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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17542

Chapter 17542 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Tractor and agronomic self-financing brigades

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Tractor and combine operators manual

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Tractor and combine traffic on paddy field at harvesting time

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Tractor and combine utilization on a sample of soybean farms

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Tractor and equipment for profitable horticulture

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Tractor and equipment selection model (for IBM PC)

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Tractor and farm machinery safety

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Tractor and machinery utilization on cotton growing farm

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Tractor and machinery-related fatalities among aged agricultural workers

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Tractor ballasting

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Tractor ballasting and traction for best performance

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Tractor ballasting practices--an assessment of Oklahomas agricultural tractors

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Tractor ballasting to conserve fuel

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Tractor ballasting to save fuel

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Tractor basic parameters review concerning its usage for cutting work

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Tractor battery: how to maintain it

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Tractor builders will receive $10 million boost from NCTA members

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Tractor buying trends

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Tractor cab suspension

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Tractor cab suspension design and scale model simulation

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Tractor cabin design and performance

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Tractor cabs. Standards and design at the German Agricultural Association show, 1974

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Tractor care

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Tractor chains on forest hauling

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Tractor chains--skidding and gripping uncertainty

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Tractor chassis control

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Tractor classics

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Tractor complements on Iowa commercial farms

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Tractor costs in the 1980s

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Tractor costs on farms in Wales (1947-1940)

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Tractor costs priced up

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Tractor courtesy on rural highways

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Tractor custom hire services in multiple crop farming

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Tractor data and their influence on turning over

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Tractor depreciation and technical change

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Tractor diagnostics during technical servicing

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Tractor diesel oil for breaking-in and conservation

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Tractor drawn, one-furrow, moldboard plow, type BTP-1B

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Tractor driver Aleksandr Teploukhov

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Tractor efficiency demonstrations in Kansas

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Tractor electrical equipment repair

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Tractor energy fact sheet: diesel fuel quality

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Tractor engine heaters can boost power bills

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Tractor engine maintenance

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Tractor engines

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Tractor engines structuring

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Tractor equipment for maize dwarf mosaic virus inoculation

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Tractor experience in Illinois

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Tractor for developing countries

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Tractor for the agriculture in the year 1980

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Tractor fork loaders

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Tractor frames clobbered in crush and impact tests

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Tractor from Sima-show 81

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Tractor fuel consumption reduction. VII. Installation and methods for determining the fuel consumption of tractor engines

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Tractor fuel economy

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Tractor fuel saving

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Tractor fuel storage

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Tractor gears

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Tractor guide 80

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Tractor guide. 1. Wheeled models in 20-70 h.p. range

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Tractor hire services: a case study

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Tractor hydraulic drives: past and future

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Tractor hydraulics

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Tractor hydraulics Equipment for grape, fruit and vegetable cultivation.0

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Tractor hydraulics and implement control

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Tractor hydraulics, --something old--something new

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Tractor in the pasture

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Tractor industry abroad

Anonymous, 1980:
Tractor information and prices

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Tractor instrumentation for measuring fuel and energy requirements

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Tractor lifts

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Tractor loaders and fork trucks

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Tractor logging in high mountains

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Tractor machinery

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Tractor maintenance

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Tractor maintenance cuts repair costs

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Tractor maintenance for winter

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Tractor manufacture in Pakistan

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Tractor market in 1970

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Tractor market reflected in numbers

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Tractor mechanics--an individualized competency based vocational agriculture program

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Tractor monitors can aid in machinery selection

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Tractor mount accessories for selected soil trials involving subsoil

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Tractor mounted and powered bale elevator

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Tractor mounted field penetrometer

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Tractor mounted implement hitch (crawler and wheel skidder)

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Tractor mounting for chipping equipment

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Tractor moves into science fiction age

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Tractor noise measurement at University of Nebraska

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Tractor noise pollution on the farm: problems and recommendations

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Tractor number and tractor use under various farm conditions

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Tractor operation & daily care

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Tractor operation costs summary

