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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17677

Chapter 17677 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Derr, J.; Relf, D., 1989:
Weed control in the vegetable garden

Georg, R., 1978:
Weed control in the vicinity of hop fields

Schierhorn, H., 1979:
Weed control in time is furthering quality in seed potato production

French, Cm, 1982:
Weed control in tobacco Includes calibration of sprayers

Moreno-Vazquez, R.Z.rrilla-Manas, J.; Flores-Cortinas, A.C.novas-Martinez,, E., 1972:
Weed control in tomato plantations

Miyao, G., 2000:
Weed control in tomatoes with shadeOut: a progress report

Stevenson, Ee, 1973:
Weed control in tomatoes--1973

Reynolds, D.; Crawford, S.; Rogers, R., 1994:
Weed control in transgenic Buctril herbicide tolerant cotton

Baughmann, T.; Dotray, P.; Keeling, J.; Prostko, E., 2000:
Weed control in transgenic cotton

Geminiani, E.; Bucchi, R.; Romagnoli, S.; Vandini, G.; Rapparini, G., 2006:
Weed control in transplanted cucurbits for seed production

Gill, H.; Brar, L., 1982:
Weed control in transplanted rice India

Ramborg, So, 1979:
Weed control in tree and bush fruit, 1979

Meyer, Rj, 1974:
Weed control in tree fruits

Anonymous, 1973:
Weed control in tree fruits; eastern Washington

Quam, V.-C.Z.llinger, R., K., 1995:
Weed control in tree plantings

Wrage, L.-J.J.hnson, P., O., 1995:
Weed control in trees

Fischer, Bb, 1982:
Weed control in trees and vines: past, present and future Almond, peach orchards, California

Lavabre,, M.D.use, J.P.L., 1988:
Weed control in tropical cultures

Molinar, Rh, 1988:
Weed control in turf and ornamentals through proper management

Rector, J., 1992:
Weed control in turf: from seed to sod

Everest, J.; Patterson, M.; Ward, C., 1987:
Weed control in turfgrasses

Nagae, S., 1981:
Weed control in turfgrasses in

Snipes, Ce, 1996:
Weed control in ultra narrow row cotton possible strategies assuming a worst case scenario

Fowler, J.J.; Murdock, E.; Bauer, P.; Toler, J.; Keeton, A.C.rtis, C.J., 1998:
Weed control in ultra narrow row roundup ready cotton

Molin, Wt, 2000:
Weed control in ultra-narrow roundup ready cotton

Fowler, J.J.; Murdock, E.; Staples, J.J.; Toler, J., 1999:
Weed control in ultra-narrow row roundup ready cotton

Swann, C.; Miller, J., 1970:
Weed control in vegetable crops, 1970

Marien, A.; Vervoort, M., 1955:
Weed control in vegetable culture

Maas, G.P.stemer, W., 1976:
Weed control in vegetable growing (aspects and application)

Konstantinov, K.V.chev, S., 1977:
Weed control in vegetable plots

Seyama, N., 1987:
Weed control in vegetable production in relation with cropping systems, Sakugata, in Japan

Murray, M., 1988:
Weed control in vegetable seed crops

Brandenberger, L.; Sauls, J.-Winnfield, 1995:
Weed control in vegetable, fruit, and nut crops

Schlesselman, J.; Bendixen, W., 1993:
Weed control in vegetables and field crops

Bond, W., 1986:
Weed control in vegetables with pendimethalin

Anonymous, 1974:
Weed control in vegetables, eastern Washington

Anonymous, 1974:
Weed control in vegetables, western Washington

Motes, J.; Roberts, W., 1994:
Weed control in vegetables--1995

Fiveland, Tj, 1980:
Weed control in vegetables. I

Fiveland, Tj, 1980:
Weed control in vegetables. II

Anonymous, 1976:
Weed control in vetch grown for forage, silage and hay

Neururer, H., 1977:
Weed control in viticulture 1977

Wurgler, W., 1976:
Weed control in viticulture in the upper Rhone Valley (Switzrland)

