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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17586

Chapter 17586 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Matteucci, M.L.; Spaulding, K.; Dassler, C.; Lee, D., 1999:
Ultrasound diagnosis: intra-abdominal wood foreign body

Venco, L., 1997:
Ultrasound diagnosis: left ventricular thrombus in a cat with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Schmidt, S.S.hrag, D., 1985:
Ultrasound echography in prostatic abscesses in the dog

Appleford, M.R.; Oh, S.; Cole, J.A.; Protivínský, J.; Ong, J.L., 2007:
Ultrasound effect on osteoblast precursor cells in trabecular calcium phosphate scaffolds

Tsvetkova, F., 1975:
Ultrasound effect on the growth,

Antonov, I.P.rvanov, P., 1973:
Ultrasound effect on the seed ge

Khanal, S.Kumar.; Montalbo, M.; van Leeuwen, J.; Srinivasan, G.; Grewell, D., 2007:
Ultrasound enhanced glucose release from corn in ethanol plants

Biller, Ds, 1995:
Ultrasound equipment

Faverin, C.; Depetris, G.J.; Chicatun, A.; Villarreal, E.L.; Pavan, E.; Santini, F., 2006:
Ultrasound estimation of fat thickness and muscle area in beef cattle

Fontaine, G.; Rodgerson, D.; Hanson, R.; Streiger, R., 1999:
Ultrasound evaluation of equine gastrointestinal disorders

Friedrich-Rust, M.; Forestier, N.; Sarrazin, C.; Reesink, H.W.; Herrmann, E.; Zeuzem, S., 2007:
Ultrasound evaluation of perihepatic lymph nodes during antiviral therapy with the protease inhibitor telaprevir (VX-950) in patients with chronic hepatitis C infection

Hurtgen, Jp, 1997:
Ultrasound evaluation of stallion genitalia

Daly, J.; Gunn, I.; Kirby, N.; Jones, R.; Galloway, D., 2007:
Ultrasound examination and behavior scoring of captive broadnose sevengill sharks, Notorynchus cepedianus (Peron, 1807)

Denoix, J.; Crevier, N.A.evedo, C., 1992:
Ultrasound examination of the pastern in horses

Chantzi, C.; Saranteas, T.; Zogogiannis, J.; Alevizou, N.; Dimitriou, V., 2006:
Ultrasound examination of the sciatic nerve at the anterior thigh in obese patients

Saranteas, T.; Kostopanagiotou, G.; Paraskeuopoulos, T.; Vamvasakis, E.; Chantzi, C.; Anagnostopoulou, S., 2007:
Ultrasound examination of the sciatic nerve at two different locations in the lateral thigh: a new approach of identification validated by anatomic preparation

Weisz, B.; Pandya, P.P.; David, A.L.; Huttly, W.; Jones, P.; Rodeck, C.H., 2007:
Ultrasound findings after screening for Down syndrome using the integrated test

Dukhin, A.-S.G.etz, P., J., 2002:
Ultrasound for characterizing colloids

Agee, H.; Webb, J., 1969:
Ultrasound for control of bollweevils on cotton

Toal, Robert, L., 1996:
Ultrasound for the practitioner

Anonymous, 1994:
Ultrasound grayscale assignment and adjustable gamma curves

Aguirre, J.; Blumenthal, S.; Borgeat, A., 2007:
Ultrasound guidance and success rates of axillary brachial plexus block - I

Mannion, S.; Capdevila, X., 2007:
Ultrasound guidance and success rates of axillary brachial plexus block - II

Farooq, M., 2007:
Ultrasound guidance for peripheral venous access

Stone, B.A., 2007:
Ultrasound guidance for peripheral venous access: a simplified seldinger technique

Rantanen, N.; Kincaid, B., 1989:
Ultrasound guided fetal cardiac puncture: a method of twin reduction in the mare

Vijoyanand, V.; Nagarajan, B., 2006:
Ultrasound guided liver biopsy in dogs

Elstein, D., 2003:
Ultrasound helps producers find ideal cattle

Schumacher, J., 1996:
Ultrasound imaging in reptiles

Bond, M.; Berson, A.; Bryan, F., 1991:
Ultrasound imaging of atherosclerotic lesions in arteries of animals: validity and reproducibility

Coatney, R.W., 2001:
Ultrasound imaging: principles and applications in rodent research

Priego Capote, F.; Luque de Castro, M.D., 2006:
Ultrasound in analytical chemistry

Kelly, Elizabeth, 1957:
Ultrasound in biology and medicine:

Nyland, T.; Kantrowitz, B., 1986:
Ultrasound in diagnosis and staging of abdominal neoplasia

Povey, M.J.W.M.son, T.J., 1998:
Ultrasound in food processing

Darenius, K., 1983:
Ultrasound in mare gynecology

Lindsay, P.; Mcgladdery, A., 1996:
Ultrasound in medical obstetrics: is it applicable to equine fetal medicine?

