Sterna, W., 1974:
The state of carpological research in Poland and its significance in seed production

Bandiukova, V.; Sergeeva, N., 1977:
The state of chemical studies of plants of the order Celastrales

Kotliarova, O.G., 1989:
The state of chernozem soils and ways of increasing their fertility

Lipskaia, G.; Chernetskii, S., 1977:
The state of chlorophyll in barley sprouts grown in complete darkness from seeds with different cobalt content

Yentsch, Cs, 1970:
The state of chlorophyll in the aquatic environment

Last, Peter, R., 2007:
The state of chondrichthyan taxonomy and systematics

Chan-The-Tucc, 1972:
The state of citrus culture in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and prospects for development

Gan, Ls, 1991:
The state of citrus production in Guangdong Province

Papp, L., 1973:
The state of concentrated production of poplar and willow propagating material

Dreher, K., 1979:
The state of control of the Varroa mite in Hesse

Caraher, M.D.xon, P.L.ng, T.C.rr-Hill, R., 1999:
The state of cooking in England: the relationship of cooking skills to food choice

Lerch, K.; Deinum, J.; Reinhammar, B., 1978:
The state of copper in Neurospora laccase

Malmström, B.G.; Reinhammar, B.; Vänngård, T., 1970:
The state of copper in stellacyanin and laccase from the lacquer tree Rhus vernicifera

Anonymous, 2002:
The state of coral reef ecosystems of the United States and Pacific Freely Associated States

Uriyo, M.O.to, E., 2005 :
The state of data management in sensory evaluation: results from a web-based survey

Ide, J.; Klug, D.; Kuhlbrandt, W.G.orgi, L.; Porter, G., 1987:
The state of detergent solubilised light-harvesting chlorophyll-a

Estler, M., 1979:
The state of development in machinery and equipment for soil tillage, and future trends

Wachter, H.Von, 1976:
The state of development of forage conservation in the Federal Republic of Germany

Anonymous, 2002:
The state of digital preservation

Rogers, Keith-Daniel, 1974:
The state of economic and social development in the North Central Region of the United States

Korbel, L., 1974:
The state of entomological research in slovakia

Anonymous, 1978:
The state of environment: selected topics 1978

Kurnosov, K.; Petrishchev, B., 1977:
The state of external morphological features in wild boar embryos at different stages

Spring, Wg, 1975:
The state of extrachromosomal resistance and its control by flavomycin

Leshkova, G.; Bekhova, E.; Aristova, V., 1975:
The state of fatty phase in manufacture of cream butters

Koteja, J., 1970:
The state of faunistic studies on scale insects (homoptera, Coccoidea) of Poland

Sauter, W., 1974:
The state of faunistical research in Switzerland

Vlasova, N.A., 2007:
The state of ferment systems, participating in cholesterole metabolism: the influence of hepatotropic means under food hypercholesterolemia

Anonymous, 1980:
The state of food and agriculture 1979: world review forestry and rural development

Anonymous, 2004:
The state of food and agriculture 2003-04

Stewart, Kk, 1983:
The state of food composition data: an overview with some suggestions

Anonymous, 1999:
The state of food insecurity in the world

Anonymous, 1999:
The state of food insecurity in the world, 1999

Wade, L., 1976:
The state of forest resources

White, Im, 1989:
The state of fruit fly taxonomy and future research priorities

Glenn, J., 1992:
The state of garbage in America

Steuteville, R., 1994:
The state of garbage in America. I

Steuteville, R., 1994:
The state of garbage in America. II

Goldstein, N., 2000:
The state of garbage. I

Stojanovic, R.P.trovic, D.P.lic, D., 1973:
The state of harmless removal of carcases and hygienist service in Serbia outside the socialistic autonomous provinces, and the measure for their solution

Klinner, W.; Shepperson, G., 1975:
The state of haymaking technology--a review

Hansen, M., 1973:
The state of health among mink, 1972

Schroder, Ekkehard, 1977:
The state of health of groups and of ethnic groups

Jelowicka, J., 1971:
The state of health of swine in Poland and Denmark

Kalandarova, Mp, 1976:
The state of hematopoiesis in dogs irradiated in Alpine conditions

Month, M.; Dahl, P.-F.D.enes, M., 1985:
The state of high energy physics

Goetz, S.-J.D.bertin, D., L., 1994:
The state of human capital in the U.S. South

Staub, H., 1980:
The state of immunity in newborns under particular consideration of the importance of colostrum

Dushuk, R.; Pritula, A., 1973:
The state of immunity of swine with infectious pneumonia

Anonymous, 1977:
The state of implementation of European Economic Community direction

Kovacs, I., 1977:
The state of industrial production systems and the tasks of their further development

Zakula, S., 1971:
The state of infection from the gypsy moth in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Abdullaeva, T.; Movchan, L., 1976:
The state of intracellular water in isolated leaves in connection with growth regulator treatment and regeneration

Palaveev, T., 1970:
The state of investigations on the magnitude of lime doses depending upon the soil acidity in the Bulgarian Peoples Republic

Karlsson, Fa, 1993:
The state of iodine nutrition in Sweden

Woszczyna, J., 1979:
The state of irrigation of farmlands in macroregions

Voronkevich, Iv, 1977:
The state of knowledge of bacterial diseases of cereals

Schierbaum, F.K.ttlitz, B.R.dosta, S.R.uther, F.R.chter, M.V.rwerg, W., 1984:
The state of knowledge on the relationship between the structure and the properties of maltodextrins

Abido, M.; Ffolliott, P., 1986:
The state of knowledge on windbreaks in the Near East

