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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17604

Chapter 17604 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Use of Triticum turgidum in the selection of intensive type wheat
, Unknown (1973)

Use of Tukeys additivity test for the detection of interactions between factors in two way experiments
, Unknown (1971)

Use of Tween 80 agar for selection of Moraxella bovis colonies
, Tropical veterinarianub 1985) 2(4): 190-193 (1985)

Use of two-color fluorescence-tagged transgenes to study interphase chromosomes in living plants
, Plant Physiology 139(4): 1586-1596 (2005)

Use of Tylan from spirochetosis for geese
, Proceedings of the World Veterinary Congress: 0th (v 3) 2359-2362 (1975)

Use of Typhlodromus occidentalis in mite control
, Zashchita rastenii: 1) 11-12 (1985)

Use of U-500 regular insulin in type 2 diabetes
, Diabetes Care 29(9): 2175-2176 (2006)

Use of UKCIP02 climate-change scenarios in flood and coastal defence
, Water and Environmental Management 17(4): 214-219 (2003)

Use of USLE/GIS methodology for predicting soil loss in a semiarid agricultural watershed
, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 131(1-3): 153-161 (2007)

Use of Ursomed to cope with swine dysentery
, Monatshefte fur Veterinarmedizin 28(11): 408-412 (1973)

Use of VA mycorrhizal innoculum to improve growth of forest tree seedlings in fumigated soil
, General technical report RM Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station US Department of Agriculture Forest Service: (184) 58-59 (1989)

Use of Valeriana officinalis L. in Yugoslavia and abroad Medicinal plant.1
, Bilten za hmelj sirak i lekovito bilje 4(41): 29-33 (1982)

Use of Verticillium lecanii as a biological control agent against the bean rust fungus Uromyces appendiculatus var. appendiculatus in the field and in the greenhouse
, Phytopathologische Zeitschrift = Journal of phytopathology 113(3): 243-251 (1985)

Use of Vesfen 256 S with reduced foam for disinfecting trucks transporting cattle
, Stocarstvo 31 (9 10) 355-358 (1977)

Use of Vet BioSISt in wound management
, Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference 5(15): 696 (2001)

Use of Vinasse for spraying from a hydraulic sprayer Stillage waste as fertilizer, Brazil.1
, Proceedings of the IV International Symposium on Alcohol Fuels Technology Guaruja SP Brasil 5-8 Oct 1980: 821 (1980)

Use of Virazole for in vitro culture sanitation of plants
, Parasitica 0(2-3): 121-137 (1984)

Use of Walsmeta II for the determination of the optimum sow insemination time in oestrus
, Zivocisna vyroba Ceskoslovenska akademie zemedelska Ustav vedeckotechnickych informaci pro zemedelstvi 29(1): 57-64 (1984)

Use of Washington estuaries by subadult and adult green sturgeon
, Environmental Biology of Fishes 79(3-4): 243-253 (2007)

Use of West European varieties in winter wheat breeding in the Ukrainian Polesye
, Biulleten' Vsesoiuznyi institut rastenievodstva 46(146): 32-36 (1984)

Use of Wofasteril in the fermentation and beverage industry and comparison with other disinfectants
, Lebensmittel Industrie 23(6): 261-266 (1976)

Use of Wyoming bentonite as a soil sealant from the impoundment of highly contaminated industrial wastewater
, Unknown (1974)

Use of X rays for selecting mature lettuce heads
, Quality detection in foods: 118 (1976)

Use of X-fluorescence, of atomic absorption and of emission spectrography for water sample analysis
, Analusis 1 (6) 408-412 (1972)

Use of X-linked short tandem repeat loci in routine parentage casework
, Transfusion 47(6): 1050-1053 (2007)

Use of X-ray diagnosis of livest
, Veterinarna sbirka 7(8): 37-38 (1979)

Use of X-ray diffractometry for identification of different Fritillaria traditional Chinese medicine
, Trends in Applied Sciences Research 1(4): 334-340 (2006)

Use of X-ray equipped cheese processing trucks in Switzerland
, Unknown (1976)

Use of X-ray fluorescence to determine trace metals in water resources
, JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association 8(4): 704-714 (1972)

Use of X-ray proton excited fluorescence (Pixe) for determination of trace elements in soils and plants
, Agrohemija 2) 17-19 (1980)

Use of X-rays in studies on parasitism in Tortria viridana L., Thaumetopoea pityocampa Schiff and Lymantria dispar L
, Unknown (1982)

