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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17678

Chapter 17678 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pugh, W.-J.E.ans, N., A., 1964:
Weed seed and trash screens for irrigation water

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Weed seed contamination of cereal grain seedlots--a drillbox survey

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Weed seed germinate, even in dry soil

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Weed seed germination and seedling establishment

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Weed seed identification by shape and texture analysis of microscope images

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Weed seed movement and dispersal strategies in the agricultural environment

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Weed seed population dynamics during six years of weed management systems in irrigated soil

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Weed seed predation in agricultural fields

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Weed seed production for optimizing weed control schedule

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Weed seed survival

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Weed seed viability in an animal waste composting system

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Weed seed warnings

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Weed seed, longevity in undisturbed soil

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Weed seedling guide

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Weed seedling identification

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Weed seedling identification guide

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Weed seedlings of Washington

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Weed seeds and fruits in seeds of our alfalfa and some papil eonaceous flowers as indicators for protecting sources

Kovacevic, J., 1973:
Weed seeds and fruits in seeds of our grasses as indicator f or source protection

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Weed seeds and the seedbank

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Weed seeds as impurities of agriucultural seed

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Weed seeds contaminating cereal grains for consumption

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Weed seeds control by steam and substances in exothermic reaction

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Weed seeds found in imported nigerseed

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Weed seeds in imported wheat grain

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Weed seeds in marketed wheat and their identification

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Weed seeds in soil of some regio

Dechkov, Z., 1974:
Weed seeds in some soils.

Dechkov, Z., 1975:
Weed seeds in the soil of some r

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Weed seeds in the top soil of cotton fields

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Weed seeds in wheat imported as food grain

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Weed seeds ocurring in fodder seeds species used for planting in Rio Grande do Sul State, during 1978 Brazil.1

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Weed separator of the combine for harvesting green kenaf

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Weed shifting in cacao plantation due to herbicide

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Weed shifts

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Weed shifts cause new headaches

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Weed shifts in no-till cotton

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Weed spatial variation and weed management

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Weed species and dominant species in wheat fields in Jining

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Weed species hosting viruliferous green peach aphids, vector of beet western yellows virus

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Weed species in cultivated areas of Minas Gerais State, Brazil

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Weed species infestation in corn

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Weed species of sugarcane in the Argentine Republic

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Weed spotters newsletter

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Weed spraying cereal crops

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Weed strategies at the J.G. Boswell Company

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Weed striker as integrated control method

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Weed studies in corn controlled with Hungazin

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Weed succession by long-term application of herbicides in Japan in transplanted rice, Scirpus juncoides juncoides, Sagittaria pygmaea

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Weed succession in turf and ornamentals

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Weed succession under conservation tillage: a hierarchical framework for research and management

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Weed suppressing ability and productivity of short duration legumes intercropped with pigeonpea under rainfed conditions

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Weed suppression from underseeds as well as the competition effect of weeds and underseeds on beets independent of competion time and nitrogen fertilizer

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Weed suppression in no-till broccoli using crimson clover, barley and pea cover crops

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Weed suppression in vegetable crops using wood fibre mulch

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Weed suppression with rapeseed and white mustard manure in peas

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Weed suppression. I

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Weed survey for sugarcane fiel

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Weed survey in Manitoba--1976

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Weed survey of pedigreed alfalfa fields in Manitoba

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Weed survey of permanent pastures in three southern states

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Weed survey series publication

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Weed survey, a basis for economical weed control

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Weed survey--Southern States

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Weed survey--Southern States: grass crops subsection (corn, grain sorghum, rice, wheat, small grains, sugarcane)

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Weed survey--southern states: grass crops subsection

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Weed survey--southern states: horticultural, pasture, recreational, and industrial subsection

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Weed surveys

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Weed surveys of Manitoba cereal and oilseed crops, 1978, 1979 and 1981

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Weed surveys of Saskatchewan cereal and oilseed crops from 1976 to 1979

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Weed surveys of alfalfa seed fields in Manitoba

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Weed technology

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Weed thinning in fruit and berry orchards

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Weed threat intensifies

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Weed training manual

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Weed treatments in 2-year-old

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Weed tree fellings carried out by means of chemical preparations

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Weed trees in the city: Horticultural derelicts or unsung heroes?

