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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17651

Chapter 17651 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wilkinson, C.; Jones, J., 1991:
Virginia dark-fired variety information for 1991

Anonymous, 1982:
Virginia declared free of bovine tuberculosis

Ryden, K., 1976:
Virginia decline as latent infection in swedish apple trees

Anonymous, 1989:
Virginia directory of nurserymen and dealers

Virginia, 1993:
Virginia erosion and sediment control law and regulations 1993

Gibson, W.L., 1958:
Virginia farm lease guide

Scofield,, H.-Morgan, 1947:
Virginia farm real estate situation

Love, H.-Morgan; Scofield, W., H., 1946:
Virginia farm real estate trends in seven counties during 1941-1945

Looney, J.; Burkhart, G., 1976:
Virginia farm vehicle laws

Meadows, Dg, 1995:
Virginia fibre continues expansion and upgrades

Anonymous, 1971:
Virginia fire-cured and Virginia sun-cured tobacco allotments

Massey, A.B., 1961:
Virginia Flora

Byrnes, J., 1978:
Virginia focuses on heat pumps and panels

Anonymous, 2004:
Virginia forest management project

Dolbeare, Walter, I., 1950:
Virginia forest products and manufactures from forest products, their movement in and out of Virginia

Craig, Ronald B., 1949:
Virginia forest resources and industries

Ray, Je, 1969:
Virginia forestry; preparing for coming needs

Anonymous, 1974:
Virginia forests

Anonymous, 1950:
Virginia forests as they relate to the Virginia economy

Finley, Cf, 1972:
Virginia forests breaks new gournd: The Forestry Environmental Center

Anonymous, 1966:
Virginia forests magazine

Anonymous, 1992:
Virginia gardener newsletter

Heriteau, Jacqueline, 1997:
Virginia gardeners guide

Tucker, Hl, 1987:
Virginia grapevine certification program, Tucker nursery named first participant

Carroll, B.-; Ravlin, F., 1992:
Virginia gypsy moth programs directory--1992

Murley, Wr, 1975:
Virginia herds respond to complete, blended rations

Manheimer, S.; Crisp, N., 2000:
Virginia historic county estimates, 1988-1997

Anonymous, 1976:
Virginia horse industry yearbook

Carbaugh, Sm, 1978:
Virginia in the year 2000 will there be enough food and land?

Rodger, Ee, 1973:
Virginia incentives program aids reforestation

Anonymous, 1981:
Virginia industrial directory, 1981-1982

Roberts, Je, 1976:
Virginia insect control recommendations for home vegetable gardeners

Anonymous, 1989:
Virginia land & life

Hillaby, J., 1969:
Virginia land in north-west Canada

Juillerat, M.-Everett; Crowder, R., T., 1961:
Virginia livestock marketing guide

Burgess, Bg, 1972:
Virginia manufacturing: a profile of growth

Anonymous, 1987:
Virginia marine resource bulletin

Relf, D.O.-Dell, C.K.shad, M., 1990:
Virginia master gardeners reveal preferences in broccoli survey

Anonymous, 1976:
Virginia medical

Worth, Cb, 1975:
Virginia opossums (Didelphis virginiana) as disseminators of the common persimmon (Diospyros virginiana)

Anonymous, 1975:
Virginia peanut insect control recommendations

Hartzook, A.K.rstadt, D.N.veh, M.F.ldman, S.S.nder, N., 1975:
Virginia peanut varieties cap

Marshall, Jp, 1983:
Virginia peanuts: the crop with two-tier price support

Slocum, G.K.M.ller, W.D., 1953:
Virginia pine

Hu, S.; Burns, P., 1977:
Virginia pine a Christmas tree for Louisiana

Carvell, Kl, 1979:
Virginia pine management

Kundt, J., 1979:
Virginia pine regeneration

Box, Bh, 1971:
Virginia pine--a Christmas tree for Louisiana homes

Phillips, Rj, 1969:
Virginia ports: facilities continue up-dating

Jefferson, Mw, 1979:
Virginia promotes marketing

Garnett, William, E., 1947:
Virginia rural youth adjustments

Thornsbury, S.-D.K.nyon, D., E., 1990:
Virginia simulated hog returns, 1977-1988

Hall,. Jr.;Iii, 1985:
Virginia sod survey

Anonymous, 1987:
Virginia soybean variety evaluation tests in

Reese, P.J.; Worrell, J., 1992:
Virginia soybean variety evaluation tests in 1991

