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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17562

Chapter 17562 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Oku, Y.; Iwaki, T.; Ganzorig, S.; Nonaka, N.; Inoue, T.; Miyahara, T.; Okazaki, K.; Kamiya, M., 2007:
Trial of the control measures against echinococcosis in Hokkaido and the subsequent participating population

Bakowski, J., 1980:
Trial of the treatment of uraemic syndrome in the dog by the use of peritoneal dialysis

Roy, Mihir-Kumar, 1980:
Trial of three vegetable crops at demonstration farm

Kalmar, D.L.hav, A., 1976:
Trial of trickle irrigation w

Morton, J.; Snyder, G., 1979:
Trial of water celery as an aquatic flavoring herb for Everglades farmlands

Bertin, Y.H.llouet, H.L.ville, E., 1983:
Trial on chemical control of Phytophthora cinnamomi on avocados in Martinique

Yuyama, K., 1979:
Trial on effects of planting dates on various agronomic characteristics of the soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill), varieties Jupiter, Prata, Oriente and Pelicano, in Aripuana, Mato grosso do Norte, Brazil

Bayramoglu, O.E.ol, N.B.z, C.G.rard, H., 1974:
Trial on guinea pigs with foot-and-mouth disease vaccine prepared from virus concentrated by polyethylene glycol

Mineo, G.V.ggiani, G., 1977:
Trial on integrated control in citrus orchards in Sicily

Demontis, F.B.otzu, V., 1976:
Trial on pre emergence weed control in broadbeans

Haury, A., 1982:
Trial on the behaviour of the date palm in Niger: Bonkoukou, Dallol Bosso Creating an ((oasis)) formed by an upper layer of date palms and a lower layer of fruit trees: citrus, mangos and guavas.1

Legel, S., 1972:
Trial on the effect of a sodium acetate supplement on the milk yield, milk fat performance and live weight development of cows with a high milk yield

Fouque, A., 1972:
Trial on the food habits of the Indians of the forest zone in French Guiana

Gaillard, Jp, 1971:
Trial on the management of the avocado as a fruit-bearing hedge

Cicogna, M.S.ibene, G., 1969:
Trial on the possibility of lowering broilers feeding costs with partial or total substitution of maize with a diet containing wheat shorts, carob beans without seed, apple pomace dried and fat

Cicogna, M.C.arrocchi, L.P.alorsi, S.G.rdella, G.D.-Lorenzo, C., 1972:
Trial on the possibility to substitute maize by rice germ meal, acorns and denatured sugar, in diets for broilers

Cayrol, Jc, 1970:
Trial on treatment of a nematode disease of Pothos scandens with 0,0-diethyl-O2-pyrazinil phosphorothioate

Mehm-Ko-Ko-Gyi, U., 1985:
Trial planting of commercial species in the East Pegu Yoma

Zhou, Y.; Zheng, X.1; Jia, Z.1; Wang, H1; Liu, R.1; Bai, J., 1982:
Trial production of freeze-drie

Anonymous, 1962:
Trial program, public land range appraisal

Tanaka, T.; Takahashi, H.; Tanaka, T., 2006:
Trial research on the actual situation of weeds in paddy fields

Kralik, J., 1975:
Trial results in stabilizing the subsoil in the flysch belt of Orava region by final slag

Serra-Lapuerta, A., 1995:
Trial results of fertilization with swine and chicken purines

Taru, I.P.tre, N., 1977:
Trial results of the replacement of alfalfa by irrigated red clover on soils exhausted for alfalfa

Vulpe, V., 1977:
Trial results on the creation of sunflower hybrids

Daniil, D.N.gut, L., 1977:
Trial results on winter oat varieties at the Agricultural Research Station, Lovrin

Menck, B.; Klingenschmitt, D., 1978:
Trial results with Graminon plus against slender foxtail (Alopecurus myosuroides) and weeds in winter cereals

Heimes, R., 1979:
Trial results with Ronilan for the control of vegetable diseases

Mappes, D.P.rreye, W.D.ckers, T., 1984:
Trial results with a new copper formulation for the control of fireblight

Menck, B.; Albrecht, J., 1977:
Trial results with the combination: Isoproturon + Bentazon + 2,4 DP (Garaminon plus) for the control of blackgrass and other hard to control weed in cereals

Farrenkopf, Ruth, 1977:
Trial run on the safe investigation of vaccines ERA-BHK-21 on muskrat (Ondatra zibethica) and field hamsters (Cricetus cricetus)

Missbach, K., 1971:
Trial run results of the modern process forest fire warning service

Sharp, A.K., 1986:
Trial shipment of cocoa, copra and coffee from Papua New Guinea to Europe to evaluate the use of ventilated containers, February-May 1981 CoCof 81

Sharp, A.K., 1984:
Trial shipment with bank line of cocoa, coffee and copra in ventilated containers, Papua New Guinea-Europe, January

Deloach, D. B.; Moore, J. C., 1948:
Trial shipments of Oregon late-crop potatoes

Achterberg, H., 1973:
Trial stations for testing the durability of gears

Oliff, Hs, 2004:
Trial studies effects of St. Johns wort and sertraline on depression

Kwack, Bh, 1983:
Trial study of Aztec amaranths in Korea and for a new summer vegetable crop

Kwack, Bh, 1981:
Trial study of a summer veget

Milot, B., 2006:
Trial suggests efficacy of pomegranate juice on myocardial perfusion

Oppel, M., 2006:
Trial suggests saffrons potential to treat mild to moderate depression

Gehrmann-Fink, J., 1976:
Trial tests on pheasants with pesticides to determine the relation of tolerance and possible biological injury

Larroque, Or, 1983:
Trial to control weeds in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) crops

Maillet, J.; Lajoux, C., 1982:
Trial to reduce potfuls of Hortensia in size

Anonymous, 1978:
Trial use nuclear glossary

Banks, H.J.S.arp, A.K., 1980:
Trial use of CO subscript 2 to control insects in exported, containerized wheat

Dunham, Denis-Ferrol, 1983:
Trial use of foam spray-dried whole milk in selected types of institutions

Dzerzhinskii, Va, 1983:
Trial use of two coccidiostats for spontaneous coccidiosis of swine

Szurke, E., 1973:
Trial variety resistance experimental results obtained with edible dry and haricot variety dwarf beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L. var. nanus Mart.) in national variety comparative trials

Kodagali, S.; Deshpande, B.; Sane, C., 1978:
Trial with Fertivet (Ar Ex Lab.) for inducing ovulations in anoestrous cows with standing follicles

Buldini, F., 1975:
Trial with Actinidia

Anonymous, 1983:
Trial with Broyt cultivating shovel with diagonal bars

Anonymous, 1983:
Trial with Duun sound suppressor, type HV-2

Anonymous, 1983:
Trial with Epple Blasius 904 Super tractor-driven grass fan with cutting knives and Diskus M. rotating grass spreader

Anonymous, 1984:
Trial with FK ditch rinser

Anonymous, 1984:
Trial with Ford 1900 tractor with four-wheel drive

Anonymous, 1983:
Trial with International 745 S tractor with four-wheel drive

Neckelmann, J., 1980:
Trial with Jiffypot plants in Denmark

Anonymous, 1983:
Trial with Kverneland automatic cultivator

Behrens, H., 1971:
Trial with Rafoxanide on sheep naturally infected with Fasciola hepatica

Anonymous, 1984:
Trial with Renault 651.4 S tractor with four-wheel drive

Anonymous, 1983:
Trial with Shibaura SE 4040 tractor with four-wheel drive

Glem-Hansen, N., 1981:
Trial with allowance of readily digestible feeds for mink in the early growing period Includes feed mixtures composition.1

