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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17529

Chapter 17529 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1976:
To make new score of high yeil

Anonymous, 1956:
To make permanent the temporary increase in civil service retirement annuities

Miller, R.; Hooven, N., 1970:
To make the most profit from your cows

Anonymous, 1996:
To make up for airline cutbacks: Inflight caterer introduces new terminal food concepts

Le-Master, Dc, 1994:
To manage or not to manage? What is the role of economic analysis in forest resource decision making?

Rakonczay, Z., 1970:
To manage with forest area

Goodin, Pl, 1976:
To mark the male

Anonymous, 2005:
To market customers

Chan, Ah, 1989:
To market or not to market: allocating water rights in New Mexico

Chan, Ah, 1989 :
To market or not to market: allocation of interstate waters

Ward, Ct, 1975:
To market to market

Potter, Polyxeni, 2007:
To market to market and risk for global disease

Watson, B., 1981:
To market to market to buy a farmed fish

Stegelin, F.-E.W.lliamson, L.; Riggins, S., 1989:
To market, to market to sell fresh produce

Stegelin, F.W.lliamson, L.R.ggins, S., 1990:
To market, to market to sell fresh produce; but where? and when?

Anonymous, 1975:
To market, to market with teens

Gilbert, J., 1998:
To market, to market--farmers market

Reitsma, S.S.ott, N., 1975:
To measure dynamic responses of a cows teat

Dubey, V.; Srivastava, A., 1971:
To measure the relationship of farm practices attributes with adoption rate

Lykhmus, K.; Oia, T., 1983:
To methods of studying stand underground part

Lenard, Jz, 1975 :
To modernize is to improve

Ikeda, Joanne, P., 1980:
To mom and dad

Cohen, R., 1991:
To move a show

Yearns, M.C.ltvedt, E.Z.lenski, P., 1993:
To move or not to move

Groves, M.; Wilson, V., 1992:
To move or not to move? Factors influencing the housing choice of elderly persons

Albrecht, Suzanne, 2007:
To my Editor

Layton, Stanford, J., 1988:
To no privileged class

Wehrung, F., 1977:
To obtain lamb carcasses wanted by the market

Sarkar, M.R., 2004:
To obtain sustainable organic rice production through community based management strategy

Aggelopoulou, Aggelou-Th, 1945:
To oikonomiko problaema taes Ellados

Schulz, J.H., 1985:
To old folks with love: aged income maintenance in America

Anonymous, 1943:
To our friends on the farms

Mcguire,. Jr.;, 1975:
To our shareholders

Anonymous, 1996:
To overcome dangerous weight-loss: a system for feeding Alzheimers patients

Glodek, P., 1984:
To overcome stress susceptibility. Selection of stress resistant sows

Barmettler, Edmund, R., 1972:
To own a horse

Shigo, Al, 1981:
To paint or not to paint

Moore, G., 1998:
To pair or not to pair: chromosome pairing and evolution

Anonymous, 1986:
To parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, cousins

Anonymous, 1955:
To participants in the farm power use program

Calderoni, L., 1978:
To pay for milk according to quality: the first step for a set up in Europe

Nelson, M.J.hnson, L., 1977:
To pay now or to pay later

Hardwick, R.; Bowen, P., 1978:
To peat or not to peat?

Ambegaonkar, G.; Mulik, R., 2007:
To pee or not to pee.....

Pei, Hsin-Shu, 1963:
To pei ti yu tao yu yu chung

Money, N.P., 2000:
To perforate a leaf of grass

Anonymous, 1965:
To permit farmers in disaster areas to comply with acreage reduction agreements

Trump, Rf, 1992:
To photograph a bee. I

Trump, Rf, 1992:
To photograph a bee. II

Wright, Hm, 2002:
To pick the perfect pasta, check for fiber first

Lowe, Ki, 1975:
To plan for a drought or not

Lu, L., 1983:
To plant grass and trees, and

Viles, Dgk, 1981:
To plant or not to plant

Fox, H., 1985:
To plant or not to plant - barriers to planting windbreaks on the Canadian prairies

Strang, R.M., 1971:
To plant or not to plant: land use on the barrens of southwestern Nova Scotia

Intrieri, C., 1981:
To plant or to uproot the vineyards? Methods for improving the quality of the grapes

Taylor, H.J.Mrs, 1941:
To plant the prairies and the plains

Johnson, P. E., Et Al., 1970:
To plant vegetables with seed wafers

Stubbs, Jane, 1977:
To please the outward senses

Jarvis, C., 1979:
To plough or not to plough ?

Day, Ca, 2003:
To plow & protect

Viaux, P., 1983:
To plow or not plow straw under. Short term and long term effects on soil fertility

Comis, D., 2004:
To plow or not to plow? Balancing slug populations with environmental concerns and soil health

Faris, Donald, K., 1958:
To plow with hope

Dowden, Ao, 1975:
To pollinate an orchid

Baltagi, B.; Griffin, J.; Xiong, W., 2000 :
To pool or not to pool: homogeneous versus heterogeneous estimators applied to cigarette demand

Wang, J.; Wang, P., 1970:
To predict precooling rates for tomatoes

Lamuraglia, M.; Escudier, B.; Chami, L.; Schwartz, B.; Leclere, J.; Roche, A.; Lassau, N., 2007:
To predict progression-free survival and overall survival in metastatic renal cancer treated with sorafenib: Pilot study using dynamic contrast-enhanced Doppler ultrasound (vol 42, pg 2472, 2006)

Anonymous, 2002:
To prepare for the agricultural research, extension, and education title of the upcoming farm bill

Weidinger, A., 1969:
To prepare for the next harvest

Fitzpatrick, M., 2002:
To preserve and protect: Knowledge, preparation and planning are key to successful tree preservation

Raffin, G., 1970:
To preserve nature and mankind, it is necessary to preserve the rural environment

Valdinoci, M., 1969:
To preserve the nature

Anonymous, 1984:
To preserve the sense of earth from space

Brody, Je, 1991:
To preserve their health and heritage, Arizona Indians reclaim ancient foods

Ward, L., 1981:
To prevent milk fever: Control the calcium intake of your dairy cows

Anonymous, 1964:
To prevent or minimize injury to fish and wildlife from the use of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other pesticides

Bayazt, M.; Onoz, B., 2007:
To prewhiten or not to prewhiten in trend analysis?

Anonymous, 1970:
To problem on reduction of cost and speeding-up of rural pond construction

Sareggianae, I.A., 1952:
To problema tes paragaogaes ygious patatos-porou

Maiocco, Francesco, 1953:
To produce an improved meat while further lowering its price

Bodiguel, Maryvonne, 1990:
To produce and to preserve the environment

Sandhu, Hs, 1972:
To produce disease-free seed of potatoes adopt seed plot technique

Celerier, B., 1974:
To produce is well, to sell is better: The Montbeliard cattle breed first for exportation

Anonymous, 1975:
To produce milk or beef?

