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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17543

Chapter 17543 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Russell, Cw, 1979:
Trade zig zags seen due to PRC purchasing

Campbell, D., 2006:
Trade, Farm Bill, co-op structure challenges eyed at dairy conference

Anonymous, 2006:
Trade, agriculture, and development

Roberts, Colleen, 1988:
Trade, aid, and policy reform

Manning, Gh, 1979:
Trade, economic growth and foreign investment in Canada: the eternal triangle

Stone, Robert, N., 1976:
Trade, energy and environmental protection policies as U.S. Timber requirement determinants

Brandaao, A.-Salazar-P.C.rvalho, J., L., 1991:
Trade, exchange rate, and agricultural pricing policies in Brazil

Dethier, Jean-Jacques, 1989:
Trade, exchange rate, and agricultural pricing policies in Egypt

Hamid, N.; Nabi, I.; Nasim, A., 1990:
Trade, exchange rate, and agricultural pricing policies in Pakistan

Greene, D.-D.R.e, T., L., 1989:
Trade, exchange rate, and agricultural pricing policies in the Dominican Republic

Khan, M.C.owdhury, N., 1986:
Trade, industrialisation and employment

Anderson, J.-E.M.rcouiller, D., 1999:
Trade, insecurity, and home bias

Krishna, K.; Ozyildirim, A.; Swanson, N., R., 1998:
Trade, investment, and growth

Anonymous, 1991:
Trade, investment, and technology in the 1990s

Krugman, P.-R.L.wrence, R., Z., 1993:
Trade, jobs, and wages

Grossman, G.-M.H.lpman, E., 1990:
Trade, knowledge spillovers, and growth

Anonymous, 1977:
Trade, maufacturer and price policy

Lawrence, Robert, Z., 1994:
Trade, multinationals, & labor

Reza, S., 1978:
Trade, output and employment: a case study of Bangladesh

Jolly, Curtis, M., 1998:
Trade, policy and competition

Gning, M.C., 2004:
Trade, political influence and liberalization: situating the poor in the political economy of livestock in Senegal

Runge, C.Ford, 1993:
Trade, pollution and environmental protection

Vesterlund, D., 1971:
Trade, quality and health status of piglets

Anonymous, 1993:
Trade, regionalization and risk analysis resource information guide

Rodrik, Dani, 1997:
Trade, social insurance, and the limits to globalization

Copeland, B.-Richard; Taylor,, 1995:
Trade, spatial separation, and the environment

Haskel, J.; Slaughter, M., J., 1999:
Trade, technology and U.K. wage inequality

Parrott, Bruce, 1985:
Trade, technology, and Soviet-American relations

Hanson, G.-H.H.rrison, A., E., 1995:
Trade, technology, and wage inequality

Conklin, Nc, 1996:
Trade, the budget, and policy: what do they mean for farmers and lenders?

Molchanov, Eiiu, L., 1961:
Trade, the way to gain peace and friendship

Tweeten, Luther, G., 1999:
Trade, uncertainty and new farm programs

Leamer, Edward, E., 1994:
Trade, wages and revolving door ideas

Boulter, Wk, 1986:
Trade--can Canada compete. Global supply-demand outlook for industrial roundwood

Anonymous, 1949:
Trade-agreement concessions of the United States

Baldwin, R.-E.S.ghezza, E., 1996:
Trade-induced investment-led growth

Anonymous, 1941:
Trade-names index

Bjorkman, C.A.derson, D., 1990:
Trade-off among antiherbivore defences in a South American blackberry (Rubus bogotensis)

Maness, T., 2007:
Trade-off analysis for decision making in natural resources: where we are and where we are headed

Koch, N.; Lynch, B.; Rochette, R., 2007:
Trade-off between mating and predation risk in the marine snail, Littorina plena

Moe, S.; Rutina, L.; Du-Toit, J., 2007:
Trade-off between resource seasonality and predation risk explains reproductive chronology in impala

Thio, K.; Morree, D.-De, 1985 :
Trade-off between self-sufficiency and commercialization the national and the farmers point of view

Ishihara, M.; Shimada, M., 1995:
Trade-off in allocation of metabolic reserves: effects of diapause on egg production and adult longevity in a multivotine bruchid, Kytorhinus sharpianus

Schutz, Karin, 2002:
Trade-off in resource allocation between behaviour and production in fowl

Lynne, G.; Castle, E., 1975:
Trade-off ratio calculations in water resource planning

Miller, V.Jr, 1974:
Trade-offs between man and nature; some examples and implications for the study of environmental philosphy. i

Capellcln, E.-; Nicieza, A., G., 2007:
Trade-offs across life stages: does predator-induced hatching plasticity reduce anuran post-metamorphic performance

Dudley,, B.C.elli, M.L., 1994:
Trade-offs between effectiveness and opportunity costs of water supplies to wetlands

Kasal, James, 1981:
Trade-offs between farm income and selected environmental indicators

Konuma, J.; Chiba, S., 2007:
Trade-offs between force and fit: extreme morphologies associated with feeding behavior in carabid beetles

Miller, V.Jr, 1987:
Trade-offs between man and nature. IV. Strategies of resource development and depletion

Musser, W.-N.Z.emer, R.-F.W.ite, F., C., 1982:
Trade-offs between nonmarket and market land use

Musser, W.; Ziemer, R.1; White, F., 1982:
Trade-offs between nonmarket and market land use: crop production, forestry, and outdoor recreation Conversion of land from forestry to crops in Georgia

Findeis, J.; Shortle, J., 1985:
Trade-offs between severance tax revenues and coal mining employment

Fisher, R.; Sogard, S., M.; Berkeley, S., A., 2007:
Trade-offs between size and energy reserves reflect alternative strategies for optimizing larval survival potential in rockfish

French, S.S.; DeNardo, D.F.; Moore, M.C., 2007:
Trade-offs between the reproductive and immune systems: facultative responses to resources or obligate responses to reproduction?