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Tractor operation for fuel savings

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Tractor operation: be safe, not sorry Safety guidelines, New York State accident statistics

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Tractor operator information system

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Tractor operators manual

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Tractor operators are also human

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Tractor operators perceptions of farm tractor safety issues and implications to agricultural and extension education

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Tractor park development in the Netherlands

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Tractor parts Peking

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Tractor parts reconstruction using gas and electrical welding

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Tractor parts repair and restoration

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Tractor parts repair and restoration experience of Kishinev Reparing Plant MSKH MSSR

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Tractor parts repairing

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Tractor parts restoration

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Tractor performance

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Tractor performance in hauling w

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Tractor plow adjustment and operation

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Tractor plow safety: know your terrain and wear your seatbelt!

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Tractor plows

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Tractor power and fuel consumption rating

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Tractor power and ways of develo

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Tractor power at the top

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Tractor power determines operations

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Tractor power development and wear of tractor tires

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Tractor power for farm machinery

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Tractor power for power-take-off driven pumps

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Tractor power requirements for soil cultivation

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Tractor power take-off horsepower ratings

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Tractor prices in Japan and Germany West Germany.1

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Tractor problems in Spain

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Tractor production in Romania and questions of tractor research

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Tractor prototype for studying the feasibility of increasing speeds of machine-tractor units above 15 kilometers per hour

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Tractor pulling contest

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Tractor pulling contest in a teaching laboratory

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Tractor pulling contest in the Netherlands

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Tractor pulling, agriculture and agricultural engineering

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Tractor purchase and operation for best fuel economy

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Tractor radials big in Europe

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Tractor reliability and spare part consumption. II. Relation between average life and spare part consumption

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Tractor repair

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Tractor repair with increased resources

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Tractor repairs at increased resources

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Tractor safely frame noise levels

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Tractor safety

Anonymous, 1979:
Tractor safety cabins

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Tractor safety cabs

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Tractor safety check should come before plowing

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Tractor safety frame and cabin testing and standarization

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Tractor safety on the farm

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Tractor safety using the SC ROPS Program

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Tractor seats

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Tractor seats and the vertebral column

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Tractor seats and vertebral column of the tractor operator

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Tractor seats, a fragile comfort!

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Tractor selection for plowing

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Tractor skidder and the forest environment

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Tractor sound levels

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Tractor spares-value for money or rip-off?

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Tractor speed test

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Tractor steering dynamics--simulated and measured Farm equipment

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Tractor supply for 1969

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Tractor teams organization and management

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Tractor technical magazine for rural areas

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Tractor techniques at the show of the German Agricultural Association

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Tractor technology: progress and prospects

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Tractor testing in the world

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Tractor testing yesterday and today

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Tractor tire vibrations

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Tractor tires compared: radials, bias ply, singles, duals--which is best?

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Tractor tires: Have they the right size?

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Tractor tragedy

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Tractor trailer. II. Considerations of development in agricultural transportation

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Tractor transport of decidous pulp timber in western Norway

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Tractor transportation teams on collective farms

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Tractor trends

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Tractor trends in the U.S.A

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Tractor troubleshooting performed by a tractor operator during the field work

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Tractor truck. III. Some considerations concerning transportation in agriculture

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Tractor tyres: selection, care and maintenance

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Tractor units at the second exhibition Stroidormash--81 Road construction machinery, Moscow, July 1981.1

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Tractor update

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Tractor upsets--cause and prevention

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Tractor upsets--cause and prevention Farm safety

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Tractor use in the mountain and lowland forestry farms in the southeastern Poland

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Tractor v. powered implement

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Tractor vacuum gauge can cut gas and repair bills

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Tractor versus U-boat

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Tractor vibration: technological and physiological problems

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Tractor weighting and tire selection

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Tractor weights and tyres

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Tractor wheel passages in potato culture

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Tractor wheels and Fusarium root rot of beans

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Tractor wheels and tires

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Tractor with Terra tyres slope tractor of the future?

