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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17548

Chapter 17548 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Emtsev, V.; Babaitseva, V.; Vitol, M., 1977:
Transformation of purin and pyrimidine compounds by soil anaerobes of the genus Clostridium

Friedrich, A.V.chova, J., 1998:
Transformation of raspberry callus by direct incorporation of plasmid pCB1346 and transfer of this plasmid into apple calluses by cocultivation of these calluses

Yang, H.Z.ang, H.; Davey, M.; Mulligan, B.; Cocking, E., 1988:
Transformation of rice protoplasts by direct DNA uptake

Sorokin, C.N.shino, S., 1973:
Transformation of rod-shaped algal cells into spherical cells

Bonnain-Moerdijk, R., 1975:
Transformation of rural food habits in France between 1850 and 1936

Sinha, B.; Singh, V., 1980:
Transformation of rural habitat in Kavaratti Island of Lakshadweep Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi Islands, Arabian Sea, India

Singh, L.; Nath, D., 1980:
Transformation of rural habitat in the context of a tribal society: village Suganagar Domri a case study Uttar Pradesh, India, caste structure

Swaminathan, E., 1980:
Transformation of rural habitat through diffusion of innovation in Coimbatore region Tamil Nadu, India

Golaszinski, U.; Preuss, H.-Joachim-A.S.remplat, A.-V.T.imm, H.-Ulrich, 1992:
Transformation of rural regional development

Udo, Rk, 1966:
Transformation of rural settlement in British Tropical Africa

Krumm, A.; Roth, G.E.; Korge, G., 1985:
Transformation of salivary gland secretion protein gene Sgs-4 in Drosophila: stage- and tissue-specific regulation, dosage compensation, and position effect

Sineiro-Garcia, F., 1980:
Transformation of scrubland to pastures and exploitation of the mountain area by cattle

Ishiwatari, R., 1975:
Transformation of sedimentary humic acids, facts and speculations

Vlassak, K.V.rheyden, C., 1975:
Transformation of semi-liquid manure in the soil

Macnab, J.C., 1972:
Transformation of sheep cells by simian virus 40

Bach, R.B.ugger, H.S.icher, H.V.kt, U., 1975:
Transformation of silicate in soil formation from dolomite and limestone

Kaplunova, L.; Sultonova, S., 1982:
Transformation of slowacting nitrogen-containing compounds

Arguneeva, O.N., 2006:
Transformation of social and labour relations in the agrarian sector

Cantoni, C.P.leari-Bianchi, M.; Beretta, G., 1980:
Transformation of sodium nitrite into nitrogen bioxide

Bezkorovaĭnaia, I.N.; Krasnoshchekova, E.N.; Ivanova, G.A., 2007:
Transformation of soil invertebrate complex after surface fires of different intensity

Samorodova-Bianki, G.; Bazarova, V., 1971:
Transformation of soluble polyphenol oxidase and phenol compounds in apple peel during ripening and storage

Samorodova-Bianki, G.; Bazarova, V., 1971:
Transformation of soluble polyphenol oxidase and phenolic compounds in skin of apples during ripening and storage

Voikin, L.; Utochkin, V.; Sherstnevskii, V., 1979:
Transformation of some phosphate rocks of different grinding fineness in Gray loamy soils

Kiselev, V.; Rashkes, Y.; Yunusov, S., 1974:
Transformation of speciosine into colchamine

Martiushov, V.; Aliev, A., 1980:
Transformation of stearic acid during adsorption from sheeps intestines Feeding experiment.1

Sedlaczek, L.J.worski, A.W.lmanska, D., 1981:
Transformation of steroids by fungal spores. I. Chemical changes of Cunninghamella elegans spores and mycelium during cortexolone hydroxylation

Jaworski, A.S.dlaczek, L1; Sasiak, A1; Dfugonski, J., 1982:
Transformation of steroids by fungal spores. II. Enhancement of cortexolone hydroxylation by Cunninghamella elegans spores treated with factors which loosen the spore wall structure Fungi

Neiwiadomski, H.S.wicki, J., 1968 :
Transformation of sterols dur

Kravchenko, Ml, 1980:
Transformation of strongly varying terms in statistical analysis of the results of field experiment

Kuykendall, L.; Stockett, T., 2003:
Transformation of sugar beet with CFP to improve Cercospora leafspot resistance

Birch, R.; Maretzki, A., 1993:
Transformation of sugarcane

Petrosian, V.; Grigorian, L., 1976:
Transformation of sugars and amino acids during the chemical preservation of meadow plants

Cheshire, M.; Mundie, C.; Shepherd, H., 1974:
Transformation of sugars when rye hemicellulose labelled with 14C decomposes in soil

Volotovskaia, S.; Gladkaia, V.; Shmilia, G.; Solov'-Eva, L.; Radkonova, L.; Zubenko, N., 1981:
Transformation of sunflower oil soap stock fats

Aksenov, S.; Savost'-Ianova, A.; Patsevich, V., 1981:
Transformation of superphosphate in peaty soils with high iron content and some methods of increasing their fertility