Harvill, Am, 1969:
Virginia species with disjunct populations in the Middle West

Butler, T.P.terson, E.E.lerbrock, M., 1995:
Virginia state government expenditures: measuring the size of government

Anonymous, 1947:
Virginia state parks

Anonymous, 1971:
Virginia tobacco allotment transfers

Chinchev, B.S.oianov, B.S.abanov, D.R.lovski, S., 1981:
Virginia tobacco varieties and h

Khasurdzhan, T.V.lkov, G., 1975:
Virginia tobacco, a highly profi

Kavanagh, J.; Leung, R., 2004:
Virginia trees & wildflowers

Wolf, Tk, 1988:
Virginia trellising research update

Anonymous, 1964:
Virginia veterinary notes

Anonymous, 1978:
Virginia vintners!

Cox, W.-Edward; Walker, W., R., 1979:
Virginia water law

Anonymous, 1988:
Virginia water quality assessment, 1988

Anonymous, 1990:
Virginia water withdrawals for 1987

Anonymous, 1987:
Virginia water withdrawals, 1986

Kavanagh, J.; Leung, R., 2005:
Virginia wildlife

Hansen, Ew, 1978:
Virginia wine marketing outlook

Barber, D., 1991:
Virginia wines

Scroggs, Cl, 1974:
Virginia youth education showing pay-off

Wesley, Rl, 1974:
Virginias fail safe lab, peace of mind: 14c a ton

Visser, R.J.M.; Marchi, E.; Spinelli, R., 2007:
Virginias (USA) forest operations

Anonymous, 1986:
Virginias Agricultural Experiment Station, 1886-1986

Marshall, Jp, 1977:
Virginias Agricultural and Forestal District Act: a review

Cragle, R.; Murley, W., 1976:
Virginias Project 1700--a six-year, industry-wide plan forimproving dairying

Rodger, Ee, 1972:
Virginias Reforestation of Timberlands Act

Buck, Jt, 1973:
Virginias agricultural production--now and in 1985

Stoevener, Hh, 1987:
Virginias agriculture: looking ahead

Anonymous, 1960:
Virginias animal agriculture

Buck, John-Thomas, 1966:
Virginias broiler industry

Brown, K.-L.S.rrells, N.-T.K.ons, K., E., 2004:
Virginias cattle story

Anonymous, 1961:
Virginias changing agriculture

Anonymous, 1990:
Virginias changing population

Anonymous, 1963:
Virginias changing population picture

Reynolds, R.; Marshall, J., 1983:
Virginias corn and wheat producers 1983 crop decisions--options, rules, incomes, choices, risks--the ARP and the PIKP

Swiger, Jb, 1977:
Virginias current and future recreation needs

Anonymous, 1945:
Virginias economic pattern

Terwilliger, Karen, 1991:
Virginias endangered species

Anonymous, 1960:
Virginias farm crops

Shaffer, Charles-Henry, 1952:
Virginias farm game program

Wade, E.; Johnson, T., 1995:
Virginias farm wineries

Anonymous, 1991:
Virginias feedgrain and livestock

Kenyon, D.; Thornsbury, S., 1991:
Virginias feedgrain, livestock, and poultry sectors: tough decisions in the 1990s

Hall, Otis, F., 1987:
Virginias forest and wildlife resources

Wisdom, Harold, W., 1978:
Virginias forest products industry

Schallau, C.; Maki, W.; Foster, B.; Redmond, C., 1986:
Virginias forest products industry: performance and contribution to the states economy, 1970 to 1980

Mills, Dl, 1984:
Virginias forest resource plan meeting future societal needs

Turner, Charles-Wilson, 1986:
Virginias green revolution

Anonymous, 1993:
Virginias groundwater

Anonymous, 1987:
Virginias groundwater protection strategy

Gerken, H.Jr, 1990:
Virginias livestock industry

Garnett, W.-E.E.wards, A.-David, 1941:
Virginias marginal population

Bradshaw, D., 1992:
Virginias monitoring goals and programs: an Eastern state perspective

