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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17639

Chapter 17639 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fort, Jm, 1977:
Vegetable growing and processing in Lincolnshire

Hartmann, Hd, 1981:
Vegetable growing and self-picking

Anonymous, 1979:
Vegetable growing becomes mor

Lippman, Dieter, 1980:
Vegetable growing for home consumption and cash

Duncan, Aa, 1977:
Vegetable growing from Oregon to Florida: highlights and overviews

Anonymous, 1961:
Vegetable growing guide for New South Wales

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Vegetable growing handbook

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Vegetable growing in Baroda state

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Vegetable growing in Crimea and its problems

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Vegetable growing in Delhi state

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Vegetable growing in India

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Vegetable growing in Israel

Hentschel, G., 1983:
Vegetable growing in Israel. III

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Vegetable growing in Kuban

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Vegetable growing in Mongolia

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Vegetable growing in New Zealand

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Vegetable growing in South Africa

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Vegetable growing in Western Siberia

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Vegetable growing in Zambia

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Vegetable growing in Znojmo district

Fukuda, S.T.keda, K., 1978:
Vegetable growing in containers

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Vegetable growing in greenhouses

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Vegetable growing in greenhouses in Romania and Bulgaria

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Vegetable growing in mechanized greenhouses

Slotgraaf, P., 1980:
Vegetable growing in the Loddon-Campaspe region

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Vegetable growing in the North

Moss, De, 1973:
Vegetable growing in the South-East

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Vegetable growing in the Soviet Union

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Vegetable growing in the arctic regions

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Vegetable growing in the enclosure of a fortress and the work of Joigneaux

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Vegetable growing in the home garden

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Vegetable growing in the suburbs

Bjelland, O.; Balvoll, G., 1976:
Vegetable growing on open ground

Bondarenko, H.L., 1978:
Vegetable growing on protected ground

Anonymous, 1971:
Vegetable growing on the bed system

Anonymous, 1979:
Vegetable growing today

Ohlsson, Ch, 1981:
Vegetable growing trials in Skaraborg County

Krodel, F., 1973:
Vegetable growing under glass in Romania and Bulgaria. III

Skoudridakes, Mihael, 1983:
Vegetable growing under plastics with special consideration to weeds

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Vegetable growing. 10. seasoning plants

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Vegetable growth of grape=vine varieties under controlled temperature and light intensity

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Vegetable guide

Howes, F.N., 2001:
Vegetable gums and resins

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Vegetable harvesters

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Vegetable harvesting with the aid of TShP-25 conveyor

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Vegetable heaven

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Vegetable highlights

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Vegetable hormone and the increase of crop production

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Vegetable horticulture

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Vegetable hydrocolloids in dairy industry, (carrageen)

Siegel, O., 1972:
Vegetable import in 1971

Anonymous, 1977:
Vegetable import in 1976

Siegel, O., 1971:
Vegetable imports 1970 in the Federal Republic of Germany

Siegel, O., 1973:
Vegetable imports 1972

Siegel, O., 1970 :
Vegetable imports of the Federal Republic of Germany 1969

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Vegetable improvement in Punjab

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Vegetable improvement newsletter

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Vegetable improvement programme of Malaysias highlands

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Vegetable industry in Philippin

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Vegetable infection model; Text-book of general plant pathology for biologists, farmers, foresters and nurserymen

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Vegetable insect and disease control: commercial growers

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Vegetable insect control by th

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Vegetable insect control chart for New Jersey

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Vegetable insect control chart for New Mexico

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Vegetable insect control for commercial growers

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Vegetable insect control in the home garden

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Vegetable insect control recommendations

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Vegetable insect control recommendations for comercial growers

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Vegetable insect control recommendations for commercial growers

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Vegetable insect control recommendations for commercial growers Arkansas

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Vegetable insect control recommendations for home gardeners

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Vegetable insect control reports 1996-1999

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Vegetable insect control using less insecticide

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Vegetable insect identification

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Vegetable insect management

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Vegetable insect pest control

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Vegetable insecticide guide

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Vegetable insecticides: common names and brand names

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Vegetable insects

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Vegetable insects and their control

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Vegetable insects of North Carolina

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Vegetable is cheaper but

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Vegetable judging, grading, and identification workbook

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Vegetable juices

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Vegetable juices produced with membrane technology

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Vegetable juices--a food of great value

Anonymous, 1975:
Vegetable juices: their composition, value and use

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Vegetable leaflet

Pardun, H., 1989:
Vegetable lecithins--Valuable auxilliary and active substances?