Zardalishvili, O.; Dolidze, T.; Oniani, D., 1979:
Transformation of superphosphate in soil of different exposition

Zykov, I.; Antonov, V., 1984:
Transformation of surface runoff and erosion processes on reclaimed slopes in the forest steppe of the Middle Volga River area

Kao, Y.; Yang, C., 1979 :
Transformation of susceptible

Wang, Y.; Guo, B.; Miao, Z.; Tang, K., 2007:
Transformation of taxol-producing endophytic fungi by restriction enzyme-mediated integration (REMI)

Mogil'-Nitskii, G.; Krasnova, L.; Skryabin, G.; Koshcheenko, K.; Ryzhkova, V.; Korobova, Y.; Suvorov, N.; Sokolova, L.; Shner, V.; Et-Al, 1975:
Transformation of the 21-acetate of Reichsteins substance S into hydrocortisone and cortisone acetate by the fungus -Tieghemella orchidis

Busoi, I., 1974:
Transformation of the FS-PR-1 hydraulic pump to hydraulic motor and its practical applications

Maksimovic, M., 1978:
Transformation of the Fund for Maize into the Autonomous Fund for Grain

Noguchi, T., 1978:
Transformation of the Golgi apparatus in the cell cycle, expecialy at the resting and earliest development stages of a green alga, Micrasterias americana

Hajdu, I.; Feher, O., 2007:
Transformation of the Hungarian food trade beginning from the 1980s up to now

Romany, P., 1977:
Transformation of the Hungarian rural area

Onyemelukwe, Joc, 1979:
Transformation of the Nigerian forest ecosystems: a state of knowledge assessment of their socio-economic effects

Terzakis, J.A., 1971:
Transformation of the Plasmodium cynomolgi oocyst

Turski, Ryszard, 1970:
Transformation of the Polish village

Maeda, N.; Mattulada, 1984:
Transformation of the agricultural landscape in Indonesia

Jayawardena, S.D.G.M.eda, N., 1984:
Transformation of the agricultural landscape in Sri Lanka and South India

Lezzi, Cs, 1983:
Transformation of the agricultural landscape of lower Salento

Voroshilov, Yui; Zhitlov, Vs; Mal'-Tsman, Ts; Margolina, Gl, 1986:
Transformation of the biocenose of a drainage lake under the effect of treated wastewaters of a pig farm

Anonymous, 1976:
Transformation of the composition of n-hydrocarbons of diesel fuel from mangyshlak oil in biosynthesis of food protein

Stefe, T., 1981:
Transformation of the country (sociological-morphological processes in the village)

Byszewski, W.P.dlaski, S., 1976:
Transformation of the cultivated soil cover by of modern agronomy measures

Krumzdorov, Am, 1976:
Transformation of the dicamba herbicide in plants

Formica, C., 1983:
Transformation of the environment and agricultural countryside in southern Italy

Polto, C., 1983:
Transformation of the environment and the agricultural landscape in the Asinaro valley

Ren HuiMin; Wang JinDa; Zhang XueLin, 2007:
Transformation of the external source lead compounds in soil

Tosi, J.Jr, 1976:
Transformation of the forest into pasture: development or destruction

Paromenskaya, L.; Kuznetsova, I., 1980:
Transformation of the herbicide 2,4-D in a culture of Azotobacter

Krumzdorov, A.M., 1974:
Transformation of the herbicide dicamba in barley

Panov, Vi, 1979:
Transformation of the hydraulic regime of a territory by agronomic-forest reclamation erosion control complexes

Zubets, V.; Murashko, M., 1975:
Transformation of the hydrological regime of marsh ridden areas in the temperate zone by modern reclamation techniques and the prediction of their hydrometeorological effect

Kunze, G.P.tzoldt, C.B.de, R.S.msonova, I.; Bottcher, F.B.rnbaum, D., 1985:
Transformation of the industrially important yeasts Candida maltosa and Pichia guilliermondii

Youson, JH.; Horbert, WR., 1982:
Transformation of the intestinal epithelium of the larval anadromous sea lamprey Petromyzon marinus L. during metamorphosis

Tate, Tw, 1987:
Transformation of the land in colonial America

Simmons, Ig, 1987:
Transformation of the land in pre-industrial time

Dylis, N.; Karpachevskii, L.; Nosova, L.; Chernova, N., 1975:
Transformation of the oak -grove structure and development by spruce introduction

Ward, K.; Kromroy, K.; Juzwik, J., 2007:
Transformation of the oak forest spatial structure in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area, Minnesota, USA over 7 years

Reisinger, O.D.sbiens, O.O.ah, G., 1979:
Transformation of the organic substrate used for industrial cultivation of Agaricus bisporus. Preliminary ultrastructural study and a working hypothesis

Schmidt, Siegfried, 1982:
Transformation of the pattern of structure and the economic system of the rural area of the southwest Rheinbach plateau

Strupczewski, W.; Kiczko, R.; Kundzewicz, Z.; Napiorkowski, J.; Mitosek, H.J., 1975:
Transformation of the processes in the linear hydrological systems