Cox, Cb, 1981:
Virginias most important water-related problems

Parsons, Shireen, 1999:
Virginias mountain treasures

Van-Auken, Tb, 1977:
Virginias open space easement program

Anonymous, 1964:
Virginias opportunity in the changing industry of agriculture

Gilliam, Sara-Katherine, 1944:
Virginias people

Sheffield, R.; Craver, G., 1981:
Virginias pine resource: an interim assessment, 1981

Anonymous, 1980:
Virginias pine resources

Mason, J.-E.G.bson, W.L., 1947:
Virginias public lands

Rowley, Hk, 1986:
Virginias rapidly growing turfgrass industry

Bottom, Raymond-Blanton, 1940:
Virginias record of economic progress

Anonymous, 1990:
Virginias relationship with global markets

Edwards, Allen-David, 1943:
Virginias rural manpower

Wingo, Alfred, L., 1949:
Virginias soils and land use

Cooper, S.; Harrell, R.J., 1990:
Virginias technology transfer programs influence on foreign technology transfer

Johnson, Tony, G., 1997:
Virginias timber industry

Johnson, Tg, 1994:
Virginias timber industry: an assessment of timber product output and use, 1992

Helfrich, L.; Bromley, P.; Nielsen, L., 1988:
Virginias valuable fisheries and wildlife resources

Hohlt, H.; O'-Dell, C., 1984:
Virginias vegetable acreage

Anonymous, 1945:
Virginias wartime forest fire prevention program, spring 1945

Anonymous, 1988:
Virginias water supply statewide summary and technical data

Sevebeck,, J.-H.C.apman, N., L., 1986:
Virginias waters

Anonymous, 1988:
Virginias waters, current developments

Conopask, Jv, 1973:
Virginias wetlands: a common property resource management problem

Buffington R.E., 1975:
Virginias young sire program

Duffey, P., 1985:
Virginia, Carolina peanut growers build for future with sheller co-op

Anonymous, 1984:
Virginia, area 1

Anonymous, 1984:
Virginia, area 2, Albemarle, Arlington, Caroline, Culpeper, Fairfax, Fauquier, Fluvanna, Hanover, King George, Loudoun, Louisa, Madison, Nelson, Orange, Prince William, Rappahannock, Spotsylvania, Stafford Counties, Virginia

Anonymous, 1984:
Virginia, area 3

Biggs, A.R.P.eiffer, D., G., 1998:
Virginia--West Virginia--Maryland 1999 spray bulletin for commercial tree fruit growers

Talbot, R., 1981:
Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine progress report

Powell, J.; Hamilton, P., 1988:
Virginia: ground-water quality

Stumbo, D.; Lamb, F., 1972:
Virginia; linking the forest resource to the consumer

Vogt, H., 1984:
Virginiamycia in guinea-fowl feed

Anonymous, 1976:

Hedde, R.; Shor, L.Q.ach,, S.; Parish, R., 1982:
Virginiamycin activity and safety in ruminants

Salmon, R.E.; Stevens, V.I., 1990:
Virginiamycin and monensin, alone or in combination, in turkey broiler diets

Bergamaschi, A., 1979:
Virginiamycin and productive performances

Ullrey, De, 1973:
Virginiamycin as a stimulant to weight gain and feed efficiency

Brake, Ac, 1995:
Virginiamycin examined as cattle growth promotant

Agudelo, J.H.; Lindemann, M.D.; Cromwell, G.L.; Newman, M.C.; Nimmo, R.D., 2007:
Virginiamycin improves phosphorus digestibility and utilization by growing-finishing pigs fed a phosphorus-deficient, corn-soybean meal diet

Bagnall, Bg, 1977:
Virginiamycin its development and characteristics

Veum, T.; Jewell, D., 1981:
Virginiamycin, protein and energy relationships in diets for pigs during the starter, grower and finishing phases

Volker, L., 1971:
Virginiamycin--a new feed antibiotic for German broiler production

Anonymous, 1972:
Virginiamycin--an antibiotic for prevention of necrotic enteritis in swine

