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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 17624

Chapter 17624 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Graves, E.J., 1988:
Utilization of short-stay hospitals by patients with AIDS: United States, 1984-86

Meyers, Sp, 1981:
Utilization of shrimp processing wastes in diets for fish and crustacea

Volkova, Vi, 1980:
Utilization of shungite dolomites for the control of acidity of podzolic soils

Berruga, M.I.; Yamaki, M.; Noves, B.; Althaus, R.L.; Molina, M.P.; Molina, A., 2003:
Utilization of sieving tests for the detection of antibiotic residues in sheep milk

Jirik, J., 1970:
Utilization of signal characters for the hybrid breeding of onion (Allium cepa L.)

Emel'-Ianov, A.; Zabegalova, N.; Ipatova, G.; Firuleva, N., 1971:
Utilization of silage from new crops

Shkuratov, Aia, 1980:
Utilization of silage from sedge in rations of dairy cows

Paseunik, G.; Gertsen, E.; Pianovskaia, L.; Mosolova, Z.; Kaplan, V.; Turkevich, E., 1970:
Utilization of silage in the feeding of cows

Abrant, F., 1979:
Utilization of silages by sheep is less and less a problem

Drake, Ld, 1981:
Utilization of silt aquifers Groundwater, Iowa

Tabagua, P.; Chemleva, T., 1975:
Utilization of simplex-latticed planning in studying strength properties of soils and grounds

Rha, Ck, 1975:
Utilization of single-cell protein for human food

Tu, C.; Ch'-Eng, Y., 1972:
Utilization of sisal hemp wast

Das-Gupta, P.; Sen, K.S.n, S., 1978:
Utilization of sisal pulp

Molochnikov, Vv, 1982:
Utilization of skim milk, buttermilk and whey for food and feed purposes

Schloder, H.G.eman, D., 1984:
Utilization of skimmed milk in animal husbandry

Wlodarczyk, Z., 1974:
Utilization of slack wax by different strains of yeasts isolated from natural substrates

Perera, C.; Anglemier, A., 1981:
Utilization of slaughter plant waste proteins: An investigation on the nature and some functional properties of bovine rumen tissue proteins

Wahid, Ma, 1970:
Utilization of slaughter-house wastes and by-products

Wolffram, R.O.tmann, P.L.hr, A.B.rn, H., 1976:
Utilization of slaughterhouse by-products

Nakayama, S.S.irakawa, T.O.nishi, T., 1980:
Utilization of slimy polysaccha

Makarov, Nb, 1975:
Utilization of slow-release fertilizers and nitrification inhibitors

Wang, Hk, 1980:
Utilization of sludge in agric

Lapshina, N., 1981:
Utilization of sludge sediment from a complex Swine farm, processing liquid manure, organic fertilizer.1

Kanai, M., 1976:
Utilization of sludges and wast

Bienkiewicz, P., 1973:
Utilization of sludges from sugar plant sewage for permanent improvement of organic soils

Krumzdorov, Am, 1975:
Utilization of small doses of dicamba for the control of Russian centaury

Cuq, J.; Aymard, C.B.sancon, P.C.eftel, C., 1978:
Utilization of small peptides for the study of losses of availability of methionine, lysine and tryptophane during technological treatments

Damminger, G., 1989:
Utilization of small steam turbines in the sugar industry

Chereiski, K., 1978 :
Utilization of smallwood in Poland

Krucek, Z., 1975:
Utilization of social-economic characteristics of small working groups in social planning

Baron, C.F.rin, M., 1977:
Utilization of sodium acetate 14C and D glucose 14C by an autotrophic Cyanophyceae, Spirulina , for cellular biosynthesis

Ernst, V.; Venediktova, T.; Zel'-Ner, V.; Dukhin, I.; Kondrashova, N.; Krasnova, O.; Gorbunov, V.; Zlochevskii, F.; Postyl'-Ko, V.; Et-Al, 1975:
Utilization of sodium acetate for increasing fat content of milk in cows

Biever, K.D.; Boldt, P.E., 1970:
Utilization of soft X-rays for determining pupal parasitism of Pieris rapae

Cepicka, J.M.stek, J.S.linova, H., 1972:
Utilization of soft resins in the course of brewing process

Efimov, V.; Osipov, A.; Chesnokova, E., 1985:
Utilization of soil and fertilizer nitrogen by barley plants on soddy-podzolic loamy sandy soils of different development level

Wollum, Ag, 1970:
Utilization of soil and fertilizer nitrogen by ponderosa pine

Kudeiarov, V.; Sokolov, O.; Shabaev, V., 1980:
Utilization of soil and fertilizer nitrogen, applied in increased levels, by different crops

Ballard, R.; Pritchett, W.L., 1975:
Utilization of soil and fertilizer phosphorus compounds by slash pine seedlings in relation to their solubility in soil test extractants

Iyengar, B.; Deb, D., 1977:
Utilization of soil and fertilizer zinc by maize (Zea mays) and moong (Phaseolus aureus Roxb.) from some Indian soils

Trawczynski, C.; Bogdanowicz, P., 2007:
Utilization of soil fertilizer in ecological aspect of potato cultivation

Ogata, T., 1972:
Utilization of soil for the fil

Hartenstein, R.M.tchell, M., 1977:
Utilization of soil invertebrates in stabilization, decontamination and detoxification of residual sludges from treatment of wastewater

Anonymous, 1971:
Utilization of soil maps for agricultural and silvicultural purposes

Zdieriev, Es, 1972:
Utilization of soil moisture by

Shabaev, V.; Sokolov, O.; Kudeiarov, V., 1980:
Utilization of soil nitrogen and fertilizer applied in increasing doses to various crops. 2

Kerefov, K.; Shavaev, M., 1983:
Utilization of soil nutrients and fertilizers by winter wheat

Gladkova, Kf, 1969:
Utilization of soil phosphates and rock phosphate phosphorus by various plants during liming of sod-podzol loamy soils

Fotyma, M.G.sek, S., 1977:
Utilization of soil reserves accumulated due to fertilization during a period of many years

Sika, A., 1974:
Utilization of soil space by roots of spruce and Douglas fir in even aged pure stands

Ramakumar, R., 1976:
Utilization of solar and wind energy to improve the living environment in less developed countries

Shove, Gc, 1981:
Utilization of solar buildings for drying grain

Has, S., 1980:
Utilization of solar collectors

Safonov, Af, 1975:
Utilization of solar energy by winter wheat plantings

Naumann, Hj, 1983:
Utilization of solar energy collectors and heat pumps for generation of hot water

Umarov, G.; Vardiyashvili, A., 1971:
Utilization of solar energy for demineralizing the subsurface waters of the desert pastures of Uzbekistan

Davis, D.; Kranzler, G.; Leung, H.; Swanson, B., 1981:
Utilization of solar energy for direct pasteurization of fruit juices

Maksudow, T.; Umarow, G.; Artykow, S., 1979:
Utilization of solar energy for drying of fruits and tobacco

Aniskin, V.; Nadirov, N.; Suleimenov, N., 1986:
Utilization of solar energy for energy-saving seed drying

Elrimhen, F.K.alid, J., 1976 :
Utilization of solar energy for the climatization of a greenhouse

Kumar, S., 1981:
Utilization of solar energy in India

Cioni, A.G.untoli, V.M.zzanti, R., 1983:
Utilization of solar energy in agriculture

Lund, D.; Duffie, J.; Buelow, F.S.ngh, R., 1978:
Utilization of solar energy in cheese processing operations

Maembe, Tw, 1978:
Utilization of solar energy in food preservation

Ratschow, Jp-Claus, Hg, 1978:
Utilization of solar energy in he agriculture

Nowakowski, W.K.nopko, E.L.banska, G., 1976:
Utilization of solar energy in photosynthesis during four vegetative phases of different varieties of Triticum durum

Linkous, C.; Muradov, N.; Mingo, T., 1992:
Utilization of solar energy in sulfur recovery from petrochemical waste streams using semiconductor particulates

Votintsev, K.; Meshcheryakova, A., 1969:
Utilization of solar light energy by the phytoplankton of Lake Baikal

Talling, Jf, 1982:
Utilization of solar radiation by photoplankton Photosynthesis

Olech, K.G.z, M.B.amowski, Z.; Stanek, R., 1976:
Utilization of solar radiation energy by field crops

Svihra, J.K.strej, A., 1980:
Utilization of solar radiation in dependence on the vertical distribution of leaf area in the profile of a winter wheat stand

Chernyi, V.; Khomenko, T.; Kopilevich, V., 1972:
Utilization of solid ammonium nitrate for polarographic determination of chlorine in plants

Cavalcante, R.M.; Filho, N.S.M.; Viana, R.B.; Oliveira, I.R.N.; Nascimento, R.F.; Silveira, E.R.; Freire, G.S.S., 2007:
Utilization of solid-phase extraction (SPE) for the determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in environmental aqueous matrices

Sun, Z.; Sun, L.S.u, L., 1991:
Utilization of somaclonal variation in rice breeding

Roemantyo, 1981:
Utilization of some aroids Carbohydrate sources, traditional herbs, ornamentals, Indonesia.1

Rawla, G.; Parmar, S., 1973:
Utilization of some carbon and nitrogen compounds by Fusari um roseum

Rawla, G.; Parmar, S., 1974:
Utilization of some carbon and nitrogen compounds by Fusarium roseum

Kaur, L.R.wal, G., 1983:
Utilization of some carbon and nitrogen compounds by Pestalotiopsis psidii

Grebennikova, Lp, 1971:
Utilization of some chemical mutagens and ionizing irradiation in the production of the starting materials of peas

Poleacu, I.D.xamir, A.V.ntila, M.R.man, G., 1977:
Utilization of some complex enzymatic preparations in mixed feeds for piglets and young fattening swine

Trevino-Fernandez, J., 1981:
Utilization of some desert plants by the wild fauna in the state of Chihuahua

Khater, E.A.; Ibrahim, S.B.; Awadalla, A.A., 2004:
Utilization of some farm, organic wastes for improving soil productivity of the newly reclaimed areas at El-Fayoum Governorate Egypt

Srivastava, R.; Pathak, R.; Bana, D.; Pandey, V., 1977:
Utilization of some important fruit trees growing wild in the Himalayan region

Alian, A.; Abdallah, N.; El-Dashlouty, M.; Darweash, B., 1983:
Utilization of some meat by-products. I. Production of feed meal

El-Dashlouty, M.; Abdallah, N.; Alian, A.; Darweash, B., 1983:
Utilization of some meat by-products. II. Production of protein isolate and milk replacers

Parkanyi, V., 1981:
Utilization of some methods of cytogenetic analysis in the detection of chromosome anomalies in the species Oryctolagus cuniculus

Tacu, A.B.anu, G.V.adutiu, O.M.rgu, I., 1978:
Utilization of some nonprotein nitrogen sources in cattle feeding

Varela, G.M.reiras-Varela, O.R.iz-Roso, B., 1983:
Utilization of some oils in repeated frying. Changes in fats and sensorial analysis of fried foods

Singh, B.; Prasad, C., 1979:
Utilization of some phosphatic fertilizers in acid Red loam soils of Chotanagpur

Sirbu, M.S.avri, J., 1978:
Utilization of some protein concentrates (dry myceliums of Aspergillus orizae and feather hydrolyzate) in the feed of light breed hens for consumers eggs

Radei, I., 1974:
Utilization of some rhizomatic varieties of Medicago falcata and Medicago media on pasture grass stands

Stockdale, H.G.rdiner, G., 1976:
Utilization of some sugars by a line of Trichoplusia ni cells

Nowakowska-Waszczuk, A., 1973:
Utilization of some tricarboxylic-acid-cycle intermediates by mitochondria and growing mycelium of Aspergillus terreus

Lis, H., 1973:
Utilization of some vaccines in 1968--1970

D'-Iachenko, L.D.tsun, N1; Zhabel'-, R1; Vorob'-Eva, A., 1980:
Utilization of sorghum and maize for fattening young animals Cattle, green forage yields, cultivation practices.1

