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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17649

Chapter 17649 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mathis, Maurice, 1951:
Vie et m* paragraph *urs des abeilles

Thomas, Maurice, 1953:
Vie et m* paragraph *urs des araignaees

Fischer, Paul, H., 1950:
Vie et m* paragraph *urs des mollusques

Angel, Fernand, 1947:
Vie et meurs des amphibiens

Vendryaes, Pierre, 1946:
Vie et probabilitae

Lesoc, Gabriel, 1948:
Vie paysanne et prograes

Ramus, Andrae, 1952:
Vie paysanne et technique agricole

Bryant, D., 1973:
Vie-Del tries out harvester wit french plows

Lippegaus, Karl, 1951:
Vieh- und Fleischpreise der letzten 100 Jahre

Anonymous, 1940:
Viehdichte in der Landesbauernschaft Donauland

Landis, Jakob, 1940:
Viehfeutterung in der kriegszeit

Lerche, Fritz, 1955:

Santos, Jb-Dos, 1971:
Vieira Natividade as master in suber culture and forester

Herschel, K.; Grunert, C., 1958:
Vielfalt und Scheonheit der Fruchtformen

Anonymous, 1985:
Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer

Mayer, F., 1975:
Vienna and wine, otherwise considered

Feldmann, H.; Marlovits, T., C.; Superti-Furga, G.; Kuchler, K., 2007:
Vienna special issue: Molecular machines - Preface

Hess, O.; Hess, A.-Franz, 1952:
Viennese cooking

Anonymous, 1968:
Viennese report, water, waste water, streams

Schierbeek, Abraham, 1946:
Vier honderd jaar Linaria onderzoek

Zcochrere, Fritz, 1982:
Vier neue Stichprobenkonzepte feur Forstinventuren

Wee, E.Ter, 1989:
Vier systemen van melk- en strobrokvoedering bij vleeskalveren in groepshuisvesting

Dieterich, Viktor, 1954:
Vierdimensionales Denken in der forstwirtschaftlichen Planung

Uhlirs, Julius, 1960:
Vierzig Jahre Internationale Landarbeiter-Feoderation

Anonymous, 1989:
Vierzig Jahre Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank 1949-1989

Schwarz, Richard, 1941:
Viesenumbruch und wiesenpflege

Bezanson, Keith, A., 1999:
Viet Nam at the crossroads

Ursano, Rj, 1985:
Viet Nam era prisoners of war: studies of U.S. Air Force prisoners of war

Holloway, H.; Ursano, R., 1985:
Viet Nam veterans on active duty: adjustment in a supportive environment

Thai-Van-Kiaem, 1957:
Viet-Nam, past and present

Ross, L., 1988:

Warne, S.; Phong, T.L.en, 2002:

Haager, J., 1977:
Vietnam (Tamdao): orchid expedition. III (Orchidaceae)

Manyin, M.-E.C.oper, W.-H.G.lb, B., A., 2007:
Vietnam PNTR status and WTO accession

Lam, Thanh-Liem, 1993:
Vietnam agriculture

Denning, G.L.X.an, V.-Tong, 1995:
Vietnam and IRRI

Luong, D.Huy.; Tang, S.; Zhang, T.; Whitehead, M., 2007:
Vietnam during economic transition: a tracer study of health service access and affordability

Schwartz, S., 1990:
Vietnam exports rice again

Anonymous, 1996:
Vietnam forest trees

Levy, M.J., 1987:
Vietnam report

Anosova, L., 1981:
Vietnam rural area at present Agricultural policies, achievements and problems.1

Larsen, Mr, 1977:
Vietnams 1977 grain imports may exceed 1 million tons

Tran, Thi-Que, 1998:
Vietnams agriculture

Lassanyi, Me, 1996:
Vietnams emerging markets

Norman, C., 1983:
Vietnam's Herbicide Legacy

Young, Kenneth, B., 2002:
Vietnams rice economy

Nielsen, Chantal-Pohl, 2002:
Vietnams rice policy

Roberts, Am, 2001:
Vietnams vanishing wildlife

Cima, Ronald, J., 1989:
Vietnam, a country study

Wiegersma, Nancy, 1988:
Vietnam--peasant land, peasant revolution

Anonymous, 1995:
Vietnam: a market of potential for agricultural exporters with patience

