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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17588

Chapter 17588 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kedves, M.P.rdutz, A., 1973:
Ultrastructure examination of fossil Pteridophyta sportes and Gymnospermatophyta pollens

Duckett, Jg, 1986:
Ultrastructure in bryophyte systematics and evolution: an evaluation

Jassim, Ali-Mohammed, 1988:
Ultrastructure in glomerulonephritides in MRL mice

Wolf, Dorothea, 1980:
Ultrastructure in green alga Oedogonium cardiacum and its transformations under the influence of light

Stirban, M.; Crăciun, C.; Bathory, D., 1988:
Ultrastructure in leaves of Fagus silvatica and Carpinus betulus individuals tolerant and susceptible to SO2 and heavy metal pollutants

Kedves, M.P.rdutz, A., 1973:
Ultrastructure investigations of Angiospermatophyte pollens from the Lower Eocene

Wrischer, M., 1977:
Ultrastructure localization of photosystem I in plastids of senescent spinach leaves

Fujii, T.H.rada, H.S.iki, H., 1981:
Ultrastructure of amorphous layer in xylem parenchyma cell wall of angiosperm species

Lamy,, J.S.zaret, P.; Maillet, M.W.ill, J., 1977:
Ultrastructure of 16 S substances obtained by reassociation using different combinations of thtee isolated subunits of scorpion hemocyanin (Androctonus australis garzonii)

Boloukhere, M., 1970:
Ultrastructure of Acetabularia mediterranea in the course of formation of the secondary nuclei

Eyme, J.A.geli-Couvy, J., 1975:
Ultrastructure of Agaricus sylvicola and Agaricus bisporus cell membrane evolution during fruit body development

Cruz-Landim, C.Da, 1969:
Ultrastructure of Apis mellifera hypopharyngeal gland

Gonzalez, E.; Todorovic, R.; Adams, L., 1971:
Ultrastructure of Babesia bigemina

Barnett, D.P.octor, S.; Chieves, L., 1977:
Ultrastructure of Babesia equi and the parasitized equine erythrocyte

Vysotskii, V.V., 1987:
Ultrastructure of Brucella

Hatten, B.A.; Schulze, M.L.; Huang, S.Y.; Sulkin, S.E., 1969:
Ultrastructure of Brucella abortus L-forms induced by penicillin in a liquid and in a semisolid medium

Petrikevich, S.; Litvinenko, L.; Kintana, M., 1981:
Ultrastructure of Candida utilis cells cultured with pulsed carbon nutrition and different initial nitrogen concentrations

Petrikevich, S.; Litvinenko, L.; Kintana, M.; Popov, E., 1984:
Ultrastructure of Candida utilis yeasts in continuous culture with various concentrations of carbon source and different feeding methods

Hiruki, C.C.en, M.; Rao, D., 1980:
Ultrastructure of Cattleya leaf cells infected with cymbidium mosaic virus

Chapman, Rl, 1981:
Ultrastructure of Cephaleuros virescens (Chroolepidaceae: Chlorophyta). III. Zoospores

Chapman, Rl, 1976:
Ultrastructure of Cephaleuros virescens (Chroolepidaceae; Chlorophyta). I. Scanning electron microscopy of zoosporangia

Chapman, Rl, 1980:
Ultrastructure of Cephaleuros virescens (Chroolepidaceae; Chlorophyta). II. Gametes

Guttekova, A.Z.oray, I., 1978:
Ultrastructure of Chabertia ovina Railliet et Henry, 1909 (Nematoda: Strongylidae)

Reinke, Dc, 1984:
Ultrastructure of Chaetoceros muelleri (Bacillariophyceae): auxospore, resting spore and vegetative cell morphology

Hvilava, Mn, 1986:
Ultrastructure of Chamerion angustifolium (L.) Holub (Onagraceae) embryo sac prior to fertilization

Rudzinska-Langwald, A., 1979:
Ultrastructure of Chenopodium quinoa infected with potato virus M

Wulker, W.W.nter, G., 1970:
Ultrastructure of Chironomus (Diptera) gonads. 1. normal development of ovaries during the fourth larval instar

Wulker, W., 1971:
Ultrastructure of Chironomus (Diptera) gonads. 2. damage of ovaries due to mermithid parasitism

Bray, D.F.; Nakamura, K.; Costerton, J.W.; Wagenaar, E.B., 1974:
Ultrastructure of Chlamydomonas eugametos as revealed by freeze-etching: cell wall, plasmalemma and chloroplast membrane

Sytnyk, K.; Kordium, I.; Mashyns'-Kyi, O.; Popova, A.; Hrechko, H., 1979:
Ultrastructure of Chlorella pyre

Budd, T.; Tjostem, J.; Duysen, M., 1969:
Ultrastructure of Chlorella pyrenoidosa as affected by environmental changes

Seryczynska, H.M.isel-Mikolajczyk, F., 1974:
Ultrastructure of Clostridium perfringens type A spores fr om two sporulating media

Robison W.G.Jr, 1977:
Ultrastructure of coccoidea sperm

Taylor, Dl, 1972:
Ultrastructure of Cocconeis diminuta Pantocsek

Vetterling, J.M.; Takeuchi, A.; Madden, P.A., 1971:
Ultrastructure of Cryptosporidium wrairi from the guinea pig

Kociolek, J.; Stoermer, E., 1987:
Ultrastructure of Cymbella sinuata and its allies (Bacillariophyceae), and their transfer to Reimeria, gen. nov

Mazza, A.B.notto, S.F.lluga, B., 1977:
Ultrastructure of DNA of basal, middle and apical chloroplasts of individual Acetabularia mediterranea cells

Anan'-Ev, E.; Barskii, V., 1984:
Ultrastructure of Drosophila melanogaster Polytene chromosomes

Jurajdova, J., 1969:
Ultrastructure of eimeria acervulina gametogony

Edwards, H.; Gessner, R., 1985:
Ultrastructure of English oak mycorrhizal cystidia

Moore, R.T.; Kreger-Van Rij, N.J., 1972:
Ultrastructure of Filobasidium Olive

Loubes, C.M.urand, J., 1975:
Ultrastructure of Gurleya chironomi n. sp., microsporidan parasite of the genus Orthocladius (Diptera, Chironomidae)

Travland, L.; Whisler, H., 1971:
Ultrastructure of Harpochytrium hedinii

Peyriere, M., 1977:
Ultrastructure of Harveyella mirabilis (Cryptonemiale, Rhodophyceae), parasite of Rhodomela confervoides (Ceramiale, Rhodophyceae): Origin of secondary pit connections between host and parasite cells and between parasite cells