Use of XAD-2 macroreticular resin for the recovery of aldicarb and its metabolites in drinking water Systemic pesticide with insecticidal, acaricidal, and nematocidal properties
, International journal of environmental analytical chemistry 1(3-4): 167-174 (1982)

Use of Xanthorrhoea semiplana (grass-trees) for refuge by Rattus fuscipes (southern bush rat)
, Wildlife Research 34(5): 379-386 (2007)

Use of Zebu animals in the USSR
, Nauchno tekhnicheskii biulleten': ) 9-11 (1980)

Use of Zeolit for the feeding of egg-producing hens, with special consideration on the qualitative parameters of eggs
, Baromfitenyesztes es feldolgozas 8(3): 97-101 (1981)

Use of Zoo-FISH to characterise a reciprocal translocation in a Thoroughbred mare: t(1;16)(q16;q21.3)
, Equine veterinary journal 34(2): 207-209 (2002)

Use of mevalonate and saponin-bound -3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaric acid for the biosynthesis of terpenoids in leaves on Dioscorea deltoidea
, Biochemistry (pub 1986) 50(2): 1279-1284 (1986)

Use of a live trap for the studies of the distribution of entomopathogenic nematodes in the soil
, Materialy nauchnykh konferentsii Vsesoiuznogo obshchestva gel'mintologov: 0) 25-28 (1978)

Use of a plant-soil model for standardization of chemical substances in the soil
, Unknown (1977)

Use of a sea preparation for s
, Svynarstvo 8) 34-37 (1978)

Use of a 14carbon labeled fat simulant to determine the total components migrating from the plastic packaging into the edible oil
, Fette Seifen Anstrichmittel 77(5): 184-188 (1975)

Use of a 2-normal solution of hydrochloric acid for extracting soil-fixed potassium of fertilizers
, Agrokhimiia 11 123-130 (1973)

Use of a 3D plant
, Acta Horticulturae 537(1): 103-111 (2000)

Use of a 44k oligoarray to explore the transcriptome of Schistosoma mansoni adult worms
, Experimental Parasitology 117(3): 236-245 (2007)

Use of a Bacillus thuringiensis H14 formulation for onchocerciasis control in West Africa. I. Efficacy abd use modalities
, Cahiers ORSTOM: serie entomologie medicale et parasitologie (3): 175-180 (1982)

Use of a Beagle dam for breeding purposes after foreleg amputation
, Unknown (1976)

Use of a Campbell CR21X logger to measure leaf area index using light transmission
, Unknown (1986)

Use of a Creams model in Europe and the United States of America
, Vestnik sel'skokhoziaistvennoi nauki: (5) 137-140 (1984)

Use of a DEAE-dextran-containing FMD vaccine for pigs in an outbreak of the disease in the Heinsberg District
, Unknown (1977)

Use of a DNA microarray for simultaneous detection of antibiotic resistance genes among staphylococcal clinical isolates
, Journal of Clinical Microbiology 45(11): 3514-3521 (2007)

Use of a DNA probe for mapping by electron microscopy the ribosomal sequences in ribosomal RNA precursors from duck cells
, Journal of Molecular Biology 90(1): 65-76 (1974)

Use of a DNA probe to diagnose adenovirus inclusion body hepatitis in broiler chicks
, Proceedings of Western Poultry Disease Conference: 5th) 170-171 (1996)

Use of a DeVita pin to maintain reduction of a dislocated total hip prosthesis in a dog
, Veterinary and comparative orthopaedics and traumatology: VCOT 12(2): 85-87 (1999)

Use of a disposable water filter for prevention of false-positive results due to nontuberculosis mycobacteria in a clinical laboratory performing routine acid-fast staining for tuberculosis
, Applied and Environmental Microbiology 73(19): 6296-6298 (2007)

Use of a Doehlert factorial design to investigate the effects of pH and aeration on the accumulation of lactones by Yarrowia lipolytica
, Journal of Applied Microbiology 103(5): 1508-1515 (2007)

Use of a dominant rpsL allele conferring streptomycin dependence for positive and negative selection in Thermus thermophilus
, Applied and Environmental Microbiology 73(16): 5138-5145 (2007)

Use of a Fabry-Perot resonator at millimeter wave frequencies in the determination of thin-film resistivities
, Unknown (1979)

Use of a Gard line in carrying out basic and supplemental soil preparation in grape vineyards
, Poljoprivreda 8 (231) 29-48 (1970)

Use of a Gaussian copula for multivariate extreme value analysis: Some case studies in hydrology
, Advances in water resources 30(4): 897-912 (2007)

