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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17579

Chapter 17579 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zhanchiv, Ts, 1978:
Types of hemoglobin and amylase and their role in the ecological-genetic differentiation of yak and cattle populations

Semencheva, Em, 1970:
Types of hemoglobin and meaning of their studies to the toxicology of pesticides

Irzhak, Li, 1973:
Types of hemoglobin in the ontogenesis of the reindeer Rangifer tarandus

Shokurov, Ae, 1973:
Types of hemoglobin, transferrins and protein composition of blood serum of breeding bulls at the Ufa station of artificial insemination

Horn, P., 1982:
Types of heterosis and possibilities of its utilization in the meat production Genetic method.1

Kuts, G.; Khazratkulov, N., 1977:
Types of higher nervous activity and their relation to the productivity in Precoce sheep

Ryzhkov, Sv, 1971:
Types of hilly forest terrain and their significance in controlling forest fires

Rostovtseva, Zp, 1982:
Types of histogenesis in the branch meristem of annual dicot shoots Abyssinian cabbage, Brassica carinata; Abyssinian sea kale, Crambe abyssinica; tomatoes, Lycopersicon esculentum; eggplants, Solanum melongena

Detroy, Bf, 1980:
Types of hives and hive equipment

Ricciardelli-D'-Albore, G.V.rwohl, G., 1980:
Types of honeys from the Mediterranean Region. Documentation with the aid of microscopic honey research

Huttman, E.; Huttman, J., 1989:
Types of housing demand and the need for a viable private rental-housing sector: evidence for the United States, Great Britain and the Netherlands

Daueetas, M.S.G.adeetiskas, A.I.K.rklis, A.A., 1973:
Types of hybrid forestry crops of Scotch pines

Tkachuk, V.; Pastukhov, G., 1974:
Types of hydrogeological-reclamation conditions of irrigates areas of the southern Ukraine

Hirano, S.; Maher, E.; Lindow, S.; Kelman, A.U.per, C., 1978:
Types of ice nucleation activity among plant pathogenic fluorescent Pseudomonads

Chekalin, Nm, 1977:
Types of induced macromutations in Lathyrus sativus L. II. Mutants of Lathyrus sativus with altered morphological characters

Chekalin, Nm, 1977:
Types of induced macromutations in grass pea (Lathyrus sativus L.) I. types of chlorophyll mutations

Chekalin, Nm, 1977:
Types of induced macromutations in the grass pea (Lathyrus sativus L.). iI. grass pea mutants with altered morphological characters

Ali-Zade, Av, 1981:
Types of inheritance of quantitative characters in F1 and output of valuable genotypes in F2 of the ecological and geographical distant hybrids of Triticum durum, Desf

Preseren, T., 1969:
Types of insecticides for the control of Colorado beetle

Anonymous, 1975:
Types of insecticides how to use them, safety & first aid

Sau, A., 1983:
Types of intensive cultivated meadows and grass and legume mixtures for their creation

MacEwan, D.M.C., 1968:
Types of interstratification in soil clay minerals

Carvallo-Thomsen, N.H.lls, F., 1983:
Types of irrigation in a Prosopis tamarugo plantation in the Pampa del Tamarugal (Chile)

Vonbernuth, Rd, 1985:
Types of irrigation systems

Dunham, Arthur, 1966:
Types of jobs in community development

Vetokho, N.; Kulinchik, B., 1983:
Types of land use location in the Vitebsk Regon in relation to rivers and standard schemes of territory organization

Ostroumova, Ta, 1987:
Types of leaf stomata in representatives of the Apiaceae family

Matis, Eg, 1972:
Types of life cycles of Cassidinae (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) from Kazakhstan and middle Asia and some features of their evolution

Frischie, Sue, 1993:
Types of life insurance policies

Scherer, Siegfried, 1993:
Types of lives

Krivinskii, Ii, 1972:
Types of livestock constitution

Mrhar, M., 1970:
Types of loading hitches

Serikov, I.; Zinin, V., 1983:
Types of machinery for the construction of terraces in forestry

Mer, Ii, 1971:
Types of machines for cleaning canals and conitions of their utilization

Dankov, T., 1977:
Types of maize four line hybrids on the basis of cytoplasmic male sterility with the participation of two sterile lines

Tauchi, K.T.keshima, T., 1983:
Types of malformations in the r

Czagany, L., 1972:
Types of marketing organization of co-operative farms

Bochko, R., 1973:
Types of microtextural elements and microporosity in clays (based on scanning electron microscopy studies)

Horak, O.K.nzel, H., 1971:
Types of mineral metabolism in higher plants

Karateav, Es, 1978:
Types of mobile film covered greenhouses

Horton, Ih, 1977:
Types of models and their requirements

Sekanov, Iup, 1974:
Types of moisture meters for cereals

Anonymous, 1996:
Types of monitoring

Andreeva, Ii, 1980:
Types of monocarpic shoots of different orders and their distribution by years of life in the ontogenesis of Gladiolus X hybridus

D'-Albore, R.V.rwohl, G., 1980:
Types of monoflora honey from the Mediterranean Region as verified by microscopic analysis of the honey

Masiuk, Np, 1985:
Types of morphological structures of the algal body and principal trends of algal evolution

Anonymous, 1961:
Types of mountain forests

Garcia, E., 1987:
Types of mulches and their effect on soil

Grinval', D., K., 1972:
Types of mutants obtained as a result of irradiating certain species of cultivated plants

Kerkadze, Ig, 1973:
Types of mutants produced in citrus fruits by induced mutagenesis

Johannesen, S., 1973:
Types of nails for use on particle board

Villiers, A., 1972:
Types of neotropical Cerambycidae Callichromini of the Museum in Paris (Coleoptera)

Woodroof, Jg, 1981:
Types of noncarbonated beverages Fruit, chocolate, vegetables, meat broth, coffee, tea

Malinowski, K., 1987:
Types of nutrients required by horses

Gvianidze, Dm, 1975:
Types of oaks according to the

Kobayashi, S.O.amoto, S.M.tsuo, T., 1981:
Types of oviposition rhythm cla

Kazakova, Ig, 1988:
Types of ovipositor structure in grasshoppers (Orthoptera, Acrididae) with reference to method of egg pod construction