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Vegetable legumes

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Vegetable legumes for rice-based cropping systems

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Vegetable lipids. 5. the composition of the lipids of certain pulse crop seeds

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Vegetable lipids. VI. Fatty acid composition of the mono-and digalactolipids of mature beans, peas and soya beans

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Vegetable magic

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Vegetable market report

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Vegetable market review on selected commodities

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Vegetable market up date

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Vegetable marketing

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Vegetable marketing and production in Columbia, Suwannee, Hamilton and Madison counties

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Vegetable marketing and production in South East Asia

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Vegetable marketing structure and price spread in Papua New Guinea

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Vegetable marketing study for Semonkong rural development project

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Vegetable marketing survey for north Florida

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Vegetable marketing system and desirable approaches for its reorganization

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Vegetable markets in the western hemisphere

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Vegetable materia medica

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Vegetable mathematics

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Vegetable matter in the New South Wales wool clip

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Vegetable maturity dates, yields and storage

Anonymous, 1979:
Vegetable meals.

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Vegetable minigardens

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Vegetable mixtures for human consumption. XVIII. development of vegetable mixture INCAP 17 based on legume seeds

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Vegetable morphology and meristem dependence--the foundation of productivity in seagrasses

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Vegetable news

Anonymous, 1980:
Vegetable oil

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Vegetable oil Vs. diesel fuel: What constitutes a good vegetable oil fuel?

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Vegetable oil Vs. diesel fuel: chemistry and availability of vegetable oils

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Vegetable oil Vs. diesel fuel: review of international research

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Vegetable oil and tracheal mites. Is there any pheromone connection, or is it a myth?

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Vegetable oil as a diesel fuel - soybean oil

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Vegetable oil as a diesel fuel status and research priorities

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Vegetable oil as a fuel for the Great Plains USA

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Vegetable oil as diesel fuel

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Vegetable oil carriers: a fad to last through 1983? Aircraft equipment, crop spraying, replacement for water

Anonymous, 1983:
Vegetable oil carriers: more questions than answers? Pesticide application airplane equipment

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Vegetable oil containing butter spreads

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Vegetable oil derived fuels and problems related to their use in diesel engines

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Vegetable oil exports from the EEC during the eighties

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Vegetable oil for motor fuel and energy supply

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Vegetable oil fuel

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Vegetable oil fuels Biomass

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Vegetable oil fuels: not quite yet!

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Vegetable oil in Asia: mixed prospects for 3 big producers

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Vegetable oil industry in Northeast Mexico

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Vegetable oil makes ULV

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Vegetable oil methyl esters for fuel

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Vegetable oil processing: co-ops share increasing

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Vegetable oil production to grow through 80s

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Vegetable oil raw materials

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Vegetable oil refining: the tubular rotor super-centrifuges

Korus, Ra, 1983:
Vegetable oil storage stability Fuel deterioration problems

Erhan, S.; Sharma, B., 2007:
Vegetable oil-based biodegradable industrial lubricants

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Vegetable oil-based offset printing inks

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Vegetable oil-solvent blends as diesel fuel

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Vegetable oils and

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Vegetable oils and agrichemicals

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Vegetable oils and animal fats as renewable resources for plastics and coatings applications

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Vegetable oils and animal fats for diesel fuels: a systems study Triglyceride-based fuels

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Vegetable oils and derivatives of vegetable oils as diesel fuels

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Vegetable oils and fats

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Vegetable oils and fats as raw materials for the chemical industry

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Vegetable oils and human nutrition

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Vegetable oils and oil seeds

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Vegetable oils as an alternative source of fuel and raw materials

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Vegetable oils as an on the farm diesel fuel substitute

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Vegetable oils as diesel fuel

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Vegetable oils as diesel fuels: overview

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Vegetable oils as fuel alternatives: symposium overview

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Vegetable oils as protectants of greengram against attack by Callosobruchus chinensis L

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Vegetable oils denatured with aniline. II. Determination of fatty anilides by gas chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography

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Vegetable oils for diesel engines

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Vegetable oils for diesel fuel: opportunities for development

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Vegetable oils in fast-food restaurants

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Vegetable oils in food technology

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Vegetable oils in nutrition

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Vegetable oils in the food supply Fatty acids

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Vegetable oils into ag fuel: maybe, but not yet

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Vegetable oils modification during frying. IV. Study on the thermal degradation of methyl and ethyl oleate, ethyl linoleate and their hydroperoxyides

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Vegetable oils of Brazil

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Vegetable oils that the United States needs from the American tropics

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Vegetable oils, essential fatty acids and prostaglandins Essential fatty acid metabolism

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Vegetable oils, margarine and other edible processed fats

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Vegetable oils--a new alternative Biomass fuels for diesel engines