Husabo, P., 1970:
Trial with apple rootstocks. I. M-types and A2 in trial with 5 varieties

Husabo, P., 1970:
Trial with apple rootstocks. II. M- and MM-rootstocks in trial with 3 varieties

Carrera-Morales, M., 1976:
Trial with apple tree patterns

Luna, F.-M.V.lenzuela, A., 1976:
Trial with broomcorn varieties from Apatzingan, Michoacan

Tager-Kagan, P., 1976:
Trial with cambendazole in Nigerian Zebu cattle (one to two years old)

Rocha, M.-Da; Santos, H.-Dos1; Zanon, J.1; Perri, A.1; Silva, C.-Dao, 1982:
Trial with carbofuran for control of insect pests of the potato Solanum tuberosum, Brazil.1

Luna, F.-M.V.lenzuela, G., A., 1976:
Trial with commercial and experimental maize varieties of the Committee for Plant Varieties Certification

Rodriguez-Del-Rincon, A., 1982:
Trial with commercial tomatoes in Las Vegas del Guadiana Spain, varieties, yields.1

Zubizarreta, J.Z.ijkovich, N.F.y, E.H.lmberg, P.Z.bizarreta, J.B.scaldi, J., 1978:
Trial with creep feeding in a calving yard in the fall of 1976

Moraes, M.-De; Lordello, L.; Reis, A.; Thomaziello, R.; Lordello, R.; Goncalves, W., 1977:
Trial with crop rotations for improvement of coffee soil infected with Meloidogyune exigua

Cedell, T., 1984:
Trial with direct sowing of fall rape

Berg, H., 1981:
Trial with dry protein feeds

Anonymous, 1982:
Trial with dung-cleaning machines for mink farms

Luna, F.-M.V.lenzuela, G., A., 1976:
Trial with experimental maize material of the Northeastern Agricultural Research Center, the Northwestern Agricultural Research Center and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture

Hernandez-Hernandez, J.T.rrent-Fernandez, A., 1978:
Trial with fertilizers and maize varieties in the Sierra de Tabasco in the rainy season

Yared, J.; Carpanezzi, A.; Carvalho-Filho, A., 1980:
Trial with forest tree species in the Tapajos tableland area

Gusart, R.C.macho, A.B.yona, L.-R.O.ozco, E., 1981:
Trial with four fungicides separate and mixed with oil for control of sigatoka disease (Mycosphaerella musicola L.) the banana (Musa AAA Simmonds)

Varela-Nieto, F.M.tallana-Gonzalez, A.L.pez-Perez, M., 1980:
Trial with gladiolus varieties, 1977-1978

Raigosa, J., 1973:
Trial with grafts of Pinus in the region of Piedras Blancas, Colombia

Ganhao, J.; Taborda, A.F.rnandes, P.; Estrela, J., 1977:
Trial with growth regulators in Branquita olive groves to offset the adverse season in 1976

Knies, P.B.aak, N.-Van-De, 1982:
Trial with heating by infrared radiation on a farm

Wandurski, A., 1982:
Trial with hormonal intervention in seasonal reproduction disturbances in sows

Kossowski, L., C., 1980:
Trial with induced spawning in Mylossoma duriventris (Cuvier), 1818 (Pisces, Cypriniformes) by using human chorionic gonadotropin

Galrao, M.; Morales, D.P.ez, G.Z.mora, M., 1979:
Trial with information analysis of the documental data base of AGRINTER

Anonymous, 1976:
Trial with insecticides as additives in the coating of pellets

Menezes, E.; Marchini, L.; Nakano, O., 1975:
Trial with insecticides for the control of Eacles imperialis magnifica Walker, 1856 (Lepidoptera, Adelocephalidae), a coffee plantation pest

Malden, Ge, 1976:
Trial with liquid nitrogen and metribuzin on potatoes

Luna, F.-M.V.lenzuela, G., A., 1976:
Trial with maize varieties with large populations and high fertilizer levels

Guerrero-Garcia, A.N.varro-Garcia, A1; Guerra-Leon, M1; Corpas-Trujillo, F., 1982:
Trial with maize: nitrogen application rate, sowing rate and varieties (1981) Spain.1

Okerman, F., 1972:
Trial with meat type breeding hen stock; comparison of the Vedette INRA J.V. 15 with Hubbard and Ross II broiler breeders

Yokoyama, M.M.rchini, L.; Nakano, O., 1976:
Trial with new insecticides for the control of the Mediterranean fruitfly Ceratitis capitata (Wied., 1824) (Diptera, Tephritidae)

Palomares, G.B.lasch, S1; Nuez, F., 1982:
Trial with new tomato hybrids (1981) Spain.1

Casarini, B.F.ntana, F.T.evisani, A.P.rani, V.A.bizzani, A.L.ghi, P., 1977:
Trial with organic and inorganic fertilizer application on sugarbeet--third year

Aleman, R.R.driguez, M., 1976:
Trial with pigeonpeas (Cajanus cajan) for forage

Hillemann, G., 1981:
Trial with potato starch products in the feeding of mink.1

Hillemann, G., 1981:
Trial with poultry fat Feeding, milk.1

Camargo, A.-De; Almeida, S.-De; Matiello, J., 1983:
Trial with progressive spacing of coffee in Varginha, Minas Gerais: results of first five crops

Hojbjerg, A., 1984:
Trial with prophylactic oral treatment of pneumonia in purchased calves with a soluble Linco-Spectin Vet. powder

Rosenfeld, Hj, 1983:
Trial with red beet varieties in 1980-1982

Pedersen, K., 1979:
Trial with single-comb and multiple-comb mating beehives in Hordaland, Norway, in 1978

Tubertini, R., 1971:
Trial with six potato varieties

Bertoloti, S.; Mendes, F.-Jma; Dodo, S.N.kano, O.M.nami, K., 1976:
Trial with some insecticides for controlling the tomato borer Neoleucinodes elegantalis (Guenee, 1854) (Lepidoptera, Pyraustidae)

Collazo, Jm, 1978:
Trial with soybean varieties

Berthelon, M.R.mpin, D., 1975:
Trial with synthetic prostaglandin in mares

Meneve, I.M.ermans, R., 1979:
Trial with the Sonia variety greenhouse rootstock grafted on three rootstocks

Rotundo, A.R.ffone, C.R.tundo, S., 1981:
Trial with the cultivation of tamarillo in Campania

Bounaga, D., 1968:
Trial with the culture in vitro of the tubercle of Eryngium tricuspidatum L

Cuartero, J.B.guena, M., 1982:
Trial with tomato varieties in polyethylene greenhouse conditions in the 1980-1981 crop year Hybrids, Spain.1

Fj*-Micro-*ra, Svein-Olav, 1991:
Trial with unequal material use in nets for removing fish

Days, S., 1993:
Trial-blazing ants prefer the straight and narrow

Martin, Na, 1989:
Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood), greenhouse whitefly (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

Mischnick, P.L.nge, M.G.hdes, M.S.ein, A.P.tzold, K., 1995:
Trialkylsilyl derivatives of cyclomaltoheptaose, cellulose, and amylose: rearrangement during methylation analysis

Miller, Sd, 1990:

Kotova, S.; Komarov, A., 1978:
Triallate applied on fiber flax seed crops

Legassicke, B., 1979:
Triallate applied on granular urea for control of wild oats

Mckercher, R.; Ashford, R.P.stushok, G., 1985:
Triallate granules for wild oat control in dry soil