Henderickx, Hk, 1977:
Virginiamycin: an explanation of the way it works

Goodman, C., 1977:
Virginians find roots in Expanded Horizons

Sims, J.; Berryman, K., 1972:
Virginin. a sesquiterpene lactone from Encella virginensis

Pearce, F., 2007:
Virginity lost

Langer, L.; Zimmerman, R.; Katz, J., 1995:
Virgins expectations and nonvirgins reports: how adolescents feel about themselves

Reveal, J.; Keener, C., 1981:
Virgulus Raf. (1837), an earlier name for Lasallea Greene (1903) (Asteraceae)

Jones, Ag, 1982:
Virgulus Raf. vis-a-vis Aster L. (Asteraceae)

Shreeve, B.; Biberstein, E.; Thompson, D., 1972:
Viriation in carrier rates of Pasteurella haemolytica in sheep

Vignes, D., 1972:
Viriations and displacement of starch in the leaf of the Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus tricuspidata Planchon)

Fina, L.; Hassouna, N1; Horacek, G.1; Lambert, J.1; Lambert, J., 1982:
Viricidal capability of resin-triiodide demand-type disinfectant Polyoma, Newcastle disease virus, and adenovirus

Gilbert, J.; Wooley, R.1; Shotts, E.J.1; Dickens, J., 1983:
Viricidal effects of Lactobacillus and yeast fermentation Process to cycle edible wastes into an animal feed ingredient without the use of energy

Evidente, A.; Cabras, A.; Maddau, L.; Marras, F.; Andolfi, A.; Melck, D.; Motta, A., 2006:
Viridenepoxydiol, a new pentasubstituted oxiranyldecene produced by Trichoderma viride

Howell, Cr, 1999:
Viridiol deficient mutant strains of the biocontrol agent Trichoderma virens, process of making and using as biocontrol agent

Moffatt, J.; Bulock, J.; Yuen, T., 1969:
Viridiol, a steroid-like product from Trichoderma viride

Matile, L., 1972:
Viridivora seguyi, n. gen., n.sp., African Diptera Mycetophilidae feeding on moss and liverwort

Allen, Bm, 1974:
Virigilia oroboides in a Spanish garden

Simonova, E.; Klimpinia, A.; Kazanskaia, V.; Nikitina, N., 1979:
Virin-IAM and its application for the control of Hyponomeuta malinellus

Yang, B.; Chen, K.; Zhang, C.; Huang, S.; Zhang, H., 2007:
Virion-associated Uracil DNA Glycosylase-2 and Apurinic

Hallonborg, Ulf, 2002:
Virkesbehandling med engreppsskordare

Sandland, Knut-Magnar, 2001:
Virkesegenskapenes betydning for torke- og hovlingskvalitet

Sandland, Knut-Magnar, 1996:
Virkesegenskaper hos sitkagran fra Vestlandet

Brunberg, Torbjorn, 1977:
Virkesflodet pa en forvaltning vid andrad avverkningsinriktning

Eikenes, Birgir, 1995 :
Virkeskvalitet i fleraldret skog

Bjeorkman, Erik, 1953:
Virkesskador och virkesvard

Geijer, Sten, 1983:
Virkestransport med sneoskoter

Moller, Johan, J., 2003:
Virkesvardestest 2001

Krogstad, Tore, 1983:
Virkning av kalking og omdanning pea kjemisk sammensetning, ionebytting og tungmetallionselektivitet i sphagnumtorv

Nygaard, Per-Holm, 1994:
Virkning av ozon pa blaber (Vaccinium myrtillus), etasjehusmose (Hylocomium splendens), furumose (Pleurozium schreberi) og krussigd (Dicranum polysetum)

Larsen, Anders-Eklundh, 1997:
Virkningen af forskellige vandmengder samt betydningen af torfoder, opblodt foder og stobfoder pa skatolkoncentrationen i spek hos hangrise

Petersen, Vagn, E., 1984:
Virkningen af tilskud af selen til konsumaegs- og rugeaegsproducerende hsuperscript 2ners foder

Myhr, Einar, 1980:
Virkningen av Laerdalselvas regulering pa grunnvatn, markvatn og avling i Nedre Laerdal