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Vegetable oils--a source of additives for lubricants

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Vegetable oils: effects of processing, storage and use on nutritional values

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Vegetable oils: mathematical control of free acidity

Anonymous, 1981:
Vegetable outlook & situation

Ferraris, Teodoro, 1941:
Vegetable parasites of cultivated or useful plants

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Vegetable parchement paper and the influence of the fibrous composition on its quality

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Vegetable pastries put a vegetable in your cake pan

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Vegetable pathology

Ferraris, T.; Ciferri, R., 1948:
Vegetable pathology and therapy

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Vegetable peppers have high requirements

Anonymous, 1977:
Vegetable pest and disease control in the rainy season

Anonymous, 1978:
Vegetable pest control

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Vegetable pest forecasting and control techniques

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Vegetable pest management workshop

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Vegetable pest scouting

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Vegetable pests

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Vegetable pests and diseases

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Vegetable pests and their control

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Vegetable pests diseases and disorders

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Vegetable physiology monographs

Faris, Donald-George, 1987:
Vegetable pigeonpea

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Vegetable plant production for commercial growers

Anonymous, 1940:
Vegetable planting calendar for Sacramento County

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Vegetable planting guide and recommended planting dates

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Vegetable plantings without weeds

Anonymous, 1979:
Vegetable plants

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Vegetable plants for home and commercial growers

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Vegetable plants of limited distribution in Azerbaijan

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Vegetable pocket book

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Vegetable polyphenols and iron absorption

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Vegetable preferences of home gardeners

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Vegetable preparation

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Vegetable preparation and canned vegetables in foreign trade within the sphere of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

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Vegetable preservation handbook for wartime use

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Vegetable prices and market structure in southeastern North Carolina

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Vegetable prime times

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Vegetable processing

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Vegetable processing and storage

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Vegetable processing energy requirements

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Vegetable processing in Australia

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Vegetable processing in Australia; present and future trends

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Vegetable processing in cooperatives

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Vegetable processing techniques

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Vegetable processing waste treatment

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Vegetable processing wastes have potential use as silage

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Vegetable processing, 1971

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Vegetable procurement by wholesalers in Alabama

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Vegetable producer perceptions and willingness to pay for biopesticides

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Vegetable producers must cooperate better

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Vegetable producing factories in the non-Chernozem area

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Vegetable production

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Vegetable production & marketing in Kentucky

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Vegetable production against the background of changes in agriculture

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Vegetable production and marketing

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Vegetable production and marketing in Georgia mountain counties

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Vegetable production and new techniques

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Vegetable production and organic fertilisation practices in Togo

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Vegetable production and proces

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Vegetable production controlled by a computer-aided integrated information system

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Vegetable production costs

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Vegetable production handbook for fresh market growers

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Vegetable production in Buskerud-Vestfold

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Vegetable production in Canada: Quebec and Ontario

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Vegetable production in Canada: the Atlantic provinces

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Vegetable production in Canada: western Canada

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Vegetable production in Ghana

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Vegetable production in Guatemala

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Vegetable production in Ostfold

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Vegetable production in Rhineland

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Vegetable production in Southeast Asia

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Vegetable production in Tennessee

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Vegetable production in a European socialist country: a case study of Hungary

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Vegetable production in a competitive climate

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Vegetable production in greenhouses in Western Siberia (biological fundamentals)

Maynard, Aa, 1993:
Vegetable production in soils amended with undecomposed leaves

Anonymous, 1979:
Vegetable production in the El Cenizo irrigation system

Fritz, D., 1982:
Vegetable production in the Federal Republic of Germany

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Vegetable production in the Non-chernozem region

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Vegetable production in the countries of the European Economic Community

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Vegetable production in the home garden

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Vegetable production in tropical Africa: status and strategies for sustainable management

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Vegetable production is determined by the market

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Vegetable production of Denmark and Sweden

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Vegetable production on Nova Scotia peat soils

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Vegetable production on peat with special reference ot nutrition

Anonymous, 1972:
Vegetable production recommendations

Anonymous, 1971:
Vegetable production recommendations, 1972

Shorokhov, Vn, 1981:
Vegetable production specialization and concentration in Western Siberia

Castro, A.-De; Frota, E., 1974:
Vegetable production systems in Guanabara

Lazic, B.D.rovka, M., 1979:
Vegetable production under plastic foil

Sterrett, Sb, 1984:
Vegetable production under row covers

Takeichi, S., 1972:
Vegetable production, shipping

Macgillivray, John-Henry, 1953:
Vegetable production, with special references to western crops

