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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17648

Chapter 17648 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ruiz-Lozano, J.; Azcon, R., 1996:
Viability and infectivity of mycorrhizal spores after long term storage in soils with different water potentials

Kovrizhnikh, I.; Ignatenko, O., 1971:
Viability and insemination capacity of mixed sperm

Lovato, A., 1976:
Viability and preservation of horticultural seeds

Hall, B.K., 1980:
Viability and proliferation of epithelia and the initiation of osteogenesis within mandibular ectomesenchyme in the embryonic chick

Rotov, V.; Kozlov, V., 1978:
Viability and properties of Myco

Shcherbakov, V.; Zhuravlev, A.; Lobanov, V., 1974:
Viability and quality of sunflower seeds in storage

Andronova, E.V.; Ivasenko, Z.V.; Feodorova, N.A., 2007:
Viability and rates of seedling development in Dactylorhiza maculata s. l. in vitro

Fernandez, N.; Kramer Schadt, S.; Thulke, H.H., 2006:
Viability and risk assessment in species restoration: planning reintroductions for the wild boar, a potential disease reservoir

Kaleda, Vm, 1979:
Viability and size of pollen of Betula pendula Roth. in Western Siberia

Mohanan, 1973:
Viability and small farmers

Kairmekov, Khzh, 1977:
Viability and some haematologic indices of Australian Merino X Kazakh Finewool crossbreeds

Anderson, Mark, G., 1999:
Viability and spatial assessment of ecological communities in the Northern Appalachian ecoregion

Kravchenko, L.; Chastii, V.1; Klimenkova, L., 1981:
Viability and storage of pollen of introduced broadleaved tree species Includes breeding activities.1

Nesterovich, N.; Kravchenko, L., 1975:
Viability and storage of pollen of some species of the genus Picea Dietr

Durodola, Ji, 1975:
Viability and transplantability of developed tumour cell treated in vitro with antitumour agent C

Thomas, Jack-Ward, 1993:
Viability assessments and management considerations for species associated with late-successional and old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest

Pereira, J.Da, P., 1980:
Viability conservation of the germinative power of rubber tree seed

Salikov, Nia, 1979:
Viability criteria of a planting

Boyer, J.F., 1975:
Viability differences induced by octanol at the odh locus in drosophila pseudoobscura

Melgarejo, B.-A.H.rnandez, B.-E.H.rnandez, B.-O.G.rdon, M.-De, 1983:
Viability duration of the antirabies vaccine strain V.319

Eanes, W.F., 1984:
Viability interactions, in vivo activity and the G6PD polymorphism in Drosophila melanogaster

Kalchayanand, N.S.kes, T.D.nne, P.R.y, B., 1996:
Viability loss kinetics of foodspoilage and pathogenic bacteria at a moderate hydrostatic pressure

Roy, N.; Bhattacharyya, A., 1974:
Viability norms for rural electrification with special reference to minimum needs programme--some suggestions

Fisiunov, O.; Ostapenko, M., 1984:
Viability of Acroptilon repens root system in air-dry soil

Frolova, L.; Orlova, R.; Kuldybaev, M.; Koshanova, E., 1980:
Viability of Actinomyces roseoflavus Arai A-23

Tweeten, L., 1989:
Viability of American agriculture

Muller-Kogler, E.Z.mmerman, G., 1986:
Viability of Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. in contaminated soil under field and laboratory conditions

Almeida, J.C.; Albuquerque, A.C.; Luna Alves Lima, E.A., 2005:
Viability of Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. reisolated from eggs, larvae and adults of Anthonomus grandis (Boheman) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) infected artificially

Meneses, R.M.nzon, S1; Nunez, M., 1981:
Viability of Beauveria bassiana and Metarrhizium anisopliae spores in water and its virulence on Lissorhoptrus brevirostris

Solomon, D., 1998:
Viability of Casuarina equisetifolia and C. junghuhniana seed stored in three temperature regimes - an initial report

Diker, A.Ihsan.; Tinar, R.; Senlik, B., 2007:
Viability of Echinococcus granulosus protoscolices at different conditions

Kereev, Iam, 1979:
Viability of Echinococcus proto-scolexes in the external environment

Prescott, L.M.; Bhattacharjee, N.K., 1969:
Viability of El Tor vibrios in common foodstuffs found in an endemic cholera area

Penkauskene, E.S.umkunaite, E., 1977:
Viability of Inula britannica L. in natural habitats and its conservation in the Lithuanian SSR

Magarinos, H.; Cartes, P.; Selaive, S.; Costa, M.; Figuerola, F.; Pizarro, O., 2006:
Viability of Lactobacillus casei shirota and Bifidobacterium lactis in a custard with cranberry sauce (Vaccinium macrocarpon ait)