Duever, M.; Mccollom, J., 1987:
Trade-offs between the use of tree-ring counting and dendrochronology in ecological studies

Thampapillai, D.; Sinden, J., 1979:
Trade-offs for multiple objective planning through linear programing

Taylor, D., 1996:
Trade-offs in Thailand

Davis, Dr, 2005:
Trade-offs in agriculture and nutrition

Madsen, H.; Heady, E.; Nicol, K., 1970:
Trade-offs in farm policy: prices, income, costs, interregional payment distribution and patterns of land retirement

Weih, M., 2003:
Trade-offs in plants and the prospects for breeding using modern biotechnology

Kendal, R.; Coolen, I.V.n-Bergen,, K., 2005:
Trade-offs in the adaptive use of social and asocial learning

Badger, Dd, 1981:
Trade-offs in use of resources for recreation

Boots, M.; Begon, M., 1993:
Trade-offs with resistance to a granulosis virus in the Indian meal moth, examined by a laboratory evolution experiment

Shea, K.; Rees, M.; Wood, S.N., 1994:
Trade-offs, elasticities and the comparative method

Bamou, E.; Tchanou, J.P.; Mkouonga, F.H.; Njinkeu, D., 2006:
Trade-related reforms and food security: country case studies: Cameroon

Anonymous, 1994:
Trade-speak: your guide to GATT jargon

Anonymous, 1981:
Trade-union committee of the collective farm

Dergachev, Vladimir-Ivanovich, 1979:
Trade-union committees in the Soviet village

Guillaume, F.M.uchel, J., 1970:
Trade-unionism today--its role and tasks

Stallings, D., 1988:
Trade-weighted value of the dollar

Soecan, Lojze, 1988:
Trade: EC-Yugoslavia, 1988

Rogoff, Kenneth, S., 1992:
Traded goods consumption smoothing and the random walk behavior of the real exchange rate

Anonymous, 1986:
Trademark manual of examining procedure (TMEP)

Yon, B., 1979:
Trademark policy of commercial milks

Korbl, H., 1971:
Trademarks for eggs and poultry

Gonc, J., 1970:
Trademarks of Slovenian wine

Darke, R., 1991:
Trademarks, patents and cultivars

Brown, Tc, 1981:
Tradeoff analysis in local land management planning

Nolte, B.; Skaggs, R.; Fausey, N., 1982:
Tradeoff between surface and subsurface drainage

Newman, M.-D.S.w, A.; Ndoye, O., 1987:
Tradeoffs between domestic and imported cereals in Senegal

Lund, C.; Jaeger, S.; Amos, R.; Brookfield, P.H.rker, F., 2006:
Tradeoffs between emotional and sensory perceptions of freshness influence the price consumers will pay for apples: Results from an experimental market

Bailey, S.M.; Xu, J.; Feng, J.H.; Hu, X.; Zhang, C.; Qui, S., 2007:
Tradeoffs between oxygen and energy in tibial growth at high altitude

Szydlowski, C., 1994:
Tradeoffs between stand-alone and integrated can peripherals

Contant, C.-K.D.ffy, M.-D.H.lub, M., A., 1993:
Tradeoffs between water quality and profitability in Iowa agriculture

Diebel, Penelope, L., 1992:
Tradeoffs between water quality and the economic impacts of low-input agriculture in the coastal plain of Virginia

Antle, J.; Capalbo, S.; Crissman, C., 1998:
Tradeoffs in policy analysis: conceptual foundations and disciplinary integration

Badger, Dd, 1980:
Tradeoffs in the use of resources for recreation

Higgins, C.; Han, D.; Ansotegui, R.; Moody, E., 1981:
Tradeoffs of a single injection PGF2alpha estrous synchronization system

Vogely, Wa, 1978:
Tradeoffs: evaluating alternative energy sources to meet future energy needs of the United States

Clark, John, H., 1991:
Trader clark

Gwynne, A., 1977:
Traders anxiously await revival in consumer orders

Wood, R., 1975:
Traders confused over rolled wheat

Kennedy, L., 1979:
Traders in the Irish rural economy, 1880-1914

Hunt, Dr, 1973:
Tradescantia andrieuxii

Van't Hof, J.; Schairer, L.A., 1982:
Tradescantia assay system for gaseous mutagens. A report of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Gene-Tox Program

Ma, T.H., 1982:
Tradescantia cytogenetic tests (root-tip mitosis, pollen mitosis, pollen mother-cell meiosis). A report of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Gene-Tox Program

Timme, S.; Faden, R., 1984:
Tradescantia longipes Anderson and Woodson (Commelinaceae) in the southeastern United States

Hunt, Dr, 1972:
Tradescantia mirandae, Commelinaceae

Handlos, Wl, 1970:
Tradescantia mirandae, a species new to cultivation

Underbrink, A.; Schairer, L.; Sparrow, A., 1973:
Tradescantia stamen hairs: A radiobiological test system applicable to chemical mutagenesis

Lastuvka, Z., 1976:
Tradescantia virginia L.--serving plant cytology

Campbell, W.; Rechel, E., 1979 :
Tradescantia--A super-snooper of radioactivity from uranium mill wastes

Mosher, Ck, 1973:
Tradescants and the spiderwort

Anonymous, 1995:
Tradgard, skadedjur, vaxtsjukdomar och ogras

Gustavsson, Eva, 2001:
Tradgardsideal och kunskapssyn

Ekerot, Arvid, 1951:
Tradgardsvaxternas sjukdomar och skadedjur

Grobe, D.; Manore, M.-M.S.ill, E., 2007:
Trading Off Fish Health and Safety: Female Decision-Making Processes toward the Risk of Methylmercury in Fish

Jackson, R.B.; Jobbágy, E.G.; Avissar, R.; Roy, S.Baidya.; Barrett, D.J.; Cook, C.W.; Farley, K.A.; le Maitre, D.C.; McCarl, B.A.; Murray, B.C., 2005:
Trading water for carbon with biological carbon sequestration

Brozovic,, J.; Sunding, D., 2002:
Trading activity in an informal agricultural water market: an example from California

Leuthold, Rm, 1979:
Trading activity proves feeder cattle futures contract is alive and well

Anonymous, 1993:
Trading agricultural options

Bittman, James, B., 2001:
Trading and hedging with agricultural futures and options

Probst, Fw, 1974:
Trading and processing margins for beef and pork: Concepts involved and results of re-calculations

Hendershott,, D., C., 1984:
Trading and the tax shelter value of depreciable real estate

Ghertner, D.A.her; Fripp, M., 2007:
Trading away damage: Quantifying environmental leakage through consumption-based, life-cycle analysis

Duchin, F.; Lange, G.-Marie, 1988:
Trading away jobs

Ritchie, M., 1990:
Trading away our environment: GATT and global harmonization.

Elmore, Tom, 1984:
Trading between point and nonpoint sources

Michalak,, R., 1997:
Trading blocs and multilateralism in the world economy

Goodloe, C.R.ney, T., 1992:
Trading blocs: Pro or con for agriculture

Easter, B., 1979:
Trading bushels for barrels in the hog house

Roberts, Richard, H., 1964:
Trading by Governments

Ridley, P., 1981:
Trading by specification. 1. The Tasmanian beef project

Phillips, G., 1981:
Trading by specification. 2. Whats in a price index

Horcicka, J., 1981:
Trading by specification. 3. The practical implications

Jones, E., 1993:
Trading clubs teach commodity marketing

Karaneiian, K.A., 1974:
Trading commercial goods

Bockenhoff, E.H.rtag, O., 1981:
Trading conditions for farms working with alternative methods

Stavins, R.N., 1983:
Trading conservation investments for water

Freivalds, J., 1978:
Trading firms role in Japanese economy

Hufbauer, G.-Clyde; Schott, J., J., 1985:
Trading for growth

Moulton, K.R.sson, C.I.i, 1987:
Trading for prosperity in American agriculture: a political pipedream or a practical plan?

