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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17840

Chapter 17840 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 2006:
Cumulative Indexes

Anonymous, 2003:
Cumulative Indexes: Contributing Authors, Volumes 39-48

Anonymous, 2005:
Cumulative Key Word Index

Anonymous, 2005:
Cumulative Key word Index: Annals of Entomology Volume 98, 2005

Anonymous, 2004:
Cumulative Keyword Index for Volumes 78-80

Anonymous, 2005:
Cumulative Keyword Index for Volumes 81-83

Anonymous, 2006:
Cumulative Keyword Index for Volumes 84-86

Anonymous, 2002:
Cumulative Subject Index : Volume 95, 2002

Anonymous, 2003:
Cumulative Subject Index for Volumes 282-291

Anonymous, 2002:
Cumulative Subject Index for Volumes 72-74

Anonymous, 2003:
Cumulative Subject Index for Volumes 75-77

Anonymous, 2004:
Cumulative Subject Index, Vols. 175-200

Anonymous, 2003:
Cumulative Subject Index, Volumes 57-63

Anonymous, 2004:
Cumulative Subject Index, Volumes 64-70

Anonymous, 2003:
Cumulative Subject Indexes for Volumes 1-29

Anonymous, 2003:
Cumulative Subject Indexes for Volumes 1-38

Anonymous, 2003:
Cumulative Subject Indexes for Volumes 28-52

Anonymous, 2004:
Cumulative and Comprehensive Subject Matter Index Volumes 171-180

Hirotsu, C., 1986:
Cumulative chi-squared statistic as a tool for testing goodness of fit

Burns, D.C., 1991:
Cumulative effects of small modifications to habitat

Kallenbach, R.L.; Kerley, M.S.; Bishop Hurley, G.J., 2006:
Cumulative forage production, forage quality and livestock performance from an annual ryegrass and cereal rye mixture in a Pine-Walnut Silvopasture

Hiddink, J.; Jennings, S.; Kaiser, M.; Queiros, A.; Duplisea, D.; Piet, G., 2006:
Cumulative impacts of seabed trawl disturbance on benthic biomass, production, and species richness in different habitats

Hanke, T.; Raulet, D.H., 2001:
Cumulative inhibition of NK cells and T cells resulting from engagement of multiple inhibitory Ly49 receptors

Anonymous, 2003:
Cumulative subject indexes for volumes 20-44

Anonymous, 2003:
Cumulative subject indexes for volumes 26-47

Anonymous, 2003:
Cumulative taxonomic indexes for volumes 20-44

Williams, E H.; Jr.; Williams, LB., 1985:
Cuna insularis n. gen. and n. sp. (Isopoda: Cymothoidae) from the gill chamber of the sergeant major, Abudefduf saxatilis (Linnaeus), (Osteichthyes) in the West Indies

Anonymous, 1988:
Cunliffe's views on animal medicines licensing

Loeb, Evi Bossanyi, 1988:

Orton, Eileen, 2001:
Cupressus glabra 'Blue Arizona'

Aker, Scott, 1995:
Cupressus glabra 'Blue Ice'

Blaxter, JHS., 1984:
Cupular growth in herring neuromasts

Pereira, Sergio, L., 2005:
Curassows and Related Birds

Ross, Marty, 2007:
Curator Galen Gates

Titchmarsh, Alan, 1985:
Curator of Kew, John Simmons

Heacox, Lisa, 2001:
Curb cherry cracking

Petrie, M.; Petrie, K.F.tsko, 2002:
Curbside Assistance

Bharti, A.C.; Takada, Y.; Aggarwal, B.B., 2004:
Curcumin (Diferuloylmethane) Inhibits Receptor Activator of NF-kB Ligand-Induced NF-KB Activation in Osteoclast Precursors and Suppresses Osteoclastogenesis

Kim, G.Y.ung; Kim, K.H.ung; Lee, S.H.an, 2005:
Curcumin Inhibits Immunostimulatory Function of Dendritic Cells: MAPKs and Translocation of NF-kB as Potential Targets

Jobin, C.; Bradham, C.A.; Russo, M.P.a, 1999:
Curcumin blocks cytokine-mediated NF-kB activation and proinflammatory gene expression by inhibiting inhibitory factor I-kB kinase activity