Grinitsina, Ga, 1970:
Viability of Listeria spp. under different ecological conditions

Retina, Ta, 1981:
Viability of Lonicera coerulea pollen depending on the storage period

Kislenko, Vn, 1972:
Viability of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, bull-type in pasture soils

Castro, Jwp-De, 1976:
Viability of Pietrain breed swine from birth to weaning at the Ceara Veterinary School

Gresshoff, P.M.; Rolfe, B.G., 1978:
Viability of Rhizobium bacteroids isolated from soybean nodule protoplasts

Lotzsch, R.L.istner, L., 1979:
Viability of Trichinella spiralis in fermented sausages and raw hams as a function of water activity (aw-value)

Kudrautsava, Vm, 1973:
Viability of Tulipa pollen

Batalla-Campero, D., 1986:
Viability of Venezuelan Equine Encephalomyelitis vaccine using various diluents

Elmanova, On, 1983:
Viability of a cenotic population of Juno bucharica (Foster) Vvd. on the lower southern slope of Gissar Range

Bellona, C.; Drewes, Jörg.E., 2007:
Viability of a low-pressure nanofilter in treating recycled water for water reuse applications: a pilot-scale study

Roberts, R., D.; Keys, E., F.; Prendeville, G.; Pilditch, C., A., 2007:
Viability of abalone (Haliotis iris) stock enhancement by release of hatchery-reared seed in Marlborough, New Zealand

Gould, N.R.; Siegel, H.S., 1981:
Viability of and corticosteroid binding in lymphoid cells of various tissues after adrenocorticotropin injection

Fischer, Rg, 1971:
Viability of avian and murine tumour viruses in insects

Tsunoda, Y.W.kasu, M.S.gie, T., 1985:
Viability of balstocysts and morulae cultured from 1-cell stage and transferred to recipients in the mouse

Alvim, R.L.ma-Filho, J.; Afonso, C., 1982:
Viability of bare-root cacao transplanting

Bose, P.; Vashist, V.; Gupta, B., 1983:
Viability of biomass as an alternative source of energy in India

Pacova, J.D.pal, J.C.chova, D.S.lcova, B.B.busik, P., 1984:
Viability of boar spermatozoa in cryo-preserved sperm fractions and whole ejaculates

Frazao, D.; Costa, J.; Godoy, O., 1977:
Viability of buds of sugarcane cuttings

Dzhincharadze, Nm, 1971:
Viability of camellia pollen and its lifetime in storage

Konovalov, Yud, 1980:
Viability of carp embryos and larvae as a function of the content of total protein and sulfhydryl groups in the gastrulation stage

Kison, Hu, 1979:
Viability of cereal pollen and consequences for crossing practice

Cutler, B.; Roudybush, T.; Shannon, K., 1985:
Viability of cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus) eggs stored up to ten days under several conditions

Tan, S.; Sukra, A.; Tan, K., 1987:
Viability of commercial cassava production as animal feeds

Khairol, M.; Leong, C.; Yeoh, K., 1987:
Viability of commercial grain maize production as animal feeds

Darozhkin, M.; Shukanau, A., 1973:
Viability of conidia of Pero

Vyskarko, G.; Vaselashku, E., 1973:
Viability of conidiospores of Botrytis cinerea

Loureiro, E. de S.; Batista Filho, A.; Leite, L.G.; Almeida, J.E.M. de, 2003:
Viability of conidium and blastopores of Sporothrix insectorum (Hoog & Evans) stored at different temperatures

Mccomb, A.L.L.vestead, H., S., 1957:
Viability of cottonwood seeds in relation to storage temperatures and humidities

Kuku, Khe, 1981:
Viability of crossbred young animals Crossing Romney Marsh, Border Leicester, local Akhangaran rams with local finewooled-coarsewooled ewes, Dzhizak Region, Uzbek SSR.1

Behlmer, SD.; Brown, G., 1984:
Viability of cryopreserved spermatozoa of the horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus L

Kumar, Shashi, 1993:
Viability of cultivation & post harvest technology of mushroom as an income generating activity

Dunn, C.; Partenheimer, E., 1974:
Viability of dairy settlement farms in Jamaica

Monteiro, R.O.C.; Ferraz, P.; Coelho, R.D.; Santos, R.A. do, 2007:
Viability of diesel motor use in irrigated areas of Brazil due to distance from electric power lines

Fopp-Bayat, D.; Jankun, M.; Woznicki, P.; Kolman, R., 2007:
Viability of diploid and triploid larvae of Siberian sturgeon and bester hybrids

Hodgkiss, Ij, 1970:
Viability of discharged and residual spores of some coprophilous Pyrenomycetes

Lipa, J.; Wiklendt, M., 1972:
Viability of eggs and pupae of spotted cutworm (agrotis c-nigrum L. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) stored at low temperature