Gatica-Ramirez, O.R.quelme-Villagran, E1; Rinco-Reyes, R., 1981:
Utilization of sorghum and maize hays and silages and of maize stubble by Holstein calves Liveweight gain, nutritive value, Mexico.1

Gomez, Manel, I., 1992:
Utilization of sorghum and millets

Ramos, Jr; Cabral, Rr; Chan, Fd, 1984:
Utilization of sorghum flour as extender for plywood adhesive

Riggs, Jk, 1971:
Utilization of sorghum grain by livestock

Potter, G.; Mcneill, J.; Riggs, J.; Eudaly, R.; Skrivanek, J., 1969:
Utilization of sorghum grain by ruminants

Quisenberry, J.; Harms, R.; Malik, D.; Deaton, J.; Bradley, J.; Murthy, P., 1971:
Utilization of sorghum grain in poultry diets

Breuer, L.; Henderson, G., 1969:
Utilization of sorghum grain protein

Rooney, Lw, 1971:
Utilization of sorghum grain: food and industrial

Trindade, D.; Lopez, J.C.valheiro, A.; Oliveira, S., 1978:
Utilization of sorghum grains in poultry feeding

Filatov, F.; Larina, V., 1974:
Utilization of sorghum heterotic hybrids with a great photosynthetic potential and extended vegetation period

Bailey, Theodore, B., 1973:
Utilization of source populations in producing superior varieties in self fertilizing species

Nanjaiyan, K.S.inivasan, V.O.iver, J., 1975:
Utilization of sources and channels by adopters and non adopters for sugarcane cultivation

Viswanathan, N.O.iver, J.M.non, K., 1975:
Utilization of sources of information by small farmers

Levi, M.; Dietrich, R., 1976:
Utilization of southern pine beetle -killed timber; a survey of attitudes and available information

Chen, Sh, 1982:
Utilization of soy bean extracted residue

Ramsey, H.; Willard, T., 1976:
Utilization of soy protein by newborn mammals

Garnjanagoonchorn, W., 1984:
Utilization of soy protein in sausage making

Decker, C.; Kolar, C., 1979:
Utilization of soy protein isolates in meat and fish applications

Motohiro, T.N.makura, T., 1978:
Utilization of soy proteins in

Kadane, Vv, 1973:
Utilization of soy proteins in non-meat products in Europe

Morales, J.B.urges, H.C.macho, J., 1981:
Utilization of soya protein in highly nutritious low-cost products in Mexico

Gampawar, A.; Sammanwar, R.; Kakde, V., 1980:
Utilization of soyamilk residue in the ration of milch cows

Roquib, Ma, 1980:
Utilization of soybean (Glycine max L.) Merr.) as a supplementary human food to combat protein malnutrition in West Bengal (India)

Chen, Sh, 1982:
Utilization of soybean extracte

Hartwig, Ee, 1972:
Utilization of soybean germplasm strains in a soybean improvement program

Verita, P.C.ntoi, V., 1977:
Utilization of soybean husks in swine feeding

Odeyinka, S.M.; Olosunde, A.S.; Oyedele, O.J., 2007:
Utilization of soybean milk residue, cowpea testa and corn starch residue by weaner rabbits

Yasumatsu, K.M.saki, M.T.wada, T.S.wada, K.T.da, J.I.hii, K., 1972:
Utilization of soybean products in fish paste products

Korac, S.C.rtanovacki, S., 1972:
Utilization of soybean products in the technology of long-lasting preserved foods

Korac, S.C.rtanovacki, S., 1970:
Utilization of soybean proteins in some meat product manufacture

Iswaran, V.; Chhonkar, P.K., 1972:
Utilization of soybean seed extract for growth of Rhizobium spp

Hollis, Gr, 1983:
Utilization of soybeans in swine diets

Johnson, Dw, 1983:
Utilization of soybeans in the western hemisphere

Poleacu, I.I.ar, M.P.lamaru, E., 1974:
Utilization of soybeans lecithin in pig feeding

Harris, Heidi, L., 2005:
Utilization of soybeans or corn milling co-products in beef heifer development diets

Hooyman, H., 1983:
Utilization of space in Pelargonium and Cyclamen greenhouses can be improved

Woods, W.; Carlin, T., 1975:
Utilization of special farm tax rules

Kirschner, F.; Smallwood, B.; Sinclair, H.; Weismiller, R., 1979:
Utilization of spectral data during the soil survey of Jasper County, Indiana

Varco, J.; Seal, M.B.scaglia, H.T.ompson, J., 1998:
Utilization of spectral imaging to detect N and K deficiencies in cotton

Chittineni, C.B., 1980:
Utilization of spectral-spatial information in the classification of imagery data

Lamouroux, M.Q.antin, P., 1973:
Utilization of speed dissolution curves in the Segalen kinetic method

Reddy, C.; Mathur, E.M.thur, C., 1973:
Utilization of spent coffee cake powder in chick rations

Froning, G.; Cuppett, S.; Mandigo, R.; Hanna, M., 1994:
Utilization of spent fowl

Nedeva, S.I.anova, N.V.silev, V., 1980:
Utilization of spent neutral-sul

Fung, D.; Shen, K.; Calve, L., 1977:
Utilization of spent sulfite liquor as binder for panel products

Antonin, P., 1975 :
Utilization of sprayers in fruit culture

Ugreiiumov, A.V.L.etiskiaei, V.G., 1974:
Utilization of sprinklers with wide range capabilities

Riaz, R. A.; Rasulpuri, M. L., 1971:
Utilization of stabilizers and thickeners as additives in food industry

Lanpher, Bf, 1980:
Utilization of stand-alone computer-type technology in agricultural decision-making and the extension service role

Weissling, Thomas, J., 1990:
Utilization of starch matrices for development of corn rootworm specific semiochemical

Ikonomova, A., 1972:
Utilization of starch-glucose in

Babasanta, E.; Sison, E., 1977:
Utilization of starchy materials in meat preparation. 4. Binders in fish-meat loaf

Elomina, R.; Sison, E., 1977:
Utilization of starchy materials in meat preparation. 5. Heat penetration in fish-meat loaf at different levels of binder

Vajda, B.; Kerekes, R.N.gy, G., 1984:
Utilization of starter cultures to improve the quality of bread

Dragavtsev, V.; Privalov, G.; Babakishiev, A., 1970:
Utilization of statistical effect of buffering to mutations when searching for directive characters of plants

Sharma, H.; Ingalls, J.; Guenter, W., 1981:
Utilization of steam treated wheat straw in the diets of lactating Holstein cows

Zembery, A., 1974:
Utilization of stereomicroscope G-11-P for determination of potential fertility of winter buds of Vitis vinifera

Castaing, J.C.udure, R.L.uillet, M.G.osjean, F., 1988:
Utilization of sterilized wheat by swine reared for slaughter: influence of humidity at harvest time and of grinding finesse

Haraguchi, M.U.himura, R.; Motidome, M.G.ttlieb, O., 1978:
Utilization of steroids from the fruits of Solanum lycocarpyum

Makarova, E.; Melkonian, A., 1973:
Utilization of steroisomers of glutamic acid by Candida yeast

Liyanage, Lvk, 1982:
Utilization of stored carbon products in sprouting of stem cuttings of Brachiaria mutica (Forsk) Stapf Translocation of photosynthates

Despres, J., 1976:
Utilization of straw

Sams, T., 1978:
Utilization of straw and combustable waste for heating purposes

Moller, A., 1987:
Utilization of straw and molasses as feed

Sidorenko, O.; Vagias, K.; Vagias, O.; Bagreeva, N., 1976:
Utilization of straw as a fertilizer on the soils of the Azov area

Mishustin, En, 1971:
Utilization of straw as fertilizer

Achilles, A., 1977:
Utilization of straw by animal stomachs

Anisimov, Am, 1978:
Utilization of straw for cattle bedding

Kanivets, I.; Fomin, V., 1977:
Utilization of straw in agriculture in the dry steppe zone of northern Kazakhstan

Schlichting, Mc, 1977:
Utilization of straw litter

Zywczok, H.P.sieka, E.O.onski, J.Z.zak, J., 1983:
Utilization of straw treated with NaOH by the IF-2000 method in dairy cow rations based on farm produced feeds

Segal, J., 1983:
Utilization of stress and coping research: issues of public education and public policy

Peterburgskii, A.; Kuliukin, A., 1970:
Utilization of strong-acidic cation exchangers (KY-2) for quantitative analysis of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers

Bruchwald, A., 1980:
Utilization of studies on stem for compiling convergence tables for pine forest stands

Novoselov, Ium, 1979:
Utilization of stumpwood abroad

Bliumin, G.; Esimchik, L., 1983:
Utilization of subsystems of long-term and current planning

Rouquette, F.Jr, 1988 :
Utilization of subterranean clover--bermudagrass mixtures

Pavlinova, O.; Prasolova, M.; Krasnoshchekova, A., 1979:
Utilization of sucrose in sugarbeet roots during storage and second-year growth

Pavlinova, O.; Prasolova, M.; Krasnoshchekova, A., 1979:
Utilization of sucrose in sugarbeet roots during the storage period and the second year of vegetation

Wada, Y.O.a, M., 1976:
Utilization of sugar alcohol in

Poltarsky, J.S.mmer, A.Z.lla, T., 1973:
Utilization of sugar beet molasses in the nutrition of fattening pigs

Pelikan, A.K.imar, F., 1970:
Utilization of sugar beets for production of feed yeasts

Van-Der-Klashorst, G.; Venter, J., 1987:
Utilization of sugar cane bagasse hemicellulose. 1. Surface sizing agent for linerboard and corrugating medium

Brandyk, T., 1976:
Utilization of sugar mill sludge on sandy soil

Kalous, J.S.radal, M.M.chyckova, H.C.avez, J., 1972:
Utilization of sugar supplemented with DL-METHIONINE in feed mixture for broilers

Tareque, A.; Choudhury, S., 1986:
Utilization of sugar-cane bagasse as basal roughage for growth of native bulls

Sun, T.; Yang, C., 1978:
Utilization of sugar-nitrogen

Gonzalez, M.C.aves, J.-De-A.G.nzalez-Sanchez, P.L.pez-Lazareno, N.I.quierdo-Ruiz-De-La-Pena, M., 1979:
Utilization of sugarbeet molasses by nitrogen-fixing microorganisms

Bilik, V.J.necek, F., 1974:
Utilization of sugarbeet pulp for preparation of L-mannose

Oliveira, Hp-De, 1980:
Utilization of sugarcane bagasse as a fuel in factories and distilleries

Wu, Tp, 1969:
Utilization of sugarcane bagasse for manufacture of bleached pulp and hsinying pulp mill, Taiwan pulp & paper corporation

Pacola, L.; Razook, G.L.ma, F., 1977:
Utilization of sugarcane bagasse in the fattening of feedlot cattle

Chinen, I.M.yazato, H.Y.gi, S.K.mekawa, F.A.akaki, M.F.kuwatari, H., 1976:
Utilization of sugarcane bagasse, by product of cane sugar industry. 2. cultivation and lipid analysis of mushroom

Elias, A., 1975:
Utilization of sugarcane by-products in animal feeds: cane molasses for beef production

Silva, E.A. da; Ferreira, J.J.; Ruas, J.R.M.; Paes, J.M.V.; Macedo, G.A.R., 2007:
Utilization of sugarcane for feeding ruminants

Anonymous, 1974:
Utilization of sugarcane le

Sridharan, D., 1974:
Utilization of sugarcane molasses for purposes other than the conventional ones

Christon, R.L.-Dividich, J., 1978:
Utilization of sugarcane molasses in swine feeding: interpretation of recent data

Suksen, K.; Maneerat, T.; Suasa ard, W., 2007:
Utilization of sugarcane moth borer parasite Cotesia flavipes (Cameron) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) to control sugarcane moth borers

