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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17652

Chapter 17652 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1974:
Virus diseases of maize

Panarin, I.V., 1984:
Virus diseases of maize in the Krasnodarskiy Kray

Exconde, Or, 1983:
Virus diseases of maize in the Philippines

Dubonosov, T.S., 1986:
Virus diseases of maize, sorghum and sudangrass

Von-Wechmar, Mb, 1983:
Virus diseases of maize: a new look at the identification of disease

Gorham, Jr; Hartsough, Gr, 1954:
Virus diseases of mink

Gibasiewicz, W., 1977:
Virus diseases of minks

Gafurov, Rkh, 1976:
Virus diseases of mungbean

Martelli, Gp, 1981:
Virus diseases of olive trees: do they exist?

Bellardi, Mg, 1983:
Virus diseases of orchidea

Milne, Ks, 1980:
Virus diseases of orchids

Hsieh, S.; Han, Y., 1975:
Virus diseases of orchids caus

Mali, Vr, 1982:
Virus diseases of ornamental and medicinal plants in Marathwada

Asjes, Cj, 1984:
Virus diseases of ornamental bulbs and strategies for control

Singh, Bp, 1979:
Virus diseases of ornamental crops and role of weeds in the perpetuation of virus diseases

Singh, B.; Srivastava, K., 1976:
Virus diseases of ornamental plants and their control

Sastry, Ksm, 1979:
Virus diseases of ornamental plants retrospect and prospect India

Kuhne, H., 1981:
Virus diseases of ornamentals and vegetables in Hamburg

Nougayrede, P., 1980:
Virus diseases of palmipeds or domestic Anatidae

Hagedorn, Dj, 1974:
Virus diseases of pea, Pisum sativum

Kalinichenko, A.; Sadovskii, I., 1982:
Virus diseases of peach and cherry trees in the southern part of the Ukrainian SSR

Nyland, G.G.lmer, R.; Moore, J., 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. Prunus ring spot group

Williams, H.; Wadley, B.; Wagnon, H., 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. Asteroid spot

Nichols, Cw, 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. Peach blotch

Wagnon, H.; Traylor, J.W.lliams, H., 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. Peach calico

Pine, Ts, 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. Peach mosaic

Helton, Aw, 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. Peach mottle

Kenknight, G., 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. Peach rosette

Mircetich, S.; Fogle, H., 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. Peach stem pitting

Blodgett, Ec, 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. Peach wart

Pine, T.; Gilmer, R., 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. Peach yellows

Cochran, L.; Hutchins, L., 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. Phony

Klos, Ej, 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. Red suture

Klos, Ej, 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. Rosette mosaic

Wagnon, H.; Williams, H.; Traylor, J., 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. Stubby twig

Kenknight, G., 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. Weak peach

Gilmer, R.; Blodgett, E., 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. X-disease

Schlocker, A.T.aylor, J., 1976:
Virus diseases of peach. Yellow bud mosaic

Anonymous, 1940:
Virus diseases of peaches

Marco, S.F.ank, Z., 1977:
Virus diseases of peanuts in Israel

Marchoux, G.S.lassie, K.; Pochard, E., 1986:
Virus diseases of peppers

Derbyshire, Jb, 1981:
Virus diseases of pigs

Williams, A.O.ufemi; Mbiele, A.L.N.ouka, N., 1988:
Virus diseases of plants in Africa

Keener, Paul, D., 1954:
Virus diseases of plants in Arizona

Anonymous, 1973:
Virus diseases of plants: papers of a virusological conference held in Warsaw, September 19-20, 1971

Anonymous, 1976:
Virus diseases of plants; papers of a virological conference organized by the Plant Protection Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, November 16-17, 1973

Anonymous, 1976:
Virus diseases of plants; papers of the IXth Virusological Conference organized by the Plant Protection Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, in Warsaw, November 22-23, 1974

Anonymous, 1971:
Virus diseases of plants; papers of the Virusology Conference organized by the Committee for Plant Protection of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw on November 17-18, 1969