Hüebner, C.; Petermann, I.; Browning, B.L.; Shelling, A.N.; Ferguson, L.R., 2007:
Triallelic single nucleotide polymorphisms and genotyping error in genetic epidemiology studies: MDR1 (ABCB1) G2677/T/A as an example

Anonymous, 1978:
Trials and experiments on soy, 1974

Anonymous, 1980:
Trials and experiments with soybeans in the crop years since 1974, 1975 and partially 1976: supplements

Swensson, T., 1973:
Trials and investigations in the deep freezing of boar sperm

Molna, B., 1980:
Trials and research with wheeled equipment in 1979

Biarez, J.G.esillon, J., 1972:
Trials and suggestions for the calculation of the bearing capacity of piles in a granular medium

Ikizler, T.Alp.; Himmelfarb, J., 2006:
Trials and trade-offs in haemodialysis vascular access monitoring

Schornick, J.J.; Schaefer, F., 1975:
Trials and tribulations in operating an automatic stream-quality sensing network

Kawahara, B., 1985:
Trials and tribulations of a lily grower

Fendig, A., 1990:
Trials and tribulations of a nomenclator

Moore, Wo, 1976:
Trials and tribulations of a rookie

Marx, Dh, 1985:
Trials and tribulations of an ectomycorrhizal fungus inoculation program

Gerber, H., 1987:
Trials and tribulations when growing cacti from seed

Palkovitz, R., 1988:
Trials and triumphs in the transition to parenthood

Leavengood,, B., 1998:
Trials and triumphs of expanded extension programs

Toledo-Filho, D.-De; Pires,, P.-Da, 1982:
Trials as to the origins of Pinus caribaea Mor

Rusev, K.; Dilovski, M., 1971:
Trials at producing complement-f

Piazza, R.P.itoni, G.V.nturi, G., 1975:
Trials comparing spinach cultivars (Spinacia oleracea L.)

Tacconi, R.O.impieri, R., 1981:
Trials control against Heterodera schachtii with geo-disinfestants. III

Soper, D., 1985:
Trials data as a basis for agrochemical recommendations

Ravel-D'-Esclapon, G.De, 1979:
Trials done in Corsica by the San Giuliano Agricultural Experiment Station

Goihl, J., 1994:
Trials examine acidification of early weaned pig diets

Kallsen, C., 1998:
Trials explore uses of irrigation deficit

Hamm, G.; Boer, F.D., 1971:
Trials fattening steers with urea

Bernadi-Mateos, P.D.; Perez-Salas, J.E.pinosa, L.D., 1976:
Trials for adaptation of French grape varieties for quality wines (results for 1973-1974)

Jurga, R., 1974:
Trials for an increased efficiency in rye milling

Kolbe, W., 1981:
Trials for apple and pear scab control with Baycor, including investigation of side-effect against mildew and varietal compatibility (1975-1981) Bitertanol, Venturia inaequalis, Podosphaera leucotricha, Malus malus, Pyrus communis

Fukumoto, Dw, 1980:
Trials for bonsai for indoors

Begazo, Jceo, 1970:
Trials for chemical fertilizing of coffee plants (Coffea arabica L.) in two localities of the Zona de Mata of Minas Gerais

Veronesi, G.F.ccioli, G.B.ttoli, D., 1979:
Trials for collecting solar energy with a plastic tunnel

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials for comparison of cotton varieties (1975-76 season)

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials for comparison of cotton varieties in the 1974-75 season

Stengel, M.A.ak, E., 1971:
Trials for control of European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis Hubn., Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) in maize plantings of Colmar region (France) in 1971

Leiber, E., 1977:
Trials for control of Puccinia horiana with Triadimefon and Benodanil

Rivero, J.-Del; Tuset, J.; Roig, F.; Lafuente, M., 1969:
Trials for control of Spodoptera littoralis in the laboratory

La-Notte, F.G.daleta, G.C.silli, O., 1979:
Trials for control of Trialeurodes vaporariorum Westw. on Gerbera

D'-Errico, F.; Di-Maio, F.L.mberti, F., 1978:
Trials for control of root-knot nematodes on tomatoes in Salerno. II

Savides, S.P.raschos, G., 1977:
Trials for control of the nematode Meloidogyne incognita Chitw. in the roots of stone fruit seedlings during infestation

Amsing, Jj, 1982:
Trials for controlling root and leaf nematodes

Traub, Armin, 1976:
Trials for determining action site and mechanism of the herbicide pyrazon

Gurbev, B., 1970:
Trials for establishing nitrogen

Oppermann, Walter-Heiko, 1971:
Trials for experimental infection of dog with Toxoplasma oocysts

De-Fanti, L., 1977:
Trials for guided control of apple , 1976, Terrazo (Verona)

Einsele, U., 1979:
Trials for improving soil-release properties of cotton fibers through chemical modification

Ham, Y.; Cho, C.; Hong, B.; Ha, Y., 1968:
Trials for investigation of h

Kolstad, N., 1973:
Trials for line breeding in laying hens

Fischgold, S.T.can, M., 1972:
Trials for obtaining paper grade pulp from various mixed hardwood species

Remund, U.B.gler, F., 1986:
Trials for parasitization of the Grape berry moth, Eupoecilia ambiguella Hb. by the egg parasites Trichogramma dendrolimi Mast. and T. Maidis Pint. et Voeg

Anonymous, 1964:
Trials for plywood manufacture of African mahogany

Pergola, G., 1977:
Trials for reducing the necessary temperature in the cultivation of programmed Chrysanthemums--preliminary results

Mellado, L.A.royo, M.J.menez, A.C.stillo, E., 1972:
Trials for self-destruction control of Ceratitis capitata Wied. programs carried out in 1969

Arroyo, M.M.llado, I.J.menez, A.C.stillo, E., 1972:
Trials for self-destruction control of Ceratitis capitata Wied. programs carried out in 1970

Nakazawa, K., 1974:
Trials for standardization of a

Damiano, C.F.edi, W.C.bianchi, D., 1980:
Trials for stolon development in a nursery and agronomic observations on strawberry plants obtained by in vitro culture

Wynohradnyk, W., 1978:
Trials for the application of the lapinized hog-cholera virus

Guardia-Chico, M.-De-La; Gimeno-Ramirez, V., 1976:
Trials for the comparison of sunflower varieties from 1973 to 1975

Russo, L., 1976:
Trials for the control of Deroceras agreste (L.) (Gastropoda: Limacidae) damaging to horticultural crops

Kolbe, W., 1981:
Trials for the control of Monilia on Morello cherries with Baycor (1977-1981) Monilinia laxa, bitertanol, Prunus cerasus, blossom and spur blight

Kolbe, W., 1982:
Trials for the control of fruit tree canker with Bayleton Triadimefon, Nectria galligena, pome fruit

Kolbe, W., 1981:
Trials for the control of fruit tree red spider mite (Panonychus ulmi) with the development inhibitors Cropotex and nikkomycin Pome and stone fruits, flubenzimine

Kolbe, W., 1981:
Trials for the control of fungal diseases on roses with Baycor (1976-1981) Sphaerotheca pannosa var. rosae, Marssonina rosae, bitertanol

Rapparini, G.C.sari, A., 1971:
Trials for the control of mono- and dicotyledonous annual weeds in potatoes

Kolbe, W., 1981:
Trials for the control of powdery mildew on field-grown cucumber varieties with Baycor and Bayleton (1975-1981) Erysiphe cichoracearum, Sphaerotheca fuliginea, Cucumis sativus