Garcia-Aguilar, D.; Riquelme-Villagran, E.R.ncon-Reyes, R., 1980:
Utilization of sugarcane pith as an energy source in calf rations

Gleaves, G;, 1981:
Utilization of sugarcane silage with and without NaOH sodium hydroxide as the only forages for dairy cows in the tropics Mexico.10

Zimmermann, M., 1976:
Utilization of sugars extracted from maize in sugar treated drinks in France: glucose syrups, syrups with glucose rich in fructose dextrose, etc

Weide, H.B.chmann, B., 1990:
Utilization of sulfite waste liquor by yeasts--growth characteristics of production strains and a fusion product

Chaudry, M.; Shah, M.; Shah, F., 1977:
Utilization of sulfite waste liquor for production of single cell protein

Rajderkar, N.; Patil, N., 1981:
Utilization of sulfur compounds by Alternaria tenuissima (Kunze ex Pers.) Wiltshire Fungi

Vegh, J.N.ars, J., 1973:
Utilization of sulphite liquor in wood chips processing

Kumar, C.; Rao, A., 1975:
Utilization of sulphur compounds by Alternaria triticina

Zheltovskaia, N.; Oleinik, T., 1974:
Utilization of sum total preparations of aminoacyl-tRNA-synthetases for the study of the level of purification of individual tRNA

Lavrentovich, D.; Okanenko, A.; Mitrofanov, B.; Pochinok, K., 1971:
Utilization of sun energy in pure, mixed and hay making crops

Rai, S.; Shukla, P., 1977:
Utilization of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) as green fodder by bullocks

Pylypenko, V.V.run, O.K.forenko, V., 1975:
Utilization of sunflower harvest

Srivastava, H.; Sadagopan, V.; Rao, P., 1978:
Utilization of sunflower seed meal in grower and layer rations

Burov, D.; Chudanov, I.; Kazakov, G., 1969:
Utilization of surface-cutting cultivators in fall plowing and fallow cultivation of soils in southern part of Trans-Volga Forest steppes

Matos, Leovegildo-Lopes-De, 1980:
Utilization of surplus colostrum in the feeding of calves

Downs, Paul, A., 1957:
Utilization of surplus milk in the small dairy plant

Jendry, C., 1996:
Utilization of surrogates to integrate hand-reared infant gorillas into an age

Dordevic, J.N.ketic, G.K.ric, A.B.banja, N.M.rkovic, D., 1982:
Utilization of sweet and acid whey in the production of fermented beverages

Mokolensang, J.; Yamasaki, S.O.oue, Y., 2003:
Utilization of sweet potato distillery by-products as a feedstuff for red carp Cyprinus carpio L

Yeh, Tp, 1982:
Utilization of sweet potatoes for animal feed and industrial uses: potential and problems Nutritive value, pigs, cattle, Taiwan

Prada, N.; Hall, G., 1976:
Utilization of swine and cattle manure for feeding Tilapia rendalli Boulenger

Cupka, V.K.apil, O.B.chta, S.P.ska, I., 1971:
Utilization of swine breed Landrace for breeding purposes

Paliev, K.; Ganev, G.; Bocheva, E.K.nev, S.K.ristova, G., 1981:
Utilization of swine feces meal

Mikhailov, S.K., 1979:
Utilization of swine fever cultural virus for preparation of vaccine and hyperimmune serum

Kliment, J.S.astny, P., 1984:
Utilization of synchronization of the estrus and results of metabolic tests in early mating of heifers

Sudakov, Vl, 1970:
Utilization of synchronous electric motors in the system with modulation of radial flow

Dzikovich, K.; Konstantinova, V.; Pauker, V.; Zhidkov, A.; Gerzhberg, I., 1987:
Utilization of synnyrite as a chlorine-free potassium fertilizer

Rerat, A., 1970:
Utilization of synthetic amino acids in diets of growing swine

Hornoiu, M., 1972:
Utilization of synthetic amino acids in feedstuffs

Rerat, A., 1970:
Utilization of synthetic amino acids in the diet of growing swine

Kurilov, Nv, 1975:
Utilization of synthetic amino acids in the nutrition of ruminants

Nihmura, M.A.mori, S.M.ri, K.M.tsui, M., 1972:
Utilization of synthetic compounds with juvenile hormone activity for the silkworm rearing

Gruhn, K.H.nnig, A.S.hubert, R., 1972:
Utilization of synthetic lysine and methionine in the potatoes, sugar beets and grain used for fattening pigs

Kracht, W.S.hroder, H.S.hlegel, W.L.ebel, J., 1972:
Utilization of synthetic lysine in the feed of lactating sows

Ivanov, V.; Kolodii, N.; Topikha, V., 1975:
Utilization of synthetic nitroge

Shempel'-, V.; Perepelitsa, V., 1971:
Utilization of synthetic plastics in the regulation of the inflow of nitrogen in the nutritive solution of liquid fertilizers

Talpaz, Hovav, 1984:
Utilization of systems analysis for the development and implementation of improved decision criteria for cotton crop management

Journet, M., 1979:
Utilization of tanned feed cakes by dairy cows

Mohan-Kumar, O.; Sreemannarayana, O.K.shan-Rao, P., 1978:
Utilization of tapioca meal by layer birds

Dzneladze, Z.; Kharebava, L.; Sikharulidze, F.; Dobordzhginidze, M., 1973:
Utilization of tea wastes for improving the quality of black tea

Slawon, J.K.likowski, J.M.nkowski, P., 1981:
Utilization of technical blood in feeding Arctic foxes

Kurdiukov, M.; Buiakova, N., 1975:
Utilization of technical fat in

Treptow, H., 1978:
Utilization of technology

Nikpour-Badr, Sirous, 1979:
Utilization of television in extension education in a developing society

Rukavishnikov, Bi, 1974:
Utilization of temperature and nutritional mutations for the control of pests; a review of foreign literature

Giovanni, R., 1978:
Utilization of temporary pasture for the production of calves. II. Effect of pasturing conditions and feed supplements of dairy calves reared on pasture

Pihan, Jc, 1975:
Utilization of teratogenic effects of juvenile hormones and their mimetics in controlling insects

Rozmarin, G., 1979:
Utilization of ternary diagrams for the study of the chemical composition of wood

Skachkov, Bi, 1975:
Utilization of terraces with a wide base for gully forest shelterbelts

Vandel, A., 1973:
Utilization of terrestrial Isopoda (Oniscoidea) as indicators of the modalities of animal evolution

Campan, R., 1978:
Utilization of terrestrial visual landmarks in the orientation of insects

Arkhipov, N.; Rerikh, V.; Bazylev, V.; Martyushov, V., 1982:
Utilization of tertiary clays of Mangyshlak to improve Brown desert soils

Joseph, A.; Berry, B.; Wells, L.; Wagner, S.; Maga, J.; Kylen, A., 1978:
Utilization of texturized peanut grits in frankfurters

Joseph, A.; Berry, B.; Wagner, S.; Maga, J.; Kylen, A.; Davis, L., 1977:
Utilization of texturized plant protein in frankfurters

Bonadona, P., 1982:
Utilization of the Student T test in taxonomic entomology Computer programs, statistical entomology.1

Hicks, John, A., 1946:
Utilization of the 1945 census data in revisions of official estimates

Klindt, T.; Graham, G.J., 1979:
Utilization of the Agricultural, Forest, and Open Space Land Act of 1976 in selected counties of east Tennessee

Carpenter, Z.L.; Smith, G.C.; Butler, O.D.; Cross, H.R.; Berry, B.W., 1971:
Utilization of the armour tenderometer for prediction of beef tenderness

Eldin, M.M.nteny, B., 1972:
Utilization of the Bellani type spherical condensation pyranometer for measuring global radiation and behavior of irrigations in the lower Ivory Coast

Burditt, L.; Zavy, M.; Buchanan, D., 1987:
Utilization of the Booroola Merino in a crossbreeding program to increase litter size

Walker, Michael, H., 1978:
Utilization of the Bunbury and Geographie Bay marine resource by professional and amateur fishermen

Frantao, S., 1994:
Utilization of the CDS

Chanet, Mm, 1972:
Utilization of the D. 10 oleometer for the series determination of rape-seed and sunflower oil content

Laux, W., 1981:
Utilization of the Documentation Centre for Plant Protection of the Federal Biological Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry by the Plant Protection Service in the Federal Republic of Germany

Herrig, B.W.; Jones, D.H., 1980:
Utilization of the Escherichia coli pol A test: an adjunct to the Ames assay

Novik, Iuz, 1970:
Utilization of the GSV wheeled tractor with trailer unit

Nicu, M.G.za, T., 1971:
Utilization of the Gazda-Drill-Fecske type of seeders in softwood seed nurseries

Batygin, N.; Potapova, S.; Nikitina, L., 1975:
Utilization of the Goriachkin-Zheligovskii method for studying growth and metabolism processes in the growing points of grasses during ontogenesis

Jasiorowski, H.R.dzka, J., 1979:
Utilization of the Holstein-Friesian breed for the improvement of cattle in socialist countries

Mendes, F.Dos, S., 1977:
Utilization of the Itu dam for irrigation

Beaux, Y., 1975:
Utilization of the Kjelfoss method for determining nitrogenin various plant products

Engel, Eric-Rene-Elie, 1979:
Utilization of the Kortum uterine catheter in cow

Kozlowski, J., 1976:
Utilization of the Polish resources of medicinal plants by the drug industry. iV

Anderson, Leonard, R., 1966:
Utilization of the Sparta Equity Auction Market

Polnar, M., 1973:
Utilization of the State Land Fund by farmers circles in the Opole Province

Degen, I., 1974:
Utilization of the Tisza River in Hungary and water management cooperation of the countries in the Tisza Valley

Mal'-Tseva, N.; Kigel'-, N.; Diul'-Din, A., 1976:
Utilization of the Vant Hoff te

Szabo, L., 1969:
Utilization of the Wizna marsh

Kira, H.I.hida, Y.H.ta, T. , 1976:
Utilization of the aerial photo

Vior, C.T.ga, M.R.su, V.S.oenescu, V., 1971:
Utilization of the agar gel serum precipitation technique in diagnosis of the infectious bronchitis in poultry

Picarad, G.; La-Noue, J.D.; Piette, J.; Kirouac, C., 1979:
Utilization of the alga Oocystis sp. for the tertiary treatment of wastewater. I. Culture of cell populations previously conditioned in a cyclostat

Fox, R.T.ovato, F., 1981:
Utilization of the anerobic digestion system. Total energy recovery

Chu-Van-Thien, 1974:
Utilization of the annual work f

Flinois, J., 1985:
Utilization of the antibrucellosis H-38 vaccine, some field results

Selevtsova, G.; Bolodina, L.; Kniazeva, M.; Ianchuk, I., 1975:
Utilization of the atomic-absorption method for the determination of the content of microelements in the soil and plants

Gruber, E., 1977:
Utilization of the bio mass the long dated only solution of the energy , food and raw material problems

Lefebvre-Drouet, E.C.lvet, R., 1983:
Utilization of the biological dosage of atrazine by the alga (Chlorella) in order to study the absorption-phytotoxicity relation

Alexandrian, D., 1982:
Utilization of the biomass of the Mediterranean forests in agriculture and for energy Chemical products, compost and animal feed through methanization, combustion and gasification.1

Koric, S., 1969:
Utilization of the branched genic complex for increase in productivity in Triticum aestivum ssp vulgare wheat

Charvat, J., 1978:
Utilization of the bull fertility index in the system of fertility selection

Bose, S.G.pta, K.; Suri, S., 1978:
Utilization of the byproducts of sugar industry--preparation of xylitol, a nutritive sweetener from bagasse

Espinoza, A.; Gamez, R., 1977:
Utilization of the callose and the infectivity tests in the diagnosis of potato leaf role virus

Gras, F., 1978:
Utilization of the capacity of soil water reserve

Vaccari, G.A.corsi, C., 1978:
Utilization of the carbonization muds

Strzelecki, P., 1977:
Utilization of the carrying capacity of railway carriages unit loading of lumber