Use of a genetically defined double mutant strain of Bordetella bronchiseptica lacking adenylate cyclase and type III secretion as a live vaccine
, Infection and Immunity 75(7): 3665-3672 (2007)

Use of a Health Information System (HIS) for the epidemiological surveillance of leishmaniasis in urban areas
, Veterinary Research Communications 31(Suppl. 1): 213-215 (2007)

Use of a latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flap for one-stage reconstruction of the thoracic wall after en bloc resection of primary rib chondrosarcoma in five dogs
, Veterinary Surgery 36(6): 587-592 (2007)

Use of a MFM 0142 membrane viral concentration module during sanitary and virological surveillance of water objects
, Gigiena i Sanitariia 2006(6): 74-76 (2006)

Use of a Monte Carlo model to evaluate the effectiveness of a test and divert program to reduce the frequency of table eggs that are contaminated with Salmonella enteritidis
, Proceedings of the 9th Symposium of the International Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA, August 6-11-2000: Id 191 (2000)

Use of a PCR for rapid detection of Erysipelothrix in joint fluids of slaughter pigs with the chronic arthritis of swine enysipelas
, Journal of Veterinary Medicine, Japan 60(4): 311-317 (2007)

Use of a PNA probe to block DNA-mediated PCR product formation in prokaryotic RT-PCR
, Biotechniques 42(5): 609-10, 612-4 (2007)

Use of a PTGS-MAR expression system for efficient in planta production of bioactive Arabidopsis thaliana plant defensins
, Transgenic Research 16(4): 531-538 (2007)

Use of a PbO2 graphite-epoxy sensor for determining organic and inorganic acids in soft drinks
, Brazilian Journal of Food Technology 8(1/2): 1-7 (2005)

Use of a Plackett-Burman experimental design to examine the impact of extraction parameters on yields and compositions of pectins extracted from chicory roots (Chicorium intybus L.)
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 54(19): 7167-7174 (2006)

Use of a Processor in the mountain forest
, Forst und Holzwirt 32(24): 489-496 (1977)

Use of a Rainfall Frequency Threshold to Adjust a Degree-Day Model of Ascospore Maturity of Venturia inaequalis
, Plant disease: an international journal of applied plant pathology: 89198-202 (2005)

Use of a weight loss index for evaluating weight management in adults
, Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 39(1): 13-17 (2007)

Use of a barriered landscape water renovation system on pretreated swine waste
, Livestock waste: a renewable source proceedings 4th International Symposium on Livestock Wastes 1980 April 15-17-1980 Amarillo Civic Center Amarillo Texas: 363 (1981)

Use of a belted tractor joined with a plough holder
, Macchine e motori agricoli 39(8): 17-20 (1981)

Use of a bidirectional cannula to study biliary secretion in conscious dogs
, Laboratory Animals 17(4): 307-310 (1983)

Use of a big pressure chamber to obtain pressure-volume curves of large samples of plants: method, first results, questions
, Membrane transport in plants: proceedings of the symposium held in Prague Czechoslovakia August 15-21-1983 editors WJ Cram et al (1984)

Use of a biocompatible adhesive paste to improve the performance of rodent anesthesia face masks
, Lab animal 28(8): 50-51 (1999)

Use of a biologically active cover to reduce landfill methane emissions and enhance methane oxidation
, Waste Management 27(9): 1248-1258 (2007)

Use of a bioluminescent Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain within an in vitro microbiological system, as a model of wound infection, to assess the antimicrobial efficacy of wound dressings by monitoring light production
, Antimicrobial Agents and ChemoTherapy 51(9): 3217-3224 (2007)

Use of a biopsy technique to obtain gonad tissue from the blacklip pearl oyster Pinctada margaritifera (L.)
, Aquaculture research 3 35(1): 93-96 (2004)

Use of a biostimulating thymus extract for rapid detection of Escherichia in foods
, Unknown (1970)

Use of a bleach test to screen for testa layer in sorghum
, Grain Sorghum Research and Utilization Conference: 0th 24-25 (1977)

Use of a body cast in repair of a luxated hip in the cat
, Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Clinician 65(12): 1188-1189 (1970)

Use of a bovine hemoglobin preparation in the treatment of cyclic ovarian hemorrhage in a miniature horse
, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 203(9): 1308-1311 (1993)

Use of a breeding basis for the creation of forestry oak seed nurseries
, Lesnoe khoziaistvo: 44-46 (1977)

