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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17700

Chapter 17700 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chmelar, J., 1975:
Willows in the Czechoslovak countryside

Steadman, K., 1975:
Willows in their infinite variety

Lautenschlager-Fleury, D.; Lautenschlager-Fleury, E., 1994:
Willows of Central and Northern Europe

Lautenschlager, Ernst, 1989:
Willows of Switzerland and adjacent areas

Martell, S., 1980:
Willows of pleasing diversity

Maddux, E.; Brown, R., 1989:
Wills & estate planning

Hannan, H.W., 1991:
Wills requiring the destruction of pets--the veterinarian's position

Coughlan, M., 1984:
Wills, executors and guardians: wills, probate, property and taxes series. II

Hepp, R.; Kelsey, M., 1988:
Wills, probate & estate planning

Mitchell, Glen, H., 1988:
Wills--do it now

Stinson, Ca, 1976:
Wills: Do you have one? Do you need one?

Tilley, Ml, 1989:
Wills: requirements and considerations

Anonymous, 2006:
Willwood Irrigation District master plan Level I study

Oke, A.; Dunkerley, D.T.pper, N., 2007:
Willy-willies in the Australian landscape: Sediment transport characteristics

Oke, A.; Tapper, N.; Dunkerley, D., 2007:
Willy-willies in the Australian landscape: The role of key meteorological variables and surface conditions in defining frequency and spatial characteristics

Kimnach, M., 1983:
Wilmattea minutiflora

Anonymous, 1982:
Wilmer D. Mizell, Sr., sworn in as Assistant Secretary of Agriculture

Clark, A., J.; Dos-Santos, W., G.; Mccready, J.; Chen, M., Y.; Van-Meter, T., E.; Ware, J., L.; Wolber, S., B.; Fillmore, H.; Broaddus, W., C., 2007:
Wilms tumor 1 expression in malignant gliomas and correlation of plus KTS isoforms with p53 status

Reinhard, H.; Furtwaengler, R.; Siemer, S.; Wullich, B.; Graf, N., 2007:
Wilms-tumor bei erwachsenen

Nespiak, D., 1971:
Wilno University students training in agronomy at an English farm near Petersburgh during the years 1804--1806

Chawla, M.; Khan, E.S.ha, M., 1977:
Wilsereptus andersoni gen. n., sp. n. (Wilsonematinae: Plectidae, Nematoda) from soil around roots of grass at Dalhousi, India with a key to the genera of the subfamily

Halpin, Alice, 1996:
Wilson Avenue, E. Sumner Street to E. Lincoln Avenue, city of Hartford, Washington County

Grotrian, K.S.ith, P., 1990:
Wilson Creek G.S. 1-26 grade control structure

Anonymous, 1996:
Wilson Creek area trail map

Tipping, Peter, 1997:
Wilson Inlet Catchment monitoring, 1994-1996

Anonymous, 1980:
Wilson L. Smith Jr

Moline, H.; Thomas, C., 1982:
Wilson Levering Smith, Jr., 1915-1981

Rosengarten, Frederic, 1991:
Wilson Popenoe

Jones, E.; Fink, R.; Guerrero, S.-Tomaas, 1989:
Wilson Popenoe Private Foundation evaluation, Ecuador

Woodger, Er, 1983:
Wilson Popenoe, American horticulturist, educator and explorer

Vavrek, B.; Whitney, L., 1992:
Wilson Symposium on the Future of Public Libraries

Hall, Tg, 1973:
Wilson and the food crisis: agricultural price control during World War I

Anonymous, 1991:
Wilson declares emergency to battle whitefly invasion: 200 million in crops likely to be destroyed

Pandey, K.; Sinha, P.K.; Das, V.N.R.; Kumar, N.; Verma, N.; Bimal, S.; Lal, C.S.; Topno, R.K.; Singh, D.; Verma, R.B.; Bhattacharya, S.K.; Das, P., 2007:
Wilson disease with visceral leishmaniasis: an extremely uncommon presentation

Lilly, John, H., 1940:
Wilson jubilee issue

Anonymous, 2003:
Wilsons Creek National Battlefield

Dunn, J., L.; Alderfer, J., 2007:
Wilsons and common snipes

Wada, Y.; Kajiwara, W.; Kato, K., 1995:
Wilson's disease-like lesion in a calf

Wilson, W.; Padover, S.-Kussiel, 1943:
Wilsons ideals

Earl, F.; Melveger, B.; Reinwall, J., 1971:
Wilson, r l

Liebman, H., 1982:
Wilsonaras--and other exciting intergenerics

Wallis G. L., 1988:
Wilsons Promontory

Beniwal, S.; Ahmed, S.G.rfu, D., 1992:

