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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17598

Chapter 17598 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Glore, R., 1986:
Upholstered freestalls as an aid to control of coliform mastitis

Shryack, W., 1974:
Upholstered furniture

Niemeyer, S., 1986:
Upholstered furniture care--cleaning and stain removal

Bullard, S.-H.D.olittle, L., 1991:
Upholstered household furniture in the United States

Anonymous, 1946:
Upholstering dining chair seats

Anonymous, 1942:
Upholstering furniture

Zimmerman, Fred, W., 1981:
Upholstering methods

Thompson, Cj, 1969:
Upholstering with foam

Windley, L., 1980:
Upholstery care

Morley, D., 1988:
Upholstery covering materials. 1. General functional requirements

Warfield, C.; Slaten, B., 1989:
Upholstery fabric performance: actual wear versus laboratory abrasion

Keller, P., 1981:
Upholstery fabrics

Howe,. Jr.;, 1982:
Upholstery fabrics Textiles

Dziegielewski, S.K.pica, L.N.escierowicz, W., 1983:
Upholstery furniture frames

Bartos, Z., 1973:
Upkeep and repairs of the buildings under control of the sta te forests organization

Pivot, D., 1982:
Upkeep fertilizing for chrysanthemum cut flower

Jean, M.A.bert, A., 1972:
Upkeep of canals

Gamberini, A., 1970:
Upkeep of the combine harvester during winter

Gauthier, Md, 1972:
Upkeep of the diesel motor

Whyte, Ian, 2006:
Upland Britain: cultural processes and landscape change through time

Saha, S.R.ska, D.; Stelly, D., 2006:
Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) x Hawaiian Cotton (G. tomentosum Nutt. Ex. Seem.) F1 Hybrid Hypoaneuploid Chromosome Substitution Series

Anonymous, 2002:
Upland Erosion Processes Research Unit

Anonymous, 1986:
Upland Foray, Sutherland, 11-18 May 1985

Anonymous, 1988:
Upland Island and Turkey Hill wildernesses, Angelina National Forest, Texas

Spetich, Martin, A., 2004:
Upland Oak Ecology Symposium

Monmonier, Ms, 1971:
Upland adjustment to regional drainage in Central Pennsylvania. an application of trend surface analysis

Assadian, N.; Esparza, L.; Pedregon, L.O.r, S.N.eto, A.G.nzalez, A., 1993:
Upland and Pima cotton performance trials in west Texas--1992

Troth, J.; Deneke, F.; Brown, L., 1976:
Upland aspen

Kuntohartono, T., 1981:
Upland cane nurseries in Java

Slaughter, C.; Long, K., 1975:
Upland climatic parameters on subarctic slopes, central Alaska

Jones, Jr; Rees, Me; Preen, Rn; Fothergill, M.S.bbald, Ar, 1991:
Upland clover sheep systems

Straughton, Eleanor, 2006:
Upland common land: the historical record

Anonymous, 1999:
Upland cotton

Anonymous, 1983:
Upland cotton PIK program

Firch, Rs, 1970:
Upland cotton allotments in Arizona and potential effects of government payment limitations

Thomas, W.I., 1948:
Upland cotton production in Arizona

Anonymous, 1952:
Upland cotton production in Florida

Edwards, M., 1978:
Upland cotton program under the Food and Agriculture Act of 1977

Fisher, W.; Stith, L., 1971:
Upland cotton research results, 1970

Assadian, N.; Fenn, L., 1991:
Upland cotton responses to Ca-stimulated ammonium absorption

Okubo, T.K.rihara, M., 1975:
Upland cropping system for whea

Okubo, T., 1979:
Upland cropping system of Japan. 1. Locality of cropping system and its change

Okubo, T., 1979:
Upland cropping system of Japan. 2. State of cropping system and new cropping system

Andam, C.; Miguel, V.; Callueng, M., 1984:
Upland crops trials using zero tillage after transplanted rice

Morooka, Y.M.yrowani, H., 1990:
Upland economy in Java

Chisci, G., 1981:
Upland erosion: evaluation and measurement Mathematical modelling and experimental measurements, assessment, forecasting

Sexton, Hgc, 1971:
Upland ewes on lowland farms

Kopetz, H., 1978:
Upland farmers policy in Austria a survey

Gravoso, R.; Stuart, T., 2000:
Upland farmers comprehension of pictorial messages on environmental protection