Neururer, H., 1972:
Weed control in viticulture, 1972

Miller, Jf, 1975:
Weed control in warm-climate lawns

Kelly, S.; Coats, G., 1999:
Weed control in warm-season turfgrass with quinclorac

Peabody, Dv, 1983:
Weed control in wheat Western Washington

Pintilie, C.B.ndarev, I1; Sin, G1; Nicolae, H., 1982:
Weed control in wheat and maize by combined effect of crop rotation and herbicides Romania.1

Rodriguez, Nm, 1978:
Weed control in wheat and other cereal crops in the area of the semiarid pampas

Ramirez-De-Vallejo, A., 1976:
Weed control in wheat at the appropriate time

Wiese, A., 1973:
Weed control in wheat discussed

Longley, T.; Petersen, P.; Haderlie, L., 1987:
Weed control in wheat from postemergence herbicides injected through the sprinkler system

Mitich, L.; Smith, N.; Kearney, T.L.ngston, C., 1986:
Weed control in wheat with barban and diclofop

Kumar, V.M.olani, M.; Dhindsa, K., 1975:
Weed control in wheat--a review

Ball, Da, 1992:
Weed control in white lupine

Kunz, R., 1976:
Weed control in winter cereal sowing, rape and stubble fields

Anderson, Gw, 1980:
Weed control in winter cereals Tillage, herbicides, fallow systems, Canada

Bouchet, F., 1974:
Weed control in winter cereals at the time of seeding

Anonymous, 1981:
Weed control in winter crops

Sapir,, Y., 1975:
Weed control in winter legume

Bowerman, P., 1989:
Weed control in winter oilseed rape--review of ADAS trials 1985-87

Goix, J., 1979:
Weed control in winter rape preceding and following the sowing

Carriere, M., 1974:
Weed control in winter rape stands

Regnault, Y., 1978:
Weed control in winter rapeseed: considerable progress since 1970

Kupatt, C.I.nicki, R.1; Vitolo, D., 1983:
Weed control in winter squash with some old and new herbicides Pendimethalin, chloramben, ethalfluralin

Pawlowski, F.M.jda, J.W.solowski, M., 1979:
Weed control in winter wheat and spring barley with herbicide mixtures (A-3614A-1 and A-3614A-2)

Miller, S.; Krall, J., 1988:
Weed control in winter wheat with CGA-131036

Miller, S.; Dalrymple, A.; Ball, D., 1989:
Weed control in winter wheat with dicamba

Miller, S.; Dalrymple, A.; Ball, D., 1989:
Weed control in winter wheat with fall or spring herbicide treatments

Dial, M.; Thill, D., 1990:
Weed control in winter wheat with preplant incorporated and postplant, preemergence, surface applied herbicides

Varga, Wa, 1979:
Weed control in woody ornamentals

Feyerabend, G.M.nnel, R., 1978:
Weed control in young fruit stands

Aitken, Jb, 1976:
Weed control in young pecans

Ronoprawiro, S., 1980:
Weed control in young tea Panicum repens and imperata cylindrica, glyphosate.1

Foshee, W.G.odman, B.P.tterson, M.G.ff, B., 1996:
Weed control increases yield and economic return from young Desirable pecan trees

Campbell, R.; Greer, H., 1983:
Weed control ins mall fruit Grapes, blackberries, blueberries

Mascarenhas, V.; Griffin, J., 1997:
Weed control interactions associated with Roundup and insecticide mixtures

Coats, G.Euel, 1990:
Weed control investigations in corn, cotton, sorghum and rice, 1989

Shaw, David, R., 1990:
Weed control investigations in non-Delta soybeans and wheat, 1989

Shaw, David, R., 1992:
Weed control investigations in non-Delta soybeans and wheat, 1991

