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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17672

Chapter 17672 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1995:
Watershed health

Lee, R.; Symons, J.; Robeck, G., 1970:
Watershed human-use level and water quality

Felando, Thomas, 1982:
Watershed improvement needs plan

Seigworth, Kj, 1968:
Watershed improvement through forestry programs in the Tennessee Valley Authority area

Anonymous, 1973:
Watershed investigation reports

Leach, D., 1970:
Watershed lake draws aquatic enthusiasts in Pacific Northwest

Adair, Jw, 1977:
Watershed land treatment a new approach

Flug, M.; Frevert, D.-K.W.tkins, D., W., 2000:
Watershed management & operations management 2000

Anonymous, 1995:
Watershed management above drinking water reservoirs

Stevenson, Gr, 1995:
Watershed management and control of agricultural critical source areas

Anonymous, 1993:
Watershed management and fish hatchery practices in the Pacific Northwest

Anonymous, 1976:
Watershed management and forest extension in North West Frontier Province

Vora, Rs, 1988:
Watershed management and forestry in upcountry Maui, Hawaii

Scholl, K.G.; Inui, Y.; Lankford, S.V., 2007:
Watershed management and landowners environmental perceptions

King, D.-M.B.hlen, C.-C.A.ler, K., J., 1993:
Watershed management and wetland mitigation

Baker, Malchus, B., 2000:
Watershed management contributions to land stewardship

Anonymous, 1988:
Watershed management field manual

Oswal, M.C., 1999:
Watershed management for dryland agriculture

Krutilla, J.; Bowes, M.; Sherman, P., 1983:
Watershed management for joint production of water and timber: a provisional assessment

Anonymous, 2000:
Watershed management for potable water supply

Johnson, Wn, 1985:
Watershed management for ski areas

Lovejoy, Sb, 1997:
Watershed management for water quality protection: are GIS and simulation models THE answer?

Draskovic, Dm, 1979:
Watershed management for water supply in Yugoslavia

Pfeffer, M.-John; Van-Abs, D.-J.B.ooks, K., N., 2003:
Watershed management for water supply systems

Rich, L.-R.T.ompson, J.R., 1974:
Watershed management in Arizonas mixed conifer forests:

Pandey, B.P., 2002:
Watershed management in Himalaya

Mccauley, Ds, 1986:
Watershed management in Indonesia: the case of Javas densely populated upper watersheds

Upadhyay, Kp, 1986:
Watershed management in Nepal under conditions of limited data and access

Anonymous, 1995:
Watershed management in Virginia

Hoover, Md, 1975:
Watershed management in lodgepole pine ecosystems

Orr, Howard, K., 1975:
Watershed management in the Black Hills

Lugo, A.-E.B.own, S.K., 1985:
Watershed management in the Caribbean

Striffler, Wd, 1985:
Watershed management in the Himalaya

Leaf, Charles, F., 1975:
Watershed management in the Rocky Mountain subalpine zone:

Chien, Ck, 1970:
Watershed management in the Un

Gray, K.M., 1958:
Watershed management in the United States of America

Leaf, Charles, F., 1975:
Watershed management in the central and southern Rocky Mountains

Buckhouse, Jc, 1987:
Watershed management in the juniper zone

Anonymous, 1976:
Watershed management major goals for national forest system lands

Pillsbury, N.; Dewalle, D., 1982:
Watershed management manpower and employer survey Trends, education, in the United States

Puglisi, S., 1970:
Watershed management measures in the Iberian Peninsula

Crowley, R., 1983:
Watershed management pays extra dividends Berkshire County Extension Service, cooperative watershed management assistance program, western Massachusetts

Shrestha, B.D., 1984:
Watershed management plan for Dhankuta Area (Belhara Village Panchayat, Dhankuta Town Panchayat, Bhirgaon Village Panchayat and Tankhuwa Village Panchayat)

Anonymous, 1957:
Watershed management policy for national forest lands

Myers, C.; Morris, M., 1975:
Watershed management practices and habitat values in coniferous forests

Gupta, R.; Tejwani, K., 1979:
Watershed management practices for rural development in India

Richter, D.; Saplaco, S.; Nowak, P., 1985:
Watershed management problems in humid tropical uplands

Klock, G.; Krammes, J., 1981:
Watershed management research in the interior West

Anonymous, 1948:
Watershed management research, Coweeta Experimental Forest, Macon County, North Carolina

Harp, J.; Laguros, J., 1984:
Watershed management technique: an integrated approach

Manbeck, Dm, 1974:
Watershed management without surface runoff

Ffolliott, P.; Thorud, D., 1975:
Watershed managements effects on many resources

Anonymous, 1979:
Watershed management, Fakot (Bhaintan watershed), District Tehri-Garhwal (U.P.)

Moore, Jg, 1968:
Watershed management--a national imperative

Meier, Mc, 1975:
Watershed management--on regulation: Need for watershed managers involvement in implementation of the 1972 Federal Water Pollution Control Act

Goldfarb, W., 1994:
Watershed management: slogan or solution?

Anonymous, 1984:
Watershed map of the Chesapeake Bay, Del., D.C., MD., N.Y., PA., VA., and W.V

Anonymous, 1986:
Watershed map, Charlevoix County, Michigan

Anonymous, 1996:
Watershed map, Little Miami River restoration project

Anonymous, 1985:
Watershed map, rivers and streams, Sherburne County, Minnesota

Hata, T.K.ra, H., 1977:
Watershed modeling and estimation of runoff change by distributed storage model

Hata, T., 1976:
Watershed modeling based on storage-flow relationship. Experimental studies on the water control system in mountainous district. iI

Donigian, A.J.; Beyerlein, D., 1993 :
Watershed modeling of agrichemicals in Walnut Creek, IA: a plan for preliminary assessment of contributions and impacts

England, Cb, 1973:
Watershed models: tools in planning land management for water and pollution control

Harlin, Jm, 1984:
Watershed morphometry and time to hydrograph peak

Kleene, J.Wesley, 1995:
Watershed nonpoint source management system

Anonymous, 2001:
Watershed of the Little Sandy River

Anonymous, 1960:
Watershed organization appraisal

Singh, G., 1977:
Watershed organizations and socioeconomic factors

Blackburn, W.; Knight, R.; Wood, M.; Merrill, L., 1980:
Watershed parameters as influenced by grazing

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed plan Mitchell Swamp-Pleasant Meadow Branch Watershed Horry County South Carolina

Anonymous, 1986:
Watershed plan and environmental assessment

Anonymous, 1982:
Watershed plan and environmental impact statement

Anonymous, 1976:
Watershed plan and environmental impact statement Pine River Watershed, Richland and Vernon Counties, Wisconsin

Anonymous, 1976:
Watershed plan and environmental impact statement, Boulder River watershed, Jefferson County, Montana

Anonymous, 1977:
Watershed plan and environmental impact statement, Deposit Watershed, Broome, Chenango, and Delaware Counties, New York

Griffin, Robert, K., 1978:
Watershed plan and environmental impact statement, Middle Creek watershed, Linn and Miami Counties, Kansas

Anonymous, 1984:
Watershed plan and environmental impact statement, South Fork Watershed