Anonymous, 1978:
Virus diseases of plants; papers of the XIth Virusological Conference, organized by the Committee for Plant Protection of the Polish Academy of Sciences, in Warsaw, November 22-23, 1976

Anonymous, 1977:
Virus diseases of plants; papers of the Xth Virusological Conference, organized by The Plant Protection Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences held in Warsaw, Dec. 15-16, 1975

Anonymous, 1979:
Virus diseases of plants; proceedings

Kirkpatrick, H.; Fulton, R., 1976:
Virus diseases of plum and prune. Plum line pattern

Wagnon, H.; Williams, H., 1976 :
Virus diseases of plum and prune. Prune diamond canker

Gilmer, R.; Nyland, G.M.ore, J., 1976:
Virus diseases of plum and prune. Prune dwarf

Seidl, V., 1983:
Virus diseases of plum trees

Anonymous, 1973:
Virus diseases of potato in India and their control

Zakharov, Ai, 1974:
Virus diseases of potato plantings in the foothill area of the Stavropol Territory

Almaniiazov, Ea, 1978:
Virus diseases of potatoes

Mirsaakhmedov, 1974:
Virus diseases of potatoes and cymlings in Uzbekistan

Ambrosov, Anton-Lavrent'-Evich, 1975:
Virus diseases of potatoes and measures for controlling them

Peterson, L.M.glavs, U., 1972:
Virus diseases of potatoes and the cultivation of healthy seed potatoes in Latvia

Vitenko, V.; Khandyborenko, T., 1976:
Virus diseases of potatoes and their negative effects on yield

Augier-De-Montgremier, H., 1977:
Virus diseases of potatoes in North America, susceptible of being introduced in France

Zhigailo, I.G.ebeniuk, M., 1973:
Virus diseases of potatoes in the forest steppe of the Ukraine

Gabriel, W.B.dnik, J.K.czmarek, U.S.aszewicz, M.S.istowski, H.T.rska, E.Z.klukiewicz, K., 1973:
Virus diseases of potatoes: review of literature

Allan, Wh, 1981:
Virus diseases of poultry

Jeyarajan, R.D.raiswamy, S., 1986:
Virus diseases of pulses and their management

Babovic, M., 1980:
Virus diseases of red clover in Yugoslavia

Amatya, P.M.nandhar, H., 1986:
Virus diseases of rice and legume crops in Nepal: status and future strategies

Shikata, E., 1986:
Virus diseases of rice and leguminous crops in Japan

Abu-Bakar, A.; Hashim, H., 1986:
Virus diseases of rice and leguminous crops in Malaysia

Chandrasrikul, A.D.sthaporn, S.K.ttipakorn, K., 1986:
Virus diseases of rice and leguminous crops in Thailand

Nisi, Y., 1974:
Virus diseases of rice and thei

Anjaneyulu, A., 1986:
Virus diseases of rice in India

Ou, S.; Rivera, C., 1969:
Virus diseases of rice in Southeast Asia

Wathanakul, L.W.erapat, P., 1969:
Virus diseases of rice in Thailand

Devergne, Jc, 1976:
Virus diseases of roses

Giorgetti, G.S.ovacricchi, T., 1981:
Virus diseases of salmonids

Hedene, Ka, 1973:
Virus diseases of seed

Drozdovskaia, L.; Korneeva, I., 1971:
Virus diseases of several drug plants

Faye, P., 1969:
Virus diseases of sheep

Martin, Wb, 1981:
Virus diseases of sheep and goats

Sidor, C., 1971:
Virus diseases of some economically important insects harmful to poplars

Chenulu, Vv, 1982:
Virus diseases of some important pulse crops with special reference to mung bean, urd bean and gram, and their control

El-Hammady, M;;;, 1982:
Virus diseases of some medicinal plants in Egypt. III. Effect of single and double infection with CMV cucumber mosaic virus and PVX potato virus X on the alkaloids of Datura stramonium L. leaves

Cameron, Hr, 1976:
Virus diseases of sour cherry. Bark splitting in Montmorency cherry