Shaw, David, R., 1993:
Weed control investigations in non-delta soybeans and wheat, 1992

Shaw, David, R., 1994:
Weed control investigations in non-delta soybeans and wheat, 1993

Shaw, David, R., 1995:
Weed control investigations in non-delta soybeans, cotton, and wheat, 1994

Shaw, David, R., 1996:
Weed control investigations in non-delta soybeans, cotton, and wheat, 1995

Cole, A.W.H.lloway, J., C., 1990:
Weed control investigations in pasture and vegetable crops, 1989

Cole, A.W., 1991:
Weed control investigations in pasture and vegetable crops, 1990

Cole, A.W., 1992:
Weed control investigations in pastures 1992

Cole, A.W., 1992:
Weed control investigations in pastures, 1991

Shaw, David, R., 1997:
Weed control investigations in soybeans and wheat, 1996

Shaw, David, R., 1998:
Weed control investigations in soybeans and wheat, 1997

Shaw, David, R., 1999:
Weed control investigations in soybeans and wheat, 1998

Coats, G.Euel, 1990:
Weed control investigations in turfgrasses, 1989

Dutia, T.; Singh, R., 1970:
Weed control is a must in pastures too!

Williams, J.; Ross, M., 1970:
Weed control is critical with no-plow systems

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Weed control issues addressed by the council of agricultural science and technology

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Weed control legislation in Ontario

Skroch, Walter, A., 1995:
Weed control management plan for wildflower plantings

Anonymous, 1976:
Weed control manual

Baudry, O.; Hauville, B.; Breisch, H.; Barralis, G., 1989:
Weed control memorandum fruit trees and small fruit bushes

Warren, R., 1970:
Weed control methods

Allaya, S., 1975:
Weed control methods and policies in Tunisia

Gangstad, Edward, O., 1980:
Weed control methods for public health applications

Gangstad, Edward, O., 1982:
Weed control methods for recreation facilities management

Gangstad, Edward, O., 1982:
Weed control methods for rights-of-way management

Standifer, L.; Beste, C., 1985:
Weed control methods for vegetable production with limited tillage

Dallyn, Sl, 1971:
Weed control methods in potatoes

Ashley, Ra, 1992:
Weed control methods in sweet corn

Ayers, Vh, 2000:
Weed control methods of organic cotton producers

Fawcett, R.; Jennings, V., 1978:
Weed control multiflora rose (Rosa multiflora Thunb.)

Mcwhorter, Cg, 1970:
Weed control must be planned

Stiles, Wc, 1991:
Weed control must suit orchard situation

Szobonya, G.; Szabo, M.-Gy, 1979:
Weed control of alfalfa grown for seed, by the use of Sencor

Anonymous, 1972:
Weed control of apple and pear trees; what becomes of herbicides in the soil

Virgili, P., 1975:
Weed control of asparagus

Vollrath, H.V.igtlander, G., 1971:
Weed control of broad-leaved dock (Rumex obtusifolius)

Liubenov, Ia, 1984:
Weed control of catch crops in field crops rotations

Virgili, P., 1975:
Weed control of cereals

Vanova, M.B.nada, J., 1984:
Weed control of chlorsulfuron applied at different terms

Bharadwaj, G.; Jain, P., 1978:
Weed control of cotton in Chambal Command

Gulidov, Am, 1985:
Weed control of cucumber crops

Tada, K., 1971:
Weed control of fallow land.