Brataas, Morten, 1985:
Virkningen av bo- og driveplikt for ressursbruken i landbruket

Ekeberg, Egil, 1991:
Virkningen av kloakkslam brukt i jordbruket

Bakke, Alf, 1996:
Virkningen av skogbrann pa billefaunaen

Granmo, Alfred, 1993:
Virkninger av vassdragsregulering pa vegetasjon og landskap i Skjomenfjellene ved Narvik

Hansen, Enrico, 1950:
Virkningerne for realkrediten af det offentliges inddragning af grundv* micro *rdierne

Chirkov, S.; Olovnikov, A.1; Surgucheva, N.1; Olovnikova, N.1; Piruzyan, L.1; Kulinich, A.1; Atabekov, I., 1981:
Virobacterial agglutination (the ABV test), a new method for immunological diagnosis of viruses affecting crop plants Staphylococcus aureus

Mcfadden, Grant, 1995:
Viroceptors, virokines and related immune modulators encoded by DNA viruses

Kuwata, T.; Okazaki, T.; Spahn, G.J., 1973:
Virogenic properties of AKR mouse sarcoma cells induced by rous sarcoma virus

Owens, R.; Cress, D.1; Diener, T., 1983:
Viroid cDNA--uses in viroid detection and molecular biology Plant disease

Boccardo, G., 1985:
Viroid etiology of tinangaja and its relationship with cadang-cadang disease of coconut

Semancik, J.; Conejero-Tomas, V., 1987:
Viroid pathogenesis and expression of biological activity

Mühlbach, H.P.; Sänger, H.L., 1979:
Viroid replication is inhibited by alpha-amanitin

Tabler M.; Tsagris M., 1990:
Viroid replication mechanisms

Goodman, T.C.; Nagel, L.; Rappold, W.; Klotz, G.; Riesner, D., 1984:
Viroid replication: equilibrium association constant and comparative activity measurements for the viroid-polymerase interaction

Hadidi, A.H.shimoto, J., 1981:
Viroid specific ribonucleic acid in cells infected with potato spindle tuber viroid: detection and characterization

Riesner, D.H.rders, J.H.cker, R.K.aff,, P.L.kacs, N.S.eger, G., 1991:
Viroid structures involved in protein binding and replication

Klotz, G.R.ckwitz, H.1; Sanger, H., 1982:
Viroid--RNA polymerase binding and nucleotide mediated change of viroid secondary structure Potato spindle tuber viroid

Koganezawa, H.Y.nase, H.S.kuma, T., 1983:
Viroid-like RNA associated with apple scar skin (or dapple apple) disease

Tien-Po; Davies, C.H.tta, T.F.ancki, R., 1981:
Viroid-like RNA encapsidated in lucerne transient streak virus

Wei, C.P., T1; Xiang, Z1; Yong, L., 1983:
Viroid-like RNAs associated with burdock stunt disease Arctium tomentosum and Arctium lappa

Francki, R.; Randles, J.; Chu, P.; Rohozinski, J.H.tta, T., 1985:
Viroid-like RNAs incorporated in conventional virus capsids

Diekmann, Marlene, 1997:
Viroid-like sequences of coconut

Diener, T.O., 1972:

Mishra, M.; Lakshman, D., 1979:
Viroids Subviral plant pathogens

Wenzl, H., 1979:
Viroids a new group of disease instigators

Diener, T.; Owens, R.1; Cress, D., 1983:
Viroids and genetic engineering Plants

Diener, T.; Mckinley, M.1; Prusiner, S., 1982:
Viroids and prions Pathogens of higher plants, potato spindle tuber viroid

Solymosy,, T., 1985:
Viroids and snRNAs

Po, T., 1985:
Viroids and viroid disease in China

Semancik, Joseph, S., 1987:
Viroids and viroid-like pathogens

Kryczynski, S., 1976:
Viroids as a new group of agents pathogenic to plants

Diener, To, 1976:
Viroids in agriculture

Suszkiw, J., 1999:
Viroids! from scourge to boon in the 21st century?