Bornkamm, R., 1969:
Types of oxalate metabolism in green leaves of several families of higher plants

Kaurichev, Is, 1979:
Types of oxidation-reduction regimes in soils

Prekopp, I., 1971:
Types of packaging for cheese and process cheese

Szenes, M., 1977:
Types of packing canned foods in Hungary

Resnik, H.; Gibbs, J., 1984:
Types of peer program approaches

Shul'-Kina, Tv, 1977:
Types of phenological development of some mountain plants of the flora of the Soviet Union

Arambarri, P.De, 1984:
Types of phosphates, their availability in agricultural soils and other works related with phosphide. III. Adsorption-desorption systems and studies on soil fertility and plant nutrition

Margvelashvili, G., 1971:
Types of phosphorus fertilizers in podzolized-yellow soils according to Chang and Jacksons method of fractional analysis

P'-Yankov, V.; Vakhrusheva, D.; Burundukova, O., 1986:
Types of photosynthesis by plants of the central Kara Kum and their ecological significance

Eder, A.S.ichler, W.Z.egler, H., 1979:
Types of photosynthetic CO2 fixation within Central European Euphorbia species

Zanoni, G., 1971:
Types of pigeons breeding and commercialization

Savel'-Eva, Li, 1976:
Types of pine forests in the southern part of the Central lacustrine Meshchera

Kotov, M.; Kotova, L.; Lebedeva, E.; Shvedov, E.; Viatkin, A., 1977:
Types of pine trees according to height growth and their importance in seed production

Golenia, A., 1972:
Types of plant disease resistance

Voggenreiter, V., 1974:
Types of plants distributed in La Palma. Geobotanical investigatons. VI. Selected examples of introduced flora and cartographic methods based on modified quadrants

Ciudin, D., 1977:
Types of plants for mechanical milking

Padro, A., 1983:
Types of plants in reforestations with black poplar

Kalinin, V.; Opritov, V.; Shvets, I.; Sidorkin, V.; Firsova, I., 1979:
Types of plasma membrane ATPases in phloem cells of the cow parsnip Heracleum sosnovskyi

Messner, B., 1982:
Types of plastron-breathing insects (Insecta) Evolution, morphology, respiratory bubble.1

Voronchikhin, Vv, 1982:
Types of pod dehiscence in certain species of the genus Astragalus L. Structure, traits in species description

Vitol, E.K.riukina, K., 1979:
Types of poultry associations and their improvement

Ianushko, A.; Zheliba, B., 1981:
Types of production associations of a forestry complex in Byelorussia and their economic effectiveness

Kushnir, E.; Ruda, T., 1982:
Types of production specializati

Fischbeck, G.S.hwarzbach, E.S.bel, Z.W.hl, I., 1976:
Types of protection against barley powdery mildew , in Germany and Israel, selected from Hordeum spontaneum

Matallana-Gonzalez, A.M.rfa-Pages, J., 1982:
Types of protection for ornamental crops in the territory of El Maresme (Barcelona)

Al'-Tergot, V.; Bukhol'-Tsev, A., 1970:
Types of protective reactions of vegetatively growing plants against cold

Nayar, B.; Kaur, S., 1969:
Types of prothallial development in homosporous ferns

Patarava, Dt, 1970:
Types of pruning tea bushes

Zuppiroli, M., 1982:
Types of public intervention in agriculture and the Italian economy (1970-1979)

Wood, G.Congdon, 1955:
Types of questions answered by the CBCC with specific examples

Somorov, Ib, 1975:
Types of railroad centers for receiving sugarbeets in transit

Kalnins, Arvids, 1976:
Types of raw material in Latvia which were formed from humus

Karasevich, I.; Ivoilov, V., 1977:
Types of reactions of preparatory metabolism of meta oxybenzoic acid in yeasts

Zaichuk, Vf, 1981:
Types of reactions to soft rot exhibited by tolerant sunflower forms Helianthus annuus

Kostovski, S., 1972 :
Types of regiliousness in rural communities of Donji Polog

Conill, Af, 1979:
Types of regulation of a combined sowing and fertilizing machine

Boczek, J., 1977:
Types of relationship between insects and plants

Vogel, W.M.sner, P.G.af, O.D.rn, S., 1979:
Types of response of insects on treatment with juvenile hormone active insect growth regulators

Masner, P;;;;, 1981:
Types of response of insects to a new IGR insect growth regulator and to proven standards Insecticides

Tanaka, R., 1971:
Types of resting nuclei in Orchidaceae

Carpenter, Ed, 1990:
Types of retail displays

Andreae, B., 1971:
Types of rice cultivation in international comparison. structures and procedures in regard to farm management

Driver, Hc, 1979:
Types of risk and uncertainty in farm management

Wakeley, Ray, E., 1962:
Types of rural and urban community centers in Southern Illinois

Dumont, Rene, 1957:
Types of rural economy

Garcia-Ballesteros, A., 1978:
Types of rural landscapes in Spain: seminar organized by the Juan March Foundation and the Association of Spanish Geographers

Erikson, G., 1977:
Types of safety programs and health surveys for farm forestry

Khudaiiarov, M., 1975:
Types of sands on the Chardzhou Repetek area

Anonymous, 1990:
Types of security contracts available to Manitoba farmers

Ichaso, Clf, 1978:
Types of seeds found in the Scrophulariaceae

Dzhorgov, I., 1977:
Types of sites and their assessment in the Govedartsi technical district

Abkhazava, M.; Kvirkveliia, M., 1975:
Types of small machinery used on tea plantations

Silva, L.-Da; Carvalho-Filho, R., 1971:
Types of soil suitable for cacao in Bahia, Brazil

Legros, J.; Cabidoche, Y., 1977:
Types of soils and their distribution in the crystalline Alps and Pyrenees

Wilson, Pg, 1985:
Types of some New Caledonian genera described by A.T. Brongniart and A. Gris

Brautigam, S., 1973:
Types of some infraspecific taxa of Hieracium laevigatum Willd. in the Herbarium of the Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Museum (Contributious to the knowedge of Hieracium laevigatum Willd.)