Newbery, Dm, 1983:
The state of leasing theory: Conflicts among different models of decision making under uncertainty

Rydzak, J.P.orecki, J., 1971:
The state of lichen flora in the vicinity of the Tarnobrzeg sulphur basin

Solov'-Eva, L.; Levachev, M.; Andriasov, A., 1972:
The state of lipid metabolism in monkeys on a diet of dairy products and eggs obtained from farm animals and poultry fed additives of protein-vitamin concentrate

Solov'-Eva, L.; Levachev, M.; Ptitsyna, T., 1972:
The state of lipid metabolism in rats on a diet with assorted farm products from livestock and poultry fed additives of protein-vitamin concentrate

Pustelnik, J., 1973:
The state of livestock health in Lodz province

Yachandrea, V.; Guiles, R.; Mcdermott-A.B.itt, R.; Dexheimer, S.; Sauer, K.K.ein, M., 1986:
The state of manganese in the photosynthetic apparatus. 4. Structure of the manganese complex in Photosystem II studied using EXAFS spectroscopy. The S1 state of the O2-evolving Photosystem II complex from spinach

Yachandra, V.; Guiles, R.; Mcdermott, A.C.le, J.B.itt, R.; Dexheimer, S.; Sauer, K.K.ein, M., 1986:
The state of manganese in the photosynthetic apparatus: an X-ray absorption spectroscopy study

Pignatti, S., 1975:
The state of mapping of the Central European flora in northern Italy

Broderick, C., 1979:
The state of marriage and family: a progress report

Koziej, J.L.biedowicz, W., 1978:
The state of mechanization in some cow houses of the Agricultural Enterprise at Malbork

Endo, Y.; Tominaga, H.; Natori, Y., 1975:
The state of messenger ribonucleic acid and ribosomes in the cytoplasm of ethionine-treated rat liver

Los, K., 1970:
The state of milk production and purchasing--the decisive factor for determination of the set-up of a network of purchasing centers

Borgens, H., 1973:
The state of milk production as it pertains to the international and national plan

Pargamin, Francois-Leon, 1980:
The state of modern hygiene in kosher nutrition

Lacombe, R., 1975:
The state of motorization of the grape harvest on the eve of demonstrations of Montpellier-Lavalette, November 4-6, 1975

Kostov, Kd, 1974:
The state of natural and introdu

Israilov, Bi, 1975:
The state of nerve units of the small intestine in the ageing organism

Anonymous, 1992:
The state of new rice growing techniques

Popovic, B.R.stic, M.S.mic-Penezic, S.R.stic, V.P.trovic, G., 1976:
The state of nourishment and the cytologic characteristics of peripheral blood in persons with 2

Vinogradova, V.; Grushin, A.; Serdiuk, L., 1976:
The state of nucleic acids in nuclei of winter wheat as affected by hardening and freezing

Lebiedieva, O.; Klenina, N.; Chorna, L., 1976:
The state of nuclein metabolism in hens sick with different forms of leukosis

Anonymous, 1996:
The state of nutrition education in USDA

Musaiger, A.O., 2000:
The state of nutrition in Bahrain

Madani, K.A.; al-Amoudi, N.S.; Kumosani, T.A., 2000:
The state of nutrition in Saudi Arabia

Anonymous, 2001:
The state of ocean and marine science

Coyle, B., 1979:
The state of organic

Badaczewski, J., 1970:
The state of organization and the level of agricultural production in peasant farms as well in those worked by part-time farmers in an area under industrialization

Zalewska, A.N.wicka, L.R.galska, M., 1977 :
The state of organization of feeding in students canteens in Warsaw

Przybyl, T., 1976:
The state of ornamental nursery trade and prospects for its development

Moll, G., 1987:
The state of our city forests

Wheeler, P.K.rr, E., 1981:
The state of our timber resource. 2. The west

Wheeler, P.K.rr, E., 1982:
The state of our timber resource. 3

Wheeler, P.K.rr, E., 1981:
The state of our timber resources. 1. The east

Zaitseva, Mg, 1975:
The state of oxidative systems in the mitochondria of wheat roots under conditions of phosphorus deficiency

Carrigan, R.A.H.son, F.R.M.nth, M., 1982:
The state of particle accelerators and high energy physics (Fermilab Summer School, 1981)

Stebbins, D., 1980:
The state of pecan marketing

Smoliar, Vi, 1972:
The state of phosphorus-potassium exchange in relation to the amount of molybdenum contained in the feed ration, the duration of admininstering molybdenum and molybdenum-copper complex

Blumental'-, I.; Neshataev, I., 1977:
The state of phytocoenariums (phytocoenothecas) in botanical institutions of the Soviet Union

Tsaregorodtseva, S.; Novitskaya, Y., 1973:
The state of pigments in buds of conifers during the winter-spring period

Tsaregorodtseva, S.; Novitskaia, Y., 1973:
The state of pigments in the buds of coniferous trees during the winter-spring period

Orlov, A.; Abaturov, I.; Matveeva, A., 1974:
The state of pine trees after 1972 drought in young stands in the southeast of Moscow Region

Belichko, Bl, 1969:
The state of plant and soil cover on slopes of gullies and the nature of runoff and washing away from slopes as applied to artificial rainfall

Szalonek, K., 1977:
The state of plant protection in Czorsztyn Rural District and selected problem of environmental protecton in the Pieniny National Park

Sivtsev, M.; Kuznetsova, E., 1973:
The state of plastid pigments in carrot leaves in relation to the application of the herbicide Solan