Thaler, I.G.ilhofer, M., 1981:
Ultrastructure of Hypholoma fasciculare (Basidiomycetes, Agaricales)

Hughes, G.; Bisalputra, A., 1970:
Ultrastructure of Hyphomycetes. conidium ontogeny in Peziza ostracoderma

Masson, C.G.bouriaut, D., 1973:
Ultrastructure of Johnstons organ of the ant (Camponotus vagus Scop. (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

Garnier, D.; Tixier-Vidal, A.G.urdji, D.P.cart, R., 1973:
Ultrastructure of Leydig and Sertoli cells in the testicular cycle of the Pekin duck

Marchand, Cr, 1973:
Ultrastructure of Leydig and Sertoli cells of the testicle of the Barbary duck (Cairina moschata L.) during sexual activity

Waku, Y.S.mimoto, K., 1974:
Ultrastructure of Lyonets gland in the silkworm (Bombyx mori L.)

Barbier, R.L.-Garff, B., 1985:
Ultrastructure of Malpighian tubes and proof of calcium crystals in the caterpillar of Galeria mellonella L. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Allen, T.C.; Stevens, J.O.; Florance, E.R.; Hampton, R.O., 1970:
Ultrastructure of Mycoplasma gallisepticum isolate 1056

Cresti, M.C.ampolini, F.M.lcahy, D.; Mulcahy, G., 1985:
Ultrastructure of Nicotiana alata and Petunia hybrida pollen tubes grown in semi-vitro conditions

Costerton, J.; Macrobbie, E., 1970:
Ultrastructure of Nitella translucens in relation to ion transport

Martikainen, P.; Nurmiaho-Lassila, E.; Lounatmaa, K., 1989:
Ultrastructure of Nitrosospira sp. X101 with crystalline outer membrane protein (COMP)

Wachmann, E., 1981:
Ultrastructure of Ommatidia of (Coleoptera: Cucujiformis, Cleridae)

Mcnitt, R., 1974:
Ultrastructure of Phlyctochytrium irregulare zoospores

D'-Iakonov, Lp, 1977:
Ultrastructure of Piroplasma bigeminum from tissue of kidneys of cattle sick with piroplasmosis

Ye, Z.; Li, Z.; Fu, X.; Liu, H.; Gao, M., 1983:
Ultrastructure of Plasmodium f

Peshkov, M.; Shadrina, I.; Mashkovtseva, A., 1980:
Ultrastructure of Plectonema boryanum cells infected with Lpp-1 cyanophage

Peshkov, M.; Shadrina, I.; Mashkovtseva, A., 1979:
Ultrastructure of Plectonema boryanum cells infected with cyanophage Lpp-1

Jedrzejuk, A., 2005:
Ultrastructure of Pollen Grains from Forced and Unforced Shrubs of Common Lilac

D'-Ambra, V.M.tto, S., 1975:
Ultrastructure of Polymyxa betae Keskin: plasmodium, sporangium and resting spore

Kazama, F.F.ller, M., 1970:
Ultrastructure of Porphyra perforata infected with Pythium marinum, a marine fungus

Robertson, D.; Robertson, J., 1982:
Ultrastructure of Pterospora andromedea Nuttall and Sarcodes sanguinea Torrey mycorrhizas

Plotnikova, I.; Serezhkina, G.; Andreev, L., 1980:
Ultrastructure of Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici haustorial apparatus in wheat cultivars with different resistance to the pathogen

Plontnikova, I.; Sassen, M., 1974:
Ultrastructure of Puccinia striiformis West. Developing in wheat plant tissues

Robertson, D.; Robertson, J., 1985:
Ultrastructure of Pyrola mycorrhizae

Mishustin, E.; Shilnikova, V., 1975:
Ultrastructure of Rhizobia in pure culture and symbiosis

Al-Bagdadi, F.S.ger, C., 1983:
Ultrastructure of Russells bodies in plasma cells of normal ovine hemal lymph nodes

Trainor, F.; Massalski, A., 1971:
Ultrastructure of Scenedesmus strain 614 bristles

Enriquez, G.; Ramos, M., 1982:
Ultrastructure of Schistosoma japonicum: II. The digestive tract

Al-Bagdadi, F.O.hoa, R., 1980:
Ultrastructure of Schwann cells in the Auerbach plexus of the small intestines of Shetland ponies

Brzezicka-Szymozyk, K., 1984:
Ultrastructure of Solanum tuberosum and Lycoperisicum chilense plants infected with potato virus S

Jones, S.; Kurantz, M., 1979:
Ultrastructure of Solanum tuberosum var. Katahdin infected with Phytophthora infestans

Hearon, S.; Gillaspie, A.; Mock, R., 1981:
Ultrastructure of Sorghum bicolor Rio infected with strains of sugarcane mosaic virus (SCMV)

Delektorskiĭ, V.V.; Kostenko, L.A., 1975:
Ultrastructure of Spirochaeta anserinum

Rao, Raghavendra, 1969:
Ultrastructure of Spirodela polyrhiza (L.) Schleiden with specific reference to chloroplast development during turion germination

Millay, M.; Rothwell, G.; Eggert, D., 1980:
Ultrastructure of Stewartiotheca (Medullosaceae) prepollen

Bergman,, K., 1983:
Ultrastructure of Stigonema in the cephalodia of Stereocaulon paschale

Saikawa, M., 1986:
Ultrastructure of Stylopage rhabdospora, an amoeba-capturing zoopagaceous fungus

Leduc, J.; Dexheimer, J.C.evalier, G., 1986:
Ultrastructure of Terfezia leptoderma in association with Helianthemum salicifolium, Cistus albidus and Cistus salviaefolius

Kazama, F.Y., 1972:
Ultrastructure of Thraustochytrium sp. zoospores. II. Striated inclusions

Kazama, F., 1973:
Ultrastructure of Thraustochytrium sp. zoospores. III. Cytolysomes and acid phosphatase distribution

Kazama, Fy, 1974:
Ultrastructure of Thraustochytrium sp. zoospores. IV. External morphology with notes on the zoospores of Schizochytrium sp

Conforti, Gt, 1984:
Ultrastructure of Trachelomonas ovni nov. sp. (Euglenophyta) under the scanning electron microscope

Robb, J., 1974:
Ultrastructure of Ustilago hordei (Pers.) Lagerh. III. Membrane complexes associated with meiotic nuclei