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Weed trials in plastic buckets--a great success

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Weed vegetation in Valais

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Weed vegetation in fields of seedlings and tobacco plants in the region of prilep and application of selective herbicides for weed control

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Weed vegetation in the Cologne area. I. Plant associations

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Weed vegetation in the Cologne area. II. Sociological indicator value of the species

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Weed vegetation in the Strelice-near-Brno area (county: Greater Brno) Czechoslovakia.1

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Weed vegetation of the Veix commune (Correze)

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Weed vegetation of vineyards of the Rheingau area (Hesse): communities, dependence of modern cultivation methods, tasks for nature protection

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Weed vegetation of winter wheat in Timocka Krajina (Yugoslavia)

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Weed vegetation on tobacco planti

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Weed warriors for all seasons

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Weed watch: Thesium linophyllum

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Weed watch: clover broomrape

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Weed watch: jointed goatgrass

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Weed watch: oriental bittersweet

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Weed watching

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Weed wiping machines evaluated

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Weed, insect, and disease control guide for commercial vegetable growers

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Weed- and weed control in winter rye and winter wheat

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Weed-animal mutualisms

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Weed-biology and weed ecology as a basis for a successful weed-control in stands of cultivated plants

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Weed-control evaluations in no-till soybeans (Glycine max) double-cropped with rye (Secale cereale) Georgia

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Weed-control in vegetables, 1965

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Weed-crop competition

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Weed-crop competition studies in swedes. I. The effect of time of weed removal on crop yield

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Weed-crop competition studies in swedes. II. The effects of weed competition on crop growth parameters

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Weed-crop competition studies in swedes. III. The effects of weed competition on the developmental anatomy of swede plants

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Weed-crop competition: analysing the problem

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Weed-crop ecology

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Weed-eating bugs: they take time, but give cleaner pastures

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Weed-eating insects

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Weed-ecological approaches to allelopathy

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Weed-free corn can cut down borer damage

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Weed-free crops--a continuous battle Sugarbeets

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Weed-free fields not key to highest profits

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Weed-free lawns

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Weed-free potatoes: Lesson from 1973

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Weed-initiated pest risk assessment

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Weed-killers and their use

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Weed-killing effectiveness of additional cultivation of potato stands

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Weed-moulds in mushroom cultivation

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Weed-parasites and their control

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Weed-spray trains on New Zealand railways

Comis, D., 1997:
WeedCast predictions save farmers money

Mortensen, D.A., 1997:

Anonymous, 1969:
Weedazol T-L

Vandini, G.; Bergamaschi, A.; Sergent, G.; Rapparini, G., 2006:
WeedazolReg. TL: foliar herbicide for weed control in orchards

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Weedborne Reservoirs and Seed Transmission of Verticillium dahliae in Lettuce

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Weedburner--an effective prescribed burning tool

Donaldson, Susan, 2000:

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Weeded circle problems on mature palms

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Weeder geese boost berry profits $222

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Weedicides and mulches in vineyards

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Weedicides in vine cuttings

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Weediness as an agronomic problem in crop rotations with high percentage of cereals

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Weediness mapping

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Weediness of cotton field plowed at different depths

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Weediness of crops and rice yield quality

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Weediness of crops in the row-crop part of the rotation in the Tyumen forest-steppe

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Weediness of farm crops dependin

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Weediness of farm crops in the Sakhalin Region

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Weediness of fields in major agroclimatic zones of the Latvian SSR

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Weediness of fields of cereal-su

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Weediness of seeds and ways of its reduction

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Weediness of sown grasses and legumes in the Sofia Region

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Weediness of tame pastures in de

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Weediness of winter wheat crops

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Weediness of winter wheat crops and the physical properties of soil at minimum tillage

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Weediness on loess soil in crop rotations with different percentage of cereals