Wheatley, W.M.; Kemp, H.W.; Simpson, W.R.; Hume, D.E.; Nicol, H.I.; Kemp, D.R.; Launders, T.E., 2007:
Viability of endemic endophyte (Neotyphodium lolii) and perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) seed at retail and wholesale outlets in south-eastern Australia

Yamamoto, Y.O.uri, N.H.chinohe, Y., 1983:
Viability of equine embryos after cooling to low temperatures

Izotova, N.; Burtsev, V.; Kushnir, A.; Bondarenko, I., 1975:
Viability of erysipelas bacteria in aerosol

Gordon, Y., 1976:
Viability of existing water resource models: the Potomac River Basin water supply alternatives

Zeddies, J., 1991:
Viability of farms

Anonymous, 1987:
Viability of fermentation products

Sviridov, A.; Obidor, E.; Nezavitina, A., 1972:
Viability of foot-and-mouth disease virus in wildfowl

Sexton, Tj, 1982:
Viability of frozen chicken semen cooled at various rates to -20 degrees in glass ampules and plastic straws

Vries, H.H-De-Dq, 1996:
Viability of ground beetle population in fragmented heathlands

Sokolova, K.; Golubovskii, M., 1979:
Viability of heterozygotes for lethal alleles of the giant-larvae locus in Drosophila melanogaster at various temperatures

Ruiz-De-Castroviejo, J., 1969:
Viability of investments in the construction of cellars for Moriles and Montilla wines

Oliveira, Gp, 1978:
Viability of larvae of Boophilus microplus (Can.) (Acarina; Ixodidae) coming from water immersions

Gershun, Vi, 1979:
Viability of listeriosis helminths in water

Hepper, K.; Mcmahon, K., 1974:
Viability of lyophilized Bacillus popilliae in tung oil pellets coated with paraffin and rubber

Davis, Rj, 1981:
Viability of lyophilized culures stored for 37 years Rhizobium

Naumenko, A.; Kirpa, N., 1986:
Viability of maize hybrid seed with different quality during storage

Iarchuk, T.; Leizerson, N., 1971:
Viability of maize seeds depending on the duration of storage

Tursunov, Diu, 1980:
Viability of male and female gemetopytes in Acanthophyllum paniculatum Rgl. (Family Coryophyllaceae)

Toropkina, A.L., 1971:
Viability of microflora in grey soils depending on agricultural practices in the raising of cotton

Matiuk, Is, 1971:
Viability of mixed forest stands in relation to distribution of tree species

Kumar, S.; Bindraban, V.; Mashruwala, U., 1993:
Viability of mushroom cultivation in India

Kiriliuk, Da, 1973:
Viability of mycobacteria of tuberculosis in poultry in course feeds

Papillon, M., 1969:
Viability of new-born nymphs of the migratory grasshopper, Schistocerca gregaria (Forsk.)

Fesenko, Ds, 1978:
Viability of oat flower pollen and stigmas

Graziano, Tt, 1984:
Viability of palm seeds. I. Euterpe edulis Mart. and Ptychosperma macarthurii (H. Wendl.) Nich

Fitzgerald, P.; Mansfield, M.; Arther, G., 1978:
Viability of parasitic nematode ova in sewage sludge

Zachej, S., 1976:
Viability of peach seeds in dependence on time of fruit ripening

Golovin, Vp, 1973:
Viability of pollen and corn stigmas

Liferova, V.; Pavlov, O., 1983 :
Viability of pollen and formation of drupelets in intervarietal crosses of the raspberry (Rubus idalus L.)

Zhatov, Ai, 1983:
Viability of pollen grains of polyploid hemp Cannabis sativa, selection

Shevchenko, S.; Feofilova, G., 1981:
Viability of pollen in remote Canna hybrids and their initial forms

Kostina, K.; Polianichenko, E., 1981:
Viability of pollen in remote hybrids of stone fruit crops

Mironova, Ln, 1977:
Viability of pollen of Iris species from the Maritime Territory

Smirnov, Ia, 1977:
Viability of pollen of some introduced coniferous species

Melehina, A., 1970:
Viability of pollen of some species of Ribes L

Zarubina, Gm, 1973:
Viability of pollen of two species of the Polemoniaceae family

Tavadze, Me, 1977:
Viability of polyploid forms of Aurantioideae

Tapia-Hompanera, Alicia, 1986:
Viability of porcine embryos cultivated in vitro from cellules and morula

Sakhats'-Kyi, M.; Andrieiev, V., 1979:
Viability of poultry spermatozoa

Donkor, O.N.; Tsangalis, D.; Shah, N.P., 2007:
Viability of probiotic bacteria and concentrations of organic acids in commercial yoghurts during refrigerated storage