Wapinski, J., 1980:
Types of soy protein products

Dubrovskaya, Na, 1975:
Types of spatial distribution of some gregarious insects in rural habitats

Kutikov, Si, 1969:
Types of specialized animal farms and organizational scheme of production

Nikanchyk, P.; Vastrova, E., 1984:
Types of specialized crop rotations and the dynamics of organic matter in the soil

Matskevich, N.; Andreeva, T.; Kosovets, V.; Udalova, V., 1973:
Types of spore bearing of predatory helminthophagous fungi in relation to their variability in ability to destroy nematodes

Bernsmann, D.B.eckh, H., 1974:
Types of stalls for swine fattening--two examples from the east Westphalian area

Thunell, R.; Sandine, W., 1985:
Types of starter cultures

Becker, M.D.bois, F.; Le-Tacon, F., 1977:
Types of station, fruiting and installation of beech seeds on calcareous plateaus of the northeast (Haye forest, Meurthe et Moselle). interaction with soil tillage and the elimination of competing vegetation

Neischlova, E.K.plan, J., 1975:
Types of stomata and the stomatal complex

Ruiter, J.M. de; Dalley, D.E.; Hughes, T.P.; Fraser, T.J.; Dewhurst, R.J., 2007 :
Types of supplements: their nutritive value and use

Juraniec, J.; Wrzolkowa, T.; Narkiewicz, O., 1974:
Types of synapses in the claustrum of the cat

Duff, Thomas, B., 1988:
Types of tasks done on mainframe and

Reef, V.; Martin, B.; Elser, A., 1989:
Types of tendon and ligament injuries detected with diagnostic ultrasound: description and followup

Popov, S.D.P.eobrazhenskiaei, V.S., 1961:
Types of terrain and natural regionalization in the Chitinskaeiia oblast

Sladkov, An, 1970:
Types of tetrads, hexads and spores

Moritz, M.F.scher, S., 1973:
Types of the Myriapoda collection of the Berlin Zoological Museum. I. Diplopoda. 1. polyxenida, Glomerida, Sphaerotheriida, Glomeridesmida, Polyzonida, Craspedosomatida (Striariidae, Trachysomatidae, Chamaesomatidae, Orobainosomatidae, Mastigophorophyllidae, Neoatractosomatidae, Verhoeffiidae, Heterolatzeliidae, Conotylidae, Diplomaragnidae)

Schedl, Karl, E., 1978:
Types of the Schedl collection, family Platypodidae (Coleoptera)

Schedl, Karl, E., 1979:
Types of the Schedl collection, family Scolytidae (Coleoptera)

Spatenka, K.L.stuvka, Z., 1988:
Types of the Sesiidae in the Staudinger- and Pungeler collections at the Zoological Museum of Berlin (Lepidoptera, Sesiidae)

Morge, G.N.grobov, O., 1981:
Types of the family Dolichopodidae (Diptera) described by P. Gabriel Strobl

Zhumashov, A.I.hankuliev, N., 1984:
Types of the sands in the Sundukli deserts

Potokin, V.; Timoshenko, V., 1976:
Types of transferrin and milk proteins in Kholmogor cattle

Il'-Ev, F.; Mogorianu, I.; Spiridonov, V., 1976:
Types of transferrin, hemoglobin and the potassium level in the erythrocytes of the Tsigai sheep

Berezovs'-Kyi, Md, 1972:
Types of transferrins and their

Klimov, N.; Iaremenko, I., 1975:
Types of transferrins and their relationship with the disease of cattle leukosis

Tikk, H., 1975:
Types of transferrins in the blood serum of turkeys

Pokalov, Vp, 1971:
Types of transferrins of blood serum of Red Steppe cattle

Zubareva, L.; Kuznetsov, N.; Solomonova, O., 1972:
Types of transferrins of cows in relation to their productive capacity and milk yield capacity

Milanov, B.M.nov, S., 1978:
Types of trellises in new apple and pear plantings

Romanova, G.; Kol'-Tsova, A.1; Mosolkova, I., 1981:
Types of tulip pollen anomalies Tulipa.1

Rusev, G.I.anova, E., 1984:
Types of udders in Stara Zagora ewes

Slyter, A.; Embry, L.; Herndon, J., 1971:
Types of urea supplement for wintering beef calves

Luther, R.; Embry, L.; Herndon, J., 1970:
Types of urea supplements for wintering beef calves

Gonzalez-Bernaldez, F.N.colas, J., 1971:
Types of variation among two species of Festuca

Vidal, W.; Vidal, M., 1972:
Types of vascular plants in the herbarium of the Federal University in Vicosa (VIC). IV. Ottonia

Laopez-Mendoza, Roberto, 1980:
Types of vegetation and their distribution in the state of Tabasco and northern Chiapas

Pires, Jm, 1974:
Types of vegetation in the Amazon region

Flores, Josae-Salvador, 1988:
Types of vegetation of El Salador and their present state an ecological study

Trainauskaite, I.S.rkiniene, I., 1976:
Types of vegetation overgrowing lakes in the Lithuanian SSR

Anonymous, 1992:
Types of vegetation, priority wetland protected areas

Bahadur, B.R.ddy, N., 1975:
Types of vernation in the cyathia of Euphorbia milli des Moulins

Kruger, H., 1980:
Types of wear of assets and how they relate to rationalization in agricultural production process

Mel'-Nykova, R.; Allanazarova, U., 1971:
Types of weeds in dry-farmed crops of Kashka-Darya Region

Anonymous, 2001:
Types of wetlands

Bobek, J., 1975:
Types of wheat ear branching

Krivchenko, Vi, 1972:
Types of wheat species resistance to races of stem rust

Makrushin, N.; Ziubrovskaia, T., 1973:
Types of yield of winter wheat seeds according to soil and climatic conditions in the western regions of the Ukraine

Neumaier, J., 1972:
Types of young bull fattening system

Simons-Quiroz, Henry, 1946:
Types, classes and breeds of cattle and their presentation for exhibition

Simons-Quiroz, Henry, 1946:
Types, classes and breeds of livestock and their presentation for exhibition

Fuster, B.Oscar, 1948:
Types, classes and races of horses and their presentation in exhibitions

Solais, Menalco, 1946:
Types, classes breeds of pigs and their preparation for exhibition

Melo, Manuel, E., 1946:
Types, classes, and breeds of chickens, and how to exhibit them

Frazier, Doris-Elizabeth, 1957:
Types, frequency, and usefulness of contacts of county extension agents with 4-H club leaders, Whitman County, Washington

Faegri, K., 1986:
Types--again: a response to Seberg

Dinesh Jadhav, 2007:
Typha elephantina Roxb. (Typhaceae) - a wonderful wound-healer from Bhil tribe of Ratlam district (M.P.)