Cavanagh, John, 1992:
Trading freedom

Sullivan, Jd, 1993:
Trading in a new environment

Swantz, Alexander, 1973:
Trading in commodity futures contracts on the Chicago Board of Trade

Swantz, A.S.hwartz, A.; Nash, D.; Mielke,. Jr.;, 1973:
Trading in commodity futures contracts on the Chicago Board of Trade: a study of the sources and distribution of trading and commission income

Jones, George, A., 1980:
Trading in corn futures

Anonymous, 1940:
Trading in futures on the Memphis Merchants Exchange in cottonseed meal and soybean meal

Melendez-Ortiz, R.; Sanchez, V., 2005:
Trading in genes

Jesse, E., 1973:
Trading in onion futures: effect on cash prices

Merchant, Charles, H., 1958:
Trading in potatoes on the New York Mercantile Exchange

Rao, Sn, 1984:
Trading in shrimp

Burda, C.G.le, F., 1998:
Trading in the future: British Columbias forest products compromise

Stewart, Blair, 1941:
Trading in wool top futures

Anonymous, 1995:
Trading into the future

Park, Hy, 1993:
Trading mechanisms and price volatility: spot versus futures

Osborne, Bs, 1980:
Trading on a frontier: the function of peddlers, markets, and fairs in nineteenth-century Ontario

Coble, E., 2005:
Trading on tradition

Nouve, Kofi, 2002:
Trading out of poverty

Damschroder, L.J.; Roberts, T.R.; Goldstein, C.C.; Miklosovic, M.E.; Ubel, P.A., 2005:
Trading people versus trading time: what is the difference?

Maeder, Mc, 1986:
Trading places

Keeling, J.; Carter, C., 2005:
Trading places: fortunes of California rice co-ops took opposite trajectories; as RGA faded, FRC ascended

Mckee, S.P.rkins, C., 1992:
Trading places: the rural teacher and university exchange project

Ryan, Pf, 1970:
Trading prospects and possibilities

Leycegui, B.; Robson, W., B.P.S.ein, S.D.hlia, 1995:
Trading punches

Anonymous, 1949:
Trading rules

Anonymous, 1957:
Trading stamps and the consumers food bill

Moore, A., 2004:
Trading structures for veterinary practices. 1. The options

Goldburg, C.; Lave, L., 1992:
Trading sulfur dioxide allowances

Dijkstra, Tjalling, 1997:
Trading the fruits of the land

Wessel, J.; Hantman, M., 1983:
Trading the future

Parry, Bronwyn, 2004:
Trading the genome

Lewis, D.-J.W.od, G.-D.G.egory, R., 1996:
Trading the silver seed

Karg, Pj, 2000:
Trading up: Plains Cotton Co-op uses computer technology to pursue business-to-business strategy

Campbell, J.-Y.G.ossman, S., J., 1992:
Trading volume and serial correlation in stock returns

Stanley, D., 1995:
Trading wastewater for crops

Smith, Rodney, T., 1988:
Trading water

Leckey, Dave, 1989:
Trading western softwood lumber

Runge, C.Ford, 1991:
Trading with Canada

Goswami, Bd, 1970:
Trading with Rumania

Page, S.; Stevens, C., 1992:
Trading with South Africa

Sorvig, K., 1993:
Trading wood for plastic

Spooner, Be, 1983:
Trading wool today

Dow, J.; Gorton, G., 1991:
Trading, communication and the response of price to new information

Mulder, Harm, 1949:
Traditie en wetenschap bij de zuivelbereiding

Simpson, P.; Hendricks, L.; Romei, R., 1980:

Morassi, Luciana, 1980:
Tradition and new agriculture

Wikkramatileke, R.S.ngh, K., 1970:
Tradition and change in an Indian dairying community in Singapore

Maya-Frades, Antonio, 1994:
Tradition and change in the Zamoran rural countryside

Vera-Rebollo, Josae-Fernando, 1984:
Tradition and change in the farmlands of Bajo Segura, Spain

Freeman, Mmr, 1987:
Tradition and change: problems and persistence in the Inuit diet

Auge, M., 1970:
Tradition and conservatism; an attempt to study the Alladian district (Lower Ivory Coast)

Tubiana, M.; Tubiana, J., 1975:
Tradition and development in the eastern Sudan: the Zaghawa example

Mihalca, A.; Lazea, E., 1990:
Tradition and experience in viticulture in the Arad region

Fitzgerald, D., 1986:
Tradition and innovation in agriculture: a comparison of public and private development of hybrid corn

Galloway, Jh, 1985:
Tradition and innovation in the American sugar industry, c. 1500-1800: an explanation

Muzzarelli, G., 1976:
Tradition and mechanization in the production of thin paste cheeses

Barbier, F., 1984:
Tradition and modernism in corking in Champagne

Hildenbrand, B., 1989:
Tradition and modernity in the family farm: a case study

Dishoni, Sharif, A., 1989:
Tradition and modernization in Sudanese irrigated agriculture

Chiva, M., 1988:
Tradition and modernization in the determination of food preferences

Verulashvili, I.V.; Kortushvili, M.G., 2007:
Tradition and novations in the treatment of cerebral venous blood circulation disturbances

Anonymous, 1980:
Tradition and present time in wine-growing and wine production of Bulgaria

Harnaj, A., 1977:
Tradition and progress: Dadant and Sons Company, Illinois, U.S.A

Hagedorn, W., 1973:
Tradition and progress: the wage contractor in the changing time

Cleary, M.; Eaton, P., 1996:
Tradition and reform

Fregoni, M., 1982:
Tradition and suitability of Trebbia Valley for quality wines Grapevines, cultivation, Italy.1

Fregoni, M., 1982:
Tradition and suitability of Val Trebbia for quality wines

Barach, Jd, 1982:
Tradition and technology spur Israeli rose industry

Page, J., 1983:
Tradition and the farm Historical view of plows of antiquity, Medieval, modern farming

Page, J., 1983:
Tradition and the new farm

Lang, Norris-Glen, 1969:
Tradition and transformation in the industrialization of an Ecuadorean sugar plantation

Antlov, H., 1986:
Tradition and transition harvest and social change in rural Java

Hoffman, J., 1992:
Tradition and transition in Bali, Indonesia: gender, rice and spirituality

Rockenbach, Rh, 1971:
Tradition bows to a changing world

Penning-Rowsell, E., 1980:
Tradition in a bottle: the Chianti wine region of Tuscany. I

Oon, V., 1990:
Tradition in a packet: changing consumer tastes in Asia

Wood, Wg, 1969:
Tradition is a trap

Gaddefors, Johan, 1995:
Tradition och identitet

Horiguchi, S.; Kaojiro, Y., 1963:
Tradition of Japanese garden

Holly, P., 1976:
Tradition of wood and stone

Le-Grand, Y.; Hochet, A.-Marie, 1998:
Tradition pastorale et modernisation des systemes de production au Sahel