Anonymous, 1973:
Ultrasound in medicine & biology

Debska, W., 1981:
Ultrasound in pharmaceutical studies (part 2)

Stetter, M., 2003:
Ultrasound in reptiles and amphibians

Hittmair, Katharina, 1997:
Ultrasound in small animal practice

Ley, S.-V.L.w, C., M.R., 1989:
Ultrasound in synthesis

Tang, C-Hsin.; Lu, D-Yuu.; Tan, T-Wei.; Fu, W-Mei.; Yang, R-Sen., 2007:
Ultrasound induces hypoxia-inducible factor-1 activation and inducible nitric-oxide synthase expression through the integrin/integrin-linked kinase/Akt/mammalian target of rapamycin pathway in osteoblasts

Oelke, M.; Höfner, K.; Jonas, U.; Ubbink, D.; de la Rosette, J.; Wijkstra, H., 2006:
Ultrasound measurement of detrusor wall thickness in healthy adults

Colbert, J.A.; Gordon, A.; Roxelin, R.; Silva, S.; Silva, J.; Rocha, C.; Harris, E., 2007:
Ultrasound measurement of gallbladder wall thickening as a diagnostic test and prognostic indicator for severe dengue in pediatric patients

Naveau, J.C.atelier, C.R.lland, G.P.mmeret, P., 1980:
Ultrasound measurement of lard thickness

Park, E.J.; Werner, J.; Smith, N.Barrie., 2007:
Ultrasound mediated transdermal insulin delivery in pigs using a lightweight transducer

Perel'-Shtein, L.; Zaitsev, S.; Teteriatnikov, V., 1980:
Ultrasound method of the control over the development of cracks in tractor metal constructions during testing on stands

Cannon, J.; Andrews, A., 1995:
Ultrasound of the equine stomach

Moretti, Jl, 1982 :
Ultrasound physical elements. Echography Veterinary medicine, diagnostic use.1

Biedermann, G.F.ankenstein, C., 1982:
Ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis in mares

Jones, J.Stephen., 2007:
Ultrasound probe positioning to minimize the risk of recto-urethral fistula during cryosurgical ablation of prostate cancer

Silver, Sc, 1980:
Ultrasound production during stridulation by hydropsychid larvae (Trichoptera)

Komatsu, R.; Sengupta, P.; Wadhwa, A.; Akça, O.; Sessler, D.I.; Ezri, T.; Lenhardt, R., 2007:
Ultrasound quantification of anterior soft tissue thickness fails to predict difficult laryngoscopy in obese patients

Rantanen, Norman, W., 1983:
Ultrasound scan techniques for large and small animals

Powis, R.L., 1986:
Ultrasound science for the veterinarian

Levi, S.; Chervenak, F., A., 1998:
Ultrasound screening for fetal anomalies, is it worth it?

Rantanen, Nw, 1990:
Ultrasound standoff techniques

Mol, Christiaan-Rudolf, 1981:
Ultrasound velocity tomography and dynamic cardiac geometry

Yang, Y.-; Jin, M.-; Huang, M.-; Su, B.-; Ren, Q., 2007:
Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Soyasaponins from Hypocotyls, and Analysis by LC-ESI-MS

Tnibar, A., 2007:
Ultrasound-aided tendon and ligament surgery in the horse

Sánchez Avila, N.; Priego Capote, F.; Luque de Castro, M.D., 2007:
Ultrasound-assisted extraction and silylation prior to gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for the characterization of the triterpenic fraction in olive leaves

Luo DengLin; Nie Ying; Zhong XianFeng; Xin Li, 2007:
Ultrasound-assisted extraction of ginsenosides from ginseng in supercritical CO2

Rostagno, M.A.; Palma, M.; Barroso, C.G., 2007:
Ultrasound-assisted extraction of isoflavones from soy beverages blended with fruit juices

Arain, M.B.; Kazi, T.G.; Jamali, M.K.; Afridi, H.I.; Jalbani, N.; Memon, A.R., 2007:
Ultrasound-assisted pseudodigestion for toxic metals determination in fish muscles followed by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrophotometry: multivariate strategy

Munoz, R.A.A.; Kolbe, M.; Siloto, R.C.; Oliveira, P.V.; Angnes, L., 2007:
Ultrasound-assisted treatment of coconut water samples for potentiometric stripping determination of zinc

Ribeiro, A.S.; Vieira, M.A.; Willie, S.; Sturgeon, R.E., 2007:
Ultrasound-assisted vapor generation of mercury

Tsui, B., 2007:
Ultrasound-guidance and nerve stimulation: implications for the future practice of regional anesthesia

Karakitsos, D.; Saranteas, T.; Patrianakos, A., P.; Labropoulos, N.; Karabinis, A., 2007:
Ultrasound-guided Low in critical care patients approach femoral vein catheterization results in high incidence of deep vein thrombosis

Mueller-Holzner, E.; Frede, T.; Daniaux, M.; Ban, M.; Taucher, S.; Schneitter, A.; Zeimet, A.G.; Marth, C., 2007:
Ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy of the breast: does frozen section give an accurate diagnosis?