Hough, Js, 1984:
Wilt & Mildew. A report of current United Kingdom research

Papingji, A., 1973:
Wilt and rust of tomatoes (Vasates destructor Keiffer)

Sheir, H.; Shehata, M.1; El-Goorani, M.1; El-Allaf, S., 1982:
Wilt and stem rot disease of carnation in Egypt Dianthus caryophyllus, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia solani

Tisserat, N., 1989:
Wilt and virus diseases of tomato

Tisserat, Na, 1985:
Wilt and virus diseases of tomatoes

Imamaliev, A.I., 1982:
Wilt and weeds of cotton plants

Anonymous, 1976:
Wilt and yellow disease of cotton

Sboeva, Z.; Nematov, G.; Iunusov, M., 1977:
Wilt control efficiency and the performance of benzimidazol preparations in plants and soil

Kamilova, M.; Urunov, N., 1981:
Wilt control problems Cotton, Verticillium dahliae, USSR.1

Balagopal,, S.; Muraleedharan,, E., 1974:
Wilt disease --a serious threat to Vanilla plantations

Jambrina-Alonso, Jl, 1983:
Wilt disease and root rot of lupine

Waraitch, Ks, 1981:
Wilt disease in Co. 1148 in the Punjab and assessment of losses caused by it

Renard, Jl, 1970:
Wilt disease in the oil palm. the role of injuries to the roots in the infection process

Ezuka, S., 1974:
Wilt disease in tomatoes caused

Dogra, J.; Singh, P.; Shrivastava, A., 1979:
Wilt disease of Calendula officinalis--a new record from India

Karakaya, A.; Erzurum, K., 2002:
Wilt disease of Nigella sativa in Turkey

Pichenot, M., 1978:
Wilt disease of Platanus

Concibido, E.; Abad, R.; Nuevas, J.J., 1982:
Wilt disease of coconut in Socorro, Oriental Mindoro. I. Survey (1977-1981)

Dalla-Rosa, L., 1973:
Wilt disease of grapevines in Trentino

Nakov, B., 1984:
Wilt disease of water melon and

Bora, L.C.; Deka, S.N., 2007:
Wilt disease suppression and yield enhancement in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) by application of Pseudomonas fluorescens-based biopesticide (Biofor-Pf) in Assam

Griffith, R., 1977:
Wilt diseases of coconuts in the Caribbean

Jenkins, S.; Wells, J.; Averre, C.; Duncan, H., 1976:
Wilt diseases of tomato

Stephens, C.; Latin, R.; Price, H.; Grafius, E., 1987:
Wilt disorders of cucurbits

Johnson, Wb, 1984:
Wilt in tomatoes

Rattink, H., 1983:
Wilt induced by Fusarium spp. in carnations: investigation in a new direction

Rumi, V.; Kandov, A.; Kamalova, G., 1972:
Wilt infection of various species of the Malvaceae

Akkuzhin, D.P.pova,, D., 1978:
Wilt infection rate of different cotton varieties

Armstrong, G.; Armstrong, J., 1974:
Wilt of Brassica carinata, Crambe abyssinica, and Crambe hispanica caused by Fusarium oxysporum r. sp. conglutinans race 1 or 2

Bartels, A., 1976:
Wilt of Clematis

Gupta, Pks, 1975:
Wilt of Clitoria ternatea Linn

Chakraverti, B.; Anil-Kumar, T., 1972:
Wilt of Dolichos biflorus caused by Fusarium oxysporum

Talieva, M.; Furst, G.; Mishina, G.; Ekhunova, G., 1979:
Wilt of Iris species

Mercier, S.M.tay, C., 1977:
Wilt of Nerium oleander

Philip, S., 1980:
Wilt of Vanilla planifolia Andr. (Salisb.) caused by Fusarium oxysporum Schl. ex. Fries Fusarium vasinfectum (Atk.)