Use of a breeding-greenhouse complex for reducing the time of developing forage crops
, Kormoproizvodstvo: sbornik nauchnykh rabot: 8) 11-18 (1978)

Use of a cDNA library for studies on evolution and developmental expression of the chorion multigene families
, Cell 18(4): 1303-1316 (1979)

Use of a calcium ascorbate supplement in therapy of obstructive pulmonary disease
, Proceedings of the annual convention 3(43): 401-402 (1997)

Use of a calf barn to house 24 sows
, Levage porcin: (134) 20-22 (1983)

Use of a cancellous bone graft in the repair of a delayed union francture complicated by osteomyelitis
, Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association 9(4): 378-381 (1973)

Use of a captive balloon for the study of the vegetation cover in a humid dense forest
, Adansonia 9(3): 325-336 (1980)

Use of a carbon dioxide laser for woodworking. 1
, Holztechnologie 24(2): 76-82 (1983)

Use of a carbon dioxide laser for woodworking. 2
, Holztechnologie 24(3): 144-150 (1983)

Use of a cardiac access port for repeated collection of blood samples from desert tortoises (Gopherus agassizii)
, Contemporary topics in laboratory animal science 37(6): 81-83 (1998)

Use of a carpal sling for forelimb injuries
, Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference 6(16): 561 (2002)

Use of a casein prosthesis for intestinal anastomosis in thedog and its comparison with conventional methods of anastomosis
, Proceedings of the World Veterinary Congress: 0th (v 2) 1585-1588 (1975)

Use of a catalogue of work for the handicapped in industrial poultry production
, Agrartechnik 26 (7) 320-321 (1976)

Use of a caudal auricular axial pattern flap in cats
, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 208(10): 1679-1682 (1996)

Use of a cell wall-less mutant strain to assess the role of the cell wall in cadmium and mercury tolerance by Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 25(5): 797-801 (1980)

Use of a cellulose acetate electrophoresis system for the simultaneous characterization of individual root-knot (Meloidogyne spp.) females using three isozymes
, Fundamental and applied nematology 8(6): 549-551 (1995)

Use of a chelating to determine the metal availability for leaching from soils and wastes
, Waste materials in construction: putting theory into practice: proceedings of the International Conference on the Environmental and Technical Implications of Construction with Alternative Materials WASCON'97 Houthem St Gerlach the Netherlands 4-6 June 1997 245 (1997)

Use of a chemical disinfectant for the alcoholic fermentation of sugarcane molasses juice
, Revista 14 (1) 1-21 (1976)

Use of a chemical sanitizer for cleaning fish boxes
, Journal of applied bacteriology 38(2): 107-113 (1975)

Use of a chemical tracer to evaluate water movement through two automatic watering rack manifolds during flushing
, Laboratory Animal Science 35(1): 89-91 (1985)

Use of a chlorophyll meter and plant visual aspect for nitrogen management in tomato fertigation
, Journal of Applied Horticulture Lucknow 8(1): 8-11 (2006)

Use of a chlorophyll meter to assess herbicide injury and predict crop response
, Proceedings of the annual meeting 3(53): 28-32 (1999)

Use of a chlorophyll meter to determine the nitrogen status of winter barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
, Cereal Research Communications 35(2, Part 1): 521-524 (2007)

Use of a chromatograph in cognac production
, Sadovodstvo vinogradarstvo i vinodelie Moldavii: 4 24-26 (1976)

Use of a circular chromatographic method for the distinction of collard plants grown under different fertilizing conditions Reference chromatograms for ecologically and conventionally grown foods
, Biological agriculture and horticulture(1): 29-38 (1982)

Use of a cloned cDNA sequence to measure changes in 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase mRNA levels caused by thyroid hormone and dietary carbohydrate
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 258(15): 9575-9579 (1983)

Use of a colloid bearer of serol
, Unknown (1974)

Use of a colorimetric assay to measure differences in cytotoxicity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains
, Journal of Medical Microbiology 56(Pt 6): 733-737 (2007)

Use of a combination mowing tedding machine for fodder conversion
, Publikatie PRoefstation voor de Rundveebouderij: 8 14-19 (1977)

Use of a combination of cortical bone allografts and cancellous bone autografts to replace massive bone loss in fresh fractures and selected nonunions
, Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association 19(5): 671-678 (1983)

Use of a combination of fixing agents for setting of the central pectinous lamella
, Unknown (1971)

Use of a commercial Bacillus subtilis biological indicator for monitoring the effectiveness of formaldehyde fumigation
, Avian Pathology 11(3): 515-519 (1982)