Fabbri, L., 1973:
Weed control of fruit culture

Ihlemann; Bitter; Stocker, 1971:
Weed control of grains on marsh soil

Covarelli, G.B.anchi, A., 1979:
Weed control of horsebean

Fabbri, L., 1973:
Weed control of leguminous grasses by rotation of crops

Virgili, P., 1975:
Weed control of maize and sugarbeets

Panero, M., 1973:
Weed control of potato varieties

Moschini, M., 1975:
Weed control of potatoes

Turrili, M., 1975:
Weed control of salad plants and wild chicory

Boiadzhiev, K.; Kakumukova, P., 1983:
Weed control of set planted onion crops

Pimpini, F., 1978:
Weed control of some commercial cultivations

Teitz, A.; Ilnicki, R.; Kupatt, C., 1984:
Weed control of soybeans with various preemergence and postemergence herbicides

Hermann, O., 2007:
Weed control of sugarbeet: IRBAB recommendations for 2007

Lopez, D., 1969:
Weed control of sugarcane

Turrili, M., 1975:
Weed control of the tomato

Gunther, G., 1980:
Weed control of tomato grown on the field

Duranti, A.C.rone, F., 1983:
Weed control of transplanted tomato for processing (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill., cv. Petogro). Cultivars, Italy.1

Bosis, A., 1973:
Weed control of wheat

Cegna, P., 1970:
Weed control of wheat with Primata after seeding

Neururer, H., 1978:
Weed control of winter grain in the fall

Gladkova, Li, 1979 :
Weed control on cranberry and whortleberry plantations

Ferreira, L.; Silva, J.; Casali, V.; Conde, A., 1982:
Weed control on direct seeded tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Plexnies, B.T.ormeier, H.P.penfuss,, K., 1978:
Weed control on edges of streets and roads

Dutsof, G.; Makhan'-Kova, T.; Murashova, N.; Ryzhaia, M., 1985:
Weed control on fiber crops

Kogan, A.-Marcelo, 1993:
Weed control on fruit farms

Hoos, Dd, 1982:
Weed control on golf courses

Kowalczyk, J., 1978:
Weed control on grasslands

Thompson, A., 1972:
Weed control on hill country

Neururer, H., 1975:
Weed control on meadows as a quality factor

Jensen, La, 1979:
Weed control on mountain meadows

Umgelter, H., 1977:
Weed control on paths and places

Mott, N., 1972:
Weed control on permanent grassland

Dumont, R., 1979:
Weed control on permanent meadows

Stritzke, J.; Bidwell, T., 1989:
Weed control on rangeland

Gates, Dh, 1970:
Weed control on rangelands

Cornet, M., 1970:
Weed control on rice paddies

Whitson, T., 1986:
Weed control on rights-of-way and non-cropland

Likums, E., 1978:
Weed control on roadbanks

Crowley, Rh, 1987:
Weed control on roadsides, rights-of-way, and industrial areas

Cudney, Dw, 1974:
Weed control on seedling alfalfa in the lower Colorado desert

Almeida, F.Sde, 1971:
Weed control on sugarcane. I. Post-emergent herbicides, applied on 5 weeks old cane

Senft, D., 1997:
Weed control on the central plains

Bily, Pa, 1998:
Weed control on the nature conservancys maui preserves

Pacholak, E.H.lubowicz, T., 1976:
Weed control on the strawberry and red raspberry plantations

Evers, Gw, 1983:
Weed control on warm season perennial grass pastures with clovers Trifolium vesiculosum, Trifolium subterraneum

Budoi, G.; Sarpe, N., 1981:
Weed control on winter wheat

Assis-Castro, F.D.; Campos, I., 1981:
Weed control on young plantation of rubber tree under microregion

Knake, El, 1975:
Weed control opportunities for the PCO

Chess, Bb, 1990:
Weed control options in 1990

Rolston, M.; Lambert, M.; Clark, D., 1982:
Weed control options in hill country

Loucks, Wl, 1992:
Weed control options in tree plantings

Radkov, P.M.karov, M.V.dkov, M., 1973:
Weed control parctices.