Higginbotham, Js, 1991:
Tradition transformed

Dhamotharan, Mohan, 1998:
Tradition und Umbruch eines lokalen Wissenssystems

Dobrzanski, B., 1973:
Tradition, achievements and prospects of Polish--Soviet cooperation in agricultural sciences

Kwaku, K., 1976:
Tradition, colonialism and politics in rural Ghana: local politics in Have, Volta Region

Hitchcock, Rk, 1982:
Tradition, social justice and land reform in central Botswana

Fleck, L.; Cacciaguerra, A., 1978:
Tradition, technology combine to advance Italys pasta industry

Anonymous, 1984:
Traditional & non-traditional delivery systems for remote areas

Olaore, Ola, 1990:
Traditional African cooking

Boeke, S.J., 2002:
Traditional African plant products to protect stored cowpeas against insect damage

Gardner, Frank, D., 2001 :
Traditional American farming techniques

Hunt, S., 1977:
Traditional Asian food customs

Pennacchio, M., 2005:
Traditional Australian aboriginal bush medicines

Chen Qihua, 2003:
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) supplemented with acupuncture in the treatment of aseptic prostatitis

Xie, H.S.; Spiegel, R., 2003:
Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine: treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in small animals

Edwards, P., 2004:
Traditional Chinese aquaculture and its impact outside China

Luk, J.M.; Wang, X.; Liu, P.; Wong, K-Fai.; Chan, K-Leung.; Tong, Y.; Hui, C-Kin.; Lau, G.K.; Fan, S-Tat., 2007:
Traditional Chinese herbal medicines for treatment of liver fibrosis and cancer: from laboratory discovery to clinical evaluation

Webb, D., 1998:
Traditional Chinese herbal medicines, in Taiwan adulterated with synthetic conventional drugs

Li, X-Min., 2007:
Traditional Chinese herbal remedies for asthma and food allergy

Bai, D., 1990:
Traditional Chinese materia medica: a retrospect and prospect

Boudreaux, M., 2003:
Traditional Chinese medical food therapy

Basko, I.J., 1992:
Traditional Chinese medical treatment of heart disease

Young, C., 1983:
Traditional Chinese medicine

Long, J., 1978:
Traditional Chinese painting: plum blossom

Lennox-Boyd, A.; Perry, C., 1987:
Traditional English gardens

Prevost, D.; Ahrens, R.; Kriz, D., 1984:
Traditional Hopi agricultural methods

Vijayalakshmi, K., 1993:
Traditional Indian agriculture

Sampson, Paul, 1978:
Traditional Japanese cuisine may reduce heart disease risk

Pringgohusodo, Sw, 1980:
Traditional Javanese herbal medicine

Srinivasa-Gopal, T.; Vijayan, P.; Balachandran, K.; Madhavan,, T., 2001:
Traditional Kerala style fish curry in indigenous retort pouch

Kim, Cy, 1998:
Traditional Korean medicine

Ko, E.R.o, S.L.e, E.; Seo, Y.; Cho, C.L.e, Y.M.n, B.; Shin, M.; Hong, M.; Bae, H., 2004:
Traditional Korean medicine (SCRT) modulate Th1

Batal, M.; Hunter, E., 2007:
Traditional Lebanese recipes based on wild plants: an answer to diet simplification?

Azahari-Bin-Ibrahim, 1994:
Traditional Malay medicine, prayer to cure diseases, secret of cure from letters Al-Fatihah

Chuah, E.; Yeoh, Q.; Hussin, A., 1988:
Traditional Malaysian low and intermediate moisture meat products

Ostraff, M.A.itoni, K.N.cholson, A.B.oth, G., 2000:
Traditional Tongan cures for morning sickness and their mutagenic

Coltro, Dino, 1983:
Traditional Venetian cookery

Curin, J.C.rnohorsky, V.S.ichauer, J., 1977:
Traditional after fermentation method and organoleptic maturing of beer

Jhunjhunwala, Bharat, 2005:
Traditional agricultural and water technologies of the Thar

Kudlaaecek, A.; Ecermaak, J., 1963:
Traditional agricultural buildings in big scale plants

Vakarelski, C., 1972:
Traditional agricultural equipment of the Bulgarians

Norgaard, Rb, 1984:
Traditional agricultural knowledge: past performance, future prospects, and institutional implications

Miracle, Marvin, P., 1964:
Traditional agricultural methods in the Congo basin

Gil, Adela, 1982:
Traditional agricultural technology

Abu, Rifai, 1990:
Traditional agricultural technology as a social response to the environment in Cianjur

Anonymous, 1989:
Traditional agricultural technology as an active response to the environment from people in Pekalongan

Anonymous, 1987:
Traditional agriculture

Rengifo, Grimaldo, 1987:
Traditional agriculture in the Andes

Gotsch, Ch, 1975:
Traditional agriculture in the Pakistan Punjab: the basic model

Carvalho, Mario-De, 1969:
Traditional agriculture of Mozambique

Soldi, Ana-Maraia, 1982:
Traditional agriculture using hoyas

Avasthe, R.K.; Singh, M.; Srivastava, L.S., 2007:
Traditional agro-forestry systems of Sikkim with special reference to large cardamom-alder relationship

Margraf, J.V.ggesberger, M., 1986:
Traditional agroecosystems of the Ifugaos (Ifugao Province, Philippines) from the biological view

Reynel, C.; Felipe-Morales, C., 1987:
Traditional agroforestry in the Andes of Peru

Van-Gelder, B.; Enyola, M., K.L.M.ngala, P., M., 1985:
Traditional agroforestry practices on farms in Kakamega District

Okafor, N., 1990:
Traditional alcoholic beverages of tropical Africa: strategies for scale-up

Jelliffe D.B., 1970:
Traditional amino acid reinforcement

Metcalfe, Ld, 1979:
Traditional analytical chemistry of fatty acids and their derivatives

Civilibal, M.; Caliskan, S.; Oflaz, H.; Sever, L.; Candan, C.; Canpolat, N.; Kasapcopur, O.; Bugra, Z.; Arisoy, N., 2007:
Traditional and "new" cardiovascular risk markers and factors in pediatric dialysis patients

Tirelli, Fortunato, 1995:
Traditional and changing Italian animal industry

Wislocka, M.G.liszewski, W., 1982:
Traditional and chemical selection in potato seed crops

Welter, Sc, 1991:
Traditional and eco-physiological approaches for determining the effects of herbivory on perennial crops

Preece, N., 2007:
Traditional and ecological fires and effects of bushfire laws in north Australian savannas

Mchale, S.; Crouter, A.; Bartko, W., 1992:
Traditional and egalitarian patterns of parental involvement: antecedents, consequences, and temporal rhythms