Oka, K., 1974:
Upland farming and cassava cult

Hauserman, Chris, 2006:
Upland farming and landscape management futures

Okubo, R., 1974:
Upland farming in the Kilmanjar

Palte, J.G.L., 1989:
Upland farming on Java, Indonesia

Zabierowksi, K., 1973:
Upland farming problems in the light of investigations performed in European countries

Chapman, E.C.B.uahom, B.; Hansen, P.-Kurt, 1998:
Upland farming systems in the Lao PDR

Stephenson, S., L.; Adams, H., S.; Huebner, C., D., 2007:
Upland forest vegetation of the ozark mountains in northwestern Arkansas

Stephenson, Steven, L., 1993:
Upland forests of West Virginia

Debell, D.-S.W.itesell, C., D., 1993:
Upland forests of the American

Sands, A.; Smurthwaite, D., 1992:
Upland game bird habitat management

Ligon, J.Stokley, 1946:
Upland game bird restoration through trapping and transplanting

Adkins, Jack, 1980:
Upland game habitat development evaluation

Johnson, Floyd, A., 1948:
Upland game managememt

Anonymous, 1980:
Upland gross erosion of the Loosahatchie and Wolf Rivers in Tennessee and Mississippi

Mills, W.J.; Fischer, B.; Reisinger, T., 1987:
Upland hardwood silviculture: a review of the literature

Boutrais, Jean, 1995:
Upland livestock rearing in Cameroon

Gratto Trevor, C.L., 2006:
Upland nesting prairie shorebirds: use of managed wetland basins and accuracy of breeding surveys

Roberts, A.; Hudson, J.; Roberts, G., 1991:
Upland pasture improvement: the effects on water quality of using two different cultivation techniques

Taylor, Bd, 1982:
Upland research needs in the southern California inland

Jacquot, M.G.li, K., 1984:
Upland rice breeding at IRAT and IDESSA

Usberti-Filho, Josae-Alfredo, 1987:
Upland rice cultivar IAC-165

Hirose, S., 1977:
Upland rice culture in tropical area: the case of Lampung in Indonesia

Steinmetz, S.M.raes, J.; Oliveira, I.-De; Morais, O.; Moreira, J.; Prabhu, A.; Ferreira, E.S.lveira-Filho, A., 1986:
Upland rice environments in Brazil and the fitness of improved technologies

Murty, K.; Chandra, D.S.inivasulu, K., 1986:
Upland rice environments in India and fitness of improved technologies

Lawson, T.; Alluri, K., 1986:
Upland rice environments in Nigeria and the fitness of improved technologies

Intsiful, Jk, 1969:
Upland rice farming in Ghana

Morris, Ra, 1986:
Upland rice farming systems

Oldeman, Lr, 1984:
Upland rice growing environment: methods for characterization and zonation in Asia

Sant'-Ana, Ep, 1984:
Upland rice improvement at EMBRAPA, Brazil

Alam, M.; Alluri, K.M.sajo, T.; Zan, K.J.hn, V., 1986:
Upland rice improvement in humid and subhumid tropics of West Africa

Somrith, B.P.ommani, B., 1986:
Upland rice of in highland areas of Thailand

Garrity, Dennis, P., 1983:
Upland rice research

Jha, K.; Kulshrestha, J.1; Mathur, S.1; Mishra, A., 1983:
Upland rice responds well to good management Crop yields, costs and returns, Orissa, India

Go, Bh, 1981:
Upland rice soil: Management conservation of soil structure and fertility

Dong, H., 1992:
Upland rice systems

Chatel, M.D.chanet, R1; Notteghem, J.1; Rakotonirainy, R., 1981:
Upland rice variety improvement in Madagascar Oryza sativa, genetic variability.1

Hai, V.; Dobelmann, J.; Falais, M., 1972:
Upland rice weeding trials in Madagascar

Pandey, S., 2006:
Upland rice, household food security, and commercialization of upland agriculture in Vietnam

Kaneda, C.O.no, Y.H.mamura, K., 1982:
Upland rice. II. Its cultivation in the tropics

Johnson, D., 1979:
Upland rice: an underdeveloped crop of Latin America

Morrissey, D.; Randall, A.; Williams, J., 1988:
Upland runoff as a major source of recharge to stratified drift in the glaciated Northeast

Taylor, Bd, 1982:
Upland sediment yield and shoreline sediment delivery in coastal southern California Erosion, watersheds, river basins

