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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17674

Chapter 17674 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hanel, A., 1980:
Ways toward an African society

Schaufler, E., 1973:
Ways with Easter gift plants to prolong your enjoyment

Patrick, Rm, 1978:
Ways with figs

Patrick, Rm, 1978:
Ways with peaches

Patrick, Rm, 1978:
Ways with pears

Kautzky, Theodore, 1949:
Ways with watercolor

Ritchie, Jd, 1977:
Ways with wild trees

Parry, J., 1978:
Ways with winter wheat

Dick, Wf, 1987:
Ways you can let your computer do the talking for you

Salamatov, M.; Dneprovskii, I., 1971:
Ways, methods and prospects for enriching the cultural flora of Siberia

Step, E.; Jackson, A.-Bruce, 1947:
Wayside and woodland ferns

Step, E., 1940:
Wayside and woodland trees

Sapieha, Teresa, 1980:
Wayside flowers of Kenya

Schmidt, Mg, 1980:
Wayside fruits

Abraitys, Vincent, 1980:
Wayside simples and grateful herbs

Corner, E.J.H., 1940:
Wayside trees of Malaya

Anonymous, 1997:
Wayup Mine

Glymour, Bruce, 2006:
Wayward modeling: Population genetics and natural selection

Wilski, Andrzej, 1960:
Wazniejsze nicienie, szkodniki roslin uprawnych

Wieserowa, Aleksandra, 1967:
Wczesnoasredniowieczne szcznatki zbaocz i chwastaow z Przemyasla

Wang, Q.; Szaniszlo, P.J., 2007:
WdStuAp, an APSES transcription factor, is a regulator of yeast-hyphal transitions in Wangiella (Exophiala) dermatitidis

Anonymous, 1976:
We bumpkins can undertake ha

Stephens, Kennard, O., 1962:
We Have Not Yet Learned

Sbarbaro, J.A., 1996:
We reap what we sow

Kellogg, Charles, E., 1957:
We Seek; We Learn

Janousek, J., 1980:
We add to the number of honeybee colonies

Skvortsov, V.T.omson, E., 1976:
We advance: Epicnaptera arborea Blocker (Lepidoptera, Lasiocampidae)

Snyder, Dp, 1979:
We all have fuzzies to take care of

Biering-Sorensen, U.H.rmansen, K.; Lund, C., 1984:
We all have a co-responsibility: reflections on striking humanity

Anonymous, 1983:
We all like milk

Anonymous, 1996:
We all live downstream

Armstrong, Dm, 1994:
We all live in a watershed

Feather, B., 1990:
We all the coats--stop the shoplifters

Roth, Hh, 1984:
We all want the trees: Resource conflict in the Tai National Park, Ivory Coast

Reilly, A.M.lins, P., 1975:
We always promise you a rose garden

Ghosh, Sri-Kali-Charan, 1948:
We and our south-eastern neighbours

Von-Gustedt, R., 1974:
We and the elderly

Grzimek, Bernhard, 1949:
We animals are certainly by no means like that

Nordstrom, O., 1971:
We are ahead

Regan, Tom, 1986:
We are all Noah

Merkel, G., 2007:
We are all connected: Globalization and community sustainability in the boreal forest, an Aboriginal perspective

Oehring, J., 1973:
We are already halfway there: agricultural machines important in the service market

Schwarzel, E., 1975:
We are because of them! III

Schwarzel, E., 1975:
We are because of them! VI

Schwarzel, E., 1982:
We are because of them. 43. Apiculturists, honeybee scientists, Europe, USA.1

Schwarzel, E., 1982:
We are because of them. 44. Beekeepers, Europe.1

Schwarzel, E., 1982:
We are because of them. 45. Apiculturists, Europe.1

Schwarzel, E., 1982:
We are because of them. 47 Apiculturists, bee scientists, Europe.1

Schwarzel, E., 1982:
We are because of them. 48 Apiculturists, bee scientists, Europe.1