Pojnar, E.K.bylko, T.P.zyluska, M., 1976:
Viability of protoplasts isolated from tobacco leaves (Nicotiana tabacum variety Samsun) infected with tobacco mosaic virus

Spirina, T.; Zolotova, T., 1979:
Viability of races of twospotted spider mite resistant to orten and gardon

Malec, K., 1979:
Viability of resting sporangia of the fungus Synchytrium endobioticum (Schilb.) Perc. in soil under natural conditions

Premakumari, D., 1975:
Viability of rubber seeds from green pods

Shikhalieev, Iun, 1980:
Viability of salmonellas and Escherichia coli in the meat-bone meal

Mukiibi, J., 1979:
Viability of sclerotia of Dactuliophora tarrii in soil

Bobruiko, Bi, 1970:
Viability of second-growth Quercus petraea on clearcut areas of the northwestern Caucasus

Ferwerda, F.; Bassett, M.; Beaver, J., 2003:
Viability of seed or reciprocal interspecific crosses between Phaseolus vulgaris L. and Phaseolus acutifolius A. Gray

Vega-Espinosa, C.P.tino-Valera, F.R.driguez-Pacheco, A., 1981:
Viability of seeds of 72 tropical forest species stored in the environment

Fajardo-Franco, J.; Ortega-Obregon, C., 1978:
Viability of seeds of the pecan tree (Carya illinoensis (Wang.) K. Koch) submitted to four temperatures and silica gel

Lazukov, Mi, 1969:
Viability of seeds of vegetable Cruciferae and their histological-chemical characteristics

Soin, Rs, 1981:
Viability of solar based industrial process heating Application to fod and lumber

Araaujo, J.-Alderaldo-De; Diniz, T.-Das; Bastos, T.-Xavier, 1983:
Viability of solar dryers for grains in the Brazilian humid tropical region

Hamoud, M.; Metwally, M.-El-R.S.ouman, M.; El-Nassan, A., 1979:
Viability of some important animal pathogenes in different types of soils

Linnik, V.; Iastrebov, F., 1970:
Viability of sorghum pollen relative to storage dates under field conditions

Shaffner, Clyde-Samuel, 1940:
Viability of spermatozoa of chickens under various environmental conditions

Jones, A.D.kes, P., 1981:
Viability of stored sweet potato seed

Mishchenko, Nk, 1975:
Viability of strain K of hog cholera virus in the swine organism

Coumans, M., 1979:
Viability of sugarbeet seeds: A new sorting technique

Lopes, P.V.L.; Martins, M.C.; Tamai, M.A.; Carvalho, C.G.P. de; Oliveira, A.C.B. de, 2007:
Viability of sunflower cultivation after the harvesting of summer crops in the west region of Bahia, Brazil

Olifir, Vn, 1986:
Viability of the eggs of Osmia

Gamero, A.M., 1972:
Viability of the embryo and birth, in the hatching of the immobilized egg individually or not in vertical position without turning

Fried, B.; Peoples, R.C., 2007:
Viability of the encysted metacercariae of Echinostoma caproni judged by light microscopy versus chemical excystation

Maddaloni, J.S.la, M.C.rletti, S., 1989:
Viability of the enfophyte fungus (Acremonium coenophialium) in the seed of fescue (Festuca arundinacea)

Bliumin, Gz, 1971:
Viability of the fiber tissue in the zone of the sink hole and healing of the injury at the tapping of pine

Nahorna, Op, 1972:
Viability of the graft on variou

Villette, Y.H.vet, A.T.hamitchian, L.M.rand-Fehr, P.T.eriez, M.R.cordeau, G., 1984:
Viability of the newborn lamb and kid. Birth weight and genetic types

Shikhieva, Ma, 1982:
Viability of the pollen of Lawsonia inermis L. on the Apsheron Peninsula

Uvarova, Ei, 1983:
Viability of the pollen of Niedzwedzkia semiretschenskia under conditions of cultivation

Musaeva, M., 1984:
Viability of the representatives of genus Acanthophyllum C.A. Mey. S.L

Mavlanov, Kh, 1978:
Viability of the seed of Alhagi Tourn. ex Adans

Matiukha, La, 1979:
Viability of the seed of weeds and cultivated plants in Chernozem soils in the steppe zone of the Ukrainian SSR

Gudkova, Gn, 1979:
Viability of the seed of wild species of barley

Mammetkuliev, B.Y.'-Iasov, A., 1976:
Viability of the silkworm moth and ways of increasing it in Turkmenistan

Aizdaicher, N.; Silkin, V., 1983:
Viability of the unicellular alga Phaeodactylum tricornutum after preservation in darkness