Sondrio, G., 1970:
To produce more meat

Vorob'-Ev, Pa, 1975:
To produce more mutton, wool and sheep shins in the Non Chernozem zone

Cauderon, A.L.cadee, C., 1975:
To produce or continue to produce maize?

Chatelain, Ym, 1972:
To produce quality milk?

Anonymous, 1980:
To prohibit futures trading of potatoes on commodity exchanges

Anonymous, 1956:
To prohibit the employment by the Government of persons who are disloyal

Anonymous, 1979:
To promote and develop agriculture

Anonymous, 1961:
To promote general university extension education

Kropf, R., 1980:
To promote growth of young trees

Szigeti, E., 1976:
To promote productivity of household plots and auxiliary farms

Anonymous, 1941:
To promote the defense of the United States

Beattie, Ta, 1980:
To promote your community: Conduct a tourist hospitality school

Romano, M., 1993:
To protect and to serve

Dold, C., 1992:
To protect biodiversity, expert says save the dry lands

Cheban, I., 1978:
To protect public property

Zala, St, 1979:
To protect quality

Szemenyei, K.M.gyeri, V., 1975:
To protect rabbits against myxomatosis infection

Kacharmazov, V.Z.mfirov, T.; Choleva, B., 1976:
To protect strawberry plants used for propagation from diseases and pests

Khristova, E., 1970:
To protect the sugar beet from P

Anonymous, 1977:
To protect tomorrows food supply, soil conservation needs priority attention

Kerkwyk, Re, 1975:
To protect your cane--keep out the pigs

Anonymous, 1984:
To provide disaster assistance to agricultural producers and ranchers

Anonymous, 1998:
To provide federal housing assistance to Native Hawaiians

Anonymous, 1941:
To provide for a permanent postage rate on books

Anonymous, 2006:
To provide for certain lands to be held in trust for the Utu Utu Gwaitu Paiute Tribe

Anonymous, 1945:
To provide for financial control of government corporations

Anonymous, 1945:
To provide for reorganizing agencies of the government, and for other purposes

Anonymous, 1964:
To provide for the establishment of recreational facilities at Sanford reservoir area, Texas

Anonymous, 1947:
To provide for the regulation of consumer credit for a temporary period

Hall, Ld, 1994:
To prune or not to prune

Klett, Je, 1991:
To prune or not to prune at transplanting

Wells, Rd, 1989:
To publish or not to publish DNA sequences

Burckhardt, J., 1977:
To purchase mixed forage according to quality

Francko, D.-A.W.tzel, R., G., 1983:
To quench our thirst

Schwartz, J.T.; Isaacs, J.P.; Carilli, A.M., 2007:
To race or to place?: an empirical investigation of the efficiency of the NASCAR points competition

No*-Eth-*ck, K.P.pazisi, P., 1957:
To raise pigs to be strong

Anonymous, 1973:
To raise silkworms

Nonn, H.Z.usch, M., 1980:
To raise the dry matter content in sugarbeet leaf by drying for the improvement of fermentability and the reduction of losses in silaging

Buriakov, I.; Kopytina, T., 1975:
To raise the level of sunflower seed production

St-Satkanov, E.T., 1981:
To raise the quality of sheep wool in the region of Urals

Lubis, Mochtar, 1992:
To reach a better agricultural system

Anonymous, 1951:
To reach a higher production of maize cultivate its hybrids

Anonymous, 1963:
To reach the higher groat cultures yields

Anonymous, 2004:
To reaffirm the inherent sovereign rights of the Osage Tribe to determine its membership and form of government

Anonymous, 2001:
To reauthorize the Chesapeake Bay Office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Anonymous, 2005:
To reauthorize the Great Ape Conservation Act of 2000

Anonymous, 2004:
To reauthorize the Tropical Forest Conservation Act of 1998 through fiscal year 2007, and for other purposes

Anonymous, 1997:
To reauthorize the dairy indemnity program

Legere, Mj, 1981:
To rebuild a cooperative movement where social action is the fundamental characteristic

Albert, E., 1980:
To rebuild the earth

Pisani, Donald, J., 1992:
To reclaim a divided West

Drury, L.; Witcher, G., 1977:
To record insolation horizontal and tilted surfaces

Anonymous, 2006:
To redesignate the Mason Neck National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia as the Elizabeth Hartwell Mason Neck National Wildlife Refuge

Weber, F., 1972:
To reduce the expenses of rearing cattle

Anonymous, 1941:
To regulate commerce in peanuts

Anonymous, 1944:
To regulate production and distribution of margarine

Thompson, W., 1986:
To rejuvenate groves water is often the key

Allen, R.; Jackson, R.; Pinter, P.J., 1980:
To relate LANDSAT data to US agriculture

Anonymous, 1979:
To remain fit in the profession, education in agriculture

Klinefelter, Da, 2006:
To remain relevant, change agents also need to change

Wormell, P., 1978:
To rent or not to rent

Cummins, 1999:
To repeat or block, in experiments?

Pan, C.; Kao, K., 1980:
To repeat the effects of hormo

Searle, D., 1979:
To replant or not to replant?

Anonymous, 2004:
To require the prompt review by the Secretary of the Interior of the long-standing petitions for federal recognition of certain Indian tribes, and for other purposes

Anonymous, 2006:
To resolve certain Native American claims in New Mexico, and for other purposes

Eroshov, S.; Buriachkovskii, V., 1978:
To restore former fame to wheat grown in the Odessa Region

Anonymous, 2006 :
To review USDA dairy programs

Anonymous, 2006:
To review biosecurity preparedness and efforts to address agroterrorism threats

Anonymous, 2006:
To review nominations for USDA and Commodities Futures Trading Commission

Anonymous, 2006:
To review the Agricultural Risk Protection Act of 2000 and related crop insurance issues

Anonymous, 2003:
To review the federal governments initiatives regarding child nutrition programs

Anonymous, 2003:
To review the implementation of the 2002 farm bill

Anonymous, 2006:
To review the implementation of the peanut provisions of the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002

Anonymous, 2006:
To review the implementation of the sugar provisions of the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002

Anonymous, 2006:
To review the status of the World Trade Organization negotiations on agriculture

Anonymous, 1981:
To revise the requirements of federal reclamation law

Dauletbaev, Bs, 1974:
To revive goat husbandry in Kazakhstan

Gorokhovsky, V.F., 2007:
To revive vegetable farming in the Dniestr region

Savel*-Section-*ev, S.I., 1948:
To rise winter wheat production

Anonymous, 1972:
To ruminate or not?