Use of a commercial competitive exclusion product in experimental Clostridium perfringens associated necrotic enteritis
, Proceedings of Western Poultry Disease Conference: 8) 17-20 (1999)

Use of a commercial organic acid blend as a storage treatment for high mositure dry navy beans
, Annual report of the Bean Improvement Cooperative (30): 42-43 (1987)

Use of a complete alphabetical set of perforating computers in mechanizing the calculation of the main facilities in agr icultural enterprises
, Zapiski 16 11-16 (1973)

Use of a complex machine system in reforestation in the Hettstedt State Forest
, Unknown (1976)

Use of a complex of 12 pieces of equipment in potato harvesting in the Pasewalk district
, Kooperation 9 (6) 264-265 (1975)

Use of a complex of crystalliferous bacilli as a means of increasing the efficiency of biopreparations
, International Congress of Entomology 13th Moscow 1968 Trudy: 116-117 (1971)

Use of a complex sucrose-polyethylene glycol density gradient to purify apple chlorotic leafspot virus
, Parasitica 1(2): 57-65 (1985)

Use of a compression hip screw after varus osteotomy in a dog
, VM SAC veterinary medicine and small animal clinician 79(1): 60 (1984)

Use of a computer for effective application of fertilizers in cotton growing
, Khlopkovodstvo (11) 42-43 (1979)

Use of a computer in analyzing the influence of some meteorologic factors on the spread of plant pollen in the air of Tbilisi
, Soobshcheniia Akademii nauk Gruzinskoi SSR = Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR 107(3): 629-632 (1982)

Use of a computer in breeding of dairy cows
, Zemedelska technika 25(2): 125-128 (1979)

Use of a computer in cane breeding
, Unknown (1972)

Use of a computer-aided decision support system in forest plan implementation
, General technical report RM Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station US Department of Agriculture Forest Service: (185) 228-236 (1989)

Use of a computer-assisted system for blood utilization review
, Transfusion 47(2 Suppl.): 142s-144s; Discussion 155s-156s (2007)

Use of a conceptual non-linear regression model for evaluation of hydrologic effects of land use changes Australia
, Proceedings of the Canadian Hydrology Symposium Associate Committee on Hydrology: 63-483 (1982)

Use of a concurrent Mitscherlich model in fertilizer evaluation
, Agronomy Journal 61(3): 473-474 (1969)

Use of a conditioned stimulus to improve equine behavior in response to clipping
, Equine practice 9(3): 15-17 (1987)

Use of a continuous flow dialysis apparatus to determine the effect of cations, buffers and osmotic pressure on ram spermatozoa
, Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 22(2): 253-260 (1970)

Use of a controlled-release material for control of ricefield mosquitoes
, Unknown (1976)

Use of a cool store for storage of forest tree seedlings
, Sylwan 120 (7) 74-78 (1976)

Use of a cooperative board structure to enhance community support
, Community oriented primary care: from principle to practice edited by Paul A Nutting: 386 (1987)

Use of a corneoscleral homograft to treat proliferative episcleritis in the dog
, Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Clinician 71(9): 1273 1276-8 (1976)

Use of a covered lagoon for odor control and energy recovery
, Livestock waste: a renewable source proceedings 4th International Symposium on Livestock Wastes 1980 il 15-17-1980 Amarillo Civic Center Amarillo Texas: 203 (1981)

Use of a criterion of dynamic phytocoenology in solving certain botanico-geographical problems
, Acta Botanica 9(1-4): 329-334 (1973)

Use of a crop production yield model for sugarbeet
, Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin Mathematisch naturwissenschaftliche Reihe 3(4): 379-381 (1984)

Use of a crop simulation model to provide long-term data for economic analysis
, Unknown (1990)

Use of a culture of isolated embryos on lysine-threonine medium in selection of corn for grain quality
, Soviet genetics 25(10): 1191-1196 (1990)

Use of a culture of macrophages in immunobiology
, Biulleten' Vsesoiuznogo instituta eksperimental'noi veterinarii: 3) 32-35 (1978)

Use of a custom database for nutrition labeling and consumer information
, 18th National Nutrient Databank Conference proceedings: May 23-26-1993 Crown Sterling Suites Hotel Baton Rouge Louisiana 268 (1993)

Use of a cutting-off machine for dehorning of young cattle and cows
, Wiener tierarztliche Monatsschrift 61(1): 16-20 (1974)