Kosmas, I.P.; Janssens, R.; D.M.nck, L.; A.T.rki, H.; Van der Elst, J.; Tournaye, H.; Devroey, P., 2007:
Ultrasound-guided embryo transfer does not offer any benefit in clinical outcome: a randomized controlled trial

Kanitz, W.B.cker, F.A.m, H.T.rner, H., 1995:
Ultrasound-guided follicular aspiration in mares

Feller-Kopman, D., 2007:
Ultrasound-guided internal jugular access: a proposed standardized approach and implications for training and practice

Baciarello, M.; Casati, A.; Fanelli, G., 2007:
Ultrasound-guided intraneural injections and neurologic injury

Manolakopoulos, S.; Triantos, C.; Bethanis, S.; Theodoropoulos, J.; Vlachogiannakos, J.; Cholongitas, E.; Sideridis, M.; Barbatis, C.; Piperopoulos, P.; Spiliadi, C.; Papadimitriou, N.; Roukounakis, N.; Tzourmakliotis, D.; Avgerinos, A.; Burroughs, A., 2007:
Ultrasound-guided liver biopsy in real life: comparison of same-day prebiopsy versus real-time ultrasound approach

Helayel, P.Escovedo.; da Conceição, D.Brüggemann.; Pavei, Pícia.; Knaesel, J.Alexander.; de Oliveira Filho, Gúlio.Rodrigues., 2007:
Ultrasound-guided obturator nerve block: a preliminary report of a case series

Broussard, Jr; Roussel, Jd; Meintjes, M.B.llow, Ms; Paul, Jb; Godke, Ra, 1994:
Ultrasound-guided oocyte recovery in pregnant cows

Szatmári, V.; Osi, Z.; Manczur, F., 2001:
Ultrasound-guided percutaneous drainage for treatment of pyonephrosis in two dogs

Ellegaard, L.; Mogensen, S.; Juhler, M., 2007:
Ultrasound-guided percutaneous placement of ventriculoatrial shunts

Swenson, J., 2007:
Ultrasound-guided perineural catheters have already arrived

Modransky, P.D., 1986:
Ultrasound-guided renal and hepatic biopsy techniques

Ansarin, M.; D.F.ori, E.; Preda, L.; Maffini, F.; Bruschini, R.; Calabrese, L.; Jereczek-Fossa, B.A.; Chiesa, F.; Bellomi, M., 2007:
Ultrasound-guided transcutaneous Tru-Cut biopsy to diagnose laryngopharyngeal masses: a pilot study

Kumon, R.E.; Aehle, M.; Sabens, D.; Parikh, P.; Kourennyi, D.; Deng, C.X., 2007:
Ultrasound-induced calcium oscillations and waves in Chinese hamster ovary cells in the presence of microbubbles

Fu, H.; Suri, R.P.S.; Chimchirian, R.F.; Helmig, E.; Constable, R., 2007:
Ultrasound-induced destruction of low levels of estrogen hormones in aqueous solutions

Ehret,, M., 1989:
Ultrasound-induced parental behaviour in house mice is controlled by female sex hormones and parental experience

Nahirnyak, V.; Mast, T.Douglas.; Holland, C.K., 2007:
Ultrasound-induced thermal elevation in clotted blood and cranial bone

Song, Y.; Hahn, T.; Thompson, I.P.; Mason, T.J.; Preston, G.M.; Li, G.; Paniwnyk, L.; Huang, W.E., 2007:
Ultrasound-mediated DNA transfer for bacteria

Spillman, A., 2003:
Ultrasound: An environmentally friendly tool for the textile industry

Banak, T., 1985:
Ultrasound: taking pictures internally

Debska, W.W.lasiak, A., 1975:
Ultrasounds in pharmaceutical science. II

Bengtsson, K.S.muelsson, E., 1969:
Ultrasterilized aseptic tappi

Podsiadlo, P.; Kaushik, A.K.; Arruda, E.M.; Waas, A.M.; Shim, B.Sup.; Xu, J.; Nandivada, H.; Pumplin, B.G.; Lahann, J.; Ramamoorthy, A.; Kotov, N.A., 2007:
Ultrastrong and stiff layered polymer nanocomposites

Bielenberg, U.B.rns, W.S.ith, J., 1989:
Ultrastructural & image analysis of mitochondrial changes in myocardium of copper-deficient rats administered a toxic dose of cocaine

Casal, A.B.; Freire, F.; Bautista-Harris, G.; Arencibia, A.; Orós, J., 2007:
Ultrastructural characteristics of blood cells of juvenile loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta)

Lovy, J.; Becker, J.A.; Speare, D.J.; Wadowska, D.W.; Wright, G.M.; Powell, M.D., 2007:
Ultrastructural examination of the host cellular response in the gills of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, with amoebic gill disease

Chousalkar, K.K.; Roberts, J.R., 2007:
Ultrastructural observations on effects of infectious bronchitis virus in eggshell-forming regions of the oviduct of the commercial laying hen

Arns, M.; Neck, K.; Evans, J.; Caceci, T., 1988:
Ultrastructural abnormalities in equine spermatozoa from a cryptorchid stallion

Els, H.; Pienaar, J.1; Schutte, P.1; Booyens, J1; Drabble, H., 1982:
Ultrastructural abnormalities of heart, lung and kidney tissue associated with induced gousiekte (congestive heart failure) in sheep Plant poisoning, Rubiaceae, Pachystigma pygmaeum

Palandri, M., 1972:
Ultrastructural ageing aspects of coenocytic filaments in Halimeda tuna (Ell. and Sol.) Lamour

Janitor, A.P.non, J.O.a', H.-Gm, 1971:
Ultrastructural alteration of chloroplasts in wheat cells infected by black rust

Fischer, W.; Brückner, B.; Meyer, H.W., 1982:
Ultrastructural alterations at the cell wall and plasma membrane of Candida spec. H induced by n-alkane assimilation

Takeo, K.; Yamamura, M.; Kamihara, T., 1989:
Ultrastructural alterations in Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells in association with elevated temperature-induced autolysis