Hong, Zhong, 1995:
Transformation of the public finance system of the Peoples Republic of China in the reform process

Campbell, P.; Cluis, D.C.uture, P., 1982:
Transformation of the quality of the same river water during its stay in two different reservoirs: Lake Boivin and the reserve from Granby Quebec, Canada

Brunet, P., 1984:
Transformation of the rural areas in France

Hegedus, M., 1977:
Transformation of the structure of the food economy, and the main tendencies in the evolution of its production relations

Gutierrez-Claramunt, M.A.ellan-Milan, A., 1981 :
Transformation of the system of exploitation on productive cattle farms

Selling, H.; Vonk, J.; Sijpesteijn, A., 1970:
Transformation of the systematic fungicide methyl thiophanate into 2-benzimidazole carbamic acid methyl ester

Dzhindzholiia, R.; Kharevava, L.; Chikovani, N.; Kobakhidze, S., 1972:
Transformation of the tannin-catechol complex during the process of black tea manufacture

Lobovikov, T.; Kaliamina, V., 1984:
Transformation of the technology of logging under conditions of using taiga forests in the Urals

Ladizinsky, G.; Kolb, F.L., 1995:
Transformation of the wild tetraploid oats into domesticated forms

Jin DalYong, 2007:
Transformation of the world television system under neoliberal globalization, 1983 to 2003

Bianchi, M.; Falcone, C.J.e, C.; Weslowski-Louvel, M.F.ontali, L.F.kuhara, H., 1987:
Transformation of the yeast Kluyveromyces lactis by new vectors derived from the 1.6 micrometers circular plasmid pKD1

Niederbudde, Ea, 1976:
Transformation of three-layer silicates through potassium-release and potassium-uptake

Tavazza, R.A.cora, G., 1993:
Transformation of tobacco (Nicotiana clevelandii and N. benthamiana)

Marton, L., 1984:
Transformation of tobacco cells by coculture with Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Song, H.W.; Liu, Y.X.; Lin, S.Q.; Hu, G.B., 2007:
Transformation of tobacco with ejLFY from loquat and molecular identification of transgenic plants

Belic, I.; Gaberc-Porekar, V.; Socic, H.; Zakelj, M., 1982:
Transformation of tomatidine by Gymnoascus reesii

Koornneef, M.J.ngsma, M.W.ide, R.Z.bel, P.H.lle, J., 1987:
Transformation of tomato

Toyoda, H., 1993:
Transformation of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill). for virus disease protection

Kirchmayer, C.; Schmidt, M., 2004:
Transformation of tourism in Kyrgystan: between state-governed rekreacija and new backpacking

Gupta, Pkd, 1982:
Transformation of tribal economy in an industrial context: a case of the Ho of Singhbhum Ethnic groups, India

Suarez, P.A.Z.; Meneghetti, S.M.P.; Meneghetti, M.R.; Wolf, C.R., 2007:
Transformation of triglycerides into fuels, polymers and chemicals: some applications of catalysis in oleochemistry

Pukstas, R., 2003:
Transformation of ultrasonic impulse in cohesive ground

Milkus, B.; Shtein-Margolina, V.; Kozar, F., 1975:
Transformation of ultrastructure of grape leaves under the effect of infectious chlorosis virus

Matar, Y.D.ering, H., 1981:
Transformation of urea and ammonium sulfate in sandy loam soils of Tripoli, Libya Fertilizers

Ikonomova, E., 1978:
Transformation of urea in the Gr

Smirnov, P.; Sukov, A., 1968:
Transformation of urea nitrogen, ammonia liquor and ammonium sulphate in the soil and its use by plants

Brawer, M., 1980:
Transformation of village sites and patterns in rural development, Israel: some reflections

Shen, L.H.nderson, J., 1993:
Transformation of vitrified tissue culture in sweetpotato

Buonaventura, P., 1979:
Transformation of wastes into methane

Liu LiFeng; G.Q.nSheng; H.J.ngAng; Y.Z.engWang; Liu JunPu; Peng Bin; L.L., 2007:
Transformation of watermelon with Zucchini yellow mosaic virus coat protein gene

Haliloglu, Kamil, 1995:
Transformation of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) anther culture-derived embryoids by electroporation and microprojectile bombardment

Wildhagen-Kimball, Carla, A., 1994:
Transformation of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) immature embryos by electroporation

Weeks, Jt, 2001:
Transformation of wheat with the cyanamide hydratase gene

Hazelrigg, T.; Levis, R.; Rubin, G.M., 1984:
Transformation of white locus DNA in drosophila: dosage compensation, zeste interaction, and position effects

Glushchenko, Ie, 1979:
Transformation of winter character into a spring one as a method of developing high yielding varieties of spring wheat

Glushchenko, Ie, 1979:
Transformation of winter to spring forms as a method for creating high-productivity spring-wheat varieties

Holienka, J.M.kala, F.F.ltyn, J., 1968:
Transformation of winter whe

Valainis, Aia, 1987:
Transformation of winter wheat into spring wheat as a method of breeding