Use of a cyclotron as a fast neutron source in plant breeding and genetics
, Proceedings of the Symposium on the Effects of Neutron Irradiation Upon Cell Function: ub 1974), 2d 49-57 (1974)

Use of a cytokine gene expression signature in lung adenocarcinoma and the surrounding tissue as a prognostic classifier
, Journal of the National Cancer Institute 99(16): 1257-1269 (2007)

Use of a data bank
, Proceedings of the International Conference of the Animal Air Transportation Association: 26, (10th) 96-97 (1984)

Use of a data base management package to catalogue insect occurrences and host data on a minicomputer
, Proceedings of the fourth Australian Applied Entomological Research Conference: Adelaide 24-28 September 1984: pest control: recent advances and future prospects editors: Peter Bailey and Don Swincer: 441 (1984)

Use of a device for rapid growing of plants in breeding and genetic studies on meadow-pasture grasses and legumes
, Vestnik sel'skokhoziaistvennoi nauki kazakhstana Ezhemesiachnyi nauchnyi zhurnal: (2) 22-24 (1978)

Use of a dichotomous key as an aid to correlating soil series
, Journal of agronomic education 17(2): 128-129 (1988)

Use of a dielectric lens for experimental microwave irradiation of the eye
, Annals of the new York Academy of Sciences 247: 142-154 (1975)

Use of a diethylaminoethyl dextran containing foot-and-mouth disease vaccine
, Tierarztliche Umschau 30(9): 415-418 (1975 )

Use of a differential pressure transducer for the monitoring of soil volume change in cyclic triaxial test on unsaturated soils
, Geotechnical Testing Journal 30(3): 227-233 (2007)

Use of a digital camera saves time and money
, Food management 33(7): 30 (1998)

Use of a digital model for forecasting the effect of hydrotechnical melioration on soil moisture
, Doklady (10) 17-19 (1978)

Use of a digital stochastic model for the calculation of waiting times due to technology
, Beitrage fur die Forstwirtschaft 1(2): 72-77 (1987)

Use of a discrete drive system in irrigation
, Avtomatizatsiia Orositel'nykh Sistem: 1-99 (1972)

Use of a dispensable inhalation chamber for drug delivery
, The North American Veterinary Conference 2003, Small Animal and Exotics Orlando, Florida, USA, 18-22 January, 2003: 965 (2003)

Use of a dissimilatory nitrate reductase from Escherichia coli and formate as a reductive system for nitrate assays
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 19(2): 229-231 (1971)

Use of a distributed erosion model (AGNPS) for planning small reservoirs in the Upper Torysa basin
, Hydrology and earth system sciences 8(6): 1186-1192 (2004)

Use of a divider for the formation of weight samples of castorbeans
, Mukomol'no elevatornaia i kombikormovaia promyshlennost': (11) 25-26 (1977)

Use of a dockage tester for rou
, Unknown (1972)

Use of a double mains system: drainage and sub irrigation
, irrigazione 25 (1) 3-13 (1978)

Use of a drug series containing phenyl butazone for dogs (short clinical communication)
, Unknown (1971)

Use of a dry acidophilic culture in poultry rearing
, Unknown (1975)

Use of a dry protein mixture in the food industry
, Pishchevaia promyshlennost': (2) 34-35 (1979)

Use of a dry virus-vaccine against Aujeszkys disease of fur-bearing animals
, Veterinariia 10 47-48 (1970)

Use of a dust collector in the study of air dispersed admixtures in the air
, Veterinariia (11) 46-48 (1978)

Use of a dynamic model in programming optimum conservation farm plans on Ida-Monona soils
, Unknown (1960)

Use of a dynamic programming technique for optimizing operation of aregional water resource system
, Aqua ) 242-248 (1987)

Use of a dynamic standard model to calculate expenditure-dependent growth in forest tree stands
, Gegenbaurs morphologisches Jahrbuch 25(5): 678-686 (1979)

Use of a dynamometric horseshoe for analysing race track characteristics at high speed
, Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering 10(Suppl. 1): 191-192 (2007)

Use of a facemask to protect the intra-oral area in cynomolgus monkeys
, Laboratory Animal Science 33(6): 600-602 (1983)

Use of a fermentaton preparaton in the production of sheep cheese
, Unknown (1974)

Use of a flexible sponge matrix to immobilize yeast for beer fermentation
, Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemistsng 53(2): 67-71 (1995)

Use of a float roll table in potato grading operations
, Unknown (1970)

Use of a flooded bottomland hardwood wetland by fishes in the Cache River System, Arkansas
, Unknown (1994)