Parker, K.; Fridlund, P.; Gilmer, R., 1976:
Virus diseases of sour cherry. Green ring mottle

Cheney, P.; Parish, C.; Johnson, F., 1976:
Virus diseases of sour cherry. Pink fruit

Blodgett, E.; Aichele, M., 1976:
Virus diseases of sour cherry. Virus gummosis of Montmorency

Kirby, H.; Sinclair, J., 1987:
Virus diseases of soyabeans and their control

Murav'-Eva, Mf, 1976:
Virus diseases of soybeans

Buiukli, Em, 1981:
Virus diseases of soybeans in the Moldavian SSR

Johnson, D.; Mink, G.G.ry, W., 1988:
Virus diseases of squash in Washington

Topchiiska, M., 1972:
Virus diseases of stem pitting a

Schimanski, H.; Kegler, H.G.uber, G., 1979:
Virus diseases of stone fruit in the GDB

Marenaud, C.L.nsac, M., 1976:
Virus diseases of stone fruit trees. III. Line pattern

Marenaud, C.M.zy, K., 1977:
Virus diseases of stone fruit trees. IV. Prunus ring spot

Marenaud, C.B.ukourci, F., 1978:
Virus diseases of stone fruit trees. V. Prune dwarf

Lapierre, H., 1980:
Virus diseases of straw cereals

Ferris, D.J.nes, R., 1994:
Virus diseases of subterranean clover pastures and their management

Polak, J.B.rnardova, H.P.valova, J., 1982:
Virus diseases of sugar beet in Czechoslovakia in period 1975-1981 and proposed steps to decreasing of their harmfulness

Sylvester, E.S.; Severin, H.H.P., 1953:
Virus diseases of sugar beets in California

Kang, M.; Bhatti, D., 1974:
Virus diseases of sugarcane

Ammar, Ed, 1983:
Virus diseases of sugarcane and maize in Egypt

Cameron, Hr, 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Albino

Hansen, A.; Gilmer, R., 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Apple chlorotic leaf spot and other filamentous virus infections in Prunus

Cheney, P.; Blodgett, E.; Parish, C., 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Black canker

Parish, C.; Cheney, P.; Anthon, E., 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Blossom anomaly of cherry

Anonymous, 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Cherry boron rosette

Cheney, P.; Parish, C., 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Cherry mottle leaf

Nyland, G., 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Cherry rasp leaf

Hansen, A.; Cheney, P., 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Cherry twisted leaf

Tremaine, Jh, 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Cucumber mosaic virus infection in Prunus

Williams, H.; Cameron, H., 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Freckle fruit

Davidson, T.; Allen, W., 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Fruit pitting of sweet cherry

Welsh, M.; Cheney, P., 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Little cherry

Nichols, Cw, 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Rough bark of sweet cherry

Wadley, B.; Nyland, G., 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Rusty mottle group

Parish, C.; Cheney, P., 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Short stem

Blodgett, E.; Aichele, M., 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Spur cherry

Wadley, Bn, 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Sweet cherry rough fruit

Gilmer, Rm, 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Tobacco mosaic virus infection in Prunus

Hansen, Aj, 1976:
Virus diseases of sweet cherry. Xylem aberration

Boothroyd, Cw, 1981:
Virus diseases of sweet corn

Ragozzino, A., 1983:
Virus diseases of sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) in Campania. II. Cucumber mosaic virus; alfalfa mosaic virus; broadbean virus; mixed infections

Kaminska, M.R.sso, A.; Shvets, S.; Mustiatse, G., 1976:
Virus diseases of the Cyclamen

Bivol, T.; Karacharova, L., 1980:
Virus diseases of the apple

Romero-Cano, J.C.razo-Monge, G., 1982:
Virus diseases of the artichoke and their detection Cynara scolymus, Spain.1

Henecoteaux, M., 1977:
Virus diseases of the cat

Pagani, G.; Pozza, O., 1969:
Virus diseases of the cat. iI

Sukhov, K.S., 1964:
Virus diseases of the early potato in the Moscow region and measures of their control