Hall, J.H.ll, S., 1979:
To saddle a mule

Vissac, B., 1973:
To safeguard variability of genetic partimony, a possible return to ignored breeds

Brodetsky, V., 1979:
To safely shelter the harvest

Burroughs, Al, 1983:
To salt or not to salt

Meneely, Gr, 1982:
To salt or not to salt, that is the question: a discussion with digressions

Chiarucci, Alessandro, 2007:
To sample or not to sample? That is the question For the vegetation scientist

Shalatonova, L.F.menko, G.K.lga, V.L.akhovskaia, L., 1976:
To satisfy the demand for vegetables more completely

Doersch, Re, 1980:
To save some field time this spring, try using dry bulk fertilizer sprayed with herbicides

Talley, Naomi, 1965:
To save the soil

Malandain, G.; Tavernier, Y., 1991:
To save the water

Franke, Mary-Ann, 2005:
To save the wild bison

Martin, A.; Hooper, S., 1975:
To screen or not to screen and how it can be done with thermomechanical pulp

Haller, M., 1983:
To see a Bauhinia Description

Jackson, L., 1979:
To see and not to see: the special world of equine vision

Hieronymus, Ta, 1969:
To see decline in soybeans?

Koeppel, Dan, 2005:
To see every bird on earth

Lagasse, R.S., 2006:
To see or not to see

Russell, J., 1979:
To see the woods for the trees

Sanders, S., 1987:
To see what we cannot see

Blomquist, D., 1993 :
To seed or not to seed

Notohadiprawiro, T., 1981:
To seek the essence of humid tropical forests through their behavior as interface between forest and soil resources. A great research oppurtunity for the Centre for Reforestation and Rehabilitation of Humid Tropical Forests of the University of Mulawarman Indonesia.1

Notohadiprawiro, T., 1981:
To seek the essence of humid tropical forests through their behaviour as interface between forest and soil resources. A great research opportunity for the Centre for Reforestation and Rehabilitation of Humid Tropical Forests of the University of Mulawarman Indonesia.1

Kapikian, A.Z.; Hoshino, Y., 2007:
To serotype or not to serotype: that is still the question

Johnston, A., 1977:
To serve Agriculture, the Lethbridge Research Station 1906-1976

Jones, L., 2002:
To serve broadly: the mission of the school of the Chicago Botanic Garden

Anonymous, 1941:
To serve the agriculture

Angiboust, A., 1979:
To serve the consumer better: Response of wholesale and retail distributers to household requirements

Angiboust, A., 1979:
To serve the consumer better: Response of wholesale and retail distributors to household requirements

Cates, W.; Williams, C., 1973:
To settle lots of cows fast you need bull power

Le-Denmat, M.D.gorn, J., 1979:
To severe reforming of sows can hide reproduction problems

Anonymous, 1981:
To sew or not to sew? Clothing

Ternus, M., 1996:
To shake or not to shake: EN takes another look at salt

Hable; Bisgrove; Kropf, 1998:
To shape a plant-The cytoskeleton in plant morphogenesis

Braun, D., 1987:
To share is their obsession

Alderson, L., 1984:
To show or not to show

Minter, S., 1990:
To show the rain-forests of the world--replanting the Palm House at Kew, 1989-90

Peyraud, Jc, 1973:
To simplify labor problems, one meal per day for farm calves

Payne, G., 1983:
To size pick or strip pick: its a guessing game

Veselis, R.A., 2006:
To sleep, perchance to decode?

Hill, C.M.; Hogan, A.M.; Karmiloff-Smith, A., 2007:
To sleep, perchance to enrich learning?

Eichenbaum, H., 2007:
To sleep, perchance to integrate

Zahradnik, F., 1985:
To sludge or not to sludge?

Anderson, S., 1995:
To smell a tree

Anonymous, 1985:
To smoke or not to smoke

Buchanan, Wg, 1973:
To sod or seed? that is the question

Bludovsky, Z., 1971:
To solve completely planned management in forestry

Zelezinskii, E.; Isaev, A., 1978:
To solve current tasks to see the outlook

Padgett, Lb, 1988:
To solve the riddle of specialization

Ihlenfeld, G., 1970:
To some fundamental problems by managing forest recreation areas derived from experiences of the State Forest Gross-Berlin

Pekarik, S.S.vcik, J.G.fel, A., 1972:
To some questions of labour rationalization at spraying grapevine against downy mildew

Tomovcik, J.P.ltik, J., 1971:
To some questions of speed of wheat cut mass in its vibration separation

Vaskovsky, P., 1972:
To some questions of technical and economic evaluation of sugar beet gathering technology

Valasek, F., 1972:
To some theoretical questions of realization of production

Gannushkina, I.V., 2007:
To some unsolved questions of the pathophysiology of brain blood circulation disturbances

Papadopoulou, Demetriou, N., 1956:
To sousami

Burgue, Fernand, 1979:
To sow flowers, fruits, vegetables and trees

Craig, Lee, A., 1993:
To sow one acre more

Piccinni, Gabriella, 1982:
To sow, to bear fruit, to reap

Gittinger, Mattiebelle, 1989:
To speak with cloth

Lee, Kw, 1979:
To speed farm mechanization

Niall, Ian, 1977:
To speed the plough

Nour, D.V.loshchuk, M., 1975:
To speed up the development of low productive soils

Ashford, R., 1972:
To spray or not to spray

Pirone, Pp, 1970:
To spray or not to spray? is that the question?

Anonymous, 1947:
To state committeemen and farmer fieldman, northeast states

Janinhoff, A., 1978:
To store cereals or sell them immediately?

Kristov, W., 1976:
To strengthen connection between agricultural science and practice

Protsenko, T., 1977:
To strengthen relations with industry

Johnson, S.; Kerby, T.; Grimes, D., 1989:
To stress or not to stress--irrigating cotton for maximum yield

Rafique, S.; Khan, M.; Rizvi, S., 1982:
To study the characteristics of open end yarn produced by blending Pak Upland cottons and soft cotton waste

Dutta, A.; Reddy, J., 1976:
To study the economics of egg production in two strains of laying hens

Sah, S.; Agarwala, O., 1979:
To study the effect of cereal free ration on the growth and dressing percentage of egg type male chicks

Gupta, B.; Agarwala, O., 1976:
To study the effect of feeding ad-lib, once-a-day and twice-a-day on egg production, feed consumption per dozen eggs and per kilogram weight of eggs produced in layers

Varshney, V.; Agarwala, O., 1979:
To study the effect of inclusion of tranquilizer in ration on growth and carcass quality of meat type broilers

Pagrut, W.; Agarwala, O., 1978:
To study the effect of replacement of maize by de-oiled sal-seed cake on the growth of egg type grower chicks

Lad, S.; Kalbhor, P., 1976:
To study the effects of irrigation scheduled according to water use factors on the yield and yield contributing characters of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) var. nI. 747-19 under varying fertility levels of nitrogen and phosphate