Schwarzel, E., 1975:
We are because of them. IV

Schwarzel, E., 1976:
We are because of them. IX

Schwarzel, E., 1975:
We are because of them. V

Schwarzel, E., 1975:
We are because of them. VII

Schwarzel, E., 1975:
We are because of them. VIII

Schwarzel, E., 1976:
We are because of them. X

Schwarzel, E., 1976:
We are because of them. XI

Schwarzel, E., 1976:
We are because of them. XII

Schwarzel, E., 1976:
We are because of them. XIII

Schwarzel, S., 1976:
We are because of them. XIV

Schwarzel, E., 1977:
We are because of them. XIX

Schwarzel, E., 1976:
We are because of them. XV

Schwarzel, E., 1977:
We are because of them. XVI

Schwarzel, E., 1977:
We are because of them. XVII

Schwarzwel, E., 1977:
We are because of them. XVIII

Schwarzel, E., 1978:
We are because of them. XX

Schwarzel, E., 1978:
We are because of them. XXI

Schwarzel, E., 1978:
We are because of them. XXII

Schwarzel, E., 1978:
We are because of them. XXIII

Schwarzel, E., 1978:
We are because of them. XXIV

Schwarzel, E., 1979:
We are because of them. XXIX

Schwarzel, E., 1979:
We are because of them. XXV

Schwarzel, E., 1979:
We are because of them. XXVI

Schwarzel, E., 1979:
We are because of them. XXVII

Schwarzel, E., 1979:
We are because of them. XXVIII

Schwarzel, E., 1979:
We are because of them. XXX

Schwarzel, E., 1980:
We are because of them. XXXI

Schwarzel, E., 1980:
We are because of them. XXXII

Schwarzel, E., 1980:
We are because of them. XXXIII

Schwarzel, E., 1980:
We are because of them. XXXIV

Schwarzel, E., 1981:
We are because of them. XXXIX

Schwarzel, E., 1980:
We are because of them. XXXV

Schwarzel, E., 1980:
We are because of them. XXXVI

Schwarzel, E., 1981:
We are because of them. XXXVII

Schwarzel, E., 1981:
We are because of them. XXXVIII

Wissmuller, K., 1970:
We are building a fish bone milking stand with pipes

Pierce, Jc, 1970:
We are changing to meet needs of expanding markets

Leon-Diez, L., 1975:
We are destroying the Lacandona Forest

Zuno-Chavira, L., 1973:
We are destroying the universal harmony

Dalrymple, J., 2006:
We are eating well, while spending less

Typiak, P., 1973:
We are entering the era of service civilization

Haman, J., 1973:
We are facing a future mechanization explosion

Halsted, Ch, 2003:
We are fifty

Anonymous, 1956:
We are getting closer to the distant lands of Siberia

Pereira, L., 1977:
We are going to use honey

Kolybel'-Nikova, Td, 1980:
We are helping the cereal growers

Ramakaev, Khkh, 1980:
We are improving the academic process

Petrukha, Oi, 1980:
We are improving the protection of sugarbeets from pests

Natti, Ee, 1977:
We are in danger of dying

Lundsgaard, Ds, 1974:
We are in this together

Leshchenko, Fg, 1980:
We are introducing integrated systems

Pruszynski, S.; Walczak, F., 2006:
We are inviting to the cooperation with the information service Early warning system for plant pests

Husak, S.; Haager, J., 1977:
We are living with flowers

Plansky, B., 1972:
We are looking for further locations of an interesting mushroom in Czechoslovakia

Yeutter, Ck, 1987:
We are not close to a trade war

Shvydkaia, Vd, 1987:
We are not reducing the pace of work

Lopez-Gil, Al, 1973:
We are of flesh: The reason for proteins

Matsushita, K.; Murohara, T.; Yatsuya, H.; Tamakoshi, K.; Toyoshima, H., 2007:
We are on the way to finding the cutoff point for high-sensitivity c-reactive protein in Japanese

Mioduszewska, W., 1975:
We are planting trees and shrubs

Abdullaev, Sg, 1979:
We are pride with the relations with farm production

Butcher, Dr, 1987:
We are ready for the tipoff

Herment, R., 1977:
We are ready to join a large agricultural policy

Satyanarayana, K., 2007:
We are surging ahead!

Tennyson, Av, 1995:
We are the AVMA

Raiser, E., 1979:
We are the aphid eaters

Dzhibilov, Nikhail, 1948:
We are the landkeepers

Anonymous, 1989:
We are tomorrows past

Alekseevs'-Kiaei, E.E., 1960:
We are transforming the swamp into fertile soils

Pedrotti, F., 1974:
We are truly responsible for the distribution of plants

Pembry, M., 1971:
We are wasting much effort and money on farrowing losses

Anonymous, 1989:
We are what we eat

Pigenet, Michel, 1993:
We are workers and farmers

Anonymous, 1949:
We are your market

Brah, M., 1978 :
We ask the international community to help us

Hunt, Fa, 1986:
We asked for it--or did we?

Plichta, J., 1976:
We assess the fulfillment of the document on the main trends of the further development of state farms in the eastern Slovak area

Jurik, A., 1982:
We assure organized pollination of crops by honeybees, Czechoslovakia.1

Sajner, M.S.epanek, P.K.ob, R.S.mbersky, M.B.ejla, J.N.hyba, L., 1977:
We balance last years hop crop and plan for next years crop

Gesner, M., 1977:
We balance last years hop crop and plan for the next years crop

Jenkinson, J.; Toosey, R., 1971:
We beat brucellosis

Spencer, H., 2000:
We beekeepers need to educate the public about honey and honey bees

Tomcsanyi, P., 1970:
We begin the qualification of the woods vegetations

Arias, Ja, 1974:
We believe that the project for reforming the Forest Law does not fulfill or satisfy the real needs for the development of an integral National Forestry Plan. 2

Crimmins, Mary-Beth, 1978:
We belong in school foodservice

Pelton, Beulah-Meier, 1984:
We belong to the land

Pfletschinger, H., 1970:
We breed butterflies

Fleay, David-Howells, 1994:
We breed the platypus

Besse, L., 1987:
We bring em back alive: plant hunting in the tropics

Anonymous, 1965:
We bring you the finest collection of spring-flowering bulbs imported from Holland

Mittelstadt, Da, 1997:
We build our future now

Rohacek, A., 1981:
We build rock and flower walls

Cedrone, V., 1979:
We built a truckster-mounted topdresser

Hyslop, B.H.slop, K., 1978:
We built our own hydraulic ram pump

Vasev, G., 1975:
We buy more eggs and milk from p

Mace, Dr, 1976:
We call it ACME

Anonymous, 1948 :
We can all cooperate on soil conservation

Singh, R., 1978:
We can break the yield barrier in soybean

Klapper, M., 1986:
We can cope

Cederberg, S., 1974:
We can cultivate kitchen herbs.i

Axer, J., 1981:
We can do it, you can do it

Bramblett, J., 1976:
We can double corn yields

Hargrave, Hj, 1971:
We can expand Pacific agricultural trade

Schlesinger, Js, 1975:
We can feed the world, if

Sprivastava, G.; Shukla, D.; Awasthi, D., 1973:
We can grow sankalu in the plains of Uttar Pradesh

Mace, D.; Mace, V., 1974:
We can have better marriages if we really want them

Grohmann, F., 1977:
We can improve honey quality

Raskopf, Bd, 1974:
We can keep condemns to under 1 percent a year!