Anonymous, 1980:
Watershed plan and final environmental impact statement

Anonymous, 1979:
Watershed plan, Buck Creek, Covington County, Alabama

Anonymous, 1979:
Watershed plan, Dry Creek watershed

Riggins, R.E., 1990:
Watershed planning and analysis in action

Hartigan, J.; Smullen, J.; Bonuccelli, H.; Grizzard, T.; Roffe, K., 1977:
Watershed planning for flood control and runoff pollution management

Hartigan, J.; Bonuccelli, H., 1977:
Watershed planning for urban runoff management: impact assessment tools and an institutional framework

Jennings, Ia, 1968:
Watershed planning in Ontarios conservation authorities

Loucks, Dp, 1998:
Watershed planning: changing issues, processes and expectations

Anonymous, 1977:
Watershed pollution (Llobregat River)

Mendoza, Vb, 1978:
Watershed problems in the upper Pampanga river basin

Rowe, A.A.; Totten, L.A.; Cavallo, G.I.; Yagecic, J.R., 2007:
Watershed processing of atmospheric polychlorinated biphenyl inputs

Anonymous, 1986:
Watershed progess, Illinois

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed program evaluation

Anonymous, 1983:
Watershed program evaluation, Honey Creek, Iowa

Helms, D., 1991:
Watershed program: unique and flexible

Anonymous, 1963:
Watershed programs

Anonymous, 1997 :
Watershed progress

Anonymous, 1979:
Watershed progress map (PL-566), Delaware

Anonymous, 1987:
Watershed progress map, Indiana

Anonymous, 1990:
Watershed progress, Arizona

Coffield, Wh, 1970:
Watershed project clears glacial debris from irrigation system

Blood, Richard, A., 1970:
Watershed project evaluations in Six Mile Creek, Arkansas

Dudas, A.G.rlitz, N., 1984:
Watershed project features land treatment

Graham, C.; Allen, D., 1970:
Watershed project holds stream between flood and drought

Miller, G.; Jost, M., 1989:
Watershed project models efficient farming practices

Kerr, J., 2001:
Watershed project performance in India: conservation, productivity, and equity

Anonymous, 1982:
Watershed project progress map, West Virginia

Winston, Jm, 1974:
Watershed project sponsors seed newly constructed ditchbanks

Anonymous, 1963:
Watershed project structures

Anonymous, 1956:
Watershed projects

Anonymous, 1981:
Watershed projects and RC&D areas, Kansas

Wood,, C.-E.H.rvath, W., J., 1967:
Watershed projects and soil conservation districts

Anonymous, 1998:
Watershed projects, Kansas

Anonymous, 1984:
Watershed projects, North Carolina

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed projects--utility relocation costs

Anonymous, 1961:
Watershed protection

Anonymous, 1956:
Watershed protection (pilot)

Anonymous, 1981:
Watershed protection and flood prevention PL-566, Michigan

Anonymous, 1959:
Watershed protection and flood prevention in South Carolina

Anonymous, 1980:
Watershed protection and flood prevention program status as of October 1, 1980, Vermont

Anonymous, 1981:
Watershed protection and flood prevention program status as of October 1, 1981, Vermont

Anonymous, 1987:
Watershed protection and flood prevention progress map showing the status of structures of the state of Oklahoma

Anonymous, 1986:
Watershed protection and flood prevention, Minnesota

Anonymous, 1980:
Watershed protection and flood protection, Minnesota

Anonymous, 1992:
Watershed protection for Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Anonymous, 1988:
Watershed protection map, Tuscumbia River watershed, Alcorn and Prentiss Counties, Mississippi McNairy County, Tennessee

Smith, Gs, 1974:
Watershed protection project makes it-- a living creek

Anonymous, 1987:
Watershed protection projects, North Dakota

Anonymous, 1980:
Watershed protection projects, North Dakota, January 1981

Anonymous, 1986:
Watershed protection, project map, Chunky River watershed, Neshoba and Newton Counties, Mississippi

Solomon, R., 1987:
Watershed research for management needs: which way we ought to walk from here

Ogden, J.Iii, 1977:
Watershed research in Nova Scotia

Correll, David, L., 1977:
Watershed research in eastern North America

Correll, David, L., 1986:
Watershed research perspectives

Easter, K.W.lliam; Dixon, J.-A.H.fschmidt, M., M., 1986:
Watershed resource management

Adams, P.-W.A.kinson, W., A., 1993:
Watershed resources

Dortignac, E.J., 1956:
Watershed resources and problems of the Upper Rio Grande Basin

Roby, Kb, 1989:
Watershed response and recovery from the will fire: ten years of observation

Yasuhara, M., 1984:
Watershed response to a storm rainfall

Anonymous, 1998:
Watershed response to changes in nutrient loads

Corbett, E.; Sopper, W.; Lynch, J., 1975 :
Watershed response to partial area applications of simulated rainfall

Gifford, Gf, 1981:
Watershed responses to grazing management

Mcdonnell, Jeffrey, J., 1996:
Watershed restoration management

Swanson, Ap, 1994:
Watershed restoration on the Chesapeake Bay

Anonymous, 1992:
Watershed restoration sourcebook

Deforest, Christopher, E., 1999:
Watershed restoration, jobs-in-the-woods, and community assistance

Anonymous, 2003:
Watershed review

Archibald, Em, 1994:
Watershed sanitary survey of the California State Water Project

Shen, H.; Li, R., 1976:
Watershed sediment yield

Shrag, V.I., 1954:
Watershed soils and their agricultural usage

Anonymous, 1980:
Watershed status map, New Jersey

Anonymous, 1981:
Watershed status map, Virginia

Anonymous, 1982:
Watershed status, Idaho

Anonymous, 1985:
Watershed status, Kentucky

Anonymous, 1998:
Watershed stewardship

Conway, F.; Godwin, D.C.oughesy, M.N.erenberg, T., 2003:
Watershed stewardship education program--a multidisciplinary extension education program for Oregons watershed councils

Anonymous, 1987:
Watershed structures in Pennsylvania

Stine, Mj, 1991:
Watershed structures require maintenance

Harrold, L.; Edwards, W., 1970:
Watershed studies of agricultural pollution

Lohstroh, M., 1990:
Watershed study affects Lake Erie

Anonymous, 2000:
Watershed success stories

Anonymous, 1996:
Watershed technology electronic catalog

Anonymous, 1997:
Watershed tools directory

Pope, Larry, M., 1998:
Watershed trend analysis and water-quality assessment using bottom-sediment cores from Cheney Reservoir, south-central Kansas

Davenport, T.L.wrey, J., 1985:
Watershed water quality programs: lessons learned in Illinois

Anonymous, 2000:
Watershed weekly

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan Assunpink Creek watershed, Mercer and Monmouth Counties

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan Big Slough watershed, Sarasota County, Florida, Manatee County, Florida

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan Cherrystone Watershed, Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan Cottonwood Creek watershed, Saunders County, Nebraska

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan Cub Creek watershed, Jefferson and Gage Counties, Nebraska

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan Deer Creek watershed, Worth County, Iowa