Cruces-De-Abia, M.; Moreno, R., 1979:
Ultrastructure of Vicia faba protoplasts inoculated with the yellow bean mosaic virus

Kochert, G.O.son, L., 1970:
Ultrastructure of Volvox carteri. I. The asexual colony

Olson, L.; Kochert, G., 1970:
Ultrastructure of Volvox carteri. II. The kinetosome

Gardner, W.; Timian, R.; Jons, V., 1981:
Ultrastructure of Zea mays N28 naturally infected with maize dwarf mosaic virus and wheat striate mosaic virus

Blanco-Loizelier, A.M.rcotegui, M., 1975:
Ultrastructure of a Chlamydia type agent causing infections in horses

Guiot, S.; Kuhn, R.L.bvesque, M.; Cimpoia, R., 2007:
Ultrastructure of a bio-electrolytic methanogenic

Blanco-Loizelier, A.B.rrera-Pozas, J.M.rcotegui, M., 1975:
Ultrastructure of a bovine strain of Chlamydia

Jones, S.; Dobson, T.; Stahl, H.; Buchanan, R., 1987:
Ultrastructure of a caffeine-resistant mutant of Aspergillus parasiticus during aflatoxin production

Zacharuk, R.Y.; Blue, S.G., 1971:
Ultrastructure of a chordotonal and a sinusoidal peg organ in the antenna of larval Aedes aegypti (L.)

Pueschel, C.; Stein, J., 1983:
Ultrastructure of a freshwater brown alga from western Canada Heribaudiella fluviatilis, found in a stream in British Columbia

Sahni, N.; Singh, M.P.; Bajpai, U.; Agarwal, A.; Alimohammadian, H.; Sarkar, N., 2007:
Ultrastructure of a lower Eocene leaf surface impression in Amber, Vastan Lignite mine, Gujarat

Stewart, P.; Bal, A.1; Fletcher, G1; Payne, J., 1981:
Ultrastructure of a necrotic skin lesion of the winter flounder Pseudopleuronectes americana

Huddart, H., 1971:
Ultrastructure of a peripheral nerve of Locusta migratoria migratorioides R. & F. (Orthoptera: Locustidae)

Barstow, W.; Lovett, J., 1978:
Ultrastructure of a reduced developmental cycle (minicycle) in Blastocladiella emersonii

Chaika, Mn, 1981:
Ultrastructure of a rust hyperparasite, Darluca filum (Fr.) Cast. III. Sclerotium-like structures

Wasserthal, L.T.; Wasserthal, W., 1977:
Ultrastructure of a scent scale organ with pressure discharge in male Caligo eurilochus brasiliensis (Fldr.) (Lepidoptera/ Brassolidae)

Corbiere-Tichane, G., 1971:
Ultrastructure of a sensorial receptor of epipharynx in larvae of Speophyes lucidulus Delar. (cavernicolous Coleoptera of the sub-family Bathysciinae)

Kudo, S., 1982:
Ultrastructure of a sperm entry site beneath the micropylar canal in fish eggs Teleosts, Cyprinus carpio, Tribolodon hakonensis, Plecoglossus altivelis

Willms, K.; Robert, L., 2007:
Ultrastructure of a spermatid transport system in the mature proglottids of experimental Taenia crassiceps (WFU strain)

Kusewitt, D.F.; Hahn, F.F.; Muggenburg, B.A., 1992:
Ultrastructure of a spindle cell carcinoma in the mammary gland of a dog

Hamilton-Attwell, V.; Tiedt, L.1; Van-As, J.1; Basson, L., 1981:
Ultrastructure of a trichodinid ciliate ectoparasitic on freshwater fish Pseudocrenilabris philander, Trichodina heterodentata, South Africa

Klein-Szanto, A.J.; Conti, C.J.; Cartagenova, R.E., 1974:
Ultrastructure of a vaginal myxoma of a rat

Moyano, T.B.anco, A.J.ver, A.V.amonde, R., 1974:
Ultrastructure of absortion cells of the caecum of the chick en (Gallus domesticus)

Orel, L.; Kupriianova, L.; Golubeca, E., 1986:
Ultrastructure of acetolysis-resistant walls of tapetal cells and pollen grains in Gnetum africanum (Gnetaceae)

Rao, K.; Dave, Y., 1983:
Ultrastructure of active and dormant cambial cells in teak (Tectona grandis L.f)

Roura, S.; Montecchia, C.; Roldan, H.P.rez-Borla, O.C.upkin, M., 2000:
Ultrastructure of actomyosin in pre-and post-spawning hake (Merluccius hubbsi Marini) during frozen storage

Al-Bagdadi, F.S.ger, C.T.tkemeyer, C., 1984:
Ultrastructure of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in ovine induced by inoculation of bovine leukemia virus

Khrustaleva, Gi, 1978:
Ultrastructure of adipose cells of the mammary gland of goats

Clark, R.; Jensen, T., 1969:
Ultrastructure of akinete development in a blue-green alga, Cylindrospermum sp

Rost-Roszkowska, M.; Kubala, A.; Nowak, B.; Pilarczyk, S.; Klag, J., 2007:
Ultrastructure of alimentary tract formation in embryos of two insect species: Melasoma saliceti and Chrysolina pardalina (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)

Campbell, R., 1970:
Ultrastructure of an albino strain of Alternaria brassicicola

Aaronson, S.; Behrens, U., 1974:
Ultrastructure of an unusual contractile vacuole in several chrysomonad phytoflagellates

Killby, V.A.; Silverman, P.H., 1971:
Ultrastructure of an unusual erythrocytic form of Plasmodium berghei

Vesk,, D., 1980:
Ultrastructure of an unusual marine unicellular alga

Le-Thomas, A.L.gardon, B., 1977:
Ultrastructure of an unusual pollen of the Annonaceae (Ambavia)

Meredith, J.; Phillips, J.E., 1973:
Ultrastructure of anal papillae from a seawater mosquito larva (Aedes togoi Theobald)

Pargney, Jc, 1982:
Ultrastructure of angiosperm pollen tubes: application of some cytochemical techniques

Bilinski, S., 1974:
Ultrastructure of annulate lamellae in the oocytes and trophocytes of Tetrodontophora bielanensis (Waga) (Collembola)

Bareth, C.J.berthie-Jupeau, L., 1986:
Ultrastructure of antennal trichobothria in Campodea kervillei Denis and Plusiocampa cognata Conde (Apterygota: Diplura: Campodeidae)

Gavrilova, Va, 1983:
Ultrastructure of anther sporopollenin coat in Aegilops and wheat

