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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17697

Chapter 17697 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Heitor, F.; Santos, M., 1979:
Wild birds for limiting insects of broadleaved trees

Terrell, Sp, 2001:
Wild birds: diseases the private practitioner may encounter

Walters, P., 1998:
Wild blueberry market is berry good

Anonymous, 2001:
Wild blueberry newsletter

Sludskiaei, A.A., 1956:
Wild boar

Yano, K., 2007:
Wild boar as an important reservoir of hepatitis E virus in western Japan

Lesenkin, Vi, 1982:
Wild boar as the source and spreader of the pathogens of infectious diseases

Ueckermann, Erhard, 1977:
Wild boar hunting

Sudom, Blaine, 1994:
Wild boar production

Anonymous, 1998 :
Wild boar project

Puri, S.N.; Bhosle, B.B.; Borikar, P.S.; Fartade, M.K.; Kolhal, R.N.; Ilyas, M.; Kawthekar, B.R.; ButlerG.D.Jr.; Henneberry, T.J., 1996:
Wild brinjal Solanum khasianum Clarke as a potential trap crop management tool for Bemisia in cotton

Chew, Kk, 2007:
Wild broodstock for the prized Kumamoto oyster recently found

Hofmann, F., 1978:
Wild brook and avalanche obstruction and nature protection

Messersmith, Calvin-Glenn, 1970:
Wild buckwheat competition in wheat

Greer, H.P.eper,, D., 1978:
Wild buckwheat control in wheat

Prilipko, L.; Kapinos, G., 1974:
Wild bulb plants of eastern Transcaucasia and prospects fortheir use in ornamental horticulture

Couto, E.; Gomes, A.1; Almeida, J.1; Hurtado, L.1; Gaspar, W., 1981:
Wild canary (Sicalis flaveola) management and recreation in the Julia Molla park area Forest park, recreational land, wildlife management, Minas Gerais, Brazil.1

Fernandes, A.; Alencar, J.; Matos, F.; Craveiro, A.; Andrade, C.; Fonteles, M.; Viana, G.; Capelo, L.; Matos, F., 1978:
Wild canelas from northeastern Brazil: botanical, chemical and pharmacological studies

Smith, Cr, 1994:
Wild carnivores as plague indicators in California--a cooperative interagency disease surveillance program

Anonymous, 1940:
Wild carrot, Daucus Carota

Fitzsimmons, J.; Burrill, L., 1993:
Wild carrot--Daucus carota L

Konecny, M.S.eeper, B., 1986:
Wild cats of Belize

Gast, M., 1973:
Wild cereals and pseudo-cereals harvested in the central Sahara (Ahaggar)

Halls, Lk, 1977:
Wild cherries and plums

Beck, Oa, 1977:
Wild cherry (Prunus avium L.)

Meade, J.; Washer, R.; Mohr, D., 1986:
Wild cherry and livestock

Roche, C., 1991:
Wild chervil (Anthriscus sylvestris (L.) Hoffm.)

Catuzzo, R., 1981:
Wild chicory: agronomic and marketing problems

Shorthill, B., 1984:
Wild colonies provide a source for spring buildup

Anonymous, 1982:
Wild corn used to breed blight-resistance into crops U.S. Department of Agriculture, breeding lines

Conn, W.E., 1954:
Wild cotton eradication in Florida

Pickersgill, B.B.rrett, S.; Andrade-Lima, D.D., 1975:
Wild cotton in northeast Brazil

Egamberdiev, Ae, 1979:
Wild cotton species, donors of fiber quality and resistance to wilt disease

Deethardt, Dorothy, 1974:
Wild country cuisine

Singh, Bb, 1981:
Wild cowpeas of Tanzania

Volodina, Ev, 1976:
Wild currant in the Omsk and the Tyumen regions

De-Nahlik, A.J., 1987:
Wild deer

Böhm, M.; White, P.C.L.; Chambers, J.; Smith, L.; Hutchings, M.R., 2007:
Wild deer as a source of infection for livestock and humans in the UK

Moroz, Ii, 1980:
Wild dense-cover plants of the C

Vavilova, Ma, 1982:
Wild diploid potato species of series Alticola Buk. and Megistacroloba Card. et Hawk., as initial material for breeding for resistance to frosts