Cipriani, B.; Borsellino, G.; Knowles, H., 2001:
Curcumin inhibits activation of Vc9Vd2 T cells by phosphoantigens and induces apoptosis involving apoptosis-inducing factor and large scale DNA fragmentation

Hellman, S.; Curie, M.; Curie, P., 1992:
Curies, cure, and culture

Bubel, Nancy, 1988:
Curing and storing onions

Waldholz, M.; Weinberg, R.A.Reviewer, 1998:
Curing cancer (book review)

Riegger, Michael, H., 1999:
Curiosity never 'killed the cat;' it can save it

Devereux, Sue, 2007:
Curious about acupuncture?

Kaufman, Kenn, 1990:
Curlew Sandpiper and its I.D. contenders

Barnhart, M.M.; Chapman, M.R., 2006:
Curli biogenesis and function

Anonymous, 2002:
Curly Steeds USA Heritage

O'keeffe, Katie, 1999:
Curly top trouble

Anonymous, 2006:
Curnulative Indexes

Anonymous, 2003:
Currency, carryover trends may be pointing to higher cotton prices

Mortelmans, K.; Rupa, D.S., 2004:
Current issues in genetic toxicology testing for microbiologists

Michele Veeman; Terry Veeman, 2004:
Current Issues in the Economics of Agriculture, Food, and Resources: Reshaping Agriculture's Contributions to Society

Anonymous, 2003:
Current Pest Management Research by the United States Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service

Anonymous, 1992:
Current U.S. and international regulatory issues

Turner, Monica, G., 2003:
Current Understanding of Succession

Davies, Mike, Reviewer, 1993:
Current Veterinary Therapy (book review)

Edman, A.; Gestrelius, S.; Grampp, W., 1987:
Current activation by membrane hyperpolarization in the slowly adapting lobster stretch receptor neurone

Harborne, Jeffrey, B.Reviewer, 2000:
Current advances in mycorrhizae research (book review)

Anonymous, 1993:
Current advances in reproduction

Walz, Daniel, A.Reviewer, 1990:
Current advances in vitamin K research (book review)

Mcphaden, Michael, J., 2004 :
Current affairs

Morris, D.A.Reviewer, 1991:
Current and future methods in plant growth regulator research (book review)

Tallarida, R.J., 1995:
Current and historical mortality from cancer and cardiovascular disease in relation to age: U.S. and world values

Whiteside, J.O., 1983:
Current and potential use of disease-control chemicals on citrus trees

Carlson, V.R., 1984:
Current aseptic packaging techniques

Leveille, Gilbert, A., 1988:
Current attitude and behavior trends regarding consumption of grains

Brooks, T.; Thompson, H.S.okellu, 2001:
Current bird conservation issues in Africa

Anderson, J.L., 1986:
Current clinical perspectives on antiarrhythmic drug therapy

Kidder, Gerald, M.Reviewer, 1993:
Current communications in cell and molecular biology (book review): V4: Animal applications of research in mammalian development

Sies, Helmut, Reviewer, 1994:
Current communications in cell and molecular biology (book review): V5: Molecular biology of free radical scavenging systems

Norton Hughes, C.A.Reviewer; Johnson, R.C.Reviewer, 1994:
Current communications in cell and molecular biology (book review): V6: Lyme disease

Anonymous, 1986:
Current concepts and future opportunities in forage utilization in the southeastern United States

Minchella, Dennis, J.Reviewer, 1990:
Current concepts in parasitology (book review)

Ornduff, Robert, Reviewer, 1985:
Current concepts in plant taxonomy (book review)

Salzano, Francisco Mauro, Reviewer, 1983:
Current developments in anthropological genetics (book review): V2

Flinn, Mark, V.Reviewer, 1985:
Current developments in anthropological genetics (book review): V3

Anonymous, 1986:
Current developments in biological nitrogen fixation (book review)

Briggs, D.E.Reviewer, 1984:
Current developments in malting, brewing and distilling (book review)

White, Nathaniel, A.II, 1999:
Current equine gastrointestinal research: what's next?