Fleming, D.M., 2007:
The state of play in the battle against antimicrobial resistance: a general practitioner perspective

Danilov, P.; Kan'-Shiev, V., 1983:
The state of populations and ecological characteristics of European (Castor fiber L.) and Canadian (Castor canadensis Kuhl.) beavers in the northwestern USSR

Miljkovic, K., 1970:
The state of poultry production in Yugoslavia and the tendency of its development

Cummings, Ralph-Waldo, 1975:
The state of present and expected technology and agricultural research on food crops for the low-income countries

Trojan, V., 1979:
The state of quality of industrial fertilizers

Bonham, Cd, 1991:
The state of range management on public lands

Lunzt, O., 1980:
The state of recently certified grape varieties of rootstocks located in centers or in vineyards

Armstrong, E., 1971:
The state of reclamation

Andrzejewski, R.P.elowski, Z., 1974:
The state of research and current scientific problems in gam e management in Poland

Gajo, P., 1979:
The state of research in forest economics

Dunger, W., 1970:
The state of research on and the zoogeographic character of winglers insects (Apterygota) of the Sudetes

Mietkiewski, R.I.natowicz, S., 1978:
The state of research on bioinsecticides of fungal origin

Walker, Terence, I., 2007:
The state of research on chondrichthyan fishes

Bonneau, M., 1974:
The state of research on forest nutrition

Wegorek, W.P.uszynski, S., 1979:
The state of research on introduction of natural enemies of the Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say.) in Poland

Pokacka, Z.G.eboczyk, B., 1978:
The state of research on new fungicides for protection of cereals in Poland

Szyrmer, J., 1979:
The state of research on soybean and prospects of its introduction into culture in Poland

Noelle-Neumann, E., 1977:
The state of research on the universities

Fraser, R., 1999:
The state of resource taxation in Australia: an inexcusable folly for the nation?

Higginbotham, Js, 1991:
The state of rewholesaling

Larionova, V.; Kruglikov, G., 1974:
The state of ribonucleic acids and respiratory enzymes in the sympathetic neurons under hypoxia

Tudge, C., 1981:
The state of rubber

Albee, Robin, 1995:
The state of rural Missouri

Velazquez, G., 1974:
The state of rural development: time for action

Fronius, K., 1970:
The state of sawmilling industry in the world

Medina, Fa, 1972:
The state of science development in the Philippines

Romanov, Ap, 1969:
The state of second growth pine under various ecological conditions of the Kazakh hilly area

Dabrowski, H.O.ierska, E., 1975:
The state of services for agriculture in rural districts of the Olsztyn province

Jankowski, S., 1971:
The state of sheep industry in the countries belonging to the Council of Mutual Economic Assistance

Moseiko, V.O.; Verblyudova, V.A., 2006:
The state of social infrastructure in rural localities of Volgogradkaya Oblast

Garg, Hp, 1978:
The state of solar technology research for rural development

Sudzilovskii, F.; Zagorskii, I.; Islent'-Ev, V.; Milovanova, T., 1974:
The state of some parts of the rabbit nervous system after e xposure to infrasound

Okolow, Cz, 1970:
The state of studies on the insect fauna of Bialowieza Primeral Forest

Kwiaton, Z.K.asucki, S.S.wicki, S., 1973:
The state of sugar beet growing in Poland in 1971 in the light of information gathered from questionnaires (Preliminary results)

Kwiaton, Z.S.wicki, S.K.asucki, S., 1975:
The state of sugarbeet growing in Poland in 1972 in the light of information gathered from questionnaires (results fromthe second year of studies)

Savgira, I.; Inzhechik, V.; Kishechnikova, T.; Stepanova, T., 1975:
The state of sulphur dioxide in the swollen maize grain

Sztankayne-Gulyas, M.E.oss, J., 1970:
The state of susceptibility of the house fly (Musca domestica L.) to new contact poisons in Hungary

Abbot, J.M.; Byrd Bredbenner, C., 2007:
The state of the American diet: how can we cope?

Eckmullner, O., 1972:
The state of the Austrian forest legislation renewal

Herbst, Robin, 2002:
The state of the Chesapeake Bay

Anonymous, 2004:
The state of the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed

Anonymous, 1995:
The state of the Chesapeake Bay, 1995

Conkin, Paul-Keith, 2007:
The state of the Earth

Veltheim, Ba-Von, 1972:
The state of the German canning industry

Anonymous, 1983:
The state of the Malaysian agriculture

Anonymous, 1995:
The state of the New England environment, 1970-1995

Moss, B., 1977:
The state of the Norfolk Broads

Eaton, D.-J.A.dersen, J., M., 1987:
The state of the Rio Grande

Chameides, W.L.C.wling, E.-Brevier, 1995:
The state of the Southern Oxidants Study

Chaar, Td, 1984:
The state of the State Climatology Office

Faridi, H., 1995:
The state of the U.S. baking industry

Breimyer, Hf, 1978:
The state of the U.S. economy. II. An unconventional interpretation

Breimyer, Hf, 1981:
The state of the U.S. economy: 4-year update

Breimyer, Hf, 1982:
The state of the U.S. economy: an interpretive essay

Breimyer, Hf, 1978:
The state of the U.S. economy: an unconventional interpretation

Randolph, J., 1984:
The state of the agri-energy roundtable

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The state of the animals

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The state of the apex and the response to induction in Cannabis sativa

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The state of the art for farmstead planning

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The state of the art in 4-dimensional radiotherapy

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The state of the art in climatology. Current approaches to scientific understanding