Rud, Oe, 1970:
Weed control performance of three soil incorporated herbicides as affected by different periods of delay between application and incorporation

Anonymous, 1977:
Weed control post emergence sprays

Fryer, Jd, 1981:
Weed control practices and changing weed problems

Bell, C.; Durazo, A.Iii; Elmore, C., 1987:
Weed control practices for fall planted bunching onions

Bosworth, Sc, 1990:
Weed control practices of alfalfa producers in Pennsylvania

Strange, M.Le, 1990:
Weed control priorities in vegetables in the 1990s

Lubis, Yr, 1973:
Weed control problem in oil palm

Szilagyi, A., 1971:
Weed control problems

Isherwood, Mo, 1973:
Weed control problems and equipment--Hawaii Island

Hammerton, Jl, 1972:
Weed control problems and the small farmer

Kolmakov, P.T.ngiev, M., 1969:
Weed control problems in the grain regions of Kazakhstan and Siberia

Downer, A.; Faber, B., 1999:
Weed control problems using greenwaste

Sakuma, Jm, 1972:
Weed control problems--Maui

Welker, W.; Teasdale,. Jr.;, 1982:
Weed control procedures for small farms

Jager, G., 1977:
Weed control products (herbicides)

Schubert, Oe, 1983:
Weed control program for strawberries (Fragaria X Ananassa) in the North Eastern United States

Baker, Rs, 1972:
Weed control program should be tailored to field

Senior, D.W.itwell, J.; Jones, A., 1980:
Weed control programme for red beet Chenopodium album, Polygonum aviculare, Spergula arvensis

Sale, P., 1977:
Weed control programmes for citrus and kiwifruit

Hewson, R.; Black, I., 1984:
Weed control programmes for winter oilseed rape based on TCA and fenthiaprop-ethyl

Bray, We, 1983:
Weed control programmes: current and future trends

Smith, J.; Murdock, E.; Keeton, A.T.ler, J., 1998:
Weed control programs in cotton with clomazone

King, Sr, 2007:
Weed control programs in glyphosate-resistant sugar beets

Kendig, J.; Barham, R.; Ezell, P., 1999:
Weed control programs in roundup ready cotton

Rutledge, J.; Talbert, R.; Schmidt, L.; Wheeler, C.; Scherder, E., 1999:
Weed control programs using propanil synergists

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Weed control programs utilizing BXN, Roundup Ready, and Staple: results, thoughts, and future research needs

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Weed control programs with Roundup(R) herbicide

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Weed control progress report: postemergence broadleaf weed control in turfgrass

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Weed control projects. I. Corn

Thornton, M.; Holloway, J.; Smith, H.; Bachman, W.; Moseley, C.J.mes, J.; Minton, B., 1999:
Weed control provided by S-metolachlor in the southern region

Smith, H.; Driver, J.; Minton, B.; Kidder, D.; Threewitt, T., 1999:
Weed control provided by triasulfuron plus dicamba in pasture and wheat

Hughes, Ec, 1975:
Weed control reactions in British Columbia

Vernon, R., 1975:
Weed control recommendations

Artz, John, L., 1968:
Weed control recommendations for Nevada

Vernon, R., 1980:
Weed control recommendations for Zambia

Crabtree, G.M.nsour, N., 1978:
Weed control recommendations for commercial vegetable crops

Hull, J.H.nson, E., 1986:
Weed control recommendations for orchards, vineyards and small fruit plantings

Lovang, T., 1976:
Weed control recommendations for some pasture weeds in Western Samoa

Mcwhorter, C.-Gray; Harris, V.C.M.kie, J.W., 1963:
Weed control recommendations for soybeans in 1963

Lebaron, Homer, M., 1961:
Weed control recommendations for truck crops in eastern Virginia

Lefton, J., 1988:
Weed control recommendations for turfgrass areas

Morgan, Gaylon, D., 2003:
Weed control recommendations in wheat

King, Jm, 1981:
Weed control requirements in a changing pea crop

Anonymous, 1985:
Weed control research in agronomic crops, 1983-84

Crabtree, G., 1968:
Weed control research in horticultural crops

Ogg, A.Jr, 1980:
Weed control research in mint

Zimdahl, R.; Foster, J.; Walker, J., 1974:
Weed control research in potatoes with metribuzin