Mindajao, N.; Vergara, N., 1970:
We can learn from Russian forestry

Bjorkhem, U., 1976:
We can manage forest land better

Mehta, Tr, 1970:
We can maximize forage production from unirrigated areas

Nedrebo, O., 1976:
We can multiply the goat and sheep business with better management

North, Mo, 1978:
We can produce a leaner broiler

Cramer, Da, 1973:
We can produce a more acceptable lamb!

Miner, Bb, 1972:
We can reclaim plant nutrients from many waste materials

Cavojsky, V., 1976:
We can save 500 tons of honey for the sustenance of people

Blomquist, G., 1997:
We can stop contamination--this is the way to do it

Rajan, Tv, 1973:
We can wipe-out poverty in one Five Year Plan

O'-Brien, Shirley, 1982:
We can!

Hughes, B., 1976:
We cant afford to let rape become a weed

O'-Keefe, F.Jr, 1984:
We cant compete if we dont compete

Butz, El, 1976:
We cant take water for granted

Whitaker, John-Thompson, 1943:
We cannot escape history

Popov, Se, 1980:
We change over to surface tillage Cereals, sunflowers, Kabardino-Balkarsk ASSR.1

Jacobs, Herbert-Austin, 1948:
We chose the country

Krause, Kurt, 1946:
We collect wild vegetables

Hentschel, K.; Becker-Kutscher, I., 1949:
We color with plants

Tropper, A., 1977:
We congratulate Dr. Friedrich Ruttner

Anonymous, 1980:
We congratulate Georgii Grigorevich Zelenskii

Dziuba, M.; Taran, A., 1979:
We consider Varroa infestation

Fassbender, K., 1972:
We construct for apiculture

Karavianskii, N.; Kireev, V.; Klushina, E.; Akaemova, L.; Shpakov, A.; Svetlova, E., 1984:
We continue the study of seed dressers

Anonymous, 1980:
We control the health state of honeybee colonies

Treacy, Da, 1975:
We could be breeding better pigs

Johnson, O.R., 1945:
We could prevent land price inflation in Missouri

Miller, Rh, 1977:
We could select for faster milking rates

Strukov, Av, 1980:
We create new varieties

Davies, Wendy, 1990:
We cry for our land

Prochazka, F., 1975:
We cultivate the Belan flax variety

Isakov, N.; Shamaeva, A., 1982:
We develop a biomethod Biological control of insect pests, 1937-1982, USSR.1

Begunov, V.; Storozhkov, I., 1986:
We develop biomethods

Thomas, Sherry, 1989:
We didnt have much, but we sure had plenty

Andrews, C.D., 1976:
We didnt wait for the rain

Gorbatenko, Mn, 1981:
We do everything as necessary and on time for the production of cereals and forages, Zaporozhe Region, Ukrainian SSR.1

May, D., 1978:
We do it differently

Larsen, T., 1980:
We do not want a new energy statement

Berger, Af, 1971:
We dont file our client cards

Kaplan, Jk, 2003:
We dont cotton to boll weevil round here anymore

Terauds, A., 1981:
We dont have fruit flies in Tasmania

Howry, Ka, 1969:
We dont know much--about fabric flammability?

Marlenga, B., 2006:
We don't need a randomized controlled trial: youth should have a driver's license to operate tractors on public roads

Soulsby, Ejl, 1988:
We dont shoot horses anymore

Oleck, J., 1993:
We dont take food stamps

Anonymous, 1991:
We dont want to be a name dropper every species counts

Haragsim, O., 1975:
We evaluate the 1975 beekeeping year

Plichta, J., 1978:
We evaluate the fulfillment of the goals of the 6th Five-Year Plan in the agricultural organizations of the East Slovakian District

Haragsim, O., 1976:
We evaluate the honey yield in 1976

Kirov,, A., 1979:
We expect even better results.

Herrick, Jb, 1969:
We expect too much from our cattle and vaccines, medications and feeds

Kliui, Vs, 1974:
We exploit our reserves

Tetlow, H.; Tetlow, H., 1942:
We farm for a hobby and make it pay

Herivel, E.B., 1957:
We farmed a desert

Gilbert, Fabiola-Cabeza-De-Baca, 1954:
We fed them cactus

Farris, Np, 1980:
We feed the family and still give food away

Koplikov, M.; Zubenko, I.; Kazakov, V., 1980:
We find ways to increase the output of young sheep

Janalik, F., 1974:
We fulfilled the task

Humphrey, T.-C.H.mphrey, L., T., 1991:
We gather together

Stoklasa, V., 1974:
We get ready for harvesting in 1974

Janousek, J., 1983:
We get ready for the breeding season

Kolarik, S., 1977:
We get ready for the new beekeeping year

Kepena, L., 1977:
We get ready to rear queens

Kalaejs, Arvids-Jaekaba, D., 1958:
We give 1115 and 108, from the experience of Marupe kolkhoz, Rezhskii Region, Latvian SSR

Sporbert, W., 1975:
We graft Peireskiopsis seedlings

Tesak, J., 1977:
We grow Bromeliaceae

Mikaliunene, Vi, 1985:
We grow flax clean and healthy

Boullard, B., 1982:
We guard against iatrogenic diseases and mycoplasmosis Plant diseases and pests.1

Anonymous, 1945:
We had to have rubber

Harnack, Curtis, 1981:
We have all gone away

Monnier, G.M.reau, M.C.ambord, G., 1979:
We have changed the milking parlor

Rollins, H.Jr, 1982:
We have come a long way--lets look to the future International Dwarf Fruit Tree Association

Anonymous, 1968:
We have completed the fourth year, 1967

Lansigan, Np, 1969:
We have despoiled our parks and wildlife

Walker, E., 1990:
We have enough helping hands already, thank you

Iskakov, K.; Li, V., 1970:
We have eradicated foot-and-mouth disease

Becker, Wa, 1983:
We have leaner pigs; leaner broilers next! Chickens, selection, abdominal fat

Butz, El, 1973:
We have made giant strides

Pasquini, A., 1975:
We have stopped at 1927 with our civic customs

Taber, S., 1987:
We have the Varroa pest: now what happens?