Levy, G.D.; Taylor, M.G.; Gelman, S.A., 1995:
Traditional and evaluative aspects of flexibility in gender roles, social conventions, moral rules, and physical laws

Clyma, W.A.i, A., 1977:
Traditional and improved irrigation practices in Pakistan

Uhl, C.J.rdan, C.; Montagnini, F., 1983:
Traditional and innovative approaches to agriculture on Amazon Basin tierra firme sites

Giolitti, G., 1972:
Traditional and modern meat food industries

Traverse, S., 1975:
Traditional and modernized rice growing methods in Lower Casamance (Senegal)

Balardin, R.K.lly, J., 1996:
Traditional and molecular characterization of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum isolates

Pastor-Corrales, Ma, 1996:
Traditional and molecular confirmation of the coevolution of beans and pathogens in Latin America

Aeppli, A., 1982:
Traditional and new fruit species for technical processing Switzerland.1

Furi, J., 1984:
Traditional and new methods for the propagation of vines in Hungary

Green, G.; Mcnamara, K., 1988:
Traditional and non-traditional opportunities and alternatives for local economic development

Ferrando, R., 1979:
Traditional and nontraditional foodstuffs

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Traditional and nontraditional homeless alcoholics

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Traditsionnaia pishcha kak vyrazhenie etnicheskogo samosoznaniia

Danilova, L.V.S.kolov, A.K., 1998:
Traditsionnyi opyt prirodopolzovaniia v Rossii

Anonymous, 1995:
Traduciendo objetivos estrategicos en el plan operativo

Tyvodar, Mykhailo, 1994:
Tradytsiine skotarstvo ukrainskykh Karpat druhoi polovyny XIX-pershoi polovyny XX st

Arceivala, S.; Bhalerao, B.; Alagarsamy, S.; Rajagopalan, S., 1972:
Traeatment of effluents from phosphatic fertiliser plants

Gram, K.J.ssen, K., 1960:
Traeer og buske i vintertilstand

Hansen, H.H-Holme, 1942:
Traek af engelsk og dansk Maltbygdyrkning

Pierantoni, Umberto, 1953:
Traetise on systematic zoology

Sullivan, A.; Matney, T., 1980:
Trafe-offs in wood and forage production

Galli, T., 2000:

Anonymous, 1998:
Traffic North America

Jahn, W., 1975:
Traffic accidents of dogs in large cities, seen from the viewpoint of a pathologist

Kim, Kyoung-Nam, 1992:
Traffic and cultural practice influences on a fairway creeping bentgrass turf

Reeves, D.; Torbert, H.; Rogers, H.; Prior, S., 1992:
Traffic and tillage: managing soil compaction for corn

Trouse, A.Jr, 1977:
Traffic compaction and irrigation

Schuler, R.; Weis, G.L.wery, B., 1989:
Traffic compaction effects in potato production

El-Araby, A.; Abdel-Rahman, S.; El-Badawi, M., 1993:
Traffic compaction on heavy clay soils in Egypt

Gscheidle, K., 1976:
Traffic concept of the German Federal Republic and its effects on rural areas

Anonymous, 1989:
Traffic congestion

Dumas, W.; Smith, L., 1975:
Traffic control as a means of increasing cotton yields

Dumas, W.; Trouse, A.; Smith, L.; Kummer, F.; Gill, W., 1974:
Traffic control as a means of reducing soil compaction

Schnieder, Rd, 1988:
Traffic emergencies -- prepare for them!

Jaarsma, C.F., 1984:
Traffic in the rural areas

Traube, K., 1984:
Traffic in the year 2000. An actual vision

Lumkes, Lm, 1984:
Traffic intensity

Beltramino, J.Carlos.; Carrera, E., 2007:
Traffic law compliance in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina

Sackey, Nick, E., 1986:
Traffic laws for farm vehicles and implements

Foner, H.A., 1987:
Traffic lead pollution of some edible crops in Israel

O'-Neill, Mike, 2004:
Traffic lights for food?

Lindemann, G., 1976:
Traffic load and classification of traffic road networks in closed, concentrated fruit growing areas

Johnstone, C.; Del Val, M., 2007:
Traffic of proteins and peptides across membranes for immunosurveillance by CD8(+) T lymphocytes: a topological challenge

Mccall, M., 1982:
Traffic planning for rural areas--can regional traffic planning be introduced?

Ganser, K., 1976:
Traffic planning of the German Federal Republic in its effect on settlement policy

Anonymous, 1969:
Traffic regulation and law enforcement on the National Forest Development Road System

Rasocha, B., 1977:
Traffic regulations and migratory beekeeping

Wischhof, Hj, 1980:
Traffic regulations for towed farm machines

Babisch, Wolfgang, 1992:
Traffic road noise and heart infarcts

Laermann, Hans-Theo, 1985:
Traffic safety and environmental protection

Jester, Rc, 1983:
Traffic safety concepts for slow moving vehicles

Kadner, H., 1975:
Traffic safety in the transportation of agricultural products

Tajima, S., 1974:
Traffic safety problems in rura

Csima, P., 1978:
Traffic safety, economic aspects and aesthetics in the landscape architecture of roads

Lenné, M.G.; Corben, B.F.; Stephan, K., 2007:
Traffic signal phasing at intersections to improve safety for alcohol-affected pedestrians

Abrahamson, S., 1987:
Traffic stoppers

Anonymous, 1964:
Traffic survey on the Gandak River

Griffing, L.; Record, R.; Mollenhauer, H., 1989:
Traffic to the endocytic compartment of plants

Gagnon, J., W.; Theimer, T., C.; Dodd, N., L.; Boe, S.; Schweinsburg, R., E., 2007:
Traffic volume alters elk distribution and highway crossings in Arizona

Li, F.-Rui; Kang, L.-Fen; Gao, X.-Qing; Hua, W.; Yang, F.-Wang; Hei, W.-Long, 2007:
Traffic-related heavy metal accumulation in soils and plants in northwest China

Shearer, S.; Felton, G.; Priddy, K.; Roland, E.S.etnam, L., 1990:

Bornstein, J.H.dstrom, W., 1982:
Trafficability factor in a silty clay loam soil Penetrometer resistance, degree of drainage, soil water status, crop yield

Hannelius, S., 1975:
Trafficability of drained peatlands in harvesting

Anonymous, 1961:
Trafficability of soils

Hassan, A.El, D., 1977:
Trafficability study of a cable skidder

Richardson, B. Y., 1971:
Trafficability tests of an articulated log skidder

Richardson, B.; Taylor, H., 1969:
Trafficability tests with a forestry vehicle

Eostensson, Karin, 1993:
Trafficing of leukocytes and immunoglobulin isotypes in the bovine udder

Mattoo, A.; Callahan, F.; Sopory, S.; Edelman, M., 1989:
Trafficking and distribution of the photosynthetic reaction centre proteins in the chloroplast membranes