Wiese, Af, 1977:
Weed control research in sorghum

Wiese, Allen, F., 1975:
Weed control research in sugar beets

Stranger, Ce, 1983:
Weed control research in sweet spanish onions grown for bulbs Oregon

Merlier, H., 1982:
Weed control research in upland rice in the Ivory Coast Oryza sativa, chemical control.1

Suwanketnikom, R.; Tuntawiroon, O., 1986:
Weed control research on upland rice and potatoes to replace opium based agriculture

Stanger, Ce, 1980:
Weed control research report

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Weed control research, alfalfa

Santelmann, P.; Murray, D., 1972:
Weed control research, grain sorghum

Santelmann, P.; Greer, H.; Buehring, N., 1972:
Weed control research, soybeans

Grimes, M., 1973:
Weed control should commence in autumn

Tucker, D.; Phillips, R.; Oswalt, T., 1978:
Weed control spraying

Romanowski, R., 1978:
Weed control status report

Neururer, H., 1976:
Weed control still the weakest link in sugarbeet growing without manual labor

Vandini, G.; Rapparini, G., 2004:
Weed control strategies evaluation in apple tree

Defrank, J., 1988:
Weed control strategies for Hawaiian grown protea

Handel, Lg, 1998:
Weed control strategies in artichokes

Sakovich, N., 1999:
Weed control strategies in citrus

Agamalian, H., 1980:
Weed control strategies in vegetable crops

Davies, J.; Hembry, J., 1994:
Weed control strategies under film crop covers

Der, J., 1991:
Weed control strategies: mulches

Rapparini, G.; Geminiani, E.; Bucchi, R.; Campagna, G., 2006:
Weed control strategy for beans and string beans

Braverman, M., 1993:
Weed control studies

Coartney, J.; Lindstrom, R., 1970:
Weed control studies in azaleas

Weller, Sc, 1987:
Weed control studies in basil and parsley

Amartalingam, R.L.m-Eng-Siong; Singh, S., 1980:
Weed control studies in groundnuts at Universiti Pertanian Malaysia

Singh, A., 1982:
Weed control studies in mint species Mentha arvensis, Mentha piperita, Mentha citrata, essential oil crop, India

Elmore, Cl, 1972:
Weed control studies in orchard crops in the Sacramento Valley area

Ghosh, D.; Mukhopadhyay, S., 1981:
Weed control studies in rape (Brassica campestris) and economics of chemical method

Fageiry, K.; Drennan, D., 1991:
Weed control studies on sunflower in the Sudan

Swan, D.; Schwalbe, C.; Mcmackin, M., 1976:
Weed control study guide for public operators

Pasic, Brian, 1984:
Weed control study manual

Miller, Sd, 1980:
Weed control substitutes for tillage

Skroch, Wa, 1990:
Weed control suggestions for Christmas trees, woody ornamentals, and flowers

Jennings, Vm, 1975:
Weed control suggestions for corn in 1976

Jennings, Vm, 1975:
Weed control suggestions for soybeans in 1976

Anonymous, 1977:
Weed control systems

Mao, Hc, 1974:
Weed control systems for sunfl

Dotray, P.; Keeling, J.; Asher, B.; Osborne, T., 1998:
Weed control systems for west Texas peanuts

Blackley, R.J.; Reynolds, D.; Rowland, C.J., 1999:
Weed control systems in BXN cotton

Dowler, C.; Baker, S., 1978:
Weed control systems in conventional and high population cotton grown in Tifton loamy sand soil

Sparks, O.; Oliver, L.; Barnes, J., 1999:
Weed control systems in roundup ready corn

Lunsford, Jn, 1981:
Weed control systems in soybeans for the control of sicklepod (Cassia obtusifolia) Cocklebur (Xanthium pensylvanicum) Florida beggarweed (Desmodium tortuosum) and redroot pigweed (Amaranthus retrofexus)