Heckmann, R., 2005:
Vietnam: a potential giant in Asia for aquaculture

Le-Chi-Ai, 1995:
Vietnam: from handmade sheets to modern mills

Anonymous, 1959:
Vietnamese Lao Dong Party Central Committee directive on agricultural cooperativization

Gittinger, J.P.ice; Do-Uyen, 1959:
Vietnamese agricultural statistics

Burenin, N.L.bedev, V., 1981:
Vietnamese beekeepers

Narog, Bj, 2001:
Vietnamese catfish imports challenge U.S. producers

Uyen, N.V.n; Zaag, P., 1983:
Vietnamese farmers use tissue culture for commercial potato production

Anonymous, 1992:
Vietnamese food service managers certification renewal manual

Seethaler, Tuyet, 1980:
Vietnamese translation to Guide to good eating

Tran-Thi-Hoan, 1985:
Vietnamese women under colonialism and socialism

Izquierdo, H.; Gomez, O., 2007:
Vietnamita, a high plant protection quality and good yield potential garlic (Allium sativum L.) clone

Wade, N., 1979:
Viets and vets fear herbicide health effects

Hansen, C., 1984:
Vietsenia C. Hensen, a new genus of the Melastomataceae for Vietnam

Griffiths, D.; Unger, D., 1994:
View about planning for the future among parents and siblings of adults with mental retardation

Zimmermann, W., 1985:
View back on the most important forest policy decisions of the Federation in the year 1984

Groot, Eh, 1979:
View concerning recommendations for energy and nutritious substances (Recommended Dietary Allowances)

Anonymous, 1969:
View form the trade

De-La-Garza, E., 1983:
View from Congress

Offutt, S., 1991:
View from OMB

Moseley,. Jr.;, 1991:
View from USDA

King, S., 1989:
View from a food pantry

Price, Sir, L., 1978:
View from down under: price

Geld, Ellen-Bromfield, 2003:
View from the Fazenda

Roberts, Dck, 1995:
View from the antipodes

Sjoflot, L., 1978:
View from the drivers seat on a tractor

Subhan, M., 1987:
View from the top

Walk, J., 1988:
View from the top: brasstown bald volunteers

Henner, J., 1970:
View in retrospect on the occurrence of grapevine diseases and related measures for grape protection during 1969

Muri, P., 1971:
View of agriculture in Denmark

Cambrony, Hr, 1978:
View of an agronomist on the mechanical harvesting of coffee

Noguoera-Pujol, J., 1974:
View of commerce from the central markets

Svenson, G., 1976:
View of commercial seed growers on the cultivation of seed--especially for the requirements of Norrland

Anonymous, 1977:
View of developmental biology

Drolshagen, R., 1976:
View of feed manufacturers

Marek, J., 1981:
View of health care for apiculture in 1981

Martelli, Gp, 1975:
View of present knowledge on the viruses, virus diseases and other infectious diseases of the grapevine. 2

Martelli, Gp, 1975:
View of present knowledge on the viruses, virus diseases and other infectious diseases of the grapevine. i

Duxbury, D., 1975:
View of the League of Women Voters

Hunkler, H., 1977:
View of the National Garden Show 1979

Svetlicic, A.R.sic, A., 1976:
View of the Yugoslav wooden panel industry. 4. Particle boards

Aussenac, G., 1970:
View of the part of forest in water economy

Lijinsky, William, 1974:
View of the problems associated with nitrite usage

Velebil, M., 1977:
View of the work of the sector for agricultural engineering and capital construction

Kaneda, T., 1974:
View of the world cooperation i

Hruby, J., 1977:
View of the world food and nutritional situation

Muller, P.D.egen, E.R.itemeyer, H., 1984:
View of tracheobronchial secretions of horses with lung diseases and relationships to their differential blood picture

Marek, J., 1982:
View of veterinary care in 1982 Apiculture, Czechoslovakia.1

Stomp, Am, 1987:
View on forest biotechnology: report from a conference on tree improvement by genetic engineering