Wiggins, T.E., 1994:
We have the key, can we build a lock? A strategy for the elucidation and molecular modelling of the methoxyacrylate (Qo) binding site of cytochrome b

Neururer, H., 1979:
We have to learn from mistakes. Experiences in the technique of applying plant protection substances in 1978 and recommendations for 1979

Berendt, M., 1971:
We have ways of making you grow

Williams, Ec, 1986:
We havent hit bottom yet

Loretan, M., 1996:
We help each other

Cummings, S.; Boleman, C., 2006:
We identified issues through stakeholder input--now what?

Ivanov, Oa, 1983:
We improve a system of measures

Franc, S., 1975:
We improve honeybee pasture

Iatsenko, Nd, 1983:
We improve integrated systems

Stepanov, F.; Khodzhaev, S., 1981:
We improve the chemical control method

Kozhina, L., 1975:
We improve the compensation for the work of collective farm managers and specialists

Lazarcik, M., 1982:
We improve the control system in the forest economy Czechoslovakia.1

Gordienko, F.; Kudabaev, K.Z.uzbaev, K., 1980:
We improve the quality of livestock

Tsvetkov, Fv, 1983:
We improve the use of fertilizers

Agarkov, Vm, 1986:
We improve ways of using aircraft for plant protection

Karchevskii, Lg, 1982:
We increase field productivity Cereals, crop rotations, wheat, RSFSR-in-Asia.1

Goncharov, Ei, 1980:
We increase grain production Rostov Region, RSFSR-in-Europe.1

Siniutin, Bs, 1980:
We increase productivity of the land Production of creals, grasses and silag crops, state farm, Chelyabinsk Region, RSFSR-in-Asia.1

Didenko, Vf, 1976:
We increase the effectiveness of veterinary inspection

Zalda, F., 1979:
We increase the frame size

Ernst, Aia, 1980:
We increase the production of grains and forages Altai Territory, RSFSR-in-Asia.1

Kisikov, Mk, 1978:
We introduce a new technology

Mubarakshin, Pm, 1978:
We introduce new technology

Salpagarov, Nsh, 1983:
We introduce progressive methods

Beckmann, Fritz, 1948:
We keep small animals: chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, goats and milk sheep

Farnes, Pe, 1971:
We know about snow

Henriksson, R., 1972:
We know little about the nutritional needs of animals

Jones, D.; Bester, P.; Solomon, G.; Humphreys, A., 2007:
We know what makes us vulnerable: female learners, their health and its relationship to physical education and school sports

Mehrotra, Gn, 1970:
We lack nutrition

Mcgahen, Jh, 1970:
We learn from farmers in 5-acre Corn Club

Castro, H., A., 1977:
We learn to handle meat

Anonymous, 2000:
We learn with hope

Armstrong, Anthony, 1940:
We like the country

Diulgerov, T., 1977:
We limit diseases

Kirilov, N., 1980:
We limit diseases and pests.

Czajkowski, W., 1978:
We live better

Hagen, C., 1974:
We live with environmental poisons, in diagnosis and therapy

Celis, M.J., 1945:
We love raising animals

Anonymous, 1997:
We loved the whole idea of wine: an interview with G. Hamilton Mowbray

Robinson, Wh, 1981:
We made the deans list

Pieper, R., 1974:
We make our own maple syrup

Predmersky, A., 1974 :
We mark queens, drones and workers

Ivashchenko, I.; Sheludchenko, P.; Ogol'-, V.; Suvorov, V., 1976:
We mark the first year of the Five Year Plan as being worthy

Nieweglowski, J., 1970:
We mechanize and intensify forest management in our province

Peyraud, Jc, 1981:
We meet only 20% of our protein-rich feeds

Butler, Od, 1988:
We must approve the beef checkoff on the May 10, 1988, referendum

Peters, Lg, 1983:
We must ask Strategy for developing industrial support of vocational agriculture programs in the United States

Stoasa, S., 1974:
We must be more receptive to what is new in apiculture

Fiocre, B., 1982:
We must discontinue the vaccinations against brucellosis in heifers

Fraser-Smith, Lilian, 1943:
We must eat!

Gramatikov, D., 1978:
We must enrich our honeybee past

Pearson, N., 1969:
We must face land planning

Foss, J.; Moran, G., 1984 :
We must face the soil erosion problem

Anonymous, 1952:
We must have more wool and lamb

Pearson, L., 1976:
We must improve our management

Robayo, G., 1974:
We must increase cacao production

Nilsson, Ke, 1975:
We must increase forest resources

Lopez-Michelsen, A., 1975:
We must keep the people in the country with the only inducement of a larger income approximating that earned in the cities

Dalberg, Pm, 1978:
We must manage to obtain control over direct sale offers and producers must control marketing organizations

Mcgovern, G., 1980:
We must not break the hoop of life

Seweryn, J., 1977:
We must not run out of water

Solomatin, Sn, 1981:
We must preserve beauty! Conservation of wild Orchidaceae plants in the area around Moscow.1

Zorrilla, H., L., 1974:
We must save our land

Schops, H., 1974 :
We must stay in the ball with marketing

Butz, El, 1975:
We need a higher level of economic literacy

Gonder, E., 1996:
We need a less expensive way to produce effective veterinarians

