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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17671

Chapter 17671 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hamm, A., 1981:
Water-quality aspects of gravel ponds with regard to the recreation use

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Water-quality aspects of ground-water recharge in Israel

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Water-quality assessment and wastewater-management alternatives for Dardenne Creek in St. Charles County, Missouri

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Water-quality assessment for Arvada Reservoir, Denver metropolitan area, Colorado

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Water-quality assessment of Francis E. Walter Reservoir, Luzerne and Carbon Counties, Pennsylvania

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Water-quality assessment of South-Central Texas

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Water-quality assessment of White River between Lake Sequoyah and Beaver Reservoir, Washington County, Arkansas

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Water-quality assessment of part of the Upper Mississippi River Basin, Minnesota and Wisconsin

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Water-quality assessment of part of the upper Mississippi River basin study unit, Minnesota and Wisconsin

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Water-quality assessment of part of the upper Mississippi River basin, Minnesota and Wisconsin--ground-water quality in an agricultural area of Sherburne County, Minnesota, 1998

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Water-quality assessment of southern Florida

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Water-quality assessment of the Albemarle-Pamlico Drainage Basin, North Carolina and Virginia

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Water-quality assessment of the Albemarle-Pamlico drainage basin, North Carolina, and Virgina, 1992-95

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Water-quality assessment of the Albermarle-Pamlico drainage basin, North Carolina and Virginia

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Water-quality assessment of the Arkansas River Basin, southeastern Colorado, 1990-93

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Water-quality assessment of the Carson River ground-water basin, Nevada and California

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Water-quality assessment of the Central Arizona Basins, Arizona and northern Mexico--enviromental setting and overview of water quality

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Water-quality assessment of the Connecticut, Housatonic, and Thames River Basins Study Unit

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Water-quality assessment of the Cook Inlet basin, Alaska

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Water-quality assessment of the Cypress Creek watershed, Warrick County, Indiana

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Water-quality assessment of the Delmarva Peninsula, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia

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Water-quality assessment of the Delmarva Peninsula, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia--analysis of available ground-water-quality data through 1987

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Water-quality assessment of the Frank Lyon, Jr., nursery pond releases into Lake Maumelle, Arkansas, 1991-1996

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Water-quality assessment of the Great Salt Lake basins, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming

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Water-quality assessment of the Hudson River basin in New York and adjacent states

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Water-quality assessment of the Illinois River Basin, Arkansas

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Water-quality assessment of the Kanawha-New River Basin, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina

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Water-quality assessment of the Kentucky River Basin, Kentucky

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Water-quality assessment of the Las Vegas Valley area and the Carson and Truckee River basins, Nevada and California, nutrients, pesticides, and suspended sediment, October 1969-April 1990

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Water-quality assessment of the Lower Susquehanna River Basin, Pennsylvania and Maryland

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Water-quality assessment of the Merced River, California, in the 1977 water year

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Water-quality assessment of the New England Coastal Basins in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island

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Water-quality assessment of the Ozark Plateaus study unit, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma

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Water-quality assessment of the Ozark Plateaus study unit, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, habitat data and characteristics at selected sites, 1993-95

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Water-quality assessment of the Potomac River Basin

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Water-quality assessment of the Potomac River Basin basin description and analysis of available nutrient data, 1970-90

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Water-quality assessment of the Puget Sound Basin, Washington

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Water-quality assessment of the Puget Sound Basin, Washington, nutrient transport in rivers, 1980-93

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Water-quality assessment of the Rio Grande Valley study unit, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas

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Water-quality assessment of the Rio Grande Valley, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas

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Water-quality assessment of the South Platte River Basin, Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming

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Water-quality assessment of the South Platte River basin, Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming, 1992-95

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Water-quality assessment of the Trinity River Basin, Texas

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Water-quality assessment of the Upper Snake River Basin, Idaho and western Wyoming

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Water-quality assessment of the White River Basin, Indiana

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Water-quality assessment of the eastern Iowa basins

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Water-quality assessment of the upper Illinois River Basin in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin

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Water-quality assessment of the western Lake Michigan drainages

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Water-quality changes during a salmon run in an interior Alaskan stream