Luft, G.M.rgenschweis, G., 1984:
View on problems deriving from large-scale terracing in the wine-growing area of the Kaiserstuhl mountains

Jungbluth, Thomas, 1989:
View on the method of wet grain preservation

Xue YuMei; M.X.n; X.M.ng, 2006:
View on tomato ripening mutant genes

Reddy, V.Y.; Neuzil, P.; Malchano, Z.J.; Vijaykumar, R.; Cury, R.; Abbara, S.; Weichet, J.; McPherson, C.D.; Ruskin, J.N., 2007:
View-synchronized robotic image-guided therapy for atrial fibrillation ablation: experimental validation and clinical feasibility

Houseman, Ci, 1981:
Viewdata and Teletext--tomorrows information today

Mckinnon, D., 1984:
Viewdata. 2. Dairyfarmers in two pilot trials

Mckinnon, D., 1984:
Viewdata. 3. The vets system

Hauck, E., 1979:
Viewed with loving eyes. II

Hauck, E., 1979:
Viewed with tender eyes: a completely subjective report of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Marburg-Kirchhain Apicultural Institute

Tennyson, L., 1997:
Viewers determine the content of SDPTVs most popular local show

Salvage, B., 2000:
Viewing HIMP from the inspectors perpective

Kelly, H.; Gardner, H., 1981:
Viewing children through television

Braithwaite, V.; Guilford, T., 1991:
Viewing familiar landscapes affects pigeon homing

Stoms, D.; Bueno, M.; Davis, F., 1997:
Viewing geometry of AVHRR image composites derived using multiple criteria

Anderson, Tl, 2004:
Viewing land conservation through Coase-colored glasses

Mccabe, Mf, 1984:
Viewing plants through the seasons in Upper Perkiomen Valley Park (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)

Mackinnon, Ct, 2001:
Viewing school facilities as community development projects: the case of Hinesburg, Vermont

Haggard, P.; Christakou, A.; Serino, A., 2007:
Viewing the body modulates tactile receptive fields

Arseni, I.; Mezhnidov, G., 1977:
Viewing the prospects

Stringfellow, D.; Wright, J., 1988:
Viewing the scientific evidence for the health status of embryos for international movement

Prichard, B., 1980:

Kayo, N.; Koyama, T.; Mitsunaga, M., 1979:
Viewpoint and usage of agricultural forestry statistics

Sakshaug, P., 1978:
Viewpoint concerning Future development of the dairy industry

Andersen, F., 1979:
Viewpoint concerning progress in Danish agriculture from present to 1990

Anonymous, 1978:
Viewpoint concerning the development of atherogenesis

Miller, K., 1979:
Viewpoint of American Farm Bureau Federation

Gustin, G.Jr, 1975:
Viewpoint of IRS and insurance agencies on shade tree values

Hinkle, Sd-Iv, 1980:
Viewpoint of McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen law firm

Foster, Ha, 1980:
Viewpoint of Michigan agricultural cooperative marketing association

Hampton, Rn, 1979:
Viewpoint of National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

Lewis, Rg, 1979 :
Viewpoint of National Farmers Union

Barserian, Kh, 1980:
Viewpoint of Raisin Bargaining Association, Inc

Dille, Tm, 1988:
Viewpoint of a CEO

Mondale, W.F., 1972:
Viewpoint of a United States Senator

Coombs, Rra, 1989:
Viewpoint of a general immunologist

Lowe, C.U., 1972:
Viewpoint of a nutritionist

Lewis, I.J., 1972:
Viewpoint of a public administrator

Putten, G.Van, 1977:
Viewpoint of business as it relates to research involving the welfare of swine and slaughter calves

Toyoda, T., 1984:
Viewpoint of economic analysis for fruits production structures (Review of fruits farming economic)

Dietlin, M., 1974:
Viewpoint of manufacturers

Miller, K., 1980:
Viewpoint of the American Farm Bureau Federation

Shelford, J., 1980:
Viewpoint of the Michigan Blueberry Growers Association

Lewis, Rg, 1980:
Viewpoint of the National Farmers Union

Frederick, Rm, 1979:
Viewpoint of the National Grange

Manchester, Ac, 1980:
Viewpoint of the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Wijnen, C., 1977:
Viewpoint of the dairy industry