Anonymous, 1970:
Watershed work plan Dividing Creek watershed, Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset Counties, Maryland

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan Grindstone-Lost-Muddy Creek watershed, Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb, Gentry Counties, Missouri

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan Grove River watershed, Banks and Jackson Counties, Georgia

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan Lakin Watershed, Kearny County, Kansas

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan Little Delaware Mission Creeks and Tributaries watershed, Atchison, Brown, and Jackson Counties, Kansas

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan Long Creek Watershed, Attala County, Mississippi

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan Margaret Creek Watershed, Athens County, Ohio

Anonymous, 1963:
Watershed work plan Mill Creek watershed, Elmore and Autauga Counties, Alabama

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan Mills Creek watershed, Nassau County, Florida

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan Minersville watershed, Beaver and Iron Counties, Utah

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan Plum Creek watershed, Pepin and Pierce Counties, Wisconsin

Anonymous, 1963:
Watershed work plan Prairie Creek watershed, Vigo County, Indiana

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan Rock Creek watershed, Butler and Cowley Counties, Kansas

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan Spring Creek Watershed, Johnson, Otoe, and Nemaha Counties, Nebraska

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan Standing Pine Creek watershed, Leake and Neshoba Counties, Mississippi

Anonymous, 1963:
Watershed work plan Three and Twenty Creek Watershed, Anderson and Pickens counties, South Carolina

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan Timber Creek Watershed, Cowley Butler counties, Kansas

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan Upper Big Nemaha Watershed, Johnson, Otoe, Lancaster, and Gage Counties, Nebraska

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan Willis River Watershed, Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan Willow Swamp Watershed, Bamberg and Colleton Counties, South Carolina

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan Wilson Spring Creek watershed, Wilson County, Tennessee

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan Ziegler Creek watershed, Otoe County, Nebraska

Anonymous, 1973:
Watershed work plan for Clarks Fork-Bullocks Creek watershed, York County, South Carolina and Cleveland County, North Carolina

Anonymous, 1971:
Watershed work plan for Cypress Creek Watershed, Lauderdale County, Alabama and Wayne County, Tennessee

Anonymous, 1963:
Watershed work plan for watershed protection and agricultural water management, North Fork, Powder River Watershed, Johnson County Wyoming

Anonymous, 1963:
Watershed work plan for watershed protection and flood prevention , Broad Brook Watershed, Hampshire and Hampden Counties, Massachusetts

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan for watershed protection and flood prevention, Choccolocco Creek Watershed, Calhoun, Clay, Cleburne, and Talladega Counties, Alabama

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan for watershed protection and flood prevention, Williams Creek Watershed, Blanco, Gillespie, and Kendall Counties, Texas

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan for watershed protection, flood prevention and recreation, Farm Brook Watershed, town of Hamden, New Haven County, Connecticut

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan limestone stream watershed, Maine

Anonymous, 1963:
Watershed work plan, Beardsley Watershed, Ventura County, California

Anonymous, 1963:
Watershed work plan, Black Creek Watershed, Mason County, Michigan

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan, Buffalo Creek Watershed, Ohio

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan, Elko Watershed, Elko County, Nevada

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan, Ferron Watershed, Emery and Sanpete Counties, Utah

Anonymous, 1971:
Watershed work plan, Honolua watershed, Maui County, Hawaii

Anonymous, 1963:
Watershed work plan, Joe River watershed, Kittson County, Minnesota

Anonymous, 1963:
Watershed work plan, Little Walnut-Hickory Watershed, Butler and Greenwood Counties, Kansas

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan, Mauch Chunk Creek Watershed, Carbon and Schuylkill Counties, Pennsylvania

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan, Middle Creek Watershed, Snyder, Mifflin, and Union Counties, Pennsylvania

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan, Mill Creek Watershed, Hendricks, Morgan, Owen and Putnam counties, Indiana

Anonymous, 1963 :
Watershed work plan, Monroe-Annabella Watershed, Sevier and Piute Counties, Utah

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan, Montpelier Creek Watershed, Bear Lake Couty, Idaho

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan, Muddy Fork of Silver Creek watershed, Clark, Floyd, and Washington Counties, Indiana

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan, Oil Creek watershed, Crawford, Erie, Warren, and Venango Counties, Pennsylvania

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan, Plain-Honey Creek watershed, Sauk County, Wisconsin

Anonymous, 1963:
Watershed work plan, Revolon watershed, Ventura County, California

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan, South Harpeth River Watershed, Williamson, Davidson, and Cheatham Counties, Tennessee

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan, St. Thomas-Lodema Watershed Pembina County, North Dakota

Anonymous, 1963:
Watershed work plan, Sutherlin Creek Watershed, Douglas County, Oregon

Anonymous, 1965:
Watershed work plan, Turkey Creek Watershed, Dickinson and Marion Counties, Kansas

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan, Tuscumbia watershed, Alcorn and Prentiss Counties, Mississippi and McNairy County, Tennessee

Anonymous, 1975:
Watershed work plan, Twentyfive Mile Stream watershed, Maine

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan, Twin-Rush Creek Watershed, Washington County, Indiana

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan, Upper Tradewater River Watershed, Christian and Hopkins Counties, Kentucky

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan, Walters Creek watershed, Adams County, Iowa

Anonymous, 1964:
Watershed work plan, Willow Creek-Park River Watershed, Cavailer, Pembina and Walsh Counties, North Dakota

Pardo, Rd, 1991:
Watershed year for world forests

Shukla, Bhagwan, S., 1993:
Watershed, river and lake modeling through environmental radioactivity

Dendrou, S.; Delleur, J., 1982:
Watershed--wide planning of detention basins Storm drainage systems

Anonymous, 1984:
Watershed-based dryland farming in black and red soils of peninsular India

Ning, S-Kuang.; Chang, N-Bin., 2006:
Watershed-based point sources permitting strategy and dynamic permit-trading analysis

Tiner, Ralph, W., 2002:
Watershed-based wetland planning and evaluation

Lin, Yl, 1971:
Watershed-management studies

Hallberg, G.; Libra, R.; Liu, Z.; Rowden, R.; Rex, K., 1993:
Watershed-scale water-quality response to changes in landuse and nitrogen management

Harris, Richard, R., 1995:
Watersheds 94

Zhang, Jing, 2007:
Watersheds Nutrient Loss and Eutrophication of the Marine Recipients: A Case Study of the Jiaozhou Bay, China

Richmond, R.; Rongo, T.G.lbuu, Y.V.ctor, S.I.echong, N.D.vis, G.K.stka,, L.H.mnett, M.W.lanski, E., 2007:
Watersheds and Coral Reefs: Conservation Science, Policy, and Implementation

Craddock, G., W.; Hursh, C., R., 1949:
Watersheds and How To Care for Them

Anonymous, 1995:
Watersheds and nonpoint source pollution control

Pierce, Rg, 1977:
Watersheds and strip mining

Marston, R.; Anderson, J., 1991:
Watersheds and vegetation of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem

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Watersheds for water management

Morgan,. Jr.;, 1986:
Watersheds in Hawaii: a historical example of integrated management