Sarthou, Jean-Pierre, 2006:
Typha latifolia funck, a host helophyte of aphids of substitution for the auxiliary Syrphidae, Cecidomyidae and Coccinellidae of cultures

Klokk, T., 1979:
Typha latifolia new to More and Sor-Trondelag counties

Rybnicek, K., 1981:
Typha laxmannii Lepech. near Poprad

Napper, Dm, 1971:

Rico-Gray, V., 1991:
Typhaceae from the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico

Schneider, J.; Yoshihara, K.N.kanishi, K.K.to, N., 1983 :
Typhasterol (2-deoxycastasterone): a new plant growth regulator from cat-tail pollen

Nedelcu, G.; Parvu, C.C.nstantinescu, R., 1979:
Typhetum shuttleworthii, a new swamp association

Patnaik, G.; Mohanty, D.1; Parhi, N., 1982:
Typhlitis in poultry (a case report) Chicks, Histomonas

Herman, V.; Babkin, V., 1972:
Typhlitis infection in turkeys

Hofmeyr, Cfb, 1983:
Typhlo-proctostomy in a bull Surgery, bowel obstruction

Newton, A.Jr, 1983:
Typhlobledius Lea transferred to Osoriini (Coleoptera:Staphylinidae:Oxytelinae, osoriinae)

Sissom, Wd, 1988:
Typhlochactas mitchelli, a new species of eyeless, montane forest litter scorpion from northeastern Oaxaca, Mexico (Chactidae, Superstitioninae, Typhlochactini)

Mitchell, R.; Peck, S., 1977:
Typhlochactas sylvestris, a new eyeless scorpion from montane forest litter in Mexico (Scorpionida, Chactidae, Typhlochactinae)

Vidano, C.A.zone, A., 1981:
Typhlocybinae of broad-leaf trees in Italy. 1. Alnus

Brancucci, M., 1985:
Typhlodessus monteithi n. gen., n. sp., a blind terrestrial Dytiscidae (Coleoptera) from New Caledonia

Athias-Henriot, C., 1978:
Typhlodromini from Vaucluse with description of three new species (Arachnida, Gamasida, Phytoseiidae)

Gaponiuk, I.; Asriev, E., 1986:
Typhlodromus occidentalis in vineyards

Chazeau, J., 1970:
Typhlodromus scytinus, n.ap., a new Phytoseiidae from Madagascar (Acarina, Gamasidae, Phytoseiidae)

Taplin, J., 1978:
Typhoid and other overseas acquired infections

Dalla-Torre, G., 1975:
Typhoid and parathyphoid fevers and some prophylactic rules concerning food products

Mendelewska, J.M.ndelewski, E., 1971:
Typhoid of guinea fowl

Denney, We, 1972:
Typhoons and tungro cause Philippines to import more rice

Davidson, R.J.; Gould, C., 1976:
Typhula and Fusarium snow molds of turf

Vargas, J.J.; Kelly, K., 1981:
Typhula blight (gray snow mold)

Vargas, J.J.; Detweiler, R., 1974:
Typhula blight control

Koske, Re, 1975:
Typhula erythropus: II. Sclerotial germination and basidiocarp production

Koske, Re, 1974 :
Typhula erythropus: field history, germination of basidospores, mycelial growth, and sclerotial formation

Khokhriakova, Tm, 1983:
Typhula idahoensis and Sclerotinia graminearum infection of grasses in the northern and north-western parts of the Non-Chernozem zone of the RSFSR

Bertault, R., 1976:
Typhula ilicis Bertault

Grigo, E., 1978:
Typhula rot of winter barley

Glemas, P.P.neau, R.V.rbeke, D., 1977:
Typhula sp. on winter barley in Lorraine

Janczak, C., 1978:
Typhula species as little known pathogens of winter cereals in Poland

Bruehl, Gw, 1988:
Typhula spp., the snow moulds

Dimov, A.V.silev, V., 1983:
Typhyla blight of wheat and barley n Bulgaria

Araujo, J.M.; Tabarelli, G.F.; Aranda, K.R.S.; Fabbricotti, S.H.; Fagundes-Neto, U.; Mendes, C.M.F.; Scaletsky, I.C.A., 2007:
Typical enteroaggregative and atypical enteropathogenic types of Escherichia coli are the most prevalent diarrhea-associated pathotypes among Brazilian children

Mori, Osamu, 1962:
Typical Japanese gardens

Paviaceviac, Nikola, 1962:
Typical Yugoslavian soils and their reclamation problems

Brunner, F., 1970:
Typical and abnormal urination behavior in dogs kept in large towns

Brunner, F., 1972:
Typical and abnormal urination by dogs

Ansari, D.; Donlan, C.; Karmiloff-Smith, A., 2007:
Typical and atypical development of visual estimation abilities

Kawai, Sachio, 2007:
Typical and atypical forms of Takotsubo (Ampulla) cardiomyopathy

Skaluba, M., 1970:
Typical and individual designs of houses

Shea, Frances-Therese, Sister, 1944:
Typical aspects of the fur trade in the Montana Rockies

Anonymous, 1980:
Typical authorization for a district (interdistrict) production association for the provision for the provision of agrochemical service to agriculture in the Selkhozkhimiia system

Anonymous, 1980:
Typical authorization for a regional (or territorial or autonomous-republic) production association for the provision of chemical service to agriculture, in the Selskhozkhimiia system

Nelson, Jh, 1973:
Typical blue cheese quality depends upon a delicate balance

Zolotovich, G.D.cheva, R.K.seva, D., 1970:
Typical changes in the developme

Anonymous, 1942:
Typical characteristics of principal rabbit breeds

Kukk, U., 1982:
Typical characters of vegetation and their conservation in the Rakvere District Estonian SSR.1