Abramian, Lkh, 1979:
Ultrastructure of anthers of Cerasus vulgaris Mill

Zhukova, G.; Sokolovskaia, T., 1977:
Ultrastructure of antipodals of Aconitum napellus L. (Ranunculaceae) embryo sac before fertilization

Abbott, C.P.; Howe, A., 1972:
Ultrastructure of aortic body tissue in the cat

Scott, Joseph-Lee, 1971:
Ultrastructure of apical cells of the marine red alga Ptilota

Shtefyrtse, A.; Buzhoriany, V.; Kushnirenko, M., 1987:
Ultrastructure of apple root mitochondria as affected by soil moisture content

Melendez-Howell, L.; Coute, A.M.scarell, G.B.llemere, A., 1998:
Ultrastructure of asci and ascospores of Desmazierella acicola (Sarcoscyphaceae, Pezizales, Ascomycetes). Interest for systematics and biology

Blanchard R.O., 1972:
Ultrastructure of ascocarp development in sporormia australis

Furtado, J.; Olive, L., 1970:
Ultrastructure of ascospore development in Sordaria fimicola

Cabasso, I., 1981:
Ultrastructure of asymmetric and composite membranes

Midttun, B., 1981:
Ultrastructure of atrial and ventricular endocardium and cardiac capillary endothelium of the pike

Walne, P.; Haber, A.; Triplett, L., 1975:
Ultrastructure of auxin-induced tumors of the coleorhiza-epiblast of wheat

Huang, Js, 1986:
Ultrastructure of bacterial penetration in plants

Kocon, J., 1980:
Ultrastructure of bacteroids in nodules of red clover (Trifolium pratense) shown in transmission and scanning electronmicroscopy

Federici, Ba, 1986:
Ultrastructure of baculoviruses

Shijun, K., 1983:
Ultrastructure of bagasse and distribution of hemicellulose across its cell wall

Krasavtsev O.A.; Tutkevich G.I., 1971:
Ultrastructure of bark parenchyma cells in woody plants in connection with their frost resistance

Krasavtsev O.A.; Tutkevich G.I., 1971:
Ultrastructure of bark parenchyma cells of woody plants with respect to their frost resistance

Buttrose, M.S., 1971:
Ultrastructure of barley aleurone cells as shown by freeze-etching

Minarcic, P.P.ulech, C., 1981:
Ultrastructure of barley chloroplast matrix, after infection with powdery mildew

Maeda, E.S.giura, T., 1976:
Ultrastructure of barnyardgrass

Pegler, D.; Young, T., 1969:
Ultrastructure of basidiospores in Agaricales in relation to taxonomy and spore discharge

Julich,, W., 1983:
Ultrastructure of basidiospores. 1. Beenakia

Hoefert, Ll, 1969:
Ultrastructure of beta pollen. I. Cytoplasmic constituents

Sasaki, H.N.imura, S.I.hida, K., 1979:
Ultrastructure of blastocysts o

Cerny, L.H.jdu, I., 1982:
Ultrastructure of blood lymphocytes in dairy cows suffering from chronic lymphocyte leucaemia (CLL)

Garbuzova-Davis, S.; Haller, E.; Saporta, S.; Kolomey, I.; Nicosia, S.V.; Sanberg, P.R., 2007:
Ultrastructure of blood-brain barrier and blood-spinal cord barrier in SOD1 mice modeling ALS

Singer, F.R.; Mills, B.G.; Gruber, H.E.; Windle, J.J.; Roodman, G.David., 2007:
Ultrastructure of bone cells in Paget's disease of bone

Meléndez, R.D., 1979:
Ultrastructure of bovine hippocampus, (region CA1)

Calafat, J.R.ssang, A., 1977:
Ultrastructure of bovine leukemia virus. Comparison with other RNA tumour viruses

Kohsaka, T.N.imura, S.I.hida, K., 1982:
Ultrastructure of bovine lutein

Vysotsky, V.V., 1980:
Ultrastructure of brucellae, report II - ultrastructure of R-cells

Simola, Lk, 1982:
Ultrastructure of callus cultures from Betula pendula and Picea abies

Macpherson, B.; Scott, G.1; Lennon, F., 1982:
Ultrastructure of canine gallbladder epithelium Electron microscopy

Xu, F.N., 1986:
Ultrastructure of canine hemangiopericytoma

Khrustaleva, Gi, 1980:
Ultrastructure of capillaries in the mammary gland of cows

Bergmann, V., 1972:
Ultrastructure of capillaries in the skeletal muscle of meat-type pigs

Midttun, B., 1977:
Ultrastructure of cardiac muscle of Trochosa terricola Thor., Pardosa amentata Clerck, Pardosa pullata Clerck, and Pisaura mirabilis Clerck (Araneae: Lycosidae, Pisauridae)

Delivopoulos, S.; Kugrens, P., 1984:
Ultrastructure of carposporogenesis in the parasitic red alga Faucheocolax attenuata Setch. (Rhodymeniales, Rhodymeniaceae)

Gobulev, V.; Loginova, T.; Tyurin, V., 1981:
Ultrastructure of cell walls and septa in glucuronate-positive species of Candida

Sennerby-Forsse, L.V.n-Fircks, H., 1987:
Ultrastructure of cells in the cambial region during winter hardening and spring dehardening in Salix dasyclados Wim. grown at two nutrient levels

Chel'-Tsova, L.; Avetisova, L., 1982:
Ultrastructure of cells of growing point of wheat shoots growing at normal and reduced rates Triticum aestivum

Miroslavov, E.; Bubolo, L., 1980:
Ultrastructure of cells of leaf chlorenchyma in some representatives of the Far North flora

Kadykov, V.; Avetisova, L., 1982:
Ultrastructure of cells of the apex of the triticale shoot Comparison with wheat, Triticum, and rye, Secale cereale

Rysbaeva, As, 1971:
Ultrastructure of cells of the fungus Verticillium dahliae Klebahn

Khrustaleva, Gi, 1976:
Ultrastructure of cells of the mammary glands of ruminants

Cholakhian, D.; Abramian, L., 1982:
Ultrastructure of cells of various anther layers of Cerasus avium Moench

Vishnyakova, I.; Krasnook, N.; Povarova, R.; Morgunova, E.; Bukhtoyarova, Z., 1976:
Ultrastructure of cells on the embryos of viable and unviable rice seeds in the course of swelling

Kalnin'-Sh, A.; Katkevich, I., 1976:
Ultrastructure of cellulose network in the primary cell wall and its development during the formation of pine wood tracheids