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Water-quality characteristics and ground-water quantity of the Fraser River Watershed, Grand County, Colorado, 1998-2001

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Water-quality characteristics and trends for selected sites in or near the Earth Resources Observation Systems (EROS) Data Center, South Dakota, 1973-2000

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Water-quality characteristics for selected streams in Lawrence County, South Dakota, 1988-92

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Water-quality characteristics in the Black Hills area, South Dakota

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Water-quality characteristics of New Jersey streams

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Water-quality characteristics of five tributaries to the Chesapeake Bay at the Fall Line, Virginia, July 1988 through June 1993

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Water-quality characteristics of inflow to and outflow from B. Everett Jordan Lake, North Carolina, 1982-86

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Water-quality characteristics of inflow to and outflow from Falls Lake, North Carolina, 1982-87

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Water-quality characteristics of selected public recreational lakes and ponds in Connecticut

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Water-quality characteristics of selected streams in Park County, Colorado, September 1999

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Water-quality characteristics of streams in the Piceance Creek and Yellow Creek drainage basins, northwestern Colorado, water years 1977-81

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Water-quality characteristics of the Columbia Plateau regional aquifer system in parts of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho

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Water-quality characteristics of the Slate and East rivers, Colorado, during the winter recreational season, December 1996

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Water-quality characteristics of the Snake River and five tributaries in the upper Snake River Basin, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, 1998-2002

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Water-quality characteristics of urban storm runoff at selected sites in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, February 1998 through April 2002

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Water-quality characterization of the Spring River basin, southwestern Missouri and southeastern Kansas

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Water-quality conditions and an evaluation of ground-and surface-water sampling programs in the Livermore-Amador Valley, California

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Water-quality conditions and relation to drainage-basin characteristics in the Scituate Reservoir Basin, Rhode Island, 1982-95

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Water-quality conditions during low flow in the lower Youghiogheny River basin, Pennsylvania, October 5-7, 1998

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Water-quality conditions of the lower Boise River, Ada and Canyon Counties, Idaho, May 1994 through February 1997

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Water-quality conditions, hydrologic budget, and sources and fate of selected trace elements and nutrients in Boulder Reservoir, Boulder, Colorado, 1997-98

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Water-quality data (July 1994 through September 1996) and statistical summaries of data for surface water in the Sand Coulee Coal Area, Montana

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Water-quality data analysis of the upper Gunnison River watershed, Colorado, 1989-99

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Water-quality data and description of biota for selected watersheds of the Limited Use Area, Vernon Ranger District, Kisatchie National Forest, Louisiana, September 1996 through March 1997

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Water-quality data and estimated loads of selected constituents in five tributaries to the Chesapeake Bay at the Fall Line, Virginia, July 1993 through June 1995

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Water-quality data and methods of analysis for samples collected near a plume of sewage-contaminated ground water, Ashumet Valley, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 1993-94

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Water-quality data collected in a coastal marsh, Orleans, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, March 1993 through January 1998

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Water-quality data collected on Prairie Island near Welch, Minnesota, 1998-99

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Water-quality data for 90 community water supply wells in New Jersey, 1994-95

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Water-quality data for Doughty Springs, Delta County, Colorado, 1903-1994, with emphasis on sulfur redox species

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Water-quality data for pharmaceuticals, hormones, and other organic wastewater contaminants in U.S. streams, 1999-2000

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Water-quality data for selected wells in Harrison County, Mississippi, April 1998

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Water-quality data for the Ohio River from New Cumberland Dam to Pike Island Dam, West Virginia and Ohio, June-November 1992

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Water-quality data for the Ohio River from New Cumberland Dam to Pike Island Dam, West Virginia and Ohio, June-October 1995

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Water-quality data for the Ohio River from New Cumberland Dam to Pike Island Dam, West Virginia and Ohio, May-October 1993

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Water-quality data for the Ohio River from Willow Island Dam to Belleville Dam, West Virginia and Ohio, June-November 1992

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Water-quality data for the Ohio River from Willow Island Dam to Belleville Dam, West Virginia and Ohio, June-October 1994