Anonymous, 1981:
Watersheds in Louisiana

Roberts, Mc, 1972:
Watersheds in the rural-urban fringe

Csallany, Sandor, C., 1972:
Watersheds in transition

Lane, Ph, 1972:
Watersheds in transition: managing the watershed of the Los Angeles Aqueduct System

Street, Wh, 2001:
Watersheds in watershed restoration: the role of public and private partnerships in implementing restoration programs in the Chesapeake Bay region

Anonymous, 1981:
Watersheds map, North and South Rivers basin, Norfolk and Plymouth Counties, Massachusetts

Daiaz-Fierros-Viqueira, F.; Nauanez-Delgado, A.; Laopez-Peraiago, E., 1993:
Watersheds of Galicia

Revenga, Carmen, 1998:
Watersheds of the world

Anonymous, 1990:
Watersheds progress, Illinois

Anonymous, 1986:
Watersheds, Barton County, Kansas

Anonymous, 1988:
Watersheds, Blackfoot River drainage, Granite, Lewis & Clark, Missoula, and Powell Counties, Montana

Anonymous, 1987:
Watersheds, Gratiot County, Michigan

Anonymous, 1987:
Watersheds, Isabella County, Michigan

Anonymous, 1988:
Watersheds, Pine Creek Conservation District, Whitman County, Washington

Anonymous, 1986:
Watersheds, Wyoming

Girhammar, U.N.kamura,, B., 1986:
Watersoluble pentosans from wheat and rye--chemical composition and some physical properties in solution

Anonymous, 1955:
Waterspreading in Libya

Newman, Jc, 1963:
Waterspreading on marginal arable areas

Cunningham, Gm, 1976:
Waterspreading--Cobar Byrock District

Bierhuizen, Jf, 1981:
Watersupply and irrigation in the open and under protected cultivation

Nielsen, P.P.rrochet, P., 2000:
Watertable dynamics under capillary fringes: experiments and modelling

Fausey, N.; Ward, A.; Brown, L., 1991:
Watertable management and water quality research in Ohio

Fogiel, A.; Belcher, H., 1990:
Watertable management effects on soil structure

Mccaffery, A.; Grogan, A., 1992:
Watertable watch

Mcfarlane, G.-B.N.rman, C., 1993:
Watertable watch program

Bovin, Gp, 1980:
Watertightness of hydraulic concrete structures

Anonymous, 1968:
Watervervuiling en waterzuivering in de Eemvallei

Zama, F.A.corsi, C.; Mantovani, G., 1979:
Waterwastes from sugar industry. Physico-chemical and biological parameters for better purification with less energy consumption

Anonymous, 1984:
Waterway bills propose differing user-fee plans

Anonymous, 1943:
Waterway connecting the Tombigbee and Tennessee rivers, Ala. and Miss

Chaplin, Peter, H., 1989:
Waterway conservation

Mann, Jn, 1972 :
Waterway remodelling and flood-plain controls in the Dandenong Valley

Lee, K., 1976:
Waterway system in moving soybeans

Singer, P., 1983:
Waterway user fees: who picks up the tab?

Anonymous, 1983:
Waterway user fees: who picks up the tab? Transportation costs, effect on agricultural prices

Kane, Md, 1987:
Waterway user taxes to help finance future harbor, river improvements

Anonymous, 1948:
Waterways Experiment Station, Mississippi River Commission

Anonymous, 1979:
Waterways system and commodity movement maps

Bernhart, L., 1982:
Waterways to the future

Atkinson, I.; Rolfe, C., 1995:

Streeter, S., 1987:
Waterworks at Versailles

Diemont, C., 1972:
Watery country

Bolla, Gk, 1969:
Watery droppings from layers

Schmidt, U.B.llwahn, W.A.tsberg, G., 1972:
Watery eczema in pigs: Pathological-anatomical findings

Nenkov, M.Z.ivkov, B., 1973:
Watery milk in cow mastitis.

Eales, A., 1987:
Watery mouth

Linklater, Ka, 1989:
Watery mouth in lambs

King, T.; Hay, L.D.nachie, W.G.lmour, J., 1988:
Watery mouth: a disease of neonatal lambs

Pearson, R.; Hall, D., 1973:
Watery rot of ripe tomato fruit caused by Pythium

Doerr, Tl, 2004:
Watery stables yield unique products

Skog, Je, 1990:
Wathenia, the correct generic name for Tanydorus (Lycopodiales) Sensu Skog, not as to type

Anonymous, 1987:
Watkins Branch watershed, Buchanan County, Virginia

Anonymous, 1986:
Watkins Nursery: a 100-year-old family tradition

Allen, Elaine, 1946:
Watkins salad book

Watling, R., 1972:
Watling papers

White, Gf, 1983:
Watr resource adequacy: illusion and reality

Cotton, Andrew, 1991:
Watsan 2000

Watson, Wc, 1989:
Watson: Future holds many opportunities.

Anonymous, 1970:
Watsonia: journal and proceedings of the Botanical Society of the British Isles

Anonymous, 1949:
Watt high lights

Anonymous, 1990:
Watt poultry yearbook

Chakravarthy, Rs, 1975:
Watts Dictionary: a landmark in the study of the economic plants of India

Fiedler, W., 1972:
Wattenmeer and Halligen: the planning of a national park

Thatsani-Anaman; Lila-Wutthikraibandit, 1999:
Watthanatham Thai kap mai nai wong yang

Anonymous, 1951:
Watthour meter maintenance

Maslin, B.R., 2001:

Saayman, Hm, 1976:
Wattle based tannin starch adhesives for corrugated cardboard containers

Campbell, Peta, 1993:
Wattle control

Anonymous, 1950:
Wattle growing methods

Schonau, A.; Boden, D.; Lourens, M., 1980:
Wattle research--silviculture

Schonau, A.; Boden, D.; Herbert, M.; Lourens, M., 1981:
Wattle research: silviculture. Re-establishment

Anonymous, 1955:
Wattle tannin and mimosa extract

Ryder, A.; Barnes, J., 1985:
Wattle tannin-bonded composite panel products-- current developments and future trends

Lebler, Ba, 1979:
Wattles in south-eastern Queensland with flowers in globular heads. 1

Lebler, Ba, 1980:
Wattles of south-eastern Queensland with flowers in globular heads

Holliday, Ig, 1976:
Wattles of the Flinders Ranges

Rogers, F., 1982:
Wattles of the Grampians Australian mountain plants, Acacia spp., description

Sheng, Tc, 1977:
Wattling and staking

Schmidt, C.E.bas-White, I.L.dwig, R., 1993:
Watts nickel and rinse water recovery via an advanced reversed osmosis system

Watts, L., 1994:
Watts with the species: Rhododendron schlippenbachii

Dirks, V.A., 1954:
Waubay and Dupree

Dewitt, Cb, 1981:
Waubesa Wetlands: a case study of wetlands preservation Wisconsin

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Waucoma twilight

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Wax emulsion coating extend storage life of fruits

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Wax fruit specimen collection at the OAC

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Wax helps harvest water

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Wax in fuel can cause problems

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Wax producing plants

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Wax, dust, dung and urine can spoil insecticides in fleeces

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Wax-paper capsules for introducing queens

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Wax-secreting glands

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Waxflowers for floriculture

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Waxing of kinoos for export

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Waxing of the gray, waning of the green

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Waxing red delicious

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Waxmoth larvae as bird feed

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Waxoline dyestuffs

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Waxy maize and Opague-2 corn

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Way and targets to imprvove roughage quality

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Way around the hay shortage

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Way better than summer school!