Langbeck, F.M.; Novo, M.C.S.S.; Lago, A.A.; Deuber, R., 2004:
Viability of tubercules of Cyperus rotundus L. treated with sulfentrazone

Kudriavtseva, Vm, 1980:
Viability of tulip pollen Breeding of Tulipa at the Central botanical garden of the Byelorussian SSR Academy of Sciences.1

Alton, Lv, 1983:
Viability of various cultures of microscopic fungi from soddy-podzolic soil at different sea and river water temperatures

Perez Mesa, J.C.; Roberto Garcia, T.; Pablo, V.J. de; Francisco Camacho, F.; Eduardo Jesus, F.R., 2007:
Viability of vegetable production in Almeria

Szoke, J., 1979:
Viability of viruses in freeze-dried veterinary vaccines

Fursa, T.; Zhukova, N., 1983:
Viability of watermelon seeds under natural and hastened senescence

Popov, M.; Starodu'-Tseva, A.; Gorbovskaia, N., 1980:
Viability of wheat seed

Kolbasina, E.; Zhil'-Tsova, V., 1978:
Viability of winter wheat and rye seeds under conditions of flooding

Bespaev, S.; Proskuriakov, M., 1981:
Viability of woody plants in relation with the rhythm of their growth under arid conditions Guryev Region.1

Zenova, G.; Nikolaev, G.; Sumarukova, I.; Kalakutskii, L., 1986:
Viability preservation of actinomycetic and algal association compoenets under low humidity

Egnell, Gustaf, 1993:
Viability test of Scots pine and Norway spruce seedlings based on seedling temperatures remotely sensed with infrared thermography

Maguire, Jd, 1970:
Viability testing of hard seeds of alfalfa

Kikuta, Y.F.jino, K.S.ito, W.O.azawa, Y., 1987:
Viability, DNA synthesis and cell wall regeneration on potato protoplasts

Hansen, A.A.; Herbert, R.A.; Mikkelsen, K.; Jensen, L.Liengård.; Kristoffersen, T.; Tiedje, J.M.; Lomstein, B.Aa.; Finster, K.W., 2007:
Viability, diversity and composition of the bacterial community in a high Arctic permafrost soil from Spitsbergen, Northern Norway

Sahar, Nachman, 1978:
Viability, storage and fertility of citrus pollen

Behling-Kelly, E.; McClenahan, D.; Kim, K.S.; Czuprynski, C.J., 2007:
Viable "Haemophilus somnus" induces myosin light-chain kinase-dependent decrease in brain endothelial cell monolayer resistance

Hicks, C.; Wong, R.; Manoharan, A.; Kwan, Y.L., 2007:
Viable CD34+/CD133+ blood progenitor cell dose as a predictor of haematopoietic engraftment in multiple myeloma patients undergoing autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation

Kellogg, E.; Williams, S., 1976:
Viable alternatives for processing soybeans in a variety of situations

Chandley, A.C., 1997:
Viable aneuploidy in the horse

Dreux, N.; Albagnac, C.; Federighi, M.; Carlin, F.; Morris, C.E.; Nguyen-the, C., 2007:
Viable but non-culturable Listeria monocytogenes on parsley leaves and absence of recovery to a culturable state

Alam, M.; Sultana, M.; Nair, G.Balakrish.; Siddique, A.K.; Hasan, N.A.; Sack, R.Bradley.; Sack, D.A.; Ahmed, K.U.; Sadique, A.; Watanabe, H.; Grim, C.J.; Huq, A.; Colwell, R.R., 2007:
Viable but nonculturable Vibrio cholerae O1 in biofilms in the aquatic environment and their role in cholera transmission

Clive, D., 1983:
Viable chromosomal mutations affecting the TK locus in L5178Y

Heintz, C.; Fisher, J.; Brashears, A., 1988:
Viable counts of bacteria on cotton grown in Lubbock, Texas in 1986

Dasgupta, S.-Kumar; Guha, R.-Kumar, 2002:
Viable credit component

Christides, Ch, 1974:
Viable family farms.

Rissakes, N., 1970:
Viable farm units.

Adams, L.-Palmer; How, R.B.ian; Larson, O., F., 1967:
Viable farmer-worker relationships

Zhungietu, Ii, 1971:
Viable form of Crataegus monogyna and Crataegus prunifolia

Udzhmadzhuridze, Id, 1973:
Viable forms of certain xerophi

Nikitin, V.; Krasikova, N., 1981:
Viable forms of herbaceous plants in the USSR (according to the Flora of the USSR v.v. 1-30)

Burk, Lg, 1972:
Viable hybrids from monosomics of Nicotiana tabacum by Nicotiana langsdorffii

Twardowska, I.; Allen, H.-E.H.ggblom, M.-M.S.efaniak, S., 2006:
Viable methods of soil and water pollution monitoring, protection and remediation