McCormack, J., 1977:
Typical colobomas in Charolais bulls

Preston, Rl, 1978:
Typical composition of feeds for cattle and sheep, 1978-79

Preston, Rl, 1979:
Typical composition of feeds for cattle and sheep, 1979-80

Paez, G., 1974:
Typical configuration of some agricultural production systems

Prinz, R., 1999:
Typical contents of selected trace elements in Bavarian forest soils

Pankratov, N.; Shevchenko, L.; Achkasov, K., 1979:
Typical damage of the frames of tractors DT-75 and DT-75M

Varma, C.V.J.R.o, A.R.G.S.ndaraiya, E., 1998:
Typical dams in India

Anonymous, 1976:
Typical designs for engineering components in rural water supply

Anonymous, 1949:
Typical designs of timber structures

Tadaki, Y., 1973:
Typical ecosystem: forest.

Goodsell, W.-Daniel; Jones, R.-Winthrop; Bdierman, R., W., 1946:
Typical family-operated farms, 1930-45

Cetrangolo, M., 1975:
Typical farms in projects: the case of the colonies of repatriates in the south

Ncbmery, J.-; Garnier, J., 2007:
Typical features of particulate phosphorus in the Seine estuary (France)

Triapitsyn, Va, 1977:
Typical features of the morphology of adult Encyrtidae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) and their taxonomic importance

Anonymous, 1955:
Typical feeding standards for hens and geese

Anonymous, 1955:
Typical feeding standards for the reproductive bulls

Zimmermann, M.H.cker, H., 1996:
Typical fracture appearance of broken wool fibers after simulated sunlight irradiation

Heinze, H., 1970:
Typical fruit culture in large farm

Liebheit, K., 1979:
Typical hawkweeds of the Hieracium murorum and glaucinum groups in southwestern Germany

Basile, A., 1979:
Typical horse breeds of the Murge area

Szymanski, J., 1974:
Typical house--nontypical interior

Jung, O., 1979:
Typical housing system

Anonymous, 1950:
Typical logging systems

Casale, A., 1977:
Typical material from the collection of the Entomological Institute of the University of Torino

Dessart, P., 1975:
Typical material of myrmecophilous Microhymenoptera from the Wasmann collection deposited in the Wasmannianum Museum in Maastricht (Netherlands)

Anonymous, 1991:
Typical modern beef cattle

Smolianinov, G.K.tysheva, Z., 1981:
Typical norms and labor organization charts for taking care of ducks

Shopski, N., 1981:
Typical peculiarities of soil wa

Sandrin-Garcia, P.; Abramides, D.V.M.; Martelli, Lúcia.R.; Ramos, E.S.; Richieri-Costa, Aônio.; Passos, G.A.S., 2007:
Typical phenotypic spectrum of velocardiofacial syndrome occurs independently of deletion size in chromosome 22q11.2

Bartha, R., 1971:
Typical physiological reactions of cattle in their adaptability to tropical environments

Birkkjaer, Ko, 1979:
Typical planning materials and electronic data management concerning housing

Nielsen, R.; Hood, E.; Southard, C., 1988:
Typical price discount schedule, moisture conversion table, and USDA official grade standards for corn

Harms, C.; Swearingin, M.; Hood, E.; Southard, C., 1988:
Typical price discount schedule, moisture conversion table, and USDA official grade standards for soft red winter wheat

Swearingin, M.; Harms, C.; Hood, E.; Southard, C., 1988:
Typical price discount schedule, official USDA grade standards, and moisture conversion table for soybeans

Simon, J.; Gil, R.A.ce, P., 1977:
Typical problems of pepper for fresh consumption in Rioja Navarra, Spain. a short description of the most representative varieties

Boskamp, H., 1984:
Typical production of vegetables in an enterprise

Ferrari, P., 1973:
Typical products in order to maintain the dairy industry

Neitzert, Wa, 1983:
Typical properties of formed polypropylene sheets for use in the food industry.1

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Typical repairing, assembling, and dismantling technology for tractor S-30

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Typical research of agricultural unit production in the northeast

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Typical schematic of a regional veterinary station

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Typical size row of maize harvesting combines

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Typical specimens of Lepidoptera stored in the collection of the Zoological Museum of the the Moscow State University

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Typical stable for dairy cattle

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Typical systems of land and animal management in peasant communities

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Typical technology of tractor repairing

Skaluba, Zm, 1974:
Typical to nontypical

Elands, Birgit, 2000:
Typical tourists

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Typical traumatic lesion in bone by contraction of the flexors of the anterior members in cattle with enteque seco.

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Typical versus atypical absence seizures: network mechanisms of the spread of paroxysms

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Typical veterinary medicine

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Typical wines

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Typicality effects in face and object perception: further evidence for the attractor field model

Anonymous, 1984:
Typically well-known motor-operated, chain-driven saws in 1983

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Typificaiton of Lichen ericetorum L. and Baeomyces Pers

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Typification and antibiograms of Salmonella strains isolated from viscera of calves dead from salmonellosis

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Typification and antigenic correlation of an influenza virus strain isolated from a turkey with avian, equine, swine and human strains of Myxovirus influenzae

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Typification and application of the names Scirpus americanus Pers., Scirpus olneyi Gray, and Scirpus pungens Vahl

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Typification and classification of soil series according to hydrological characteristics

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Typification and distribution of the varieties of Gnaphalium helleri Britton (Compositae-Inuleae)

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Typification and nomenclature of Dichaena Fr., Heterographa Fee, Polymorphum Chev., Psilospora Rabenh. and Psilosporina Died

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Typification and nomenclature of Hedysarum boreale Nutt. (Leguminosae)

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Typification and nomenclature of two species of Sansevieria (Agavaceae)

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Typification and qualification of cooked meat products

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Typification as a scientific method

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Typification in agriculture and the use of progressive mater ials for the outer structural parts of stables and sheds; a review

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Typification of Agare obscura Schiede and its confusion with Agave xalapensis Roezl. New taxa.1

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Typification of Amerodiscosiella (Fungi imperfecti)

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Typification of Arisarum simorrhinum durieu (Araceae)

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Typification of Ascotricha species described by L. m. ames

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Typification of Asplenium adiantum-nigrum L. and Asplenium onopteris L

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Typification of Asplenium varians Wall. ex Hook. & Grev. (Aspleniaceae, Pteridophyta). Studies in Asplenium for Flora Iranica: 5

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Typification of Aster jessicae Piper and reinstatement of Aster mollis Rydberg (Asteraceae)

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Typification of Astragalus species IV (Fabaceae), mostly of the sect. Rhacophorus

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Typification of Athanasia L. (Compositae, Anthemideae)

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Typification of Austrian streams concerning algae

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Typification of Cachrys libanotis L. (Umbelliflorae)

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Typification of Calymperes laevifolium Mitt. and C. pallidum Mitt

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Typification of Chaenactis alpina (Asteraceae)

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Typification of Chamaesaracha coronopus

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Typification of Charpentiera (Amaranth.)