Bach, A., 1981:
Virus diseases of the freesia (Freesia X hybrida) in the region of Krakow

Vindimian, M.; Roncador, I., 1979:
Virus diseases of the grapevine, mycoplasmas and rickettsia

Buhlmann, G., 1980:
Virus diseases of the honeybee

Andrieiev, Iev, 1974:
Virus diseases of the mucous mem

Sidor, C., 1983:
Virus diseases of the noctuid Mamestra oleracea

Bazeliuk, Fm, 1981:
Virus diseases of the pepper in the Moldavian SSR

Martinez-Lopez, G., 1978:
Virus diseases of the potato and their control

Belak, S.P.lfi, V., 1979:
Virus diseases of the respiratory and digestive organs in sheep

Kita, J., 1972:
Virus diseases of the respiratory tract of horses

Kegler, H.S.himanski, H.; Schmidt, J., 1980:
Virus diseases of the stone fruit in German Democratic Republic

Graichen, K.K.rl, E.K.tscharmasov, V.M.ller, H.B.rck, B., 1980:
Virus diseases of the strawberry in German Democratic Republic and the possibilities of its control

Polak, J., 1979:
Virus diseases of the sugarbeet in Czechoslovakia from 1975 to 1977

Patel, B.; Patel, G., 1985:
Virus diseases of tobacco and their management

Kubo, S., 1981:
Virus diseases of tobacco plants

Kubo, S., 1986:
Virus diseases of tobacco plants in Japan

Sikora, Ej, 1994:
Virus diseases of tomato

Averre, C.; Gooding, G., 1973:
Virus diseases of tomato and their control

Agranovsky, A.; Anisimoff, B., 1986:
Virus diseases of tomato in Ethiopia

Besedina, Va, 1981:
Virus diseases of tomato in the Krasnodar Territory and sanitation of seed plants from VTM

Vlasov, Iui, 1970:
Virus diseases of tomatoes in southern regions and foundations of their control

Twardowicz-Jakusz, A., 1980:
Virus diseases of umbelliferous vegetables in Poland

Rana, G. L.; Vovlas, C., 1971:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. V. A mosaic of eggplant.

Vovlas, C.M.rtelli, G.; Quacquarelli, A., 1971:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. VI. The complex of ringspots of chicory

Vovlas,, G., 1972:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. VII. Lens esculenta Moench. as a natural host of pea enation mosaic virus

Vovlas, C.A.gelis, A., 1972:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. VIII. A mosaic disease of cowpea

Anonymous, 1972:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. X. The mosiac of celery

Vovlas, C.M.rtelli, G., 1973:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. XI. The reddish ringspot of broadbean

Vovlas, C.Q.acquarelli, A., 1975:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. XVII. A yellow mosaic of lettuce induced by chicory yellow mottle virus

Rana, G.; Vovlas, C., 1975:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. XVIII. Shoe stringing of broadbean (Faba vulgaris Moench. var. major)

Savino, V.C.stellano, M., 1978:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. XX. Enations of tomato

Savino, V.G.llitelli, D., 1979:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. XXI. Cucumber mosaic virus in parsley and celery

Vovlas, C., 1978:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. XXII. A line pattern of parsley induced by the RS strain of chicory yellow mottle virus

Vovlas, C.P.azzollo, P., 1983:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. XXIX. Chicory yellow mottle virus (CYMV) in celery

Savino, V.D.-Franco, A., 1980:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. XXV. Malformations of tomato plants caused by potato virus Y

Di-Franco, A.G.llitelli, D., 1980:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. XXVI. Rhizomania of Swiss chard

Vovlas, C.R.sso, M., 1981:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. XXVII. Chickpea yellows

Russo, M.S.vino, V1; Vovlas, C., 1982:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. XXVIII. Broadbean stain Italy, Vicia faba var. major

Avgelis, A.Q.aquarelli, A., 1973:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. xIII. two diseases of celery caused by strains of celery mosaic virus (CeMV)