Huttinga, H.M.sch, W., 1977:
Viroids, a new group causing plant diseases

Negruk, Vi, 1980:
Viroids, a new object of molecular biology

Gross, H.; Alberty, H1; Liebl, U1; Kuhlhorn, F1; Krupp, G., 1980:
Viroids: a new class of infectious nucleic acids Pathogens in higher plants

Diener, To, 1982:
Viroids: a novel class of plant pathogens distinct from viruses

Diener, To, 1978:
Viroids: autoinducing regulatory RNAs?

Sanger, Hl, 1980:
Viroids: biology, structure and possible functions

Gross, Hj, 1988:
Viroids: infectious nucleic acids as inducers of plant diseases (Mini-review). Dedicated to the memory of Academician Mikhail Nikolaevich Kolosov (May 11, 1927-February 26, 1987)

Diener, To, 1980:
Viroids: minimal genetic systems

Diener, T.O., 1979:
Viroids: structure and function

Gross, Hj, 1985:
Viroids: their structure and possible origin

Schultes, R.; Swain, T.P.owman, T., 1977:
Virola as an oral hallucinogen among the Boras of Peru

Richter, H.; Nock, H.; Reichmann-Neto, F., 1975:
Virola oleifera. I. Dendrological aspects of the species and macroscopic and microscopic description of the wood

Nock, H.; Richter, H.; Teixeira, L., 1975:
Virola oleifera. II. Physical and mechanical properties and technological aspects of the wood

Maia, J.; Rodrigues, W., 1974:
Virola theiodora, a hallucinogenic and poisonous plant

Bürki, F., 1971:
Virologic and immunologic aspects of feline picornaviruses

Crandell, R.A., 1971:
Virologic and immunologic aspects of feline viral rhinotracheitis virus

Stott, J.; Adkison, M.; Osburn, B., 1985:
Virologic and immunologic studies on bluetongue virus using enzyme immunoblotting

Park, Bongkyun, 1997:
Virologic and pathogenic characteristics of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus variants

Witter, R.; Sharma, J., 1975:
Virologic and pathologic responses to Mareks disease virus in immunized chickens

Hu, Z.; Hatano, H.; Hammond, S.P.; Smith, D.; Wild, M.; Gupta, S.; Whitcomb, J.; Kalayjian, R.C.; Gripshover, B.; Kuritzkes, D.R., 2007:
Virologic characterization of HIV type 1 with a codon 70 deletion in reverse transcriptase

Petersen, M.L.; Wang, Y.; van der Laan, M.J.; Rhee, S-Yon.; Shafer, R.W.; Fessel, W.Jeffrey., 2007 :
Virologic efficacy of boosted double versus boosted single protease inhibitor therapy

Amchenkova, A.; Sovetova, G., 1974:
Virologic, cytological and karyological characteristics of clones recovered from L cell cultures chronically infected with vesicular stomatitis virus

Perk, K.; Theilen, G., H., 1983:
Virologic, immunologic, epidemic and pathogenetic studies of slow viral lung diseases in sheep

Yoon, In-Joong, 1994:
Virologic, serologic and pathogenic characteristics of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus

Filippini, P.; Coppola, N.; Pisapia, R.; Martini, S.; Marrocco, C.; D.M.rtino, F.; Sagnelli, C.; Filippini, A.; Sagnelli, E., 2007:
Virological and clinical aspects of HBV-HCV coinfection in HIV positive patients

Stellmach, G., 1979:
Virological and cultivation tests of a Riesling grape clones. Effect of annual weather on the occurrence of leaf roll

Ruiz-Martinez, C., 1985:
Virological and epidemiological aspects of vesicular stomatitis

Martella, V.; Pratelli, A.; Bollo, E.; Buonavoglia, D.; Perillo, A.; Greco, G.; Guarda, F.; Buonavoglia, C., 2000:
Virological and histopathological findings in lambs and kids with pestivirus infection

Kukain, R.; Nagaeva, L., 1983:
Virological and immunological aspects of bovine leucosis

Vince, A.; Lepej, S.Zidovec.; Kurelac, I.; Barsic, B.; Kozic, S.; Klinar, I.; Zarkovic, K., 2007:
Virological and immunological characteristics of fatal Epstein-Barr virus mononucleosis in a 17-year-old Caucasian male presenting with meningoencephalitis and hemophagocytic syndrome