Neck, Rw, 1986:
Upland shift of distribution of suitable habitat for the Texas leaf-cutter ant, Atta texana, in southern Texas following reservoir construction

Anonymous, 1951:
Upland soils of Mendocino County (exclusive of National forest areas)

Bulfin, M.R.dford, T.C.mey, A., 1979:
Upland soils of Wicklow have good potential

Ellis, W.; Chester, E., 1989:
Upland swamps of the Highland Rim of Tennessee

De-La-Pena, Rs, 1978:
Upland taro

Sajise, Pe, 1980:
Upland technology for the future

Hahn, S.; Tenhunen, J.; Popp, P.; Meyer, A.L.nge, O., 1993:
Upland tundra in the foothills of the Brooks Range, Alaska: diurnal CO2 exchange patterns of characteristic lichen species

Guh, J.; Park, K., 1978:
Upland weed control in Korea

Pinder, John, 2006:
Uplands in the context of an integrated catchment management programme: Bassenthwaite Lake Restoration Programme

Bayley, William-Alan, 1950:
Uplands pastures

Farr, Cr, 1989:
Uplant cotton responses to earlier termination in central Arizona

E.Sawwaf, M.A., 2007:
Uplift behavior of horizontal anchor plates buried in geosynthetic reinforced slopes

Das, B.; Seeley, G., 1982:
Uplift capacity of pipe piles in saturated clay

Whipkey, C.E.C.varoc, V.-V.F.ores, R., M., 1991:
Uplift of the Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming and Montana--a sandstone provenance study

Ferleger, L., 1990:
Uplifting American agriculture: experiment station scientists and the Office of Experiment Stations in the early years after the Hatch Act

Kaner, A.; Feldman, S.; Weinberger, D.; Ford, M., 1987:
Uplifts, hassles, and adaptational outcomes in early adolescents

Poorooshasb, H.; Parameswaran, V., 1983:
Upligt of rigid vertical piles in frozen sand

Alisov, M.S., 1943:
Uplotnennye i povtornye posevy ovoshchnykh kul* section *tur

Maksimenko, N.V., 1956:
Uplotnennye posevy

Kuz*-Section-*michev, Mikhail-Georgievich, 1962:
Uplotnennye posevy oguretisov

Sakai, Katsushi, 2006:
Upogebiidae of the world (Decapoda, Thalassinidea)

Polikanov, K.P., 1964:
Upon a sharp increase in production

Durisch, L.-Logan; Macon, H.-Luther, 1951:
Upon its own resources

Naudet, M.B.asini, S., 1969:
Upon the acidification of raw

Alba-Tercedor, J., 1982:
Upon the identity of Ephermera hispanica Navas, 1903 (Ephemeroptera: Ephemeridae) Synonyma

Dimitrow, D.; Tsankowa, G.; Temchew, N., 1982:
Upon the mechanism of the reaction between 2,4-diamine-5-(3,4,5-trimethoxybenzyl)-pyrimidine and beta-diethylamine-ethyl ester of para-amine-benzoic acid with 2,3-dialdehyde cellulose

Volker, P., 1975:
Upon the mechanisms of penetration and propagation of Fusarium moniliforme (Scheld.) Sn. et H. into the roots of -Zea mays L

Salageanu, V., 1973:
Upon the optimal concentration of microelements salts occurring in experiments performed with Chlamydomonas reinhardti, Chlorella vulgaris and Chlorella luteviridis

Eddison, S., 1985:
Upon these rocks

Otava, G.; Mircu, C.; Cerneseu, H.; Igna, V., 2007:
Uporedni odnos koncentracme progesterona U krvi I pojave estrusa kod krava

Vucinic, Marijana, 2007:
Upotreba feromona u preventivi i terapiji poremecaja u ponasanju domacih zivotinja

Beaka, Hristo, M., 1950:
Upotreba na veestaeckite agubrinja vo tutunoproizvodstvoto

Hedraen, Allan, 1981:
Uppbindningsanordningar feor mjeolkkor i kortbeas

Brunberg, Bengt, 1998:
Uppdragsprojekt skogsbransle - slutrapport

Oberlehner, F., 1970:
Upper Austrian feed and animal production industries

Stukel, J.-L.M.dsen, S., 2000:
Upper Bad River watershed water quality improvement and demonstration project