Use of a fluorescence lifetime imaging microscope in an apoptosis assay of Ewing's sarcoma cells with a vital fluorescent probe
, Analytical Biochemistry 367(2): 219-224 (2007)

Use of a fluorograph under field conditions
, Sibirskii vestnik sel'skokhoziaistvennoi nauki: (4) 111-112 (1978)

Use of a flying boat to visit Danish beekeepers
, Bienenpflege 11 221-223 (1977)

Use of a food consumption model to estimate human contaminant intake
, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 2(1-2): 115-127 (1982)

Use of a food film for the purpose of reducing meat losses
, Kholodil'naia tekhnika: ) 18-20 (1979)

Use of a food-competitive method as an indicator for dominance-subordination relationhsips in horses
, Biology of behaviour = Biologie du comportement(1): 87-93 (1978)

Use of a formulated diet for mussel spat Mytilus galloprovincialis (Lamarck 1819) in a commercial hatchery
, Journal of Shellfish Research 26(2): 357-363 (2007)

Use of a four parameter logistic equation and parameter sharing to evaluate animal responses to graded levels of nitrogen or amino acids
, Advances in Food and Nutrition Research 40: 157-167 (1996)

Use of a fracture distractor in two cattle
, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 207(4): 478 (1995)

Use of a fritless dual tapered column and a low flow interface for capillary electrochromatography-mass spectrometry
, Journal of Chromatography. a 1159(1-2): 22-27 (2007)

Use of a full complex of punch card computers for the mechan ization of accounting for agricultural production
, Zapiski 44 74-82 (1974)

Use of a full-thickness autograft on the tarsus of an ostrich
, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 205(7): 1019-1020 (1994)

Use of a gas thermocauter for removing of horn buds of calves
, Medycyna weterynaryjna 30(12): 741-742 (1974)

Use of a gel diffusion precipitation method with optimum sensitivity to investigate an outbreak of food poisoning probably caused by Staphylococcus
, Anales de Instituto de Investigaciones Veterinarias 25(25): 303-309 (1978)

Use of a generalized computer program for resources systems optimization in developing countries ROSS (Reservoir Operation by Stimulation Study, water resource development Jamaica, Indonesia, Seychelles, Kenya
, Optimal allocation of water resources edited by MJ Lowing: 298 (1982)

Use of a geographic information system (GIS) to predict potential habitat for Isotria medeoloides (Pursh) Raf. in New Hampshire and Maine
, Unknown (1993)

Use of a geographic information system applied to forest management
, Data management issues in forestry: Proceedings of a computer conference and Third Annual Meeting of the Forest Resources Systems Institute: April 7-9-1986 Atlanta Hilton and Towers GA edited by S Allen and TM Cooney: 5 (1986)

Use of a geographic information system to assess risk to ground-water quality at public-supply wells, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
, Unknown (1991)

Use of a geographic information system to assist with studies of the availability and use of water in Kansas
, Unknown (1992)

Use of a geographic information system to evaluate morphometric variations of rumen papillae related to diet and pasture vegetative cycle
, Veterinaria Italiana 43(3): 425-429 (2007)

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Use of a ground-penetrating radar system to detect pre- and post-flood scour at selected bridge sites in New Hampshire, 1996-98
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Use of a ground-water flow model with particle tracking to evaluate ground-water vulnerability, Clark County, Washington
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Use of a high rising hook platfo
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Use of a laboratory automatic instrument for determining the fractional composition of turpentine
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Use of a laboratory boiling test procedure to investigate sugar refinability problems
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Use of a land use based emissions inventory in delineating clean air zones
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Use of a method for the analysis
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Use of a method of multidimensional transgression for evaluating the similarity between comparable groups of organisms Animals or plants, traits
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Use of a micromethod (auxotab) for qualitative research on enzyme activity in insect tissues
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Use of a monolithic light conductor for vital microscopy of microcirculation pathways in the fibrous capsule of the cats kidney
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Use of a monoration consisting o
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Use of a morphometric analysis to differentiate Adelomelon ancilla and Odontocymbiola magellanica (Caenogastropoda : Volutidae) of southern Chile
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Use of a new method for measuring density in wine analysis: determination of density and alcohol content with the PAA R densimeter DMA 02 C
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Use of a new serological method (ELISA) for virus assay
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Use of a non-volumetric summation method for determining the sulfur dioxide in the atomophere in relation to forestry
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Use of a novel 3D culture model to elucidate the role of mesothelial cells, fibroblasts and extra-cellular matrices on adhesion and invasion of ovarian cancer cells to the omentum
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Use of a novel multiplex probe array for rapid identification of Mycobacterium species from clinical isolates
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Use of a pH-sensitive fluorescent probe for measuring intracellular pH of Caco-2 cells
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Use of a pacemaker to correct sinus bradycardia in a dog
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Use of a particle counter in the field of cereal mycology
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Use of a pathogenic germ in the control of Sibine fusca (Limacodidae)
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Use of a penetrometer precision recorder for the study of soil subsidence by the wheels of farm engines
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Use of a penicillinase-proof long-term penicillin (Bayer 9035 NS) for teat injuries in cattle
, Unknown (1971)