Sobczak, L., 1977:
Transformation of work in Soviet agriculture into a form of industrial work

Maslova, T.G.; Popova, I.A., 1969:
Transformation of xanthophylls in leaves illuminated by red light

Popova, Of, 1971:
Transformation of xanthophylls in verdant maize seedlings

Peczynska-Czoch, W.M.rdarski, M., 1983:
Transformation of xenobiotics

Bollag-Jm, 1979:
Transformation of xenobiotics by microbial activity

Krupenskii, V.; Dolgaia, T., 1978:
Transformation of xylose and furfural caused by aluminum chloride

Ilgen, C.F.rabaugh, P.; Hinnen, A.W.lsh, J.; Fink, G., 1979 :
Transformation of yeast

Sainsard-Chanet, A.B.gel, O., 1986:
Transformation of yeast and Podospora: innocuity of senescence-specific DNAs

Ito, H.M.rata, K.K.mura, A., 1983:
Transformation of yeast cells treated with 2-mercaptoethanol

Kunes, S.; Botstein, D.; Fox, M.S., 1985:
Transformation of yeast with linearized plasmid DNA. Formation of inverted dimers and recombinant plasmid products

Garry, R.F.; Moyer, M.P.; Bishop, J.M.; Moyer, R.C.; Waite, M.R., 1981:
Transformation parameters induced in chick cells by incubation in media of altered NaCl concentration

Talou, B.T.vlitzki, J., 1969:
Transformation phenomena in U

Schindl, W., 1972:
Transformation process in Austrian meat industry

Patrinos, A.A.N.T.nner, R.-L.B.own, R.M., 1984:
Transformation processes and wet deposition on the urban scale

Hanakova, G., 1982:
Transformation processes of Spanish chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) defoliation in monoculture and in mixed stands on grey-brown podzolic soil in the Castanetarium at Horne Lefantovce Czechoslovakia.1

Soeiro, O.;;, 1982:
Transformation products of salutarine and their 13C-carbon isotope nuclear magnetic resonance spectra Croton salutaris

Grasshoff, M., 1974 :
Transformation series in philogeny--mechanical change of copulatory organs of orb spiders

Kohler, F., 1988:
Transformation studies in tobacco, moth bean and Brassica species

Lorz, H.L.rkin, P.1; Fischer, M1; Riedel, R1; Scowcroft, W., 1982:
Transformation studies using synthetic DNA vectors coding for antibiotic resistance Agrobacterium tumefaciens, Nicotiana tabacum, tobacco, Hyoscyamus muticus, Daucus carota, carrots, recipient cells, selection

Hasezawa, S.N.gata, T1; Matsui, C1; Syono, K., 1982:
Transformation system of plant protoplasts mediated by bacterial spheroplasts Agrobacterium tumefaciens Ti plasmid introduced into Vinca rosea protoplasts, gene transfer

Ballance, D.J., 1991:
Transformation systems for filamentous fungi and an overview of fungal gene structure

Esser, K.K.mper, J., 1988:
Transformation systems in yeasts: fundamentals and applications in biotechnology

Wang, T.T.; Choi, Y.J.; Lee, B.H., 2001:
Transformation systems of non-Saccharomyces yeasts

Sacristan, M.; Wendt-Gallitelli, M., 1971:
Transformation to auxin-autotrophy and its reversibility in a mutant line of Crepis capillaris callus culture

Pommerening, A., 2006:
Transformation to continuous cover forestry in a changing environment

Beachy, R.; Nelson, R.; Register, J.Iii; Fraley, R.; Tumer, N., 1988:
Transformation to produce virus-resistant plants

Tudzynski, P.; Stahl, U.; Esser, K., 1980:
Transformation to senescence with plasmid like DNA in the ascomycete Podospora anserina

Palczynski, A., 1975:
Transformation trends of plant cover and peat sites in river valleys under the influence of human activity

Kajisa, Kei, 1997:
Transformation versus stagnation in the oil palm industry

Carlile, Bobby-Lewis, 1973:
Transformation, movement, and disposal of nitrogen from animal manure wastes applied to soils

Hovi, T.; Vaheri, A.; Allison, A.C., 1979:
Transformation-associated increase of phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate concentration in chick embryo fibroblasts

Kryceve-Martinerie, C.; Biquard, J.M.; Lawrence, D.; Vigier, P.; Barlati, S.; Mignatti, P., 1981:
Transformation-enhancing factor(s) released from chicken Rous sarcoma cells: effect on some transformation parameters

Anonymous, 1987:
Transformationof lands at the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, Delaware and Maryland

Pandey, Kk, 1981:
Transformation: new horizons in plant improvement

Peciuriene, J., 1980:
Transformational changes of the free atmosphere temperature in the case of rectilinear movements of air masses towards the south Baltic region

Hara, T.F.jio, Y1; Ueda, S., 1982:
Transformational construction of a protein-producing strain of Bacillus mesentricus niger Food toxicology

Sibgatullin, T.A.; Vergeldt, F.J.; Anisimov, A.V.; Van-As, H., 2006:
Transformational dynamics of water in cytoplasm of parenchyma cells of Malus domestica fruit. Investigation by pulsed NMR methods