Russo, M.M.rtelli, G.; Vovlas, C., 1973:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. xIV. broadbean wilt virus in broadbean and bush red pepper

Vovlas, C.R.sso, M.M.rtelli, G., 1973:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Apulia. xV. the translucent mosaic of broadbean

Augeles, A., 1981:
Virus diseases of vegetable crops in Crete. 3

Kovacs, J., 1974:
Virus diseases of vegetable paprika

Milbrath, Gm, 1974:
Virus diseases of vegetables

Avgelis, A.V.vlas, C., 1972:
Virus diseases of vegetables crops in Apulia. IX. A yellow vein melting of beet

Saharan, Gs, 1971:
Virus diseases of vegetables in Kangra District and their control

Winsow, Ji, 1984:
Virus diseases of vegetables in isolated fields and attempts to control them

Agius, C., 1982:
Virus diseases of warm water fish

Brakke, Mk, 1987:
Virus diseases of wheat

Tosic, M., 1971:
Virus diseases of wheat in Serbia. I. Isolation and determination of the wheat streak mosaic virus and brome mosaic virus

Gerdts, M.; Nyland, G.O.enauf, G.; Larue, J., 1979:
Virus diseases reduce growth and yield of peach trees in California: progress report

Goret, P., 1979:
Virus diseases with slow development. Introduction to the study of etiological relations between neurotropic slow pathological processes of animals and humans

Hrcek, L., 1971:
Virus diseases--a serious problem of Yugoslavian viticulture

Mokra, V., 1979:
Virus diseass of bulb and tuberous ornamentals under the climatic conditions of Czechoslovakia. V

Gómez, C.Elena.; Nájera, Jé.Luis.; Domingo-Gil, E.; Ochoa-Callejero, L.; González-Aseguinolaza, G.; Esteban, M., 2007:
Virus distribution of the attenuated MVA and NYVAC poxvirus strains in mice

Field, H.-Cambridge-University, C., U.; Owen, L., 1988:
Virus drug resistance

Misra, A.P.lasa, H., 1984:
Virus ecology

Gibbs, Aj, 1983:
Virus ecology--struggle of the genes Plants, virus transmission, vectors, including insects

Harris, R.; Stevenson, J., 1979:
Virus elimination and rapid propagation of grapes in vitro

Tabanelli, D.; D'Ascenzo, D.; Santilli, I.; Ricci, A.; Primio, R. di; Bertaccini, A., 2004 :
Virus elimination from Rosso di Sulmona garlic and RT-PCR controls on mericlones obtained after micropropagation

Scatozza, F., 1978:
Virus encephalitis of swine: etiology, epidemiology and diagnostic criteria

Jerabek, J.C.rny, L., 1977:
Virus encephalomyocarditis in swine

Koltin, Y.; Mevarech, M.; Bruenn, J., 1995:
Virus encoded toxin of the corn smut Ustilago maydis

Burger, D.F.rrell, R.; Gorham,. Jr.;, 1957:
Virus enteritis described as serious threat to ranchers

Moraillon, A.P.rodi, A.M.raillon,, B., 1979:
Virus enteritis enzootic in a mink farm in Charentes

Kontrimawitschus, L.; Kisary, J., 1979:
Virus enteritis in geese

Gorham, Jr; Burger, D., 1959:
Virus enteritis in mink

Kontrimavichus, L.K.ssar, J., 1979:
Virus enteritis of geese

Burger, D.F.rrell, R.; Gorham,. Jr.;, 1958:
Virus enteritis of mink

Hansen, M., 1983:
Virus enteritis.

Marsh, M.; Helenius, A., 1989:
Virus entry into animal cells

Klein, R.; Wyatt, S.; Kaiser, W., 1986:
Virus eradication from a bean germplasm collection

Schilde, L., 1980:
Virus eradication through tissue culture techniques Breeding and development of potatoes

Bachi,, J.; Howe, C., 1977:
Virus erythrocyte membrane interactions

Tosic, M., 1982:
Virus etiology of sugarbeet infectious root dwarfing (rizomania)

Hombrouck, A.; D.R.jck, J.; Hendrix, J.; Vandekerckhove, L.; Voet, A.; D.M.eyer, M.; Witvrouw, M.; Engelborghs, Y.; Christ, F.; Gijsbers, R.; Debyser, Z., 2007:
Virus evolution reveals an exclusive role for LEDGF/p75 in chromosomal tethering of HIV

Gibbs, M.; Armstrong, J.W.iller, G.; Gibbs, A., 1997:
Virus evolution; the past, a window on the future?