Nesmith, William, C., 1983:
Current fungicide testing in tobacco

Ross, R.F., 1983:
Current ideas on MMA in sows

Anonymous, 2004 :
Current intake of veterinary students 'only just sustainable'

Hoenig, S.A.; Larson, D.L.; Clyma, H.C., 1993:
Current interest. From retaining pesticides on plant leaves to inducing water and chemical movement, electricity provokes research into new implements

Prattis, Susan, Reviewer, 1998:
Current issues and new frontiers in animal research (book review)

Hill, Berkeley, Reviewer, 1994:
Current issues in agricultural economics (book review)

Lohman, T.G. .; Van Loan, M., R., 1993:
Current issues in exercise science (book review): V3: Advances in body composition assessment

Nieman, David, C.Reviewer, 1992:
Current issues in exercise science series (book review): V3: Advances in body composition assessment

Felix, Robert, 1989:
Current issues/future projections

Keast, Allen, Reviewer, 1988:
Current mammalogy (book review): V1

Jones, J.Knox, Reviewer, 1991:
Current mammalogy (book review): V2

Anonymous, 1985:
Current medical and surgical topics

Anonymous, 1992:
Current methods for surgically treating selected soft tissue disorders in small animals

Meinertzhagen, I.A.Reviewer, 1984:
Current methods in cellular neurobiology (book review): V1

Sachs, Frederick, Reviewer, 1985:
Current methods in cellular neurobiology (book review): V3

Gerster, U.; Neuhuber, B.; Groschner, K., 1999:
Current modulation and membrane targeting of the calcium channel a1C subunit are independent functions of the b subunit

Anonymous, 1984:
Current moves in the EEC

Rising, J.D.Reviewer, 1995:
Current ornithology (book review)

Leck, Charles, F. , Reviewer, 1984:
Current ornithology (book review): V1

Wiklund, Christer, G.Reviewer, 1994:
Current ornithology (book review): V10

Pimm, Stuart, L.Reviewer, 1994:
Current ornithology (book review): V11

Anonymous, 1985:
Current ornithology (book review): V2

Keast, Allen, Reviewer, 1986:
Current ornithology (book review): V3

Gowaty, Patricia Adair, Reviewer, 1988:
Current ornithology (book review): V4

Brush, Alan, H.Reviewer, 1991:
Current ornithology (book review): V7

Read, Andrew, F.Reviewer, 1993:
Current ornithology (book review): V8

Rotenberry, John, T.Reviewer, 1992:
Current ornithology (book review): V9

Yarnell, Richard, A.Reviewer, 1989:
Current paleoethnobotany (book review)

Anderson, J.M.Reviewer, 1985:
Current perspectives in microbial ecology (book review)

Robinson, John, Reviewer, 1987:
Current perspectives in primate social dynamics (book review)

Bloodgood, Robert, A.Reviewer, 1992:
Current phycology (book review): V3: Algal cell motility

Osborne, D.J.Reviewer, 1994:
Current plant science and biotechnology in agriculture (book review): V16: Cellular and molecular aspects of the plant hormone ethylene

Evered, D.C., 1986:
Current policies and research organizations relating to international scientific collaboration

Rossmeisl, John, H.Jr, 2003:
Current principles and applications of D-dimer analysis in small-animal practice

Nieuwkoop, P.D.Reviewer, 1984 :
Current problems in germ cell differentiation (book review)

Nayudu, P.L.; Lopata, A.; Leung, P.C.; Johnston, W.I., 1983:
Current problems in human in vitro fertilization and embryo implantation

West Eberhard, Mary Jane, Reviewer, 1983:
Current problems in sociobiology (book review)

Schutte, B.C.Reviewer; Murray, J.C.Reviewer, 1995:
Current protocols in human genetics (book review)

Hunt, Tim, , Reviewer, 1989:
Current protocols in molecular biology (book review)

Frings, S.; Benz, S.; Lindemann, B., 1991:
Current recording from sensory cilia of olfactory receptor cells in situ. II. Role of mucosal Na+, K+, and Ca2+ ions

Carlson, Gary, P., 2000:
Current research benefits equine atheletes

Dipette, D.J.Reviewer, 1989:
Current research on calcium-regulating hormones (book review)

Marciano Cabral, F.; Bradley, S.Gaylen, 2001:
Current research on free-living amebae causing granulomatous amebic encephalitis