Use of a peptide derived from foot-and-mouth disease virus for the noninvasive imaging of human cancer: generation and evaluation of 4-[18F]fluorobenzoyl A20FMDV2 for in vivo imaging of integrin alphavbeta6 expression with positron emission tomography
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Use of a phase change material (PCM) for the reduction of peak temperatures in a model greenhouse
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Use of a phenol-soluble brucellin antigen as a test for detecting specific skin sensitivity in humans
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Use of a physical model to determine effects of periodic erosion in steep terrain on sediment characteristics and loads
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Use of a phytotron for rapid development of sterile analogs of sunflower lines
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Use of a plastic insulin dosage guide to correct blood glucose levels out of the target range and for carbohydrate counting in subjects with type 1 diabetes
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Use of a polymerase chain reaction assay for detection of Haemobartonella canis in a dog
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Use of a pooled transposon mutation grid to demonstrate roles in disease development of Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica putative type III secreted effector (DspE
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Use of a portable device for dressing stumps
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Use of a potential energy model to describe the stress relaxation process
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Use of a precipitation-runoff model to simulate natural streamflow conditions in the Methow River basin, Washington
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Use of a predator, Podisus maculiventris, to distribute virus and initiate epizootics Biological control of Trichoplusia ni
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Use of a prefabricated support bandage after internal fixation of radius, ulna, and humeral fractures in a large setter
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Use of a problem-solution method to teach basic physiology of the urinary system
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Use of a profit model to measure efficiency
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Use of a program target approach in planning the increase of the Karakul sheep population
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Use of a progressive system of fertilization as an important means of increasing crop production
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Use of a protein feed obtained by biologic processing of swine manure, for feeding young and adult minks
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Use of a protein-based tissue adhesive as an aid for the surgical reconstruction of advanced and recurrent skin cancer tumors to the head and neck region: a technical report
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Use of a proteolytic preparation for cheese ripening
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Use of a radioimmunologic method in solid phase for the serological diagnosis of trichinosis
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Use of a radiometric technique for the rapid detection of growth of clostridial species
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Use of a rainfall-runoff model for simulating effects of forest management on streamflow in the east fork Lobster Creek Basin, Oregon
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Use of a randomized nested block design in genetically modified, non-selective herbicide resistant sugarbeet hybrid testing
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Use of a randomized, categorized exam to determine horse knowledge of 4-H horse show participants
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Use of a recording penetrometer for the accurate study of soil compaction by the wheels of agricultural machines
, Unknown (1979)

Use of a regenerative heat excha
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Use of a removable maxillary appliance to correct a palatal defect in a dog
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Use of a rest period in Strelitzia culture
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Use of a reverse saphenous skin flap for the excision of a grade II mast cell tumor on the hind limb of a dog
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Use of a robot PR-101 in metallurgy production Factory of tractor parts.1
, Traktory i sel'khozmashiny: ) 33-34 (1981)

Use of a rod operation mechanism in strip farming
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Use of a sailplane to measure microphysical effects of silver iodide seeding in cumulus clouds
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Use of a sampling device for milk at the time of collection
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Use of a screening method to determine excipients which optimize the extent and stability of supersaturated drug solutions and application of this system to solid formulation design
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Use of a seed cleaning and drying apparatus
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Use of a selective agar for improving Streptococcus agalactiae detection
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Use of a self-cleaning, in-line filter to continuously monitor phytoplankton nutrient uptake rates
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Use of a self-help book with weekly therapist contact to reduce tinnitus distress: a randomized controlled trial
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Use of a semi-automated system (Autobac) for identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacteria of veterinary importance
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Use of a semi-continuous culture system (Rusitec) to study the effects of phosphorus deficiency on rumen microbial digestion
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Use of a semiautomatic method for moisture maintainance in pots
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Use of acreage in milk production
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