Singh, M.M.thur, I., 1975:
To study the efficiency of different preservatives used for preservation of eggs

Anonymous, 1977:
To study the extent of capital formation on farms in Sind Province of Pakistan

Narkhede, H.; Reddy, J., 1978:
To study the factors affecting milk production in dairy cattle (Red Sindhi and Jersindh) of Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Allahabad

Behl, K.; Narwal, S., 1977:
To study the feasibility of intercropping of Rabi crops in autumn planted sugarcane

Ansari, Noor-Nabi, N., 1977:
To study the impact of the use of herbicides to control weeds for increased agriculture production

Siddiqi, Sharif-Ahmed, 1979:
To study the role of migratory farm labor in agricultural production in Sind Province of Pakistan

Sagar, Rh, 1969:
To study the temperature, pulse and respiration of Red Sindhis and to compare it with different grades of Jersey x Red Sindhi

Bhaid, M.; Gupta, R.; Rane, A., 1980:
To study the variability of common animal feedstuffs in chemical makeup. I. Maize grain

Levin, D., 1979:
To substrates kept off the so

King, Judson, 1943:
To superintendents and board members of all REA cooperatives

Anonymous, 1974:
To supplement the larder

Anonymous, 1963:
To survive

Berthet, R., 1973:
To survive

Lanphier, R.Iii, 1986:
To survive in agriculture we need lower costs--not higher prices

Doliger, S., 2006:
To suspect and identify a neoplasm

Klamczynski, H., 1972:
To take advantage of the chance

Babbitt, B., 1996:
To take up the torch: the hidden risks of fire exclusion; How and why we must turn the flame to its rightful place in the West

Gibson, Md, 1972:
To tame the wild ones

Weiner, L., 2000:
To teach

Salkin, S., 1997:
To teach kids about nutrition: Calif. schools roll out Garden Choice food bars

Dean, Robert, C., 1940:
To terminate termite trouble

Duncraft, J., 1976:
To test or not to test?

Kwiatkowski, F.; Bignon, Y-J., 2007:
To test the impact of hypnotherapy upon immunity and circadian rhythms among palliative cancer patients: a promising goal?

Kataev, G.D., 2006:
To the 100(th) birthday anniversary of Oleg Izmailovich Semenov-Tyan-Shanskii

Helber, J., 1973:
To the 32nd membership meeting of the Association of Milk Supplying Enterprises for Metropolitan Areas: the price in the focus point of discussions

Anonymous, 1979:
To the 4-H parent

Tichy, V., 1970:
To the 60th birthday of the CSAV correspondent Vladimir Rypacek

Dlussky, G.M.; Surova, G.S., 2007:
To the 70th anniversary of Aleksei Sergeevich Severtsov

Obroucheva, N.V., 2007:
To the 70th birthday of Viktor B. Ivanov

Anonymous, 1971:
To the 75th not--lived birthday of Prof. dr. e. pribyl

Chizmadzhev, Y.A.; Revenko, S.V., 2007:
To the 85th anniversary of Boris I. Khodorov

Aspiz, M.E., 2007:
To the 85th anniversary of Roman B. Khesin-Lurie

Trut, L.N.; Markel, A.L.; Borodin, P.M.; Argutinskaya, S.V.; Zakharov, I.K.; Shumny, V.K., 2007:
To the 90th anniversary of Academician Dmitry Konstantinovich Belyaev (1917-1985)

Robert, Jf, 1972:
To the Arboretum of the Aubonne valley

Anonymous, 1946:
To the Committee on Reciprocity Information

Montoya, B., 1974:
To the Federal Reserve food stamps are like money

Bland, John, 1940:
To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty

Burgisser, Heinz-Martin, 1980:
To the Middle Miocene sedimentation in Northern Alpine carbonate terrain

Derkachev, P., 1981:
To the USSR Ministry of Agriculture

Jankowsky, J., 1981:
To the accident insurance in forestry ; historical development in Germany and some present organization structures for the appropriate accident insurance carrier

Muller, Frank-Gerhard, 1980:
To the adaptability of ecotypes of various legume species to tropical savanna pastures under the conditions of the Llanos Orientales of Columbia

Kroth, W.L.ffler, H.T.minger, J., 1976:
To the analysis of objectives in forest enterprises and the methods of decision making

Dem'-Ianova, Ei, 1974:
To the anthecology of Salsola arbusculiformis Drob

Nicholson, Rg, 1986:
To the arks with rabbitbane: plant conservation at the Arnold Arboretum

Balaev, E.; Gaivoronskaia, I., 1979:
To the attention of crop farmers in the Non-Chernozem zone

Boubals, D., 1976:
To the attention of nursery export grape growers

Herschel, Anne-Maren, 1981:
To the behavior of Toxocara canis larvae Werner (Anisakidae) from paratenic hosts in dogs (beagle)

Heller, Kg, 1984:
To the bioacoustics and phylogeny of the genus Poecilimon (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae, Phaneropterinae)

Samorodova-Bianki, Gb, 1972:
To the biochemistry of red currant

Gorlenko, Mv, 1978:
To the biology and evolution of Erysiphales

Kerbabaev, B.; Kazakov, I., 1970:
To the biology of seeds germination of giant firm-bunch grasses (Erianthus ravennae (L.) Beauv., Saccharum spontaneum L.) in Turkmenia

Blaschke-Cobet, M.L.ckner, M., 1973:
To the biosynthesis of graveolines by Ruta angustifolia

Gubanov, I.; Lavrenko, E.; Tikhomirov, V., 1975:
To the birthday of Tikhon Aleksandrovich Rabotnov

Gutbrod, Franz, 1981:
To the blunt thorax trauma of dogs

Anonymous, 1981:
To the carry-over of lead

Kitzing, Dagmar, 1981:
To the characterization of an ILT-virus serologically related to herpesvirus from Amazon

Iushev, Aa, 1974:
To the classification of cherry cultivars

Stasko, J.S.litek, M.S.ronc, A., 1976:
To the comparison of effect of fresh and lyophilized Tyrodes deluter

Anonymous, 1952:
To the defence of rice economics

Lucas, G., 1973:
To the designation of the felling sequence of final felling stands

Essmann, Hans, 1980:
To the development of rural areas in Austria

Manhardt, H., 1971:
To the discussion of standard costs

Kharchenko, N.N., 1970:
To the ecological characteristic of cabbage butter-flies in Byelorussia

Rohrig, Gunter, 1981:
To the effect of raw material of distilling apparatus on the composition of volatile aroma components in fruit brandies

Niklas, Joachim, 1980:
To the effects of pesticides, particularly benzimidazols on earth worms and on other ground-worms in orchards

Prokoshev, V.N., 1945:
To the efficiency of the phosphates in soils with the high content of active aluminum

Hall, Tarquin, 2000:
To the elephant graveyard

Efremova, Ld, 1978:
To the evolution of the crowfoot family (Ranunculaceae)