Kitazawa,, R., 1981:
Wilt of alfalfa caused by Verti

Nanda, S.P.asad, N., 1975:
Wilt of castor--a new record

Alavi, A., 1969:
Wilt of cumin plant (Cuminum cyminum) caused by Fusarium oxysporum Fusarium sp. cumini Prasad and Patel

Delas, J., 1978:
Wilt of grape stalks

Tissot, M., 1982:
Wilt of grape stalks Physiological diseases, nutritional factors.1

Khokhriakova, T.; Abbasov, T., 1978:
Wilt of medlar

Durand, P.G.lpe, J.L.moine,, J.T.mbal, J., 1983:
Wilt of pedunculate oak in Pyrenees-Atlantiques

Upadhyay, R.S., 2001:
Wilt of pigeonpea

Singh, S.; Sastry, K., 1975:
Wilt of pineapple--a new virus disease in India

Goix, J., 1977:
Wilt of pines in the Centre region

Maholay, M.; Naragund, V., 1981:
Wilt of scented geranium caused by Botrydoipiodia theobromae Pat Pelargonium graveolens

Bhargava, S.; Shukla, D.; Singh, N., 1979:
Wilt of sunflower caused by Fusarium moniliforme

Cirulli, M., 1975:
Wilt of the olive tree caused by Verticillium dahliae Kleb

Petrova, M.; Chernysheva, Z.; Kisova, V., 1976:
Wilt of the one-year peach shoots affected by Clasterosporium

Franceschini, A.C.rda, P.C.rta, C., 1982:
Wilt of tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum Mill.) caused by Alternaria alternata f. sp. lycopersici Grogan, Kimble and Misaghi

Cirulli, M., 1974:
Wilt of watermelon: trials with some cultivars of the resistance to Fusarium oxysporum niveum

Koch, H., 1976:
Wilt on woody deciduous plants

Kulchaleewan, C.C.lino, M., 1972:
Wilt or root rot of wheat due to Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc

Heinrichs, Dh, 1973:
Wilt resistance of alfalfa varieties

Egamberdiev, A.; Paiziev, P., 1982:
Wilt resistance of chemomutants of wild cotton and their hybrids Verticillium dahliae, Gossypium hirsutum ssp. mexicanum var. nervosum.1

Kas'-Ianenko, A.; Aliamov, A., 1977:
Wilt resistance of cotton (Gossypium herbaceum L.) to physiologic races of its pathogen

Egamberdiev, A.F.latova, R., 1981:
Wilt resistant cotton hybrids Verticillium dahliae pathogen.1

Guseinov, A.; Babaev, F.; Eminbeili, A., 1979:
Wilt resistant varieties from the collection of the Azerbaidzhan Scientific-Research Cotton Institute

Malinin, Vm, 1971:
Wilt-resistant cotton varieties and maintaining their resistance

Sherbakoff, C.D., 1941:
Wilt-resistant watermelons

Kommeri, M.K.ssila, V1; Kiviniemi, J., 1982:
Wilted and unwilted grass silage for young bulls Silage composition, Finland

Ettala, E.R.ssanen, H1; Virtanen, E1; Huida, L1; Kiviniemi, J., 1982:
Wilted and unwilted silage in the feeding of dairy cattle Silage composition and quality, Finland

Pritchard, D.; Conrad, H., 1974:
Wilted grass silage additives

Schwandt, W., 1980:
Wilted silage production for the supply of large cattle populations

Hawley, K., 1973:
Wilted versus direct foraged silage

Emhart, R.-E.M.rambio, A.-J.S.lo, S., C., 1978:
Wilting and formic acid effects on the nutritive value of silage

Fomin, Va, 1979:
Wilting diseases of pepper and eggplant

Chambers, Jt, 1977:
Wilting grass for silage

Mccullough, Ii, 1974:
Wilting grass for silage. i

Smith, J., 1974:
Wilting grass for silage. iI

Lazar, I.S.vulescu, A.P.povici, I.G.ou, E., 1970:
Wilting of plants induced by filtrates of bacterial species of Erwinia and their toxic action on animals

Mel'-Nikov, Am, 1976:
Wilting of remontant carnations

Zlatanov, S., 1971:
Wilting of young oak stands caus

Rara, Ns, 1981:
Wilting perennial legumes and pr

Grasso, S., 1975:
Wilting phenomena on basil plants causedby Fusarium oxysporum

Filiposki, K.L.zaloski, T., 1982:
Wilting point, an important water

Fischer, G.B.unack, H.F.rnau, W., 1973:
Wilting process applied to green forage to improve results of hot air drying: experiences of the Elbaue cooperative crop production department Rade, Jessen district

Nakamura, R.U.o, S.I.o, T., 1976:
Wilting tolerance of cut flower

Bray, Wj, 1977:
Wilting: a consideration for the crop drying industry

Valette, R., 1981:
Wiltloof chicory. Development and use of a simple apparatus for hydroponic forcing Cichorium intybus.1