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Water-quality data for the Ohio River from Willow Island Dam to Belleville Dam, West Virginia and Ohio, June-October 1995

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Water-quality data for the Ohio River from Willow Island Dam to Belleville Dam, West Virginia and Ohio, May-October 1993

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Water-quality data for the Rio Grande between Picacho Bridge near Las Cruces and Calle del Norte Bridge near Mesilla, New Mexico, 1996-97

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Water-quality data needs for small watersheds

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Water-quality data, San Joaquin Valley, California, March 1985 to March 1987

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Water-quality data-collection activities in Colorado and Ohio

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Water-quality data-collection activities in Oregon

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Water-quality effectiveness of a detention

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Water-quality engineering in natural systems

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Water-quality improvement by ground-water recharge

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Water-quality improvements for farmstead and rural home water systems

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Water-quality in sand and gravel aquifers in Maine: the influence of acid deposition, agriculture, and other non-point contamination sources

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Water-quality modelling: a comparison of transport-oriented and ecology-oriented approaches

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Water-quality monitoring in the United States

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Water-quality reconnaissance of ground water in the inhabited outer islands of Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia, 1984-85

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Water-quality reconnaissance of selected water-supply lakes in eastern Kansas

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Water-quality requirements for the dairy and food industries

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Water-quality survey of twenty-four stormwater wet-detention ponds (final report)

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Water-quality trend analysis and sampling design for the Souris River, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, and Manitoba

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Water-quality trends in the Rio Grande

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Water-Quality Trends in the Nation's Rivers

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Water-quality, lithologic, and water-level data for wells in Tulare Basin, Kings, Kern, and Tulare counties, California, August 1990 to February 1993

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Water-quantity and water-quality aspects of a 500-year flood

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Water-recycle washing of refined soybean oil: plant scale evaluation

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Water-regulating action of agromeliorative methods in drained heavy soil-grounds of Smolensk Region

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Water-regulating and soil-protective role of non-moldboard tillage of sloped lands Erosion control, Ukrainian SSR.1

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Water-regulating effectiveness of forest shelterbelts in the Central forest-steppe

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Water-regulating effectivness of ground hydrotechnical constructions on slopes

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Water-regulating role of swamps in conditions of the monsoon climate of the Far East

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Water-regulation function of mountainous spruce and beech stands

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Water-regulation in distributed raised-bog peat deposits in the Netherlands--towards a better understanding of the environmental conditions required for raised-bog regeneration

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Water-related disasters, climate variability and change

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Water-related disasters, climate variability and change: results of tropical storms in East Asia

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Water-related disease outbreaks surveillance

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Water-related scientific activities of the U.S. Geological Survey in Nevada, fiscal years 1997 and 1998

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Water-related teaching activities

Anonymous, 1983:
Water-related technologies for sustainable agriculture in U.S. arid

Anonymous, 1983:
Water-related technologies for sustainable agriculture in arid

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Water-releasing capacity of grass and legumes seed

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Water-repellent legs of water striders

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Water-repellent preservative treatment of brick molding prior to factory priming improves paint service life

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Water-resistant plywood of the Oplata type

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Water-resistant sex pheromones in lycosid spiders from a tropical wet forest

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Water-resisting qualities and h

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Water-resources investigations report

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Water-retaining capacity and proteins of leaves and chloroplasts in plants with different drought resistance

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Water-retaining capacity in the loamy sandy soils of Kulunda steppe

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Water-retaining capacity of the

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Water-retaining forces in cells of various plants in connection with their resistance to dessication and freezing during formation of extracellular ice

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Water-retaining forces in the cells of various plants in relation to their resistance to dehydration and freezing during formation of extracellular ice

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Water-retaining forces of the cells of winter wheat leaves and tillering nodes with regard to their resistance to slow freezing and desiccation

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Water-retention capacity of some representatives of the families Chenopodiaceae and Compositae under the conditions of the Kara-Kalpak part of Ust-Urt

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Water-retention properties of seventeen Oklahoma soils

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Water-retention properties of some soils in Slovenia

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Water-right problems in small hydro schemes

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Water-rock interaction

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Water-run versus granular trifluralin for the control of dodder in alfalfa--1987