Choudhury, Fa, 1982:
Transformationof phosphate in soils--a review

Dash, R.; Mohanty, S.1; Patnaik, S., 1982:
Transformations and availability of soil and fertilizer P phosphorus under flooded conditions

Hodson, R.; Benner, R.M.ccubbin, A., 1983:
Transformations and fate of lignocellulosic detritus in marine environments

Bontron, Jc, 1976:
Transformations and permanences of powers in a rural society: on the south of Morvan

Siegel, S.S.lim, H., 1977:
Transformations and plant uptake of heavy metals from sewage sludge applied to soils

Lavette, A., 1977:
Transformations and pseudo encystment of Joenia annectens at the time of its host changing into imago (Calotermes flavicollis Fab.). ultrastructural study

Keeney, Dr, 1983:
Transformations and transport of nitrogen Nonpoint source pollution

Haman, F., 1980:
Transformations and transport of phosphorus in soil in relation to plant nutrition

Cantatore-De-Frank, Nm, 1981:
Transformations applied to rain measurement information Argentina.1

Barusso, A.; Ribeiro, J., 1976:
Transformations for adjusting sigmoid type curves

Reol-Tejada, Jm, 1980:
Transformations for an agriculture in change

Zelazna-Kowalska, I.H.ffman, M., 1969:
Transformations in rhizobium

Lagioia, V., 1972:
Transformations in agricultural sector during the last twent years

Faye, J., 1982:
Transformations in developing societies: example of the Wolof of Sine-Saloum in Senegal Family farm organization in a village community.1

Landim, C.D.-C.B.ig, D.C.ssola, A., 1971:
Transformations in egg yolk components during embryogenesis and its relationship with embryo cells in Trigona (Scaptotrigona) postica Latr

Anderson, E.; Hetherington, E.; Clingempeel, W., 1989:
Transformations in family relations at puberty: effects of family context

Silva-Hermo, B.; Macias-Vazquez, F., 1984:
Transformations in organization during weathering and pedogenesis of schist in Galicia

Miller, H.; Miller, J.; Cooper, J., 1987:
Transformations in rainwater chemistry on passing through forested ecosystems

Zairov, M., 1977:
Transformations in the animal husbandry of Tadzhikistan

Tsutsumi, V.F.ixione, E.A.echiga, H., 1981:
Transformations in the cytoplasmic structure of crayfish retinula cells during light- and dark-adaptation

Remesal-Rodriguez, J., 1983:
Transformations in the export of Baetican olive oil about the middle of the third century A.D

Cabo-Alonso, A., 1984:
Transformations in the rural areas of Spain during the past quarter of century

Nalliah, B.M.nska, R.; Rodrigo, R., 1974:
Transformations of 13-oxoprotoberberinium metho salts. III. Biogenetically pattered conversions to rhoeadines

van Wyk, A.W.W.; Lobb, K.A.; Caira, M.R.; Hoppe, H.C.; Davies-Coleman, M.T., 2007:
Transformations of manool. tri- and tetracyclic norditerpenoids with in vitro activity against Plasmodium falciparum

Plugar'-, V.; Gorovits, T.; Tulyaganov, N.R.shkes, Y., V., 1977:
Transformations of alkaloids of the quinazolin 4 one group in the animal organism

Sugier, P.; Czarnecka, B., 2005:
Transformations of aquatic and mire vegetation in catchment areas of selected lakes in the eczna-Wodawa lakeland

Avakiants, S.; Kataeva, T., 1980:
Transformations of aromatic substances during the aging of table and fortified wine materials

Edwards, R.G.; Hough, L.; Richardson, A.C., 1977:
Transformations of cellobiose derivatives into analogues of lactose

Amin, A.; Long, R.; Weeks, W., 1980:
Transformations of chemical constituents during flue-curing of Nicotiana tabacum L. 2. Metabolism of nitrogenous and related constituents

Osminkina, L.; Mozhaeva, G., 1976:
Transformations of concentrated phosphorus fertilizers in the form of condensed phosphates and their effect on the nitrogen potassium status of dark Chestnut soil in the Alma Ata Region

Bagaev, A.; Tsarev, G.; Kiprianov, A., 1979:
Transformations of fatty acids of tall oil during the process of their dimerization

Henriquez, Ir, 1984:
Transformations of fertilizer N in the soil and its utilization by maize plants

Gladwin, C.; Zabawa, R., 1987:
Transformations of full-time family farms in the U.S.: Can they survive?