Jones, B.-L.H.nderson, L., P., 2007:
Trafficking and potential assembly patterns of e-containing GABAA receptors

Jones, B.L.; Henderson, L.P., 2007:
Trafficking and potential assembly patterns of epsilon-containing GABAA receptors

Kneussel, M.; Loebrich, S., 2007:
Trafficking and synaptic anchoring of ionotropic inhibitory neurotransmitter receptors

You, J-Hwan.; Reed, M.L.; Hiscox, J.A., 2007:
Trafficking motifs in the SARS-coronavirus nucleocapsid protein

Tiwari, S.; Nordquist, L.; Halagappa, V.K.Madala.; Ecelbarger, C.A., 2007:
Trafficking of ENaC subunits in response to acute insulin in mouse kidney

Kim, C.H., 2007:
Trafficking of FoxP3+ regulatory T cells: myths and facts

Froissard, M.; Belgareh-Touzé, Nïma.; Dias, Mène.; Buisson, N.; Camadro, J-Michel.; Haguenauer-Tsapis, R.; Lesuisse, E., 2007:
Trafficking of siderophore transporters in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and intracellular fate of ferrioxamine B conjugates

Saelinger, Catharine, B., 1990:
Trafficking of bacterial toxins

Pedroso-De-Lima, M.-C.D.zgunes, N.; Hoekstra, D., 1995:
Trafficking of intracellular membranes

Bailey, D.; Barreca, C.; O'Hare, P., 2007:
Trafficking of the bZIP transmembrane transcription factor CREB-H into alternate pathways of ERAD and stress-regulated intramembrane proteolysis

L.F.ntaine, S.; Mercer, J.F.B., 2007:
Trafficking of the copper-ATPases, ATP7A and ATP7B: role in copper homeostasis

Rice, J.E.; Livingstone, C.; Gould, G.W., 1996:
Trafficking, targeting and translocation of the insulin-responsive glucose transporter, GLUT4, in adipocytes

Baumgardt, Jp, 1987:
Trafficway plantings

Anonymous, 1980:
Tragacanth--a raw material for the confectionery industry

Danilov, V.-Petrovich; Manning, R.-Thompson; Viola, L., 1999:
Tragediia sovetskoi derevni

Duffey, P., 2001:
Tragedy from the sky: quick response helps Foremost Farms after airplane slams into plant

Duffey, P., 2001:
Tragedy from the sky: quick response helps Foremost Farms rebound after airplane slams into plant

Borie, L., 1981:
Tragedy of the Mack Lake fire

Heinrichs, J., 1981:
Tragedy of the city forest

Miles, Br, 1987:
Tragedy of the four notch

Zepf, W., 1974:
Tragedy with mourning-cloak butterfly

Burrow, B.B.rrow, J., 1978:
Tragopogon X mirabilis Rouy in West Kent, v.c. 16

Hammet, Tara, 1995:
Tragowel Plains Research & Demonstration Block

Panigrahi, G., 1974:
Tragus roxburghii sp. nov. proposed for Tragus biflorus auctt. (Gramineae)

Rieger, T., 1989:
Trail & teamwork on Tahoes Rim

Anonymous, 1990 :
Trail Creek

Anonymous, 1993:
Trail Creek II

Anonymous, 1991:
Trail Creek supplemental information report

Anonymous, 1996:
Trail Creek timber sale

Anonymous, 2004:
Trail Responsibility and Accountability for the Improvement of Lands Act

Allen, Shirley, W., 1949:
Trail Riding in the Wilderness

Cammaerts-Tricot, Mc, 1974:
Trail and attractant pheromone in the ant Myrmica rubra

Anonymous, 2005:
Trail and commercial pack stock management in the Ansel Adams and John Muir wildernesses

Anonymous, 1993:
Trail between the lakes

Zonneveld, Robert, 1993:
Trail bicycling

Kelsey, E.; Kelsey, E., 1943:
Trail blazers to radionics

Welbaum, V.; Windell, K., 2000:
Trail buster

Moore, Bh, 1979:
Trail class: trick or treat

Plews, Jhr, 1987:
Trail clearing at Kokee

Plews, Jhr, 1984:
Trail clearing at Kokee Kauai

Holldobler, B., 1981:
Trail communication in the dacetine ant Orectognathus versicolor (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) Queensland

Hesselbarth, W.; Vachowski, B., 1996:
Trail construction and maintenance notebook

Anonymous, 1980:
Trail deterioration and maintenance

Popescu, T.S.lea, I., 1971:
Trail equipment used in the tillage for fall planting

Bratton, S.; Hickler, M.; Graves, J., 1979:
Trail erosion patterns in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Sousa-Souto, L.H.y, J.; Ambrogi, B.; Kitayama, K., 2005:
Trail fidelity and its influence on foraging by Acromyrmex niger (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Topoff, H.L.wson, K.R.chards, P., 1972:
Trail following and its development in the neotropical army ant genus Eciton (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Dorylinae)

Topoff, H.; Lawson, K.; Richards, P., 1973:
Trail following in two species of the army ant genus Eciton: comparison between major and intermediate-sized workers

Matejak, M., 1973:
Trail for the determination of the relationship between air-permeability of veneers and occurrence of bleedings

Perkey, Arlyn, W., 1995:
Trail guide

Anonymous, 1982:
Trail guide to the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests, Georgia

Oberg, C., 1975:
Trail hazards

Popescu, G.B.laci, C., 1971:
Trail implements for plowing

Williams, P.; Marion, J., 1993:
Trail inventory and assessment approaches applied to trail system planning at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Bush, G.L., 1969:
Trail laying by larvae of Chlosyne lacinia

Eberhard, Wg, 1986:
Trail line manipulation as a character for higher level spider taxonomy

Anonymous, 1992:
Trail locations, Pyramid Mountain, Morris County, New Jersey

Roessingh, Peter, 1989:
Trail marking and following by larvae of the small ermine moth Yponomeuta cagnagellus

Fritzsch, W., 1970:
Trail of a therapeutic agent against nosema disease

Seton, Ernest-Thompson, 1951:
Trail of an artist-naturalist

Polidori, F.D.-Urso, G.L.nza, A., 1972:
Trail on chemical and microbiological characteristics of dehydrated poultry manue and its use in diets for laying hens

N'-Diaye, A.; Tourneur, J., 1972:
Trail on frequency of applications of sulphur against taka (Oligonichus afrasiaticus McGr.) in the Mauritanian Tagant

Cross, J.; West, J.1; Silverstein, R.1; Jutsum, A.1; Cherrett, J., 1982:
Trail pheromone of the leaf-cutting ant, Acromyrmex octospinosus (Reich), (Formicidae: Myrmicinae) Methyl 4-methylpyrrole-2-carboxylate (I)

Larue, J.; Barbier, M., 1976:
Trail pheromone of the termite Schedorhinotermes lamanianus (Sjostedt)