Van-Vleck, D., 1969:
We need a national sire testing program

Thomas, Jw, 2007:
We need a new age of forestry

Kijowska, W., 1973:
We need equipment for maintenance of field roads

Sobczynski, A., 1973:
We need further developments in modernization of storage fac ilities

Schmidt, Hj, 1969:
We need higher producing cows

Ashworth, Fl, 1973:
We need highly productive nut trees

Anonymous, 1949:
We need more Maryland eggs

Bailey, F., 1969:
We need more cows

Anonymous, 1940:
We need more food

Eggert, Rj, 1978:
We need more pets not fewer

Gruis, D., 2002:
We need new Play-Doh

Scott, Cl, 1979:
We need planting seed with higher quality

Baker, Ph, 1981:
We need promotion

Tello-Quijano, B., 1973:
We need security: Not only economic inversion, but the life of the peasant

Hiltl, E., 1970:
We need the dairy specialist because he also needs us

Curtis, Stanley E., 1997:
We need theoretical frameworks to potentiate application of bits and pieces of knowledge to support animal well-being

Bean, C., 1972:
We need these soil tillers

Smith, G., 1976:
We need to be able to control web speed

Meadows, Ce, 1980:
We need to get the grade population more involved

Kopernicky, J., 1979:
We need to insulate with a quilt, but also maintain ventilation

Babb, E.; Pheasant, J., 1980:
We need to keep production in line with demand

Enbom, G., 1979:
We need to maintain an aggressive horticulture association

James, G., 1972:
We need to plan now for the furture of agriculture

Taber, Dw, 1991:
We need to preserve open spaces

Lakics, R.M.ghee, M., 1978:
We need to say Thank you!

Eddy, W.-Hollis; Hawley, G.-Goodrich, 1941:
We need vitamins

Anonymous, 1990:
We need you for the summer!

Isik, K.; Esen, A., 2015:
We need your help

Loretan, M., 1991:
We needed to meet: sweetpotato scientists from four continents update each other

Neves, P., 1980:
We now produce the most expensive chinchilla pelts in the world

Illies, Joachim, 1956:
We observe and rear insects

Laksesvela, B., 1976:
We ought not to generalize about sheep husbandry and resources

Peter, Hj, 1976:
We plan and develop a farmers garden

Norgaard, O., 1976:
We plant a rock garden

Guerrier, Edith, 1941:
We pledged allegiance

Ager, John-Curtis, 1991:
We plow Gods fields

Sandkleiva, A., 1973:
We plow with a wood-carver plow

Berry, B., 1978:
We prefer long stemmed alfalfa and corn silage

Mikhailov, N., 1980:
We prefer ten-frame beehives.

Hjelset, O., 1972:
We prepare for the harvest season

Kepena, L., 1979:
We prepare reserve pollen combs

Cavojsky, V., 1979:
We prepare the 7th Five-Year Plan in apicultural research

Macicka, M., 1978 :
We prepare the construction of the Apicultural Research Institute

Bleiweis, S., 1982:
We present hitherto unknown larch tree pests

Havlicek, R., 1982:
We present old Fric plants. 2

Silny, P., 1979:
We prevent drone laying in honeybee colonies

Siniavskii, Va, 1982:
We program crop yields of cereals, Omsk Region, RSFSR-in-Asia.1

Kosi, L., 1976:
We propagate the best pollen plants

Vrataric, P., 1978:
We propose finishing touches to criteria for the establishment of forest management areas

Anonymous, 1979:
We protect our honeybee colonies

Kohler, U., 1974:
We recommend Frailea albicolumnaris Ritter

Attobra, K., 1978:
We rely on the Food and Agriculture Organization to be our interpreter at the creditor countries

Popovic, I., 1979:
We respect the ecological requirements of woody honey plants

Popova, M.G.ekova, K., 1975 :
We restore the old reputation to

Wistinghausen, E.V.n; Wistinghausen, C.-Von, 1993:
We risked that

Balazs, K.; Gevay, J., 1977:
We say it in time: works of 52 weeks in the garden

Dimitrov, M., 1981:
We search for nectar sources.

Chrostowski, M., 1973:
We search for new solutions in the mechaniation of livestock production

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We shall be able to obtain the European Communitys approval on agricultural tractors in Italy only in 1981

Zivna, E., 1978:
We shall be self-sufficient in the production of fruit trees in Slovakia

Naumkin, V., 1978:
We shall exploit honey-producing vigin land

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We shall fulfill increased programs

Totoev, V.S., 1948:
We shall grow a high crop of maize

Didovets, Sr, 1975:
We shall liquidate Hypoderma infestation in 1975

Kalita, N.; Shekhovtsov, I.; Kir'-Ianova, V., 1977 :
We shear only with the rapid method

Cederberg, S., 1974:
We should cultivate vegetables

Christiansens, M., 1977:
We should examine more closely cheese refrigeration at this time

Jacobson, R., 1976:
We should give more attention to component pricing

Umamaheswra-Rao, M., 1970:
We should make more use of seaweed

Anonymous, 1975:
We should preserve them

Schandl, J., 1969:
We should strive for better sheep feeding

Turkowski, T., 1970:
We should utilize more efficiently the ham raw material

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We simply mechanize

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We speak about the manufacture of beehives

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We still dont boil houses. II. Test procedures for particleboard used in general building construction

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We still have not finished talking about pasturing systems

Keeley, Je, 2001:
We still need Smokey Bear!