Saropulos, A.S.; Drennan, D.S.H., 2007:
Ultrastructural alterations in mesophyll and bundle sheath chloroplasts of two maize cultivars in response to chilling at high irradiance

Yamane, S., 1976:
Ultrastructural alterations in the liver of himedaka, Oryzias latipes, exposed to a herbicide, 3 amino 1,2,4 triazole

Kapp, P., 1973:
Ultrastructural alterations in the livers of foal fetuses aborted in rhinopheumonitis

Zhou YanQin; Yao BaoAn; Zhao JunLong; Sun Ming; Y.Z.Niu, 2007:
Ultrastructural alterations of Schistosoma japonicum induced by Bacillus thuringiensis insecticidal crystal proteins (Bt ICPs)

Keonigsmann, Dorothee, 1989:
Ultrastructural alterations of porcine skeletal muscle after intensive-rapid-chilling in the initial stage of meat ageing

Bhatnagar, M.; Vrablic, O.1; Yamashiro, S., 1982:
Ultrastructural alterations of the liver of Pekin ducks fed methyl mercury-containing diets Neurotoxicity, pollutants

Aliev, G.; Miller, J.P.; Leifer, D.W.; Obrenovich, M.E.; Shenk, J.C.; Smith, M.A.; Lamanna, J.C.; Perry, G.; Lust, D.W.; Cohen, A.R., 2006:
Ultrastructural analysis of a murine model of congenital hydrocephalus produced by overexpression of transforming growth factor-beta 1 in the central nervous system

Gyurjan, I.; Koranyi, P.; Paless, G., 1993:
Ultrastructural analysis of an artificial alga-bacterium endosymbiosis after prolonged cultivation

Longo, F.J., 1975:
Ultrastructural analysis of artificially activated rabbit eggs

Joly,, P.P.rte, A.G.rardie, A., 1969:
Ultrastructural analysis of corpora allata activity of Locusta migratoria L. and its influence on the structure attributed to the humoral mechanism controlling metamorphosis

Risueno, M.; Gimenez-Martin, G.G.nzalez-Fernandez, A., 1971:
Ultrastructural analysis of cytokinesis in plant cells blocked at prophase

Borem, F.M.; Marques, E.R.; Alves, E., 2007:
Ultrastructural analysis of drying damage in coffee endosperm cells

Schel, J.; Lammeren, A.-Van; Kieft, H., 1985:
Ultrastructural analysis of embryo-endosperm interactions in developing maize seeds (Zea mays L.)

Belitser, N.; Martyn, H.; Nedukha, O., 1972:
Ultrastructural analysis of lipi

Kikuchi, T.T.mate, H., 1983:
Ultrastructural analysis of mem

Minguetti, G.N.grao, M.; Hayashi, Y.H.rose, J.; Freitas, O.-De, 1985:
Ultrastructural analysis of peripheral nerves of rats inoculated with rabies virus

Nayak, N.; Nag, T.C.; Satpathy, G.; Ray, S.B., 2007:
Ultrastructural analysis of slime positive & slime negative Staphylococcus epidermidis isolates in infectious keratitis

Paccagnini, E.; Mencarelli, C.; Mercati, D.; Afzelius, Börn.A.; Dallai, R., 2007:
Ultrastructural analysis of the aberrant axoneme morphogenesis in thrips (Thysanoptera, Insecta)

Wartoń, S.; Dutkowski, A.B., 1978:
Ultrastructural analysis of the action of reserpine on the brain neuroendocrine system of the wax moth, Galleria mellonella L., Lepidoptera

Fallon, J.; Kelley, R., 1977:
Ultrastructural analysis of the apical ectodermal ridge during vertebrate limb morphogenesis. iI. gap junctions as distinctive ridge structures common to birds and mammals

Sidorov, V.; Gleba, Y.; Krivokhat-Skaya, L.; Sytnik, K., 1978:
Ultrastructural analysis of the fusion of cells of humans with protoplasts of higher plants

Aunapuu, M.; Pilmane, M.; Ots, M.; Arend, A., 2007:
Ultrastructural analysis of the human kidney biopsies

Unnithan, G.B.rn, H.N.yar, K., 1971:
Ultrastructural analysis of the neuroendocrine apparatus of Oncopeltus fasciatus (Heteroptera)

Such, J., 1975:
Ultrastructural analysis of the ommatidium morphogenesis, during embryonic development of the compound eye, in the stick insect Carausius morosus Br

Peat, A.S.nderland-Polytechnic, S.; Powell, N.P.tts, M., 1988:
Ultrastructural analysis of the rehydration of disiccated Nostoc commune HUN (Cyanobacteria) with particular reference to the immnolabellig of NifH

Dailey, Pj, 1977:
Ultrastructural analysis of the salivary glands of Gromphadorhina portentosa (Schaum)

Liu,, Z.B.chenauer, H., 2006:
Ultrastructural and Immunocytochemical Studies on Effects of Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus - Infection on Fusarium Head Blight, Caused by Fusarium graminearum, in Wheat Plants

Benharrat, H.R.y, L.R.naudin, S., 1984:
Ultrastructural and X ray microanalytical study of granules present in the tracheids of the haustorium of Osyris alba

Mothes, U.S.itz, K., 1980:
Ultrastructural and autoradiographic investigations of the oogenesis of Cupiennius salei Keys. (Araneae, Ctenidae) and Tegenaria derhami (Araneae, Agelenidae)