Kolbe, W., 1982:
Trials for the control of strawberry grey mould with Euparen (1969-1981) Botrytis cinerea, Fragaria

Cavalcaselle, B., 1972:
Trials for the control of the pests of poplar in nurseries with granular systemic insecticides

Gullino, G.A.mato, B.G.ribaldi, A., 1980:
Trials for the control of white rust (Puccinia horiana P. Henn.) on Chrysanthemum

Bamberger, K., 1978:
Trials for the cultivation of the hog cholera virus in embryonated egg

Sikorowa, A.W.elgosz, S., 1974:
Trials for the determination of the effect of pollution on b ottom fauna of lakes in Szczytno

Ivanov, I.S.rtmadzhiev, K., 1972:
Trials for the fast typing and d

Anonymous, 1984:
Trials for the improvement of horticultural varieties

Rozanska, M., 1975:
Trials for the isolation and identification of Haemophilus gallinarum from hens

Ateya, K., 1969:
Trials for the nitration and amination of cotton cellulose

Dauber, Friedrich, 1980:
Trials for the preparation of the A- and M- antigens of Brucellae by the treatment with acetic acid

Younis, Af, 1969:
Trials for the quantitative extraction of transaconitic acid from some green fodder plants

A-Carneiro, Jg-De, 1972:
Trials for the stratification of the seeds of Euterpe edulis palm: Preliminary note

Pellecuer, J.J.cob, M.S.meon-De-Buochberg, M.D.sart, G.A.tisso, M.B.rthez, M.G.urgas, L.P.scal, B.T.mei, R., 1980:
Trials for utilization of the essential oils from Mediterranean aromatic plants for teeth preservation

Amati, A.; Amati, A.; Galassi, S.R.poni, C., 1982:
Trials for winemaking by maceration of grape dregs with automatic equipment

Kis, Gy, 1978:
Trials in 1977 for protection of sugarbeets against root rot

Alberini, B.N.zzola, I., 1974:
Trials in Grana cheese manufacture by using the Noury clotting enzyme obtained from the Mucor pusillus Lindt

Pereira, Ap, 1982:
Trials in a forest nursery and fruiting of some Amazon plant species

Bolsanello, J.V.eira, C.S.diyama, C.; Vieira, H., 1975:
Trials in applying nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers to kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in the metallurgical zone of Minas Gerais

Panis, A.B.un, J., 1971:
Trials in biological control against three species of Pseudoccocidae (Homoptera, Coccoidea) in plant greenhouses

Laor, M., 1975:
Trials in breeding goats.

Moutous, G.F.s, A., 1971:
Trials in chemical control against the leafhopper Empoasca flavescens Fabr.; 1970 results

Luddecke, F.P.ters, G., 1969:
Trials in clover grass mixture cultivation

Ghizdavu, J., 1982:
Trials in controlling the plum fruit moth, Grapholitha funebrana Tr., with the synthetic sex attractant

Castellanos,, F., 1970:
Trials in covering strawberries

Antoniani, C., 1973:
Trials in density with monogerm genetic types of sugar beets in the Bologna plain

Finzi, A.G.abow, C., 1976:
Trials in fattening Dawara zebu reared in feedlots

Werder,, U., 1979:
Trials in feeding Colossoma macropomum, Mylossoma sp., Semaprochilodus theraponura and Brycon melanopterus

Marotta, E.; Lagreca-De-Marotta, L., 1978:
Trials in feeding swine with brewery byproducts

Hanuss, K.O.sau, A., 1977:
Trials in forecasting the development of Cercosporella herpotrichoides Fron. on winter wheat

Ettinger, J., 1975:
Trials in growing strawberrie

Accorinti, J.C.chi, N.-De, 1980:
Trials in isolating and identifying biologically active extracellular products from axenic cultures of Coelastrum proboscideum var. dilatatum (Chlorophyta). III. New DPG cultures: lyophilization at a natural hydrogen-ion concentration. 1. Confirmation of the hydrolytic process in conditions of natural acidity

Accorinti, J., 1980:
Trials in isolating and identifying biologically active extracellular products from axenic cultures of Coelastrum proboscideum var. dilatatum (Chlorophyta). III. New cultures in DPG: lyophilization and natural hydrogen-ion concentration. 2. Investigation of phspholipids and nucleotides

Bonzon, M., 1970:
Trials in mathematical analysis of the growth of spinach (Spinacia oleracea, var. nobel)

Hanuss, K.N.cklas, B., 1977:
Trials in pesticide application techniques for the treatment of foot and top of winter wheat plant

Vega, R.D.os-Morales, J.D.; Flores, E., 1970:
Trials in physical stabilization of wines by means of metatartric acid

Pasqualini, E., 1973:
Trials in rearing Chrysopa carnea Steph. (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae) in climatizated environments

Toledo, A.-De; Amaral, R.; Souza, D.-De; Arruda, H.-De, 1971:
Trials in rice seeds treated with fungicides

Nordestgaard, A., 1978:
Trials in seed growing cultures of spinach (Spinacea oleracea) with various solid nitrogen fertilizers in increasing amounts and on different seeding rates and row spacings

Allison, D.; Peake, R.T.malin, J., 1975:
Trials in the U.K. to evaluate benomyl, carbendazim and dithiocarbamate mixtures for yield response and control of Septoria, eyespot and mildew in winter wheat

Zippilevitz, I.E.hrat, I.A.iram, H.R.poport, E., 1975:
Trials in the application of

Costa, E.-Da; Cury, R., 1976:
Trials in the biologic treatment of bovine brucellosis

Oliver, J.; Gillaumes, J., 1981:
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Trials in the control of the grape rot

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Trials in the intradermal vaccination of swine

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Trials in the introduction of the genus Eucalyptus to some regions of Mexico

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Trials in the manufacture of Asiago cheese and pressed Asiago by using the microbial coagulant Rennilase derived from the Mucor miehei

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Trials in the mechanical harvesting of olives with shakers, brushing machinery and raking equipment

Giametta, G., 1979:
Trials in the mechanical harvesting of olives with the use of a new interceptor (Apesur.76)

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Trials in the prevention of S

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Trials in the production of fish crackers

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Trials in the treatment and prev

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Trials in the treatment of pigs

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Trials in the treatment of soil with chemicals for use in a coffee nursery

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Trials in the use of ear-fungicides and growth regulators in winter wheat in staggered nitrogen fertilization

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Trials in walnuts; progress report, 1969

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Trials involving hybrid breeding

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Trials involving methods for controlling Podosphaera leucotricha on apples

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Trials involving older progeny

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Trials involving planting times for the noble fir (Abies procera Rehd.)