Mitzdorf, U., 1985:
Current source-density method and application in cat cerebral cortex: investigation of evoked potentials and EEG phenomena

Mace, Pamela, M., 1999:
Current status and prognosis for marine capture fisheries

Johnston, Stephen, A., 1986:
Current status of fungicide testing on vegetable crops

Anonymous, 1988:
Current status of research on warmed-over flavor (WOF) in meat

Kikukawa, A.; 1 ; Kamezaki, N.; Ota, H. {a}; 1 Tropical Biosphere Research Center, U. of the Ryukyus, N., O. 903-01, J., 1999:
Current status of the sea turtles nesting on Okinawajima and adjacent islands of the central Ryukyus, Japan

Greene, George, M.II, 2002:
Current status of thinning of pome and stone fruit crops

Anonymous, 1992:
Current strategies for stemming the spread of dermatophytosis

Torbeck, Richard, L.Reviewer, 1992:
Current therapy in equine medicine 3 (book review)

Mendeloff, Albert, I.Reviewer, 1984:
Current therapy in gastroenterology and liver disease 1984-1985 (book review)

Jeejeebhoy, K.N.; Duffy, K.M.Reviewer, 1989:
Current therapy in nutrition (book review)

Noakes, D.E.Reviewer, 1987:
Current therapy in theriogenology (book review)

Anonymous, 2004:
Current thoughts on UBA test as a diagnostic for portosystemic shunt

Mcorist, S.; Kitchener, A.C., 1994:
Current threats to the European wildcat, Felis silvestris, in Scotland

Hirsch, Martin, S.Reviewer, 1988:
Current topics in AIDS (book review): V1

Glass, Bentley, , Reviewer, 1986:
Current topics in Chinese science (book review)

Anonymous, 1991:
Current topics in avian lipid metabolism and biochemistry

West, I.C.Reviewer, 1983:
Current topics in bioenergetics (book review): V12

Salomon, David, Reviewer, 1985:
Current topics in developmental biology (book review): V19

Sussman, M.Reviewer, 1988:
Current topics in medical mycology (book review): V2

Dey, Prakash, M.Reviewer, 1989:
Current topics in microbiology and immunology (book review)

Kendall, M.D.Reviewer, 1987:
Current topics in microbiology and immunology (book review): V127

Ernst, Peter, B.Reviewer, 1992:
Current topics in microbiology and immunology (book review): V155: T-cell paradigms in parasitic and bacterial infections

Gorbalenya, Alexander, E.Reviewer, 1991 :
Current topics in microbiology and immunology (book review): V161: Picornaviruses

Bonino, Ferruccio, Reviewer, 1992:
Current topics in microbiology and immunology (book review): V168: Hepadnaviruses

Shope, Robert, E.Reviewer, 1992:
Current topics in microbiology and immunology (book review): V169: Bunyaviridae

Havran, Wendy, L.Reviewer, 1992:
Current topics in microbiology and immunology (book review): V173: Function and specificity of c/d T cells

Ghebrehiwet, Berhane, Reviewer, 1993:
Current topics in microbiology and immunology (book review): V178: Membrane defenses against attack by complement and perforins

Sweet, C.Reviewer, 1983:
Current topics in microbiology and immunology (book review): V91-3

Drummond, M.Reviewer, 1983:
Current topics in microbiology and immunology (book review): V96

Snowdon, Charles, T.Reviewer, 1996:
Current topics in primate vocal communication (book review)

Linton, A.H.Reviewer, 1983:
Current topics in veterinary medicine and animal science (book review): V13

Anonymous, 2001:
Current topics in veterinary science: AVTRW, Scarborough, 2001

Walker, P.D., 1987:
Current trends and advances in bacterial vaccines today

Beveridge, T.J., 1993:
Current trends and future prospects in prokaryotic envelope research: a microscopist's view

Dick, Heather, M.Reviewer, 1983:
Current trends in histocompatibility (book review): V 1

McKusick, V.A., 1991:
Current trends in mapping human genes

Prasifka, D.W. .; Bower, B.T.Reviewer, 1990:
Current trends in water-supply planning (book review)

Darke, P.G.G.Reviewer, 1987:
Current veterinary therapy IX: Small animal practice (book review)

Novotny, B.Joseph, Reviewer, 1983:
Current veterinary therapy, VIII (book review)