Piliushenko, I., 1983:
We strengthen our ties with science

Kartashov, Ii, 1979:
We study in an advanced trial

Kaliagin, Vv, 1975:
We successfully accomplish the Five-Year Plan

Trnka, M., 1975:
We supplement our information about winter rye

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We take from the forest. 10

Bizhev, B., 1977:
We take into account the biology of honeybee colonies

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We talked a lot, but did not acc

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We tested an alcoholic extract of propolis

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We thank you wholeheartedly

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We the insects

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We the people

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We the people, July 25, 1940

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We train agricultural specialists for member countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance

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We train specialists

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We transport honeybee colonies to archards Migratory apiculture, Czechoslovakia.1

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We treat seed only with film

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We treat sick cows dont we? The case of subclinical mastitis

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We try to freshen heifers at 24 months, 1,200 pounds

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We use all latent potentialities in pork production

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We use eroded lands.

Karelina, O.A.eeva, L., 1980:
We use the recommendations of science

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We used helicopter blades for frost control

Azuero-Manchola, R., 1973:
We wait for reinforcement from the farmers to confront the food crisis

Boning, J., 1978:
We want more than stronger engines

Anonymous, 1976:
We want you to know about: nutrition labels on food

Kains, M.G., 1941:
We wanted a farm

Blanton, H.L., 1945:
We went to see for ourselves

Haw, Clw, 1987:
We who are corporate farmers

Johnson, E., 1987:
We who are doing all right

O'-Brien, D., 1987:
We who are hanging on the edge

Hodne, C., 1987:
We whose future has been stolen

Neliubin, At, 1973:
We will accomplish the commitments of the third, decisive year of the Five-Year Plan

Grenot, C., 2001:
We will always remember Theodore Monod, the French Sahara naturalist!

Peilans, A.; Strel'-Tsova, M., 1979:
We will fulfill the tasks of the Five-Year Plan

Carlsson, I., 1976:
We will never finish the government plan

Wagenbach, H., 1977:
We will still live from the cows the day after tomorrow

Silny, P., 1979:
We winter honeybee colonies in supers

Biermann, W., 1977:
We wish to know everything about balcony plant no. 1: cooperative experiment of seven experimental institutes with seed Pelargonium varieties

Anonymous, 1995:
We wish you well

Paysen, Roswitha, 1982:
We women experiences and life support of a farm woman today

Pashkovskii, Ta, 1978:
We work in a new way

Makokha, William, 1999:
We work together

Tolen, H.T.len, P., 1976:
Wed like to tell you about some of our hangups!

Harris, D., 1987:
Well all pay

Anonymous, 1969:
Well always lose until trichinosis finally eradicated

Anonymous, 1979:
Well soon be talking miles per bushel

Young, M., 1987:
Were all growing older

Rosholt, Mn, 1995:
Were back!

Whittington, M.; Connors, J.B.dke, W., 2004:
Were bringing standards to life!

Johnstone, W.; Dum, S., 1981:
Were facing a new breed of cost-price squeeze

Huseby, I.-Brewster; Sylvester, B.-Garnet, 1943:
Were going to be better nourished

Arnosky, F.; Arnosky, P., 1999:
Were gonna be rich!

Larmour, Ta, 1969:
Were here to help

Emel'-Eiianov, I.A.P.godin, K.I., 1960:
Were improving the crop through agriculture

Toffey, We, 1998:
Were in the soil business, remember!

Carroll, Wallace, 1942:
Were in this with Russia

Barker, E., 1986:
Were inventing a new American agriculture

Anonymous, 1951:
Were joining a 4-H club

Heffley, James, 2004:
Were killing our kids

Siegel, P.G.oss, B., 1977:
Were learning how to let bird defend itself

Gadd, J., 1971:
Were losing a fiver a litter

Kerr, E., 1978:
Were mistreating the nations wood

Martz, E., 1995:
Were more than you think

Mosley, J.; Sanders, K.; Spaulding, M., 1993:
Were on the rangelandsCan crested wheatgrass survive prolonged drought?

Stein, Hs, 1973:
Were part of this picture

Bentley, Cf, 1970:
Were pouring money down the (brain) drain

Badger, Cj, 1988:
Were selling the family farm

Anderson, Bg, 1973:
Were short of calcium, too!

Quigg, Dj, 1988:
Were transferring technology--but whose is it?

Anonymous, 1988:
Weve been asked about bread and nutrition

Franklin, Ba, 1969:
Weve come a long way from the cotton field

Yeager, Jh, 1974:
Weve come a long way in livestock

Taylor, T., 1983:
Weve got PRIDE Kansas community development programs, energy conservation, Energy Blue Ribbon award guidelines

Dunbar, Jo, 1978:
Weve got to have a dream

Stanis+or-Awski, Andrzej, 1952:
We+or-na drzewna

Rolland, D., 1985:
We, the dried cows

Anonymous, 1989:
We, the first Americans

Anonymous, 1970:

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Weak enforcement of Federal sanitation standards at meat plants by the Consumer and Marketing Service, Department of Agriculture

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Weak fermentations should be avoided

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Weak forest owner communities should be helped more in the future

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Weaning--teaching your baby to drink from a cup

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Weaning-estrus interval of primiparous and pluriparous sows nursing in winter and summer

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Weaning: when and what?