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Trials involving seed production from Agropyron repens, 1971-1977

Nordestgaard, A., 1978:
Trials involving seed rate and row distance in the cultivation of radishes, 1973-1977

Nordestgaard, A., 1978:
Trials involving seed rate and row distance in the cultivation of spinach, 1973-1977

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Trials involving side effects of biological control

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Trials involving sowing time of maize for ensilaging

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Trials involving thinning plums

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Trials of 18 nectarine cultivars in northern part of Hunan province

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Trials of Cottage and Darwin tulips at Wisley 1970

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Trials of FMD vaccines in oil (in cattle and guinea-pigs)

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Trials of Ipomoea aquatica, nutritious vegetable with high protein- and nitrate-extraction potential Water spinach, kangkong, Florida

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Trials of Salvia splendens cultivars. First results

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Trials of Sevine against Vespa orientalis and Polistes gallicus

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Trials of a mighty oak

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Trials of biological and integrated pest management in the tropics

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Trials of biological treatment (brucellin and vaccine combination) for brucellosis in cattle

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Trials of chemical control of Aceria guerreronis (Keifer)

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Trials of chemical control of Coryneum cardinale

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Trials of chemical control of Dacus oleae in Apulia Italy.1

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Trials of chemical control of woody plants in savannah, Ivory Coast (1975-76)

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Trials of commercial varieties of sugar beet 1966-69

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Trials of commercial varieties of sugarbeet

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Trials of control of the larger pine-shoot beetle (Tomicus piniperda L.) with the use of the fungus Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. on piled wood

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Trials of controlling corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis HBN.) BY two aerial treatments with DDT-based granulated insecticides

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Trials of cucumber and tomato varieties and hybrids under the covered ground of Central Chernozem zone

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Trials of cultural weed control in sorghum grain and forage sorghum

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Trials of detection and determination of penicillin, streptomycin, oxytetracycline and bacitracin present concomitantly in meat and edible organs of pigs

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Trials of determination of the threshold of toxicity of sulfur dioxide for coniferous stands

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Trials of different fungicide

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Trials of different methods for reducing warp in young-growth ponderosa pine studs

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Trials of disc type ploughs

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Trials of disease control measures against the ringworm of cattle on the farms of the Tuimazy Districh, in the Bashkir ASSR

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Trials of double hybrid corn which belongs to Instituto Fitotecnico de Santa Catalina

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Trials of drip irrigation on banana plantation in the Chebeli Valley (Democratic Republic of Somalia)

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Trials of earliness in a mountain area with 109 forage crop varieties

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Trials of exotic conifers on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia

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Trials of exotic species and provenances in Newfoundland

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Trials of experimental reprod

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Trials of experimental treatments in forests of Araucaria araucana (Mol.) C. koch in the Moquehue lake zone, Neuquen, Argentina

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Trials of grape varieties in Mississippi

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Trials of hard wheat seed coa

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Trials of hazelnut propagation by stooling and layering systems

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Trials of helminth control in swine with Suiverm

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Trials of intoxication of green collared duck, Anas platyrhychos L. with coumaphene and chlorophacinone

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Trials of intoxication of grey partridge, Perdix perdix L. and red partridge, Alectoris rufa L. with different anticoagulants derivated from hydroxycoumarine and indanedione

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Trials of iron sows

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Trials of leaf and stem nematodes control on strawberry (Aphelenchoides fragariae and Ditylenchus dipsaci)

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Trials of nitrogen fertilization on durum wheat with reference to the possibility of foliar diagnosis

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Trials of nitrogen management in sugarcane

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Trials of orthonil on main cannery crops (peas, carrots, beans)

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Trials of photosynthesis measurement in cereals under field conditions

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Trials of poplars in Punjab

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Trials of preventive paring in view of a prophylaxis of lameness in the bovine

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Trials of propagation by grafting of Actinidia chinensis

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Trials of protoplast regeneration in rye and horse bean

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials of radio stimulation of sugarbeet seed

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Trials of rafoxanide and phenbendazole in sheep fascioliasis

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Trials of reconciliation between inanimate matter, the living matter and the society of men

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Trials of regulating the composition of the plant species in meadows

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Trials of rinderpest nasal vaccination of calves with or without colostral immunity

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Trials of rose rootstocks

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Trials of seed production on male sterile winter wheat

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Trials of several density estimators on a butterfly population

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Trials of several years for grape powdery mildew control with metrafenone and kresoxim-methyl+boscalid in Emilia Romagna

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Trials of some drugs as chemo sterilants for fleas

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Trials of spectroreflectometric measurements on green and roasted coffees and cacao

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Trials of sugarbeet varieties under dryland conditions in the Samaria region

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Trials of sweet corn for fresh market

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Trials of the SL 64 Mahaleb cherry variety under mist

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Trials of the control of Varroa jacobsoni (Oudemans, 1904) in the honey bee by the use of TCL preparate

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Trials of tulips at Wisley, 1970

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Trials of typing the lymphocytic and reticulocytic cells of the cattle hemotopoietic organs

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Trials of use of bentonite at establishment of forest stands

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Trials of variety yields of common wheat for 1974 to 1976: analysis of genotype environmental interactions

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Trials of various lines and cultivars of cigarette tobaccos

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Trials of weedkillers on bananas in Madagascar

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Trials of winter control against black scale Saissetia oleae (Oliv.) on olive trees in Sicily

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Trials on 11 highbush blueberry cultivars in Piedmont, Italy

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Trials on a CO2 hop extract, produced in the overcritical phase

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Trials on artificial insemination in Cameroon with importedfrozen semen. II. Estrus synchronisation in Zebu cows

Lhoste, P.P.erson, J., 1975:
Trials on artificial insemination in Cameroon. I. Artificial insemination of Zebu cows in heat

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Trials on artificial rearing of kids of derived Maltese breed

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Trials on autumn silkworm rearing in Pakistan

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Trials on beef production with commercial crossing between specialized and hardy beef breeds reared on range. First comparison on young Charolias X Maremma and Chiannina X maremma bulls

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Trials on biological control of European corn borer in Austria

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Trials on cheese ripening. 6. Prevention of late blowing of semi hard cheese provoked by spores of Clostridium tyrobutyricum by means of lysozyme

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Trials on chemical control of flax rust

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Trials on chemical control of flowering in ornamental bromelads

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Trials on chemical weed control in dwarf millet crops in Senegal

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Trials on chemical weed control in eggplant

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Trials on chemical weed control in two or three-year-old alfalfa crops (Medicago sativa L.)

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Trials on commercial silage additives

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Trials on controlling black rust of cereals (Puccinia graminis Pers.)

Foschi, S.S.ampa, G., 1973:
Trials on controlling powdery mildew of cereals (Erysiphe graminis D.C.)

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Trials on crop sequence and nitrogen fertilization

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Trials on cultivation of maize and kale as second crop (under conditions of Bialystok province)

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Trials on determining resistance of some tomato varieties to root knot nematodes

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Trials on diemical control of Earias insulana Platyedra gossypiella and other pests of cotton

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Trials on effects of terbinafine.HCl for controlling mycosis in silkworm (Bombyx mori)

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Trials on efficiency of botulin model D in controlling Ochotona curzoniae

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Trials on electrical extraction of water from wet soils

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Trials on energy plantation on waste land

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Trials on evaluation costs of exploitation (thinning) in the Acungui National Forest; M.Y.nXuan; Wang TianHe, 2007:
Trials on fencing degraded grasslands for growing forage plants in Tengri Desert

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Trials on freeze preservation of mouse blastocysts with glycerol as freezing agent

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Trials on grain cereals for forage, carried in the hilly area of Basilicata

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Trials on grouping the harvest of the fruits of the coffee tree Canephora with the aid of ethephon

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Trials on immunization of shrimp (Penaeus monodon) against Vibris infections

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Trials on manual-semimechanized harvesting of tomatoes

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Trials on minor fatty acids of milk fat. 3. Saturated fatty acids

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Trials on mulching and temporary protection of early potatoes grown in large unheated structures

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Trials on photomicrography of fungi

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Trials on planting grain crops on fields which have not been plowed

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Trials on potato storage in controlled atmospheres

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Trials on practical effectiveness of baits with chlorophacinone used in control of Mastomys natalensis (Smith) in irrigated crops of Burundi

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Trials on progressively increased PK application and PK ADVANCE fertilization on forage alfalfa (Medicago media Pers.)