Wolfe, N.L.e; Jeffers, P., M., 1990:
Transformations of halogenated hydrocarbons

Khalid, R.A., 1977:
Transformations of heavy metals and plant nutrients in dredged sediments as affected by oxidation reduction potential and pH

Forostyan, Yu-N.F.rostyan, Ei; Soroka, Ii, 1976:
Transformations of hydrolysis lignin from coniferous wood under conditions of electrolytic oxidation

Koval'-Chuk, B.; Forostyan, Y., 1972:
Transformations of hydrolysis lignin from sunflower husks in aqueous ammonia

Babanin, V.; Voronin, A.; Karpachevskii, L.; Manucharov, A.; Opalenko, A.; Pochatkova, T., 1975:
Transformations of iron compounds in soils

Freney, Jr; Simpson,. Jr.;, 1973:
Transformations of labelled nitrogen and sulphur in soil

Blebene, Ak, 1982:
Transformations of labor character and conditions in the agriculture of the Lithuanian SSR

Ayanaba, A.A.exander, M., 1974:
Transformations of methylamines and formation of a hazardous product, dimethylnitrosamine, in samples of treated sewage and lake water

Fiuczek, M., 1973:
Transformations of mineral nitrogen in peat soil

Tomar, N.; Khanna, S.; Gupta, A., 1984:
Transformations of mixtures of mussoorie rock phosphate and triple superphosphate in calcareous soil applied after incubation with organic matter

Kotowska, U.; Wlodarczyk, T.; Brzezinska, M., 2007:
Transformations of nitrogen and phosphorus in soil planted with willow irrigated with wastewater

Ilyna, L.; Bratchenko, L., 1977:
Transformations of nitrogenous substances of molasses stillage in the process of Candida utilis development

Vecher, A.; Iurchenko, L.; Sokolova, E.; Levitskaia, M.; Bykova, L., 1976:
Transformations of organic acids under various conditions of brewing apple juice

Walczyna, J., 1973:
Transformations of organic matter in muck and black soils drained long ago and utilized as arable land and meadow

Polo, A.D.rado, E.V.llaraco, A., 1980:
Transformations of organic matter in soils subjected to incubation

Roguski, W., 1980:
Transformations of organic soils in the Notec Valley as a consequence of their many-year agricultural utilization and their physico-hydrological properties

Renner, G.M.cke, W., 1986:
Transformations of pentachlorophenol. I. Metabolism in animals and man

Engelhardt, G.W.llnofer, P.; Mucke, W.R.nner, G., 1986:
Transformations of pentachlorophenol. II. Transformation under environmental conditions

Ljubesic, N., 1973:
Transformations of plastids in white pumpkin fruits

Zinchenkokk-Vi; Karelina, L., 1980:
Transformations of polysaccharides in the process of spontaneous malic-lactic fermentation

Iwan, J.H.rtel, B.R.dzuweit, J., 1977:
Transformations of prothiocarb in plant and soil

Lazda, Ee, 1977:
Transformations of reserve starch in cells of the actively secreting resiniferous apparatus of the pine tree

Mathieu, M.B.ntron, J., 1973:
Transformations of rural space: Method problems

Sawicka, J., 1979:
Transformations of social relationships in the Polish countryside

Khodzhaev, B.; Shakirov, R.Y.nusov, S., 1980:
Transformations of solasodine

El-Kholei, M.; Habib, M., 1982:
Transformations of some ammonium forms in soils as affected by some cation systems. III. Ammonium phosphate

Eysymontt, I.K.tula, W.G.lonka, J.S.olinska, J.I.aszkiewicz, M., 1975:
Transformations of steroid compounds with Rhizopus sp. II. 11 alpha-hydroxylation of delta 4-3-ketosteroides of the pregane and androstane groups

Dube, J.L.monde, A., 1970:
Transformations of steroids by adult females of an orthopterous insect, Schistocerca gregaria Forskal

Veith, H.; Barbier, M.P.in, J.R.ger, B., 1974:
Transformations of steroids in the honey bee Apis mellifica L

Humenik, F.; Overcash, M.; Skaggs, R.; Mcever, L., 1975:
Transformations of swine wastewater in laboratory soil profiles

Mel'-Nikov, N.; Belan, S., 1984:
Transformations of synthetic pyrethroids in different objects

Drboglav, E.; Glonina, N.; Dubinchuk, L., 1978:
Transformations of tartaric acid during champagnization

Wojcik-Wojtkowiak, D., 1976:
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Transgenic Plants Centre

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Transgenic animals

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Transgenic animals - production and applications

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Transgenic animals for production of proteins

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Transgenic animals in the production of biopharmaceuticals

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Transgenic animals: contributions to animal breeding and therapy

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Transgenic animals: refining the two-year rodent carcinogenicity study

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Transgenic apple rootstock resistance to Basta herbicide

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Transgenic approach to study the interaction of polyamine and ethylene metabolism in poplar and tomato

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Transgenic approaches for cyanogen reduction in cassava

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Transgenic approaches to manipulate the environmental responses of the C subscript 3 carbon fixation cycle

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Transgenic approaches to modulating naringin content in Citrus paradisi

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Transgenic approaches to study wing color pattern development in Lepidoptera

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Transgenic beans with the bean golden mosaic geminivirus coat protein gene are susceptible to virus infection

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Transgenic cereals

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Transgenic chicken technology

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Transgenic cotton

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Transgenic cotton boosts Agbio. Second- and third-generation seeds offer stacked traits

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Transgenic cotton cells aiding IRRI scientists