Cuminge, D.D.bois, R., 1971:
Ultrastructural and autoradiographic study of the early sexual organogenesis of chick embroyos

Sud'-Ina, E.; Lozova, H.; Sydorenko, P.; Holod, M.; Dovbysh, K.; L'-Vivs'-Ka, N.; Martyn, H.; Uvarov, G.; Dontsova, I., 1979:
Ultrastructural and biochemical

Ingversen, J., 1976:
Ultrastructural and biochemical differences between the protein bodies from wild type and high lysine barley seeds

Yarrington, J.; Capen, C.; Black, H.; Re, R.P.tts, J.J.; Geho, W., 1975:
Ultrastructural and biochemical evaluation of parathyroid function of pregnant cows administered disodium ethane-1-hydroxy-1,1-diphosphonate (EHDP) and fed a low calcium prepartal diet

Jeske, H.W.rz, G., 1979:
Ultrastructural and biochemical investigations on the whitefly transmitted Abutilon mosaic virus (AbMV)

Walmsley, M.E.; Davies, H.G., 1975:
Ultrastructural and biochemical observations on interphase nuclei isolated from chicken erythrocytes

Baker, C.; Aist, J.; Bateman, D., 1980:
Ultrastructural and biochemical of endopectate lyase on cell walls from cell suspension cultures of bean and rice

Harris, Jr; Agutter, Ps; Milne, Jf, 1978:
Ultrastructural and biochemical studies of avian erythrocyte plasma membrane and nuclear envelope

Cohn, Ronald-Herbert, 1971:
Ultrastructural and biochemical studies of vitellogenesis in drosophila melanogaster and hyalophora cecropia

Maillet, Pl, 1971:
Ultrastructural and biological observations on microorganisms of Rickettsia type found in different Homoptera, Auchenorhyncha

Protsenko, Ma, 1985:
Ultrastructural and biosynthetic changes in Solanum tuberosum (Solanaceae) tuber cell wall during the invasion of Phytophthora infestans

Ford, Jh, 1970:
Ultrastructural and chemical studies of pollen wall development in the Epacridaceae

Jones Timothy P., 1994:
Ultrastructural and chemical studies on Oligocene fossil wood from Bovey Tracey, Devon, UK

Jones, D.D.; Haug, A.; Jost, M.; Graber, D.R., 1969:
Ultrastructural and conformational changes in gas vacuole membranes isolated from Microcystis aeruginosa

Menon, M.K.; Bell, P.R., 1981:
Ultrastructural and cytochemical aspects of induced apogamy following abscisic acid pre-treatment of secondary moss protonema

Matos, A.-De; Marcal, M.; Nunes, J.; Portugal, F.; Vigario, J., 1980:
Ultrastructural and cytochemical aspects of the maturation of the African swine fever (ASF) virus particle

Bonfante-Fasolo, P.G.ippiolo, R., 1982:
Ultrastructural and cytochemical changes in the wall of a vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus during symbiosis Glomus fasciculatus, Vitis vinifera

Yang, Jui-Sen, 1990:
Ultrastructural and cytochemical effects of gamma radiation on grass shrimps

Belitser, N.; Subeliani, V., 1980:
Ultrastructural and cytochemical investigation of microbodies in barley root meristem cells

Vintejoux, C., 1975:
Ultrastructural and cytochemical modifications of chloroplasts and their search inclusion during the development cycle of Utricularia neglecta L. (Lentibulariaceae)

Grzycki, S.T.chman, A.Z.rebska, A., 1977:
Ultrastructural and cytochemical observations of calcium ion localization in the black beetle pleural muscles

Vintejoux, C., 1974 :
Ultrastructural and cytochemical observations on the digestive glands of Utricularia neglecta L. (Lentibulariaceae). distribution of protease and acid phosphatase activities

Broussaud, F.V.ntejoux, C., 1982:
Ultrastructural and cytochemical studies of the superficial tissues located at the entrance of the utricles of Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae)

Mares, D., 1982:
Ultrastructural and cytochemical study of Rhodotorula glutinis in the main growth phases Aerobic, carotenogenic yeast

Reisinger, O.O.ah, G., 1974:
Ultrastructural and cytochemical study of conidiogenesis in Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill

Chardard, R., 1972:
Ultrastructural and cytochemical study of cytoplasmic inclusions of Cosmarium lundelli Delp

Subeliani, V.; Belitser, N., 1981:
Ultrastructural and cytochemical study of microbodies in the aleurone cells of germinating barley seeds

Olah, G.; Reisinger, O., 1974:
Ultrastructural and cytochemical study of the spore bearing device in Phialophora richardsiae

Vitarello Zuccarello, L., 1981:
Ultrastructural and cytochemical study on the enzyme gland of the foot of a mollusc

Bechtel, D.; Pomeranz, Y., 1981:
Ultrastructural and cytochemistry of mature oat (Avena sativa L.) endosperm. The aleurone layer and starchy endosperm

Chaibi-Cossentini, W., 1978:
Ultrastructural and cytoenzymological modifications of Golgi apparatus, endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria in seedlings radicle apex of Medicago sativa L. (cultivar Gabes) treated with a saline solution

Böckelmann, U.; Lünsdorf, H.; Szewzyk, U., 2007:
Ultrastructural and electron energy-loss spectroscopic analysis of an extracellular filamentous matrix of an environmental bacterial isolate