Fuchs, F., 1978:
Virus excretion by vaccinated swine after their contact with swine fever virus

Sebbel, H., 1976:
Virus free apple trees now at hand

Nijjar, G.; Kapur, S., 1976:
Virus free citrus plants for the Punjab growers

Sansavini, S.B.ssi, D., 1978:
Virus free clones of Golden Delicious their behavior on various rootstocks

Yamaguchi, A., 1978:
Virus free materials in fruit trees

Leemans, V., 1972:
Virus free plants: availability for growers

Fuentealba, A., J., 1983:
Virus free potato plants through apical meristems

Usol'-Tsev, Nv, 1976:
Virus free potatoes require protection

Starrantino, A.T.rranova, G., 1979:
Virus free seedlings obtained by the in vitro culture of nucelli of Clementine mandarin

Romanenko, Vf, 1975:
Virus gastroenteritis diseases of swine

Stepanek, J.M.nsik, J.R.zkosny, V., 1974:
Virus gastroenteritis in pigs: the production of antibodies in sows in places with different epizootological courses of the infection

Kulesko, I.; Sobolev, N., 1974:
Virus gastroenteritis in swine

Stepanek, J., 1969:
Virus gastroenteritis of pig

Bisaro, D.; Gardiner, W.; Sunter, G.C.ang, I., 1986:
Virus gene transfer offers hope for genetic pest control

Anonymous, 1987:
Virus genes

Heinrich, Hw, 1977:
Virus genesis of diarrhea in calves in their first days of life

Karamucheva, L.Z.ivkov, V., 1978:
Virus genome and its trauscripti

Tai, Gq, 1981:
Virus granuloses of red-costate tiger moth (Amsacta lactinea Cramer)

Isaacs, A.; Lacey, B.W., 1959:
Virus growth and variation

Stosser, R., 1980:
Virus gummosis of stone fruits

Kozusnik, Z., 1971:
Virus hepatitis in ducks and its types

Fenske, G.K.hne, L.M.inhart, H.W.lhelm, A., 1975:
Virus hepatitis in geese. Impact on goslings

Enchev, S.S.ishkov, N.G.urov, B., 1981:
Virus hepatitis of broiler chick

Adamiker, D., 1970:
Virus hepatitis of ducklings under the electron-microscope. II. Observations on the spleen and muscle

Teiiurina, L., 1983:
Virus hepatitis types A and B

Weiner, L.; Johnson, R., 1977:
Virus host cell interactions in slow virus diseases of the nervous system

Horvath, J., 1979:
Virus host plant relationship and viral differentiation

Chen Li; Fan MinZhou; Wei JunFeng; A.D.Rong; Quan Xin, 2007:
Virus identification and screening virusicides of pepper virus disease in Shaanxi province

Hughes, G.J.; Willey, S.J.; Cochrane, A.; Leen, C.; Bell, J.E.; Simmonds, P., 2007:
Virus immunocapture provides evidence of CD8 lymphocyte-derived HIV-1 in vivo

Webster, C.; Coutts, B.; Jones, R.; Jones, M.; Wylie, S., 2007:
Virus impact at the interface of an ancient ecosystem and a recent agroecosystem: studies on three legume-infecting potyviruses in the southwest Australian floristic region

Hakkaart, F.; Versluys, J., 1981:
Virus in Passiflora caerules through meristem culture

Wellings, F.; Mountain, C.; Lewis, A., 1977:
Virus in groundwater

Siegl, G., 1983:
Virus in sewage sludge: epidemiological factors and practical conditions for an effective sludge processing