Thomson, Peter, 2003:
Wild dog control

Condon, Rw, 1976:
Wild dogs

Fleming, Pjs, 2000:
Wild dogs and their manipulation to prevent livestock predation in Australia

Gandilian, Pa, 1971:
Wild double-row barley, Hordeum spontaneum C. koch in the Armenian SSR and its two new forms

Sheldon, H.-Pearl; Lincoln, F.-Charles; Everett, F., 1941:
Wild ducks

Olsen, Anna-Margrethe, 1947:
Wild ducks and coots make good eating

Ulbrich, F., 1971:
Wild ducks and their role in transmitting virus hepatitis to ducks

Neely, W.-W.D.vison, V., E., 1966:
Wild ducks on farmland in the South

Bergman, Charles, 2003:
Wild echoes

Shomon, Joseph-James, 1998:
Wild edens

Heller, Ca, 1985:
Wild edible and poisonous plants of Alaska

Romero-Castaaneda, Rafael, 1991:
Wild edible fruits of Colombia

Boa, E.R., 2004:
Wild edible fungi

Bandala, V.; Montoya, L.C.apela, I., 1997:
Wild edible mushrooms in Mexico: a challenge and opportunity for sustainable development

Garcaia-Bona, Luis-Miguel, 1992:
Wild edible plants and mushrooms

Burns, Bob, Horticulturist, 1988:
Wild edible plants in Greater Noakhali District of Bangladesh

Tyller, Z., 1974:
Wild edible plants in Korea

Reva,, N.N., 1976:
Wild edible plants in the Ukraine

Paliwal, A.K.; Hemlata, 2007:
Wild edible plants of Bageshwar District of Uttaranchal

Singh, H.; Arora, R.K., 1978:
Wild edible plants of India

Koul, A.; Karihaloo, J.; Hamal, I., 1983:
Wild edible plants of Kashmir: some less known vegetable substitutes and beverages

Malla, Samarabahaadura, 1982:
Wild edible plants of Nepal

Richardson, Joan, 1981:
Wild edible plants of New England

Kirk, Donald, R., 1970:
Wild edible plants of the Western United States

Togashi, M., 1977:
Wild edible plants used by Mr. Shoichi Yokoi in Island Guam

Grama, A.G.rechter-Amitai, Z.; Blum, A., 1983:
Wild emmer as a donor of genes for resistance to stripe rust and for high protein content

Mathre, Don, E., 1994:
Wild emmer wheats as potential sources of resistance to take-all disease caused by Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici

Khodzhimatov, K.; Ramazanova, N., 1980:
Wild essential oil plants in Uzbekistan promising for use in food industry

Khort-Vasil'-Eva, Tp, 1973:
Wild essential oil plants of the Crimea with prospects for introduction

Vodop'-Ianova, Td, 1986:
Wild evergreen Mediterranean plants on the northern limit of their distribution in the Crimea

Reyes-Castillo, Pedro, 1978:
Wild fauna in the Balancan-Tenosique plain

Dumas, Charles, 1944:
Wild fauna of Cambodia

Shweta Mandal, 2007:
Wild fauna of Gorumara National Park, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

Katz, Sandor-Ellix, 2003 :
Wild fermentation

Zhou You, 2006:
Wild fiber plant in Changbai mountainous areas

Petrova, Ef, 1979:
Wild fig in the central and eastern parts of Kopet Dagh

Petrova, Ef, 1972:
Wild fig of the eastern and southern Transcaucasia

Dushevskii, V.; Kazas, A., 1985:
Wild fig trees in Mangup-Kale

Newnam, B., 1980:
Wild fire in the West

Oravetz, Ca, 1974:
Wild fish and imports market

Heafliger, E.; Brun-Hool, J., 1976:
Wild flora ; list of weeds

Bukhalo, Ma, 1980:
Wild flora of Tambov flatland

Taylor, Norman, 1955:
Wild flower gardening

Wherry, E.-Theodore; Hofmann, T., 1948:
Wild flower guide

Anonymous, 1970:
Wild flower protection in Illinois

Inglis, Bessie, D., 1951:
Wild flower studies, in colour and pencil

Takahashi, Katsuo, 1982:
Wild flowers all year long

Anderson, P.; Shimwell, D., 1981:
Wild flowers and other plants of the Peak District