Laptev, I.; Nabokov, I., 1969:
Utilization of the chromosomal complex mutations for overcoming the interspecies incompatibility of the potatoes

Chira, E.S.jak, S., 1979:
Utilization of the coefficient of stem stability in the evaluation of barley assortment for stem lodging

David, J.B.cquet, C.S.heemaeker-Louis, M.D.; Pla, E., 1977:
Utilization of the coefficient of variation for analysis of variability of different quantitative characters in Drosophila melanogaster: comparison of strains belonging to three geographic races

Toshkov, A.S.abanov, M.N.diakov, S., 1980:
Utilization of the collecting ac

Chulkov, N.; Chulkova, V.; Popova, L., 1975:
Utilization of the collection of tomato entries for breeding purposes in the conditions of the Volgo-Akhtuba flood plain

Bobinski, J., 1976:
Utilization of the common juniper with regard to its conservation

Bendorf, Florica, 1977:
Utilization of the common-seabuckthorn fruits for food

Li, W.; Wang, D., 1981:
Utilization of the computerized mapping in ecological research

Gerasimov, Ip, 1974:
Utilization of the concepts of elementary soil processes for a genesis diagnosis of soils

Gondos, M.S.atov, C.T.rcu, D.R.tunjanu, E., 1975:
Utilization of the condensate from the deodorization of sunflower-seed oil in laying-chicken feed

Sirbu, M.T.rcu, D., 1975:
Utilization of the condensate from the deodorization of the sunflower-seed oil in the feeding of meat chickens

Mazurczak, J.K.walski, B.Z.rski, T., 1975:
Utilization of the copper zinc antagonism in swine feeding

Negrobov, O.; Marina, T., 1979:
Utilization of the correct band to preserve preparations in liquid medium in entomological collection

Caprnka, D., 1979:
Utilization of the critical path method (CPM) in the elaboration of seasonal plans of production in agriculture

Bush, A., 1971:
Utilization of the culinary and therapeutic properties of the peach

Stoisnova, I.V.lkov, V., 1974:
Utilization of the cytoplasmic m

Gorshkova, Ma, 1976:
Utilization of the data of analysis of winter wheat leaves for the refinement of agrochemical interpretative maps

Watanabe, A.O.tani, T.N.kkuni, S.B.ba, T.O.ta, T., 1984:
Utilization of the drained wate

Malchenko, A.L., 1982:
Utilization of the dry material of molasses which is worked up into alcohol

Szewczyk, A., 1975:
Utilization of the dwarfing gene in poultry breeding

Nikolic, Dragisa, 1979:
Utilization of the effect of heterosis by single reciprocal crossing of different pig breeds, with the purpose of increasing the intensity of fattening, and quality of products

Fredrickson, A.; Tsuchiya, H., 1970:
Utilization of the effects of intermittent illumination on photosynthetic microorganisms

Buriol, G.; Fontana, G.F.rreira, M., 1976:
Utilization of the elements of the sequential hydrologic balance for agroclimatic studies

Thomas, P.; Kelly, N.; Chamberlain, D.; Macdonald, L., 1976:
Utilization of the energy and nitrogen of ensiled forages

Bogdanov, G.; Admina, L.; Skoriatina, V.; Boiko, M.; Valigura, V., 1975:
Utilization of the energy of rations in connection with the level and wholesomeness of swine feeding

Canarache, A., 1979:
Utilization of the entire area of farmland and raising its productive potential

Mitkov, A.M.nkov, D.V.silev, S.L.-Van-Duc, 1972:
Utilization of the extreme exper

Bernacki, A.J.zwiak, W., 1971:
Utilization of the factor analysis method as basis for farm classification according to type

Dib, C.C.; Morais, Z.M.; Souza, G.O. de; Amaku, M.; Benites, N.R.; Pinheiro, S.R., 2006:
Utilization of the fast isolation technique of Mycobacterium bovis from experimentally inoculated milk samples

Makrakis, S.; Makrakis, M.-Cavicchioli; Wagner, R.-Luiz; Dias, J.-Henrique-Pinheiro; Gomes, L.-Carlos, 2007:
Utilization of the fish ladder at the Engenheiro Sergio Motta Dam, Brazil, by long distance migrating potamodromous species

Gull, Dd, 1982:
Utilization of the flow-through system for ripening initiation of tomatoes Florida

Grajewski, S., 2007:
Utilization of the forest database for potential retention capabilities of Zielonka Forest Landscape Park

Sarrailh, J.M., 1990:
Utilization of the forest ecosystem in Guyana

Lemaire, L., 1973:
Utilization of the former salt marsh of the Prieres area, Billiers (Morbihan)

David, J.F.uillet, P.A.ens, M., 1978:
Utilization of the founder effect for measuring the genetic heterogeneity of a natural population: analysis of quantitative traits in Drosophila melanogaster

Delgado, C.; Cioccia, A.B.ito, O., 1988:
Utilization of the fruit of pijiguao (Guilielma gasipaes) as human food. I. Background, nutritional and energetic potential and characteristics of plant fruit

Sobocky, E., 1980:
Utilization of the fumes control function in the management of forests according to integrated functions

Kolar, J., 1975:
Utilization of the fund of working time by manpower in worker professions in agriculture

Belic, M., 1971:
Utilization of the fungicide Euparen in the viticulture of Germany

Lahjie, Abubakar, M., 1988:
Utilization of the gardens in the transmigration area Lempake Jaya Samarinda

Aufhammer, W.P.ter, M., 1988:
Utilization of the generative storage potential of indeterminated field bean genotypes (Vicia faba L.)

Ataev, E.; Berdyev, B.; Kerbabaev, B., 1972:
Utilization of the geobotanic indication method for agricultural zoning of south-west Tur

Schulze, J.H.rzog, R.Z.nft, H.; Grutte, F., 1984:
Utilization of the gnotobiotic rat for determining the in vivo activity of Bifidobacterium beta-galactosidase

Tiesema, K., 1980:
Utilization of the grassland on the B.P. de Boer te Stiens farm

Brownell, Lloyd-Earl, 1951:
Utilization of the gross fission products

Brownell, Lloyd-Earl, 1952:
Utilization of the gross fission products (unclassified)

Baloh, T., 1984:
Utilization of the heat content of cabonatation gas

Mori, S.T.kahasi, H.K.bota, M.M.nemura, N.I.ura, S.N.kamura, F.S.ito, M.S.to, M., 1975:
Utilization of the heat-treated

Sipila, H.S.mmarberg, S., 1980:
Utilization of the heating value of bark

Brestansky, I.R.ncz, K.B.lascak, J.S.ladany, J., 1983:
Utilization of the hematological profile in dairy cows and calves

Hornansky, M., 1978:
Utilization of the heredity milk yield test

Plaza, S.D.-La; Vallejo, J.; Casaseca, P.G.rcia-Olmedo, F., 1969:
Utilization of the hexaploid Triticale. I. Experimental fractionation

Vallejo, J.; Plaza, S.D.-La; Garcia-Olmedo, F., 1969:
Utilization of the hexaploid Triticale. II. rheological and breadmaking trials

Demott, He, 1981:
Utilization of the hexose monophosphate pathway in nematode -infected roots of tomato

Vejby-Sorensen, P., 1971:
Utilization of the horsepower of large tractors

Bourzeix, M.H.redia, N., 1979:
Utilization of the identification of polymer ratio in coloring matter for the detection of altered or fraudulent wines

Il'-Iasov, B., 1976:
Utilization of the indirect hemagglutination test in combined immunization of cattle against anthrax, brucellosis and blackleg

Pathak, Md, 1975:
Utilization of the insect-plant interactions in pest control

Seideman, S.; Cross, H.1; Oltjen, R.1; Schanbacher, B., 1982:
Utilization of the intact male for red meat production: a review Beef, pork, lamb, consumer acceptance

Ghitulescu, N., 1972:
Utilization of the integration table in micromorphologic soil studies

Tomerska, H.; Wojciechowicz, M., 1973:
Utilization of the intermediate products of the decomposition of pectin and of galacturonic acid by pure strains of rumen bacteria

Morelli, L.; Zonenenschain, D.; Del Piano, M.; Cognein, P., 2004:
Utilization of the intestinal tract as a delivery system for urogenital probiotics

Bizeau, C.G.lzy, P.B.pista, E., 1973:
Utilization of the juice of Helix pomatia for the fractioning of the wall of a wild strain and a mutant strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Hansen

Zeleke, H.P.ovarci, A.N.sticky, M.B.zo, M., 1983:
Utilization of the knowledge on the combining ability of the content of nitrogenous substances in the grain of inbred lines in breeding high protein maize

Litoshenko, I.; Sharapov, M., 1972:
Utilization of the labor supply in viticulture

Brodksy, F.J.rchovska, H.L.ska, A.Z.lkova, J.T.sner, R., 1976:
Utilization of the laboratory control of egg melange and yolks for control of production hygiene

Urbanska, D., 1973:
Utilization of the laboratory investigations in surgical parturition of bitches and cats

Baglaeva, Ni, 1977:
Utilization of the lakes in the northern part of the kulunda Steppe in the agriculture of Siberia

Hajzok, L., 1981:
Utilization of the laws of movement of wood particles in the flow of air is an important factor in the technological improvement

Willers, J.; Yatham, S.; Williams, M.; Akins, D., 1992:
Utilization of the line-intercept method to estimate the coverage, density, and average length of row skips in cotton and other row crops

Kurc, R.S.hieber, J.T.rr, J., 1977:
Utilization of the liquid cattle manure and its application to soil

Kvasnovsky, T., 1985:
Utilization of the loading capacity of the second-generation self-loading trailer

Karkishchenko, N.F.G.rshanov, S.V., 1959 :
Utilization of the machine-tractor park on a collective farm

Iniakin, P., 1971:
Utilization of the machine-tractor pool on state farms

Cherniavskaia, Na, 1975:
Utilization of the major nutrients by maize hybrids in relation to applied fertilizers

Stefani, R., 1974:
Utilization of the measurement of radioactivity of radiocarbon C14 for the determination of the production year of wine

Congiu, F., 1981:
Utilization of the mediterranean scrub in Sardinia in breeding goats

Dutko, Z.; Kurbatov, I., 1970:
Utilization of the method of culture of isolated roots in the study of physiological effect of humus on plants

Rasin'-Sh, Ap, 1970:
Utilization of the method of dotted squares in the calculation of the dynamics of forest trees and grassy plants

Ryzhkov, Sd, 1974:
Utilization of the method of electric measurements in breeding practice

Kuleshov, V.; Teterin, V., 1975:
Utilization of the method of extreme graphs for the determination of the fertilizer requirement of plants

Zhuravskaia, S.; Bobyreva, T.; Akramov, S.; Mamatkazina, A., 1976:
Utilization of the method of labelled atoms for studying the selective toxicity of phthalophos for the cotton (melon) aphid and the aphis lion

Biaggi, M.D.; Rubboli, P., 1984 :
Utilization of the micro-propagation for selection of sugarbeet genotypes resistant to Cercospora beticola

Botel, W.N.ewerth, G.; Vasterling, J., 1973:
Utilization of the microbial rennet rennilase for the manufacture of Tilsiter, Edam and butter cheese

Anonymous, 1963:
Utilization of the milk ordinance and code recommended by the U.S. Public Health Service

Svoboda, C., 1977:
Utilization of the modified resins in joinery production

Ziparo, A., 1983:
Utilization of the natural and environmental resources of some inner areas of southern Italy and their possible socioeconomic development

Kawada, T., 1972:
Utilization of the natural enem

Gahukar, Rt, 1988:
Utilization of the neem seed cake extracts against the Arachide insects

Fox, R.B.rrey, M., 1971:
Utilization of the network in the case of cows milk control

Sellier, R.B.rreau, A., 1977:
Utilization of the new process of gold coating by cathodic sputtering for a scanning electron microscopic study of tegumentary products on insects