Anonymous, 1989 :
Upper Baileys Creek Salt Project, Osage County, Missouri

Anonymous, 2000:
Upper Bear Creek watershed analysis

Anonymous, 2003:
Upper Bear timber sale

Anonymous, 1989:
Upper Black Warrior water quality project area, Alabama

Anonymous, 1983:
Upper Bromide Formation and Viola Group (Middle and Upper Ordovician) in eastern Oklahoma

Hintze, L.-F.P.lmer, A., R., 1976:
Upper Cambrian Orr Formation, its subdivisions and correlatives in western Utah

Muller, KJ.; Hinz, I., 1991:
Upper Cambrian conodonts from Sweden

Landing, E.; Ludvigsen, R. von Bitter, PH., 1980:
Upper Cambrian to Lower Ordovician conodont biostratigraphy and biofacies, Rabbitkettle Formation, District of Mackenzie

Hintze, L.-F.T.ylor, M.-E.M.ller, J.-Frederick, 1987:
Upper Cambrian-Lower Ordovician Notch Peak Formation in western Utah

Anonymous, 1993:
Upper Camp-Duncie

Anonymous, 1992:
Upper Camp-Duncie timber sale, Granite County, Deerlodge National Forest, Phillipsburg Ranger District

Russell, Pa, 1982:
Upper Canada: a poor mans country? some statistical evidence Land ownership, distribution

Anonymous, 1977:
Upper Cape Fear River basin (joint study) North Carolina

Anonymous, 1995:
Upper Carroll timber sale

Guitjens, J.; Mahannah, C., 1975:
Upper Carson River water Study; water year 1974

Guitjens, J.; Mahannah, C., 1977:
Upper Carson River water study, water year 1975

Guitjens, J.; Mahannah, C., 1972:
Upper Carson River water study; water year 1972

Guitjens, J.; Mahannah, C., 1974:
Upper Carson River water study; water year 1973

Carey, Mary-Alice, 1992:
Upper Cenomanian foraminifers from the southern part of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Anonymous, 2002:
Upper Charley subwatershed ecosystem restoration projects

Anonymous, 1985:
Upper Chattahoochee River basin, Georgia

Zimmerman, Mark, P., 1999:
Upper Clackamas River Basin bull trout surveys, 1998-1999

Freethey, Gw, 1988:
Upper Colorado River Basin Regional Aquifer-Systems Analysis--Mesozoic rocks in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, Arizona and New Mexico

Stone, Clifford, H., 1948:
Upper Colorado River Basin compact entered into by the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah Wyoming

Anonymous, 2000:
Upper Colorado River and San Juan River basins

Anonymous, 2005:
Upper Colorado and San Juan Basin Endangered Fish Recovery Implementation Programs Reauthorization Act of 2005

Anonymous, 2005:
Upper Colorado and San Juan River Basin Endangered Fish Recovery Programs Reauthorization Act of 2005

Anonymous, 1997:
Upper Columbia River Basin

Anonymous, 1956:
Upper Columbia River development

Anonymous, 2005:
Upper Connecticut River Partnership Act

Bryant Bruce; Naeser, C. W.; Marvin, R. F.; Mehnert, H. H., 1989:
Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene sedimentary rocks and isotopic ages of Paleogene tuffs, Uinta Basin, Utah

Stockey, R.; Nishida, H.N.shida, M., 1992:
Upper Cretaceous araucarian cones from Hokkaido: Araucaria nihongii sp. nov

Salgado, L.; Coria, R., A.; Magalhaes-Ribeiro, C., M.; Garrido, A.; Rogers, R.; Simon, M., E.; Arcucci, A., B.; Curry-Rogers, K.; Carabajal, A.-Paulina; Apesteguia, S.; Fernandez, M.; Garcia, R., A.; Talevi, M., 2007:
Upper Cretaceous dinosaur nesting sites of Rio Negro (Salitral Ojo de Agua and Salinas de Trapalco-Salitral de Santa Rosa), northern Patagonia, Argentina

Dorf, Erling, 1942:
Upper Cretaceous floras of the Rocky mountain region

Takahashi, K., 1978:
Upper Cretaceous palynofossils from Quiriquina Island, Chile

Valentine, Page, C., 1982:
Upper Cretaceous subsurface stratigraphy and structure of coastal Georgia and South Carolina

Anonymous, 1999:
Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River Mongaup Visitor Center Act of 1999

Anonymous, 1995:
Upper Deschutes wild and scenic river management plan and draft environmental impact statement