Stockman, L., 1973:
Viewpoint of the forest industry

Endress, P., 1970:
Viewpoint of the systematic placement of the Eupteleaceae (Magnoliales)

Vollan, R., 1975:
Viewpoint of the veterinary administration

Warren, Bj, 1979:
Viewpoint of the woods worker

Hansen, Hj, 1973:
Viewpoint on Swedish assistance to underdeveloped countries in the field of veterinary medicine

Hultnas, Ca, 1971:
Viewpoint on artificial insemination and development of the hindquarters

Fries, J., 1974:
Viewpoint on choice of method of cultivation and management of thinning

Bjerketvedt, R., 1979:
Viewpoint on fundamental training for forestry

Anonymous, 1976:
Viewpoint on greenhouse construction

Hognas, T.R.jala, P., 1979:
Viewpoint on harvesting and using wood chips as fuel on farms

Tavaila, J., 1977:
Viewpoint on labor policies at the Hietikko Plant Nursery

Andrews, F., 1974:
Viewpoint on landspreading: Florida Department of Pollution Control

Andreasson, O., 1976:
Viewpoint on planning involving timber supply and care of the environment

Bergman, F., 1975:
Viewpoint on stand establishment in commercial forestry

Hogsved, O., 1979:
Viewpoint on the design of manure gutters

Borgstrom, G., 1974:
Viewpoint on the development of the world food supply

Toulotte, M., 1979:
Viewpoint on the ideal beehive

Herland, Pj, 1979:
Viewpoint on the influence of stall equipment on nutritional intake and production of cattle

Thomke, S., 1980:
Viewpoint on the nutritional quality of feed for swine

Murray, Wd, 1973:
Viewpoint on use of lgal approach to mosquito control

Hansson, E.N.berg, J., 1978:
Viewpoint on using the techniques of human medicine for animals

Reardon, T.F.ores, L., 2006:
Viewpoint: Customized competitiveness strategies for horticultural exporters - Central America focus with lessons from and for other regions

Roe, Em, 1993:
Viewpoint: Professionalism in Subsaharan livestock rangeland development

Van-Den-Berg, H.; Takken, W., 2007:
Viewpoint: A framework for decision-making in integrated vector management to prevent disease

Bengson, S., 1985:
Viewpoint: A rare look at R.A.R.E

Logan, B., A.; Adams, W., W.I.i; Demmig-Adams, B., 2007:
Viewpoint: Avoiding common pitfalls of chlorophyll fluorescence analysis under field conditions

Yang, T.D., L.P.ovaiah, B., 2007:
Viewpoint: Concept of redesigning proteins by manipulating calcium

Paarlberg, D., 1976:
Viewpoint: Department of Agriculture

Glenn, D., 1995:
Viewpoint: Ecosystem management: voices of reason and common sense

Dougherty-Jr, Af, 1976:
Viewpoint: Federal Trade Commission

Ortiz, M.A.es, M., 1992:
Viewpoint: Sample adequacy for point analysis depends on the objectives

Hall, Fc, 1985:
Viewpoint: The habitat type controversy; two common concepts

Haak, Hh, 1988:
Viewpoint: Time to knock down some fences

Decker, H., 1973:
Viewpoint: Urban forestry

Stemple, J., 1998:
Viewpoint: a brief review of afforestation efforts in Israel

Haas, E., 1976:
Viewpoint: a knowledgeable consumer

Dickie, A.Y.bann, K., 1984:
Viewpoint: a management perspective on development assistance

Murphy, Js, 1989:
Viewpoint: a solution for 1996--and beyond

Williamson, Re, 1990:
Viewpoint: alignment of cortical microtubules by anisotropic wall stresses

Dodd, Jl, 1992:
Viewpoint: an appeal for riparian zone standards to be based on real world models

Scarnecchia, Dl, 1986:
Viewpoint: animal-unit equivalents cannot be meaningfully weighted by indices of dietary overlap

Hobbs, N.; Carpenter, L., 1986:
Viewpoint: animal-unit equivalents should be weighted by dietary differences