Anonymous, 1973:
Virus in the control of insects

Palfi, A., 1974:
Virus inactivating effect of various wastewater treatment me thods

Martinsen, James Stanley, 1962:
Virus inactivation by glycidaldehyde

Wolf, H.; Safferman, R.; Mixson, A.; Stringer, C., 1974:
Virus inactivation during tertiary treatment

Yates, M.; Gerba, C.; Yates, S., 1984:
Virus inactivation in the subsurface

Gailhofer, M.T.aler, I.R.cker, W., 1977:
Virus inclusions in the cell wall and in the protoplast from in vivo cultivated Armoracia tissues

Amelunxen, F.T.aler, I.G.ele, T., 1969:
Virus inclusions in the cytop

Larsen, Ec, 1974:
Virus indexing of some pear cultivars

Moyer, J.; Kennedy, G., 1978:
Virus indexing used to boost yam production

Campbell, A.; Sparks, T., 1977:
Virus induced changes in the growth of pome fruit trees

Fenwick, A.L.rson, R.; Reeves, P.; Richards, C.; Panella, L., 2007:
Virus induced gene silencing of a gene repressing flowering in sugar beet

Fritzsche, K.; Heffels, U.; Kaleta, E.F., 1981:
Virus induced infections of the pigeon

Pastoret, P.; Schoenaers, F., 1977:
Virus induced neonatal calf diarrhoea

Capoor, S.; Viswanath, S.; Rao, D.; Pandey, P., 1978 :
Virus induced tumors in citrus in India

Ilbäck, N-Gunnar.; Frisk, P.; Mohamed, N.; Gadhasson, I-Lill.; Blomberg, J.; Friman, Göran., 2007:
Virus induces metal-binding proteins and changed trace element balance in the brain during the course of a common human infection (coxsackievirus B3) in mice

Pradeep Sharma; Narayan Rishi; Sharma, P.K., 2007:
Virus infecting cotton: an overview

Balogh, A.; Borbély, G.; Cséke, C.; Udvardy, J.; Farkas, G.L., 1979:
Virus infection affects the molecular properties and activity of glucose-6-P dehydrogenase in Anacystis nidulans, a Cyanobacterium. Novel aspect of metabolic control in a phage-infected cell

Hardtl, H., 1973:
Virus infection and chimeras of Ligustrum vulgare

Tulegenov, Ta, 1979:
Virus infection and chloroplasts of plants

Aratake, Y.K.shimura, K., 1973:
Virus infection and inhibition

Poste, G.; Nicolson, G., 1977:
Virus infection and the cell surface

Dunn, A.J.; Powell, M.L.; Meitin, C.; Small, P.A., 1989:
Virus infection as a stressor: influenza virus elevates plasma concentrations of corticosterone, and brain concentrations of MHPG and tryptophan

Bockstahler, Le, 1969:
Virus infection caused double bundle ribonucleic acid from plants

Rusetsky, N.V., 2006 :
Virus infection effect on economic propeties of potato plants

Wood, G.; Fry, P., 1974:
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Virus infection of oilseed rape, a potential threat to vegetable crops

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Virus infections in cats

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Virus infections of domestic mammals

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Virus infections of laboratory rodents

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Virus infections of relevance in industrialized poultry production

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Virus infections of the apple and recovery

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Virus infections of the respiratory passages of horses and of their possible control

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Virus inhibitor from Datura metel L. Tobacco mosaic virus

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Virus inhibitors in bush red peppers

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Virus isolated from stillborn piglets

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Virus leaf roll and biochemical composition of potato plants

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Virus lies in wait for plant diseases

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Virus like cotton anomaly due to soil manganese toxicity recorded in Sao Paulo

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Virus like factors in yeast

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Virus like injuries of avocado induced by arthropods

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Virus like particle of 14nm in

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Virus like particles in caterpillars of Porthetria dispar forests, biological control

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Virus like particles in caterpillars of the gypsy moth Porthetria dispar L

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Virus like particles in fungi