Gjelberg, John, G., 1981:
Upper Devonian (Famennian)-Middle Carboniferous succession of Bjsuperscript 2rnsuperscript 2ya

Walker, Roger, G., 1972:
Upper Devonian marine-nonmarine transition, southern Pennsylvania

Glaeser, J.Douglas, 1974:
Upper Devonian stratigraphy and sedimentary environments in northeastern Pennsylvania

Nichols, K.M.S.lberling, N.J., 1993:
Upper Devonian to Upper Mississippian strata of the Antler foreland in the Leppy Hills, easternmost northern Nevada

Silberling, N.J., 1995:
Upper Devonian-Mississippian stratigraphic sequences in the distal Antler foreland of western Utah and adjoining Nevada

Visser, K.; Wendte, L., 1992:
Upper Embarras River basin flooding issues

Barattolo, F.; Bassi, D.; Romano, R., 2007:
Upper Eocene larger foraminiferal-coralline algal facies from the Klokova Mountain (southern continental Greece)

Rodraiguez-Grajera, Alfonso, 1990:
Upper Extremadura in the XVII century

Leib, Ms, 1995:
Upper GI endoscopy: diagnosis of chronic small bowel diarrhea

Anonymous, 1940:
Upper Gila River basin report

Anonymous, 1985:
Upper Great Lakes connecting channels study

Tanner, H.P.triarche, M.M.llendore, W., 1983:
Upper Great Lakes sportfishery establishment has spectacular impact

Anonymous, 2004:
Upper Green River Area Rangeland Project

Anonymous, 1989:
Upper Hayden Ditch Salt Project, Scott County, Missouri

Anonymous, 1979 :
Upper Housatonic River Basin study

Anonymous, 2003:
Upper Housatonic Valley National Heritage Area

Anonymous, 1956:
Upper Inhul irrigation system

Harasewych, M.G.; Kiel, S., 2007:
Upper Jurassic Pleurotomariidae (Gastropoda) from southwestern Madagascar

Barthel, Kw, 1969:
Upper Jurassic regressive shallow water phase of the Neuberger formation in Bavaria

Risley, J.-C.L.enen, A., 1999:
Upper Klamath Lake Basin nutrient-loading study--assessment of historic flows in the Williamson and Sprague Rivers

Anonymous, 1990:
Upper Leaf River Watershed, Scott and Smith counties, Mississippi

Anonymous, 1989:
Upper Little Creek Salt Project, Harrison County, Missouri

Anonymous, 1989:
Upper Locust Creek Watershed in Missouri and Iowa; and Howard Creek Watershed in West Virginia

Anonymous, 1985:
Upper Locust Creek watershed, Appanoose and Wayne Counties, Iowa, Putnam and Sullivan Counties, Missouri

Anonymous, 1988:
Upper Mad River watershed, Logan County, Ohio

Schmerr, N.; Garnero, E.J., 2007:
Upper mantle discontinuity topography from thermal and chemical heterogeneity

Anonymous, 1993:
Upper Meherrin River Watershed

Anonymous, 1987:
Upper Merion sewer access rights

Anonymous, 1980:
Upper Middle Fabius watershed, Adair, Knox, Lewis, Schuyler, and Scotland Counties, Missouri

Clark, E., 1994:
Upper Midwest dairy production begins to expand

Anonymous, 1960:
Upper Midwest economic study

Myers, Mary, E., 1998:
Upper Midwest organic resource directory

Fruin, Je, 1980:
Upper Midwest transportation issues for the 1980s

Durham David, L.; Addicott Warren, O., 1964:
Upper Miocene and Pliocene marine stratigraphy in southern Salinas Valley, California

Anonymous, 2006:
Upper Mississippi River Basin Protection Act

Anonymous, 2002:
Upper Mississippi River Basin Protection Act of 2001

Anonymous, 1980:
Upper Mississippi River Main Stem, Level B Study

Halbach, D.-W.F.uin, J., E., 1985:
Upper Mississippi River barge industry fuel use analysis

Schnepf, Randall-Dean, 2004:
Upper Mississippi River-Illinois Waterway navigation expansion

Carter, Nicole, 2006:
Upper Mississippi River-Illinois waterway investments

Anonymous, 2004:
Upper Mississippi and Illinois Rivers

Halbach, D.F.uin, J., 1985:
Upper Mississippi river barge and towing industry fuel use analysis