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Weanling pigs show little gains from poultry fat

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Weapons against worms

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Wear and service life of the knives of mowers

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Wear and tear of the plow share can be slowed down

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Wear and the importance of lubricating in farm machinery

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Wear and wash persistence of permethrin used as a clothing treatment for personal protection against the lone star tick (Acari: Ixodidae) Amblyomma americanum, Oklahoma

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Wear and ways of increasing the longevity of the hook-knotter Hay production with balers.1

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Wear character of piston rings of tractor engines of unified range

L.X.Wen; Yang MingJin; Xie ShouYong; Yang ShuZi, 2007:
Wear condition monitoring of helical cutters based on neural network information infusion method

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Wear coveralls and aprons

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Wear determination on agricultural means of production by radioactive isotopes

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Wear geometry of the ploughshares working in sandy soils

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Wear norms for chains of potato harvesting combines KKU-2 and KKU-2A

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Wear of abrasive grains in wood polishing

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Wear of camshafts and directions of development of technologies of their restoration

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Wear of friction pairs treated by electrochemical method

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Wear of hydraulic nozzles in field sprayers Pesticide applicators, Sweden

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Wear of parts of spline joints i

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Wear of plant protection slit nozzles and antidrop valves

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Wear of pneumatic tires on large tractors

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Wear of slatted floors made from corrosion-proof steel for rearing suckling and weaned calves

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Wear of textiles

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Wear of tractor engines when operating on slopes

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Wear particles generated from studded tires and pavement induces inflammatory reactions in mouse macrophage cells

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Wear protective clothing when applying pesticides

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Wear resistance of Australian plow shares and future development

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Wear resistance of grinder working organs made from high-strength cast iron

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Wear resistance of iron-nickel coatings produced by brush plating

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Wear resistance of parts of manganese cast iron with cerium for soil working machines

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Wear resistance of the engines of ZIL-130 and GAZ-53A Truck models.1

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Wear resistance test of deposit welds

Kamel'-, G.I., 1983:
Wear resistant materials with a nickel base for building-up saw teeth

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Wear resitance of mechanically hardened working areas of piston rings of tractor engines

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Wear testing of iron- and cobalt-based alloys in simulated pulp and paper mill environments

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Wear testing of steel-surfaced plough shares of the tractor ploughs

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Wear tests on pumps for agricultural field sprayers

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Wear the right gloves

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Wear tolerance of turfgrass cultivars in the United Kingdom

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Wear tolerance om amenity amd sports turf: a review 1980-85

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Wear-in effects on loads and flow characteristics in a smooth-wall bin

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Wear-resistant concrete-polymer linings

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Wear-resistant surfacing materials in papermaking

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Wearable art

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Wearable woolens

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Weariness of soil in fruit gardens

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Wearing Tests on Fabric Blends of New and Reclaimed Wool Fiber

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Wearing and breaking of farm tractor parts

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Wearing away of parts and connections of pumps in sprinklers

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Wearing of rubber drum bars

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Wearing out of shares during operation in the Non-Chernozem zone

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Wearing process of tungsten car

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Wearing qualities of selected New Mexico wools

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Wearing tests of the edge stability of frame sawblades hardened by swaging and induction hardening Sawmill.1

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Weasler 50 degrees constant velocity universal joint

Mayhew, Rd, 1985:
Weasler 80 degree conatant velocity universal joint

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Weather & crops

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Weather - climate modeling for real-time applications in agriculture and forest meteorology

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Weather America

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Weather II

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Weather Information Management System (WIMS)

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Weather Modification Research and Technology Transfer Authorization Act of 2005

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Weather aberrations--new strategy for crop production for Uttar Pradesh

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Weather affects PRC crops

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Weather aids Board

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Weather analysis and climatological charactrisation of Banda (U.P.)

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Weather analysis and forecasting

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Weather analysis and interpretation procedures developed for the U.S

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Weather analysis for crop drying

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Weather analysis for crop insurance: Helping farmers cope with unseasonable weather

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Weather analysis with Billings Spring System in relation to the potential risk of fireblight outbreaks in italy

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Weather and 1973 crop development

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Weather and Apple Thinning in 2007

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Weather and Climate

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Weather and Climate Summary - 2006

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Weather and Food

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Weather and agricultural change in England, 1660-1739

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Weather and agricultural production

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Weather and agriculture in 1975 (southern Bavaria)

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Weather and agriculture in 1976 (southern Bavaria)

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Weather and agriculture in 1977 (Upper Bavaria)

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Weather and agriculture in 1981 in southern Bavaria

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Weather and agriculture in 1982 in southern Bavaria

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Weather and agriculture in Alberta

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Weather and agriculture in eastern Croatia in the 1977

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Weather and apiculture in June and summer

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Weather and barley yields in the Maritime Territory

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Weather and body condition in wintering Mallards Anas platyrhynchos

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Weather and canning crops

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Weather and circulation of October 1979--continued warm in the West and cold in the Northeast

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Weather and climate for 1972

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Weather and climate for farmers, gardeners, vine-growers and landscape gardeners

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Weather and climate impacts on beef cattle

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Weather and climate in Africa

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Weather and climate in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

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Weather and climate in farming

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Weather and climate in relation to agriculture

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Weather and climate information continue to improve

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Weather and climate interactions with grain yields

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Weather and climate modification

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Weather and climate modification and the future of the Sahara

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Weather and climate of Mauritius

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Weather and climate of the Great Lakes region

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Weather and climate responses to solar variations

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Weather and climate: planning and prognosis

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Weather and collection of pollen

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Weather and crop prospects - 1986

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Weather and crop prospects--1983 World situation, crop yield outlook, soil moisture conditions

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Weather and crop prospects--1984

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Weather and crop prospects--1985

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Weather and crop summary

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Weather and crop yield

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Weather and dealing with water shortages

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Weather and disease surveillance in southwest Florida

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Weather and evapotranspiration studies in a saltcedar thicket, Arizona

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Weather and farm field work

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Weather and farm prices

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Weather and farming in 1970 in Slavonia

Connoughton, M., 1974:
Weather and farming in 1973

Smith, Cv, 1979:
Weather and field work planning

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Weather and grain prices--the keys to 1989 cattle outlook