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Way for extending wires over hilly grape vineyards raised on a two-fold hanging screen

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Way for quicker and economical beef cattle production

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Way of determining the rheologic properties of swine excrements

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Way of further increase of the yield of old tea plantations

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Way of growing olive trees in Pantelleria

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Way of improving operation indices of vacuum creation

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Way of increasing production

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Way of increasing sheep breeding productivity

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Way of increasing the effectiveness of crop rotations

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Way of increasing the profitableness of cattle rearing starts with farm feeds

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Way of inheritance for benzomat

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Way of life of the Innu

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Way of reproduction and transformation of a society of breeders. The Maasai

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Way of the whitetail

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Way of the wilderness

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Way out from the dead end of agricultural policy and way to healthy nutrition

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Way out is out

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Way out west

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Way to group insurance in agriculture

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Way to grow! marketing membership at the Chicago Botanic Garden

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Way to high yields Cereals, fruits, vegetables, Moldavian SSR.1

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Way to high yields of cereals, Bashkir ASSR.1

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Way to increased profitableness Apiculture, Ukrainian SSR.1

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Way to keep your own sunflower seed

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Way to new agriculture

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Waybills protect stock owners

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Wayne County

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Wayne David Rasmussen: a memorial: February 5, 1915-April 30, 2004

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Wayne Fenton, 1953-2006 - Obituary

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Wayne National Forest

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Wayne National Forest (Athens Unit-Athens Ranger District) Ohio

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Wayne National Forest (Ironton Ranger District), Ohio

Anonymous, 1994:
Wayne National Forest, Athens District

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Wayne National Forest, Ironton Unit-Ironton Ranger District, Ohio

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Wayne National Forest, Ohio

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Wayne National Forest, southeastern Ohio

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Wayne National Forest: model of multiple use Ohio

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Wayne Roderick, California native plantsman

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Wayne S. Fenton, MD: a patient's perspective

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Wayne Soil and Water Conservation District resources inventory

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Wayne Fenton: impact on food and drug administration

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Waynea stoechadiana (Lichenes: Bacidiaceae) - a Mediterranean element at the Caucasian Black Sea coast

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Waynesville watershed management demonstration

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Ways & means to reduce your cost of production

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Ways agricultural aviation marketing can benefit the farm economy

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Ways and Means of Storage

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Ways and approaches to the elaboration of antidote-medicinal means in cases of poisoning by organic chlorine pesticides

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Ways and detours in the clarification of gluten structure

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Ways and extent of uniting, and the realization of the pact and autonomous contract on the uniting of farmers into collectives and the OOUR

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Ways and factors in the effective dissemination of knowledge and progress in agriculture

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Ways and goals of mechanizing commercial viticulture

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Ways and ideas on development of sheep breeding and sheep industry in Slovakia

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Ways and means for a superior utilization of milk

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Ways and means for developing India with special reference to agriculture

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Ways and means for optimum automated irrigation

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Ways and means for renewing consumption of rape oil

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Ways and means of avoiding or ameliorating resistance to insecticides Insect pests

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Ways and means of carrying out current tasks in swine breeding

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Ways and means of creating new strains of meat cattle

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Ways and means of disinfecting cattle quarters

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Ways and means of improving our diets; and half of us need to

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Ways and means of increasing nutritive value of food concentrates

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Ways and means of increasing the efficiency of feed utilization

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Ways and means of making better use of social working capacities and the material-technological basis for the further increase of efficiency in agriculture and primary food processing

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Ways and means of mechanization of measurement of stand area

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Ways and means of mechanizing the operation of cross-cutting timber into lengths

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Ways and means of providing primary and preventive health services

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Ways and means of rebuilding

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Ways and means of reducing losses in the production, storage, treatment and preservation of vegetable products under conditions of thrifty energy use

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Ways and means of reducing the time between harvesting and consumption

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Ways and means of regulating the processes of plant mineral nutrition

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Ways and means of the legumes harvesting

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Ways and means of utilizing mutations in plant breeding

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Ways and means of war

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Ways and means on disposal of c

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Ways and means to plant secondary metabolites

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Ways and means to successful retirement

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Ways and mechanisms of the influence of herbicides derived from urea on physiological and biochemical processes in plants

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Ways and methods for organoleptic control

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Ways and methods for saving sawn wood

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Ways and methods of acceleration of winter wheat breeding

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Ways and methods of creation of

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Ways and methods of forecasting

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Ways and methods of improving and rationalizing the exploitation of pastures in the western Pri-Caspian area

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Ways and methods of improving the surface of plywood depending from its destination

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Ways and methods of including private agricultural producers in the collective system

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Ways and methods of integration in the agriculture of France

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Ways and methods of medical treatment on industrial swine farms

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Ways and methods of preserving the gene pool of rare and disappearing species of local flora

Dykhanov, Nn, 1978:
Ways and methods of protecting surface waters from pollution by pesticides

Surin, Na, 1971:
Ways and methods of the selection work with spring barley in the Eastern Siberia

Shepel'-, Na, 1976:
Ways and methods of using the world collection of sorghum

Moise, S., 1980 :
Ways and methods to be applied in production for a complete exploitation of the productive potential of sheep

Echim, T., 1980:
Ways and objectives of vegetable improvement in the USA

Anonymous, 1979:
Ways and possibilities in raising the yield and in improving the performance potential and its application to plant production and animal production with effective foundation

Rashetnikau, U.; Laptseva, V.1; Shandrykava, L., 1981:
Ways and possibilities of biochemi

Krut'-, Vm, 1983:
Ways and potentials in the improvement of the effectiveness of scientific research

Wagner, F., 1975:
Ways and problems in the active measures for landscape maintenance in the Bavarian forest

Zelenskii, Ss, 1971:
Ways and results of the selection of oat at the L8gov selection station

Shefter, Iai, 1969:
Ways and technical means of an effective exploitation of wind power in livestock husbandry

Kremser, W., 1977:
Ways and wrong ways of administration rationalization

Ingalsbe, G., 1977:
Ways cooperation will work better

Machler, H., 1974:
Ways for a more effective professional forestry training and accident prevention

Kunze, A.W.ber, H., 1984:
Ways for and results of control of dysentery with less medicaments

Kirchenko, F.; Kostenko, A., 1973:
Ways for creating new high-yielding spring wheat varieties

Zhang ZiHe, 2006:
Ways for developing ecological animal husbandry for controlling stony deserts in Guizhou

Ogryzkin, Gs, 1978:
Ways for development of sheep husbandry in the Russian non-Chernozem area

Singh, B.; Yadava, B., 1979:
Ways for greater pulse production in dry land

Luers, H., 1979:
Ways for hay and ways with silage

Konig, Kh, 1976:
Ways for improving fertility of sheep by pure and crossbreeding

Bittner, K.B.azda, G.K.ppen, D.F.chter, E.S.hutt, K.; Falke, G., 1977:
Ways for maintaining quality and rationalization in potato processing by reducing frequency of handling