Hsu, V.W.; Peters, P.J., 1998:
Current views in intracellular transport: insights from studies in immunology

Bohle Carbonell, M., 1986:
Currents in Lake Geneva

Smith, P.Gregory, 1992:
Curriculum accreditation and recognition. An updated listing of forestry programs meeting SAF criteria

Armistead, W.W., 2002:
Curriculum reform revisited

Johnson, Trebbe, 1996 :
Curriculum vitae: Middlebury College professor John Elder bridges nature and literature

Anonymous, 2004:
Currie lends support to Lion eggs

Anonymous, 2007:
Curry Spices Up Grey Matter

Anonymous, 2002:
Curry puts proposal for 'fair price' ombudsman

Anonymous, 2002:
Curry s dismay as MPs scorn green farm plan

Crick, R.E.; Stanley, G.D.Jr, 1997:
Curt Teichert: May 8, 1905-May 10, 1996

Vollebregt, Richard, 1989:
Curtain control

Kaplan, Adelaide, 2005:
Curtain-Raising Conifers in Containers

Anonymous, 2003:
Curtains For Corn Rootworm

Hui, S.L., 1984:
Curve fitting for repeated measurements made at irregular time-points

Prunty, Lyle, 1983:
Curve fitting with smooth functions that are piecewise-linear in the limit

Kaufman, K.; Bowers, R., 1990:
Curve-billed Thrasher and Bendire's Thrasher

Smith, D.W.lkins; Cooper, S.D.; Sarnelle, O., 1988:
Curvilinear density dependence and the design of field experiments on zooplankton competition

Anonymous, 2003:
Cushing's disease or not?

Lowe, D.; Stack, L.B.rg, R., 1997:
Cushion plants for the rock garden (book review)

Hughes, Hilary, 1987:
Cushioning those canes

Fornari, C.L., 2006:
Custom Containers = Content Customers

Anonymous, 2002:
Custom rates remain flat

Anonymous, 2002:
Custom-made forages milk the most

Anonymous, 2003:
Customer comes first

Anonymous, 2004:
Customer is always king

Morris, L.Brian, 1987:
Customer relations in utility right-of-way maintenance operations

Anonymous, 2004:
Customer report card

Anonymous, 2003:
Customer sensitive service

Gigliotti, L.M.; Janisch, J., 1998:
Customer service and the future of fisheries management

Landicho, Sarah, 2000:
Customer serviced?

Baldwin, Ian, 1989:
Customer-oriented selling

Anonymous, 2002:
Customers are people first

Anonymous, 2003:
Customers to the rescue

Ferreira, Fátima.; Wallner, M.; Thalhamer, J., 2004:
Customized antigens for desensitizing allergic patients

Anonymous, 2002:
Customized Program Manages Pork Profits

Anonymous, 2000:
Customized corn

Anonymous, 2005:
Customs fires first shot in road red diesel war

Anonymous, 2002:
Customs to chase illegal meat 'in bizarre decision

Pollock, Candace, 2005:
Cut Chemical Costs

Anonymous, 2003:
Cut Excess Chemistry

Swift, J.; Nadeau, J.P.ul, R., 1985:
Cut and run (book review)

Anonymous, 2004:
Cut costs the conventional way

Stevenson, James, 1988:
Cut flowers for cool greenhouses

White, John, W., 1983:
Cut flowers from the cool greenhouse

Anonymous, 2003:
Cut in budget resolution . . . Nussle promises to restore ag funding

Anonymous, 2002:
Cut it close

Kahtz, Anthony, W., 2000:
Cut it out

Mcmahon, Karen, 1999:
Cut land rent costs

Anonymous, 2003:
Cut nitrogen use to boost profit

Naegely, Stella, 2001:
Cut postharvest decay losses

Slack, Steven, A., 1992:
Cut potato losses with good sanitation

Mcclellan, Robert, E.Jr, 1989:
Cut the paper chase

Anonymous, 2002:
Cut the standstill to six days or the FandM virus could be back

Anonymous, 2003:
Cut the store buying risk

Ellerby, L.M.; Orr, H.T., 2006:
Cut to the chase

Parilla Castellar, E.R.; Karnitz, L.M., 2003:
Cut5 Is Required for the Binding of Atr and DNA Polymerase a to Genotoxin-damaged Chromatin