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The state of the art in credit evaluation

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The state of the art in the analysis of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis images

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The state of the art of Italian agricultural software

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The state of the art of bioconversion of organic residues for rural communities

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The state of the art of cattle embryo transfer

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The state of the art of coordinate indexing

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The state of the art of deinking difficult inks

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The state of the art of erosion and sediment control for surface mined areas

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The state of the art of modeling millimeter-wave remote sensing of the environment

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The state of the art of printing composition methods particularly suitable for scientific publishing

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The state of the art on the horticultural sector in northern Togo

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The state of the biofuels industry

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The state of the brewing and malting industries

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The state of the business incubation industry, 1991

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The state of the canning industry in Japan

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The state of the cedar forests in Lebanon

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The state of the dairy economy under the support of the European Common Market, ECM

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The state of the dairy industry

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The state of the dairy industry in South Africa

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The state of the development and

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The state of the economy and animal welfare

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The state of the economy in Indiana

Anonymous, 1983:
The state of the environment 1983

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The state of the environment in Hungary

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The state of the environment in OECD member countries

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The state of the environment: Report of United Nations Environment Programme

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The state of the environment: selected topics--1979

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The state of the export of means of agrarian production and food to the developing countries

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The state of the fisheries resources of the Pedro Bank and south Jamaica shelf

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The state of the forest

Martin, S., 1969:
The state of the industry 1968 saw 9% gain, adding $584 million value to frozen foods, bringing total to $7 billion

Anonymous, 1979:
The state of the industry is at least two thirds good

Anonymous, 2001:
The state of the international financial system and IMF reform

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The state of the journal at its 50th publication volume

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The state of the library art

Anonymous, 2006:
The state of the marine enviornment

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The state of the middle Great Lakes

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The state of the nations ecosystems

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The state of the nations ground water

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The state of the nations rural housing in 1996

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The state of the neurosecretory system in chicken embryos in the case of moisture decrease of the surrounding medium

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The state of the ocean--1987

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The state of the protein problem in the crop production in the USA and some problems of biochemical genetics

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The state of the protocerebral neurosecretory cells of Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) in connection with the feeding on leaves of different varietiesand species of potatoes

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The state of the rivers

Anonymous, 1996:
The state of the rural economy mid decade

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The state of the rural economy of the south

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The state of the rural health care system

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The state of the single tryptophyl of the black-eyed pea trypsin and chymotrypsin inhibitor by charge transfer with N-methylnicotinamide chloride

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The state of the southern Rockies ecoregion

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The state of the system (SOS) model: measuring growth limitations using ecological concepts

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The state of the union address of the President of the United States, delivered before a joint session of the Senate and the House of Representatives relative to the state of the union

Anonymous, 1964:
The state of the union adress of the President of the United States delivered before a joint of the senate and the house of Representative relative to the state of the union

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The state of the wine industry

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The state of the world agricultural market after the 1978 harvest

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The state of the world environment

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The state of the world meat market in 1977

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The state of the world meat market in 1978

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The state of timber shortage in 17

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The state of tissue water during the disruption of energy transfer processes in plants

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The state of transmissible gastroenteritis of swine

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The state of trees in the city of Geneva

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The state of veterinary medicine in Israel

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The state of viticulture and winemaking in the world in 1975

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The state of water and autocorrelation analysis of ste internode volumetric oscillations

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The state of water and functioning of the primary reactions of photosynthesis in the lichen Placoleconora melanophthalma from the cold deserts of East Pamir

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The state of water in Oregon

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The state of water in bean chloroplasts studies by the determination of dielectric constant at super-high frequencies

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The state of water in germinating seeds studies by nuclear magnetic resonance

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The state of water in plant tissues at negative temperatures under natural conditions

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The state of water in shoots in

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The state of water in whole leaves and chloroplasts of pea in different tiers and during various phases of ontogeny

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The state of water of myosin-ge

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The state of water studied in seeds of different qualitative composition and its changes upon the action of temperature

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The state of water supply for agriculture and rural areas at the beginning of a new five year plan

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The state of wheat pigment apparatus at high intensities of PAR in a light culture

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The state of wholesale growing: operations, distribution, advertising and supplies

Higginbotham, Js, 1987:
The state of wholesale growing: sales, employment and payroll

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The state of world fisheries and aquaculture

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The state of world rural poverty

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The state of world sugar in 1974

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The state of young reforestations in Sweden, 1964

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The state park movement in America

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The state parks

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The state parks of New Mexico

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The state perspective of the imported fire ant Solenopsis, harmful to plants and humans, Texas, southern states of USA

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The state perspective on health care policy issues

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The state perspective: a skillful compromise

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The state plan of Czechoslovakian forestry development for 1978 and basic tasks for the preparation of state plan for 1978

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The state planners view of ski area development

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The state policy context

Welz, 1973:
The state promotion of private forests

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The state role in riparian management

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The state role in the intergovernmental system

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The state role in wetlands protection

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The state rural dairies

Cherkavskii, Sk, 1973:
The state system of inventory of natural waters and their utilization and hydrological analysis and forecasting

Anonymous, 1979:
The state takes over the Swedish forest owners industry

Lockwood, Matthew, 2006:
The state theyre in

Brown, Dm, 1996:
The state transportation in rural America

Devault, G., 1990:
The state without chemicals

Morimoto, Rt, 1980:
The states agricultural loan program

Kimura, R., 1973:
The states concern for agriculture

Ubrihien, Em, 1972:
The states most modern cheese factory

Brewer, Gd, 1981:
The states responsibilities for the protection and preservation of forestry resources