Anonymous, 1948:
To the farm women

Anonymous, 1957:
To the farmer

Thomas, Mary-Ellen, 1980:
To the father of the breastfed baby

Bardin, O.D.; Timraleev, Z.A., 2007:
To the fauna and ecology of leaf-eating beetles (Coleoptera, Chrisomelidae) in the Republic of Mordovia

Dash, J., 1969:
To the fauna of ixodid ticks of Mongolia

Mrciak, M.; Brelih, S., 1972:
To the fauna of mites (Gamasoidea--Parasitiformes) of small mammals in Yugoslavia

Wojtusiak, A., 1977:
To the fauna of the Gronikowy Pond in the Gubalowka elevation in the Tatra Highlands

Rodale, R., 1988:
To the future

Belli, S., 1981:
To the future with the white image

Sedlar, L.M.ller, E., 1977:
To the genotype of homothallic Saccharomyces yeasts

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To the geography of land settlements in Afghanistan

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To the healthy state of the agricultural employees

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To the highest yields!

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To the history of ancient cattle husbandry in the south of the USSR

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To the history of development of helminthic ecology

Topolski, Jerzy, 1957:
To the history of labor implements

Priszter, Sz, 1973:
To the history of the Botanical Garden of the University of Pest. 7. some recent documents in reletion to the life and activities of J. winterl

Priszter, S., 1973:
To the history of the Botanical Garden, University of Pe st

Meyer, Andreas, 1980:
To the history of the Veterinary College, Hannover during the first 200 years of its existence

Makasheva, Rkh, 1971:
To the history of winter field pea forms (Pisum sativum L. Sensu amplissimo Govorov)

Topunov, A.F., 2007:
To the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Vaclaw Leonovich Kretovich

Eggelsmann, R., 1973:
To the hydrology of the Deutsche Sandmischkulturen (deep ploughing cultures)

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To the hygienic status of dial of the Bavarian Alps

Lehmkuhler, Gregor, 1996:
To the hygienic status of meat from roe deer

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To the importance of adhesives in the control of pine needle shedding caused by Lophodermium pinastri

Wagner, W., 1970:
To the importance of clear felling vegetation types for the reforestation in the Ore Mountains

Anonymous, 1952:
To the improvement of agricultural utilization of land in non- chernozem region of the European USSR

Wenzel, Karl, 1981:
To the inactivation of staphylococcal enterotoxins with some disinfectants

Schwebke, I.S.hroder, H., 1987:
To the influence of seed-inoculation to N2-fixation and yield of broad bean (Vicia faba L.)

Paterson, A., 1980:
To the isles for wild flowers

Plekhanov, I.P.K.zneetisov, E.S., 1958:
To the junior tractor driver

Allenspach, V., 1973:
To the kentniss of Coprophaginae (Scarabaediae, Coleoptera) from Piano di Magadino and a simple method for the identification of coprophagous beetles

Cmoluch, Z., 1980:
To the knowledge of Coleoptera, Curculionidae of Poland. III

Karg, W., 1982:
To the knowledge of Hypoaspis Canestrini, 1884 (Acarina, Parasitiformes)

Gerken, B., 1982:
To the knowledge of characteristic invertebrate-communities in bogs of Southwest Germany, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany, Federal Republic.1

Kumanski, Kp, 1979:
To the knowledge of genus Wormaldia (Trichoptera, Philopotamidae) from the Balkans and Anatolia

Filatenko, Aa, 1971:
To the knowledge of some emmers of the Transcaucasia

Markova, J., 1976:
To the knowledge of the brown rust of couch grass in Bohemia and Moravia. 1

Plassmann, E., 1972:
To the knowledge of the two Central European Tetragoneura species (Diptera, Mycetophilidae)

Moucha, J.C.vala, M., 1969:
To the knowledge on the gadfly genus Atylotus OstenSacken in Czechoslovakia (Diptera, Tabanidae)

Haveruk, L., 2002:
To the last drop

Watzlik, Gunter, 1980:
To the legislative and administrative regulations on utilization of offals for production of feeding stuff for domestic animals in Federal Republic of Germany with comparative comments on the situation in some EG-states and in USA

Steinbauer, Friedrich, 1980:
To the lymphatic vessel system of abdominal viscera of sheep

Levkoveetis, P.A.E.hov, D.V., 1976:
To the machinery maintenance engineer for the preparation of concentrated feed

Belej, J.K.ka, J., 1978:
To the manuring system in short monoculture of maize

Anonymous, 2003:
To the max

Goloviznin, D.D., 1961:
To the mechanization of the matter of the control of pests of cotton

Shevtchenko, Vg, 1990:
To the memory of A.T. Bagdasarjan (1919-1977)

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To the memory of Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Shtakelberg

Anonymous, 1971:
To the memory of Aleksei Alekseevich Zakhvatkin (December 1, 1906--December 14, 1950)

Anonymous, 1970:
To the memory of Boris Nikolayevich Vasin. list of the scientific works of B. n. vasin

Seedorf, W., 1971:
To the memory of Dr. h. c. taylor, the founder of agricultural economics in the United States

Novak, Ja, 1971:
To the memory of Dr. jindrich Tauber (Henry Taabor)

Wunderlich, 1970:
To the memory of Erwin Mayr

Gorkavenko, As, 1976:
To the memory of Ilia Azarevich Kazas

Anonymous, 1971:
To the memory of Mikhail Efimovich Lobashev

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To the memory of Nikolai Ernestovich Bauman (on the 100th anniversary of his birth)

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To the memory of Professor A. V. Belitser (on the 100th anniversary of his birth, 1873-1973)

Shchurevskii, Ve, 1974:
To the memory of Professor B. G. Ivanov (on the 75th anniversary of his birth, 1898-1973)

Blagoveshchenskii, Di, 1972:
To the memory of Sergil Viacheslavovich Sorokin

Atabekova, A.; Ustinova, E.; Tikhomirov, V., 1980:
To the memory of T.V. Asseeva

Tereshkov, Fg, 1974:
To the memory of V. S. Bobrovskii (on the 100th anniversary of his birth)

Anonymous, 1949:
To the memory of V.R. Viliams

Bushinskiaei, V.P., 1942:
To the memory of V.R. Viliams, collected works

Shchurevskii, Ve, 1974:
To the memory of Z. S. Gazarkh (1896-1973)

Anonymous, 1950:
To the memory of the academician Petr Petrovich Sushkin

Li, Cc, 1987:
To the memory of the fallen Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov (1887-1943)

Leiiubishchev, A.A., 1958:
To the methodology of the collective return and regionalization of insects

Rheinwald, Michael, 1981:
To the microbiological and chemical detection of sulfonamide residues in milk

Chebotaru, Aa, 1985:
To the morpho-functional gametogenesis status of higher plants