Khomenko, A.; Zrazhevskii, M.; Nizhko, V.; Khodos, V.; Prikhod'-Ko, N.; Chmyr, R., 1979:
Ways for regulating conditions of plant root mineral nutrition

Takemoto, H., 1974:
Ways for rice culture on a larg

Mannanov, N.; Iarovenko, G.; Emikh, B., 1971:
Ways for sanitation and increasing cotton yields

Kubis, A.Z.lecki, R., 1976:
Ways for starting plantings of common madder

Elisei, F., 1971:
Ways for the application of methods in forest measurement

Okopnyi, Am, 1977:
Ways for the further development of pedigree cattle breeding in the Ukrainian SSR

Emch, F., 1980:
Ways for the optimum full use of energy in cheese factories

Oley, W., W.; Winfield, J., A., 1954:
Ways in Which Technicians Help

Manfredi, D., 1973:
Ways in keeping present during the feeding of some categories of cattle

Rut, M.S.ros, F.H.adecek, P., 1978:
Ways in which food industry can use yeast cultivated in a synthetic ethanol medium. iI. reducing concentation of nucleic acids in yeast

Lange, W., 1974:
Ways in which the smoke room can affect the product when smoking frankfurter-type sausages

Bager, Torben, 1976:
Ways in which to cooperate for the cooperative movement, an analysis and history of the Danish cooperative movement and its future

Pel*-Section-*t, N.N., 1956:
Ways of Ust-Yurt agricultural reclamation

Stephan, S., 1970:
Ways of a directed apple scab control

Shkalikov, Va, 1973:
Ways of accelerated propagation of virus free potatoes

Veselovskii, Ia, 1973:
Ways of accelerating the selection process in interspecific potato hybridization

Novruzova, Za, 1973:
Ways of accommodative evolution of trees and shrubs to the environment

Zotova, Sa, 1973:
Ways of activating the thinking of students in chemistry cla sses

Lysova, Nv, 1980:
Ways of adaptation and hardiness of woody plants in the arid steppe of the Middle and Lower Volga area Introduction studies.1

Grigor'-Ev, Ius, 1975:
Ways of adaptation of plants to drought

Bol'-Shakov, Vladimir-Nikolaevich, 1972:
Ways of adaptation of small mammals to mountain conditions

Faidherbe, L.; Hasnaoui, N.; Deborde, I.; Morineau, J.; Lusson, J.M., 2007:
Ways of adapting to periods of drought thrifty cattle farming systems based on grazing

Narchuk, Ep, 1981:
Ways of adaptive differentiation of higher Diptera larvae (Cyclorrhapha)

Jeziorska, Z., 1974:
Ways of affecting Thielaviopsis basicola (Berk. et Br.) -Ferr. by some antagonistic fungi

Boldyrev, M.I., 1984:
Ways of agroindustrial integration in horticulture

Wust, G.B.rnitzke, H., 1983:
Ways of an improved energy utilization in the production of cereal goods

Lehmann, J., 1969:
Ways of analysing the growing

Varhelyi, I., 1976:
Ways of analysing the productivity and effectivity

Gerhardt,, H., 1982:
Ways of analytical determination of BEFFE (meat protein free from connective tissue protein) Meat processing industry.1

Baader, W.T.aer, R.T.aulsen, H., 1972:
Ways of animal waste management

Dragavtseva, Ia, 1986:
Ways of apricot culture development in the North Caucasus

Karamatic, V., 1983:
Ways of assigning a place to young cattle during fattening--merits and demerits

Poliakov, I.; Gladkina, T.; Doronina, G.; Levina, S.; Makarova, L., 1980:
Ways of automatization of forecasts of farm crop pest population dynamics

Beris, L.S.oicescu, M.P.tcu, I.P.apamaru, V., 1975:
Ways of avoiding close consanguinity in groups of reproduction pigs kept isolated

Meyerhofer, W.W.rl, D., 1977:
Ways of beer distribution in a test of performance

Matile, P., 1972:
Ways of biology: biology and agriculture

Reiss, J., 1981:
Ways of biosynthesis of mycotoxins

Lekarkin, I.; Dormanov, B., 1971:
Ways of boosting the productivity of forests of the Northwestern Caucasus

Gotimidze, T.; Maisuradze, N., 1980:
Ways of breeding Catharanthus roseus

Il'-Ina, Lg, 1984:
Ways of breeding and the merits of Saratovskaia 54 spring wheat

Bents, S., 1972:
Ways of breeding barley for feed with increased protein content

Zotova, Z.; Inozemtsev, V., 1981:
Ways of breeding farm crops for resistance to insect pests

Odintsova, I.; Shelomova, L., 1977:
Ways of breeding for resistance as related to the migration of the pathogen causing brown rust in wheat

Kuznetsov, D.; Semenova, L., 1979:
Ways of calculating the content of individual fatty acids in foods

Kuznetsova, L.; Oparina, L.; Polevaia, V.; Doman, N., 1972 :
Ways of carbon utilization by tobacco tissue cultures

Ikramov, I.; Malinskii, E.; Ikramov, I.; Pavlov, V., 1978:
Ways of caring for concrete in a dry, hot climate

Vasil'-Ev, Nf, 1977:
Ways of carrying out the program of agricultural development in the non Chernozem Zone of the RSFSR

Mel'-Nikov, V.; Kurmangalieva, S.; Leonov, V., 1984:
Ways of commerical fishery utilization of the Mainak reservoir on Charyn River (Basin of Ili River)

Bruns, H., 1970:
Ways of communication decrease the value of remaining farm property where partial areas are expropriated

Marutian, Em, 1982:
Ways of complete elimination of cattle and sheep piroplasmidoses in the Armenian SSR

Marutian, Em, 1982:
Ways of complete eradication of bovine and ovine piroplasmidoses from Armenia

Bogma, A., 1981:
Ways of completing overall mechanization in the Uzbek SSR Cotton growing areas.1

Bykov, Nn, 1974:
Ways of complex mechanization of fiber flax growing

Golubev, O.; Koriakin, M., 1974:
Ways of complex utilization of wood in the cental and lower Volga region

Orazalin, Kzh, 1976:
Ways of concentrating and specializing

Airumian, Ka, 1984:
Ways of conservation and reproduction of rare and vanishing animals of Armenia

Komarov, A.; Kotova, S., 1975:
Ways of controlling Lollium remotum

Vasetskii, V., 1974:
Ways of controlling downy mildew of onions

Zaslavskaya, Ti, 1969:
Ways of controlling labour movement and employment in the rural economy of Siberia

Luis-Berti, Arturo, 1954:
Ways of controlling pests in Venezuela

Gulubov, K., 1975:
Ways of converting collective sh

Sivashinskii, I., 1975:
Ways of converting vegetable production to an industrial basis

Anonymous, 1958:
Ways of cooking potatoes

Becker, H.-Joachim, D.; Wenzel, R., 1988:
Ways of cooperation between farms through improvement of the qualification of the farm dwellers