Blanchard, Robert-Osborn, 1971:
Ultrastructure of centrum development in sporormia australis

Humbert, W., 1975:
Ultrastructure of cephalic and abdominal nephrocytes in Tomocerus minor (Lubbock) and Lepidocyrtus curvicollis Bourlet (Collembola)

Kuperman, Bi, 1980:
Ultrastructure of cestode tegument and its significance for taxonomy

Chaika, Siu, 1978:
Ultrastructure of chemoreceptive sensilla of biting midges (Dipters, Ceratopogonidae)

Voznesenskaia, Ev, 1984:
Ultrastructure of chlorenchyma in leaves of Stipagrostis karelinii and Stipagrostis pennata (Poaceae)

Murakami, S.K.nieda, R., 1978:
Ultrastructure of chloroplast thylakoid as revealed by tannic acid-glutaraldehyde-osmium tetroxide fixation method

Kurkova, E.; Motorina, M., 1974:
Ultrastructure of chloroplasts and photosynthesis at various dehydration rate

Kursanov, A.; Nichiporovich, A.; Paramonova, N.; Slobodskaya, G.; Chmora, S., 1979:
Ultrastructure of chloroplasts during photosynthesis of sugarbeet leaves under conditions of different concentrations of CO2 and O2

Kursanov, A.; Nichiporovich, A.; Paramonova, N.; Slobodskaia, G.; Chmora, S., 1979:
Ultrastructure of chloroplasts during photosynthesis of sugarbeet leaves under conditions of various CO2 and O2 concentrations

Meier, D.L.chenthaler, H., 1983:
Ultrastructure of chloroplasts from wheat and maize plants grown at high and low quanta fluence rates Triticum aestivum, Zea mays

Goryshina, T.; Laverycheva, I., 1980:
Ultrastructure of chloroplasts in spring and summer leaves of two herbaceous species of a forest-steppe oak forest in relation with seasonal dynamics of light regime

Laudi, G.B.natti, P., 1973:
Ultrastructure of chloroplasts of some Chlamidospermae (Ephedra twediana, Gnetum montana, Welwitschia mirabilis)

Frean, M.; Cresswell, C., 1981:
Ultrastructure of chloroplasts, mitochondria and microbodies in leaves of Amaranthus

Murzamadiev, A.; Dombrovskii, N.; Dzhienbaeva, R., 1984:
Ultrastructure of chromatin in the beginning of the formation of metaphase chromosomes

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Ultrastructure of chromocentres and the question of the nucleolar organiser in a green alga

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Ultrastructure of chromosome regulation in male determined eggs of the gall midge, Heteropeza pygmaea

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Ultrastructure of clear zones exhibiting cytoplasmic incompatibility following somatic cell fusion in the myxomycete Didymium iridis

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Ultrastructure of comparable formations of autophagic vacuoles in root cells of Allium cepa L. and Lupinus albus L

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Ultrastructure of corn leaf tissue infected with the ND18 strain of barley stripe mosaic virus

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Ultrastructure of corpora cardiaca in Antheraea pernyi Guer. (Lepidoptera, Attacidea)

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Ultrastructure of corpus cardiacum of the house cricket, Gryllodes sigillatus (Walk.) (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)

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Ultrastructure of cortical cells in the primary root of barley during germination

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Ultrastructure of crab chitin and chitosan revealed with the scanning electron microscope

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Ultrastructure of cross striated muscles of cattle in norm and after autolysis

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Ultrastructure of crystalline inclusions in the thylakoids of dodder (Cuscuta japonica) plastids

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Ultrastructure of cultured plant cells

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Ultrastructure of cuticular intima of air sacks in insects

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Ultrastructure of cuticular surfaces and stomata of developing leaves and fruit of the Valencia roange

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Ultrastructure of cytoplasm of plant cells, encircling haustoria of peronosporous fungi

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Ultrastructure of dermal glands in the antenna of a cave beetle, Choleva spec. (Coleoptera, Silphidae)

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Ultrastructure of dermal glands of an ixodid tick Hyalomma asiaticum (Acarina, Gamasina)

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Ultrastructure of developing and mature nonarticulated laticifers in the milkweed Asclepias syriaca L. (Asclepiadaceae)

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Ultrastructure of developing microspore in sunflowers

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Ultrastructure of differentiating hemocytes in the embryo of Oncopeltus fasciatus dallas (insecta, heteroptera)

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Ultrastructure of double and multiple flagella of the spermatozoa of a drake

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Ultrastructure of early development in the female reproductive system of Polysiphonia harveyi Bailey (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) Algae, taxonomic aspects

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Ultrastructure of embryonic envelopes and integument of Oncopeltus fasciatus Dallas (Insecta, Heteroptera). i. chorion, amnion, serosa, integument

Dorn, A., 1978:
Ultrastructure of embryonic envelopes and integument of Oncopeltus fasciatus Dallas (Insecta, Heteroptera). iI. secondary dorsal organ

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Ultrastructure of endexin and tryphin in some species of the genus Teucrium L. (Labiatae)

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Ultrastructure of endocrine cells and tissues

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Ultrastructure of endocrine cells in the stomach of two teleost fish, Perca fluviatilis L. and Ameiurus nebulosus L

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Ultrastructure of endophyte in cells of Hippophae rhamnoides nodules and their nitrogen fixing activity

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Ultrastructure of endoplasmic reticulum in the cells of maize root under conditions of hypoxia

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Ultrastructure of endopolyploid antipodals in Aconitum vulparia Rchb. I. Antipodals in the mature embryo sac

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Ultrastructure of endosperm and sporoderma cells in the ovule of Pinus sylvestris

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Ultrastructure of endothelial cells of small blood vessels of rabbits and pigs after infection with Herpesvirus suis

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Ultrastructure of entry and spread of Erwinia carotovora var. atroseptica into potato tubers

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Ultrastructure of epidermis cells of the anther and ovule in Ziziphora biebersteiniana

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Ultrastructure of epihyphal rhizoids in Allomyces arbusculus

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Ultrastructure of epithelial ce

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Ultrastructure of expanding ray parenchyma cell wall in poplar (Populus koreana Rehd.)