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The states role on Californias hardwood lands

Korsbang, J., 1970:
The states veterinary serum laboratory built for 15 million crowns

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The state, and traditional responses to drought among the Tswana

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The state, bureaucracy, and revolution in modern Iran

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The state, landlords and peasants

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The state, problems and future of subsoil irrigation in Hungary

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The state, reasons and consequences of acidification of arable soils in Poland

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The state, rural poverty areas and legal farm movements in the Philippines

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The state, structure and evaluation of services on private farms of the Bieszczady region

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The state-of-the-art of ocean shipping of livestock Mostly cattle, horses, description of facilities and services of livestock transportation agents

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The state-tree of Arunachal Pradesh

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The statement on phytosociology by the International Station for Mediterranean and Alpine Geobotany

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The states and land-use control

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The states and the socialistic reorganization of agriculture

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The states of the former Soviet Union

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The states of water in cellulose acetate membranes

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The states role in agricultural marketing

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The statesmans year-book world gazetteer

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The statewide landcover and trees study

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The statewide positive youth development initiative: a strategy for todays economy

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The static and dynamic resistance of cohesive soils on axially loaded piles

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The static behaviour of buried couplers made of high density polyethylene (PE-HD) and hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-H) in drainage installations as influenced by construction and material

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The static fertilizer test at Bad Lauchsteadt based on the 1990s

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The static life-table of Liriodendron chinense in Longwang mountain

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The static mechanical propertie

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The static test for testing the strength of tractor roll over protection structures in the European Community

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The statical function of some crural muscles in the horse

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The statices group of the genus Procris F. (Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae)

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The statics equation for drying processes

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The station for fertilizing queen bees located in the Hongrin valley, 1,420 meters altitude

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The station for measuring the danger of forest fires

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The stationary ark

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The stationary water growing system opens possibilities to alternative watering methods

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The statistical analysis of a field study of the reproductive performance of dairy herds

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The statistical analysis of discrete-response CV data

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The statistical analysis of failure time data

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The statistical approach to X-ray structure analysis

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The statistical base for agricultural productivity research: a review and critique

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The statistical basis & structure of the survey

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The statistical chickens. The question of command over available food has to be clearly distinguished from that of availability as such

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The statistical correlation between the distributions of water and nucleic acids within the biostructure of maize leaves

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The statistical correlation of resistance characteristics with Kung decrustation factor in the natural sulphate pulp

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The statistical economic evaluation of natural rubber world production and its aspects

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The statistical estimation of smallholder tea yields

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The statistical evaluation of maximum extension of flowing avalanches

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The statistical evaluation of quality of work of soil working machines

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The statistical investigation on airborne fungi and pollen grains of atmosphere in Izmir-Turkey

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The statistical laboratory of the Iowa State College

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The statistical law of the demand for coffee

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The statistical laws of radiation transport in inhomogeneous plant cover

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The statistical mechanical theory of water transport through unsaturated soil. 1. the conservation laws

Sposito, G., 1978:
The statistical mechanical theory of water transport through unsaturated soil. 2. derivation of the Buckingham Darcy flux law

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The statistical method of estimating the number of agricultu ral machines as a sample for their testing

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The statistical outcome from the study of the separation experiment of cattle having tubercle bacteria in scope with fighting tuberculosis in Northern Weurttemberg in 1952-1953

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The statistical properties of freeze date variables and the length of the growing season

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The statistical references of the annual harvest of agricultural products per se in Northern China

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The statistical treatment of artisan sugars

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The statistical treatment of oscillograms with the use of apparatus

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The statistician viewpoint

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The statistics of bioassay. With special reference to the vitamins

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The statistics of gene mapping

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The statistics of nutrition sampling and analysis

Anonymous, 1947:
The statistics of paper

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The statistics of targets

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The statistics-computer interface in agronomic research

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The statospore of Dinobryon divergens Imhof: formation and germination in a subarctic lake

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The status and activity structure of foremen employed directly at the work sites of agricultural enterprises

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The status and characterization of Enteroramus dimorphus: a xylose-fermenting yeast attached to the gut of beetles

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The status and composition of Asplenosorus

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The status and conservation of forest wildlife in Himachal Pradesh, western Himalayas

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The status and conservation of the freshwater pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritifera Linn. in Great Britain

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The status and distribution of African black oystercatchers Haematopus moquini in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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The status and distribution of Atlantic white cedar in Massachusetts

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The status and ecology of crocodiles in the Purari

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The status and ecology of the Angonoka tortoise (Geochelone yniphora) of Western Madagascar

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The status and future of USDA forestry research in the Great Plains

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The status and future of biotechnology in developing countries

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The status and future of direct injection

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The status and future of inland aquaculture

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The status and future of outdoor recreation on the Souths private forests

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The status and geographical distribution of Voitia hyperbor ea in North America (Musci: Splachnaceae)

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The status and health of the Maryland seafood industry

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The status and hitherto obtained results of investigations of the flora of lichens of the Swietokrzyskie Mountains

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The status and identity of the Cynipoidea (Hymenoptera) described by J. Curtis

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The status and influence of agricultural advisory committees in California

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The status and management of the river otter (Lutra canadensis) in North America

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The status and management of the wolf population in the USSR

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The status and objectives of complex mechanization

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The status and objectives of research in mineral nutrition of poultry

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The status and outlook for reclamation projects in the Volga River area

Holubets'-, Ma, 1973:
The status and outlook for resea

Pritulin, P., 1971:
The status and outlook for studying respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases of swine