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Tractor with a split drive transmission

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Tractor with bio-gas-engines. Adaptation and first experiences

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Tractor working hours under various farming conditions

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Tractors birth place

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Tractor, automobile and equipment purchase

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Tractor, combine retail sales: a six-year perspective

Hoffmann, M., 1977:
Tractor, soil and plant. I

Mirpulatov, K.I., 1940:
Tractor-attached universal spraying machine OA (OU-3)

Anonymous, 1981:
Tractor-borne mower, TSK-Extra Yugoslavia.0

Shamaev, Gp, 1977:
Tractor-borne sprayers

Anonymous, 1978:
Tractor-draw, one-furrow, moldboard plow, type 223

Anonymous, 1983:
Tractor-drawn cultivator, Batuje, type BTD 130

Anonymous, 1983:
Tractor-drawn cultivator, Batuje, type BTD 155

Anonymous, 1983:
Tractor-drawn disk harrow, type TNO 16

Anonymous, 1978:
Tractor-drawn rake, type 0-220 A

Anonymous, 1978:
Tractor-drawn, one-furrow plow, two-way type 250

Anonymous, 1978:
Tractor-drawn, one-furrow, moldboard plow, type BTP-1

Anonymous, 1978:
Tractor-drawn, one-furrow, moldboard, two-way Batuje plow, type TV-025

Anonymous, 1979:
Tractor-drawn, single-axle dump trailer, type PPK-1500 H

Anonymous, 1979:
Tractor-drawn, single-axle trailer, type PPK-1500

Anonymous, 1978:
Tractor-drawn, two furrow, moldboard plow, type BTP-2B

Anonymous, 1978:
Tractor-drawn, two-furrow, moldboard plow, type 240

Anonymous, 1978:
Tractor-drawn, two-furrow, moldboard plow, type BTP-2

Anonymous, 1978:
Tractor-drawn, vineyard plow, type TV-3V

Anonymous, 1978:
Tractor-drawn, vineyard plow, type TV-5V

Anonymous, 1983:
Tractor-driven loading and unloading Moheda GL 7 timber trailer

Anonymous, 1983:
Tractor-driven loading and unloading SK 900 timber trailer

Anonymous, 1983:
Tractor-driven loading and unloading We-10:an timber trailer

Singh, V.S.ngh, R., 1970:
Tractor-driven potato planter for combined operations

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Tractor-mounted air blast sprayers: their use and calibration for disease and pest control in small fruit crops

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Tractor-mounted equipment for subsurface granular chemical placement in Christmas tree plantings

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Tractor-mounted farm machines

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Tractor-mounted jet-sprayer for application of pesticides in potato

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Tractor-mounted manipular for handling of materials

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Tractor-mounted plow for rocky soils

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Tractor-mounted rotavator

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Tractor-mounted scalpers for site preparation

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Tractor-operated groundnut digger shaker

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Tractor-powered plow with hydraulic regulator

Anonymous, 1983:
Tractor-towed, double-axled trailer, UTP-4,5-ZK

Anonymous, 1983:
Tractor-towed, self-loading trailer for silage, NSP 28-24

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Tractor-trailer for containerized transport of short-cut logs

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Tractor-trailer trains

Gooding, B., 1971:
Tractor-tyre sideslip tests

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Tractoren en verdare mechanische drijfkracht voor de landbouw

Koopstra, H.B.uma-Nieuwenhuis, D., 1949:
Tractoren en verdere mechanische drijfkracht voor de landbouw

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Tractores y auditores

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Tractorization 1957--1970--agricultural mechanization

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Tractorization and changes in cropping pattern in coimbatore taluk

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Tractorization in Haryana

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Tractorization of agriculture in Pakistan

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Tractorization--an evil or blessing in Pakistan

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Tractorization--beneficial for energy saving and reducing cost of production

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Tractors DT-24 and T28

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Tractors DT-54A and T-75

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Tractors DT-75M, DT-75B, DT-75K

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Tractors MTZ-100 and MTZ-102