Anonymous, 1959:
Upper Missouri Basin power supply problems

Sylvester, Ryan, M., 2004:
Upper Missouri River Basin aquatic GAP fish distribution model accuracy assessment and white sucker, Catostomus commersonii, population characteristics in the Upper Missouri River Basin

Anonymous, 2003:
Upper Missouri River Breaks Boundary Clarification Act

Anonymous, 2005:
Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument

Anonymous, 1983:
Upper Neuse River erosion study

Ulteig, John, R., 1964:
Upper Niagaran and Cayugan stratigraphy of northeastern Ohio and adjacent areas

Anonymous, 1990:
Upper North Bosque River Watershed

Anonymous, 1978:
Upper Ohio main stem comprehensive coordinated joint plan (CCJP)

Borkent, A., 1978:
Upper Oligocene fossil pupae and larvae of Chaoborus tertiarius (von Heyden) (Chaoboridae, Diptera) from West Germany

Peck John, H., 1966:
Upper Ordovician formations in the Maysville area, Kentucky

Skipp, Betty, 1979:
Upper Paleozoic carbonate bank in east-central Idaho--Snaky Canyon, Bluebird Mountain, and Arco Hills formations and their paleotectonic significance

Fraser, Gordon, S., 1991:
Upper Pennsylvanian algal bank limestones on the northern margin of the Illinois basin, Livingston County, Illinois

Anonymous, 1983:
Upper Platte River study

Deviatova, Ei, 1981:
Upper Pleistocene of the northern part of the Russian Plain

Hyde, Jack, H., 1975:
Upper Pleistocene pyroclastic-flow deposits and lahars south of Mount St. Helens volcano, Washington

Anonymous, 1989:
Upper Polecat Creek Salt Project, Harrison County, Missouri

Stewart, Jh, 1970:
Upper Precambrian and Lower Cambrian strata in the southern Great Basin California and Nevada

Stewart, J.-Harris; Mcmenamin, M.-A.M.rales-Ramairez, J.-Manuel, 1984:
Upper Proterozoic and Cambrian rocks in the Caborca region, Sonora, Mexico

Veit, H., 1993:
Upper Quaternary landscape and climate evolution in the Norte Chico (Northern Chile): an overview

Anonymous, 1993:
Upper Roanoke River basin

Anonymous, 1963:
Upper Rock Creek watershed, Maryland

Anonymous, 1980:
Upper Rogue River recreation trails

Strachan, D., 2001:
Upper Sacramento River Exchange. A case study for watershed education success

Anonymous, 1988:
Upper Salt River Basin, Adair, Audrain, Boone, Callaway, Knox, Macon, Marion, Monroe, Ralls, Randolph, Schuyler and Shelby Counties, Missouri

Anonymous, 1978:
Upper San Marcos River watershed, Comal and Hays Counties, Texas

Anonymous, 1993:
Upper Sandy National Wild and Scenic River

Anonymous, 1953:
Upper Saugeen valley conservation report 1953, summary

Epstein, Anita, G., 1967:
Upper Silurian and Lower Devonian stratigraphy of northeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and southeasternmost New York

Singh, H.; Saxena, R., 1980:
Upper Siwalik palynoflora from Gagret-Bharwain road section, Himachal Pradesh

Potok, Alan, J., 1978:
Upper St. Lawrence River hydraulic transient model

Ballard, W.-B.T.ylor, K., P., 1978:
Upper Susitna River moose population study

Ballard, W.-B.T.ylor, K., P., 1980:
Upper Susitna Valley moose population study

Heicher, D.-W.H.rschel, G., H., 1991:
Upper Susquehanna subbasin

Konold, Werner, 1987:
Upper Swabian ponds and lakes

Rahmann, H.; Zintz, K.; Hollnaicher, M., 1988:
Upper Swabian small streams

Anonymous, 1993:
Upper Swiftwater

Anonymous, 1995:
Upper Swiftwater final environmental impact statement

Anonymous, 1982:
Upper Tar River erosion report, Franklin, Granville, Person & Vance Counties, North Carolina

Yates, Paul, 1975:
Upper Taylor Creek Watershed, Okeechobee County, Florida

Anonymous, 1990:
Upper Tellico off-road vehicle area

Anonymous, 1987:
Upper Tiffin River watershed, Defiance, Fulton, Henry and Williams Counties, Ohio, Hillsdale and Lenawee Counties, Michigan

Anonymous, 1991:
Upper Tippah Creek Watershed, Benton and Tippah counties, Mississippi