Poniecki, J., 1978:
Ways of correct technological work

Moraczewski, R., 1970:
Ways of cost reduction of intensive grassland fertilization

Shun'-Kov, V.; Rykov, V., 1975:
Ways of creating a center of food production within the Bratsk-Ilimsk territorial-production complex

Vereshchagin, B.; Kiskin, K.; Plugaru, S., 1971:
Ways of creating a more efficient search system in entomology based on polytomy

Andreev, Ng, 1976:
Ways of creating a stable supply of forage in the Nonchernozem zone of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic

Musalaev, Khkh, 1974:
Ways of creating cashmere and wool goat husbandry in northern Caucasus

Al'-Kov, Gv, 1980:
Ways of creating down goat farming in Altai Territory

Galstian-Avanesian, Skh, 1986:
Ways of creating initial material for the breeding of wheat using Aegilops species

Maksimenko, V.; Lubnin, A.; Larionov, I., 1973:
Ways of creating intensive-type wheat varieties

Kutsenko, Ef, 1971:
Ways of creating new high-yielding varieties of spring vetch

Matveeva, Gv, 1984:
Ways of creating new self-pollinated lines of popcorn

Tsitsin, Nv, 1976:
Ways of creating new species and forms of plants

Gorlenko, S.; Pan'-Ko, N., 1976:
Ways of creating urban ornamental plantings resistant to diseases and pests

Kudriachev, Ai, 1982:
Ways of creation of high yeilding long-term meadow lands on reclaimed peaty-boggy soils

Rusakov, G.K., 1977:
Ways of cutting agricultural production costs

Shkarupa, Pk, 1970:
Ways of cutting costs of mechani

Tkachuk, Ma, 1972:
Ways of cutting expenses in mark

Iakovlev, N.; Kezlia, M., 1970:
Ways of cutting of irrigation construction costs for grain and fodder crop rotation in the Povoljie

Rudov, O.; Meshchers'-Kyi, R., 1970:
Ways of cutting of vegetable-gro

Zheltikov, Sv, 1977:
Ways of dairy cattle farming intensification in the suburbs of Novosibirsk

Volosov, Iu, 1979:
Ways of decreasing losses and preserving the quality of potatoes during storage

D'-Iachenko, Vs, 1983:
Ways of decreasing vegetable losses during storage

Centurianu-Popescu, C., 1977:
Ways of dehydratation of the rhizocarps, to enable their rapid culinary preparation

Karamanos, Aj, 1984:
Ways of detecting adaptive responses of cultivated plants to drought. An agronomic approach

Vetter, H.F.uchtenicht, K., 1975:
Ways of determining fertilizer requirements with greater accuracy

Chirkova, T.; Nastinova, G.; Semenova, I., 1978:
Ways of detoxication of products of anaerobic metabolism in roots of plants, differing if resistance to oxygen deficiency

Milosavljeviac, Branislav, 1960:
Ways of developing agriculture

Kalinenka, Ig, 1980:
Ways of developing and introducing in production winter wheat varieties

Rodina, Na, 1980:
Ways of developing barley varieties resistant to loose smut

Kuz'-Min, Vp, 1973:
Ways of developing breeding of spring wheat in northern Kazakhstan

Akhund-Zade, I.; Kuliev, F., 1977:
Ways of developing citrus farming in Azerbaijan

Popova, A.I., 1960:
Ways of developing collective farm property

Iusupov, Biu, 1984:
Ways of developing composite hybrid populations of alfalfa

Platonov, V.I., 1956:
Ways of developing cotton growing state farms in Fergana Valley

Mukhin, N.; Semenova, N.; Sokolova, N., 1976:
Ways of developing cultivars of rye resistant to lodging

Mirakhmedov, S., 1977:
Ways of developing dwarf varieties

Mirochitskii, Fv, 1982:
Ways of developing forage production

Vorontsov, Ai, 1985:
Ways of developing forest entomology

Stern, V., 1970:
Ways of developing habitable village buildings

Tsitsin, Nv, 1977:
Ways of developing new forms of plants

Makarov, P.; Solomina, I., 1986:
Ways of developing potato varieties resistant to nematodes

Krupanin, Aa, 1976:
Ways of developing repair service of logging production enterprises

Stern, V., 1974:
Ways of developing rural settlements of the Non-Chernozem region of the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic

Perehuda, V.; Zaporozhets'-, V., 1982:
Ways of developing specialized f

Zalegaller, Bg, 1979:
Ways of developing the lower logging terminal

Semenov, Si, 1977:
Ways of developing the rearing of meat and wool sheep in Northern Caucasus

Vishnevskii, G., 1976:
Ways of developing the repair production base of collective farms

Vasiakin, Ni, 1980:
Ways of developing vetch varieties in Western Siberia

Emel'-Ianov, V.; Voropaev, V., 1981:
Ways of development and the main results of activities in the creation of automatized systems of control in land reclamation and water economy Irrigation and drainage.1

Andrienko, Tl, 1971:
Ways of development of bogs in t

Daskalov, P., 1970:
Ways of development of canning industry in Bulgaria

Rudzevich, Gi, 1976:
Ways of development of collective farm reindeer husbandry in the Yamal-Nenets National Okrug

Nikolaiuk, V.; Iarkin, V., 1984:
Ways of development of forest tree seed production in the USSR

Marincek, L.P.ncer, I.Z.pancic, M., 1972:
Ways of development of investigation and mapping of vegetation in Slovenia (Yugoslvaia)

Rysikhin, A.; Lebedev, V.; Kazarian, P., 1978:
Ways of development of urea production

Boos, G.; Kazakova, A.; Burenin, V., 1981:
Ways of development of vegetable farming in the Non-Chernozem zone of the RSFSR

Puchkov, I.; Voronkova, A., 1977:
Ways of development of wheat breeding for immunity to rust

Williams, C.-S.S.udebaker, J.-Ward, 1941:
Ways of dictatorship

Merkl, H., 1976:
Ways of differentiating protein and ground mustard

Tomasevic, B., 1971:
Ways of discovering mites in stored plant produc

Haynes, P., 1979:
Ways of disposing of wastes from dairy sheds

Schulze, K.R.usse, U., 1976:
Ways of distinguishing between natural and synthetic sausage casings

Burygin, V.; Zhurakulov, A.; Akhmedov, K., 1984:
Ways of distributing weed seeds and sources of weediness of irrigated lands in the Dzhizak Region

Hirao, Takeshi, 1978:
Ways of drying mushroom

Eres'-, Lp, 1975:
Ways of drying unretted and retted hemp straw

Bochalin, A.F., 1973:
Ways of easing seasonal fluctuations in purchasing cattle and poultry

Alekseev, Na, 1972:
Ways of economic utilization of water

Zieba, S., 1984:
Ways of economical use of energy in food economy

Babak, Bd, 1981:
Ways of economical use of feeds Fur animal husbandry.1

Perov, Nn, 1978:
Ways of effective land use for grapevine plantings

Glembotskii, Ial, 1978:
Ways of effective use of inbreeding in animal husbandry

Shnitser, S.S.ishkina, T., 1976:
Ways of effective use of material resources in the meat industry