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Trials on pyrethrum at Grasslands Research Station

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Trials on rearing Anisochrysa flavifrons (Brauer) (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae) in climatized environments

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Trials on seasonally conditioned appearance of thermophilic streptomyceti in raw milk and pasteurized milk

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Trials on seed growing of hairy vetch

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Trials on selected chemical weed control in the autumn sown sugarbeets in districts

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Trials on selective antibiotics media for the isolation of Clostridia

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Trials on soil fixation in Adamawa using Gramineae

Kou JianCun; Yang WenQuan; Yang YunGui; L.A.ei; Feng DaQing; G.L.i, 2007:
Trials on some cool season turfgrasses introduced to Guanzhong area

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Trials on sorghum hybrids of the type purebred x purebred obtained from crossing lines of Italian cultivars

Nordestgaard, A., 1981:
Trials on sowing time in Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) and perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) for seed production

Christensen, Spl, 1981:
Trials on sowing time of maize for ensiling

Raimond, Y., 1971:
Trials on sugar-refinery froth

Grappin, R.J.unet, R., 1970:
Trials on the automatic Milko-Tester machine for mass quantity determination of fats in milk

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Trials on the alternation of t

Maslov, Vn, 1980:
Trials on the application of yeast extraction for resin tapping in forests

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Trials on the breaking of dormancy and water sensitivity by physical methods. 2. Effects of warm or cold treatment on barleys of the 1979 harvest

Nariss, L.R.icheneder, E.D.rr,, J., 1980:
Trials on the breaking of dormancy by physical methods. I. Trials with barleys of the 1978 harvest

Deat, M., 1975:
Trials on the chemical control of Cyperus rotundus L. in fiber plant culture (cotton, kenaf, roselle)

Deat, M., 1975:
Trials on the chemical control of Cyperus rotundus L. in fiber plant cultures (cotton, kenaf, roselle)

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Trials on the chemical control of leaf blotch (Rhynchosporium secalis (Oud.) Davis) of barley

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Trials on the control of Panolis flammea with a neuclear polyhedrosis virus

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Trials on the control of magnesium deficiency in apple orchard by fertilization

Golcz, I.C.abajski, T.K.rdana, S.Z.rawska, B.P.lkowski, M., 1975:
Trials on the cultivation of Mentha piperita L., Digitalis lanata Ehrh. and Papaver somniferum L. on deforested waste grounds in the region of Pulawy

Lichou, J., 1974:
Trials on the cultivation of strawberries in Mali (1970 to 1973)

Yang, Yy, 1973:
Trials on the culture of intro

Taze, Y.C.isance, D.P.litzar, H.C.air, M.S.llin, E., 1977:
Trials on the determination of optimum irradiation level of male Glossina palpalis gambiensis (Vanderplank, 1949) for biological control by sterilized male releases in the Bobo Dioulasso area (Upper Volta)

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Trials on the determination of the whey protein content in coprecipitates

Fuhrimann, H., 1972:
Trials on the development of a health program for sheep on a regional basis

Fornaroli, D.P.rotti, L., 1972:
Trials on the digestibility and balance of nitrogen in whole maize silage with urea added

Marcet, E., 1971:
Trials on the drought resistance of inner alpine dry fir (Abies alba Mill.)

Schuster, W.S.hwerdt, K.I.hof, E., 1971:
Trials on the effect of CCC on oats

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Trials on the effect of bacterial inoculum in pressed beet pulp silage Fermentation pattern.1

Baysal, Y.A.kac, K., 1970:
Trials on the effectiveness of chemicals against Hyponomeuta malinellus Zell

Goksu, K.T.zer, E., 1982:
Trials on the efficacy of Amitraz on the cattle ticks, Boophilus annulatus (Say, 1821)

Hafez, H.; Mazaheri, A.E.el, A., 2001:
Trials on the efficacy of salmonella enteritidis live and inactivated vaccine in layer flocks under field condition

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Trials on the efficacy of some indigenous antifoaming agents with sugarbeet juices. I

Toutain, B., 1980:
Trials on the improvement of deteriorated natural pastures in the Sahel of Upper Volta

Mohamed, A.; Mougheith, M.; Ibrahim, M.; El-Facharani, E., 1979:
Trials on the induction of apomictic seeds in some fruit crops

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Trials on the introduction of crownvetch (Coronilla varia L.) in Hungary

Bornaechea-Morlans, A., 1982:
Trials on the longevity of subterranean clover seeds Germination, hardness, vitality.1

Toutain, B., 1977:
Trials on the mechanical improvement of some Sahelian deteriorated rangelands

Narziss, L.R.icheneder, E., 1983:
Trials on the mode of action of antifoaming agents during the main fermentation

Musavi, Mr, 1977:
Trials on the new rice herbicides

Karpinska, E.K.rczewski, W., 1976:
Trials on the obtaining and conservation of the diagnostic serum against infectious bronchitis in hens by the precipitation test in agar gel

Pirvulescu, M.I.nita, C., 1977:
Trials on the obtainment of specific pathogen free guinea pigs (HPCDIR SPF) by hysterectomy

Priore, R.S.nnino, G., 1977:
Trials on the pollination of common Clementine with or without honeybees

Hahn, J., 1972:
Trials on the production and preservation of fertilized egg cells of calves

Falaschini, A.; Rizzi, L1; Massari, M1; Bitti, F.1; Lombardini, A., 1982:
Trials on the production of beef in a hill and mountain area Pasture, cattle fattening, Italy.1

Lanza, A.D.-Urso, G., 1976:
Trials on the production of the Comiso breed of lamb with reconstituted milk

Raghunath, T.; Krishnamurthy-Rao, B., 1980:
Trials on the rearing of the coccinellid predator, Pharoscymnus horni W. on a semi-synthetic diet Entomophagus insects

Gierlinska, I., 1978:
Trials on the restriction of formaldehyde release from particleboards

Zockoll, C., 1978:
Trials on the retention of nitrogen gas in beer transport containers

Dronka, K., 1981:
Trials on the seasonal colonization of Trichogramma embryophagum cacoeciae March. for the control of Archips rosana L

Jan, P., 1973:
Trials on the selection of gerbicides for rainfed rice in the Ivory Coast

Wolf, G., 1977:
Trials on the spreading of bark necrosis of fruit trees infected with Pseudomonas syringae

Fernandez, Espinosa, J.L., 1984:
Trials on the stability of the vaccines against Newcastle disease inactivated with beta-propiolactane

D'-Urso, G.D.ll'-Aquila, S., 1978:
Trials on the use of PGF2alpha for oestrus synchronisation in ewes. 1

Malik, K., 1971:
Trials on the use of zeisslers medium to determine in vitro the sensitivity of obligate anaerobic bacteria to antibiotics by means of the disc method

Schetter, Claus-Frieder, 1977:
Trials on tissue culture of soybean (Glycine max L.) and for establishing from atmospheric nitrogen fixation Leguminosae-Rhizobium respectively non-Leguminosae-Rhizobium associations

Kossowski, M.B.rowy, A., 1977:
Trials on using Ramrod for weed control in seed radish

D'-Arondel-De-Hayes, J.H.yez, M., 1973:
Trials on vegetable crops at Farako-Ba. (Upper Volta): Review of ten year work

Ozkaban, A.K.narli, O., 1969:
Trials on vegetative propagation of grape rootstocks by softwood cuttings

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Trials show bad ventilation costs 1 pound per pig

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Trials show how to bring out best in high-BI cows

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Trials show that boars need more protein than barrows

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Trials to control red fire disease in 1978

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Blancou, J.; Bouchet, A.D.ynes, P., 1975:
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Trials to treat swine fever

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Trials using fungicides against mildew and gray mold on strawberries