Zhang, S.; Cagatay, T.; Amanai, M.; Zhang, M.; Kline, J.; Castrillon, D.H.; Ashfaq, R.; Oz, O.K.; Wharton, K.A., 2007:
Viable mice with compound mutations in the Wnt/Dvl pathway antagonists nkd1 and nkd2

Zubrzycki, H.; Pahlen, A.V.n-Der, 1973 :
Viable mutant frequencies in Capsicum annuum L. induced by ethyl methanesulfonate and X rays

Nuorteva, M., 1972:
Viable mycelia of the fungus Fomes annosus (Fr.) Cooke growing in the feces of Hylobius abietis L. (Coleoptera, Curculionidae)

Macgregor, Jd, 1983:
Viable options for international markets Eggs, exports, USA

Brophy, Ls, 1980:
Viable seed populations in soils of revegetated North Dakota coal strip mines

Rabotnov, Ta, 1981:
Viable seeds in the composition of coenotic populations as indicator of plant species strategy of life

Bering, S.; Sjøltov, L.; Wrisberg, S.S.; Berggren, A.; Alenfall, J.; Jensen, M.; Højgaard, L.; Tetens, I.; Bukhave, K., 2007:
Viable, lyophilized lactobacilli do not increase iron absorption from a lactic acid-fermented meal in healthy young women, and no iron absorption occurs in the distal intestine

Hlavac, C., 2006:
Viabono: the umbrella brand name for environmental friendly travelling has become established

Asimov, M.; Maksumov, A.; Narsikulov, M.; Sanginov, B., 1978:
Viacheslav Prokofevich Krasichkov (1898-1978)

Voro*-Section-*bev, N.-Evgen*-Section-*evich; Vorob*-Section-*ev, N.-Evgen*-Section-*evich, 1962:
Viaeina bur* section *eiianam!

Acuna-Gonzalez, J., 1976:
Viaflo, a revolutonary system of irrigation

Sales, Apolaonio, 1944:
Viagem aos Estados Unidos

Trevisan, T.; Cavaletto, M.; Sabia, M., 1992:
Viaggio intorno al vino

Camurani, R.; Liverani, F.; Melandri, G., 2003:
Viaggio nei prodotti e nella cucina della Valle del Lamone

Di-Lello, Luciano, 1997:
Viaggio nel nuovo vino italiano

Ielardi, Giulio, 2005:
Viaggio nellItalia dei parchi

Schmidt, Werner, 1944:
Viaje a Espana y su conferencia sobre influencia de la radioactividad en el tropismo y crecimiento de las plantas

Humboldt, A.-Von; Bonpland, A.; Alvarado, L.; Reohl, E.; Nucete-Sardi, J., 1941:
Viaje a las regiones equinocciales del nuevo continente hecho en 1799, 1800, 1801, 1802, 1803 y 1804

Fuentes-Irurozqui, Manuel, 1948:
Viaje a travaes de la Espaana econaomica

Devesa-Alcaraz, J.-Antonio; Viera-Benitez, M.-Del-Carmen, 2001:
Viajes de un botanico sajon por la Peninsula Iberica

Staetz, C.; Boyler, K.; Gage, E.; Riley, D.; Wolfenbarger, D., 1992:
Vial bioassay for contact insecticides for adult whiteflies, Bemisia tabaci

Anonymous, 1947 :
Vianas duraderas, caomo se instalan

Herve, D.; Rojas, A., 1994:
Vias de intensificacion de la ganaderia bovina en el altiplano boliviano

Andrianova, K.; Churkin, G., 1980:
Viatka potato variety

Kiselev, N.P.K.selev, S.N., 1995:
Viatskie klevera

Mcrae, Kb, 1976:
Vibra packing of citrus

Nakamura, R.I.o, T.S.kabe, M., 1976:
Vibrating acceleration of carto

Iushkiavichius, Fi, 1980:
Vibrating bucket attached to loader-bulldozer

Varlamov, Ag, 1981:
Vibrating devices of fruit harvesting machines (Foreign patents)

Golianovskii, A.; Karasevich, V.1; Kuznetsov, A., 1981:
Vibrating drive of working parts Construction of farm machinery.1

Anonymous, 1981:
Vibrating equipment terms and definitions

Ignatov, Pm, 1976:
Vibrating gravity seed cleaner of grasses and legumes

Ortiz-Canavate, J., 1970:
Vibrating methods in olive harvesting

Hluze, J., 1983:
Vibrating separation of the clusters from the refined sugar

Lenker, D.; Nascimento, D., 1983:
Vibrating separator

Goncharevich, Igor'-Fomich, 1988:
Vibrating technology in the fish industry

Jackson, Ir, 1988:
Vibration analysis in a paper mill--the practicalities

Williamson, M., 1996:
Vibration analysis system helps repap fine-tune its LWC basestock machines

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Vicende economiche di due caedui toscani

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Vicente Alvarez Plata

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Vicenza economy

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Vices of poultry

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Vices of the poultry birds adversely affect the farm economy

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Vicia tenuifolia new to western Norway

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Vicksburg National Military Park Boundary Modification Act

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Vicon agricultural machines

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Victims of fraud!