Borovskii, Vm, 1979:
Ways of effective utilization of land resources in areas of virgin soils

Arakelov, Pb, 1979:
Ways of effective utilization of land-water resources

Sen'-Ko, Ei, 1979:
Ways of effective utilization of non-arboreal resources

Biriukov, V.; Malan'-In, A., 1979:
Ways of effective utilization of saxaul forests

Dzneladze, Ziu, 1980:
Ways of effective utilization of tea production waste products

Voronina, Eg, 1974:
Ways of effectively utilizing Entomophthora infection of Acyrthosiphon pisum

Tudel'-, Mi, 1970:
Ways of efficiency increasing of

Andreev, Ng, 1980:
Ways of efficient use of natural forage lands in conditions of intensification of cattle farming

Koren'-Kov, Da, 1973:
Ways of efficiently utilizing fertilizers and eliminating losses due to them

Kriukov, Sia, 1980:
Ways of eliminating chronical infectious diseases of cattle in the Omsk Region

Kurbatov, A., 1979:
Ways of eliminating losses of agricultural products

Filipovich, Eg, 1979:
Ways of elimination of protein deficit and limiting amino acids in the major feeds for swine and poultry

Arkhipova, Ns, 1970:
Ways of eradication of cysticercosis

Zhambakin, Zha, 1977:
Ways of establishing a forage basis for the development of animal husbandry

Garachka, M.; Auramenka, A., 1976:
Ways of establising equal economic conditions of management on collective farms

Golodriga, P.; Dranovskii, V., 1978:
Ways of expanding grapevine nursery farming

Vopenka, L.N.mec, A., 1972:
Ways of expansion and confining anhydrous ammonia in soil

Thomas,, K., 1979:
Ways of feeding a supplement to sheep

Leuillet, M., 1976:
Ways of feeding cereals for slaughter swine

Lucci, C.D.-S.G.doi, C.-De, M., 1977:
Ways of feeding concentrates to lactating cows

Urosevic, M., 1982:
Ways of feeding horses

Topchiev, Ea, 1982:
Ways of fertility preservation of irrigated soils and yield increases on the basis of the experience of operating the Krivorozhskaia Irrigation System

Koshovyi, Vp, 1978:
Ways of fetus infection in the c

Astanin, L.B.lokobyl'-Skii, P., 1975:
Ways of fish culture improvement in the Stavropol Territory

Polishchuk, Pn, 1977:
Ways of forage production intensification of dairy farms in the non Chernozem zone of the RSFSR

Klose, F., 1984:
Ways of forest ownerships in the lawful context of the forest law

Stemberger, Th, 1982:
Ways of forestry for solving the tense market situation--aspects from the Austrian point of view

Wullschleger, E., 1982:
Ways of forestry for solving the tense market situation--aspects from the Swiss point of view

Rehbock, N., 1982:
Ways of forestry for solving the tense market situation--from the German point of view

Ipat'-Ev, V.; Smoliak, L.; Blintsov, I., 1983:
Ways of forestry intensification on drained lands of Byelorussia

Afanas'-Iev, Dia, 1984:
Ways of formation and succession

Levin, E.; Levina, L., 1979:
Ways of formation of acids during the pyrolysis of bark and wood of Larix sibirica

Belova, Va, 1978:
Ways of formation of modern flora in intermountain depressions of the Baikal rift zone

Grishina, L.; Korotkov, K., 1978:
Ways of formation of specific organic substances in soil

Lashchinskii, N.; Ronginskais, A., 1971:
Ways of formation of the dry valley meadow communities in the area of the lower Angara River

Mashkina, Os, 1979:
Ways of formation of unreduced microspores in sweet cherries

Nediakov, K., 1978:
Ways of forming strong honeybee colonies

Rebmann, H., 1972:
Ways of freeing feedstuffs from residual insecticides

Riazanov, An, 1977:
Ways of fruit growing intensification in the area around Moscow

Stepanov, Sn, 1976:
Ways of fruit orchard farming intensification

Velkov, L., 1975:
Ways of fruit storage in a contr

Tsiluiko, A.P.chenyi, K., 1980:
Ways of fuel economy in the oper

Vilde, Aa, 1983:
Ways of fuel saving during soil tillage

Shkulev, Am, 1980:
Ways of further developing and improving interfarm cooperation on the collective farms of Faleshty District, Moldavian SSR

Kaubi, J., 1976:
Ways of further development of direct relations in the procurement of farm products

Kusainov, K., 1978:
Ways of further improvement of economic activities of state and collective farms in the Kokchetav Region

Toganian, Gg, 1975:
Ways of further improvement of meat-wool-dairy sheep from Lori-Pambak and northeastern zones of the Armenian SSR

Sedykh, Iu, 1977:
Ways of further increase of effectiveness of Soviet agricultural science

Khorunzhyi, Mv, 1978:
Ways of further increase of grai

Filippov, Gl, 1978:
Ways of further increase of photosynthetic efficiency of maize crops at sufficient moisture supply

Stepanow, A., 1977:
Ways of further increasing cereal production in the USSR

Stepanov, A., 1977:
Ways of further increasing grain production

Shevchyk, Mi, 1973:
Ways of further increasing the effectiveness of primary funds of collective farms in Khorol District, Poltava Region

Liubinskii, V., 1981:
Ways of further intensification of poultry meat and egg production Moldavian SSR.1

Jahns, G., 1970:
Ways of generating directional signals for the automatic guidance of farm vehicles

Polishchuk, V.; Kalinin, F., 1970:
Ways of glucose oxidation at the formation of tumors and dedifferentiation of plant tissue

Kolesnev, Sg, 1969:
Ways of gradual transition of agricultural production onto industrial basis

Filippenko, I.; Shtin, L., 1976:
Ways of grapevine breeding for resistance to powdery mildew and hardiness to winter conditions

Cadere, R., 1972:
Ways of groundwater pollution and its prevention

Bozhko, O.; Baliuk, B.; Pavkin-Zhilenkov, V., 1977:
Ways of guaranteeing reliability of tractor engines

Catinot, R., 1979:
Ways of harnessing tropical forests as a source of energy. Prospects on present and future potential

Pronina, Natal'-Ia-Borisovna, 1979:
Ways of herbicide transformation in cultivated and weedy plants

Naidin, P.; Liubarskaia, L., 1971:
Ways of hiking the effectiveness of mineral fertilizers for cereals in the nonchernozem zone

Masiuk, A., 1972:
Ways of hiking the effectiveness of production

Mashenkov, Vf, 1972:
Ways of hiking the labor productivity in agriculture

Woog, R., 1972:
Ways of identifying pigs

Rogerson, J.C.le, D., 1983:
Ways of identifying pigs Production practices, swine, ear notching tags, TaHoos, Australia

Ivanov,v; Manov, S., 1979:
Ways of implementing the decree

Griazin, Ad, 1979:
Ways of improved utilization of transport by land

Gossen, E.; Shramko, N., 1976:
Ways of improvement

Sakun, An, 1975:
Ways of improvement (intensification) of the operation of filter fields at operative sugar mills

Martin, N., 1974:
Ways of improvement in Poland and their development

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