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Weather and harvests of seeds and meadow grasses

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Weather and insect pest outbreaks

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Weather and its effect on caribou behavior patterns and migration

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Weather and its prediction

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Weather and life; an introduction to biometeorology

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Weather and machine utilization-- methods of crop production within the spectrum of weather conditions

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Weather and machinery operations

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Weather and maize data for plant growth modeling

Mckee, G.W., 1991:
Weather and maize data for plant growth modeling, 1974

Jabro, J.D., 1991:
Weather and maize data for plant growth modeling, 1975

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Weather and maize data for plant growth modeling, 1977

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Weather and national life

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Weather and nectar

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Weather and optimal sowing dates of winter crops

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Weather and pastures

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Weather and pest-resistant wheat

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Weather and pesticide application

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Weather and pip fruit pollination

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Weather and plant parasitic nematodes Applications to the United Kingdom

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Weather and production prospects--1980

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Weather and production prospects: 1979

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Weather and protein content in winter wheat grain from the Tambov Region

Anonymous, 1987:
Weather and rice

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Weather and seasonal climate prediction for flood planning in the Yangtze River Basin

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Weather and supply behaviour in agriculture

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Weather and technique in hay harvest

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Weather and technology trend in corn yields in the five principal Cornbelt states from 1930 to 1980, includes fertilizer trends for 1945-1980

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Weather and technology trend in soybean yields Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Ohio

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Weather and the Sunbelt nurseryman

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Weather and the barley yields on peaty soils

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Weather and the beating down of grain crops

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Weather and the development of diseases

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Weather and the ecology of bursate nematodes

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Weather and the grain harvest

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Weather and the growth of crops

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Weather and the growth of sugarbeet

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Weather and the harvest

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Weather and the incidence of apple scab (Venturia inaequalis (Cke.) Wint.)

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Weather and the incidence of mildew (Podosphaera leucotricha (Ell. & Ev.) Salm.)

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Weather and the incidence of stem-borer (Chilo zonellus, S) in Co. 12 irrigated summer cholam at Coimbatore

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Weather and the occurrence of apple scab in the Appalachian Area

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Weather and the ocean of air

Young, Am, 1979:
Weather and the regulation of Hypothyris euclea (Nymphalidae): populations in northeastern Costa Rica

Robertson, Ts, 1980:
Weather and variation in Argynnis paphia (Linnaeus) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)

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Weather and water

Anonymous, 1979:
Weather and water allocation study for the President and Congress

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Weather and water as factors in cranberry production

Rama-Sastry, A.A., 1984:
Weather and weather forecasting

Wrage, L., 1993:
Weather and weeds: prepare for 1994

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Weather and well-being: A healthy approach to a variable climate

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Weather and world food situation

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Weather and yield of tea in Kenya

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Weather and yield variation of crops

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Weather and yield, 1950-94

Othieno, Co, 1980:
Weather and yields of tea in Kenya

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Weather and your garden in New Zealand

Lynov, Ius, 1980:
Weather anomalies and seasonal plant development in upland and highland belts of southeastern Fergana

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Weather around the world

Primault, B., 1980:
Weather as a guide for apiculture

Wu, P-Chih.; Guo, H-Ran.; Lung, S-Chun.; Lin, C-Yao.; Su, H-Jen., 2007:
Weather as an effective predictor for occurrence of dengue fever in Taiwan

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Weather aspects of different ecological areas utilized for livestock production, in the XII Region, Magallanes, Chile

Dantzman, C.-L.H.dges, E.M., 1980:
Weather at Ona, Florida

Chester, A., 1970:
Weather at Sutton Bonington 1969

Kulandaivelu, R.K.mpuchetty, N.P.laniappan, S.M.rachan, Y., 1979:
Weather at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Coimbatore 1978

Kulandaivelu, R., 1981:
Weather at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore 1980

Baldwin, John, L., 1975:
Weather atlas of the United States

Karnatz, H., 1970:
Weather balance of the winter of 1969--70

Dyer, J.; Baier, W., 1978:
Weather based selection of tractor sizes

Anonymous, 2004:
Weather based technologies for residential irrigation scheduling

Voigt, A., 1990:
Weather causes character building 1989 bedding plant season - a90 intentions and prospects are optimistic

Pagony, H., 1971:
Weather changes and the control of Lophodermium pinastri needle-cast

Piekaroczyk, K., 1970:
Weather characteristics in 1969 (as given by State Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology)

Pope, F.Jr, 1975:
Weather clouds Soviet outlook

Christensen, Sa, 1974:
Weather compensates for heat regulation. Saving oil through automation

Anonymous, 1979:
Weather conditions 1977-78

Anonymous, 1981:
Weather conditions 1981-82

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Weather conditions January 1 to August 1, 1969

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Weather conditions affecting root rot control

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Weather conditions and advanced crop farming as components of cereal yield

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Weather conditions and agriculture in Aomori Prefecture

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Weather conditions and airborne conidia of Helminthosporiumoryzae in west Bengal

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Weather conditions and infestation of soil with weed seeds USSR.1

Zimmermann, A.M.ller, M., 1981 :
Weather conditions and operating time of combine harvesters

Vaganov, E.; Sviderskaya, I.; Kondrat'-Eva, E., 1990:
Weather conditions and structure of the annual rings of trees: simulation model of the tracheidogram

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Weather conditions and sugar production in 1969

Halais, P., 1971:
Weather conditions and sugar production in 1970

Shiiatyi, E.; Ermolaev, O.; Kiseleva, L., 1986:
Weather conditions and the efficiency of mineral fertilizers in the northern part of Kazakhstan

Shifrin, B., 1979:
Weather conditions and the ri

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