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Ultrastructure of extexin in some species of the genus Teucrium L. (Labiatae)

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Ultrastructure of eyes in an Ixodidae tick Hyalomma asiaticum

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Ultrastructure of fat body trophocytes in the life stages of Dermacentor variabilis (Say)

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Ultrastructure of feline calicivirus-infected crandells feline kidney (CRFK) cells in culture

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Ultrastructure of female external translucent pits useful in sexing gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) caterpillars

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Ultrastructure of fertilization in Plumbago zeylanica

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Ultrastructure of fibers and sclereids from the phloematic sclerenchyma ring of Castanea sativa Mill

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Ultrastructure of fibroblasts i

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Ultrastructure of fibroin in the silk gland of larval Bombyx mori

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Ultrastructure of flagella of spermatozoids of Lygodium flexuosum (L.) SW

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Ultrastructure of flagellar microtubules in the green algae Acetabularia mediterranea and Dunaliella salina as revealed in freeze-etch preparations

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Ultrastructure of flagellated chrysophytes. I. Dinobryon

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Ultrastructure of flagellated chrysophytes. II. Uroglena and Uroglenopsis

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Ultrastructure of foliar chloroplasts during vegetative development and floral initiation in Sinapis alba L

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Ultrastructure of freshwater Phycomycetes

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Ultrastructure of frozen fresh and cooled muscular tissue during long term storage in polyethylene packing

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Ultrastructure of frozen, fractured and etched pycnidiospores of Coniothyrium minitans

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Ultrastructure of fruit surface

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Ultrastructure of fungal plant virus vectors Polymyxa graminis in soilborne wheat mosaic virus-infected wheat and Polymyxa betae in beet necrotic yellow vein virus-infected sugarbeet Triticum aestivum, Beta vulgaris

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Ultrastructure of fungus nucleus. i

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Ultrastructure of fungus-infected onion roots and fungus exudate-treated roots

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Ultrastructure of glands and cytochemical localization of cannabinoids in cannabis

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Ultrastructure of glandular epithelial cells in the endometrium of the ewe during the estrous cycle and early pregnancy

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Ultrastructure of glandular hairs in Perilla ocymoides (Lamiaceae) in connection with their possible involvement in photoperiodic induction of flowering

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Ultrastructure of glycogen-membrane compleses in sensory nerve fibres of cat muscle spindles

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Ultrastructure of granulocytes in the peripheral blood of the cat

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Ultrastructure of granulopoiesis in tunica propria of the bursa of Fabricius

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Ultrastructure of granulosa lut

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Ultrastructure of green plastids in leaves, shoot apices and young callus of a variegated albino strain of Nicotiana

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Ultrastructure of gum and gum-resin secreting tissues in some tropical trees

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Ultrastructure of haemocytes ob

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Ultrastructure of haustoria and intercellular hyphas of Puccinia triticina Erikss mycelium

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Ultrastructure of haustoria of Plasmopara viticola (Berk. et Curt.) Berl. et De T

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Ultrastructure of heifers preovulation oocytes during period of follicle formation

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Ultrastructure of hemocytes of

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Ultrastructure of hepatic globule leucocytes

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Ultrastructure of host and nonhost reactions to rice blast fungus

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Ultrastructure of host and para

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Ultrastructure of host and pathogen in the alfalfa leaf infected by the fungus Pseudopeziza medicaginis (Lib.) Sacc

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Ultrastructure of human gametogenesis and early embryogenesis

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Ultrastructure of hyaline tissue of the haustoria of Melampyrum pratense L. a possible glandular function

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Ultrastructure of hymenial cells in two Boletes

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Ultrastructure of hyphae of all species of the genus Skeletocutis

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Ultrastructure of in situ fossil cycad pollen from the English Jurassic, with a description of the male cone Androstrobus balmei sp. nov

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Ultrastructure of in vitro aged chick embryo cell cultures in relation to viral infection

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Ultrastructure of inclusions in wheat root cell nucleoli

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Ultrastructure of inculsions induced by wisteria vein mosaic virus, a member of the potyvirus group

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Ultrastructure of individual and compound starch granules in isolation preparation from a high-quality, low-amylose rice, ilpumbyeo, and its mutant, G2, a high-dietary fiber, high-amylose rice

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Ultrastructure of induced transitions in the chromatin organization of Drosophila polytene chromosomes

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Ultrastructure of infection-thread development during the infection of soybean by Rhizobium japonicum

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Ultrastructure of insect visual centers

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Ultrastructure of interactions between pseudomonads and oat leaves Avena sativa, Pseudomonas coronafaciens

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Ultrastructure of interconnections of symbiotic microorganisms and cells of some species of leafhoppers (Hemiptera: Cicadinea)

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Ultrastructure of juvenile hormone induced degenerating flight muscle in the bark beetle, Ips paraconfusus

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Ultrastructure of labial glands of Andrenosoma bayardi (Diptera, Asilidae)

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Ultrastructure of late spermatids and spermatozoa of the silkworm

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Ultrastructure of leaf cells of tobacco infected with cucumber mosaic virus (Cucumis virus 1)

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Ultrastructure of leaf gall of

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Ultrastructure of leaves of Nicotiana tabacum liberated from an infection of Peronospora tabacina Adam

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Ultrastructure of leaves of a catalase-deficient mutant of barley

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Ultrastructure of leucoplasts in Closterium acerosum Ehrenb. cultivated under attenuated light

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Ultrastructure of leukocytes of the peripheral blood of cattle with different forms of leukosis

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Ultrastructure of lichen haustoria: symbiosis in Parmelia sulcata

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Ultrastructure of liver cells in pig at normal conditions and after administration of small doses of heptachlorine

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Ultrastructure of lung lesions produced by ingested chemicals. I. Effect of the herbicide paraquat on mouse lung

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Ultrastructure of lymphatic cells in leukcosis in sheep

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Ultrastructure of lymphatic endothelium

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Ultrastructure of maize root cells under water stress conditions

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Ultrastructure of maize starch granules: a review

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Ultrastructure of male gametop

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Ultrastructure of malpighian tu

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Ultrastructure of mature chloroplasts

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Ultrastructure of megaspore tetrad in Orchis maculata

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Ultrastructure of meiosis in the moss Entodon seductrix

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Ultrastructure of meiosis in the moss Rhiynchostergium serrulatum. I. Prophasic microtubules and spindle dynamics

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Ultrastructure of meiotic pairing in B chromosomes of Crepis capillaris. I. One-B and two-B pollen mother cells

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Ultrastructure of melanin formation in Thielaviopsis basicola

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Ultrastructure of melanins formed from (+) scytalone, 1,8 dihydroxynaphthalene, catechol, and dopa by Verticillium dahliae

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Ultrastructure of membrane-complex systems in Agaricus bisporus

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Ultrastructure of meristematic cells of dormant and released buds in Tradescantia paludosa