Perring, F., 1977:
Wild flowers and the law

Carey, M.-Colebrooke; Fitchew, D., 1949:
Wild flowers at a glance

Paton, D., 1980:
Wild flowers exclusively: Kirstenbosch, National otanic Garden of South Africa

Parcher, Es, 1971:
Wild flowers for the cultivated garden

Hull, Helen, S., 1952:
Wild flowers for your garden

Brown, Je, 1973:
Wild flowers from seed

Anonymous, 1945:
Wild flowers in Bedfordshire

Gathorne-Hardy, Robert, 1943:
Wild flowers in Britain

Vajda, E.; Vajda, E., 1956:
Wild flowers in Hungary

Holmes, Tim, 1990:
Wild flowers in Islamabad

Lagerberg, T.; Nannfeldt, J.A.D.-Rietz, G.-Einar, 1947:
Wild flowers in Norway

Batson, Wade, T., 1987:
Wild flowers in the Carolinas

Hardy, G.-A.H.rdy, W., V., 1949:
Wild flowers in the Rockies

Ingwersen, W., E.T.; Leslie, R., P., 1951:
Wild flowers in the garden

Hall, Charles-Albert, 1943:
Wild flowers in their haunts

Cormack, Robert-George-Hall, 1977:
Wild flowers of Alberta

Gorer, R., 1981:
Wild flowers of Andalusia

Harris, T.-Yolette; Forster, A., 1948:
Wild flowers of Australia

Stannard, J., 1982:
Wild flowers of Blencathra South Africa, interactions with environment

Phillips, R.; Grant, S.; Wellsted, T., 1977:
Wild flowers of Britain

Blamey, M.; Fitter, S.-Richard; Fitter, A., 2003:
Wild flowers of Britain & Ireland

Fitter, R.; Fitter, A.; Blamey, M., 1996:
Wild flowers of Britain and Northern Europe

Merola-Rosciano, Giovanna, 1993:
Wild flowers of Caracas

Fernando, Dorothy, 1954:
Wild flowers of Ceylon

Bonar, A., 1980:
Wild flowers of Crete

Megaw, E.; Meikle, D., 1973:
Wild flowers of Cyprus

Royer, F.; Dickinson, R., 1996:
Wild flowers of Edmonton and Central Alberta

Innocenti, A.; Anzilotti, A.; Rugi, R., 1994:
Wild flowers of Florence

Fleming, G.; Genelle, P.; Long, R., W., 1976:
Wild flowers of Florida

Phitos, D., 1965:
Wild flowers of Greece

Walden, B.-M.H., S.-Ying, 1977:
Wild flowers of Hong Kong around the year

Tveten, J.-L.T.eten, G., A., 1993:
Wild flowers of Houston

Torfrida, Pseud, 1947:
Wild flowers of India

Levy, R.; Short, K., 1995:
Wild flowers of Japan

Hadden, Rm, 1978:
Wild flowers of London W1

Beckett, Elspeth, 1988:
Wild flowers of Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza

Mchoul, L.; Elke, C., 1979:
Wild flowers of Marin

Jenson, Joyce-Alayne, 2005:
Wild flowers of Michigan and the Great Lakes states

Batson, F.S.; Johnston, G.W., 1945:
Wild flowers of Mississippi

Rickett, Theresa, C., 1954:
Wild flowers of Missouri

Mandaville, J.-P.B.vey, D., 1978:
Wild flowers of Northern Oman

Nasir, Y.-J.R.fiq, R.-A.R.berts, T.J., 1995:
Wild flowers of Pakistan

Nasir, E.N.sir, Y.-J.A.hter, R., 1987:
Wild flowers of Rawalpindi-Islamabad districts

Muller, K.-K.G.ant, C., 1958:
Wild flowers of Santa Barbara

Over, William-Henry, 1942:
Wild flowers of South Dakota

Jackson, W.P.U., 1977:
Wild flowers of Table Mountain

Robinson, E.-H.R.bisnon, G., D., 1964:
Wild flowers of Washington State photographed in their natural environment

Jennings, O.-Emery; Avinoff, A., 1953:
Wild flowers of Western Pennsylvania and the upper Ohio basin