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Tractors MTZ-80

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Tractors MTZ-80 and MTZ-82: char

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Tractors MTZ-80 and MTZ-82: cons

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Tractors MTZ-80182: construction

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Tractors MTZ-82 and MTZ-82: cons

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Tractors STZ-KHTZ and Universal

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Tractors and agricultural machinery exploitation

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Tractors and agricultural machinery in the Netherlands, 1965-1975

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Tractors and agricultural machinery maintenance and repair

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Tractors and agricultural machinery regulation

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Tractors and agricultural machinery technical maintenance in a tractor team

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Tractors and agricultural machinery utilization

Anonymous, 1967:
Tractors and agricultural machines

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Tractors and automobiles

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Tractors and crawlers

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Tractors and engineering developments

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Tractors and equipment for commercial fruit growing

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Tractors and fuel efficiency--saving energy down on the farm

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Tractors and gas

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Tractors and implements at Zuidlaren

Anonymous, 1976:
Tractors and implements at the German Agricultural Companys exhibition in Munich. iI

Anonymous, 1978:
Tractors and implements from Italy

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Tractors and implements in Zuidlaren

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Tractors and machinery

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Tractors and machinery application in agriculture, course methodology

Anonymous, 1979:
Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry

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Tractors and machinery utilization on collective farms

Svirshchevskiaei, B.S., 1948:
Tractors and other agricultural machinery exploitation

Apt, J., 1971:
Tractors and plowing equipment in Israel

Howe, S., 1981:
Tractors and power systems: a problem of investment

Starbird, I.R.V.rmeer, J., 1961:
Tractors and preharvest equipment, Delta area, Mississippi

Murat, H., 1982:
Tractors and self-propelling machinery Sales trends and short-comings of combines, ensilage cutters, root harvesters, France.1

Patschke-Ballerstaedt, D., 1976:
Tractors and special vehicles for domestic economy

Kurasawa, N., 1978:
Tractors and superchargers.

Anonymous, 1968:
Tractors and the traffic regulation

Anonymous, 1940:
Tractors and their maintenance

G+or-Owacki, J., 1955:
Tractors and their utilization

Long, Me, 1969:
Tractors are being designed for comfort safety convenience

Lafon, P., 1979:
Tractors are not as solid as one thinks

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Tractors at the German Agricultural Society exhibition

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Tractors at work

Kennedy, A., 1981:
Tractors at work 1981 Demonstration

Stadler, E., 1980:
Tractors being tested

Bonfig, R., 1980:
Tractors consume little fuel

Coatney, K., 2000:

Sirohi, B.; Dogra, A., 1970:
Tractors for Indian farms

Krohn; Boesen; Grieffenhagen, 1976:
Tractors for heavy mulchers for row removal

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Tractors for industrialized and developing countries

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Tractors for logging and timber sorting

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Tractors for modern vineyard plantations

Dujmovic, M., 1970:
Tractors for modern vineyard planting

Jones, P., 1981:
Tractors for small farmers

Sole-Orostivar, A., 1979:
Tractors for small farms. Motocultivators: densities, development, localization, technical indexes

Mysak, J., 1973:
Tractors for sugar beet harvesting

Meszaros, A., 1978:
Tractors for the garden

Shpilev, Iua, 1981:
Tractors for tillage in the eleventh and twelfth Five-Year Plans USSR.1

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Tractors for tomorrow

Preuschen, G., 1977:
Tractors for work on steep slopes

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Tractors from Berlin

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Tractors from CMEA member-countries Council for Mutual Economic Assistance.1

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Tractors from Minsk

Butterworth, B., 1978:
Tractors hold their place

Herrmann, Klaus, 1987:
Tractors in Germany 1907 to today

Semetko, J., 1980:
Tractors in a thirty-year period of the development of the Czechoslovak agriculture

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Tractors in individual agricultural holdings

Petts, Rc, 1997:
Tractors in roadworks and the MART initiative

Butterworth, B., 1978:
Tractors in transition

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Tractors maintenance on the field

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Tractors market in selected countries

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Tractors necessary for farming

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Tractors of Europe

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Tractors of the Mink factory

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Tractors of the capitalist countries

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Tractors on hilly land

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Tractors on large vegetable farms

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Tractors on sloping land

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Tractors on southern farms

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Tractors on the farm

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Tractors on the farm, their choice, use and maintenance

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Tractors on the farm, use and maintenance

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Tractors on upland farms in North Louisiana

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Tractors or connecting-rod?