Van-Heiningen, D., 1983:
Wilton Pyramidal Hybrid yew tree Taxus cuspidata, male plant, slow rate of growth, varieties, USA

Costache, M.M.ndricel, M., 1982:
Wilts of carnations in greenhouses

Epps, J.-Milton; Andes, J.O., 1955 :
Wilts of cotton in Tennessee

Mathon, B., 1982:
Wilts of cypress and Thuja caused by two fungi: Seiridium cardinale (Wag.) Sutton and Gibson (syn. Coryneum cardinale Wag.) and Didymascella thujina (Durand) Maire Cupressus.1

Carles, L., 1983:
Wilts of stone fruit trees

Van-Alfen, Nk, 1982:
Wilts: concepts and mechanisms Erwinia amylovora, Corynebacterium michiganense

Morris, Mg, 1975:
Wiltshire Coleoptera, with particlar reference to Limobius borealis (Payk.) (Curculionidae), and a record from Gloucestershire

Taylor, A.; Shaw, B., 1975:
Wiltshire curing with and without nitrate. I. Vacuum packed sliced back bacon

Taylor, A.; Shaw, B.; Jolley, P., 1976:
Wiltshire curing with and without nitrate. II. Vacuum packed collar bacon and vacuum packed bacon from pigs with high ultimate pH

Bashford, H.H-Sir, 1953:
Wiltshire harvest

Bernhardt, Peter, 1989:
Wily violets & underground orchids

Ernst, R.University-Of-California, 1992:
Wimbers way

Ryan, Tj, 1972:
Wimmera farms study; the right machines can halve the costs

Whittet, J.N., 1953:
Wimmera rye grass

Hollihan, T., 1990:

Anonymous, 2007:
Win 395 and Lucky Mike real top-class

Anonymous, 1942:
Win against water

Welch, Lf, 1983:
Win some, lose some?

Anonymous, 1981:
Win the battle against BRD

Langston, S., 1979:
Win the showmanship class

Anonymous, 1943:
Win the war management for poultrymen

York, Sarah-Mountbatten-Windsor, Duchess-Of, 2000:
Win the weight game

Long, P.; Clark, J.; Liston, D., 1994:
Win, lose, or draw?

Rosenzweig, Michael, L., 2003:
Win-win ecology

Hicks, S.L.scano, R.O.r, S., 1999:
WinPET irrigation software

Ricketts, M., 1978:
Winban Research Centre improves Caribbean banana growing

Tarvasmaki, P., 1980:
Winches in logging

Wertz, Lisa, B., 1996:
Winchester Lake

Blin, P., 1976:

Anonymous, 2003:
Wind Cave National Park Boundary Revision Act of 2003

Anonymous, 2005:
Wind Cave National Park Boundary Revision Act of 2005

Anonymous, 1964:
Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota

Elderkin, C.; Ramsdell, J.; Tennyson, G., 1977:
Wind Characteristics Workshop, 2-4 June 1976, Boston, Mass

Anonymous, 2001:
Wind Erosion & Water Conservation

Anonymous, 1997:
Wind Erosion: an International Symposium

Massey, R.G.inan, P., 2007:
Wind Information and Resources

Bauer Clyde Maxwell, 1934:
Wind River Basin

Anonymous, 2003:
Wind River Experimental Forest

Macsiurtain, M., 1979:
Wind River Ranger District, Carson, Washington, U.S.A

Oronsaye, Wi, 1990:
Wind action and sand movement near Holkham Bay, North Norfolk Coast, England

Polprasert,, P.; Thanh, N., 1981:
Wind aeration in model waste treatment system

Shefter, I.; Lutskii, I., 1972:
Wind aggregates for water supply of pastures

Musselman, R.; Wooldridge, G.; Massman, W.; Sommerfeld, R., 1995:
Wind and ecosystem response at the GLEES

Durland, G.R., 2002:
Wind and emergency erosion control

Mcwhorter, C.; Hursh, J., 1975:
Wind and herbicide movement

Maki, Taichi, 1989:
Wind and nature

Jaffe, Mj, 1985:
Wind and other mechanical effects in the development and behavior of plants, with special emphasis on the role of hormones

Mackerron, D.; Waister, P., 1985:
Wind and plant physiology--a review

Wagner, C.J.; Coleman, R.; Berry, R., 1981:
Wind and radiant solar energy for drying fruits and vegetables

Raufaste, Noel, J., 1994:
Wind and seismic effects

Müller, M.; Wehner, Rüdiger., 2007:
Wind and sky as compass cues in desert ant navigation