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Water-salt exchange in the cells of plant tissues studies by electron microscopy

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Water-salt regime in irrigated lands of the Primorsk system

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Water-salt regime of hydromorphic soils and changes in reclamation conditions in the area of the Lower Chu River

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Water-salt regime of irrigated soils in the steppe zone of the Volga area

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Water-salt regime of ordinary and southern chernozem soils in the Southeast of the European areas of the U.S.S.R

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Water-salt regime of soils at irrigation washings in combination with rice sowing

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Water-salt regime of soils of th

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Water-salt regime of solonchak soils and reclaimed soils in the Ararat plain

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Water-salt status of Solonetzic-Solonhak soils of the Tash-Utkul mountain area in the valley of the Chu River

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Water-salt status of flooded rice field soils subsoils in the central part of the Krasnoznamenskaia irrigation system

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Water-saving weed replaces chem-fallow

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Water-saving agriculture: An urgent issue

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Water-saving equipment

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Water-saving gardening in Australia

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Water-saving irrigation in the

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Water-saving irrigation of the field. III. The effect of irrigation and investigated irrigation scheduling of water applied

Anonymous, 1984:
Water-saving technique finally accepted

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Water-saving technologies in pulp bleaching

Krutko, S.M., 2006:
Water-security role of bioengineering constructions in agricultural fields of irrigation

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Water-seeded rice

Anonymous, 1982:
Water-sensitive paper for controlling spraying

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Water-sensitivity in barley seeds. I-II

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Water-shield flame cultivation for cotton and soybeans

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Water-side injection vs band application of insecticides for sugar beet root maggot control

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Water-solubility of benzene, naphthalene, anthracene and pyrene and the formation of water-soluble complexes of these hydrocarbons with caffeine

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Water-soluble 2,4-D metabolites in green maize and bean plants

Anonymous, 1949:
Water-soluble Thionol dyestuffs

Anonymous, 1955:
Water-soluble Thionol dyestuffs M brands

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Waterfowl: after the hunt

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Waterfowl: an alternative income producing option for recreational access

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Waterfowl: income potential and problems

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Waterfowling on the Chesapeake, 1819-1936

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Waterfront development and redevelopment in Florida

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Waterfront development and utilization in Florida

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Watergate and animal health: public relations, an inevitable part of regulatory veterinary medicine

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Waterhammer considerations for PVC p ipeline in irrigation systems

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Waterhemp Control in Transgenic and Conventional Corn Varieties

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Waterhyacinth control plan for the St. johns river

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Watering Lawns and Turf and Otherwise Caring for Them

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Watering Plants

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Watering a drop at a time: drip irrigation for orchards

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Watering a lawn

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Watering african violets

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Watering and cleaning in the greenhouse

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Watering and feeding

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Watering and fertilizing Abies nordmanniana; preliminary results

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Watering and irrigation rates for cotton in the Northern Kara-Kalpak Republic

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Watering and organic fertilizer

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Watering and sprinkling systems in a greenhouse

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Watering as a modern cultivation treatment

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Watering barley

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Watering beds with porous tubing

Worley, Pl, 1982:
Watering bromeliads

Voss, A., 1985:
Watering cacti

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Watering calves in a special room on State Farms in the Biskupiec Reszelski County. i

Majewski, Ja, 1970:
Watering calves in a special room on state farms at Biskupiec Reszelski County. iI

Poulette, A., 2007:
Watering cans

Hoden, A., 1977:
Watering cattle

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Watering channels in right angle pots

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Watering device to raise ducks under confinement on deep litter system

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Watering equipment for poultry

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Watering equipment, manual and automatic

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Watering established lawns

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Watering experiments with cherries

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Watering foliage plants: can it be more exacting?