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Transgenic cotton is caterpillar proof

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Transgenic cotton research paves the way for a new industry in the Kimberley

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Transgenic cotton scores knockout against worms

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Transgenic crop varieties resistant to insects

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Transgenic crops

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Transgenic crops I

Bajaj, Y.P.S., 2000:
Transgenic crops II

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Transgenic crops IV

Pua, E.C.D.vey, M.R., 2007:
Transgenic crops V

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Transgenic crops and the environment

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Transgenic crops of the world

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Transgenic crops rushed to commercialization

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Transgenic expression of a dominant negative K(ATP) channel subunit in the mouse endothelium: effects on coronary flow and endothelin-1 secretion

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Transgenic expression of fluorescent proteins in respiratory neurons

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Transgenic expression of human C-reactive protein suppresses endothelial nitric oxide synthase expression and bioactivity after vascular injury

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Transgenic expression of the von Willebrand A domain of the BONZAI 1

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Transgenic farm animals as bioreactors

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Transgenic farm animals: an update

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Transgenic fish not so super after all

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Transgenic fish: recent reports

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Transgenic flies expressing the fluorescence calcium sensor Cameleon 2.1 under UAS control

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Transgenic flower trials sought

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Transgenic fruit-flies expressing a FRET-based sensor for in vivo imaging of cAMP dynamics

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Transgenic herbicide tolerant cotton

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Transgenic herbicide-resistant crops

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Transgenic implantation produces a supersheep

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Transgenic indica Rice Expressing ns-LTP-Like Protein Shows Enhanced Resistance to Both Fungal and Bacterial Pathogens

Anonymous, 2007:
Transgenic insects for slowing down the dissemination of human pathogens

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Transgenic livestock in agriculture: new animals for a new world?

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Transgenic maize by electroporation of pectolyase-treated suspension culture cells

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Transgenic maize containing the Cry1Ab protein ephemerally enhances soil microbial communities

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Transgenic maize for the control of European corn borer and other maize insect pests

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Transgenic maize with elevated 10 KD zein and methionine

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Transgenic male mice expressing human hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 2 indicate a role for the enzyme independent of its action on sex steroids

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Transgenic mammals: phenotypic effects of human growth hormone gene introduced into animals

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Transgenic manipulation of polyamine metabolism in poplar

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Transgenic medicinal plants

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Transgenic mice carrying the rearranged T cell receptor of a diabetogenic T cell clone

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Transgenic mice expressing Na+-K+-ATPase in smooth muscle decreases blood pressure

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Transgenic mice expressing a dual, CRE-inducible reporter for the analysis of axon guidance and synaptogenesis

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Transgenic mice expressing an inhibitory truncated form of p300 exhibit long-term memory deficits

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Transgenic mice for conditional gene manipulation in astroglial cells

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Transgenic mice with green fluorescent protein-labeled pancreatic b-cells

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Transgenic mice with neuron-specific overexpression of HtrA2/Omi suggest a neuroprotective role for HtrA2/Omi

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Transgenic microalgae as green cell-factories

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Transgenic mini-tomato and protection against alcohol-induced gastric injury

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Transgenic models in endocrinology

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Transgenic models of human viral and immunogical disease

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Transgenic models of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

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Transgenic mouse colony management

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Transgenic mouse methods and protocols

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Transgenic mouse model of familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy type I: its production, biological features, and usefulness

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Transgenic mouse models of inhibition of tumor angiogenesis

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Transgenic mycoherbicides: needs and safety considerations

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Transgenic oilseed crucifers: an uncertain future in the U.S

Anonymous, 2007:
Transgenic or cisgenic: What level of risk?

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Transgenic organisms

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Transgenic overexpression of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 promotes the development of polycystic ovarian changes in female mice

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Transgenic papaya: can we proceed beyond the Hawaiian experience?

Sousa Majer, M.J. de; Hardie, D.C.; Turner, N.C.; Higgins, T.J.V., 2007:
Transgenic peas (Pisum sativum L.) to control the pea weevil (Bruchus pisorum L.)

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Transgenic petunia plants differing in the expression of maize A1 gene

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Transgenic plant peptide meat protection from pathogen and spoilage bacteria

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Transgenic plantain (cv. Harton) plants resistant to herbicide basta obtained by electroporation

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Transgenic plants - from the lab into the field

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Transgenic plants and bees: the beginning of the end or a new opportunity?