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Trials using the cell count of milk as a basis for laboratory studies involving mastitis

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Trials with BM Volvo S 830, 9, automatic combine

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Trials with Bacillus thuringiensis against lepidopterous pests

Anonymous, 1978:
Trials with Beluchting brand trailed lawn aerators

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Trials with Bjarsjolagard, a commercial feed for laying hens, 1974-1975

Anonymous, 1972:
Trials with Epple Mobil 940, 9 lautomatic combine

Anonymous, 1972:
Trials with Fiat 500 DT four wheel tractor

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Trials with Ga3 sprays and girdling on table grapes varieties Perlette and Delizia di Vaprio

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Trials with Goltix (70% W Met

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Trials with Gotala, a commercial feed for egg laying hens, 1973-1974

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Trials with Juko combination machine for row seeding and application of commercial fertilizer and planting of grain

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Trials with Larrea divaricata as a possible allelopathic and

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Trials with Mexican pines in Hawaii

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Trials with Mexican wheats on sizeable areas in southern Iran

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Trials with Prolan

Anonymous, 1972:
Trials with Rapid 201, mechanical reaper

Anonymous, 1972:
Trials with Skalsvans, 24 plate harrow

Anonymous, 1977:
Trials with Tume KL 250 H combination equipment for drilling commercial fertilizer and maize

Anonymous, 1972:
Trials with Tume combination machine for row seeding, application of commercial fertilizer and planting of grain

Anonymous, 1977:
Trials with Wartsila combination equipment, model 240 A, for drilling commercial fertilizer and maize

Anonymous, 1972:
Trials with Zetor 5511 four wheel tractor

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Jamieson, Rg, 1982:
Trials with a Sharples PM 20000 Decanter centrifuge Wool scouring industry, sludge disposal

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Trials with a copper-sulphur dust for control of Cercospora leaf spots of groundnuts in Nigeria

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Trials with a mobile cheesemaking unit

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Trials with a symbiotic vaccine in certain bacterio-virosis of animal

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Trials with active agents (regulators) in sugarbeets

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Trials with artificial vaginas for bulls

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Trials with cultivars of Campanula, 1970-74

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Trials with difenzoquat for the control of wild oats (Avenaspp.) in wheat and barley and on crop tolerance in wheat

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Trials with different feeding standards for porkers

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Trials with different growth media and methods of fertilization of poinsettia

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Trials with different species of field plants

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Trials with disinfection of the soil in rose plantings with methyl bromide

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Trials with distances in cabbage growing under flat foil

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Trials with double powder filtration of beer using different siliceous earth products

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Trials with dry feed pills in the breeding period

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Trials with ecotypes of Douglas fir

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Trials with fertirrigation of eggplants in the greenhouse

Anonymous, 1977:
Trials with field crops at the Ein Dor Station

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Trials with five pine provenances at Prestebakke

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Trials with fluid concrete for commercial surfacing

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Trials with frozen industrial fish in the growing period

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Trials with gentamicin for the treatment and prevention of enteritis, colibacillosis and dysentery in swine

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Trials with growth regulators for commercial potatoes

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Trials with growth stimulators in the rooting of fruit plants

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Trials with herbicides in flax (Linum usitatissimum)

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Trials with hop growing in Vietnam

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Trials with hotbed growing of ce

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Trials with increased rates of nitrogen to the cover crop and to the following grass-dominated ley in central Sweden

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Trials with large numbers of cattle and a minimal amount of roughage in the winter ration

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Trials with levamisole to stimulate immunity against Newcastle disease in poultry

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Trials with lightweight sugarbeet toppers

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Trials with malting barley varieties

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Trials with materials for pre

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Trials with methods of planting and introduction of species in arid and semiarid zones, Rapel Lake area

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Trials with mixed sowing of maize and soya beans for silage production

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Trials with mobile shade structures in tomato greenhouse growing

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Trials with models storage units on farms

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Trials with monogerm beet types

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Trials with monovalent vaccines against infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) in cattle

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Trials with morantel tartrate in the treatment of sheep digestive strongylosis in tropical area

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Trials with new fungicides to control mildew and gray mold on strawberries

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Trials with new varieties of flue-cured tobacco

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Trials with new varieties of lawn grass

Lindegaard, J., 1972:
Trials with new varieties of spring seed

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Trials with nitrogen and phosphoric acid fertilizers on sugarbeets on a phosphiric acid deficient location in Iran

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Trials with nitrogen and potassium in pastures

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Trials with nitrogen fertilisers on successive wheat crops

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Trials with nitrogen for timothy seed

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Trials with nitrogen, planting time, and potato varieties at the State Agricultural Experiment Station at Moystad, 1968-1974

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Trials with nutrients and gro

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Trials with offspring of different selected Danish seed stands of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis Bong. Carr.)

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Trials with one or more cuts per year, and timing of the first mowing

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Trials with potato cultivars in the mountainous area of Montenegro from 1975 to 1980

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Trials with powerful fertilizers for pasture peat soil in Smola, 1969-1973

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Trials with preceding crops in r

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Trials with production and utilization of pelletted feedstuffs containing alkali-treated straw

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Trials with progenies of Catimor, Icatu, Hibrido de Timor and other coffee selections: comparison of the cultivars Catui Amarelo and Acaia in the county of Matipo, Minas Gerais

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Trials with propionic acid as a preservative for fodder barl ey

Sogn, L., 1974:
Trials with propionic acid as a preservative for fodder barley

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Trials with propyzamide in newly-planted apples, plums, blackcurrants and raspberries

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Trials with prostaglandin F2alpha for induction of parturition in ewes

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Trials with raising the multipli

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Trials with refractometric method for determination of protein content in larvae haemolymph of silkworm (Bombyx mori L.)

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Trials with repellents against hares

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Trials with rootstocks for growing almond on irrigated land

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Trials with rutabaga varieties

Vik, J., 1973:
Trials with seasonal production of food onions, 1968

Nordestgaard, A., 1978:
Trials with seed growing cultures of radish (Raphanus sativus var. radicaula) with various solid nitrogen fertilizers in increasing amounts and with different seeding rates and row spacings

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Trials with seed pelletings including insecticides

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Trials with selective thinning in Slovenia

Jensen, P.; Simesen, M., 1983:
Trials with selenium pellets for heifers grazing on grass

Rusuku, G., 1986:
Trials with several fungicides used for Uromyces phaseoli var. typica, rust disease agent of beans

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Trials with sevine for control of Crematogaster subdentata Mayr

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Trials with shallot varieties and bred lines (Allium ascalonicum L.)