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Ultrastructure of microdissected polytene chromosomes of Drosophila

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Ultrastructure of microsporocytes in sterile forms of sugarbeets

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Ultrastructure of mink (Mustela vison) spermatozoa

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Ultrastructure of mitochondria in meristematic root cells of Allium cepa, formed at low temperature (0 degrees C)

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Ultrastructure of mitochondria in skeletal muscles of pigs: A contribution to the pathogenesis of pale, soft, exudative meat

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Ultrastructure of mitosis in the aquatic phycomycete Chytriomyces hyalinus

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Ultrastructure of mitotic chromosomes on total preparations of tulip endosperm

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Ultrastructure of mono- and bifunctional muscles of the wing apparatus in locust larvae and imagos

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Ultrastructure of motor end-plates in slow and fast chicken muscles during development

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Ultrastructure of mouse blastoc

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Ultrastructure of mucoralean sporangiospores

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Ultrastructure of mucosa of the accessory respiratory organ of Ophiocephalidae

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Ultrastructure of muscular arteries of animals

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Ultrastructure of mycelium of Verticillium dahliae studied by electron microscopy

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Ultrastructure of mycoplasms in the phloem of cotton affected with virescence

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Ultrastructure of mycorrhiza of the garden pea (Pisum sativum L.)

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Ultrastructure of myelin forms in Sporotrichum schenckii (Hetkoen and Perkins, 1900)

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Ultrastructure of myocardial widened Z bands and endocardial cells in two teleostean species

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Ultrastructure of nematophagous predaceous fungi

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Ultrastructure of neurohemal organs (paraganglionic plates) of Trogulus nepaeformis (Scopoli) (Opiliones, Trogulidae) and release of neurosecretory material

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Ultrastructure of neuromuscular relationships in the canine heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis)

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Ultrastructure of newly recognized caliciviruses of the dog and mink Hemorrhagic pneumonia syndrome in mink

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Ultrastructure of nitrogen-fixing and wintering nodules in one-year seedlings of sea buckthorn and oleaster Hippophae rhamnoides, Elaeagnus argentea

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Ultrastructure of nodule bacteria of clover and alfalfa under conditions of pure culture and sumbiosis

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Ultrastructure of nodules of white clovers showing phyllody

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Ultrastructure of nucellus in Alcea rosea (Malvaceae)

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Ultrastructure of nuclear division in Paramecium aurelia. III. Meiosis in the micronucleus during conjugation

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Ultrastructure of nuclear inclusions and the separation of Verbenaceae and Oleaceae (incl. Nyctanthes)

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Ultrastructure of nuclear pockets in the lymphoid cell in cattle

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Ultrastructure of nuclei physarum polycephalum at different phases of the mitotic cycle Slime mold

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Ultrastructure of nurse cells in the female gonad of Tetrodontophora bielanensis (Waga) (Collembola)

Adamiec, J., 1975:
Ultrastructure of nurse cells in the male gonad of Tetrodontophora bielanensis (Waga) (Collembola)

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Ultrastructure of oenocytoids from two spiders, Pisaura mirabilis and Trochosa terricola (Araneae)

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Ultrastructure of olfactory sensilla of Holotrichia diomphalia Bates (Coleoptera : Melolonthidae)

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Ultrastructure of olfactory sensillae on antennae and palps of the mosquitos Culex pipiens molestus (Kiptera, Culicidae)

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Ultrastructure of oogenesis in Saprolegnia terrestris

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Ultrastructure of organotypic testicular tumors of dog together a contribution of the ultrastructure of germinal cells, sertoli cells and of the leydig interstitial cells

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Ultrastructure of osmophores in Restrepia (Orchidaceae) Restrepia hemsleyana, Restrepia muscifera, Restrepia shuttleworthii

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Ultrastructure of ovine ruminal epithelium and localization of sodium in the tissue

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Ultrastructure of ovule integuments in Geranium gracile (Geraniaceae)

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Ultrastructure of pale, soft, exudative muscles prior to and after slaughtering

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Ultrastructure of papiliae margini linguae of duck, Anas platyriynchus

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Ultrastructure of parasitism of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi by Phlyctochytrium plurigibbosum

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Ultrastructure of parenchyma cel

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Ultrastructure of pepper leaves with chlorophyll changes under the effect of nitrosomethylurease

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Ultrastructure of plastids, fractional composition, and specific activity of amylases of Chlorella cells under clinostating conditions

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Ultrastructure of pollen of Amelanchier Alnifolia

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Ultrastructure of reproduction

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Ultrastructure of sensillum t1 on the foretarsus of Acerentomon majus Berlese (Protura: Acerentomidae)

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Ultrastructure of septa of two species of Dimargaritaceae (Mucorales)

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Ultrastructure of some central fossil Diatomaceae from Ethiopia, revealed by scanning electron microscopy

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Ultrastructure of some pistil pa

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Ultrastructure of specific granules of the intestinal globule leucocytes of the chicken

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Ultrastructure of sterigma growth and basidiospore formation in Coprinus and Boletus

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Ultrastructure of swarmers in the Laminariales (Phaeophyceae). II. Sperm Algae

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Ultrastructure of symbiotic microorganisms of Coccidae (Homoptera, Coccoidea)

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Ultrastructure of synergids in some Compositae

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Ultrastructure of teliospore in the rust fungus Puccinia podophylli

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Ultrastructure of tetrasporogenesis in the parasitic red alga Levringiella gardneri (Setchell) Kylin

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Ultrastructure of the 5S RNA locus in salivary gland chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster

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Ultrastructure of the "Cannabis sativa" glands

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Ultrastructure of the Cellular surface from Desmidiacees to the electronic Microscope to scanning

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Ultrastructure of the Phycomycete nucleus

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Ultrastructure of the abomasal epithelium of the goat

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Ultrastructure of the accessory sex glands of Neobisium muscorum (Leach) (Arachnida, Pseudoscorpionida)

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Ultrastructure of the adenohypophysis in the domestic pig (Sus scrofa domestica). I. Cells of the pars anterior

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Ultrastructure of the bacteria Aeromonas punctata

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Ultrastructure of the biflagellate motile cells of Ulvaria oxysperma (Kutz.) Bliding and phylogenetic relationships among ulvaphycean algae

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Ultrastructure of the blastodermal cuticle of embryos of Tetrodontophora bielanensis Waga (Collembola)

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Ultrastructure of the blood vessels in the chick allantois and chorioallantois