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Watering for amateurs

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Watering grass and clover, 1968

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Watering greenhouse tomatoes

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Watering guide for home gardeners

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Watering home gardens and landscape plants

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Watering home gardens and landscape plants Includes water conservation, Washington

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Watering house plants

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Watering in greenhouses

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Watering in heated beehives

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Watering in the greenhouse

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Watering lawns

Taylor, D., 1990:
Watering lawns and other turf

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Watering lawns with effluent

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Watering livestock during Northern Plains winters

Turner, William, 1996:
Watering livestock with solar water pumping systems

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Watering newly planted ornamental plants

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Watering of cattle on pastures

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Watering of crop plants by sprinkling irrigation device Fregata

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Watering of crops in the cotton complex according to the average daily stem growth

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Watering of oil palm nurseries in polybags

Quencez, P., 1975:
Watering of oilpalm nurseries in polybags by sprinkler

Zubets, V.; Es'-Kov, A., 1974:
Watering of reclaimed peat soils by capillary upward water supply (sluicing)

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Watering of sheep at their feeding with granulated feeds and feed mixtures

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Watering of vegetables

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Watering of winter wheat and lucerne by sprinkling on reclaimed land of the Ararat plain

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Watering orchids

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Watering place of agricultural animals

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Watering places of the Oriental Formosa Regional Association of Agricultural Experimentation

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Watering potted plants

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Watering poultry: characteristics and means of distribution

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Watering problems under glass and plastics on the Canary Islands

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Watering regime and the technology of overhead irrigation of sugarbeets in the south of Kazakhstan

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Watering regime of sugar beet in the climatic conditions of the Velika Morava region

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Watering revisited

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Watering seedlings

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Watering strawberries, raspberries, and black currants

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Watering sunflowers

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Watering systems

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Watering systems for broilers

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Watering systems for grazing livestock

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Watering systems for lawn & garden

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Watering technique used for the square shaped cotton fields

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Watering the field

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Watering the garden state

Taber, H.; Olson, D., 1978:
Watering the home garden use of trickle irrigation

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Watering the valley

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Watering through trenches in irrigating sloping land

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Watering tips to beat the drain on the southwests water supply

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Watering tomatoes: ground beds vs. bags

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Watering trees

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Watering trees and shrubs

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Watering trees: When, how, and how much

Anonymous, 1962:
Watering trough (continuous flow) for cattle

Walbran, Wi, 1979:
Watering turf

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Watering volume determination for containerized forest tree seedlings. II, Eucalyptus x trabutii. Watering volume determination for containerized forest tree seedlings. III, Pinus halepensis

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Watering with less work

Doxon, Le, 1994:
Watering your lawn

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Watering: a first priority

Wightman, Df, 1989:
Waterjet cutting of bakery foods

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Waterjet slitting of corrugated board

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Waterland: wait until late summer for SOCRED forest policies

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Waterlaw and the hydrologic cycle: a Texas example

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Waterless (towelette) emergency sanitation system for food-serving utensils and equipment

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Waterless cooking--influence on energy consumption and nutrient retention

Martinsen, C.; Ostrander, J., 1982:
Waterless cooking: influence on energy consumption and nutrient retention

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Waterlilies (Nymphaea)

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Waterlilies an exciting change of pace for your garden

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Waterlilies and lotuses

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Waterlilies and other aquatic plants

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Waterlilies--and no pond!

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Waterlily sign

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Waterlogged archaeological wood

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Waterlogged forests and swamps of Western Siberia as goals for forestry development

P'-Iavchenko, Ni, 1973:
Waterlogged forests and swamps of western Siberia as objectives of forest development

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Waterlogged in the West

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Waterlogged wealth

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Waterlogging Tolerance of Kentucky Bluegrass Cultivars

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Waterlogging and winter grain in non-Chernozem area

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Waterlogging as a limitation to wheat yield in an irrigated clay soil

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Waterlogging causes and measures for its prevention in Chambal command of Madhya Pradesh

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Waterlogging effects on cane growth

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Waterlogging in Hirakud ayacut

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Waterlogging in Tamil Nadu and measures suggested for improvement

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Waterlogging in the command area of Kolachi weir across Malaprabha River in Belgaum District--Mysore state

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Waterlogging limits crop growth on duplex soils

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Waterlogging means financial loss

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Waterlogging of calcareous soils and its effect on iron assimilation and nutrient ratios

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Waterlogging of felling sites

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Waterlogging--causes and measures for its prevention in Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

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Waterlogging: How it reduces plant growth and how plants can overcome its effects