Bertram, Elke, 1999:
Virological and immunological investigations after aplication of mono-, bi- and trivalent live vaccines against Mareks disease in chicken

Pensaert, M.D.rijcke, J.C.llebaut, P.T.oonen, H.H.orens, J., 1974:
Virological and pathological studies on pigs with vomiting and wasting disease

Majewska, H.B.czynski, Z., 1975:
Virological and serological characteristics of field strains of parainfluenza-3 virus isolated from cattle in Poland

Bachmann, Pa, 1976:
Virological and serological investigations in experimental parvovirus infection in pigs

Wang, S.; Liu, L.; Li, X.; Lin, T.; Cui, W.; Liu, M.; Yu, Y., 1986:
Virological and serological studies on an outbreak of dengue fever in Guangxi, China in 1980

Perk, K.I.ving, S.; Dahlberg, J., 1985:
Virological aspects of CAE infection

Baczynski, Z.M.jewska, H., 1977:
Virological characteristics of bull semen originating from a herd infected with bovine rhinotracheitis

Rozera, G.; Abbate, I.; D'Offizi, G.; Corpolongo, A.; Narciso, P.; Vlassi, C.; Martini, F.; Calcaterra, S.; Capobianchi, M.R., 2007:
Virological characterization of patients treated early is able to control HIV-1 replication after multiple cycles of structured therapy interruption

Metzler, A.F.ei, U.D.nner, K., 1976:
Virological confirmation of an outbreak of Borna disease in a Swiss sheep flock

Guillon, J.C., 1975:
Virological control of laboratory mice

Tyshchenko, Hp, 1974:
Virological diagnosis of Mareks

Cerny, L.Z.vada, J.A.taner, C.P.avda, D.V.lejnicek, V., 1978:
Virological diagnosis of bovine leukosis

Yamashita, T.; Arai, K.; Sakai, A.; Mizukoshi, E.; Sakai, Y.; Kagaya, T.; Nakamoto, Y.; Honda, M.; Wada, T.; Yokoyama, H.; Kaneko, S., 2006:
Virological effects and safety of combined double filtration plasmapheresis (DFPP) and interferon therapy in patients with chronic hepatitis C: A preliminary study

Valikhov, A.; Burba, L.; Shishkov, V., 1984:
Virological examination of milk, semen and blood from cattle infected with bovine leukosis virus

Andries, K.P.nsaert, M.V.ndeputte, J., 1981:
Virological examination of swine with acute respiratory disorders

Stebbing, J.; Nathan, B.; Jones, R.; McKenna, A.; Powles, T.; Bower, M.; Holmes, P.; Gazzard, B.; Nelson, M., 2007:
Virological failure and subsequent resistance profiles in individuals exposed to atazanavir

Kusakabe, A.; Tanaka, Y.; Kurbanov, F.; Goto, K.; Tajiri, H.; Murakami, J.; Okuse, C.; Yotsuyanagi, H.; Joh, T.; Mizokami, M., 2007:
Virological features of hepatitis B virus-associated nephropathy in Japan

Brunner, A.W.ernle, H., 1976:
Virological immunograms in disturbances of commercial poultry health

Hofer, B.S.eck, F.G.rber, H., 1978:
Virological investigations in a horse clinic

Zeydanli, Mustafa-Mahir, 1989:
Virological investigations into the etiology of respiratory diseases of fattening turkeys

Lund, Ae, 1970:
Virological laboratory diagnostic

Blattny, C.S.hmelzer, K., 1976:
Virological observations on alpine plants in the botanical garden of Karlovy University, Prague

Schmelzer, K.S.hmidt, H.; Wolf, P., 1980:
Virological practice. A. General information, transmission, proof

Proll, E., 1980:
Virological practice. B. Purification of the virus

Schmidt, Hb, 1980:
Virological practice. C. Displaying the virus in the electron microscope

Fedorova, T.N., 1965:
Virological proof of occurrence of Omsk hemorrhagic fever in humans and muskrats in western Siberia

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Virological research in some organs of pigs slaughtered normally

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