Schwarzenbock, J.R.th, F.1; Kirchgessner, M., 1983:
Utilization of the nitrogen from uracil-(1,3-15N2) nitrogen isotope in lambs.1

Hershberger, T.; Engle, P.B.ntley, O.; Moxon, A., 1955 :
Utilization of the nitrogen in some ammoniated feeds by rumen microorganisms

Tylecek, J.V.sicova, K., 1974:
Utilization of the nitrogen in urea by rats

Allen, T.; Cuculo, J., 1975:
Utilization of the novel reaction of cellulose with amic acids to produce cellulose derivatives containing carboxylic acid groups

Kovacs, A., 1970:
Utilization of the nutrients of split-level gathered alfalfa

Hera, C.; Mihaila, V., 1981:
Utilization of the nutritive elements by maize, as related to the doses applied

Peteanu, S., 1972:
Utilization of the oophagous wasp Trichogramma evanescens Westw in the control of the hemp moth (Grapholita delineana Walker)

Dabney, Sm, 1986:
Utilization of the paraplow in soybean and wheat production

Schwendiman, J.G.ebel, S.K.mmacher, P., 1975:
Utilization of the path coefficients for determining the productivity components in a material deriving from a Gossypium hirsutum X Gossypium arboreum X G. raimondii triple arboreum X G. raimondii

Williams, Ri, 1980:
Utilization of the peatland methanogenic microflora

Evstigneev, Vb, 1977:
Utilization of the photosynthetic apparatus of green plants and algae for the production of gaseous hydrogen

Taranov, M.; Verotchenko, M., 1981 :
Utilization of the phytoncidal properties of certain plants in silage making

Grencik, M., 1976:
Utilization of the point transformation method in the statistical estimation of the results of the biological research

Mathur, S.; Rouatt, J., 1975:
Utilization of the pollutant di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate by a bacterium

Mekinda, M.B.agojevic, M., 1971:
Utilization of the power of a IMT-533 tractor in the moving of alfalfa with different types of mowers

Kuperstein, Ml, 1974:
Utilization of the precipitin test for the quantitative estimation of the influence of Pterostichus crenuliger (Coleoptera, Carabidae) upon the population dynamics of Eurygaster inegriceps (Hemiptera, Scutelleridae)

Asiakin, Bp, 1973:
Utilization of the predatory Aphidoletes aphidimyza Rond. (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) in controlling aphids in greenhou ses

Strakova, J.B.rska, Z., 1976:
Utilization of the preparation Evertas 1% premix (SPOFA) in turkeys

Bobryshev, F.; Malakhov, I., 1974:
Utilization of the preparation TB (2,3,5,6 tetrachloro nitrobenzene) for treating seed potatoes in storage

Saama, P.; Schipull, M.; Alocilja, E., 1990:
Utilization of the process network theory in the analysis of a beef feedlot system

Ilialetdinov, An, 1974:
Utilization of the progress in microbiology for nature protection and the rational use of natural resources in Kazakhstan

Pouyaud, B.C.artier, R., 1971:
Utilization of the propagation of the heat perturbation for the measurement of soil moisture. iI

Novak, L., 1984:
Utilization of the properties of alluvium during torrent regulation

Murarasu, D.S.rbu, M.A.dea, C.R.tunjanu, E., 1977:
Utilization of the protein hydrolysate from offals of poultry slaughterhouses and farms, in broiler feeding

Poleacu, I.D.xamir, A.A.dea, C.R.man, G., 1978:
Utilization of the protein hydrolyzate from poultry slaughterhouse wastes in piglet feeding

Komaki, H.F.kaya, K.S.kai, O.C.iyoda, K.M.rimoto, H., 1979:
Utilization of the protein in d

Smith, Jc, 1974:
Utilization of the public in surveying rare and endangered species Negative and positive aspects

Boruch, M.B.zezinski, S.P.lka, A., 1985:
Utilization of the reflection of infrared radiation in measurements of concentration of water suspensions of starch

Fedosenko, R.E.ia; Mel'-Nikov, A.E.ia, 1977:
Utilization of the reliability of power-supply systems for agricultural purposes

Anonymous, 1984:
Utilization of the reproductive potential of cattle and sheep by means of management systems and its contribution to milk and meat production

Solymos, R., 1970:
Utilization of the research achievements in drawing up the directives for the development of forest tending operations

Conklin, Howard, E., 1982:
Utilization of the resource base

Zebrowski, Z., 1973:
Utilization of the results achieved by the Swine Slaughter Value Testing Stations in selection breeding programs of the Warsaw Province Station for Livestock Evaluation

Rodier, Ja, 1976:
Utilization of the results from representative and experimental basins with a view to the management of water resources

Bucznyski, J., 1974:
Utilization of the results of Station evaluation of boars in selection

Goralczyk, J., 1973:
Utilization of the results of agricultural experiments and s tatistics for examining the properties of sites

Zebrowski, Z., 1978:
Utilization of the results of boar progeny testing at specialized stations for swine breeding in the Warsaw and Siedlce provinces after the administrative reform

Anikst, Dm, 1986:
Utilization of the results of field experiments with spring wheat for the zoning of the crop farming territory of the RSFSR by the efficiency of nitrogenous fertilizers

Morel, R., 1976:
Utilization of the results of long term experiments in the study of nitrogen transfers in soil

Scholz, H., 1988:
Utilization of the reticular groove contraction in adult cattle--a therapeutical alternative for the practitioner?

Scholz, H., 1990:
Utilization of the reticular groove contraction in adult cattle: a therapeutical aid for the practitioner

Swaminathan, Ms, 1983:
Utilization of the rice biomass: an opportunity for income generation and training-by-doing

Rebach, Steve, 1984:
Utilization of the rock and Jonah crabs in the Mid-Atlantic region

Shiraishi, E.T.mura, T.K.mikubo, S., 1972:
Utilization of the same facilit

Degodiuk, E.; Shtupun, N.; Proskura, Z.; Kukharchuk, P.; Kolobova, M.; Leonchik, O., 1983:
Utilization of the sediment of leather industry sewage waters as a fertilizer

Rogalski, M.L.duch, L., 1983:
Utilization of the seed grass plantations for the feeding purpose

Malejcik, A., 1985:
Utilization of the set theory at selection of workers for technological lines

Slavin, Jw, 1982:
Utilization of the shrimp by-catch

Kriuchkov, Av, 1969:
Utilization of the sliding weighted mean method in the evaluation of seeds for selection

Feher, A., 1979:
Utilization of the slurry from cattle farms on grass areas with deep levels of ground-water

Cyrus, P., 1983:
Utilization of the soil temperature from the hot water pipeline

Rzewuski, H., 1980:
Utilization of the solar radiation energy in the process of direct transformation into electric energy

Koch, Peter, 1972:
Utilization of the southern pines

Chira, E.S.jak, S., 1977:
Utilization of the stability coefficient of the culm in the evaluation of wheat assortment for culm lodging

Jousier, X., 1973:
Utilization of the statistical tool

Paryski, Wh, 1971:
Utilization of the stone pine

Vorotnikova, L.; Ovechkina, N., 1977:
Utilization of the street washing machine PM 130 for the control of larvae of bloodsucking mosquitoes in open reservoirs

Gromisz, M., 1976:
Utilization of the swarming bee in Polish apiaries

Muroga, A.N.kajima, M.A.mori, S.O.awa, Y.N.hmura, M., 1975:
Utilization of the synthetic ju

Vedeneev, A.I., 1978:
Utilization of the theory of similitude and dimensional analysis for modeling of disks-traction devices

Baggiolini, M., 1977:
Utilization of the threshold tolerance in the antiparasitic control in fruit tree culture

Lubet, E;;, 1983 :
Utilization of the tissue of Fe

Skorin, I.; Lebedev, A.; Avilov, V.; Bikov, I.; Revenkov, A., 1968:
Utilization of the tongue epithelial tissue of recovered animals to cultivate foot-and-mouth disease virus

Rupprich, U., 1976:
Utilization of the total social labor capacity in the interest of the cooperative crop production department and the governmental forest enterprise

Tlepbaev, Aa, 1976:
Utilization of the tractor fleet in the state farms of the Kokchetav Region

Kaifas, F., 1975:
Utilization of the trajectory of fertilizer grains in the evaluation of the operation of spreader discs

Mottar, J.D.lbeke, R.M.rtens, R., 1979:
Utilization of the ultrafiltration technique in the preparation of Herve cheese

La-Rue, G., 1982:
Utilization of the urban tree: Dayton case study Ohio, for saw logs, firewood, wood chips and compost

Mackowska, H., 1976:
Utilization of the value analysis engineering method in wine making

Krug, H., 1983:
Utilization of the vegetable offer in the winter

Ashburn, Pat, 1981:
Utilization of the vegetation index number in the USSR

Taylor, Ra, 1988:
Utilization of the veterinary technician

McCurnin, D.M., 2007:
Utilization of the veterinary technician in practice

Mizuno, T.S.miya, M., 1975:
Utilization of the vitelline membrane of the chicken egg for the study of the differentiation of the endodermic epithelium

Mizuno, T.S.miya, M., 1974:
Utilization of the vitelline membrane of the hens egg for the study of the differentiation of epithelium endoderm

Gedymin, M., 2007:
Utilization of the waste heat emitted by vacuum pump of milking machine to warming up the milking parlour

Tytkowski, W., 1975:
Utilization of the waste in large-scale slaughter cattle fattening

Welward, L.F.imm, R.K.sal'-Ko, R., 1976:
Utilization of the wastes from the fermentation production of lysine for other fermentation processes

Grammatikati, O.; Omarov, K.R.mazanov, D., 1975:
Utilization of the water of the Caspian Sea for irrigation

Bakhtiyarov, Ri, 1973:
Utilization of the water resources of the Amu-Darya basin for development of the productive forces of central Asian r epublics

Anonymous, 1947:
Utilization of the water resources of the Goulburn River

Degen, I., 1973:
Utilization of the water resources of the Tisza river in H ungary and cooperation of the countries on the Tisza basin in the water management field

Garland, J.L.M.ckowiak, C.L., 1990:
Utilization of the water soluble fraction of wheat straw as a plant nutrient source

Bosia, A.N.si, D., 1978:
Utilization of the whole hemp with chemico mechanical and alkali oxygen processes

Bolotov, I.K.televets, P., 1970:
Utilization of the width of sweep of the plow

Erdelyi, Gy, 1969:
Utilization of the wood of domestic broad-leaved trees in the building industry

Krunert, V., 1981:
Utilization of the wood waste for the power production

Rogash, A.; Kupianskaia, N.; Ul'-Ianova, N.; Krylova, T., 1979:
Utilization of the world collection in the breeding of fiber flax

Brezhnev, D.; Garan'-Ko, I., 1975:
Utilization of the world collection of the All-Union Institute of Plant Industry as initial material for breeding tomatoes for greenhouse culture

Rodionova, N.; Soldatov, V.; Merezhko, V., 1983:
Utilization of the world oat collection for breeding varieties for the Non-Chernozem zone of the RSFSR

Price, Donald, R., 1971:
Utilization of thermal discharge from power plant condensers

Toureau, P., 1978:
Utilization of thermal waste of the Saint Lawrence central station

Klinskaia, Mm, 1972:
Utilization of thin-layer chromatography for lipids of chyme

Perez, E.M.ntero, A., 1979:
Utilization of three anthelmintics against gastrointestinal parasites and its effect on the body weight gains of Brangus calves

Jacob, W., 1972:
Utilization of timber reserves of forests in the economy and future development of replacement

Faulkner, P.B.own, M.P.tter, K., 1976:
Utilization of tissue culture techniques to clone an insect cell line and to characterize strains of baculovirus

Khuspe, S.; Hendre, R.1; Mascarenhas, A.1; Jagannathan, V1; Thombre, M.1; Joshi, A., 1980:
Utilization of tissue culture to isolate interspecific hybrids in Carica L. Carica papaya, papayas, crossed with Carica cauliflora