Anonymous, 1976:
Waterloo farmers

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Watermanagement problems in South West Africa

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Watermark creates income, opportunity for rural women

Engle, M., 1993 :
Watermark planning ahead

Anonymous, 1984:

Anonymous, 1974:
Watermaster service in the Central Basin, Los Angeles County for period October 1, 1972 through September 30, 1973

Anonymous, 1973:
Watermaster service in the West Coast Basin, Los Angeles County for period October 1, 1972 through September 30, 1973

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Watermatex 91

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Watermatex 2000

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Watermeadows in Wessex--a re-evaluation for the period 1640-1850

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Watermellon varieties resistant

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Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum & Nakai) General aspects.1

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Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) production under mulch and trickle irrigation in the Jordan Valley

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Watermelon Fusarium wilt a new disease in this country

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Watermelon and muskmelon storage in the Crimea

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Watermelon as a food and drug

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Watermelon collection, a source of donors of resistance to anthracnose

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Watermelon cultivar evaluation trial for southern Indiana, 1986

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Watermelon cultivar observation trial for Southern Indiana, 1987

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Watermelon cultivar observation trial for southern Indiana, 1986

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Watermelon cultivar trial - Allsweet types, Spring 1992

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Watermelon cultivation in moder

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Watermelon cultivation in the future

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Watermelon culture

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Watermelon demand and dynamic price adjustments

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Watermelon diseases

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Watermelon growing

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Watermelon growth and yield reductions caused by squash bug (Hemiptera: Coreidae) feeding

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Watermelon growth, yield, and nutrition as influenced by plastic mulch and trickle irrigation

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Watermelon herbicides preemergence study

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Watermelon mosaic virus on cucum

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Watermelon mosaic virus type 2 in Iran an

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Watermelon mosaic virus, a disease of cucurbits in New Zealand

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Watermelon mosaic viruses 1 and 2 in squash on the Atlantic seaboard

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Watermelon packs a powerful lycopene punch

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Watermelon pallet containers

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Watermelon production

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Watermelon production Arkansas

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Watermelon production guide for Florida

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Watermelon production in Arkansas

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Watermelon responses to N and K fertilization - yield, leaf, and petiole sap nutrient concentrations

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Watermelon stripes. A case for the clonal mosaic model in plants

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Watermelon transplants for healthier, earlier and more profitable crops

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Watermelon varieties resistant to anthracnose

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Watermelon variety trail

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Watermelon weevil Acytopeus curvirostris persicus Thombson

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Watermelon, a food and medicinal

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Watermelon: the value of higher plasma arginine concentrations

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Watermelons and cantaloups

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Watermelons and muskmelons

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Watermelons before the fall

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Watermelons can be harvested by machines

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Watermelons in Florida

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Watermelons that outwit northern summers

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Watermelons without seeds

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Watermelons: perspectives, present situation, and outlook

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Watermelons: sample costs and production

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Watermills in the South: Rural instituitions working against modernization

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Watermills of Cumbria

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Watermites (Hydracarina) in a Jutland brook, Kousbaek by Rebild Denmark.1

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Watermites (Hydrachnellae, Acari) from standing waters in Guatemala

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Watermites from the Swiss Jura. I. Feltriidae (Acari: Prostigmata)

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Watermites in the profundalfauna of some large lakes in eastern and central Finland

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Watermoulds isolated from soil in Tsushima Island

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Watermoulds isolated from soil in Tsushima Island. 2

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Wateroordragskemas in RSA

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Waterplants and the recycling of heavy metals in an English lake

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Waterplants and wetland processes

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Waterpollution by flax retting

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Waterponding on scalds

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Waterpower resources and reconnaissance geology of sites in the Alsea River basin, Oregon

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Waterpower resources in Nehalem River basin, Oregon

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Waterpower resources in Trask River basin, Oregon

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Waterpower resources of the Bradley River basin, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

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Waterpower resources of the Wilson River basin, Oregon

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Waterproof glue in wood-working

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Waterproof leather technologies and processes

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Waterproof marine ventilation system for dry freight van containers

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Waterproof plywood from coniferous and combined woods

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Waterproofing of chalk powder