Jones, D.D., 1980:
Wind and snow control for the farmstead

Vigerust, E.V.gerust, Y.R.gnerud, B., 1969:
Wind and snow fences at Lesja; results of experiments on the effects of shelter

Adpuanov, Sn, 1975:
Wind and snow in a fruit orchard protected by forest shelterbelts

Verma, L.; Hellickson, M., 1979:
Wind and solar energy combination for agricultural applications in South Dakota

Hoque, A.A.san, Q., 1995:
Wind and solar generating units: potential candidates for a generation mix of an isolated area

Davidson, Hr, 1979:
Wind and solar power for agriculture

Rottmann, Michael, 1986:
Wind and storm damages in the forest

Faust, H., 1975:
Wind and storm damages to bird controlling nets

Comis, D., 2006:
Wind and sun and farm-based energy sources

Pitcairn, C.; Grace, J., 1985:
Wind and surface damage

Rainey, Rc, 1972:
Wind and the distribution of the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria (Forsk.)

Chaney, Wr, 1997:
Wind and the question of staking trees

Finck, H., 1977:
Wind and water mills in the Schleswig Holstein outdoor museum

Robertson, A., 1993:
Wind and wave forests: a case study and implications for silviculture

Marchand, Pj, 1972:
Wind and winter-exposed plant

Schwarz, T., 1977:
Wind around farm buildings

Clark, Rn, 1981:
Wind assisted deep-well pumping

Vasil'ev, Yu, I.; Litvinov, Ye, A.; Nazarova, M.V., 2007:
Wind attenuating role of curtain afforestation

Kovacevic, J., 1971:
Wind bentgrass (Apera spica-ventl L.)

Alward, R., 1978:
Wind bibliography

Riksen, Michel, 2006:
Wind born(e) landscapes

Navratil, K., 1970:
Wind calamity in the forests of the Czech State Forest management Praha

Downs, Pr, 1973:
Wind can be expensive

Ames, Dr, 1973:
Wind chill for cattle

Reed, Jw, 1975:
Wind climatology

Baker, Donald, G., 1983:
Wind climatology and wind power

Kerzelova, B., 1979:
Wind conditions and atmospheric pollution in the Jizerske Hory

Kryshtal'-, Iui, 1971:
Wind conditions and peat soi

Andersen, St, 1974:
Wind conditions and pollen deposition in a mixed deciduous forest. I. Wind conditions and pollen dispersal

Andersen, St, 1974:
Wind conditions and pollen deposition in a mixed deciduous forest. II. Seasonal and annual pollen deposition 1967-1972

Aulitzky, H., 1985:
Wind conditions in a central-alpine down slope station and its ecological importance. II. 2

Nageli, Werner, 1987:
Wind conditions in the range of staggered shelterbelts

Nighswonger, Jj, 1981:
Wind control with plants Climate

Clark, Rn, 1983:
Wind conversion equipment and utility interties

Powell, Fa, 1986:
Wind currents

Brunig, Ef, 1973:
Wind damage as a risk factor in forest production in the major timber producing regions of the world

Anonymous, 1982:
Wind damage in Great Plains 50 percent below a year ago Soil erosion, November 1980-February 1982

Carter, Pcs, 1989:
Wind damage in Kinleith forest--effects of Cyclone Bola

Rasmussen, Jh, 1989:
Wind damage in Northland forests

Ainsworth, P., 1989:
Wind damage in radiata pine--the Tasman experience

Falk, J., 1980:
Wind damage in spruce-fir stands--a literature review with recommendations for harvesting methods

Takahashi, K.T.kahashi, K., 1974:
Wind damage of subalpine forest

Jansson, I., 1968:
Wind damage to farm buildings

Matsuoka, Shigeru, 2006:
Wind damage to nest trees of Great Spotted Woodpeckers Dendrocopos major by a tropical cyclone

Ryan, Clj, 1975:
Wind damage to young apple trees

Anonymous, 1981:
Wind damages 1.1 million acres in Great Plains Erosion, 1980, compared with 1979

Anonymous, 1983:
Wind damages 550,000 acres in Great Plains Wind erosion

Anonymous, 1983:
Wind damages in Great Plains 30 percent below a year ago 1982-83, erosion

Anonymous, 1983:
Wind data listing for New Zealand stations

Neudecker, Th, 1980:
Wind direction and wind strength, water temperature, acid content, salt content and pH in the Flensburg outer inlet near Langballigau from 1973-1979