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Typification of Climacium americanum Brid

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Typification of Cordyceps canadensis and C. capitata, and a new species, C. longisegmentis

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Typification of Dimeromyces isopterus (Laboulbeniales)

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Typification of Elaeocarpus decipiens (Elaeocarpaceae) and its new variety from Taiwan, China

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Typification of Escherichia coli in meat inspection

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Typification of Euphorbia pilosa L. (Euphorbiaceae)

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Typification of Evolvulus nummularius, evolvulus convolvuloides and evolvulus alsinoides (Convolvulaceae)

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Typification of Gerbera jamesonii Adlam (Compositae)

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Typification of Hygrohypnum duriusculum (De Not.) Jamieson (Musci: Amblystegiaceae)

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Typification of Linnaean species of Potamogeton (Potamogetonaceae)

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Typification of Macaranga du Petit-Thouars

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Typification of Malvastrum A. Gray, one last time?

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Typification of Melanthera Rohr (Compositae: Heliantheae)

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Typification of Mimosa natans Linn. F. (Mimosaceae)

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Typification of Mycobacterium tu

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Typification of Nyssa aquatica Linnaues (Nyssaceae)

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Typification of Orchis elata Poiret

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Typification of Oropogon loxensis and description of two related species

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Typification of Panax quinquefolium Linnaeus (Araliaceae)

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Typification of Parmelia dolosa Des Abbayes (Lichenes)

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Typification of Peziza pinastri Pers.: Fr. (Fungi)

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Typification of Phlox glaberrima Linnaeus (Polemoniaceae)

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Typification of Podophyllum hexandrum Royle

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Typification of Potamogeton sparganifolius Laest. ex Fr. and P. natans subsp. kirkii Hooker fil

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Typification of Ranunculus bullatus L. (Ranunculaceae)

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Typification of Sadleria hillebrandii Robinson

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Typification of Salix geyeriana (Salicaceae)

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Typification of Schlechters Costa Rican Orchidaceae

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Typification of Serpotortella Dixon (Musci)

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Typification of Sisyrinchium bermudiana and Sisyrinchium angustifolia (Iridaceae)

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Typification of Spanish honeys

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Typification of Sphagnum capillifolium (Ehrh.) Hedw

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Typification of Stylosanthes (Leguminosae) and its sections

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Typification of Usnea compressa Taylor

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Typification of Vernicia fordii (Euphorbiaceae)

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Typification of Xyris macrocephala Vahl

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Typification of a strain of Newcastle. argentine outbreak in 1970

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Typification of activities of side-line in Czechoslovak agriculture

Opalinski, C., 1978:
Typification of construction systems in rural building industry

Kizdari, F., 1972:
Typification of cultural strains of tuberculosis separated from fowls

Copaceanu, D., 1976:
Typification of felling sites

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Typification of fungi described by Schlechtendal

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Typification of genera of family Umbelliferae of the USSR flora

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Typification of generic names

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Typification of leishmanioses nidi on the basis of transmiss ible factor

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Typification of locuses of Taenia saginata infestation and use of their characteristics to develop a system of prophylactic measures for eliminating the causes of stabilization of this invasion in Azerbaijan

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Typification of microorganisms: a proposal

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Typification of names in Ceratozamia Brongn., Dion Lindl., and Microcycas A. DC. (Zamiaceae)

Stevenson, D.; Sabato, S., 1986:
Typification of names in Zamia L. and Aulacophyllum Regel (Zamiaceae)

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Typification of names vs. typification of taxa: proposals on article 48 and reconsideration of Mitracarpus Hirtus vs. m. villosus (Rubiaceae)

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Typification of opisthorchiasis foci in the Orenburg Region

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Typification of plant names in Thymelaeaceae published by Linnaeus and Linnaeus filius. (vol 55, pg 483, 2006)

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Typification of plant names published by Jacob Henrik af Forselles

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Typification of root deformations in cultures established with containerized plant stock

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Typification of rural producer establishments. Analysis of conglomerates

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Typification of some Caucasian species

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Typification of some Iberian taxa of the genus Festuca L. (Gramineae) described by E. Hackel

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Typification of species described by Nitschke and currently related to the genus Eutypa (Diatrypaceae, Ascomycotina)

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Typification of species in the lichen family Thelotremataceae described by Acharius

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Typification of suprageneric names--some nomenclatural changes in Aizoaceae

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Typification of systems of electric power regulation and protection in farm production

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Typification of the Linnaean species of Aralia (Araliaceae)

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Typification of the Linnaean species of Hydrophyllum L. (Hydrophyllaceae)

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Typification of the Linnaean species of Tiarella (Saxifragaceae)

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Typification of the Linnaean taxa of the genus Narcissus (Amaryllidaceae)

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Typification of the biotypes of Brucella abortus vaccinal and field strains, isolated from fetal tissues of female holsteins revaccinated with reduced dose strain 19

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Typification of the genera Schizanthus and Salpilgossis R. & P

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Typification of the generic desmid name Micrasterias, Desmidiaceae

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Typification of the genus Pelargonium LHerit. (Family Geraniaceae)

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Typification of the genus Rosa L

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Typification of the geological environment for the purpose of protecting subsurface waters in oil-producing regions with special reference to the Tartar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

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Typification of the hedgerows of the Friulian plain: a multicriteria approach

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Typification of the names of some infraspecific taxa in the Tortula subulata complex (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta) and their taxonomic disposition

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Typification of the species described by G.G. Moris

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Typification of the taxa described by Yendo in his Fucaceae

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Typification of the taxa of Euphrasia (Scrophulariaceae) described by Finish botanists

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Typification of three names in Campylaephora (Rhodophyceae: Ceramiaceae)

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Typification of two Buckley grass names revisited: Muhlenbergia texana and M. monticola (Poaceae)

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Typification of two strains of Leptospira pomona isolated from rice water. (First finding in Agrentine Republic.)