Markus, Gd, 1976:
Viewpoint: bargaining associations

Schultz, B.; Zamudio, D., 1998:
Viewpoint: bridging the gap between rangeland management and rangeland research: the need for regular inclusion of synthetic review articles in the Journal of Range Management

Anderson, Ew, 1983:
Viewpoint: building a stewardship ethic

Smith, Sj, 1995:
Viewpoint: fuels management--is livestock grazing the solution

Tausch, R.; Burkhardt, J.; Nowak, C.; Wigand, P., 1993:
Viewpoint: lessons from the past for managing tomorrows range ecosystems

Gillam, Bc, 1995:
Viewpoint: molding a contemporary image of rangelands and rangeland professionals

Cole, Dn, 1989:
Viewpoint: needed research on domestic and recreational livestock in wilderness

Goodloe, S., 1986:
Viewpoint: off-road vehicle damage to public lands

Briede, Jw, 1994:
Viewpoint: perceptions of the western rangelands by media, environmentalists, and the public

Provenza, Fd, 1991:
Viewpoint: range science and range management are complementary but distinct endeavors

Ross, Rl, 1985:
Viewpoint: response to the Range Inventory Standardization Committee (RISC)

Mcclaran, Mp, 2000:
Viewpoint: selecting the 5 most important papers in the first 50 years of the Journal of Range management

Becic, Jn, 1983:
Viewpoint: soil boron guidelines for reclaimed western soils

Lacey, R., 1996:
Viewpoint: the BSE crisis

Hoydal, Kjartan, 2007:
Viewpoint: the interface between scientific advice and fisheries management

Banister, R., 1993:
Viewpoint: the way things are

Gordon, J., 1991:
Viewpoint: transgenic animals as alternatives to animal use

Bengson, S., 1986:
Viewpoint: vehicular recreation use on public lands

Howard, We, 1993:
Viewpoint: wildlife and animal rights

Ilic, S., 1978:
Viewpoints and decisions of heads of farm households towards cooperation in the Kikinda commune area

Anonymous, 1979:
Viewpoints and directives on the basic tasks of forestry in spatial planning

Anonymous, 1989:
Viewpoints and issues on agroforestry and sustainability

Hakansson, Ds, 1969:
Viewpoints based on experiments with Agropyron repens (L.) Beauv. in small field plots and in the laboratory

Bachmann, P.D.hms, W., 1975:
Viewpoints for improving living conditions in the country

Richter, S., 1981:
Viewpoints for the organization of animal movements to the milking equipment

Stansbury, D., 1979:
Viewpoints from policymakers: Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry

Penn, Jb, 1979:
Viewpoints from the policymakers: Council of Economic Advisers

Pirner, H., 1974:
Viewpoints of the dairy industry

Asker, S., 1981 :
Viewpoints on apomictic and sexual reproduction in angiosperms

Sibley, Rb, 1975:
Viewpoints on brushland resources

Leisz, D., 1975:
Viewpoints on brushland resources--Learning to live with chaparral

Niedbala, W., 1983:
Viewpoints on classification and phylogenesis of mites (Acarida)

Olds, D., 1990:
Viewpoints on dairy herd fertility

Schaumann, W., 1985:
Viewpoints on livestock production

Gustafsson, H.V.hmari, P., 1977:
Viewpoints on screening and cleaning of mechanical pulps

Watanabe, H., 1975:
Viewpoints on soil fertility.

Schutte, L., 1979:
Viewpoints on technological and nutritional physiology in relation to the processing of highly refined soy protein products

Cantrell, Jo, 1977:
Viewpoints on the abundance of foresters

Kankkunen, A., 1971:
Viewpoints on the community veterinarians pension rights according to changes in the laws on veterinary medical care

Warren, Wg, 1976:
Viewpoints on the design and analysis of multifactor pulping experiments

Grondalen, T., 1977:
Viewpoints on the porcine leg weakness syndrome

Strand, H., 1974:
Viewpoints on the practical implementation of cooperation an d joint ownership in forestry

Anonymous, 1977:
Viewpoints on the theory of rice hybridization: the theory of 3 lines in plant male sterility

Timonen, E., 1970:
Viewpoints on the utilization of peatlands

Anonymous, 1950:
Viewpoints presented to the Presidents Water Resources Policy Commission, July 31, 1950