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Victims of green revolution

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Victims of old-fashioned statistics

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Victims of rape

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Victims of rape: Who are they?

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Victims of science

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Victims of vanity

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Victor B. Scheffers centennial year

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Victoria County, Texas

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Victoria River District

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Victorious advance of the Varroa mite

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Victorious cooperation in the fruit industry of Emilia Romagna

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Victorious new on breeding 3-l

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Victorius advance of the Varroa mite

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Victorovita gen. n. from the tribe Dacnusini (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Alysiinae)

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Victory 4-H club work

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Victory backyard gardens and home canning

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Victory barnyard

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Victory begins at home

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Victory canals

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Victory canning

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Victory clothing

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Victory farmer

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Victory food lessons

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Victory garden for Sacramento County Four-H club members

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Victory garden guide for Indian families

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Victory garden guide for Los Angeles County

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Victory garden manual

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Victory garden program for 1943

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Victory garden score card

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Victory garden soils

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Victory garden suggestions for May

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Victory garden work sheets

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Victory gardeners seed and plant guide

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Victory gardening in the United States

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Victory gardens conserve food and labor

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Victory gardens for 1943

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Victory gardens for community, home, school

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Victory gardens for every family

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Victory gardens for the Chicago area

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Victory guide for officers of 4-H clubs

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Victory in the Pacific

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Victory meat extenders

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Victory of Lenins agricultural theory

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Victory of October Revolution and recovery of agriculture (1917-1925)

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Victory of socialism in Kazakhstan

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Victory of the October and forestry science in Bulgaria

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Victory of the agricultural policies of the party

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Victory of the cotton workers

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Victory of the policy of the Party in the development of virgin lands

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Victory of the socialist method of production (Figures and facts)

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Victory on the food front

Young, Ernest-Charles, 1942:
Victory on the food-for-freedom front

Anonymous, 1944:
Victory on the homes front

Anonymous, 1940:
Victory on the range front

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Victory over diabetes

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Victory over vampire bats

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Victory through vegetables

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Victory vegetable gardens

Anonymous, 1942:
Victory vegetable project

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Victory vitamin cook book for wartime meals

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Victory wardrobes for wartime

Anonymous, 1945:
Victory with vegetables

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Victualling colonial Boston

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Victuals and versability: a discussion

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Vid andra riksskogstaxeringen av Norrland aren 1938-42

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Vida maravilhosa e burlesca do cafe

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Vida y hechos del cafe en Colombia

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Vidal blanc tasting

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Vidalenolone, a novel phenolic metabolite from the tropical red alga Vidalia sp

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Vidarbha intensifies tasar culture

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Vidaretransport av treadrester och treaddelar - studier och kostnadskallkyler 1979-81

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Videnskabelige meddelelser fra Dansk naturhistorisk forening

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Video ergo sum: manipulating bodily self-consciousness

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Video accreditation series

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Video analysis to monitor rigor mortis in cultured Gulf of Mexico sturgeon (Ancipenser oxyrynchus desotoi)

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Video and acoustic camera techniques for studying fish under ice: a review and comparison

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Video and computer predict lean, fat meat

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Video capsule enteroscopy in the diagnosis of celiac disease: a multicenter study

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Video classes save local schools

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Video color infrared imagery: a future natural resource management tool

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Video conference network SEEN nationwide Statewide Extension Education Network, University of Wisconsin

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Video copyright permissions

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Video county update scores

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Video densitometry: a rapid method for analysis of amino acids suitable for serial evaluation for plant breeders

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Video discs

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Video discs, their application to information storage and retrieval

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Video display terminals

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Video for farmer training Extension communication techniques

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Video games for your health

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Video games: family friend or foe?