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Virus like particles in the phloem tissues of carrots infected with yellows and containing mycoplasm like organisms

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Virus like particles in yeast isolation and infectivity

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Virus lyophilization

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Virus may provide natural control of fall armyworms

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Virus monitoring protocol for the information collection requirements rule

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Virus morphology

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Virus mosaic disease of plums and possibilities of its control

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Virus mosaic disease of plums, methods of transmission and diagnosis of the disease

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Virus mosaic disease of the plum and decline of our plum industry

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Virus mosaics on raspberry

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Virus movement into groundwater from septic tank systems

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Virus movement through the infected plant tissues: The rate and forms of the movement and factors affecting it

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Virus multiplication and aphid

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Virus mycoplasma--what does it mean to the grower

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Virus neutralization reaction re

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Virus neutralizing antibodies in the blood serum of piglets treated with attenuated virus morbus Aujeszkyi

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Virus neutralizing antibodies in the colostrum and milk of sows vaccinated with ethanol for control of the virus of Aujeszkys disease

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Virus of infectious bursitis (Gumboro disease) in chicken

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Virus of Freesia streak on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus

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Virus of citrus fruits in Japan

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Virus of common cucumber mosaic in the zone of the natural center and ways of its spreading

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Virus of cucumber mosaic on Echinocystis lobata Michx. torr. et gr.)

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Virus of cytoplasmic polyhedrosis of Culex pipiens pipiens

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Virus of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis and infectious pustulous vulvovaginitis (IBR IPV) incidence, importance, epizootiology, and control of infection in cattle

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Virus of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis and infectious pustulous vulvovaginitis--latent infection of bulls. 2. identification of virus from pelletized bull semen

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Virus of mucosal disease as the causal agent of enzootic abortions in cattle stocks in Czechoslovakia

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Virus of plum trees--limiting factor of production of sensitive varieties of stone-fruit

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Virus of softening (rubbery) wood of apple tree

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Virus of watermelon mosaic

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Virus or Mycoplasma--what does it mean to the grower

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Virus particles (leukosis

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Virus particles and mycoplasma like organisms in cells of oat infected with pseudorosette disease

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Virus particles in Aspergillus foetidus: a multicomponent system

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Virus particles infected the erythrocytes of cultured eel in Taiwan

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Virus pathogens of Culicidae (mosquitos)

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Virus pellionellus

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Virus persistence during the processing of foodstuffs of animal origin

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Virus persistence in pigs during the Aujeszkys disease

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Virus plant host relationships in the presence of rifamycine

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Virus pneumonia of calves in industrial units

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Virus pneumonia of swine

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Virus population in the harvest of 1971--conclusions for the culture in 1972

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Virus poses serious threat to winter barley

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Virus preparation for control of cabbage pests

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Virus production and the public sector

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Virus production in chicken fibroblast treated with desoxyribonucleic acid of XC rat cells transformed by Rous virus

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Virus propagation in embryonating eggs

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Virus protein boosts Bt

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Virus purification

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Virus receptors

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Virus rejection by the reverse osmosis-ultrafiltration processes

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Virus removal by polyelectrolyte-aided filtration

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Virus removal in Hawaiian soils

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Virus removal in activated sludge sewage treatment

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Virus resistance of red clover breeding specimens

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Virus resistibility in the liqu

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Virus resitance of corn hybrids and lines

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Virus respiratory diseases in ca

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Virus sensitivity to chlorine disinfection of water supplies

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Virus shedding birds complicate Newcastle disease eradication

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Virus structure

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Virus to control leaf roller

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Virus transport through solid beds

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Virus ultrafilatration

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Virus uptake and interaction in yeasts

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Virus vaccine Suipestfil

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Virus vaccine against infectious laryngotracheitis in poultry

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Virus variants as immunizing agents

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Virus vector vaccines

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Virus yellow threatens sugarbeets

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Virus yellows control accessible to every farm

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Virus- und Bakterienkrankheiten der Erbse

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Virus-free lilies born in test tube

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Virus-free material for healthier vineyards

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Virus-resistant crops to be tested

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