Devasena, B.; Punyakumari, B.; Ramana, J.V.; Kumar, D.S.; Ramaprasad, J., 2007:
Utilization of tomato (L. esculentum) pomace in broiler rabbit diets

Kowalewski, Z.D.ost-Karbowska, K.S.aufer, M., 1980:
Utilization of tomato herb for preparation of tomatine

Canas, R.C.miruaga, M1; Aguilar, C1; Serani, J1; Gasman, M., 1983:
Utilization of topinambur inuline by poultry and swine Heliantus tuberosa.1

Hoover, R.; Jung, G.; Stringer, W., 1988:
Utilization of total nonstructural carbohydrate reserves by three alfalfa cultivars during regrowth

Guervin, C.L.roche, J., 1973:
Utilization of total quantities and densisies of nuclear DNA to retrace the phylogenesis in the genus Callisia (Commelinaceae)

Koza, S., 1983:
Utilization of tower silos for the storing of straw for feeding in connection with the production of peleted feedstuffs

Bianco, Vv, 1975:
Utilization of town refuse compost in seedbed horticulture

Abe, M., 1972:
Utilization of tractor and impr

Ignatiuk, S.W.jsznis, B., 1982:
Utilization of tractors and farm machinery as an example of farmers cycles cooperatives in the Bialystok province Poland.1

Marks, N.B.rcz, J., 1972:
Utilization of tractors and major farm machines at the joint machinery centres of farmers circles; based on data from the Opole Province

Oubrecht, J.O.brechtova, H., 1981:
Utilization of tractors in the socialist agricultural enterprises in Czechoslovakia

Anonymous, 1978:
Utilization of traditional and untraditional sources of protein in animal nutrition

Cherepenin, M., 1975:
Utilization of transport facilities during the winter

Zhitkov, A.; Svirin, L.; Baranov, A., 1973:
Utilization of tree bark as fertilizers

Muthukrishnan, C.; Palanisamy, K., 1969:
Utilization of tree tomato for the preparation of some edible products

De-La-Fuente, L.; Mavrodi, D., V.; Thomashow, L., S.; Weller, D., M., 2007:
Utilization of trehalose, benzoate, valerate, and seed and root exudates by genotypes of 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol producing Pseudomonas fluorescens

Wada, G., 1973:
Utilization of trencher for pre

Pickard, M.A.; Whelihan, J.A.; Westlake, D.W., 1975:
Utilization of triaryl phosphates by a mixed bacterial population

Homack, P.Z.ppler, K.; Herkert, E., 1973:
Utilization of trickling filters for dual treatment of dry and wet weather flows

Majumdar, K.; Subramanian, L.; Anjaneyulu, N., 1978:
Utilization of triple superphosphate in fertiliser mixtures

Kozar, F.; Sivers, N., 1975:
Utilization of trition X 100 for

Toth, J., 1979:
Utilization of tropical agricultural wastes

Preston, T.; Parra, R., 1983:
Utilization of tropical crop residues and agroindustrial by-products in animal nutrition: constraints and perspectives

Pairaud, D., 1979:
Utilization of tropical fats and oils: refining and fractionation of the palm oil

Preston, T.; Leng, R., 1980:
Utilization of tropical feeds by ruminants

Petroff, G., 1978:
Utilization of tropical forests for the manufacture of pulp and paper

Rocchetti, G., 1971:
Utilization of tropical soils for the improvement of the world standard of nutrition

Albuquerque, Milton-De, 1978:
Utilization of tucupi as a coagulant agent of latex rubber plants

Chiu, Jy, 1977:
Utilization of tung oil tree

Osburn, W.; Mandigo, R.; Kuber, P., 1995:
Utilization of twin screw cold extrusion to manufacture restructured chops from lower-valued pork

Dauthuille, D.S.lvain, J., 1985:
Utilization of two baculoviruses in the control Spodoptera frugiperda from the prairies of Guyana on Digitaria swazilandensis

Sedivy, J.K.dys, F.D.as, R., 1974:
Utilization of ultra-low volume insecticides in seed alfalfa stands

Baracho, I.; Pereira, S.-De, A., 1983:
Utilization of ultraviolet light in the improvement of Aspergillus niger for citric acid production

Swamy, V.G.wda, A.; Vijayamma, R., 1977:
Utilization of unconventional fruits for the preparation of ready to drink beverages. i

Swamy, V.G.wda, A.; Vijayamma, R., 1977:
Utilization of unconventional fruits for the preparation of ready to drink punches. iI

Gupta, B.; Kurar, C., 1983:
Utilization of unconventional sources of feeds for ruminants in India--a review

Mirzaev, S.; Serebrennikova, G., 1976:
Utilization of underground water for irrigation in Uzbek SSR

Vrublevskii, Mi, 1979:
Utilization of underground waters for irrigation, their artificial compensation in the steppe zone of the Crimea

Singh, J.R.man, S., 1976:
Utilization of undersized particles of coconut shell for production of activated carbons

Abou-Dawood, A.; Ghita, I.; Ei; Abd-El-Gawad, I.; El-Gazzar, H.; Ibrahim, S., 1984:
Utilization of unsalted whey protein in some dairy products

Butolo, Je, 1981:
Utilization of unusual products in the feeding of dairy cattle Feeds, digestibility, nutritive values, production.1

Lery, F., 1973:
Utilization of urban muds

Lempicki, Ea, 1979:
Utilization of urban wood in the 1980s

Randolph, R., 2000:
Utilization of urban wood waste in particleboard manufacture

Carr, Wf, 1975:
Utilization of urban woodwastes

Ranjhan, S.; Pathak, N.; Singh, U.; Verma, D.; Varma, A., 1975:
Utilization of urea

Kowalczyk, J.H.vassy, I1; Otwinowska, A1; Kosta, K., 1982:
Utilization of urea 15N nitrogen isotope for the synthesis of the rumen microorganisms and blood plasma protein in sheep

Matsuoka, S.N.gishi, K.H.shizume, T., 1976:
Utilization of urea and ammoniu

Teller, E.G.deau, J.; Baere, R.D., 1978:
Utilization of urea and diuredo isobutane in the feeding of cattle. II. Nutritive value of urea for maintenance

Teller, E.G.deau, J.; Baere, R.D., 1979:
Utilization of urea and diuredo-isobutane in cattle feeding. V. Comparative study of the effect of nitrogen supplements on the digestive process in the stomach

Thompson, J.; Bradley, N.; Little, C., 1966:
Utilization of urea and fat by steers fed meal and pelleted rations

Teller, E.G.deau, J.; Baere, R.D., 1978:
Utilization of urea and isobutane diurea in feeding cattle. I. Study of the composition of rumen liquid

Teller, E.G.deau, J.; Baere, R.D., 1979:
Utilization of urea and isobutylidene diurea in cattle feeding. IV. Isobutylidene diurea and milk production

Nagpaul, P.; Chawla, M., 1981:
Utilization of urea and sodium bicarbonate by ruminants Cows

Lee, K.; Yatazawa, M., 1973:
Utilization of urea and ureides by rice callus tissue

Sramek, J., 1970:
Utilization of urea by calves from 6 to 13 weeks of age

Van-Horn, H.; Jacobson, D., 1968:
Utilization of urea by lactating dairy cows

Preston, Rl, 1974:
Utilization of urea by light-weight feeder calves

Goodrich, R.; Meiske, J.; Gharib, F., 1972:
Utilization of urea by ruminants

Farries, F.; Zgajnar, J., 1972:
Utilization of urea by ruminants. b. growing young bulls. 7

Farries, F.; Krasnodebska, I., 1972:
Utilization of urea by ruminants. use of half synthetic rations. 8

Carpenter, E.; Remsen, C.; Watson, S., 1972:
Utilization of urea by some marine phytoplankters

Na, K.; Song, K.; Kang, T.; Tak, T., 1981:
Utilization of urea for subst

Martin, A., 1974:
Utilization of urea in animal nutrition

Quackebeke, E.V.n; Cazes, J., 1978:
Utilization of urea in fattening regimes with a base of whole winter barley

Jarava, A.C.neque, V.G.lvez, J., 1975:
Utilization of urea in the intensive fattening of lambs

Ducoudray, P., 1973:
Utilization of urea in the nutrition of sheep and cattle

Huffaker, Ray, C., 1982:
Utilization of urea, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate by crop plants in a controlled ecological life support system (CELSS)

Jayal, M.; Jain, V., 1982:
Utilization of urea-molasses impregnated Johnson grass (Sorghum halepanse) kadbi by lactating Hariana cows

Vaidya, K.R.ddy, M.; Mohan, G., 1981:
Utilization of urea-molasses-enriched and

Jorgensen, Matthew-Allen, 1998:
Utilization of using alfalfa in dairy cattle diets

Bogdan, A.; Boitor, I.B.gdan, I., 1969:
Utilization of uterine biopsy in histo-pathological studies of some forms of sterility in cattle

Popov, Pp, 1970:
Utilization of valuable forms of spruce in forestry practice

Agafonova, A.; Danilova, T., 1976:
Utilization of vanadium as a microfertilizer (analytical review)

Spyrka, M.K.zma, F.C.hula, M., 1983:
Utilization of variability study of the economic results achieved by agricultural enterprises in agricultural management

Decourt, N., 1979:
Utilization of variograms for the study of intraspecific competition in forest populations

Polymenides, A., 1975:
Utilization of various carcass

Trela, S.F.rgal, K.B.rowiec, F., 1984:
Utilization of various feedstuffs in the feeding of heifers

Arun, A.; Murrugappan, R.; Ravindran, A.D.David; Veeramanikandan, V.; Balaji, S., 2006:
Utilization of various industrial wastes for the production of poly-beta-hydroxy butyrate (PHB) by Alcaligenes eutrophus

Kulshrestha, Sb, 1974:
Utilization of various media for the production of toxin by Clostridium welchii types B and C

Mackrott, H., 1973:
Utilization of various non-protein nitrogen compounds in cattle feed

Pachlewski, R.C.rusciak, E., 1983:
Utilization of various potassium sources by selected ectomycorrhizal fungi

Kunjithapadam, S., 1977:
Utilization of various raw materials for the production of steroids

Karpati, Gy, 1973:
Utilization of various soyproducts in the production of foods

Hardy, J.L.crampe, J.; Ramet, J.; Weber, F., 1970:
Utilization of various strains of concentrated frozen fermentation starters preserved in liquid nitrogen for manufacture of soft cheeses

Signoret, J.; Bariteau, J., 1975:
Utilization of various synthetic odorous products to facilitate detection of estrus in the sow

Goto, M., 1971:
Utilization of various transpor

Hintze-Bruning, H., 1992:
Utilization of vegetable oils in coatings

Greuell, E.H.M., 1972:
Utilization of vegetable proteins in human foods

Desmyter, E.; Wagner, T., 1979:
Utilization of vegetable proteins in meats of large cross sectional area

Baruah, K.; Saikia, A., 1980:
Utilization of vegetable proteins on egg production and effect of agro-climatic condition on it

Okuyama, Z., 1974:
Utilization of ventilation equi

Piria, I., 1971:
Utilization of vertical forces of hitched equipment in the increase of adhesive weight of tractors

Menge, Ja, 1983:
Utilization of vesicular-arbuscular fungi in agriculture

Haas, J.-H.M.nge, J., A., 1990:
Utilization of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza in crop production

Podvysotskii, Vf, 1976:
Utilization of vetch and oats as a predecessor

Horvath, K.Z.igo, I., 1973:
Utilization of vibration effect in developing of equipments and in finding new solutions

Lanjewar, D.; Supe, S., 1976:
Utilization of village organization by extension workers

Fregoni, M.S.ienza, A., 1974:
Utilization of vine-shoots

Mackowiak, C., 1977:
Utilization of virrus treated with fluorocarbon for the preparation of anti-FMD vaccine