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Ultrastructure of the blood-air barrier in the respiratory part of the gut in fish Hoplosternum thoracatum

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Ultrastructure of the body wall of Thelazia rhodesi (Desmarest, 1827) and Thelazia gulosa (Railliet et Henry, 1910) causing helminthiasis in cattle

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Ultrastructure of the brain-cor

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Ultrastructure of the bud graft union in Malus

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Ultrastructure of the cell interphase nuclei of some plants in different periods of mitotic cycle

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Ultrastructure of the cell wall in Pinus sylvestris

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Ultrastructure of the cell wall regeneration of isolated protoplasts of Skimmia japonica thunb

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Ultrastructure of the cells of the growing point of winter wheat shoots as affected by vernalization

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Ultrastructure of the cerebral glands in Scolopendra cingulata Latr., Cryptops savignyi Leach and C. hortensis leach (Myriapoda: Scolopendromorpha)

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Ultrastructure of the chemoreceptive antennal sensillae of the body louse Pediculus humanus corporis De Geer (Pediculidae, Anoplura)

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Ultrastructure of the chemoreceptive sensillae of biting midges (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae)

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Ultrastructure of the chick embryo thyroid following preincubation exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation

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Ultrastructure of the chicken pancreatic islets with special reference to neural control

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Ultrastructure of the chloroplasts during their pathological development in the central tissue of the young gall of Pontania proxima Lep

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Ultrastructure of the chorion and the micropyle of the Japanese eel Anguilla japonica for the identification of eggs

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Ultrastructure of the chorion in Sitotroga cerealella Oliv. examined in scanning electron microscopy

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Ultrastructure of the chromocentre heterochromatin in Drosophila melanogaster

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Ultrastructure of the compound eye and first optic neuropile of the photoreceptor mutant oraJK84 of Drosophila

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Ultrastructure of the compound eye of the stable fly Stomoxys calcitrans L. (Diptera, Muscidae)

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Ultrastructure of the connective tissue matrix

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Ultrastructure of the constricting ring cells of Dactylaria gracilis

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Ultrastructure of the contractile striated roots of a marine Tetraselmis

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Ultrastructure of the corallinaceae (Rhodophyta). II. Vegetative cells of Lithothrix aspergillum

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Ultrastructure of the corona of scented and scentless flowers of Passiflora spp. (Passifloraceae)

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Ultrastructure of the corpora allata in Polistes gallicus (L.) (Hymenoptera, Vespidae)

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Ultrastructure of the corpora allata of Anacridium aegyptium (Insecta, Orthoptera) during the one before the last larval instar and the imaginal life

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Ultrastructure of the coxal glands of Actinotrichida (Acari)

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Ultrastructure of the cryptonephridial system in the meal worm Tenebrio molitor

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Ultrastructure of the crystalline inclusion induced by tobacco etch virus visualized by freeze-etching

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Ultrastructure of the developing chicken liver before hatching

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Ultrastructure of the developing sunflower microspore

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Ultrastructure of the digestive glands of Drosera capensis L

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Ultrastructure of the dinoflagellate Peridinium cinctum f. ovoplanum. I. Vegetative cell ultrastructure

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Ultrastructure of the dinoflagellate Peridinium cinctum f. ovoplanum. II. Light and electron microscopic observations on fertilization

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Ultrastructure of the distal sensilla (a1) on the appendages of the first abdominal sternite in Campodea sensillifera (Conde and Mathieu) (Insecta: Diplura)

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Ultrastructure of the dormant Agaricus bisporus spore

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Ultrastructure of the dorsal genal glands of Campodea sensillifera (Conde et Mathieu) (Diplura)

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Ultrastructure of the dysentery agent of swine Retention of the name Borrelia hyodysenteriae recommended.1

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Ultrastructure of the egg chorion of Nemoptera sinuata Olivier 1811 (Neuroptera: Nemopteridae) from Turkey

Kolata, D.; Norstog, K.; Rohde, C., 1973:
Ultrastructure of the egg envelopes of a uropodid mite

Nikishin, V.P., 2007:
Ultrastructure of the egg shell of the acanthocephalan Neoechinorhynchus crassus

Trimble, J.Iii, 1974:
Ultrastructure of the ejaculatory duct region of the lovebug, Plecia nearctica Hardy (Diptera: Bibionidae)

Zhukova, G.; Dragunova, E., 1980:
Ultrastructure of the embryo cotyledon chloroplasts in Acer platanoides (Aceraceae)

Pliushch, T.; Bannikova, V., 1988:
Ultrastructure of the embryo sac and the embryo in Calanthe vestita (Orchidaceae)

Pliushch, Ta, 1987:
Ultrastructure of the embryo sac cells of Lilium regale and Lilium candidum (Liliaceae) before fertilization

Meliia, Ns, 1984:
Ultrastructure of the embryo sac plasma of maize with cytoplasmatic male sterility

Louis, C.N.colas, G., 1976:
Ultrastructure of the endocellular procaryotes of arthropods as revealed by freeze etching. i. a study of a type endosymbionts of the leafhopper Euscelis plebejus (Homoptera, Jassidae)

Louis, C.N.colas, G.P.uphile, M., 1976:
Ultrastructure of the endocellular procaryotes of arthropods as revealed by freeze etching. iI. T type endosymbionts of the leafhopper Euscelis plebejus Fall. (Homoptera, Jassidae)

Galway, M.; Rennie, P.; Fowke, L., 1993:
Ultrastructure of the endocytotic pathway in glutaraldehyde-fixed and high-pressure frozen

Moss, St, 1980:
Ultrastructure of the endomembrane--sagenogenetosome--ectoplasmic net complex in Ulkenia visurgensis (Thraustochytriales)

Andreeva, I.; Grineva, G., 1970:
Ultrastructure of the endoplasmic reticulum in maize root cells under anaerobic conditions

Shmarev, Ig, 1983:
Ultrastructure of the endosperm aleurone layer in Triticum aestivum L

Turala-Szybowska, K., 1975:
Ultrastructure of the endosperm of Echinocystis lobata (Cucurbitaceae) at the cellular stage

Verdura, T.A.cheta, O., 1975:
Ultrastructure of the enterochromaffin system in (experimental and spontaneous) diarrhea of the calf

Manier, J.; Grizel, H., 1972:
Ultrastructure of the envelope and the opening of the Trichomycetes, Eccrinales

Brandley, Bk, 1981:
Ultrastructure of the envelope of Codium australicum (Silva) chloroplasts in the alga and after acquisition by Elysia maoria (Powell)

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