Vangelov, K.A.dreev, A.P.trov, K., 1971:
Views about pedigree pig breedin

Grad, W., 1983:
Views and behaviour of elderly population of Warsaw on the problems of food and nutrition (Preliminary communication)

Anonymous, 1979:
Views and estimates on the budget proposed for fiscal year 1980 submitted by Mr. Whitten, Chairman of the Committee on Appropriations pursuant to section 301 of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 to the Committee on the Budget

Anonymous, 1992:
Views and estimates with respect to the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 1993, as submitted to the Committee on the Budget pursuant to section 301(d) of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974

Rahte, R., 1979:
Views and management of medium size forest tree nursery

Anonymous, 1946:
Views and recommendations of State of California on proposed report of chief of engineers, U.S. Army, entitled Comprehensive flood control survey report on Sacramento-San Joaquin Basin streams, California

Anonymous, 1952:
Views and recommendations of State of California on proposed report of the Secretary of Interior on North Fork Kings Unit, Kings River Division, Central Valley Project (ultimate plan) California (Project planning report, no. 2-4, 23-5) Review of Federal reports pursuant to Public Law 534, 78th Congress, 2nd session

Anonymous, 1948:
Views and recommendations of State of California on substitute proposed report of Secretary of the Interior entitled Comprehensive plan for water reources development, Central Valley Basin, California

Anonymous, 1946:
Views and recommendations of state of California on proposed report of secretary of interior entitled Comprehensive plan for water resources development, Central Valley Basin, California

Hanif, A.; Roberts, E., 1970:
Views and reviews of Azotobacter

Ruttan, Vernon, W., 1989:
Views and reviews, 1983-1988

Lin, St, 1969:
Views and use of farm informat

Bonini, V., 1975:
Views at the Fifth International Exposition of Farm Machine Industries; new and old machines

Fingeroth, J.M., 2007 :
Views design of cranial cruciate ligament disease study as flawed

Wollwage, Jc, 1975:
Views for future technology for the pulp and paper industry to the year 2001

More, C.; More, J., 1987:
Views from a Tuscan vineyard

Birke, L.; Michael, M., 1992:
Views from behind the barricade

Carlos-Do-Prado, A., 1990:
Views from other nations: Brazil

Ahuja, Dr, 1990:
Views from other nations: India

Yokobori, K., 1990:
Views from other nations: Japan

Kassenberg, A.S.tnicki, S., 1990:
Views from other nations: Poland

Kupfer, D., 1990:
Views from other nations: West Germany

Metz, B.V.llinga, P., 1990:
Views from other nations: the Netherlands

Cebon, Peter, 1998:
Views from the Alps

Silvy, Valeen, 2005:
Views from the river front

Copps, David, H., 1995:
Views from the road

Heyligers, Pc, 1981:
Views from the road: A mapping exercise

Tschakert, P., 2007:
Views from the vulnerable: understanding climatic and other stressors in the Sahel

Hong, Pf, 1970:
Views held of agricultural ext

Viton, A., 1975:
Views in a time of crisis

Menon, U.; Harper, J.; Sharma, A.; Fraser, L.; Burnell, M.; ElMasry, K.; Rodeck, C.; Jacobs, I., 2007:
Views of BRCA gene mutation carriers on preimplantation genetic diagnosis as a reproductive option for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer

Gaisinovich, Ae, 1972:
Views of Charles Darwin on the phenomena of variability and heredity

Anonymous, 1950:
Views of Eure-et-Loir agriculture in 1950, modern techniques

Schneider, Kt, 1971:
Views of German farmers in international agribusiness

Schotte, L., 1975:
Views of a Swedish chemical pulp supplier

Stevens, S., 1976:
Views of a commercial hog producer

Purcell, Ah, 1975:
Views of a consumer

Leppo, Me, 1975:
Views of a dairyman

Harris, J., 1979:
Views of an 18th-Century garden: Hartwell House, Buckinghamshire

Knox, Jw, 1978:
Views of beef cattle and pasture management systems at the Red River Station