Anonymous, 1990:
Upper Tippecanoe water quality area

Anonymous, 1986:
Upper Vermilion Bayou Creek watershed, St. Martin, Lafayette and Iberia Parishes, Louisiana

Anonymous, 1985:
Upper Vermilion Bayou watershed, St. Martin, Lafayette and Iberia Parishes, Louisiana

Anonymous, 1976:
Upper Volta, an essential imperative: control of pests of food crops

Anonymous, 1976:
Upper Volta: objectives of initial production have been rapidly exceeded

Peter, Je, 1976:
Upper Volta: situation and prospects of managing the Volta valleys

Anonymous, 1979:
Upper Volta: some programs being launched

Mialhe, P.P.ot, J., 1979:
Upper Volta: trial preparation and plantation of bare rooted Eucalyptus camaldulensis

Mialhe, P.P.ot, J., 1979:
Upper Volta: trials preparation and plantation of bare-rooted Eucalyptus camaldulensis

O'-Sullivan, M.; Penney, R., 1982:
Upper Waitemata modelling studies New Zealand

Anonymous, 1980:
Upper West Branch Pecatonica Watershed, Iowa, Lafayette and Grant counties, Wisconsin

Anonymous, 1956:
Upper Westerwald, a distressed area

Anonymous, 1990:
Upper White Salmon River

Anonymous, 2005:
Upper White Salmon Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

Ohlsen, Keith, N., 2001:
Upper Yilgarn Catchment appraisal 2005

Hannaford, J.; Howard, C., 1978:
Upper air data as a parameter in estimating snowmelt runoff

Pierce, R.; White, D.; Malhotra, A.; Edwards, J.K.; Kleverlaan, D.; Palmer, L.; Trinder, J., 2007:
Upper airway collapsibility, dilator muscle activation and resistance in sleep apnoea

Embertson, R.M., 1991:
Upper airway conditions in older horses, broodmares, and stallions

Price, S., 2007:
Upper airway disease in small animals

Fewell, J.E.; Johnson, P., 1983:
Upper airway dynamics during breathing and during apnoea in fetal lambs

Lumsden, J.; Stick, J.; Caron, J.; Nickels, F.; Brown, C.; Godber, L.; Derksen, F., 1995:
Upper airway function in performance horses: videoendoscopy during high-speed treadmill exercise

Harvey, C.; O'-Brien, J., 1974:
Upper airway obstraction syndromes in dogs

Aron, D.; Crowe, D., 1985:
Upper airway obstruction

Griffon, Dj, 2000:
Upper airway obstruction in cats: diagnosis and treatment

Griffon, Dj, 2000:
Upper airway obstruction in cats: pathogenesis and clinical signs

Naito, Y.; Higuchi, M.; Koinuma, G.; Aramaki, M.; Takahashi, T.; Kosaki, K., 2007:
Upper airway obstruction in neonates and infants with CHARGE syndrome

Harvey, Ce, 1982:
Upper airway obstruction surgery. 1. Stenotic nares surgery in brachycephalic dogs

Harvey, Ce, 1982:
Upper airway obstruction surgery. 2. Soft palate resection in brachycephalic dogs

Harvey, Ce, 1982:
Upper airway obstruction surgery. 3. Everted laryngeal saccule surgery in brachycephalic dogs

Harvey, Ce, 1982:
Upper airway obstruction surgery. 4. Partial laryngectomy in brachycephalic dogs

Harvey, C.; O'-Brien, J., 1982:
Upper airway obstruction surgery. 5. Treatment of laryngeal paralysis in dogs by partial laryngectomy

Harvey, C.; O'-Brien, J., 1982:
Upper airway obstruction surgery. 6. Surgical treatment of miscellaneous laryngeal conditions in dogs and cats

Harvey, C.; O'-Brien, J., 1982:
Upper airway obstruction surgery. 7. Tracheotomy in the dog and cat: analysis of 89 episodes in 79 animals

Harvey, Ce, 1982:
Upper airway obstruction surgery. 8. Overview of results Dogs

Santamaria, F.; Andreucci, M.V.; Parenti, G.; Polverino, M.; Viggiano, D.; Montella, S.; Cesaro, A.; Ciccarelli, R.; Capaldo, B.; Andria, G., 2007:
Upper airway obstructive disease in mucopolysaccharidoses: polysomnography, computed tomography and nasal endoscopy findings

Parente, Ej, 2005:
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Upswing in rural America

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