Kodama, Y.; Sato, N.; Yabuki, H.; Ishii, Y.; Nomura, M.; Ohata, T., 2007:
Wind direction dependency of water and energy fluxes and synoptic conditions over a tundra near Tiksi, Siberia

Moran, V.; Gunn, B.1; Walter, G., 1982:
Wind dispersal and settling of first-instar crawlers of the cochineal insect Dactylopius austrinus (Homoptera: Coccoidea: Dactylopiidae) Biological control agent of the cactus weed Opuntia aurantiaca

Maddox, J.; Carlquist, S., 1985:
Wind dispersal in Californian desert plants: experimental studies and conceptual considerations

Robbins, R.; Small, G.J., 1981:
Wind dispersal of Panamanian hairstreak butterflies (Lepdioptera: Lycaenidae) and its evolutionary significance

Wiktelius, S., 1981:
Wind dispersal of insects

Campbell, Cs, 1983:
Wind dispersal of some North American species of Andropogon (Gramineae) Success as colonizers, habitats

Hill, Mg, 1980:
Wind dispersal of the coccid Icerya seychellarum (Margarodidae: Homoptera) on Aldabra Atoll

Davies, BR., 1976:
Wind distribution of the egg masses of Chironomus anthracinus (Zetterstedt) (Diptera: Chironomidae) in a shallow, wind exposed lake (Loch Leven, Kinross)

Hsi,, J., 1970:
Wind drag within simulated forest canopies

Vanwoerkom, G.; Turpin, F.1; Barrett,. Jr.;Jro, 1983:
Wind effect on western corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) flight behavior Diabrotica virgifera virgifera

Sturrock, Jw, 1975:
Wind effects and their amelioration in crop production

Solomon, Kh, 1990:
Wind effects on sprinkler patterns

Simiu, E.; Scanlan, R., H., 1978:
Wind effects on structures

Candura, A.G.sman, A., 1980:
Wind effects on the heat balance in a greenhouse

Shull, H.D.lla, A., 1976:
Wind effects on water applixation patterns from a large, single nozzle sprinkler

Golovchenko, Gg, 1974:
Wind energetics of plants

Kallio-Mannila, R., 1976:
Wind energy

Rasmussen, B.C.ratti, G., 1988:
Wind energy 2

Sorensen, B., 1981:
Wind energy Hazards, telecommunications interference, environmental impacts

Meyer, Vm, 1982:
Wind energy activity in the North Central States USA, alternate fuels

Matzen, R., 1980:
Wind energy and its potential for agriculture

Ratto, C.-F.S.lari, G., 1998:
Wind energy and landscape

Swift-Hook, D.T., 1989:
Wind energy and the environment

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Wind energy applications for rural areas

Dear, S.; Lyons, T.; Bell, M., 1991:
Wind energy assessment under strong mesoscale forcing

Gipe, Paul, 1999:
Wind energy basics

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Wind energy convergent system

Musgrove, Peter, 1984:
Wind energy conversion, 1983

Quarton, D.C.F.nton, V.C., 1991:
Wind energy conversion, 1991

Wilshire, H.P.ose, D., 1987:
Wind energy development in California, USA

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Wind energy directories

Manwell, J.F.M.gowan, J.G.R.gers, A., L., 2002:
Wind energy explained

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Wind energy for agricultural heating

Maclean, Jt, 1984:
Wind energy for agriculture, 1981-1983

Maclean, Jt, 1983:
Wind energy for agriculture, January 1980-December 1982

Chapman, S., 1990:
Wind energy for agriculture: January 1984-September 1990

Chapman, S., 1993:
Wind energy for agriculture: January 1985 - March 1993

O'-Flaherty, T., 1981:
Wind energy for glasshouses--initial experience at Kinsealy

Merriam, Marshal, F., 1974:
Wind energy for human needs

Stipanuk, Dm, 1982:
Wind energy for production agriculture--comments from the Northeast region Alternate fuels

Clark, Rn, 1982:
Wind energy for pumping agricultural water

Jarass, L.H.ffmann, L1; Jarass, A1; Obermair, G., 1981:
Wind energy for the Federal Republic of Germany Analysis, evaluation of data, wind power, fuel saving effect, break-even costs of wind energy conversion systems