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The status and outlook of the pr

Witkowski, Z., 1975:
The status and perspectives for a development of the network of national parks in Poland

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The status and potential of Missouri agriculture

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The status and potential of aquaculture in the United States

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The status and potential of central solar heating plants with seasonal storage

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The status and practical application of computerized medical records for equine practices

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The status and practical application of ectomycorrhizae in forest tree nurseries and field forestation Pislithus tinctorius, Georgia

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The status and practice of forestry in Brazil in the early 1990s

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The status and problems of small-scale fisheries in the Philippines

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The status and problems of the mechanization of agriculture in Serbia

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The status and prospective development of agroclimatic research

Anonymous, 1999:
The status and prospects of American wine production

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The status and prospects of groundnut production in Bangladesh

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The status and prospects of or

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The status and requirements of the FAO International Collaborative Programme on Crop Loss Appraisal

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The status and role of microbiological research of soil in relation to maintanance and increase of soil fertility

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The status and role of vaccines in the U.S. food animal industry: implications for biological terrorism

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The status and significance, relative to refugial theory, of bryofloristic research in western Canada

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The status and technology of brackishwater aquaculture in Indonesia

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The status and the correct name for Watsonia ardernei (Iridaceae)

Yuan Dong; Fei BenHua; Chen YongGuang; Zhang XunYa, 2007:
The status and trend of international wood-based panel machinery development

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The status and typification of Desmidorchis Ehrenb. and Desmidorchis retrospiciens (Asclepiadaceae)

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The status and typification of Phegopteris and Gymnocarpium

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The status and ways to solve the problem of salt-tolerance in plants

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The status in Britain of Stigmella samiatella (Zeller, 1839) and Stigmella svenssoni (Johansson, 1971) (Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae)

Emmet, Am, 1977:
The status in Britain of Stigmella speciosa (Frey) and Stigmella aceris (Frey) (Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae)

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The status in Sweden

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The status of tomato races of Phytophthora infestans

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The status of Anthocharis cardamines hibernica Williams (Lepidoptera: Pieridae), with special reference to the Isle of Man

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The status of Aphis menthae radicis Cowen, 1895, and Aphis senecio redicis Gillette & Palmer, 1929 (Homoptera, Aphididae)

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The status of Ascotremella Seaver (fungi-Helotiales)

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The status of Asplenium viride in Oregon

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The status of Aster adsurgens E.L. Greene

Berner, L., 1978:
The status of Asthenopus curtus (Hagen) (Ephemeroptera: Polymitarcyidae)

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The status of Atomaria rhenana Kraatz and A. godarti Guillebeau (Col., Cryptophagidae)

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The status of Australian plants at risk

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The status of Autographa gamma gammina Staudinger (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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The status of B group vitamins in macrophyte and pelagic zones of Lake Biwa

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The status of Bedfordia on the Australian mainland

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The status of Carissa laxiflora Benth. and Carissa papuana Markgraf (Apocynaceae)

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The status of Chattering Cisticola Cisticola anonymus in Upper Guinea

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The status of Chinas agricultural machinery industry and the prospects for international cooperation

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The status of Cinitogomphus Pinhey (Odonata)

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The status of Conocephalus fasciatus vicinus (Morse, 1901) (Orthoptera: Conocephalidae)

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The status of Crataegus laevigata (Poiret) DC. in Ireland

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The status of Cryptogramma stelleri, Matteuccia struthiopteris, and Ophioglossum pusillum in West Virginia

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The status of Cylindrocladium black rot of peanut in Georgia since its discovery in 1965

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The status of Darmistidus Uhler (Hemiptera: Rhopalidae)

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The status of Dolichotachina proxima Seguy (Diptera: Sarcophagidae, Miltogramminae)

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The status of Elachista species (Lepidoptera, Elachistidae) described by Rebel, Krone and Gozmany

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The status of Enallagma traviatum and westfalli (Odonata, Coenagrionidae)

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The status of Erythronium albidum and E. mesochoreum (Liliaceae) in Nebraska

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The status of Euphrasia borealis, Euphrasia nemorosa and Euphrasia stricta in the eastern North America: a numeric analysis

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The status of Euphydryas editha baroni with a range extension of Euphydryas editha luestherae

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The status of FAO and Codex Alimentarius developments on vegetable proteins

Teske, Milton, E., 1996:
The status of FSCBG and related model developments

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The status of French viticulture

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The status of Heterographis oblitella (Zeller) in Britain

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The status of Hibiscus furcatus Roxburgh

Louw, S., 1985 :
The status of Hyomora adversaria occidentalis Louw (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Rhytirrhininae)

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The status of IPM strategies for controlling grass bugs infesting introduced grassland monocultures

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The status of Ileodictyon cibarius in Britain

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The status of Indianas rarest plants: a revision of the list of endangered and threatened vascular plants

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The status of Irish Hipparchia semele (L.) (Lepidoptera, Satyridae) with descriptions of a new subspecies and aberrations

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The status of Japanese agriculture

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The status of Jubulopsis, a monotypic genus of Jubulaceae (Hepaticae)

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The status of Juncus alpinoarticulatus Chax in southern Scotland

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The status of Labidura bengalensis (Dermaptera)

Bartoli, P.; Gibson, D.I., 2007:
The status of Lecithochirium grandiporum (Rudolphi, 1819) (Digenea: Hemiuridae), a rarely reported and poorly known species from the Mediterranean moray eel Muraena helena L. in the Western Mediterranean

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The status of Lepista--a new section of Clitocybe