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Weediness, yield and starch content of potatoes treated with 2,4 dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, MCPA and linuron

Lancrenon, P., 1976:

Anonymous, 1976:
Weeding alfalfa

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Weeding alfalfa crops

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Weeding and disinfection of soils by localization of microwave energy

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Weeding and fertilizing to enhance conifer growth

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Weeding and maintaining vineyard soils

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Weeding and rational utilization of meadows

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Weeding and rotations

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Weeding and treatments for the Colorado beetle

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Weeding artichokes in perennial cropping

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Weeding at the end of winter

Fabre, E.D.haubois, R., 1983:
Weeding at the ending of winter

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Weeding by microgranulated herbicides: some efficient products, a light and right material

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Weeding cannery beans

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Weeding cereal crops at the Fretissa farm (northern region of Tunisia)

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Weeding cereals at the end of winter

Cochet, Jc, 1975:
Weeding cereals at the moment of seeding

Anonymous, 1983:
Weeding cereals: physionomy of the preemergence market

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Weeding control in potato crop with mixed or single weed control chemicals

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Weeding corn

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Weeding corn with 2,4-D

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Weeding crops

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Weeding dates for kidney beans

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Weeding fennel crops for the production of anethole

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Weeding field bean and spring pea crops

Girard, C., 1983:
Weeding field beans and winter peas Choice of herbicides.1

Beaudoin, X., 1981:
Weeding flax

Beaudoin, X., 1983:
Weeding flax with DPX H 7263

Dumont, R.S.card, G., 1981:
Weeding forage grass or seed plant crops

Anonymous, 1979:
Weeding forage or seed grass crops

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Weeding garlic, onions and leeks

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Weeding grain sorghum

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Weeding grapes

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Weeding grapes. A test to control some plants resistant to the effect of herbicides currently used in the vineyard

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Weeding green spaces

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Weeding in Gladiolus

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Weeding in alfalfa by carbetamide

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Weeding in aquatic environments

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Weeding in cereals with microgranules

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Weeding in large scale cultivation

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Weeding in nurseries, forests, green spaces and uncultivated zones

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Weeding in potato plantings

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Weeding in sugarbeet crops

Pecheur, J., 1983:
Weeding in the aquatic environment

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Weeding industrial beets

Baraldi, G., 1982:
Weeding is a necessary operation Use of weeding equipment.1

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Weeding lentils

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Weeding library collections

Silveira, Gm, 1979:
Weeding machines and the control of wild growth

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Weeding maize

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Weeding maize and new possibilities of using the bentazon + atrazine combination

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Weeding maize in the southwest France, Zea mays, weeding in particular soil types, resistant dicotyledons and grasses.1

Anonymous, 1978:
Weeding maize while preseeding

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Weeding maize--is it necessary to treat before emergence?

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Weeding maize: the metetilachlor + atrazine association

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Weeding meadows

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Weeding mechanized forest plantations in the Ivory Coast

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Weeding nurseries out of the soil

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Weeding nursery forest plants. The case of conifer trees transplanted on sands in Loire

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Weeding of Christmas trees

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Weeding of adventitious grasses on lawns

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Weeding of arrowroot (Kudzu) in

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Weeding of carrots using preplant incorporation herbicides followed by preemergence and

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Weeding of certified grass seeds from Wielkopolska region

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Weeding of collections in sci-tech libraries

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Weeding of corn

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Weeding of cultivated chamomile in Serbia

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Weeding of fibre flax at use of the seppic-lin and brominal-flaks herbicide mixtures

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Weeding of forage kale during the 1981 and 1982 seasons

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Weeding of oil crops

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Weeding of onion grown from transplants

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Weeding of ornamental nursery plants

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Weeding of paddy-fields in West Africa and catalogue of the main weeds

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Weeding of potato crops

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Weeding of seed clover plantings

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Weeding of sugarbeets: the deadlock progresses

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Weeding of tomatoes under plastic tunnels