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Trials with soil management for raspberries

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Trials with some field bean vari

Johansson, K., 1974:
Trials with some measures to control the larvae of the Colorado potato beetle

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Trials with some new fungicides for control of Ustilago tritici Pers. and Ustilago nuda Jens

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Trials with some new repellents against pharaoh ants Monomorium pharaonis, greenhouse and house pests.1

Pakianathan, Sw, 1972:
Trials with some promising stimulants

Gade, H., 1975:
Trials with something new and exciting--orchids

Oyjord, E., 1978:
Trials with sowing machines

Tranmael, T., 1973:
Trials with sowing turnips, sowing rutabagas, and planting rutabagas

Antoniani, C., 1972:
Trials with soybean varieties (Soja hispida, Moench.) in the Bologna plain

Thuesen, A., 1975:
Trials with species and cultivars of turf grasses, 1969-73

Clausen, G., 1974:
Trials with species and varieties of Geranium, 1971-73

Clausen, G., 1978:
Trials with species and varieties of Sedum, 1973-76

Clausen, G., 1971:
Trials with species and varieties of Veronica 1966--1969

Valberg, E., 1976:
Trials with spring cereals in Nordland 1962-1974

Bredmose, N., 1983:
Trials with substances to increase keeping quality and with crushing or boiling for cut chrysanthemums

Hummel-Gumaelius, T., 1973:
Trials with sugar beets

Dolinar, M., 1981:
Trials with systemic fungicides to eradicate Pseudoperonospora humuli

Cassino, P.; Lima, A.; Batista, L.; Racca, F., F., 1976:
Trials with systemic phosphorate insecticides applied to trunks of Citrus spp. for the control of Orthezia praelonga Douglas, 1891 (Homoptera, Ortheziidae)

Frogner, S., 1973:
Trials with tetraploid rye

Kuvarin, Vv, 1969:
Trials with tetraploid rye under conditions of Moscow Region

Anonymous, 1977:
Trials with the ABS AGRI centrifuge pump for pumping expressed juice

Anonymous, 1978:
Trials with the AEBI AM 8 motorized mowing machine

Anonymous, 1978:
Trials with the AGRIA 3300 motorized mowing machine

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials with the ASP snowplow

Anonymous, 1973:
Trials with the Agria 4800 four-wheel tractor

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials with the Amazone S 401 T field sprayer

Anonymous, 1979:
Trials with the Amazone ZA-E 602 centrifugal spreader for commercial fertilizer

Anonymous, 1978:
Trials with the Bauer MT 500 fertilizer mixer operated from a tractor

Anonymous, 1979:
Trials with the Bogballe B-500 centrifugal spreader for commercial fertilizer

Anonymous, 1978:
Trials with the Brekken-Harrow

Anonymous, 1977:
Trials with the Bucher Transporter TR 1800 four wheel tractor

Anonymous, 1977:
Trials with the Claas Compact 30, 8-1

Anonymous, 1977:
Trials with the Claas Mercator 75, 12-1

Anonymous, 1978:
Trials with the Comet 400 field sprayer

Anonymous, 1975:
Trials with the David Brown 1212 four-wheel tractor with -Hydra-Shift transmission

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials with the Deutz D 5206 four wheel tractor

Anonymous, 1973:
Trials with the Deutz D 6006 A

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials with the Deutz D 6206 A four wheel tractor

Anonymous, 1979:
Trials with the Double-Record harrow type 90

Druizenga, Jj, 1973:
Trials with the Eberhardt silo press

Anonymous, 1975:
Trials with the Ekengards SET

Anonymous, 1978:
Trials with the Erlands Super 500 field sprayer, model 1977

Anonymous, 1975:
Trials with the FN-160 cultivator for four-wheel tractors

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials with the Faun 1660 potato digger

Anonymous, 1980:
Trials with the Fiat R 450 DT tractor with four-wheel drive

Anonymous, 1979:
Trials with the Ford County 4600 Four tractor with four-wheel drive

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials with the Fossekall manure distributor

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials with the Gray Grain

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials with the Holder A 55 four wheel tractor

Anonymous, 1973:
Trials with the Hylleberg Dominant rock picker

Anonymous, 1975:
Trials with the International 674 four-wheel tractor

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials with the JF S tine harrow, KH 17

Anonymous, 1973:
Trials with the Jacobsen Chief four-wheel tractor

Anonymous, 1979:
Trials with the Janmatic 210 hydraulic control mechanism for forage harvesters

Anonymous, 1979:
Trials with the John Deere 1630 M tractor with four-wheel drive

Anonymous, 1973:
Trials with the Juko row sowing machine with a working breadth of 2.50 meters

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials with the Kronos S 22 S time harrow

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials with the Kubberud field sprayer

Anonymous, 1977:
Trials with the Kverneland 14 turn type plow

Anonymous, 1977:
Trials with the MB TRAC 65

Anonymous, 1973:
Trials with the MOI 7 tilting-style trailer

Anonymous, 1977:
Trials with the Massey Ferguson 307, 10 harvester

Anonymous, 1979:
Trials with the Massey Ferguson 565 four-wheel tractor

Anonymous, 1973:
Trials with the Massey-Ferguson 487-8, 10 automatic combine

Anonymous, 1978:
Trials with the Nobili 500 Special mist sprayer

Anonymous, 1980:
Trials with the Nokken 63

Anonymous, 1979:
Trials with the Orkel forage distributor

Anonymous, 1975:
Trials with the Overum S 300 plow with automatic release, types G and M

Anonymous, 1980:
Trials with the Rainer 75

Anonymous, 1979:
Trials with the Ranka rock digger

Anonymous, 1979:
Trials with the Rekord, model 1978 blower control mechanism for forage harvesters

Anonymous, 1978:
Trials with the Robust heavy harrow

Anonymous, 1973:
Trials with the Rock-O-Matic rock picker model 546 N

Anonymous, 1978:
Trials with the SKALS SE 514 potato sorter, equipped with an AVB silo bottom

Anonymous, 1978:
Trials with the Same Minitauro 60 four-wheel tractor with four-wheel drive

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials with the Schilter UT 5000 four wheel tractor

Anonymous, 1977:
Trials with the Serigstad PC 14 expressed juice pump

Anonymous, 1980:
Trials with the Siloaid silage chopper

Anonymous, 1977:
Trials with the Stegsted HD 120, 11 tine cultivator

Anonymous, 1978:
Trials with the Styrmann mechanical control mechanism for forage harvesters

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials with the T. Kverneland 2000 S field drum

Anonymous, 1977:
Trials with the TKS electronically operated tackle

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials with the Tecnoma TS 600 field sprayer

Anonymous, 1978:
Trials with the Tielburger T 75 motorized mowing machine

Anonymous, 1978:
Trials with the Underhaugs potato planter with attachment for applying granulated fertilizer

Anonymous, 1978:
Trials with the Unimog MB TA 52

Anonymous, 1977:
Trials with the Valmet 502 E four wheel tractor

Anonymous, 1975:
Trials with the Vamo 40-tine cultivator

Anonymous, 1979:
Trials with the Vibrax 400 liter centrifugal spreader for commercial fertilizer

Anonymous, 1977:
Trials with the Vibro Flex 13 tine cultivator

Anonymous, 1976:
Trials with the Yndestad RY2 Standard transport shovel

Anonymous, 1977:
Trials with the Zetor Crystal 8045 four wheel tractor

Zubeldia-Lizarduy, A.C.billos-Royo,, J.; Lloret-Oltra, J., 1978:
Trials with the adaptation and yield of potato varieties in the first 1976 crop

Dzbenski, W.G.lewski, T., 1973:
Trials with the application of visual stress grading of pine lumber intended for general use

Nedkvitne, J., 1971:
Trials with the artificial breeding of lambs

Graber, M.T.omasset, R.E.zeby, J., 1979:
Trials with the biological control of Biomphalaria glabrata, a vector of Schistosoma mansoni

Irps, H., 1982:
Trials with the concentrate feeder outside the milking shed

Cerny,, M.V.znikova,, V., 1969 :
Trials with the control of enzootic pneumonia and rhinitis in piglets by early weaning

Murolo, G.S.anich, I., 1980:
Trials with the control of vine downy mildew with Rimodil in Campania

Massazza, G.L.zzerini, C., 1982:
Trials with the cultivation of Chrysanthemum for cut flowers

Gulino, F., 1981:
Trials with the cultivation of Stevnsbaer wild cherry trees

Bazzocchi, R.R.ssi, F.R.cci, F., 1981:
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