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Video guide to recording marine mammal stranding data

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Video in health

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Video in higher education

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Video in libraries

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Video in the 80s

Anonymous, 1979:
Video livestock auctions come south

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Video mentoring is new educational tool

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Video microscopy

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Video microscopy as a tool for analyzing contaminants in fiber, yarn, and fabrics

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Video observation of pulp pad formation and properties in brownstock washing

Grubinger, V., 2001:
Video of innovations in on-farm marketing in New England

Anonymous, 1996:
Video para monitorear la calidad del agua

Scholtz, James, C., 1991:
Video policies and procedures for libraries

Anonymous, 1999:
Video productions

Eversole, De, 1990:
Video provides essential feedback for course in livestock judging

Anonymous, 1992:
Video sales use technology in the marketplace

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Video scan trashmeter area calibration

Vestergaard, K.; Willeberg, P., 1978:
Video scanning for determination of the proportion of cortical tissue in the avian adrenal gland

Anonymous, 1976:
Video speeds certification. Filmed instructions reduce waiting time for food stamp applicants

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Video surveillance troubleshooting at LSPI

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Video tape reinforces learning

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Video tape training--the future is now

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Video tape usage for training and other communications

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Video tape--an exciting and effective extension program delivery method

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Video teleconference evaluation at land-grant universities

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Video text in consumer investigation

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Video to online

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Video training and testing supports customer service goals

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Video trashmeter evaluation at Quality Control Section

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Video trashmeters in grading cotton

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Video value: videotaped horticultural programs produced by a Cooperative Extension Service and available in a retail nursery please nursery employees and customers

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Video ventures in multimedia: the making of an accountability database

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Video watching and its societal functions for small-town adolescents in Israel

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Video-EEG monitoring of paroxysmal events in the elderly

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Video-assisted versus conventional microsurgical training: a comparative study in the rat model

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Video-capsule endoscopy gastric and small bowel transit time and completeness of the examination in patients with diabetes mellitus

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Video-enhanced microscopy--better visibility of plant cell structures Spirogyra, Nitella translucens, Hordeum vulgare

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Video-tape application in off-campus course delivery

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Video-tape programs for fisheries and wildlife education

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Video-taped food science courses for the food industry

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Video: now you see it

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Videocassettes in the NAL collection pertaining to alternative farming

Stevens, R., 1992:
Videocassettes in the NAL collection pertaining to alternative farming systems

Anonymous, 1993:
Videoconference--reaching out to improve U.S. competitiveness--manufacturing assistance and industrial extension

Sims, M.H.; Howell, N.; Harbison, B., 2007:
Videoconferencing in a veterinary curriculum

Jenkins, M.; Debloois, M.; Matsumoto-Grah, K., 1985:

Anonymous, 1985:
Videodisc and optical digital disk technologies and their applications in libraries

Anonymous, 1984:
Videodisc and optical disk

Brandt, Richard, H., 1987:
Videodisc training

Kramer, Dw, 1991:
Videodiscs for biology

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Videodiscs, compact discs and digital optical disk systems

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Videoendoscopic hysteroscopy: advanced technology in practice and research

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Videoendoscopy and histopathology of the esophagogastric junction in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease

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Videoendoscopy: practical equipment alternatives

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Videographic analysis and root dynamics in cotton and soybeans

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Videonotebook of common neurologic syndromes (Parts I & II)

Anonymous, 1990:
Videos focus on profitable pastures

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Videos for business and training, 1989

Israel, G.; Ingram, D., 1991:
Videos for self-study: use among small farmers

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Videotape cassettes in continuing education

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Videotape feedback of eating behaviour in patients with anorexia nervosa: Does it normalise eating behaviour?

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Videotape programs at North Carolina State University

Miller, G.H.neyman, M., 1994:
Videotape utilization and effective videotape instructional practices in an off-campus agriculture degree program

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Videotaped interviews in child sexual abuse cases: the Texas example

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Videotapes as an extension aid for weed control

Buckley, W.R., 1989:
Videotaping as a potential safeguard against veterinary malpractice lawsuits

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Videotaping local history

Himsel, H., 1989:
Videotechnique as a tool in beekeeping extension service

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Videotex activities in agriculture in Switzerland

Adam, D., 1983:
Videotex, a new tool for communicating information for farmers.1

Schiefer, Gerhard, W., 1988:
Videotex, information and communication in European agriculture

Sigel, Efrem, 1980:

Deroo, M., 1983:

Fontaine, Uta, 1986:
Videotext in agriculture

Anonymous, 1984:
Videotext in agriculture and nutrition

Streibel, Amelie, 1986:
Videotext in the field of agriculture

Yates, S.; Rothfus, J.; Garner, G.; Cornell, C., 1978:
Videothermometry of cattle with fescue foot

Rul'-Iev, V.A., 2001:
Vidrodzhennia zaporizkoho sadivnytstva

Shylepnyts'-Kyi, I.O.C.erniavs'-Kyi, O.A., 1999:
Vidtvorennia rodiuchosti zmytykh hruntiv z urakhuvanniam okhorony dovkillia

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Vidy dikikh kleverov Bashkirskoi ASSR

Glukhov, A.Z.K.styrko, D.R.O.avliuk, S.M., 2002:
Vidy roda zhimolost (Lonicera L.) na iugo-vostoke Ukrainy