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To the morphology and anatomy of the genus Belonanthus Graebn (Valerianaceae)

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To the one-hundred year memory of the birth of Professor Herman Nilsson-Ehl

Laur, Ernst-Ferdinand, 1942:
To the organizations members of the Internation National Confederation of Agriculture

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To the origin of contamination of foodstuffs by enterotoxigenic Staphylococci Food poisoning

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To the origin of the Sylvaner vine

Kehl, Gabriele, 1981:
To the pathogenesis and pathology of virus encephalopathies ; a literatur review

Peppersack, Theodor, 1981:
To the pathogenicity of larvae of Toxocara canis Werner 1782 (Anisakidae) for mice

Hayford, Charles-Wishart, 1990:
To the people

Anonymous, 1947:
To the people of Cuba

Albrecht-Von-Stromberg, Heinrich, 1984:
To the persistence of multiple chemoresistance in E.coli using growth promotors in pigs

Dieterlen, Fritz, 1978:
To the phenology of equatorial rain forests in Ost-Zaire (Kivu)

Dusbabek, F., 1969:
To the phylogeny of genera of the family Myobiidae (Acarina)

Chirov, P.A.Alexeev, A.N., 1970:
To the physiology of feeding of the horsefly (Diptera, Tabanidae)

Marcella, Kl, 1998:
To the point

Espey, E.; Nuthalapaty, F.; Cox, S.; Katz, N.; Ogburn, T.; Peskin, T.; Goepfert, A.; Hammoud, M.; Casey, P.; Emmons, S.; Neutens, J.J., 2007:
To the point: Medical education review of the RIME method for the evaluation of medical student clinical performance

Schubert, J., 1972:
To the position, responsibility, and mode of action of our forest seed drying houses within the forest reproduction process

Krauss, Hh, 1975:
To the preparation of fertilization of large areas in the state forests

Eugene-Rochesson, Jacques, 1950:
To the presence of tubercular bacillus in milk and its derivatives

Heitz-Weniger, A., 1976:
To the problem concerning Ulmus decline during the middle Holocene in the Zurich area (Switzerland)

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To the problem of Monilinia blossom-wilting and canker in fruit trees

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To the problem of culture-morphological peculiarities of leptospiral colonies on solid nutrient media

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To the problem of designing light outer walls of stables

Anonymous, 1969:
To the problem of evaluation of German wheat varieties in 1969

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To the problem of mechanical transfer of microorganisms by flies. II. Survival of some microorganisms on tarsi of Musca domestica L

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To the problem of medical diagnostic tactics in case of chest penetrating wound

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To the problem of nitrogen fertilizers in agriculture

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To the problem of producing a unitary and versatile applicable energetic base in forestry

Vaksman, Eg, 1970:
To the problem of salt resistancy of date

Reisch, E., 1972:
To the problem of socialist farm management

Sokolovskiaei, Alekseaei-Nikanorovich, 1942:
To the problem of the Middle Dnieper

Posvar, Z.N.vrklova, Z., 1974:
To the problem of the economic and social position of women on collective farms. iI

Stasko, J.G.om, A., 1977:
To the problem of the goose age effect on reproductional properties

Kriston, I., 1971:
To the problem of the learning behavior of Apis mellifica L. to different odorous substances

Gnedovskii, Vi, 1971:
To the problem of verification the normality of distribution in the average of overall specimens at statistical treatmen of the results of evaluating the collection material

Osvald, R.H.vlova, E., 1972:
To the problem of work control of rotation vacuum filters

Kalavsky, M.P.taky, J., 1972:
To the problems how to compute gross profit in agricultural enterprises from the point of view of accounting time differentiation of wages and rewards

Hubinsky, J., 1972:
To the problems how to dimension capacity of a large-scale calving room for dairy cows stabled with attachment

Kalavsky, M., 1972:
To the problems how to improve material stimulation in enterprises. I. Propostiion for collective farms which begin with improving the management within their enterprise

Visnovsky, J., 1972:
To the problems how to utilize the results of research on energy consumption at labor organization and rationalization and the questions concerning the man-machine system

Podoba, J.B.azickova, D.H.dakova, G., 1971:
To the problems of enzootic and endemic goiter

Minarik, I., 1972:
To the problems of fouding universal constructions on gravel-sand cushion

Stehlik, K., 1973:
To the problems of selection of the most appropriate conception for waste water irrigation systems and their complexity demonstrated on the example of starch industry sewage waters

Rejholec, V., 1971:
To the problems of social par

Rozman, J.H.jzlar, Z., 1970:
To the problems of sodium salicylate rationing to pigs in fattening

Ferda, J., 1973:
To the problems of the hydrologic function of peat land in mountains areas

Bandlerova, A.P.karik, S., 1984:
To the problems of womens accidents at work in a cooperation district

Barkagan, Z.S.; Mamayev, A.N.; Tsyvkina, L.P.; Mamayeva, I.V., 2007:
To the procedure of laboratory monitoring of the effects of recombinant factor VIIA

Klose, Heiner, 1980:
To the production and preservation some cat food from killed mouse and rat breedings surpluses at the Central Animal Laboratory of the Medical College, Hannover

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To the prospects of the development of cranberry, blueberry and other little-distributed crops

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To the protection of inhabited material mass transports.

Gribova, Sa, 1978:
To the publication of the survey Map of vegetation of the Western Siberian Lowland

Erteld, W., 1971:
To the quality classification of forest stands

Visnovsky, J., 1972:
To the question how to take labor difficulty into consideration when establishing labour standards in animal production

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To the question of humus and its function at different rates of applied nutrients and mechanical treatment on grass swards

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To the question of minimum concentration of cow breeding and calves rearing

Zaborsky, J.T.uksa, J., 1970:
To the question of selection of early and medium late hybrids of maize

Repka, J.M.skovic, J., 1972:
To the question of so-called critical concentrations of nutrients in plants. II. Critical nutrient concentrations in maize

Pilat, A., 1981:
To the question of soil tillage for winter wheat after lucerne sown. I. (Term of ploughing)

Semjanova, E., 1972:
To the question of study of complexometric determination of calcium in hen egg-shells

Slavik, L., 1971:
To the question of synthetic mustard oleaginous substance carbothialdine D47 effectiveness

Vanek, V.T.sar, S., 1972:
To the question of the nitrite determination

Tsvelev, Nn, 1970:
To the question of the trends of somatic evolution in angiosperms

Pilat, A., 1981:
To the question of tillage for winter wheat after lucerne sown. II. (Ploughed soil treatment)

Kosco, T.H.cherova, Z.I.tok, J., 1977:
To the questions of assessing the size and costs of recultivated soil fund

Baca, J., 1972:
To the questions of rational scrapping of capital assets in agricultural enterprises

Gruneberg, H., 1970:
To the raising of the productivity of our forests and the improvement of the forest condition