Nelson, Ruth-Ashton, 1962:
Wild flowers of Wyoming

Walden, B.-M.H., S.-Ying, 2000:
Wild flowers of Yunnan and Central China

Jepson, C.-E.A.len, L., F., 1958:
Wild flowers of Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks and Cedar Breaks National Monument

Sage, B., 1971:
Wild flowers of arctic Alaska

Vincett, Betty, A.Lipscombe, 1977:
Wild flowers of central Saudi Arabia

Lousley, J.E., 1950:
Wild flowers of chalk & limestone

Fabian, A.; Germishuizen, G., 1997:
Wild flowers of northern South Africa

Ajilvsgi, Geyata, 1979:
Wild flowers of the Big Thicket, east Texas, and western Louisiana

Kidd, Mary-Maytham, 1950:
Wild flowers of the Cape Peninsula

Garret Rice, Elsie; Compton, Robert Harold, 1950:
Wild flowers of the Cape of Good Hope

Rice, E.-Garrett; Compton, R.-Harold, 1951:
Wild flowers of the Cape of Good Hope, by Elsie Garrett Rice and Robert Harold Compton

Bond, Thomas, E.T., 1953:
Wild flowers of the Ceylon hills

Jackson, W.P.U., 1980:
Wild flowers of the Fairest Cape

Blamey, M.; Grey-Wilson, C., 2004:
Wild flowers of the Mediterranean

Adams, Jill, 1976:
Wild flowers of the Northern Cape

Clark, Lewis, J., 1976:
Wild flowers of the Pacific Northwest, from Alaska to Northern California

Haskin, Leslie, L., 1967:
Wild flowers of the Pacific coast

Rickett, H.-William; Steere, W.-Campbell; Mcvaugh, R., 1966:
Wild flowers of the United States

Forey, Pamela, 2005:
Wild flowers of the United States and Canada

Jones, Reg, 1978:
Wild flowers of the Western Mediterranean

Huxley, A.-Julian; Tunnicliffe, C.F., 1962:
Wild flowers of the countryside

Wing, Andrew, S., 1956:
Wild flowers of the roadside

Hartog, J., 1997:
Wild flowers rather than wildfires

Coley, Hilda-Maud, 1947:
Wild flowers round the year

Hersey, Jean, 1964:
Wild flowers to know and grow

Rosvall, Staffan, 1976:
Wild flowers, herbs and other plants of Gotland

Platt, William, 1952:
Wild flowers, how and where to find them

Miller, Sf, 1977:
Wild flowers, the Endangered Species Act , and you

Gilmour, J.-Scott-Lennox; Walters, M., 1954:
Wild flowers; botanising in Britain

Hamerstrom, Frances, 1989:
Wild food cookbook

Cribb, A.B.C.ibb, J.W.M.cubbin, C., 1987:
Wild food in Australia

Lentini, F.; Venza, F., 2007:
Wild food plants of popular use in Sicily

Pringle, L.-P.B.eeden, P., 1978:
Wild foods

Hill, Jason, Pseud, 1944:
Wild foods of Britain

Anonymous, 1995:
Wild foods of the Sonoran Desert

Drozdov, Ip, 1973:
Wild forage grasses of eastern Siberia that should be introduced into cultivation

Nagovitsyna, A.; Bulygina, L., 1981:
Wild forage grasses of the central non-Chernozem zone as the initial material for breeding

Kasach, A.; Aknazarov, K., 1984:
Wild forage legumes from the Pamir introduced in Khorog and Minsk

Poliakova, A., 1976:
Wild forage plants in the Altai

Shevchenko, F.; Poliakova, A., 1980:
Wild forage plants of Altai

Priadko, G.; Tarasiuk, G., 1984:
Wild forage plants of the Ermentau flora as initial material for the improvement of natural grasslands

Erdenezhav, G., 1983:
Wild forage plants of the Mongolian Peoples Republic promising for introduction into cultivation

Golodriga, P.; Levinskii, A.; Malikov, V., 1976:
Wild forest grapevine --a valuable initial material for breeding

Berestova, Gn, 1970:
Wild forms of Actinidia and of Chinese Magnolia vine in the Maritime Territory

Roche, C., 1991:
Wild four oclock (Mirabilis nyctaginea (Michx.) MacM.)