Thompson, Donald-Alexander, 1960:
Views of executive committeemen, agents and state leaders toward agricultural extension work in 17 urban and suburban counties of New York State

Novak, K., 1974:
Views of farm managers and officers on the present organizat ion and management of state farms

Herman, G., 1977:
Views of fruit growing in France

Bouma, J.-Charles; Kriesberg, M., 1953:
Views of independent grocers on wholesaler-retailer relations

Bjorklund, Ne, 1971:
Views of industrial forest landowner

Mctavish, D.F.lt, D., 1987:
Views of managers, staff, and residents: Role distances and atmosphere in nursing homes

Leuthold, F.; Hart, C., 1984 :
Views of no-till planting by West Tennessee farmers

Adamides, S., 1976:
Views of results of episiotomy and hysterectomy in cattle

Thome, H., 1980:
Views of rootstocks, varieties, irrigation and inter-cropping

Lyng, R., 1974:
Views of the American Meat Institute on inflation in the agriculture and food industry

Anonymous, 1993:
Views of the Secretary of the Department of the Interior on matters of Indian affairs

Anonymous, 2001:
Views of the Secretary of the Interior on Indian matters

Hartler, N., 1974:
Views of the cellulose and particle board industry on raw material from whole trees

Kucera, P.S.mkova, Z., 1976:
Views of the examination of organs and meat of slaughtered animals with regard to the content of antibiotics

Anonymous, 1951:
Views of the staff of the Alabama State Planning Board on a national water resources policy in answer to questions by the U.S. Bureau of the Budget

Jong, Mp-De, 1975:
Views of the supporters of the Experiment Station for Cattle Husbandry

Kloprogge, Jjj, 1973:
Views of the wives of Frisian farmers concerning a change in profession

Schomaker, Jh, 1983:
Views of western whitewater floaters toward possible safety measures Rivers, recreation, USA

Reavley, Wl, 1977:
Views of wildlife agencies and organizations

Kosta, H., 1983:
Views of youth on wine and other beverages

Olsen, K., 1986:
Views on CA storage of apples

Anonymous, 1952:
Views on Eure and Loir

Houck, Jp, 1986:
Views on agricultural economics role in economic thought

Pollock, Jra, 1977:
Views on automation in the brewery

Rathmann, Gb, 1987:
Views on biotechnology

Yu, Cc, 1979:
Views on breeding for high-yie

Hassler, L., 1972:
Views on cesarean section in dogs

Forest, Laverne-Bruce, 1976:
Views on evaluation and accountability

Aronson, R.E.; Oman, R.F., 2004:
Views on exercise and physical activity among rural-dwelling senior citizens

Garz, I., 1971:
Views on grazing, with special reference to grass tetany

Granvik, Ba, 1969:
Views on increase in the profi

Firor, Dl, 1980:
Views on integrated resource management: soil and water conservation districts perspective

Dinter, Z., 1972:
Views on living vaccine against viral abortion in mares

Ziegler, E., 1975:
Views on long duration changes of nutrition in Switzerland

Malmborg, C.Af, 1981:
Views on new food developments in Sweden

Narojek, L.K.rschner, H.W.roszylska, J.O.trowska, A.S.ewczynski, J., 1984:
Views on nutrition and knowledge of it among Warsaw youths

Nanda, K.K.P.rohit, A.N.G.rumurti, K., 1978:
Views on physiology of flowering

Gazo, M., 1973:
Views on poultry requirements for amino acids and new source s of these nutrients suitable for use in the feeding of poul try

Bodart, C., 1974:
Views on protein nutrition of fattening swine

Backus, C., 1996:
Views on public land grazing

Bailey, George, D., 1957:
Views on regulation

Kapsalis, J.; Moskowitz, H., 1979:
Views on relating instrumental tests to sensory assessment of food texture. Applications to product development and improvement

Nicholls, Wm, 1968:
Views on rural development in Canada: a study of the views of the member organizations of the Canadian Council on Rural Development

Devos, A.V.ane, N., 1972:
Views on some experiments on infection and the vaccination against pseudo-Newcastle disease

Shah, J.; Shah, G., 1979:
Views on teaching taxonomy

Kromer, Gw, 1975:
Views on the 1975

Anonymous, 1962:
Views on the Common Market

Oldenburg, F., 1970:
Views on the EEC milk hygiene regulations now under consideration