Shatov, Ks, 1980:
Trail pheromone species specificity in termites

Ritter, F.; Persoons, C., 1977:
Trail pheromones and related compounds in termites and ants

Ellgaard, E.; Ellgaard, A., 1984:
Trail pheromones of the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren: evidence for two forms

C-Doo, Saw, 1984:
Trail planting of fast growing species in Pegu Yoma forests with particular reference to Toungoo Forest Division

Anonymous, 1940:
Trail riders guide to the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Huff, An, 1977:
Trail riding

Urbani, Cb, 1969:
Trail sharing between Camponotus and Cremastogaster: some comments and ideas

Anonymous, 1995:
Trail system & off-highway vehicle management and development

Parsons, Robert, P., 1943:
Trail to light

O'-Rourke, Deb, 1994:
Trail traffic counters for Forest Service trail monitoring

Leonard, R.E.W.itney, A.M., 1977:
Trail transect

Sawada, I., 1972:
Trail treatment for gastrointes

Corseuil,, R., 1975:
Trail with systemic soil insecticides for control of the greenbug

Sillam-Dussès, D.; Sémon, E.; Lacey, M.J.; Robert, A.; Lenz, M.; Bordereau, C., 2007:
Trail-following pheromones in basal termites, with special reference to Mastotermes darwiniensis

Fitzgerald, TD.; Costa, J T.; III., 1986:
Trail-based communication and foraging behavior of young colonies of forest tent caterpillars (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae)

Fei, H.H.nderson, G.L.ine, R., 2005:
Trail-following behavior of Coptotermes formosanus (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) on concentration gradients of 2-phenoxyethanol

Tietjen, WJ.; Rovner, JS., 1980:
Trail-following behaviour in two species of wolf spiders: sensory and etho-ecological concomitants

Kaib, M.B.uinsma, O1; Leuthold, R., 1982:
Trail-following in termites: evidence for a multicomponent system Pheromones, Isoptera, Africa

Leuthold, Rh, 1969:
Trail-laying from the tibial gland in Crematogaster ashmeadi Mayr and Crematogaster scutellaris Olivier (Formicidae: Myrmicinae)

Vava, I., 1970:
Trail-sledge for collecting round wood and shaped in steres

Miletello, Pa, 1971:
Trailblazer 4 keeps planes flying

Anonymous, 1980:
Trailblazer pipeline system, final environmental impact statement

Ward, J.V.gel, K.A.derson, B., 1985:
Trailblazer--switchgrass for higher animal gains

Anonymous, 1993:
Trailblazing 93

Parks, Fj, 1977:
Trailblazing and stream saving--thanks to Title X

Womack, D., 1983:
Trailblazing for wildlife Conservation plan, volunteers, Heifer Project International Livestock Center

Eldridge, Jh, 1975:
Trailblazing in Tennessee for outdoor teaching

May, I.Jr, 1975:
Trailblazing in agricultural research

Anonymous, 1975:
Trailblazing on the St. Paul campus: directors who walked the Hill

Ormes, Merrill, D., 1967:
Trailer Families on the Go-Go

Jaworski, K., 1982:
Trailer T054 with a superstructure for green fodder transportation

Anonymous, 1975:
Trailer for cattle--gooseneck type

Rashidov, N.; Nazarov, B., 1984:
Trailer for transport of beehives

Anonymous, 1984:
Trailer maintenance--vital safety step

Fraser, Gh, 1971:
Trailer mounting

Hayrinen, M., 1983:
Trailer presses in the harvesting of sod peat

Hamilton, Rw, 1970:
Trailer rides well on tandem bogie

Collier, A., 1970:
Trailer system dries grain during harvest operations

Bogin, E., 1984:
Trailer tales

Nolan, J.; Philipp, P., 1978:
Trailer talk: Conventional vs. roll-on roll-off containerized interisland cattle shipping

Hollinshead, P., 1978:
Trailer tips

Butterworth, B., 1977:
Trailer transport on the farm

Anonymous, 1978:
Trailer with differential for attachment to the front parts of tractors TV 418 and TV 521

Gorshkov, Mi, 1978:
Trailer-distributor PRT-10

Longanecker, Diane, 1993:
Trailer-loading success

Serban, G., 1970:

Shevchenko, V., 1980:
Trailer-type feed distributing m

Scoggins, Rd, 1982:
Trailering Transporting horses, equipment, precautionary measures, safety and health factors

Close, P., 1969:
Trailering horses

Hill, Cherry, 2000:
Trailering your horse

Anonymous, 2004:

Hodgson, Jy, 1984:
Trailers a challenge

Jeeraabek, Evezen, 1961:
Trailers attached to the vehicle with rubber cord

Heimburge,, J., 1970:
Trailers for agricultural transport

Chernomorets, N.; Lipnitskii, R.; Lappo, V.; Belikov, I., 1980:
Trailers for bulky cargo used in the production of forages

Shumakov, Ns, 1980:
Trailers must be improved

Malik, M., 1977:
Trailers with driving axle compared to other traction transport sets used in agriculture

Hatos, G., 1975:
Trailers, trailer-type carts and semi-trailers in agriculture

Van-Wagtendonk, J.; Coho, P., 1986:
Trailhead quotas

Brown, K., 1980:
Trailing berry acreage survey and the implications to the industry

Gulua, At, 1972:
Trailing form of lemon--a reliable method of obtaining stable crops

Stat, R., 1980:
Trailing violets

Benes, M., 1974:
Trailing wheel-tractor Skoda T 181

Anonymous, 1994:

Foran, Maxwell, 2003:
Trails & trials

Swift, Ellsworth, R., 1967:
Trails That Tell Stories--You Can Build One

Anonymous, 1993:
Trails around town

Anonymous, 1966:
Trails for America

Flink, C.-A.O.ka, K.; Searns, R., M., 2001:
Trails for the twenty-first century

Pinkett, Ht, 1976 :
Trails in forest history

Anonymous, 2003:
Trails in the Chequamegon

Anonymous, 1994:
Trails in wet areas

Balalykin, V.A., 1980:
Trails of a combined vaccine against Aujeszkys disease, swine erysipelas, and swine in piglets and laboratory animals

Anonymous, 1998:
Trails of the Chattahoochee--Oconee National Forests, Georgia

Anonymous, 1988:
Trails of the Cherokee National Forest, Tennessee

Anonymous, 1990:
Trails of the Columbia Gorge

Bratt, John, 1980:
Trails of yesterday

Sottini, E.T.cchini, M., 1969:
Trails on metabolizable energy

Anonymous, 1978:
Trails on the Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas

Knudson, D.; Yarde,, L., 1990:
Trails that teach

Jordon, Terry, G., 1981:
Trails to Texas

Kwaterowsky, Paul, 1981:
Trails under the northern light

Larsson, Staffan, 1981:
Trails with CCC in barley

Anonymous, 1974:
Trails with TUME type SV 30 cultivator

Vitkov, M.P.nev, M.P.tkov, M., 1972:
Trails with crops preceding soft winter wheat