Anonymous, 1977:
Wild free-roaming horses and burros act

Bagdaa, D., 1974:
Wild fruit and berry juices and their importance for nutriti on

Badgaa, D., 1974:
Wild fruit and berry plants and their importance in nutritio n

Butkus, V., 1975:
Wild fruit and berry reserves, their utilization and protection

Vakuliuk, Ph, 1981:
Wild fruit and berry species in

Berezhnyi, Iv, 1973:
Wild fruit and berry trees and s

Klockenbring, F.; Mar, L., 1946:
Wild fruit and wild vegetables

Bramble, W.; Byrnes, W., 1976:
Wild fruit of the right-of-way

Dzhangaliev, Ad, 1976:
Wild fruit tree forests in Kazakhstan and the preservation of their phytogene pool and their rational utilization

Denisov, Vp, 1975:
Wild fruit tree species of the southwestrn Kopet Dagh

Maiorova, V.; Iushev, A.; Guliaeva, N., 1978:
Wild fruit trees and local varieties in the Cisurals area and the Tatar ASSR

Kulieva, K.; Aslanov, S., 1976:
Wild fruit trees and shrubs in the Tangelan District of the Azerbaijan SSR and their reserves

Asadov, Ks, 1979:
Wild fruit trees and shrubs in the north-eastern part of Azerbaidzhan

Riley, Jm, 1982:
Wild fruits of Australia

Noack, W.; Roszak, K.-Heinz, 1955:
Wild game

Chantegrelet, G., 1980:
Wild game and breeding game. Hygiene in production

Kleiminger, Jeurgen, 1983:
Wild game as an appropriate detector for environmental contamination with heavy metals and its possibilities for use as a reproducable indicator

Jackson, Jeffrey, J., 1979:
Wild game from field to table

Payne, J.; Brown, R.; Guthery, F., 1987:
Wild game in Texas

Beck, B.; Beck, J., 1975:
Wild game--boon or burden to the cook?

Pals, D.; Betz, E., 1980:
Wild game--experiential learning in meats and conservation

Duckett, Jg, 1985:
Wild gametophytes of Equisetum sylvaticum

Peters, E.-J.S.ritzke, J.F.D.vis, F., S., 1965:
Wild garlic

Spinney, R.; Appleby, A.; Brewster, B., 1987:
Wild garlic control

Peters, E.; Stritzke, J., 1976 :
Wild garlic life cycle and control

Fitzsimmons, J.; Burrill, L., 1993:
Wild garlic--Allium vineale L

Scott, Peter-Markham, Sir, 1951:
Wild geese and Eskimos

Lawn, R.; Williams, R.; Imrie, B., 1987:
Wild germplasm as a source of tolerance to environmental stresses in mungbean

Tal, M., 1997:
Wild germplasm for salt tolerance in plants

Randhawa, S.S., 1987:
Wild germplasm of pome and stone fruits

Roberts, C.R.R.chardson, J., 1980:
Wild ginseng in Kentucky, 1978-1979

Roberts, C.; Richardson, J., 1981:
Wild ginseng monitoring program in Kentucky: A three-year summary

Mason, Il, 1981:
Wild goats and their domestication

Penner, K., 1991:
Wild goose chase

Kuhn, F., 1972:
Wild grain stocks and their significance for the arrangement of field weed vegetation

Neubauer, Hf, 1975:
Wild grape of Nuristan and its relation to the history of civilization of mankind

Pirmagomedov, Pm, 1982:
Wild grapevine from the Tabasaran District of the Dagestan ASSR and its relation with local varieties

Golinka, Pl, 1980:
Wild grapevine of the Transcarpathians

Kovachev, I., 1978:
Wild grapevine.