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Typification, distribution and syndrome associated with the isolation of strains of Campylobacter fetus from cattle in Uruguay

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Typifications and a new combination in Heteranthera (Pontederiaceae)

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Typifications and a new combination in Lupinus group Microcarpi (Leguminosae)

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Typifications in Salvia (Lamiaceae)

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Typifications of North American Salix (Salicaceae), mostly Mexican

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Typificaton of Dianella Lam. ex Juss. (Liliaceae)

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Typificotions in the genus Scleria P. J. Bergius (Cyperaceae)

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Typified CPU-8, CL-4,5 M and CPT-4 cultivators

Peteva-Vancheva, Z.S.eriev, I., 1978:
Typified feeding, a reserve for

Skorobogatykh, Nn, 1979:
Typified rations for cattle

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Typifization, a way for improving capital construction in agriculture

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Typing FMD virus by the complement-fixation reaction

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Typing Newcastle disease virus strains and the dynamics of antihaemagglutining and vitelline immunity (research in Cuba)

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Typing Plasmodium yoelii microsatellites using a simple and affordable fluorescent labeling method

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Typing Staphylococcus aureus using the spa gene and novel distance measures

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Typing and subtyping of Clostridium difficile isolates by using multiple-locus variable-number tandem-repeat analysis

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Typing and determining pathogenic state of cultures of Mycobacterium isolated from swine by biological methods and a number of biochemical methods

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Typing and patterns of cellular morphological alterations in Cryptococcus neoformans and Cryptococcus gattii isolates exposed to a panel of killer yeasts

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Typing of FMD virus

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Typing of Mycoplasma isolated fr

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Typing of Rhizobium trifolii mutants by means of phages

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Typing of Vibrio vulnificus strains by variability in their 16S-23S rRNA intergenic spacer regions

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Typing of skeletal muscle fibres

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Typing of Thai clinical isolates of Mycobacterium leprae and analysis of leprosy transmission by polymorphism of tandem repeats

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Typing of the effluents of the agricultural and food industr ies

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Typing of the immunological system in human embryos by coelocentesis

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Typische Preis-Spannenrelationen bei der Vermarktung von Gemeuse und Schlachtvieh

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Typisierung von Funktionstreagern in Genossenschaften

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Typization and standardization of natural series of growth of timber stands

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Typization and unification of water supply objects in agriculture

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Typization of castorbean inflorescences and its use in breeding

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Typization of water management and land reclamation structures

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Typogenic process of Mediterranean soils

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Typographia naturalis

Anonymous, 1951:
Typography and design

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Typologia zbiorowisk i kartografia roslinnosci w Polsce

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Typological analyses of the rural built system: a methodological approach to a case study

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Typological analysis of forests

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Typological analysis of the response from serological and hypersensitivity tests for brucellosis

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Typological and ontogenetical investigations on Spathicarpa sagittifolia Schott (Araceae): growth, form and inflorescence

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Typological and social classifications of vineyards in the Languedoc area France.1

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Typological changes in the condition of lakes in cultivated landscapes

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Typological characteristics of agribusinesses. Regional parts

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Typological characteristics of behavior in strains of rats bred for enhancement and absence of pendulum movements. Association with brain monoamines

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Typological classification of fo

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Typological classification of forests as the base of forest management in the Caucasus

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Typological classificationof forests on the ecological bases

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Typological criteria of soils developed from fluvioglacial and boulder sands of the upper part of the Kurpiowska Plain

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Typological diversity and differentiation of muscle fibres during the development of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

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Typological foundations

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Typological grouping of south taiga biotopes

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Typological investigations as basis of modern forest management

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Typological potential of forests of Kharkov Region

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Typological study of the soil-plant complex in semi-mechanized intensive cultivation in the central Ivory Coast

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Typologie des agro-systemes villageois du departement de Maradi (Niger)

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Typologie des exploitations agricoles pour cinq speculations maraicheres dans les environs dAntananarivo et dans lItasy

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Typologie et dynamique de la vegetation des zones alluviales de Suisse

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Typologies of gasificator for wood biomass

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Typologies of resilient families: emerging roles of social class and ethnicity

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Typologies under study for treatment of alcoholics

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Typologies: construct design and measurement issues

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Typologies: issues related to the interface between basic and applied research

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Typology and biology of natural and artificial phytocoenoses

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Typology and characteristic of mountain soils in the Sudety region

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Typology and classification of the forests of European Russia: methodological approaches and their potential implementation

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Typology and development

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Typology and distributional pattern of foliar sclereids in Plethiandra Hook. f. (Melastomataceae)

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Typology and dynamics of the environmental groupings of the system of mobile dunes of the Biological Reserve of Donana (Huelva)

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Typology and morphogenesis of angiosperm stamens

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Typology and morphological characteristics of the udders of Mancha ewes during lactation

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Typology and properties of soils developed from boulder loam of the Central-Polish glaciation

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Typology and properties of soils developed from boulder loams

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Typology and zoning of karst in Montenegro Yugoslavia.1

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Typology now: homology and developmental constraints explain evolvability

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Typology of agricultural enterprises and structure building

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Typology of agricultural producers

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Typology of altitude vegetation

Mucina, L., 1986:
Typology of characteristical species

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Typology of climates and microclimates of soils of the Barabinsk flatlands

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Typology of false oat meadows

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Typology of forest stations of the volcanic zones of Auvergne

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Typology of growing methods in farming: results of an investigation in the valleys of Lot-et-Garonne

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Typology of impact on environment Pollution problems, Estonian SSR.1