Peyrelongue, J.B.urnier, J., 1974:
Trails with low volume treatments in cotton growing in Mada gascar

Brandstveit, T., 1973:
Trails with the parent stock of Gravenstein, James Grieve, and Ingrid Marie

Smetnik, A.; Maksimova, V.; Konstantinova, G.; Ishchenko, R.; Shelukhin, V., 1983:
Trails with the sex pheromone of the San Jose scale

Benedetto, C., 1980:
Trails with the trans-ovarian transmission of the nuclear polyhe-drosis virus by Neodiprion sertifer

Anonymous, 1994:
Trails, Nicolet National Forest

Long, A.; Todd-Bockarie, A., 1994:
Trails, bridges and boardwalks

Anonymous, 1999:
Trails--Wayne National Forest

Bates, J.; Lehman, A., 1995:
Trailside botany

Hubbard, D.-H.B.nder, V., R., 1950:
Trailside plants of Hawaii National Park

Lopez, C.; Lilleeng-Rosenberger, K., 1992:
Trailside plants of Kalaupapa

Anonymous, 1990:
Trailway sideoats grama

Theibert, Pr, 1996:
Train and degree them--anywhere

Kesner, Cd, 1984:
Train cherries to central leaders

Albright, Jl, 1979:
Train cows and operators for smoother milk flow

Leonard, Nr, 1992:
Train employees to handle the monkeys

Steffens, Jd, 1972:
Train for cooperation

Farcy, Rp-De, 1975:
Train in order to transform: some experiments made with the agreement of the Office for the Development of Agricultural Poduction

Iakovenko, I.; Terent'-Ev, S., 1981:
Train of truck-plus-semitrailers for timber transportation

Shepherd, Ee, 1975:
Train running simulation

Telega, S., 1994:
Train that new employee

Anonymous, 1981:
Train the trainer

Anonymous, 1978:
Train the trainer for rural development leadership

Morgan, Diane, 2004:
Train the wolf in your dog

Robinson, T., 1990:
Train young apple trees in high-density orchards

Pollock, Jg, 1989:
Train young tractor operators to be safe

Mcewan, B., 1989:
Train your own mini-orchard

Davis, Dw, 1976:

Anonymous, 1984:
Trained agricultural manpower assessment in Africa

Anonymous, 1942:
Trained army of young farm women ready for victory drive in battle of food production

Smirnova, Ls, 1971 :
Trained cadres for progressive forms

Vossen, P.R.lla, E., 1996:
Trained home composters reduce solid waste by 18%

Houston, Dl, 1970:
Trained inspectors protect you

Krupa, A., 1975:
Trained mechanization workers will decide

Rimmele, U.; Zellweger, B.Costa.; Marti, B.; Seiler, R.; Mohiyeddini, C.; Ehlert, U.; Heinrichs, M., 2007:
Trained men show lower cortisol, heart rate and psychological responses to psychosocial stress compared with untrained men

Chaturvedi, Bp, 1971:
Trained tribals take a new turn

Swift, J.A.; Sheard, C.; Rutherford, M., 2007:
Trainee health care professionals' knowledge of the health risks associated with obesity

Wolski, K.; Cheng, C.Y.n; Mruk, D., 2007:
Trainee page - Interviews with andrologists (Part 1)

Pizolato, S.F.; Stella Sobrinho, M.; Silva, M.F. da; Rosa, E.C., 2003:
Trainees: one of the work forces of the Instituto Biologico - from 1998 to 2002

Anonymous, 1953:
Trainers guide

Harper, Malcolm, 1980:
Trainers manual

Akhouri, M.M.P.M.shra, S.-Pujan; Sen-Gupta, R., 1989:
Trainers manual on developing entrepreneurial motivation

Basu, Paroma, 2000:
Trainers training manual for sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation

Myles, S., 1991:
Trainers and chokers. How dog trainers affect behavior problems in dogs

Desai, G.R., 1990:
Trainers manual for participatory management of watershed projects

Merwin, I., 1989:
Training 5-n-1 fruit trees

Mohnot, Sohan-Raj, 1985:
Training & development

Steel, D., 2002:
Training & education: if it makes sense, Alberta-Pacific is probably doing it

Schaller, Cc, 1979:
Training & pruning fruit trees

Parker, Ml, 1992:
Training & pruning fruit trees in North Carolina

Schaller, Cc, 1989:
Training & pruning small fruits, muscadine & bunch grapes

Anonymous, 1986:
Training & visit system of agricultural extension

Smith, M.; Enfield, R., 2002:
Training 4-H teen facilitators in inquiry-based science methods: the evaluation of a step-up incremental training model

Musgrove, M.; Williams, J.; Behe, B.; Tilt, K., 1996:
Training Alabama garden center employees

Olson, C.; Pringle, D., 1973:
Training American Indian health aides for nutrition education

Anonymous, 1947:
Training American citizens through 4-H

Aubert, A.T.rrenne, E., 1983:
Training Chasselas de Moissac

Duncan, James, A., 1957:
Training Cooperative Extension workers

Ferenczy, L.; Kevei, F., 1981:
Training Course on Fungal Protoplast Fusion and Its Applications

Anonymous, 1980:
Training Course on Stream Pollution Surveys

Brug, J.; Spikmans, F.; Aartsen, C.; Breedveld, B.; Bes, R.; Fereira, I., 2007:
Training dietitians in basic motivational interviewing skills results in changes in their counseling style and in lower saturated fat intakes in their patients

Hanson, J.; Johnson, D.; Miller, R.; Adams, D., 2006:
Training Extension Professionals from Developing Countries Through Educational Workshops Conducted in the United States

Beckendorff, G., 1978:
Training FFA leaders through a local officers training school

James, Le, 1978:
Training Macadamia trees

Allen, Jm, 1983:
Training a dog to overcome fences Farm dogs, behavior, learning

Cazier-Charpentier, Harvey, 1978:
Training a horse

Westacott, N., 1995:
Training a horse to shafts

Contreras, K., 1997:
Training a new generation of emergency response personnel

Sinclair, I., 1982:
Training a sheep dog New Zealand

Dag, Serpil, 1998:
Training abundant morphological findings in skeletal muscles of the horse

Kuziemski, J., 1974:
Training activities of Polish state machinery centers

Demchak, Ma, 1993:
Training administrators of rural school districts to improve programs for students with severe disabilities

Lai, Py, 1996:
Training agents in on-farm implementation of sustainable management systems for tropical agriculture in Hawaii and the Pacific region

Fienup, D.-F.R.ley, H., 1980:
Training agricultural economists for work in international development

Moens, A., 1975:
Training agricultural engineers for functions in development projects in the tropics

Mende, K., 1972:
Training agricultural female assistant with bright professional outlook

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