Odakura, Masakuni, 1981:
Wild grass for cultivation

Watt, Ad, 1981:
Wild grasses and the grain aphid (Sitobion avenae)

Hoppe, W., 1980:
Wild grasses as a source of wheat striate mosaic virus

Khilova, M.; Zarubina, G., 1972:
Wild grasses in the Irkutsk Botanical Garden

Savkina, Z.P.A.dreev, V.N., 1981:
Wild grasses of Yakut under cultivation

Andreev, Gn, 1972:
Wild grasses of the flora of the USSR in the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden

Seledets, Vp, 1973:
Wild grasses of the northern Kamchatka Region and their seed productivity

Ponomarenko, Vv, 1973:
Wild growing apple trees in East Siberia and the Far East

Fuzailov, I.; Khamidov, A., 1983:
Wild growing drug plants of the Fergana Valley, concentrators of antimony

Kondrateiiuk, Eiievhen-Mykolaaeiovykh, 1960:
Wild growing fir trees of the Ukraine

Kumpel, Horst, 1996:
Wild growing orchids of Rhon

Valset, K.; Fjelddalen, J., 1976:
Wild growing useful fruit

Rives, M., 1974:
Wild growing vines as gene resources in breeding

Knap, Alyson, 1975:
Wild harvest

Nolan, Justin, M., 2007:
Wild harvest in the heartland

Kozlov, Gv, 1975:
Wild hazelnut in the watershed of the rivers Malaya Laba and Belaya in the Krasnodar Territory

Pyne, Sj, 1996:
Wild hearth: a prolegomenon to the cultural fire history of northern Eurasia

Low, Tim, 1991:
Wild herbs of Australia and New Zealand

Anonymous, 1978:
Wild high-mountain peas of the Caucasus (towards the construction of the phylogenetic system of the tribe Vivieae

Hoffman, E., 1985:
Wild hog in the woods

Peine, J.; Farmer, J., 1990:
Wild hog management program at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Orekhov, Vm, 1979:
Wild honey plants

Khamidov, G., 1975:
Wild honey plants from the Zeravshan Valley

Marais, En, 1979:
Wild honey with notes on the Moka bee

Ovnicek, G.E.fle, J.; Peters, D., 1995:
Wild horse hoof patterns offer a formula for preventing and treating lameness

Godfrey, E.; Lawson, P., 1986:
Wild horse management: an economic perspective

Frei, Mn, 1977:
Wild horse research needs

Slade, L.; Godfrey, E., 1982:
Wild horses (Equus caballus and allies) Wildlife management, North America

Anonymous, 1991:
Wild horses and burros

Monroe, Jw, 1977:
Wild horses and burros and the Bureau of Land Management

Anonymous, 1980:
Wild horses and burros find homes on other ranges

Anonymous, 1980:
Wild horses and burros: getting their fair share

Shanks, B., 1977:
Wild horses and conservation organizations

Maxfield, B., 1985:
Wild horses of the Pryor Mountains

Porter, Md, 1979:
Wild horses off private lands

Cribb, J., 2006:
Wild horses with wings

Russell, Ml, 2004:
Wild horses: Legends or burdens on our rangelands

Reiss, B., 1979:
Wild horses: our runaway heritage

Servin-Villegas, R.T.oyo-Dieguez, E.M.rtinez-Carrillo, J., 2001:
Wild hosts of Bemisia argentifolii Bellows & Perring in semiarid northwest Mexico

Vergara, M., D., 1979:
Wild hosts of Oidium spp. affecting tomatoes in Azapa Valley, Chile, and their import for tomato growing

Hummel, M.; Pettigrew, S.; Murray, J., A., 1992:
Wild hunters

Stace, Ca, 1975:
Wild hybrids in the British flora

Rothenberg, David, 1995:
Wild ideas

Hekkers, J.; Scott, J., 1982:
Wild in the streets

Ray, Ja, 1980:
Wild in the vegetable garden

Zinchenko, B.; Korbetskaia, L., 1980:
Wild insect pollinators of alfalfa

Majupuria, Trilok-Chandra, 1981:
Wild is beautiful

Goode, J., 1985:
Wild lace

Tait, Aa, 1979:
Wild landscape into gardens: Evolution of a Scottish style

Henwood, B.P., 2007:
Wild larvae of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner, 1808) (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae) in Devon during 2006

Soskov, I.; Khusainov, S.; Akhmetov, K., 1973:
Wild late-ripening drought-resistant fodder plants of the de sert zone of central Kazakhstan

Drozdov, Ip, 1974:
Wild legumes growing in eastern Siberia of importance for introduction into cultivation

Aknazarov, Kh, 1983:
Wild legumes of the Western Pamir as plant material for introduction