Hart, R.; Beadle, D.; Wilson, R., 1984:
Ultrastructural and electrophysiological studies of a neuromuscular junction in the tick, Amblyomma variegatum

Alberghina,, A.B.nni, A., 1979:
Ultrastructural and enzymatic differences of Fusarium oxysporum and Fusarium mitochondria

Sinowatz, Fred, 1981:
Ultrastructural and enzymehistochemical studies of ductus epididymes in cattle

Solomon, J.A.H.nd, R.E.M.nn, R.C., 1986:
Ultrastructural and flow cytometric analyses of lipid accumulation in microalgae

Collins, W.J.; Capen, C.; Kasza, L., 1978:
Ultrastructural and functional alterations in thyroid follicular cells (FC) produced by polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) in the rat

Randall, W.; Pipa, R., 1969:
Ultrastructural and functional changes during metamorphosis of a proleg muscle and its innervation in Galleria mellonella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Pyralididae)

Wrischer, M.L.ubesic, N.D.vide, Z., 1976:
Ultrastructural and functional characteristics of plastids in the leaves of Ligustrum ovalifolium Hassk. var. aureum

Cheung, Wwk, 1981:
Ultrastructural and functional differentiation of the malpighian tubules of the lantern bug, Pyrops candelaria Linn. (Homoptera: Fulgoridae)

Cheung, W.; Marshall, A., 1982:
Ultrastructural and functional differentiation of the midgut of the lantern bug, Pyrops candelaria Linn. (Homoptera: Fulgoridae)

Cheung, W.; Low, K., 1975:
Ultrastructural and functional differentiation of the midgut of the sugarcane beetle, Protaetia acuminata (F.) (Coleoptera: Cetoniidae)

Tanaka, T.W.go, H., 1990:
Ultrastructural and functional maturation of teratocytes of Apanteles kariyai

Novotova, M.M.ndel'-Shtam, Yue; Lipskaya, E.Z.kharova, D.U.rik, B., 1990:
Ultrastructural and functional properties of red and white locomotor muscle fibers on the locust Locusta migratoria

Louveaux, A., 1973:
Ultrastructural and functional study of the surface of the mandibules of the migratory locust (Locusta migratoria L.)

Schiffbauer, J.D.; Yin, L.; Bodnar, R.J.; Kaufman, A.J.; Meng, F.; Hu, J.; Shen, B.; Yuan, X.; Bao, H.; Xiao, S., 2007:
Ultrastructural and geochemical characterization of Archean-Paleoproterozoic graphite particles: implications for recognizing traces of life in highly metamorphosed rocks

Chebyshev, Nv, 1979:
Ultrastructural and histochemical changes in the liver of piglets inoculated twice with ascarid larvae

Ciampolini, F.C.esti, M.P.cini, E., 1978:
Ultrastructural and histochemical features of stylar transmitting tissue in Malus communis

Westphal, E., 1972:
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Ultrastructural aspects of the renal corpuscles during the development and formation of the mesonephron. study of the chick embryo

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Ultrastructural aspects of the secretory processes in mammalian pineal gland

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Ultrastructural cell wall modifications in secondary xylem of American elm surviving the acute stage of Dutch elm disease: vessel members

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Ultrastructural change of root

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Ultrastructural changes in cultured sugarcane cells following the addition of cryoprotectants at two temperatures

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Ultrastructural changes in developing oocytes, nurse cells, and follicular cells during oogenesis in the telotrophic ovarioles of Bothrogonia japonica Ishihara Homoptera, Tettigellidae)

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Ultrastructural changes in epiphytic lichens, Bryoria capillaris and Hypogymnia physodes, growing near a fertilizer plant and a pulp mill in central Finland Industrial air pollution

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Ultrastructural changes in fish liver following long-term natural arsenic exposures

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Ultrastructural changes in follicle cells during the oocyte growth in Gromphadorhina brauneri (Shelf.) (Blattodea)

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Ultrastructural changes in follicular stigma during the ovulation process in the hen Chickens

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Ultrastructural changes in germinating lily pollen

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Ultrastructural changes in hepatocytes of hens intoxicated by copper oxychloride

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Ultrastructural changes in intestinal biopsies in diabetic children

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Ultrastructural changes in isolated plastids. I. Etioplasts

Wrischer, M., 1973:
Ultrastructural changes in isolated plastids. II. Etio--chloroplasts

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Ultrastructural changes in isolated spinach chloroplasts and in Chlorella pyrenoidosa Chick (Emerson strain) treated with Dichlone

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Ultrastructural changes in lea

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Ultrastructural changes in muscle cells infected with Trichinella spiralis

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Ultrastructural changes in neurohaemal tissue of the stick insect, Carausius morosus, induced by the ionophores Br-X-537 A and A-23187

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Ultrastructural changes in nuclear membranes and organelle associations during mitosis of the aquatic fungus Entophlyctis sp

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Ultrastructural changes in nurse and follicle cells during late stages of oogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster

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Ultrastructural changes in pancreatic acinar cells of rats maintained on a magnesium deficient diet

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Ultrastructural changes in pasteurized and then frozen egg albumen containing functional additives

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Ultrastructural changes in plastids of different regions of barley leaves during greening under intermittent light

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Ultrastructural changes in postmortem porcine muscle