Kresak, M., 1975:
Utilization of vital energy of older honeybees

Bodganov, G.; Skoriatina, V., 1973:
Utilization of vitamin B12 in a complex with synthetic amino acids in fattening swine for meat

Toulova, M.D.orak, M., 1974:
Utilization of vitamin E after intramuscular and oral administrations

Orskov, E.; Mcdonald, I., 1980:
Utilization of volatile fatty acids for maintenance and for energy retention

Jones, G.M., 1971:
Utilization of volatile fatty acids in high moisture grain preservation and dairy cattle rations

Quaraishi, S.C.ok, R., 1972:
Utilization of volatile fatty acids in ruminants. IV. Relative activities of acetyl CoA synthetase and CoA hydrolase in mitochondria and intracellular localization of acetyl CoA synthetase

Ishikawa, H.S.zuki, Y.O.agawa, Y., 1979:
Utilization of volcanic ash soi

Poedjorahardjo, 1982:
Utilization of volume ratio for estimating stand wood mass

Schmid, G.G.rnert, H.S.huch, M.H.isch, A.K.auss, G.W.igelt, H.J.rdan, F., 1977:
Utilization of warm refuse from nuclear power plants in agriculture

Khodchenko, Nk, 1981:
Utilization of warmth of the removed air on animal husbandry farms (On the data of the experience of foreign countries) Operation of heat exchangers.1

Marc, J., 1979:
Utilization of waste and by-products of meat processing plants in other branches of food industry

Eisner, K., 1975:
Utilization of waste bark

Harder, R.; Baker, G., 1970:
Utilization of waste bark as a soil conditioner

Wayman, O.C.mpbell, C.; Kamstra, L.; Nakayama, T.O.brich, S., 1973:
Utilization of waste by-products as ruminant feedstuffs

David, G.B.rgh, M.-Van-Den, 1982:
Utilization of waste cellulose. II. Gamma irradiation and alkaline hydrolysis

David, C.T.iry, P., 1982:
Utilization of waste cellulose. IV. Comparative study of the reactivity of different substrates in the enzymatic hydrolysis with Trichoderma Viride Wood pulp

Jaworowska, I.J.rosz, M.L.bendzinski, S.Z.ltowska, I., 1975:
Utilization of waste citric acid effluents for yeast production

Vermes, S., 1970:
Utilization of waste energy in sugar mills

Pigden, Wj, 1980:
Utilization of waste for food production using animals: application to human nutrition

Nowak, A., 1974:
Utilization of waste for pig feeding

Trushevs'-Ka, H.; Volkov, V., 1981:
Utilization of waste for the pro

Fonkwe, L.; Singh, R., 1993:
Utilization of waste from a turkey deboning process

Mahittikul, Chalerm, 1978:
Utilization of waste from agriculture for fiber-overlaid plywood and properties of panels

Barej, W.K.lasek, G.L.ontowicz, H., 1978:
Utilization of waste from cotton processing industry for feeding fattening cattle

Wezyk, S.H.rbut, E., 1977:
Utilization of waste from large scale commercial livestock farms in animal husbandry

Widenski, K.S.roka, T., 1978:
Utilization of waste from meat processing industry for fattening pigs

Sobolev, K.; Türker, P.; Soboleva, S.; Iscioglu, G., 2006:
Utilization of waste glass in ECO-cement: strength properties and microstructural observations

Cornet-D'-Elzius, C.F.rrero, G.L.K.csis, K., 1989:
Utilization of waste heat from power stations

Schwarz, K.K.ttelmann, W., 1984:
Utilization of waste heat in breweries

Zemanek, J., 1983:
Utilization of waste heat of farm buildings using heat exchangers made of heat pipes

Szabo, A., 1972:
Utilization of waste material from lumber industry for heat generation

Rubesa, M.K.ramatic, V1; Ozimec, S1; Sudarski-Hack, V., 1982:
Utilization of waste material from swine rearing industry in order to protect the human environment Biogas, manure, pollution, Yugoslavia.1

Kretzchmar, R.Von, 1982:
Utilization of waste material in hot climates

Jarl, K., 1971:
Utilization of waste materials by fermentation with special reference to the Symba yeast process

Graveland, Dn, 1974:
Utilization of waste materials for soil formation

Pechiulis, Iup, 1972:
Utilization of waste materials of food and meat-milk industries in the yeast production

Folberth, D., 1971:
Utilization of waste of the preparation of wood for the production of pulp at the pulp and paper mills in Zarnesti

Paredes-Lopez, O.G.nzalez, Y., 1973:
Utilization of waste paper by mixed cultures for biomass production. a preliminary evaluation

Setnicka, F., 1977:
Utilization of waste press heat in surface finishing of boards and production of laminates

Doucette, Sw, 1975:
Utilization of waste products

Borud, Oj, 1971:
Utilization of waste products in the potato processing industry

Morozov, V.; Kuchugura-Kucherenko, L., 1977:
Utilization of waste products of chemical industry for the improvement of Solonetz soils in the south of Ukraine

Abou-Zeid, A.; El-Fattah, A.; Farid, M., 1979:
Utilization of waste products of dehydrated onion industry for production of fodder yeast

Shamgin, V.; Arsent'-Eva, N.; Shalushkova, L., 1981:
Utilization of waste products of fat production for the output of substitutes of whole milk

Pietrowska, I.D.ruchowski, W.K.narkowski, A., 1978:
Utilization of waste products of poultry processing industry

Stakheeu, I.; Kalamiets, E.; Ramanouskaia, T., 1984:
Utilization of waste products of starch and alcohol industry for the production of feed yeasts

Petrushevskii, Vv, 1977:
Utilization of waste products of starch molasses production

Vasil'-Ev, I.; Morozov, A.; Zaiko, G.; Moiseeva, V., 1976:
Utilization of waste products of the Semikarakorskii canning factory

Skirstymonskii, As, 1977:
Utilization of waste products of the distilling industry

Mezynski, L., 1978:
Utilization of waste products of the potato processing industry

Sihag, Rc, 1992:
Utilization of waste stems of sarkandas and castor as nesting tunnels for culturing

Marshall, H.Borden, 1950:
Utilization of waste sulphite liquor

Ross, C.; Pierson, J., 1995:
Utilization of waste tire rubber as an anaerobic fixed-film support media

Bartels, R.K.ntze, H., 1972:
Utilization of waste water activated sludge on organogenic soils

Stromme, E.B.een, T.K.aabol, P.; Todnem, O., 1978:
Utilization of waste water from greenhouse and soil heating

Paszkowski, A., 1976:
Utilization of waste waters from industrial-type farms

Kekukh, Am, 1971:
Utilization of waste waters in agriculture

Shvarts, K., 1971:
Utilization of waste waters in agriculture of the German Democratic Republic

Khruslova, Tn, 1977:
Utilization of waste waters of molasses yeast production

Piven'-, Kz, 1976:
Utilization of waste wters from sugar mills on low-loaded fields of non-vegetational moistening

Lenkiewicz, W., 1982:
Utilization of wastes and secondary raw materials in vegetable production

Grabbe, K., 1978:
Utilization of wastes for preparing substrate for mushroom culture

Traczewski, Z., 1974:
Utilization of wastes for swine fattening

Gryss, Z.; Gryss, Z., 1974:
Utilization of wastes of the fruit and vegetable canning industry

Hyde, Hc, 1976:
Utilization of wastewater sludge for agricultural soil enrichment

Huang, J., Y.C.B.con, V., W., 1979:
Utilization of wastewater solids compost in SE Wisconsin

Sutton, David, L., 1977:
Utilization of wastewater with aquatic macrophytes and the white amur

Tregubenko, M.; Filippov, G.; Vishnevskii, N., 1974:
Utilization of water by maize under irrigation in steppes of the Ukraine

Puech, J.M.rty, Jr; Maertens, C., 1976 :
Utilization of water consumed by crops in the presence or absence of irrigation

Fertman, G.; Korkina, L., 1976:
Utilization of water enriched with potassium in malting

Gupta, B.; Chattergee, D.S.ha, R.; Gupta, B.; Mathur, M., 1975:
Utilization of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) as feed for cattle

Tansakul, R.K.itsaneephaiboon, W., 1983:
Utilization of water hyacinth and chicken manure for straw mushroom (Volvariella volvacea) cultivation

Zerrudo, J.; Tadena, O.; Exconde, A., 1979:
Utilization of water hyacinth for pulp and paper manufacture. I. Depithing, morphological and chemical properties of fibers

Krotkevich, Pg, 1976:
Utilization of water protection and purification properties of Phragmites communis

Vasiljeva, Mm, 1972:
Utilization of water resources in estonia

Madsen, Bl, 1976:
Utilization of water resources in relation to environmental preservation

Rulliere, G., 1972:
Utilization of water: A regional or national problem? lessons from the American experience

Kabbaj, A.Z.ryouhi, I., 1978:
Utilization of waters of Oued Mharhar for the reloading of the Charf el Akab water table, for the water supply of Tanger city

Turhan, S.; Temiz, H.; Sagir, I., 2007 :
Utilization of wet okara in low fat beef patties

Meiser, W.E.; Froseth, J.A.; Kromann, R.P., 1973:
Utilization of wheat and barley rations by swine

Thayer, Rh, 1971:
Utilization of wheat in feeding programs for domestic poultry and game birds

Leclerco, B., 1977:
Utilization of wheat in feeds destined for chickens and layers. influence of soybean price and wheat protein content

Blackshaw, R.; Semach, G.; O'-Donovan, J., 2000:
Utilization of wheat seed rate to manage filaree (Erodium cicutarium) in a zero-tillage cropping system

Horn, G.; Phillips, W.1; Walters, L.1; Walker, O.1; Mcmurphy, W.1; Kountz, A., 1982:
Utilization of wheat silage in wheat and bermudagrass stocker programs Cattle feeding

Fernandez-Carmona, J., 1972:
Utilization of wheat straw sprayed with alkali

Szalay, D., 1971:
Utilization of wheat-wheatgrass hybrids in wheat breeding

Stinson, Cg, 1972:
Utilization of whey

Kosikowski, Fv, 1979:
Utilization of whey and whey-based products

Maddox, I.; Qureshi, N.G.tierrez, N., 1993:
Utilization of whey by clostridia and process technology

Remond, B.M.rquis, B.H.den, A.J.urnet, M., 1978:
Utilization of whey by dairy cows

Horovitz, E., 1975:
Utilization of whey by obtaining fodder yeasts

Damerow, G.G.rhold, E., 1976:
Utilization of whey by products

Weltman, Y., 1976:
Utilization of whey for cattl

Paszkowski, A., 1976:
Utilization of whey in Poland and other countries

Dabur, R.S.; Brahm Prakash, 2007:
Utilization of whey in preparation of rasogolla

Pawlik, S.B.buchowski, K.R.mbowski, E.S.rzypek, J.Z.iernicka, A., 1975:
Utilization of whey in production of humanized baby foods. -II. some technological aspects of preparation of whey concentrates by membrane techniques

Pawlik, S.B.buchowski, K.D.browska, W.R.mbowski, E.S.rzypek, J.Z.iernicka, A., 1975:
Utilization of whey in production of humanized baby foods. -III. chemical and biological characterization of whey concentrates, and evaluation of their suitability as componentsof humanized baby foods

Pawlik, S.B.buchowski, K.D.browska, W.S.rzypek, J.Z.iernicka, A., 1975:
Utilization of whey in production of humanized baby foods. I. selection of technological conditions for production of whey concentrates

Garcia-Bilbao, Jl, 1981:
Utilization of whey made from deproteinized milk and of residual materials nitrogenized by some yeasts. I

Garcia-Bilbao, Jl, 1982:
Utilization of whey made from deproteinized milk and of residual materials nitrogenized by some yeasts. II

Chung, Hoon, 1986:
Utilization of whey or whey products as food ingredients

Towler, C., 1982:
Utilization of whey protein in pasta Semolina flour

Toullec, R.T.ivend, P.M.thieu, C., 1971:
Utilization of whey proteins by fattening preruminant calves. I. Comparative emptying of the stomach on whole milk and two milk substitutes containing only whey proteins as source of nitrogen

Forsum, E.H.mbraeus, L., 1974:
Utilization of whey proteins in human nutrition

Abou-Dawood, A.; Ghita, E.; El-Gazzar, H.; Mahfouz, M.; Ibrahim, S., 1984:
Utilization of whey proteins in some dairy products. I. In processed cheese manufacture

Ghita, E.; Abou-Dawood, A.; El-Gazzar, H.; Mahfouz, M.; Ibrahim, S., 1984:
Utilization of whey proteins in some dairy products. II. In Ras cheese manufacture

Amfiteatrov, F.; Gizatullina, N.; Borovik, R., 1973:
Utilization of white rats for evaluating antigenic activity of foot-and-mouth disease virus and inactivated anti-foot-and-mouth disease vaccine

Vance, Robert-Douglas, 1971:
Utilization of whole and crimped corn grain with varying proportions of corn silage for growing, finishing cattle

Pastuszewska, B.D.ee, P.; Henry, Y.B.urdon, D.J.ng, J., 1974 :
Utilization of whole and shelled horsebean by the growing pig: Digestibility and amino acid availability

Hermsen, Jgt, 1985:
Utilization of wide crosses in potato breeding

Beard, B.; Chandler, J., 1982:
Utilization of wild Helianthus in germplasm development

Kuo, Cy, 1981:
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Utilization of wild species of barley in plant breeding?