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Typology of innovative behaviours of agricultural co-operatives case studies in the Midi-Pyrenees region

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Typology of landscapes of modern draining shores of the Aral Sea

Hefedova, Vb, 1979:
Typology of landscapes of the north of Western Siberia in terms of their stability towards construction activities

Petran, J., 1975:
Typology of peasants movements in central Europe in the aspect of the transition from feudalism to capitalism

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Typology of pistache woodlands with growing of Pistacia vera in cultures in middle Asia

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Typology of reservoirs in southern Brazil

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Typology of sclereids

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Typology of soils developed from sands of the Biala Puszcza Primeval Forest with reference to the area geomorphology

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Typology of soils of Mount Zgorzelisko based on chemical and morphological properties

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Typology of structures on the surfaces of insect wings

Anonymous, 1974:
Typology of tea culture

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Tyres play a big part in fuel economy

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Tyres versus tracks

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Tyres. 2. The measure of the size markings

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Tyria jacobaeae L. ab. pallidula nom. nov

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Tyrosine metabolism and toxicity

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Tyrosine metabolism in the larva of the blowfly, Calliphora erythrocephala

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Tyrosinemia and related disorders

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Tyson Foods, Monett, Missouri

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Tzu huai

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Tzu sui huai

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U CAL Riverside overhauls foodcart

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U S trade prospects

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U baraetis* section *be za vyrashcenne haloaeunaaei zadachy u sel* section *skaaei haspadaretisy (Z vopytu raboty partyaeinykh arganizaetisyaei Paleskaaei voblasetisi)

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U barats* section *be za kruty aeuzdym sel* section *skaaei haspadarki (Zbornik artykulaaeu sakrataroaeu kalgasnykh partyinykh arganizatsyaei)

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U bodies are cytoplasmic structures that contain uridine-rich small nuclear ribonucleoproteins and associate with P bodies

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U borbi za hranu

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U borotbi za pidnesenneiia hromadskogo hospodarstva kolhospiv (z dosvidu kolhospiv zakhidnykh oblasteaei URSR)

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U istokov novoi biologii

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U istokov otechestvennoaei botaniki

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U nas v MTS

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U nikh uchatseiia drugie

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U shaped stones to replace troughs

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U x TV = 1000 U

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U-28 univerzaalis Diesel traktor kezelaesi aes es karbantartaasi utasaitaas

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U-56295: a new insecticide for bollworm and tobacco budworm control

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U-pick & farm marketing methods Fruits and vegetables

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U-pick at strawberry fields

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U-pick blueberries

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U-pick marketing

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U-pick raspberries

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U-turn on green top

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U. K. legislation relevant to the keeping of laboratory animals

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U. K. margarine, fat prices up

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U. S. Army radiation laboratory

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U. S. Food Aid Programs

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U. S. Foreign Trade is Vital to Our Farmers And To Our Economy

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U. S. Marketing Practices Around the World

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U. S. Meat Animal Research Center

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U. S. Senate bill seeks season-long price supports for flue-cured

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U. S. agricultural import policy--impact on consumer pricesand farm income

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U. S. and world cotton: 1978 situation and 1979 outlook

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U. S. aquaculture marketing

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U. S. burley in the 1980s: quality is the best hope

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U. S. cigarette exports climbing

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U. S. consumption of naval stores

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U. S. cotton gains ground in West German market

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U. S. cottons legislative and regulatory environment

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U. S. cottonseed benefits from winter trip to Mexico

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U. S. customs regualtions

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U. S. edible fats and oils refining capacities

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U. S. experience being transferred to cooperatives overseas

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U. S. exports of domestic merchandise, SIC

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U. S. federal farm programs

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U. S. hog outlook

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U. S. housing need changing lumber requirements

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U. S. imports of naval stores

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U. S. industrys technology venture practices

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U. S. inflation, labors share, and the natural rate of unemployment

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U. S. lumber in a metric world

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U. S. peanut exports rise after small crops abroad

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U. S. poultry sales helped by tourism in Carribbean

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U. S. soybeans; production and world sales

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U. S. sugar legislation and ISA ratification

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U. S. tall oil

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U. S. wheat exports lower in 1968

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U. S.-China farm trade: past and prologue. 1. whate China needs

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U. k. sets new farm price guarantees, moves toward variable levies. part II

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U. s. agricultural exports to the EC: continued growth?

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U. s. agricultural trade

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U. s. coffee import value up, quantity down over last 5 years

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U. s. exports on farm products expected to rise in fiscal year 1970

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U. s. exports to USSR down nearly one half in fiscal 1977; sharp improvement seen for fiscal 1978

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U. s. farm and food policy

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U. s. foreign trade policy education

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U. s. forest Service water claims--between the snowpack and downstream water interests

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U. s. grain situation

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U. s. oilseeds and products outlook

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U. s. onion consumption and buying behavior patterns

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U. s. palm oil imports: an economic analysis of recent events and prospects for the future

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U. s. poultry exports to Latin America stymied

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U. s. soybean export program

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U. s. sugar and sweetener outlook

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U.A.E. consumers relish U.S. savory snacks

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U.A.E.: gateway to other markets

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U.A.R. agriculture enters a new age

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U.A.S. edn. series

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U.A.S. extn. series

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U.C. Riverside: outstanding achievements in agricultural research

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U.C. SR 91 Bush, U.C. Top Mark Bush, and U.C. Perlita Bush muskmelon breeding lines

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U.C. sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program

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U.C.s D.E.S. one way to organize scientists for problem-solving

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U.F. Poultry Science Department--the future

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U.H.F. photoconductivity in plant leaves

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U.K experimental unit helps boost hill-farm output

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U.K. - Canada Wheat Agreement

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U.K. boosting sugar output as consumption decreases

Evans, Dp, 1980:
U.K. boosting winter grain yields through intensive planting practices

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U.K. canners

Anonymous, 1995:
U.K. consumers respond to the winning ways of U.S. wines

Anonymous, 1978:
U.K. data show drop in tobacco consumption

Anonymous, 1976:
U.K. drought cuts grain output, may boost imports

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U.K. ends transition to EC with many conflicts unresolved

Williams,. Jr.;, 1970:
U.K. entry into the EC: prospects for U.S. tobacco

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