Srivastava, U.-K.S.aran, G., 1987:
Wind energy for water pumping

Righter, Robert, W., 1996:
Wind energy in America

Pengfei, S., 1982:
Wind energy in China Includes use in farming

Martin, Cw, 1980:
Wind energy in Nebraska

Maclean, Jayne, T., 1980:
Wind energy in agriculture

Anonymous, 1982:
Wind energy in the Netherlands

Anonymous, 1979:
Wind energy information directory

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Wind energy innovative systems conference proceedings

Pasqualetti, Mj, 2001:
Wind energy landscapes: society and technology in the California desert

Kolega, Jj, 1978:
Wind energy notes

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Wind energy potential for Mississippi State University

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Wind energy potential in Libya

Pelser, J., 1975:
Wind energy research in the Netherlands

Neyeloff, S.W.eks, S.; Price, D., 1977:
Wind energy substitution at dairy milking center

Gunkel, W.; Furry, R., 1978:
Wind energy substitution at dairy milking center development phase. I. Project summary

Neyeloff, S.L.cey, D.; Solat, C., 1978:
Wind energy substitution at dairy milking center development phase. II. Equipment design and development aspect

Porter, T.L.cey, D.; Solat, C., 1978:
Wind energy substitution at dairy milking center development phase. III. Site climatology aspect

Watson, Gr, 1982:
Wind energy system design for remote applications

Stephens, H.S.G.odes, D.H., 1982:
Wind energy systems

Liljedahl, La, 1975:
Wind energy use in rural and remote areas

Patel, Bl, 1983:
Wind energy utilization in India: a perspective view

Anonymous, 1999:
Wind energy, the facts

Jenkins, G., 1999:
Wind energy--a brief history and current status

Matzen, R., 1978:
Wind energy--hot water generator

Nahas, M.; Mohamad, A.; Akyurt, M.E.-Kalay, A., 1987:
Wind energy: an engineering survey

Kallio-Mannila, R., 1978:
Wind energy: methods and uses

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Windbreaks for greenhouses

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Windbreaks for livestock protection in the Central Great -Plains

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Windbreaks for livestock protection in the southern Great -Plains

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Windbreaks for muck land

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Windbreaks for recreational uses

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Windbreaks for rural living

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Windbreaks for the protection

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Windbreaks for urban and suburban residences

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Windbreaks for urban uses

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Windbreaks for vegetable crops

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Windbreaks for vegetable protection

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Windbreaks in China

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Windbreaks in Kansas

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Windbreaks move to urban America

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Windbreaks of the Pioneers

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Windbreaks on light soils

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Windbreaks protect and beautify Ohio landscape

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Windbreaks reduce greenhouse heating costs

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Windbreaks save money! Crop, soil and livestock protection, fuel conservation, includes list of trees for Kansas

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Windbreaks--the basis of crop production

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Windbreaks: their potential in conserving energy

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Windbrower and harvester all in one

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Winder problems in the paper industry

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Winder rebuild can be cost-effective option in modernization program

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Winder technology for producing large rolls of high-density coated paper

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Winder wisdom

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Winder-based reel design facilitates grade changes

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Windfallen wood, one year later

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Windfalls for wipeouts

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Windfalls in the Guianese Forest: Piste de St. Elie

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Windfalls produced in the Bistrita-Nasaud district, Romania, in the 1969-1979 period, and the situation of trees affected and regenerative measures

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Windham County, Connecticut

Anonymous, 1981:
Windham WIC Program demonstration grant on breastfeeding

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Winding Stair Mountain

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Winding ability of the vine of some Czechoslovak and foreign hop varieties

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Winding characteristics of silkworm cocoons with different parameters of the winding space

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Winding down your farm operation

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Winding plants down

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Winding your way through DNA

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Winding your weigh down

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Winding your weight down

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Windings of asynchronous electric motors

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Windloch in Sackdilling - Location, history of research, geology, palaeontology and archaeology

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Windmeul Cooperative Wine Cellars

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Windmill Holland and its environment

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Windmill grass in Pennsylvania; windmill grass (Chloris verticillata Nuttal) in Pennsylvania

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Windmills and millwrighting

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Windmills and windpower

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Windmills for sheep farms

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Windmills in Holland

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Windmills in agriculture

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WinDock: structure-based drug discovery on Windows-based PCs

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Window Curtains

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Window box

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Window box gardening

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Window boxes

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Window boxes, patios & tubs

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Window curtaining

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Window design strategies to conserve energy

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Window dressing by pension fund managers

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Window dressings--make your own

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Window fashion: cornice and valance boards

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Window fashion: valances, swags, and jabots

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Window fashions with window shades

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Window garden designs

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Window greenhouses

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Window greenhouses and regular greenhouses status in Hokkaido, Japan

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Window herb gardens

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Window insulation

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Window into a watershed

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Window management for energy conservation: a how to guide

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Window management strategies for energy conservation

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Window of acceptability for beef carcass traits

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Window on a world of water

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Window on cooperatives in India and abroad

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Window optics

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Window pane oyster fishery of Pindhara Bay in the Gulf of Kutch

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Window plants--Monstera deliciosa

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Window problems

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Window replacement considerations

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Window seat

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Window selection to save energy

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Window selection to save energy. Agricultural energy program

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Window shades in energy conservation

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Window shopping: Are U.S. cooperatives really ready for new trade windows?