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Ultrastructural changes in pre- and post-rigor beef muscle caused by conventional and microwave cookery

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Ultrastructural changes in rat hepatocytes following acute methyl mercury intoxication

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Ultrastructural changes in somatosensory cortex of albino rats during space flight

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Ultrastructural changes in sperm of Eyprepocnemis plorans (Charpentier) (Orthoptera: Acrididae) during storage of gametes in female genital tracts

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Ultrastructural changes in sporidia of Ustilago avenae after treatment with systematic fungicides

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Ultrastructural changes in statocytes in grass nodes after short periods of gravistimulation: Do statoliths fall through the vacuole? Evidence from thick section high voltage EM

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Ultrastructural changes in strawberry leaves infested by two-spotted mites

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Ultrastructural changes in the wall of the sporogenous cells in Allium sativum, clone Piemonte during microsporogenesis Garlic

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Ultrastructural changes of Chin

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Ultrastructural changes of meso

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Ultrastructural cytology

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Ultrastructural data on the sporogenesis of the two myxosporean genera Leptotheca and Ceratomyxa parasitizing Merluccius merluccius (Teleostean, Merluciidae

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Ultrastructural details of the soft-rot decay of Eucalyptus maculata Hook Phialophora mutabilis (van Beyma) Schol. Schwarz

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Ultrastructural detection of fucosyl at the surface of axenically grown maize roots

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Ultrastructural development of plastids in cherry peppers during fruit ripening

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Ultrastructural differences between dry and swollen pea seed after fixation with vapor or water solution of osmium tetraoxide

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Ultrastructural differences between the propagative and dispersal forms in pine wood nematode, Bursaphelenchus lignicolus pcause of a wilting disease of pine trees in Japan with reference to the survival

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Ultrastructural differences in mitochondria of skeletal muscle in the prerigor and rigor states

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Ultrastructural differentiation of chloroplasts in variegated leaves of Coleus blumei Benth

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Ultrastructural differentiation of the Mullerian body glycogen plastid of Cecropia peltata L

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Ultrastructural effects

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Ultrastructural effects of elevated UV -B radiation on Rumex patientia

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Ultrastructural effects of griseofulvin on the myxomycete Physarum polycephalum. Inhibition of mitosis and the production of microtubule crystals

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Ultrastructural effects of peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) on two lichen species

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Ultrastructural effects of pressure stress to Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells revealed by immunoelectron microscopy using frozen thin sectioning

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Ultrastructural effects of tagetitoxin, a chlorosis-inducing toxin from Pseudomonas syringae pv. tagetis, on wheat etioplasts

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Ultrastructural effects of the coccidium, Eimeria funduli Duszynski, Solangi and Overstreet, 1979 on the liver of killifishes

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Ultrastructural embryology of the ommatidium in the Carausius morosus Br. phasma: morphogenesis and cytodifferentiation

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Ultrastructural enzyme-cytochemical characterization of cultures of normal, stimulated and activated macrophages

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Ultrastructural evaluation of bone cells in pigs with experimental turbinate osteoporosis (atrophic rhinitis)

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Ultrastructural evaluation of parathyroid glands and thyroid C-cells from cattle fed solanum malacoxylon

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Ultrastructural evaluation of the porcine integument

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Ultrastructural evaluation of thyroid parafollicular cells of pigs with naturally occurring atrophic rhinitis

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Ultrastructural evaluation of ultimobranchial glands from normal and osteopetrotic chickens

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Ultrastructural events during sporogenesis of Anemia phyllitidis (L.) Sw. II. Spore wall formation

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Ultrastructural evidence for a possible secretory function of Merkel cells in the barbels of a teleost fish, Cyprinus carpio

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Ultrastructural evidence for calcium phosphate deposition by isolated corn shoot mitochondria

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Ultrastructural evidence for cellular response in tobacco leaves following infiltration with protein-lipopolysaccharide complexes of Pseudomonas syringae pv. tabaci

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Ultrastructural evidence for inhibition of chitin synthesis by nikkomycin Mexican bean beetle, Epilachna varivestis

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Ultrastructural evidence for meiosis in a nonheterothallic isolate of the myxomycete Didymium iridis

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Ultrastructural evidence for paracrine secretion between endocrine cells of the avian pancreas

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Ultrastructural evidence for selective noradrenergic innervation of CNS vagal projections to the fundus of the rat

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Ultrastructural evidence for the ascomycete-like nature of Glaziella aurantiaca

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Ultrastructural evidence for the presence of two separate glycogen pools in Dictyostelium discoideum

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Ultrastructural evidence for viruses in Ascomycetes and fungi imperfecti

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Ultrastructural evidence for viruses in lower fungi

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Ultrastructural evidence of Tropheryma whippelii in PAS-negative granulomatous lymph nodes

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Ultrastructural evidence of an active immobilization process of incompatible bacteria in tobacco leaf tissue: a resistance reaction

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Ultrastructural evidence of meiosis in Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa

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Ultrastructural evidence of sperm dimorphism in Deladenus sp (Tylenchomorpha : Sphaerularioidea : Allantonematidae)

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Ultrastructural evidence on the ontogenesis of antheridia and paraphyses of Funaria hygrometrica Hedw

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Ultrastructural evidence relating to host-endophyte transfer in a vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza

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Ultrastructural evolution of cellular constituants during sporogenesis of mosses

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Ultrastructural evolution of mesophyll protoplasts in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L. cV Wis 38) cultivated in vitro

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Ultrastructural evolution of storage cells of the Cycas megagametophyte cultured in vitro

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Ultrastructural evolution of the secretory system in Pinus maritima spindles

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Ultrastructural examination of ageing and radiation-induced life-span shortening in adult Drosophila melanogaster

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Ultrastructural examination of egg albumen protein foams

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Ultrastructural examination of leaf differentiation in St. Johns wort (Hypericum perforatum L.)