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Waterproofing of leather by u

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Waterproofing sole leather

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Anonymous, 2001:

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Waters and landscape between Sieg and Agger

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Waters and their drainage areas

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Waters containing iron cause problems

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Waters from boiling cork: study of use of extracted substances Tanins.1

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Waters less traveled

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Waters of Coweeta

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Waters of Oregon

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Waters of Polish Carpathians as a factor of the tourism development

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Waters of Zion

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Waters of hope

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Waters resources in the Poltava Region

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Watershed & range conditions on Big Game Ridge & vicinity, Teton National Forest, Wyoming

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Watershed (P.L. 566) projects, South Dakota

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Watershed 89

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Watershed 93

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Watershed Learning Activity: Coming to Terms with Geographic Scale

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Watershed Management to Meet Water Quality Standards and Emerging TMDL

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Watershed P.L. 566, Cowley County, Kansas

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Watershed Planning with the Facilitator Decision Support System

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Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act Act of August 4, 1954

Anonymous, 1994:
Watershed Restoration Acts

Anonymous, 2006:
Watershed Restoration and Enhancement Agreements Act of 2006

Anonymous, 2007:
Watershed Restoration and Enhancement Agreements Act of 2007

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Watershed Work Plan, Anderson River Watershed, (Crawford, Dubois, Perry and Spencer Counties, Indiana)

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Watershed analysis

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Watershed analysis and management (WAM) guide for tribes

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Watershed analysis in southeast Alaska in response to pacfish and congressional interest

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Watershed analysis of the Little South Fork of the Cache la Poudre River, Larimer County, Colorado

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Watershed analysis of the Salmon River watershed, Washington

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Watershed and air management

Anonymous, 1989 :
Watershed and air management caring for the land

Anonymous, 1993:
Watershed and fish habitat degradation

Anonymous, 1983:
Watershed and fisheries research at the Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station

Anonymous, 1992:
Watershed and flood prevention projects, New Mexico

Anonymous, 1990:
Watershed and hydrologic unit map, Illinois

Anonymous, 1988:
Watershed and hydrologic unit map, Missouri

Anonymous, 1986:
Watershed and hydrologic unit map, Ohio

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Watershed and point source enrichment and lake trophic state index

Bharad, G.M., 1991:
Watershed approach in rainfed agriculture

Orr, Jennifer, 2003:
Watershed assessment and remediation strategy for abandoned mine drainage in the Upper Tioga River Watershed

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Watershed assessment in the southern interior of British Columbia

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Watershed assessment model

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Watershed awards: new partnerships in water quality

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Watershed characteristic of Wadi Dafali catchments area: a case study of arid regions/Jordan

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Watershed classification based on soil stability criteria

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Watershed classification using canonical correspondence analysis and clustering techniques: a cautionary note

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Watershed conservation

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Watershed conservation and flood prevention

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Watershed considerations in land resource planning

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Watershed decisions

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Watershed development

Anonymous, 1961:
Watershed development - 1961

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Watershed development for people

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Watershed development in Asia

Purandare, A.P.J.iswal, A.K., 1995:
Watershed development in India

Lee, Sw, 1970:
Watershed development investig

Ginneken, Pieter-Van, 1983:
Watershed development planning

Anonymous, 1963:
Watershed development projects, 1963

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed development projects, 1964

Anonymous, 1962:
Watershed development, 1962

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Watershed erosion and sediment transport model

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Watershed erosion and sediment yield affecting contaminant transport

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Watershed erosion and sedimentation assessment--a case study in Illinois, United States

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Watershed erosion from ridge-till and conventional-till corn

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Watershed erosion model validation for Southwest Iowa

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Watershed erosion problem ranking

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Watershed evaluation and research system application

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Watershed evaluation checklist

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Watershed evapotranspiration prediction using the Blanney-Criddle approach

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Watershed fish production ponds

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Watershed fish production ponds: site selection and construction

Onstad, Ca, 1973:
Watershed flood routing using distributed parameters

Anonymous, 1998:
Watershed focus

Williams, J.; Hamilton, L., S., 1982:
Watershed forest influences in the tropics and subtropics

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