Rogers, Ht, 1979:
Vegetable production--Mexican style

Rogers, Ht, 1979:
Vegetable production--Mexican style. 1

Anonymous, 1974:
Vegetable production. Horticulture

Anonymous, 1987:
Vegetable production: a growing industry

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Vegetable production: potentials and problems of the Columbia River plateau

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Vegetable production: retrospective and projection

Siegel, O., 1978:
Vegetable products and preserves in foreign trade of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Traub, E., 1977:
Vegetable products as vectors of aphthous virus

Siegel, O., 1983:
Vegetable products in the 1982 Austrian foreign trade

Siegel, O., 1983:
Vegetable products in the 1982 foreign trade

Siegel, O., 1983:
Vegetable products in the Swiss foreign trade in 1982

Dormling, I.E.renberg, C.L.ndgren, D., 1976:
Vegetable propagation and tissue culture

Anonymous, 1954:
Vegetable protection guide

Anonymous, 1976:
Vegetable protein

Wilding, M.D., 1979:
Vegetable protein application in whey soy drink mix and ice cream

Kolar, C.; Cho, I.; Watrous, W., 1979:
Vegetable protein application in yogurt, coffee creamers and whip toppings

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Vegetable protein as a human food--background and present situation

Saio, K., 1976:
Vegetable protein as a human food--research and development in the National Food Research Institute

Childers, Ab, 1972:
Vegetable protein foods--a review

Cheryan, M., 1980:
Vegetable protein isolates and concentrates by ultrafiltration

Roberts, L.H., 1979:
Vegetable protein legislation: an industry perspective

Cowan, J.C., 1979:
Vegetable protein nutrition

Szebiotko, K., 1983:
Vegetable protein production balance in domestic agriculture

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Vegetable protein products from seeds: technology and uses in the food industry

Pringle, W., 1972:
Vegetable protein sources

Coleman, Rj, 1975:
Vegetable protein--A delayed birth?

Rakosky, J., 1971:
Vegetable protein-meat mixtures

Dimitrova, M., 1981:
Vegetable protein-vitamin concent

Hansen, N.; Jorgensen, G., 1978:
Vegetable protein. VI

Contour, S.G.bler, D., 1972:
Vegetable proteins and meat substitutes

Breth, Fe, 1969:
Vegetable proteins are knocki

Laurijssen, J., 1979:
Vegetable proteins in Dutch meat snacks

Gubler, D., 1973:
Vegetable proteins in basic meat products

Cowan, Jc, 1979:
Vegetable proteins in confectionery products

Tallent, W.H., 1979:
Vegetable proteins in fermented foods and other products

Souverain, R., 1976:
Vegetable proteins in foods. Regulatory aspects

Applewhite, T.H., 1979:
Vegetable proteins in meat and fish products

Jul, M., 1979:
Vegetable proteins in meat products, problems and possibilities

Fitch, P., 1979:
Vegetable proteins in snacks

Mishra, Rp, 1979:
Vegetable proteins through edible mushrooms

Edberg, U., 1983:
Vegetable proteins, especially soybean proteins, in food

Spaeth, Rs, 1974:
Vegetable proteins. I. Historical perspective, tightening supplies

Spaeth, Rs, 1974:
Vegetable proteins. II. Short world food supplies influence vegetable proteins future

Spaeth, Rs, 1974:
Vegetable proteins. III. Early soy protein research awaits a good economic climate for growth

Singh, J.T.ivedi, V., 1978:
Vegetable psychotropic drugs of India

Gonzalez, Ar, 1988:
Vegetable quality and utilization

Krsmanovic, Z., 1980:
Vegetable quality control on the Sirmium integrated large-scale industrial farm

Markov, V.-Mikhailovich; Borushko, M.-Adamovich, 1960:
Vegetable raising laboratory practice

Gutierrez, G.; Arrieche, J., C.D., 1979:
Vegetable recipes

Anonymous, 1986:
Vegetable report

Kovachich, Wg, 1970:
Vegetable requirements for processors in the 1970s

Opeana, R.T.K.omo, M.L., 1990:
Vegetable research and development in SADCC countries

Shanmugasundaram, S., 1990:
Vegetable research and development in South Asia

Swarup, V., 1972:
Vegetable research and the co-ordinated project

Robbins, Ml, 1984:
Vegetable research at Clemson Coastal Experiment Station

Hemphill, Delbert, D., 1983:
Vegetable research at the North Willamette Agricultural Experiment Station, 1981-1982

Hemphill, Delbert, D., 1987:
Vegetable research at the North Willamette Agricultural Experiment Station, 1985-1986

Anonymous, 1989:
Vegetable research at the North Willamette Agricultural Experiment Station, 1987-1988

Hemphill, Delbert, D., 1993:
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