Frisvoll, Aa, 1982:
The status of Leptodontium norvegicum Kaal. Musci

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The status of Lepus saxatilis, Lepus whytei and Lepus crawshayi in southern Africa

Pulawski, Wojciech, J., 2007:
The status of Liris magnificus Kohl, 1884, and Trachogorytes costaricae R. Bohart, 2000 (Hymenoptera : Crabronidae : Crabroninae, Bembicinae)

Dorworth, Ce, 1975:
The status of Lophodermium research in Canada

Cody, Wj, 1978:
The status of Lythrum alatum (Lythraceae) in Canada

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The status of Pennsylvania agriculture

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The status of Tricorynus meieri (Reitter) (Anobiidae: Coleoptera)

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The status of U.S. policy on tropical forests

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The status of U.S. trade negotiations

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The status of Viobin wheat germ oil as a breeding aid to livestock and poultry

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The status of a taxon in the Arcaea nohara Boisduval group (Lepidoptera: Acraeidae)

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The status of agriculture in 1993

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The status of agriculture in India

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The status of agroforestry in the United States: how far have we come, where are we going?

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The status of air pollution and its control in Australia

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The status of alimentary practices

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The status of alternative methods in toxicology

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The status of and prospects for hybrid winter wheat

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The status of animal rabies in Canada

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The status of animals in the Christian religion

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The status of aquaculture in Lebanon

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The status of aquaculture in New Zealand

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The status of bears in China

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The status of biogas utilisation in the Philippines

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The status of biological control of weeds with fungal pathogens

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The status of biomass energy

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The status of biuret for ruminants

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The status of black walnut tree improvement programs in the North Central Region Juglans nigra, breeding, progeny testing methods, United States

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The status of black walnut tree improvement programs in the North Central Region United States

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The status of black-headed and red-headed buntings on Helgoland

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The status of botanical information on national parks in the Southeastern United States Including checklists, collections, rare and exotic species data, vegetational inventories, maps and management

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The status of breeding the Yugoslav Mountain pony and the adoption of measures for its improvement

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The status of bromadiolone in the United States

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The status of cabbage looper control

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The status of cereal stem-borer and legume pod-borer research in Zimbabwe

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The status of certain families of the Amentiferae during the Middle Eocene and some hypotheses regarding the evolution of wind pollination in dicotyledonous angiosperms

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The status of certain hawkweeds (Hieracium subgenus Pilosella) in Michigan

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The status of chemicals for suppression of spruce budworm in the United States

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The status of chickpea production and research in Morocco

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The status of coffee processing capacity in Kenya

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The status of competition in the food manufacturing and food retailing industries

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The status of contemporary zootechnical science

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The status of crawfish farming in Mississippi

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The status of cultivated land s

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The status of cyllene zuniana Casey (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) Taxonomic and ecologic aspects

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The status of dalmatian toadflax in California

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The status of deer in china

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The status of diagnosing and control of nutrient unbalance of the lemon tree in Spain

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The status of earthworm biogeography, diversity, and taxonomy in North America revisited with glimpses into the future

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The status of eating habits and nutrient intakes of preschool children in Kyungjoo

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The status of energy utilization for the post-harvest system and the development of energy saving technologies in Japan

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The status of entomology in Canada

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The status of environmental management in Israel

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The status of environmental studies in United States and Canadian geography departments

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The status of exotic big game in Texas

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The status of family farming in Nebraska

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The status of farm youth in the present-day society

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The status of farmland leasing in the United States

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The status of fertility and mortality statistics in South Africa before and after the Apartheid era

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The status of fisheries and aquaculture development assistance programs

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The status of fisheries statistics in India

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The status of flesh foods with particular reference to meat

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The status of floristic bryology in North America: 1978

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The status of flounders, Platichthys flesus L., as hosts of the acanthocephalan Pomphorhynchus laevis (Muller) and its survival in marine conditions

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The status of food additives co

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The status of foot-and-mouth disease in certain countries

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The status of forest crops on recultivated lands and data from analysis of the rhizosphere

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The status of forestry

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The status of gene vectors for the treatment of diabetes

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The status of genus Phaulanthus Ridley (Melastomataceae)

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The status of graduate education in poultry science

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The status of grain amaranth for the 1990s

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The status of grape growing and wine making in the European Economic Community

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The status of harmonizing the feed law in European communities

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The status of hedgerow field margins in Ireland

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The status of hematopoietic systems of rats on diets with products of livestock and poultry fed additives of protein-vitamin concentrate

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The status of higher basidial fungi in the systematics of organisms

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The status of home economics in higher education

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The status of horn fly resistance in South Dakota

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The status of hybrid soybeans

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The status of hydrological studies at the Forest Research Institute, Kepong

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The status of implementation of the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996

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The status of indices of nitrogen exchange in the blood of calves, their mothers, and in the colostrum and milk of cows

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The status of information for consumers of small wind energy systems

Anonymous, 2001:
The status of infrastructure projects for Caspian Sea energy resources

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The status of inland-breeding Great Cormorants in England

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The status of insect alpha taxonomy in Puerto Rico after the scientific survey

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The status of insect identification services and insect collection resources in Malawi

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The status of internal fixation of long bone fractures in the horse

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The status of international pesticides registration standards

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The status of intestinal prot

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The status of iodine nutrition in Australia

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The status of iron and manganese as affected by drainage conditions

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The status of kraft pulp bleaching Paper production

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The status of land distributed by surface mining in the United States

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The status of large-scale assessment practices for students with disabilities in rural America