Balsan, J.Z.tko, A., 1976:
To the rate of growth and variableness of cereal yields in Slovak Socialistic Republic in 1966-1971

Hauschildt, Harald, 1979:
To the reform of agricultural medical insurance

Brzoza, A., 1970:
To the remarks of R. solich on the work: Organic cost calculation in the agriculture

Sieber, X., 1970:
To the representation of the co-operative forestry within agra 70

Weidner, K., 1986:
To the rescue

Felietisiant, I.N., 1961:
To the research of regularities of capillary water and salt solutions flow in salinized soils

Zlokoviac, Borde, 1951:
To the research on Metohije land

Pejanoviac, Miracete, C., 1942:
To the research on infectious mastitis in sheep from Belgrad suburbian farms

Obermeier, P.K.euzer, W.S.lminen, K., 1974:
To the resorption, distribution and excretion of 60Co in cockerels and hens

Pahre, Karin, 1980:
To the revitalization of dematured collagens

Berking, Stefan, 1981:
To the role of models in the developmental biology

Kovachev, S.U.unov, J., 1979:
To the saprobiological characteristic of the Hungarian Danube stretch

Nikolov, P.M.nolova, N.B.kalova, D.M.ncheva, R., 1976:
To the screening of Bulgarian medicinal plants for antiviral effect on the reproduction of the influenza virus in vitro

Anonymous, 1960:
To the service of Charente agriculture

Anonymous, 1956:
To the service of Manche agriculture

Faeger, R., 1961:
To the service of farmers

Desai, Bl, 1970:
To the sightless too we owe gardens and parks

Slovak, I., 1971:
To the social structure of th

Hacherova, Z., 1985:
To the solution of reproduction of capital goods

Anonymous, 1969:
To the start of a historically d

Kovac, L.S.dor, V.B.llova, M., 1977:
To the study of activity of blood serum enzymes in the hybrid swine Hypor, Ka hyb, and the Hampshire breed with regard to meat utility

Langhans, Detlev, 1980 :
To the study of biosyntheses of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in tissue slices of higher plants their crops to be stored, for example of Solanum tuberosum L., strain Holl. Erstling (Potato) and Helianthus Tuberosus L., strain Bianca (Topinambur)

Durecko, J.J.kab, F., 1976:
To the study of correlations of body sizes with carcass indicators in cattle

Liubarskii, E.; Poluianova, V., 1974:
To the study of heterogeneity of cenopopulation of Rubus saxatilis L

Durecko, J.J.kab, F., 1977:
To the study of meat utility of the crossbreds of the F1 generation of the Slovak Spotted and the Black Spotted Lowland breeds

Halaj, M., 1973:
To the study of relationships of live weight with some body parts of chickens during their growth

Koziar, L.; Mikhelis, A., 1973:
To the study of the Paleogene flora of the northwestern regions of the Donbas

Levina, Re, 1970:
To the study of the fruit-bearing rhythm in some species of Labiatae (Salvia pratensis L. and Stachrys recta L.)

Anonymous, 1954:
To the supervisors of the Department from the Director of Personnel

Olsufjev, N.G., 1969:
To the taxonomy and distribution of Tabanidae (Diptera) of the Palaearctic Region

Razumnaia, N.; Horoshailov, N., 1971:
To the technique of identifying the viability of pulse seeds by the topographic tetrazole method

Faustov, V.; Shiyapnakova, A., 1968:
To the technique of refractometrical determination of water forms in the leaves of garden plants

Gyorvari, I.K.emnitzky, A., 1977:
To the technology of receiving day old turkey poults shipped from long distance for a long period of time

Kondorskaia, Vr, 1973:
To the teratology of the sea-buckthorn

Lobotka, J.K.cula, J., 1975:
To the theory of diaphragmatic pneumatic pulsator

Rizaev, Sh, R., 1956:
To the theory of soil mechanical strength toward the deformation

Saile, Ralf, 1981:
To the therapy of chronical mastitis of cattle with antibiotics in two different dosis

Vonhof, H., 1970:
To the utilization of the green substance from conifers

Paul, F., 1973:
To the valuation of the effects of the forest with respect to land imporovement

Neil, J.Meredith, 2005:
To the white clouds

Hastings, Brook, Pseud, 1953:
To the wine grower

Plavil'-Schcikov, N.N., 1961:
To the young entomologist

Mrciak, M., 1973:
To the zoogeography of some mite species (Gamasoidea) parasitizing small mammals in Europe

Atack, J.; Bateman, F., 1987:
To their own soil

Godwin, Ge, 1982:
To thin or not to thin forest trees

Lucchini, O.; Casale, J., 1972:
To throw it away or to use it?

Longo, G.; Berti, I.; Barbi, E., 2006:
To throw the baby out with the bathwater: double blinding for specific oral tolerance induction

Dickey, E.; Eckert, D.; Larson, W.; Johnson, R.M.nnering, J.K.nsella, J.W.kner, I.C.use, R., 1989:
To till or not to till during drought

Wijewardene, R., 1980:
To till or not to till?

Jones, Gm, 1980:
To toubleshoot unusual feeding situations

Atkinson, Te, 1971:
To trade or not to trade

Anonymous, 1948:
To transfer administration of the Federal Credit Union Act to the Federal Security Agency

Pattaratuma, S.; Lertsiri, S., 2007:
To transfer suitable hay eradicated technology by training to fragrant rice growing farmers in northeastern region

Bray, Ga, 1997:
To treat or not to treat: that is the question

Parker, J., 1983:
To understand

Wickel, H., 1980:
To use all possibilities of energy saving in ornamental production

Lazarov, Veselin, 1979:
To use all resources for obtaining of more meat from the sheep

Johannlukens, E., 1972:
To use grain as feed or to sell it?

Pokhodenko, N., 1975:
To use more extensively normative planning

Gohler, F.K.ffner, W., 1976:
To use new types of lamps for raising young plants on less energy

Medek, M., 1978:
To utilization of orthogonal polynomes in smoothing time series

Suggs, C.W., 1969:
To utilize human engineering principles in agriculture

Krasota, Vf, 1975:
To utilize more completely the scientific potential of colleges

Mishakov, M.; Kholina, M., 1977 :
To utilize reserves in hemp farming

Beard, Cw, 1986:
To vaccinate or not to vaccinate

Anonymous, 1964:
To validate certain payments made to employees of the Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Andreitsev, D., 1975:
To value the working time

Longchamp, Jy, 1985:
To wait or return: ten questions concerning frost

Anonymous, 2002:
To ward off diabetes, more whole grains

Soehngen, U., 1976:
To weed or not to weed--what is the question?

Ferry, Mp, 1974:
To what criterias of classification do the nominal classes of plants correspond in basari language

Haushofer, H.M.ier, W.B.yer, E., 1972:
To what degree can white grapes be used in the making of red wine

Anonymous, 1981:
To what does the acceptance of a mortage credit office pay attention?