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Ultrastructural examination of phytohemagglutinin stimulated lymphocytes infected with vesicular stomatitis virus

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Ultrastructural examination of rhabdomyosarcom cell lines after treatment with differentiation inducers, chemotherapeutic drugs and one antibioticum

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Ultrastructural examinations of fetal thyroids after application of maneb to pregnant rats

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Ultrastructural examinations of the parasitic contact of Tuberculina persicina with Puccinia caricina and Puccinia graminis

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Ultrastructural examinations on the occurrence of giant vacuoles in nucleoli of injured potato tuber slices

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Ultrastructural expression of plant cell differentiation Hygrophila difformis, Drosera, Psychotria bacteriophila, angiosperms.1

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Ultrastructural features and storage function of Lycopersicon peruvianum pollen

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Ultrastructural features in the roots of Bruguiera gymnorrhiza (L.) Lam

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Ultrastructural features of Chlorella nana sp. nov

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Ultrastructural features of bovine embryos derived from carriers of an X-autosome translocation

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Ultrastructural features of chromatin nu bodies

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Ultrastructural features of cortical parenchyma cells (motor cells) in stamen filaments of Berberis canadensis Mill. and tertiary pulvini of Mimosa pudica L.

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Ultrastructural features of developing sieve elements in Lemna minor L.--The protoplast

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Ultrastructural features of in vitro amylogenesis in the foliar explants of Datura innoxia Mill

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Ultrastructural features of mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus cells in cat, rabbit and pig

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Ultrastructural features of skeletal muscle differentiation and development

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Ultrastructural features of the cells of Dufours gland and associated structures in the carpenter bee, Xylocopa virginica virginica (L.) (Hymenoptera: Anthophoridae)

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Ultrastructural features of the cuticle of phytonematodes belonging to the genus Longidorus (Micoletzky, 1922) Thorne et Swanger, 1936 and the genus Mononchus Bastian, 1865

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Ultrastructural features of the haemoflagellate, Crithidia luciliae

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Ultrastructural features of the leaves of Thalassodendron ciliatum (Forsk.) Den Hartog

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Ultrastructural features of the life cycle of Acetabularia mediterranea. I. Gametogenesis

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Ultrastructural features of the life cycle of Acetabularia mediterranea. II. Events associated with the division of the primary nucleus and the formation of cysts

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Ultrastructural features of the lining epithelium of the vas deferens of Agouti paca

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Ultrastructural features of the marine dinoflagellate Amphidinium klebsii (Dinophyceae)

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Ultrastructural features of the organ of Bellonci in the prawn Palaemon serratus Pennant. Influence of the extirpation of the medulla externa X organ

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Ultrastructural features of the parenchyma of young leaves of Datura stramonium L. systemically infected with potato virus X

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Ultrastructural features of the rats absorptive intestinal epithelium during the postnatal differentiation

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Ultrastructural features of the synapses of the lateral part of the periaqueductal gray (PAG) of the cat

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Ultrastructural features of the uterus in the sexually immature ostrich (Struthio camelus) during periods of ovarian inactivity and activity

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Ultrastructural features of the vasculogenesis in the chick embryo optic tectum

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Ultrastructural findings in liquid conserved ram semen after use of different buffer substances

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Ultrastructural findings in murine seminiferous tubules as a consequence of subchronic vanadium pentoxide inhalation

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Ultrastructural findings in the primate eye after intravitreal injection of bevacizumab

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Ultrastructural histochemical localization of acid phosphatase in salivary glands of Drosophila melanogaster

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Ultrastructural histochemical study of lipid inclusions of corticosuprarenal cells of the chick embryo during early stages of development

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Ultrastructural histogenesis of chicken myocardium

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Ultrastructural histopathology

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Ultrastructural immunocytochemical localization of carbonic anhydrase in normal and calcitonin-treated chick osteoclasts

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Ultrastructural immunocytochemical localization of two hydatid fluid antigens (antigen 5 and antigen B) in the brood capsules and protoscoleces of ovine and equine Echinococcus granulosus and Echinococcus multilocularis

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Ultrastructural immunocytochemistry of rotavirus-infected cells

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Ultrastructural immunocytochemistry of the hypothalamic corticotropin releasing hormone synthesizing system

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Ultrastructural immunolocalization of apolipoprotein B within human jejunal asborptive cells Fat absorption, lipoprotein synthesis

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Ultrastructural injuries caused by air pollutants in spruce needles in the vicinity of two factories in eastern central Finland

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Ultrastructural interpretation of Collembola epicuticular pattern (Apterygota)

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Ultrastructural investigation of Hallers organ in argasid ticks Ornithodoros moubata and Alveonasus lahorensis

Hegedus, M.K.dves, M.P.rdutz, A., 1972:
Ultrastructural investigation of Upper Cretaceous angiosperm exines. II

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