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Weeding of vineyards

Bouchet, F., 1973:
Weeding of winter cereals at the moment of seeding

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Weeding of winter rape

Girard, C., 1983:
Weeding oilcrops

Benoist, M., 1983:
Weeding oilcrops: rape

Guimbard, Cg, 1983:
Weeding onion crops

Rappaport, B.H.rn, B., 1998:
Weeding out bad vegetation-control ordinances

Anonymous, 2006:
Weeding out the Burnett-Mary

Steel, Sh, 1987:
Weeding out the competition

Romano, Jp, 1980:
Weeding outdoor flower crops

Anonymous, 1979:
Weeding parent stock grapevines in Alsace

Dumont, R., 1979:
Weeding peas and winter field beans

Reboul, Jl, 1983:
Weeding perennial crops in French Polynesia

Delorme, M., 1979:
Weeding perennial oil crops. Particular cases of young crops and control of harmful weeds

Dumont, R., 1979:
Weeding permanent pastures

Breton, S., 1980:
Weeding pome fruit trees

Frochot, H., 1981:
Weeding poplar buds

Bedin, P., 1981:
Weeding potato crops

Bedin, P., 1982:
Weeding potato crops Chemical control, cultivation techniques as control.1

Anonymous, 1983:
Weeding potatoes

Lescar, L., 1975:
Weeding pre-emerged winter cereals

Ozawa, K., 1974:
Weeding problems for fallow lan

Maraby, J., 1983:
Weeding rape

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Weeding rape: expansion of the possibilities of using metazachlor

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Weeding requires much dexterity

D.E.; Zhang ZhiGuo, 2006:
Weeding results of post-emergence herbicides on chomophyte in Hemerocallis hybrida

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Weeding sectors as important part of stand tending

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Weeding seed bearing grasses. Control trial against adventitious grasses in seed crop grasses

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Weeding seed-bearing grasses

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Weeding soft winter wheat: control strategies in the case of parcels strongly infested with grasses

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Weeding soilless nursery plants

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Weeding soybeans

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Weeding spring rape: Results of six years tests

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Weeding straw cereals

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Weeding strawberry cultures

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Weeding sunflower crops

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Weeding sunflowers

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Weeding techniques with chemic

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Weeding temporary meadows

Beaudoin, X., 1980:
Weeding textile and oil flax crops

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Weeding the genetic garden. Modern breeding practices spawn a new order of inherited diseases

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Weeding tools and implements of India

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Weeding trials in pea, tick bean, lupine and vetch crops

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Weeding triticale Herbicides.1

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Weeding under cultivation

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Weeding vegetable crops

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Weeding vegetable crops of the carrot family with oils

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Weeding vegetables crops

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Weeding viola (1975 test)

Crosnier, Jc, 1978:
Weeding well to the point in potatoes

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Weeding winter cereals at the moment of seeding

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Weeding winter cereals: nothing is ventured in advance

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Weeding winter cereals: post-emergence weeds of grass

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Weeding winter oats and rye

Mamarot, J., 1975:
Weeding winter rape

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Weeding winter soft wheat with the R-40244 + neburon combination

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Weeding with chemicals

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Weeding witloof chicory

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Weeding young alfalfa and purple clover crops

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Weeding young alfalfa crops

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Weeding young forage grass stands

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Weeding young gravevines

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Weeding young plantations of lavendin

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Weeding, What is new for 1985?

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Weeding: Is preemergence a deadlock or an assurance?

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Weeding: herbicides and treatments

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Weeding: study of bentazone

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Weeding: the last resort

Fabre, E.D.haubois, R., 1984:
Weeding: the ultimate possibility

Anonymous, 1988:

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Weedkillers aid farmers

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Weedkillers, insecticides, fungicides

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Weedone Lo-Vol spray equipment catalogue

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Weedpac, at last, a practical guide to noxious weed suppression

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Weeds & pests? Get ducks & geese!

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Weeds & weed seeds

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Weeds LTRAS: the early years

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Weeds Today--a progress report

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Weeds Trees & Turf 1979 managers guide to equipment, chemicals, supplies and distributors

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Weeds World Arabidopsis newsletter on WWW

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