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Utilization of wildlife in developing countries

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Utilization of windbreaks by wildlife

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Utilization of winter legume cover crops for pest and fertility management in cotton

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Utilization of wood bark

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Utilization of wood barking waste in Poland

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Utilization of wood biomass in the production of structural particleboard

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Utilization of wood chips by manufacturing Velox building plates with cement as biding material

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Utilization of wood chips in the German Democratic Republic

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Utilization of wood chips in the wood industry of some socialist country

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Utilization of wood concrete in the Gorky Region

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Utilization of wood cuttings for power production

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Utilization of wood for packing

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Utilization of wood imported fr

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Utilization of wood in the German Democratic Republic

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Utilization of wood in the construction and building industry

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Utilization of wood industrial

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Utilization of wood residue and wood chip technology

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Utilization of wood residues for heating of lumber drying plant

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Utilization of wood resources in non-state forests

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Utilization of wood sawdust in the manufacture of active carbon

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Utilization of wood waste and bark

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Utilization of wood waste as feed

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Utilization of wood waste as fuel for rotary and flash tube wood dryer operations Biomass fuels

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Utilization of wood waste in Wielkopolskie Plywood Industry Works

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Utilization of wood waste in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

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Utilization of wood wastes.

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Utilization of wooden building structures in the middle Slovakian region

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Utilization of woody vegetation by beaver within the South Carolina Piedmont

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Utilization of work horses on private farms of various sizes

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Utilization of work in complex groups

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Utilization of worker-profession manpower in agriculture

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Utilization of workhorses in farming

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Utilization of working hours as fixed asset in crop farming and ways to improve efficiency

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Utilization of working time and productivity of equipment

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Utilization of working time in agricultural transportation on large-acreage farms Poland.1

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Utilization of working time in grain production

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Utilization of working time in mechanized operations in plant growing

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Utilization of working time of tractor operators

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Utilization of world assortment in the selection of winter wheat

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Utilization of wort carbohydrates

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Utilization of wort fatty acids by yeast during fermentation

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Utilization of yeast from brewery effluent

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Utilization of yeast grown on n-paraffin (Liquipron) in the diets of laying hens. I. Lipid fractions and n-paraffin content in eggs

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Utilization of yeast grown on n-paraffin in the diet of laying hens. II. N-paraffin content in eggs and adipose tissue of laying hens fed different diets containing Liquipron and n-paraffin mixture

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Utilization of yeast in nutrition. I. Nucleic acid removal and flavor improvement

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Utilization of yeasts from unconventional substrates in feed mixtures for fattening swine

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Utilization of yolk cholesterol in the developing chick embryo

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Utilization of young buffaloes with high body weight, an important source of increasing meat production

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Utilization of young plantation Eucalyptus globulus

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Utilization of zeolites in agriculture

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Utilization of zygote transplantation in animal breeding and in research

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Utilization opportunities for reducing mountain pine beetle damage in lodgepole pine

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Utilization or protection of the natural forest of Nyungwe (Rwanda)?

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Utilization oriented research for plant cultivation and breeding with special regard to potatoes

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Utilization ossibilities of flow drying in the mixed feed industry

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Utilization patterns of the deep water by a weeping lovegrass crop (Eragrostis curvula Nees), in a regosol soil of the pampean semiarid region

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Utilization periods of grass-legume stands on irrigated pastures of the forest-steppe zone in Western Siberia

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Utilization planning for the forest

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Utilization planning in forest management

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Utilization possibilities and action of modern filters

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Utilization possibilities and remediation of polluted soils

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Utilization possibilities and scope of installations of an average data technique in dairy processing plants

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Utilization possibilities and usability of Standard nomenclature of veterinary diseases and operations

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Utilization possibilities for pallet boxes

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Utilization possibilities of French wheats

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Utilization possibilities of PRM 12 for thinning out peach and nectarine orchards

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Utilization possibilities of additives for the stimulation of the consumption of solid feeds in the feeding of suckling calves

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Utilization possibilities of algae in wastewater purification

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Utilization possibilities of aromas in the dairy industry

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Utilization possibilities of cottonseed residues for mixed laying hen feed

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Utilization possibilities of determination of progesterone in observing fertility in mares

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Utilization possibilities of forage beets in dairy cattle barns

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Utilization possibilities of gonadotropin releasing hormone (Gn-RH), prostaglandin F2alpha (PGF2alpha) and corticosteroids for the treatment of ovulation disturbances, heat synchronization as well as abortion and birth initiation in cattle

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Utilization possibilities of gritty soils of the Moson plain with special regard to grape-growing

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Utilization possibilities of instant photography in a medical laboratory

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Utilization possibilities of milk protein

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Utilization possibilities of milk proteins in the dairy industry

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Utilization possibilities of reverse osmosis (hyperfiltration) for improving the quality of cider and wine

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Utilization possibilities of tall fescue

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Utilization possibilities of the PP67 stripe irrigation device in field vegetable production

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Utilization possibilities of the in vitro culture techniques in the sugarbeet improvement

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Utilization possibilities of the infrared milk analyzer (Mini-Irma) in dairy laboratories

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Utilization possibilities of the transpiration inhibitor Folicote in tomato culture

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Utilization possibilities of wicker waste in the manufacture of particleboard

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Utilization possibility for offered tractor technique

Lohmann, R., 1974:
Utilization possibliites of high and low esterified pectins in jelly products, with special regard to dietetic jelly pro ducts

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Utilization possiblilties of whole ration for horses

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Utilization potential of the soil layer in the city of Londrina, Parana State, as material and support for landfill solid wastes

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Utilization problems and potential of the California annual grassland ecosystem

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Utilization problems of hard min

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Utilization problems of soil and lime sludge of sugar factory

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Utilization prospects of wastes from wine-lees processing Pollution control, feed production.1

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Utilization regimes and application of fertilizers on floodplain meadows in Yakutia

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Utilization report R8

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Utilization research on Pacific Northwest marine polymers

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Utilization status, issues and criteria development for municipal waste combustor residues in the United States

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Utilization studies and residual measurements

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Utilization technologies of biomass resources

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Utilization terms of productive livestock

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Utilization test of an automatic planter in an early vegetable culture

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Utilization test of isoelectric focalization in plant and animal taxonomy

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Utilization trends in the forest industry

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Utilization trials of Sardinella gibbosa in swine feed

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Utilization trials of a thermo-balance for the testing of meat products

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Utilization urea molasses liquid diets along with limited amount of intact protein and cereal forage for milk production in crossbred (Bos indicus x Bos taurus) cows: effect on voluntary consumption, milk yield and body weight changes

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Utilization value evaluation on a Thermo-photo-sensitive male sterile line MTS-1 with stripe rust resistance and good quality

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Utilization value in human nutrition

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Utilization value of hard wheats: a practical method for appraising culinary quality

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Utilization value of self-suppo

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Utilization value of sows and the procedure of its determination Pedigree animals.1

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Utilization value of wheats imported from France

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Utilization value--debt--accrual of interest

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Utilization via fermentation of the prehydrolyzates resulting from the manufacture of chemical cellulose. III. Considerations on deposits formed in the process in inversions of prehydrolyzed substances

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Utilization, appropriate care, and quality of life for patients with cataracts

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Utilization, avoidance and removal of residual and waste matters in the forest and wood industry

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Utilization, fixation, and loss of fertilizer nitrogen. review of international results of the last 10 years basic research

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Utilization, industrialization, and commercialization of Corrientes, Del Istmo, and De Chilapa palm trees and their development within their indigenous communities of the Mixteca region

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Utilization, maintenance and fertilization

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Utilization, nature, and genetics of mildew resistances in cantaloup

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Utilization, protection and care of asynchronous electric motors in agriculture

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Utilization, reserves and conservation of reindeer pastures in Taimyr and Evenki

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Utilization--prerequisite to increasing productivity

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Utilization--summing up

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Utilization--the key to success in hardwood management Forestry

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Utilization-cost study of forestry science association

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Utilization-focused evaluation

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Utilization: wood reduction and reconstitution. 3

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Utilizations and treatments of residual liquors

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Utilizations of Mediterranean forest biomass for making energy and organics

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Utilizations of correlations in the study of pine seedlings

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Utilizations of lactoserum

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Utilizations of the mangrove. 2. Forest uses

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Utilizaton of Indian turpentine oil. VI. Conversion of 3 carene to pine oil

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Utilizaton of acetamide by the

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Utilizaton of cole damage resis

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Utilizaton of edible Araceae in nutrition and industry

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Utilizaton of growth regulators in flowers

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Utilizaton of induced mutant forms of green peas and lettuce in breeding and genetic studies

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Utilizaton of tanning waste of Polygonum coriarum for the production of feed yeasts

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Utilizaton of the wastes from intensive zootechnical enterprises

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Utilizaton of urea molasses liquid diets along with limited amounts of intact protein and cereal forage for milk production in crossbred (Bos indicus X Bos taurus) cows. 2 Effects on digestibility coefficients and efficiency of energy and nitrogen utilization for milk production

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Utilize all reserves Crop farming, agrotechniques, varieties, irrigation, Kiubyshev Region.1

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Utilize beet residues more fully

Giriaev, Dm, 1980:
Utilize drained lands more effectively

Titaev, Vn, 1980:
Utilize more broadly the possibilities of the biological method

Anonymous, 1984:
Utilize nearby farm ponds to produce homegrown catfish

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Utilize summer rains for moong and til crops Pulse and oilseed production, West Bengal

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Utilized resources

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Utilizing Bacillus thuringiensis formulations plus ovicides to manage populations cycles of the Heliothine complex

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Utilizing British and exotic crossbreds in the feedlot

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Utilizing Catole palm for particleboard production

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Utilizing Freeports historical resources

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Utilizing Fusarium resistance and tillage to permit extension of irrigation intervals in dry beans

Searing, Ml, 1993:
Utilizing GIS and GLEAMS to prescribe best management practices for reducing nonpoint source pollution

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Utilizing GIS technologies in selection of suitable vineyard sites

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Utilizing Hampshire as third bre

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Utilizing LANDSAT imagery to monitor land-use change: a case study in Ohio

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Utilizing Lactobacterium plantarum in ensiling green plants

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Utilizing Livestock Diagnostic Laboratories

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Utilizing ORIGINS in local economic efforts

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Utilizing Oklahomas green gold

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Utilizing Pasture for Sheep and Goat Production

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Utilizing Pennsylvania farm work exposure and injury data

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Utilizing Poa annua and earthworms