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Window to primeval times

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Window to the sea

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Window treatment

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Window treatments for cold climates

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Window treatments for energy efficiency

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Window treatments for the home

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Window treatments for thermal comfort

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Window treatments: curtains and drapes

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Window treatments: curtains, shades, shutters, drapes

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Window warmers

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Window-box and indoor gardening

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Window-leaved succulents

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Windowed versus windowless solar energy cavity receivers

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Windows and energy efficiency

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Windows and light in livestock houses

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Windows for accepting or rejecting solar heat gain

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Windows for dummies

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Windows from synthetic materials

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Windows in the sand

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Windows into the earth

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Windows of Raucron: type made of synthetic materials

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Windows of agriculture in Bangladesh

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Windows of embryonic sexual lability in two lizard species with environmental sex determination

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Windows of opportunity, learning strategies and the rise of Chinas handset markers

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Windows on creativity and invention

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Windows on meteorology

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Windows on the past

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Windows on the world

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Windows on the world--images of interdependence

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Windows open to the world

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Windows, doors and gates for agricultural buildings

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Windows--design, location, and use

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Windowsill gloxinias

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Windowsill in the winter

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Windowsill orchid growing

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Windowsill orchids--a retrospective

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Windowsill orchids--the easy way

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Windowsill tomatoes

Anonymous, 1989:
Windpower 89

Anonymous, 1992:
Windpower 92

Anonymous, 1999:
Windpower 1999

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Windpower as carrier of the early industrial revolution in Holland

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Windpower can save your energy dollars

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Windpower factsheet

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Windpower plants for animal farms

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Windpower today: Inexpensive and profitable

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Windproof plot sprayers

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Windproofing ventilation systems

Fraenkel, Peter, 1993:

Anonymous, 1987:
Windpumps flying in mauritania

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Windrift Prairie Nursery: story of a small commercial enterprise

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Windrow composition

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Windrow composting favored in Los Angeles County study

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Windrow composting of biodegradable packaging materials

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Windrow composting of fruit waste solids

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Windrow composting of swine wastes

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Windrow grazing as a strategy for reducing livestock wintering costs

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Windrow harvester for northern Kazakhstan

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Windrow turners

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Windrow type harvester

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Windrower and harvester for tung fruit

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Windrowing and harvesting potatoes with unmanned harvester on windrowed fields

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Windrowing and rolling barley crops

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Windrowing of forage crops in Czechcoslovak conditions

Le-Du, J., 1975:
Windrowing rape

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Windrows on the links

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Windrows reduce alfalfa yields

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Winds and wind-breaks

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Winds in agriculture and the windbreaks

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Winds in southeast Queensland and rain in Australia and their possible long-term relationship with sunspot number

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Winds of change at the USDA

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Winds over wildlands

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Winds, pollution, and the wilderness

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Windschutz fur junge Baume in subalpinen Aufforstungen an stark windexponierten Wuchsorten

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Windschutzfibel, kurze Anleitung zur Knickanpflanzung und eOdlandaufforstung

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Windscreens in agriculture

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Windshield wilderness

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Windshields for precipitation gauges and improved measurement techniques for snowfall

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Windsong--an Alaskan farm

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Windsor springs plantation

Anonymous, 1940:
Windsor steer feeding demonstration

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Windsors royal and ancient forest

Anonymous, 1955:
Windstorm damage prevention

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Windstorms and how we protect honeybees against them

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Windsucking treated by myectomy and neurectomy Crib-biting, horses, vices

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Windthrow and other problems associated with Eucalyptus

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Windthrow in deodar Cedrus deodara, Heterobasidion annosum

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Windthrow on the Canterbury Plains

Helles, F., 1983:
Windthrow: a review of recent literature

Langstrom, B., 1984:
Windthrown Scots pines as brood material for Tomicus piniperda and Tomicus minor

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