Taber, S., 1989:
Views on the U.S. infestation of honey bee mites

Zerobin, K., 1977 :
Views on the behavioral kinetic functions of the uterus during the infertile period of cows

Fries, J., 1976:
Views on the choice of silvicultural methods and logging technique in thinning

Rodkiewicz, B., 1971:
Views on the control mechanisms of the plant cells differentiation

Anonymous, 1977:
Views on the controlling of flowering stage

Vos, J.D.; Liekens, F., 1972:
Views on the cultivation of paprika under glass

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Vigilant Varroa control throughout West Germany, a requirement at present

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Vigilence for rabies in the Caribbean area

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Viljelysmaan orgaanisesta fosforista

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Village as part of landscape--also the village needs an intact ecology

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Village leaders training

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Village of Cadott flood plain management study, Chippewa County, Wisconsin

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Village of Carrier Mills, Saline County, Illinois

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Village of Cissna Park, Iroquois County, Illinois

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Village of Cloudcroft townsite land application

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Village of Easton, Mason County, Illinois

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Village of Elco, Alexander County, Illinois

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Village of Gulfport, Henderson County, Illinois

Anonymous, 1984:
Village of Kirkland, DeKalb county, Illinois

Anonymous, 1985:
Village of Manlius, Bureau County, Illinois

Anonymous, 1986:
Village of New Haven, Gallatin County, Illinois

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Village of Niota, Hancock County, Illinois

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Village of North Utica, LaSalle County, Illinois

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Village of Saybrook, McLean County, Illinois

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Village of Seneca, LaSalle County, Illinois

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Village of Verona, Grundy County, Illinois

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Village or city furniture ?

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Village pottery schemes

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Village poultry production: a wasted resource?

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Village power 98

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Village primer; suggestions and examples for the formation of localities of rural character

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Village renewal based on the up-to-date experiences

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Village renewal in Austria

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Village renewal in Bavaria Germany, Federal Republic.1

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Village renewal in Hesse

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Village renewal in the framework of future land and community development

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Village renewal--village development--village environment

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Village renovate. A social mandate of science

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Village renovation

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Village renovation and development of rural areas

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Village renovation and research

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Village renovation from a program

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Village renovation from the agricultural view

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Village renovation from the view of high schools

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Village renovation in Hesse

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Village renovation within the advancement of future investments. A special framework plan in community task Improvement of the agricultural structure and coastal protection

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Village renovation, a key task in the renovation of rural areas

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Village renovation: Experiences and perceptions

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Village renovation: Possibilities and limits of use of the Federal law, the city building law and the residential modernization law

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Village renovation: an instrument for improving agrarian str ucture and infrastructure in the country

Anonymous, 1982:
Village report series

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Village research projects in extension

Anonymous, 1983:
Village roads

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Village ruderal plant communities in the Ingolstadt urban area

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Village settlements and reconstruction of the village in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

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Village societies and the town and country relationship in Quebec and in Western France, 17th-20th centuries

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Village society in prerevolutionary China. I. Characteristics of the village and Gemeinschaft in traditional China

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Village story

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Village studies

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Village studies in Switzerland

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Village studies in the German Reich and the German Federal Republic

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Village study programs

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Village surveys

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Village survivors

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Village teams CSM, building ensilage facilities

Anonymous, 1984:
Village technology for spherical tanks

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Village traders and the emergence of a proletariat in south Warwickshire, 1750-1851

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Village transport communication

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Village use of communal rice land in Long An province, Vietnam

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Village vegetation in the Spessart vicinity

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Village voices

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Village voices, forest choices

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Village water supply in Papua New Guinea

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Village water supply in Sahel: needs, exploitation plans, perspectives

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Village water supply in the decade

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Village, field and farming in the area of the great valleys and lowlands east of the Elbe

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Village, market, and well-being in a rural Chinese township

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Village-level modernization in Southeast Asia

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Village-level planning in Karwar District

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Village-level storage for cereals in selected Asian Countries

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Village-level studies as a locus for research and technology adaptation

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Village-level workers

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