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The status of library automation in the 1890 land-grant institutions

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The status of lima bean production in Delaware

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The status of maize insect pests and the role of host plant resistance in Thailand

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The status of maize virus diseases in Zimbabwe

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The status of marine fish culture in China

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The status of marketing cooperatives under antitrust law

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The status of meat as a world protein resource

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The status of meats

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The status of members in agricultural cooperatives

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The status of microelements in relation to crop production in paddy soils of China. II. Molybdenum

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The status of microelements in relation to the crop production in paddy soils of China. III. Zinc

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The status of milk quality and its effect on sales

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The status of moko and bunchy top diseases in Hawaii

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The status of natural Delta lakes in Mississippi

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The status of natural resource conservation in the Azerbaidzhan SSR

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The status of nitrogen in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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The status of nutrient intake and factors related to dislike of vegetables in elementary school students

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The status of nutrition in the United States. 1

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The status of nutrition uptake

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The status of orchard mechanization

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The status of organic agriculture in Minnesota

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The status of organic agriculture in Palestine

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The status of our present knowledge on diseases of embryo and fetus caused by virus

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The status of parametric studies in radar agriculture

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The status of parks in the Netherlands and a desire for future organization

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The status of pasture feeding with straw

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The status of peach production in the Great Lakes States

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The status of peach thinning in Michigan

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The status of pesticide legislation

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The status of pesticides in China and their future

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The status of pests and pesticide management in agriculture in Barbados

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The status of phosphatic compo

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The status of phosphorus in a natural wetland receiving dairy lagoon effluent

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The status of pinewoods in British ecosystems

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The status of pink boll worm in the Gezira, Sudan, with special reference to variety of cotton and sowing date. lepidoptera: Gelechiidae

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The status of pistachio cultivation in Texas and the Southwest

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The status of plant morphology

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The status of plant parasitic nematodes in cereals and food and forage legumes in Syria

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The status of plant tissue culture in the Philippines

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The status of plowing technique

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The status of poaching in the United States--are we protecting our wildlife?

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The status of postsecondary agriculture education National survey, United States

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The status of potato harvesting technology

Specht, A., 1971:
The status of potato planting technology

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The status of poultry disease in Denmark as compared with other Common Market countries

Anonymous, 1977:
The status of predictive tools in application to safety evaluation (carcinogenesis and mutagenesis)

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The status of present taxonomic services in northern Africa Insect taxonomy

Materu, Mea, 1981:
The status of present taxonomic services in southern Africa Insect taxonomy

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The status of problematic snake types of the Museum fur Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin (Reptilia, Serpentes)

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The status of process radiation in the United States

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The status of property in inter collective farm and state collective farm construction associations

Mackay, W.C., 1998:
The status of pygmy whitefish, Prosopium coulteri in Alberta

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The status of quality improvement in pearl millet (Pennisetum typhoides (Burm.) Stapf and Hubb.)

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The status of raptor conservation and our knowledge of the resident diurnal birds of prey of Mexico

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The status of red-headed bunting in Britain

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The status of reflux of workers in farm households surveyed by agricultural districts

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The status of research and outlo

Muller, G.; Jones, F., 1986:
The status of research on Moko disease in Guyana

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The status of research on plant nematology in cereals and food and fodder legumes in the Sudan

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The status of resource recovery ; (a report of site visits)

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The status of resource-use education in the secondary schools of Texas

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The status of rice breeding for disease resistance at the International Rice Research Institute

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The status of rice culture in Kazakhstan

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The status of root crops: a cultural historical perspective

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The status of rural living in southwest Alabama as revealed by The Progress and Achievement Records of Farm Families and implications for improvement through the program of vocational agriculture

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The status of salmon aquaculture in Alaska: the present and the future

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The status of satellite remote sensing and agricultural use

Petty, Gw, 1995:
The status of satellite-based rainfall estimation over land

Pawson, M., G.; Kupschus, S.; Pickett, G., D., 2007:
The status of sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) stocks around England and Wales, derived using a separable catch-at-age model, and implications for fisheries management

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The status of selected natural resources in Missouri

Anonymous, 1992:
The status of short rotation intensive culture in Minnesota

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The status of silvicultural nonpoint source programs

Studier, Dd, 1980:
The status of skyline logging and future prospects for the northwest Forestry harvesting, USA

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The status of smallholder farming and agricultural services in Zambia

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The status of solar energy as fuel

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The status of some piscivorous birds in the Netherlands

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The status of southern forests: productivity, ecological diversity, and sustainability

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The status of soybean cyst nematode in Minnesota and Iowa

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The status of state and federal regulatory programs that affect indirect additives, residues and contaminants in foods

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The status of summer annuals in Palestine

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The status of swine breeding, 1974

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The status of synthetic pyrethroids

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The status of taxonomic research in the Encalyptaceae Musci, Encalypta, Bryobrittonia

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The status of taxonomy of mosquitoes by the use of morphological characters

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The status of teaching laboratory animal medicine in veterinary schools in the United States

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The status of teaching of botany in India

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The status of tenant farming, now and in the future

Gallagher, Rs, 1993:
The status of terpene cleaners as replacements for restricted solvents in industrial metal cleaning applications

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The status of the Australian aeshnid genera Acanthaeschna Selys and Austroaeschna Selys (Odonata)

Wirth, O., 1970:
The status of the Australian milling industry

Schultze, Dl, 1973:
The status of the California barracuda resource and its management

Duffy, Jm, 1973:
The status of the California spiny lobster resource

Collins, Ra, 1973:
The status of the California yellowtail resource and its management