Wright, D.; Koziara, W.W.lson, G., 1996:
Weed control systems in strip tilled cotton

Nakajima, S., 1973:
Weed control techniques for law

Shaw, Wc, 1977:
Weed control technology for agroecosystems management

Smith, R.Jr, 1983:
Weed control technology for rice in the Southern U.S. Preventive, cultural, mechanical, biological and chemical methods

Kovacs, L.S.ecska, D.S.ilagyi, A.V.n, L., 1979:
Weed control technology in forest management, by using granulated formulas

Maillard, R., 1971:
Weed control test in olive groves

Bezzi, A.G.rzena, C.P.oletto, P., 1976:
Weed control test on an alpine pasture infested with Rumex alpinus

Carter, C.; Palmer, C., 1971:
Weed control test results

Geerdens, R., 1971:
Weed control tests for leeks

Pyle, Rc, 1969:
Weed control through prevention

Smith, A.; Secoy, D., 1981:
Weed control through the ages

Mahady, Mm, 1989:
Weed control through the eyes of an applicator

Mitich, L.; Agamalian, H.; Bendixen, W.; Isom, W.; Kyser, G.; Murray, M.O.terlia, P.; Smith, J.; Vargas, R., 1987:
Weed control to dry beans in California

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Weed control trends in vineyards

Cords, Hp, 1971:
Weed control trials in spring wheat

Belien, J.; Detroux, L.S.lembier, J.; Gomand, M., 1975:
Weed control trials in sugarbeet crops with isocarbamide and its combination with lenacyl. results of 4 year experiments

Belien, J.; Detroux, L.S.lembier, J.; Gomand, M., 1975:
Weed control trials in sugarbeet crops with isocarbomide and its combination with lenacyl. results of 4-year experiments

Hoogstrate, Jc, 1982:
Weed control trials with dry flowers

Espinosa, E.R.yes, C., 1976:
Weed control trials with herbicides used in rice on unirrigated land in 1973

Goetze, N., 1970:
Weed control turfgrass

Oren, H., 1977 :
Weed control under a plastic mulch

Putnam, Ar, 1975:
Weed control under fruit trees

Brevis, J.; Lanini, T.G.les, K.S.aughter, D.; Downey, D.G.iever, C., 2004:
Weed control using a precision application system with image-vision

Maxwell, B.; Coble, D.; Fay, P., 1983:
Weed control using all-terrain vehicles

Allan, C.; Holst, P.; Campbell, M., 1993:
Weed control using goats

Teoh, T.; Chua, S.; Wong, S., 1978:
Weed control using pre emergence herbicides in the cultivation of direct sown Brassica alboglabra L. and transplanted Brassica pekinensis Rupr

Brock, Bg, 1982:
Weed control versus soil erosion control

Poucher, Ad, 1973:
Weed control when chemicals fail

Dewey, Sa, 1988:
Weed control when establishing alfalfa

Kuo, P.; Lin, W., 1977:
Weed control with 2,4 D plus bark combination

Roberts, Jr; Kelley, Jp; Peeper, Tf, 1999:
Weed control with AC 299,263 in IMI(a) wheat

Bender, E.; Nau, H.; Tafuro, A., 1977:
Weed control with AC 92,553 in corn

Anonymous, 1940:
Weed control with Dupont 2, 4-D weed killer

Kampe, W., 1970:
Weed control with Legurame in head lettuce and endive

Anonymous, 1951:
Weed control with Monsanto Santobrite and Santophen 20

Buchberger, U., 1978:
Weed control with Prefix granules

Cannon, M.; Arle, H., 1971:
Weed control with a combination of chemical and mechanical means

Green, J.; Chenault, E.; Lavake, D.; Wiese, A., 1982:
Weed control with a controlled droplet applicator

Anonymous, 1982:
Weed control with a new herbicide

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