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Transgenic plants and world agriculture

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Transgenic plants as a source of fish oils: healthy, sustainable and GM

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Transgenic plants as tools to study the molecular organization of plant genes

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Transgenic plants expressing maize acetyl CoA Carboxylase gene and method of altering oil content

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Transgenic plants expressing puroindolines and methods for producing such plants

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Transgenic plants for the development of durable insect resistance: case study for cotton and Bacillus thuringiensis genes

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Transgenic plants having non-pathogen induced systemic acquired resistance (SAR)

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Transgenic plants overproducing IAA

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Transgenic plants readied for the future molecular farms

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Transgenic plants that express the coat protein gene of TMV are resistant to infection by TMV

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Transgenic plants with agriculturally important traits

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Transgenic plum (Prunus domestica L.) plants obtained by Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of leaf explants with various selective agents

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Transgenic potato

Wegener, C.; Bartling, S.; Weber, J.; Hoffmann Benning, S.; Olsen, O., 1996:
Transgenic potatoes that express an Erwinia pectate lyase isoenzyme

Anonymous, 1988:
Transgenic poultry: lab produces chimeric chicks

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Transgenic produce slow to enter evolving global marketplace

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Transgenic rabbits overexpressing growth hormone develop acromegaly and diabetes mellitus

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Transgenic rapeseed (Brassica napus L. van Oleifera Metzger): effect on the foraging behavior of honeybees

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Transgenic rescue of hemolytic anemia due to red blood cell pyruvate kinase deficiency

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Transgenic rescue of methotrexate-induced teratogenicity in Drosophila melanogaster

Anonymous, 1991:
Transgenic research

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Transgenic rhizomania resistant hybrids of sugar beets, providing strong resistance against different strains of BNYVV

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Transgenic rice

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Transgenic rice plants

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Transgenic rice plants expressing a novel antifreeze glycopeptide possess resistance to cold and disease

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Transgenic rice seed as a nutriceutical delivery system

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Transgenic rodents

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Transgenic roots for functional genomics of coffee resistance genes to root-knot nematodes

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Transgenic rootstock protein transmission in grapevines

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Transgenic soybean

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Transgenic stem cells in Hydra reveal an early evolutionary origin for key elements controlling self-renewal and differentiation

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Transgenic strains of pseudomonas for biocontrol of plant root diseases

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Transgenic sweetpotato with amylose-free starch

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Transgenic sweetpotatoes are tested in the field

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Transgenic systems as a tool to probe essential components in physiological processes

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Transgenic techniques in agriculture

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Transgenic techniques in mice

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Transgenic technologies

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Transgenic tobacco plants containing Bt and GNA genes

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Transgenic tobacco plants overexpressing the heterologous lea gene Rab16A from rice during high salt and water deficit display enhanced tolerance to salinity stress

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Transgenic tomato

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Transgenic tomato technology: enzymic modification of pectin pastes

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Transgenic transgressions?

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Transgenic trap crops and rootstocks show potential

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Transgenic trees resistant to microbial pests

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Transgenic turfgrasses

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Transgenic upregulation of IK1 in the mouse heart is proarrhythmic

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Transgenic virus resistant potatoes in Mexico

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Transgenic virus-resistant plants and new plant viruses

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Transgenic wheat

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Transgenic wine that prevents headache

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Transgenic wool: objectives and approaches for altering wool properties

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Transgenic, non-isoprene emitting poplars don't like it hot

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Transgenics and livestock production

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Transgenics and the poor

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Transgenics crops

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Transgenics for a better tomato

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Transgennye rasteniia--novoe napravlenie v biologicheskoi zashchite rastenii

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Transgennye zhivotnye i vozmozhnosti ikh ispolzovaniia

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Transglobal variations in the planning objectives and critiques

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Transglutaminase activity changes during the hypersensitive reaction, a typical defense response of tobacco NN plants to TMV

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Transglutaminase and its use for food processing

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Transglutaminase expression in the adult rat testis as a marker of apoptotic cell death

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Transglutaminase in baking applications

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Transglutaminase is linked to neurodegenerative diseases

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Transglutaminases as tanning agents for the leather industry

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Transglycosidation reactions in enzymic hydrolysis of laminaran and glucan-chitin complexes in the yeast cell wall

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Transglycosylation reactions catalyzed by beta-xylosidase from Aspergillus niger 15

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Transgresion of quantitative cha

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Transgressing boundaries

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Transgression breeding in relation to yield of equal gluten level (breeding of winter wheat variety Probstdorfer Extrem)

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Transgression of quantitative characters in Triticale hybrids

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Transgressions of the quantitati

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Transgressive forms isolated from winter wheat hybrid populations by quantitative characters

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Transgressive lines for yielding capacity obtained in winter wheat, under conditions prevailing in the west of Romania

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Transgressive segregation for brown spot resistance in tobacco

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Transgressive segregation for increased levels of adult plant resistance to mildew in oats

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Transgressive segregation for tolerance to a virulent strain of Xanthomonas phaseoli

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Transgressive variability in winter wheat and its application in breeding

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Transgressive variation in winter wheat and its use in wheat breeding

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Transgresssion in the remote hybridization of tomatoes

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Transhepatic solute transport and bile formation

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Transhumance in Hungary

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Transhumant sheep herds and management in the French Alps and in the Pyrenees

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Transient G1 arrest of Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells of mating type alpha by a factor produced by cells of mating type a

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Transient marker system for iterative gene targeting of a prototrophic fungus

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Transient absorption spectra of the chlorophyll a anion and cation

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Transient air temperature at low flow deshydrates deep beds of grain

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Transient analysis for designing and predicting operational performance of a high temperature sensible thermal energy storage system

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Transient analysis of coupled multiconductor transmission line systems

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