Mustafaev, S.M.N.kitin, V.V., 1982:
Wild legumes- a source of feed reserves

Duke, J.A., 2000:
Wild lettuce: a bitter herb of biblical proportions

Malhotra, R.S.ivastava, M., 1971:
Wild life and its management in Kangra Forest Division of Himachal Pradesh

Borg, K., 1973:
Wild life as an indicator of environmental pollution

Illingworth, Frank, 1952:
Wild life beyond the North

Nicholas, B.Melville, 1947:
Wild life by night

Mascarenhas, Mj, 1979:
Wild life management

Miller, W.T., 1950:
Wild life of southern Africa

Whitlock, Ralph, 1953:
Wild life on the farm

Boulenger, E.G., 1947:
Wild life the world over

Kierstead,. Jr.;, 1987:
Wild lilies are protected by state and federal law, and for good reason

Harlow, N.; Jakob, K.; Raiche, R., 2003:
Wild lilies, irises, and grasses

Bransilver, Connie, 2004:
Wild love affair

Tapia, M.V.rgas, C., 1982:
Wild lupine of the Andes of southern Peru

Borgen, L., 1981:
Wild majoram Origanum vulgare, Norway.1

Nekrasov, A.V.P.nigin, A.F., 1987:
Wild mammals and birds as potential reservoirs of brucella

Hutchings, M.R., 2006:
Wild mammals and the human food chain

Depierre, D.V.vien, J., 1992:
Wild mammals of Cameroon

Hainard, Robert, 1948:
Wild mammals of Europe

Kitchener, D.J., 1990:
Wild mammals of Lombok Island

Higgins, Kenneth, F., 2000:
Wild mammals of South Dakota

Lord, Rexford, D., 1999:
Wild mammals of Venezuela

Handley, C.-Overton; Patton, C.-Pharr, 1947:
Wild mammals of Virginia

Bigourdan, J.; Prunier, R., 1945:
Wild mammals of West Africa and their environment

Terrell, Sp, 2001:
Wild mammals: diseases the private practitioner may encounter

Batanouny, K.H.A.outabl, E.S.abana, M.S.liman, F., 1999:
Wild medicinal plants in Egypt

Gispert, C.-M.G.mez-Campos, A., 1986:
Wild medicinal plants: the process of acquisition, transmission and collectivization of plant knowledge

Hauser, Marc, D., 2000:
Wild minds

Williams, Ted, 2004:
Wild moments

Anonymous, 1969:
Wild mushroom recipes

Vulcheva, M., 1978:
Wild mushrooms, our natural resources

Friesen, G., 1983:
Wild mustard control in sunflowers

Pierce, R., 1984:
Wild mustard seed wins the battle

Dod, Dd, 1989:
Wild native orchids (Orchidaceae) in the National Botanical Garden in Santo Domingo of the Dominican Republic

Hadidian, J.; Hodge, G.-R.G.andy, J., W., 1997:
Wild neighbors

Anonymous, 1999:
Wild neighbors news

Saly, A., 1979:
Wild nematodes of the Pienin National Park

Janvier, H., 1976:
Wild nidification of domestic bees (Hymenoptera)

Carlson, H.; Hill, J., 1985:
Wild oat (Avena fatua) competition with spring wheat: plant density effects

Alley, H.; Humburg, N.1; Costel, G., 1982:
Wild oat Dryland barley, Weed control, Wyoming

Flom, D.; Thill, D.; Callihan, R., 1986:
Wild oat and broadleaf weed control in winter wheat

Cuturilo, S.K.njaic, D., 1981:
Wild oat and plant quarantine measures Legislation, Yugoslavia.1

Dial, M.; Thill, D., 1988:
Wild oat and wild buckwheat control in irrigated spring barley in southeast Idaho

Cudney, D.; Jordan, L.; Bendixen, W.; Holt, J.H.ll, A.; Corbett, C.; Reints, J., 1991:
Wild oat competition in short-saturated wheat

Cathie, Ls, 1981:
Wild oat control Suffix BW (L-flamprop isopropyl) worlwide aspects

Marocchi, G., 1982:
Wild oat control chemicals Herbicides

Lees, P., 1978:
Wild oat control for half the price?

Lovelace, D.; Wiese, A., 1978:
Wild oat control in Texas

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Wilderness preservation system

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