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Tractors or horses? Some basic economics in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere

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Tractors past, present and future

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Tractors repair on machine tractor stations

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Tractors repairing

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Tractors repairing experience

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Tractors repairing on machine-tractor station

Leca, P.C.etu, C., 1984:
Tractors running on gas fuel

Stadler, E., 1985:
Tractors suffer during extreme cold

Unala, N., 1970:
Tractors tested according to European Economic Community specifications

Uenala, N., 1974:
Tractors tested according to Organisation for Economic Co operation and Development rules

Uenala, N., 1972:
Tractors tested according to the regulations of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

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Tractors tested according to the rules of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (Status April 1973)

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Trade expansion act of 1962

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Trade expansion among developing countries

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Trade fair in Sri Lanka this fall can open doors for interested exporters

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Trade fairness hearing

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Trade in furniture develops in stores

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Trade in futures expands--but more cotton badly needed

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Trade in services

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Trade in the Americas

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Trade in the USSR

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Trade in wool top futures

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Trade issues in the Northern Pacific Rim countries

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Trade issues related to forest products

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Trade journal for the trade in potatoes, vegetables and fruit

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Trade liberalization in the world sugar market: playing on a level field?

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Trade liberalization, agriculture and small farm households in the Philippines

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Trade liberalization: the results from world trade models

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Trade list

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Trade margins of agricultural policy in the Weimar Republic between 1923 and 1929

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Trade marks

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Trade marks in the flour milling industry

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Trade measures highlight sessions final days

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Trade missions boost U.S. exports

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Trade model to assess Euro-Med agreements. An application to the fresh tomato market

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Trade movements of fresh fruit and vegetables in the EEC

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Trade must develop efficiency to fight rising delivery cost

Anonymous, 1976:
Trade names and serial no. of approved anti-foot and mouth disease vaccines

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Trade needs convincing on boar meat

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Trade negotiation and agriculture: new approaches and possible consequences: discussion

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Trade negotiations and compliance

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Trade negotiations and the future of American agriculture

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Trade negotiations during the 110th Congress

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Trade negotiations falter; overtaken by new trends

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Trade negotiations for a better free world economy

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Trade negotiations in agriculture

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Trade negotiations in the 1970s

Anonymous, 1992:
Trade negotiations lag; US is shifting to NAFTA

Anonymous, 1974:
Trade news

Anonymous, 1944:
Trade of Canada

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Trade of agricultural products

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Trade of agricultural products of the Belgian-Luxembourge Economic Union with the third countries in 1969-1973

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Trade of fruit and wholesale marketing

Anonymous, 1977:
Trade of live swine and pork in the European Economic Community countries

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Trade of misbranded frozen fish: medical and public health implications

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Trade of venison

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Trade offs between erosion control and production costs in U.S. agriculture

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Trade offs between farm income and selected environmental indicators: a case study of soil loss, fertilizer, and land use constraints

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Trade opportunities and threats for U.S. textiles

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Trade opportunities beyond the US

Anonymous, 1996:
Trade opportunities in the Pacific Rim

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Trade organizations, court and government actions affect herbal industry

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Trade orientated product marketing

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Trade orientation and macroeconomic performance in LDCs: an empirical study

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Trade orientation, distortions and growth in developing countries

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Trade outlook for Russia sees most growth in high-value products

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Trade outlook for hardwood products

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Trade outlook: another banner year for U.S. farm exports

Anonymous, 1976:
Trade pacts slow mill expansion in Hong Kong

Anonymous, 1985:
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