Simtowe, F.P.; Phiri, A., 2007:
To what extent are credit constraints responsible for the non-separable behavior at household level? Evidence from tobacco growing households in rural Malawi

Haevecker, U., 1970:
To what extent are sensory methods objective?

Blanckenburg, P.Von, 1983:
To what extent are we prepared for the next food crisis? International, overview, famines

Keulen, H.V.n; Wit, C.-De, 1985:
To what extent can agricultural production be expanded?

Behrens, H., 1981:
To what extent can one limit lamb losses through vaccinations?

Curfs, Hpf, 1982:
To what extent can the government support the development of horticulture?

Henry, Y.P.on, R.R.rat, A., 1975:
To what extent can the recommendations of nitrogen for growing swine be lowered?

Habersatter, H.S.honauer, H., 1970:
To what extent can the yields of forestry be improved through mechanization?

Wittig, V.E.; Ainsworth, E.A.; Long, S.P., 2007:
To what extent do current and projected increases in surface ozone affect photosynthesis and stomatal conductance of trees? A meta-analytic review of the last 3 decades of experiments

Thorstad, E.; Finstad, A.; Jensen, A.; Museth, J.N.esje, T.; Saksgcerd, L., 2007:
To what extent does ethanol and freezing preservation cause shrinkage of juvenile Atlantic salmon and European minnow

Schell, M., 1980:
To what extent does the Varroa mite threaten our apiculture, and how can we get along with this mite?

Hartmair, V., 1979:
To what extent does the level of nitrogen doses affect shoot growth and wood ripening of grafted grapevines?

Scheper, J., 1977:
To what extent does the method of stunning affect pork quality?

Baumler, W., 1974:
To what extent does weather and condition of bait uptake influence density determination of the field mouse? (Microtus agrestis L.)

Baumler, W., 1974:
To what extent does weather and conditions ifluence bait uptake and population determination of the field mouse? (Microtus agrestis L.)

Scheper, Wilhelm, 1980:
To what extent is a new agricultural policy in Europe necessary and possible?

Merkt, H., 1980:
To what extent is a sonic boom from jet planes a cause of early birth with loss of mare and foal?

Bauer, F., 1986:
To what extent is ozone involved with forest death in the Federal Republic of Germany?

Bauer, F., 1983:
To what extent is ozone involved with forest death in the German Federal Republic?

Worden, An, 1983:
To what is the alternative?

Balabanov, I., 1979:
To what liveweight should male c

Manetti, O., 1978:
To what point is it convenient to push the production ?

Schalburg, R.Von, 1974:
To what restrictions is forest ownership subject in the memb er nations of the European Confederation of Agriculture a nd what is the legal base that the law in the different nati onsoffers for the definition of social involvement

Henriquet, 1973:
To what size should ciniferous wood be gr

Schollhorn, J., 1974:
To what temperature should the air be heated?

de Jongste, J.C., 2006:
To wheeze or not to wheeze: prospective FENO-typing in early infancy

Kopp, D.S.hubel, G., 1970:
To which degree do the lowland site types lend themselves to the purposes of forest nurseries

Gutiaerrez, D.-G.K.tinas, L., 2006:
To which genus of Asteraceae does Liabum oblanceolatum belong? Vegetative characters have the answer

Trainor, Fr, 1991:
To which species of Scenedesmus should the name S. quadricauda apply? Quadricaudate ecomorphs of spiny species

Zabin, L.S.; Hirsch, M.B.; Emerson, M.R.; Raymond, E., 1992:
To whom do inner-city minors talk about their pregnancies? Adolescents' communication with parents and parent surrogates

Loring, M., 1985:
To whom do records belong?

Hoering, U.; Neuwirth, R.; Scheel, B., 1985:
To whom does the land belong?

Audet, G., 1973:
To whom does the river belong?

Clepper, H., 1972:
To whom honor is due

Heiber, J., 1972:
To whom should the dairy industry speak?

Adamson, A.B.stlman, B., 1981:
To wilt or not to wilt

Anonymous, 1940:
To win and keep their freedon millions must eat

Pearson, P., 1978:
To win friends and influence people for horticulture

Harsany, Peter, 1995:
To win the war against hunger

Scharf, Lois, 1980:
To work and to wed

Lebedik, A.I., 1962:
To work just like V.A. Svetlychnys complex mechanized team does

Lebedik, A.I.G.lkin, V.I.R.ginskiaei, G.I., 1961:
To work like Vladimir Svetlichnyaei

Lockwood, G., 1985:
To write a theriatric oath

Anonymous, 1950:
To you who have taken to hunting & fishing:

Kholin, G., 1961:
To you, our patron kolkhoz!

Marks, J., 1976:
To your health

Anonymous, 1991:
To your health

Henderson, Zp, 1994:
To your health a plant-based diet

Rapp, G., 1993:
To your health: Kansas co-ops pool efforts to fight health insurance inflation

Bierman, Virginia, 1980:
To your healthy heart

Johnson, B., 1987:
To your own design

Wood, M., 1996:
To zap medflies--red dye, updated traps

Wolski, T., 1973:
To-date achievements in breeding bread cereals

Hart, Ck, 1971 :
To-days bottle of milk

Anonymous, 2007:
Toad lily

Peneyra, Rs, 1974:
Toad poisoning

Bendick, Fw, 1970:
Toad poisoning in the canine

Sandaas, K.; Soli, N.E., 2007:
Toads and salamanders produce toxins that can cause symptoms of poisoning in dogs and cats

Davies, S., 1979:
Toads in the garden

Mason, Pa, 1981:
Toadstools and trees Mycorrhizas

Upstone, Me, 1972:
Toadstools in Jersey

Bosco, D., 1976:
Toast your good health with brewers yeast

Anonymous, 1977:
Toasted granola

Fast, R.; Shouldice, F.; Thomson, W.; Taylor, D.; Getgood, S., 1990:
Toasting and toasting ovens for breakfast cereals

Ikegami, S.N.shikata, Y.M.ranaga, T.T.naka, S.O., H.A.agi, T.O.suka, K.U.awa, E.S.ito, T., 1972:
Toasting of flue-cured tobacco

Anonymous, 1995:
Tobacco & commercial agriculture year book

Postiglione, L., 1981:
Tobacco (Nicotiana spp. L.) Economic importance, cultivation.1

Stevens, Daniel, J., 1985:
Tobacco Around the World

Nagata, T.N.moto, Y.H.sezawa, S., 1992:
Tobacco BY-2 cell line as the HeLa cell in the cell biology of higher plants

Nagata, T.I.ze, D., 2004:
Tobacco BY-2 cells

Middleton, Arthur-Pierce, 1953:
Tobacco Coast

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