Baines, S.J.; McCormick, D.; McInnes, E.; Dunn, J.K.; Dobson, J.M.; McConnell, I., 2000:
Cutaneous T cell lymphoma mimicking cutaneous histiocytosis: differentiation by flow cytometry

Martin, K.L.M.; Berra, T.M.; Allen, G.R., 1993:
Cutaneous aerial respiration during forced emergence in the Australian salamanderfish, Lepidogalaxias salamandroides

Skarda, R.T.; Tejwani, G.A.; Muir, W.W.IIi, 2002:
Cutaneous analgesia, hemodynamic and respiratory effects, and b-endorphin concentration in spinal fluid and plasma of horses after acupuncture and electroacupuncture

Rotermund, A.; Peters, M.; Hewicker-Trautwein, M.; Nolte, I., 2002:
Cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy in a great dane resembling 'Alabama rot' of greyhounds

Wygoda, M.L.; Garman, R.H.; Howard, C.E., 1987:
Cutaneous and subcutaneous adipose tissue in anuran amphibians

Marder, J.; Gavrieli Levin, I.; Raber, P., 1986:
Cutaneous evaporation in heat-stressed Spotted Sandgrouse

Stiffler, Daniel, F., 1988:
Cutaneous exchange of ions in lower vertebrates

Noble, R.; Riddell, J.S., 1988:
Cutaneous excitatory and inhibitory input to neurones of the postsynaptic dorsal column system in the cat

Sundberg, J.P.; Williams, E.; Thorne, E.T.; Lancaster, W.D., 1983:
Cutaneous fibropapilloma in a pronghorn antelope

Feder, M.E.; Burggren, W.W., 1985:
Cutaneous gas exchange in vertebrates: design, patterns, control and implications

Garman, R.H.; Nuzzi, M.J.; Geraci, J.N., 1983:
Cutaneous gout in an Amazon dolphin

Raoofi, A.; Mardjanmehr, S.H.; Dehghan, M.M.; Nekoei, S., 2003:
Cutaneous haemangioma in a cow

Morita, Y.; Kimur, H.; Kozawa, K.; Nagata, M.; Tsuchiya, H.; Kato, M.; Maruyama, S., 2003:
Cutaneous infection in a cat caused by Mycobacterium avium complex serovar 6

Lee, S.C.in; Brummet, M.E.; Shahabuddin, S., 2000:
Cutaneous infection of human subjects with macrophage inflammatory protein-1a induces significant recruitment of neutrophils and monocytes

Roe, Daphne, A.Reviewer, 1984:
Cutaneous infestations of man and animal (book review)

Beck, L.A.; Dalke, S.; Leiferman, K.M.; Bickel, C.A.; Hamilton, R.; Rosen, H.; Bochner, B.S.; Schleimer, R.P., 1997:
Cutaneous injection of RANTES causes eosinophil recruitment: comparison of nonallergic and allergic human subjects

Deluol, A.M.; Teilhac, M.F.; Poirot, J.L.; Maslo, C.; Luboinski, J.; Rozenbaum, W.; Chatelet, F.P., 1996:
Cutaneous lesions due to Acanthamoeba sp in a patient with AIDS

Jacobson, E.R.; Sundberg, J.P.; Gaskin, J.M.; Kollias, G.V.; O'Banion, M.K., 1986:
Cutaneous papillomas associated with a herpesvirus-like infection in a herd of captive African elephants

Carlson, B.L.; Hill, D.; Nielsen, S.W., 1983:
Cutaneous papillomatosis in a beaver

Zimmerman, K.; Heatwole, H., 1990:
Cutaneous photoreception: a new sensory mechanism for reptiles

Cook, A.J.; Woolf, C.J., 1985:
Cutaneous receptive field and morphological properties of hamstring flexor a-motoneurones in the rat

Spray, D.C., 1986:
Cutaneous temperature receptors

Mathur, A.K.; Gupta, B.N.; Singh, S.; Singh, A.; Narang, S.; Shanker, R., 1992:
Cutaneous toxicity of sodium lauryl sulphate, nickel, and their combination in guinea pigs: biochemical and histopathological observations

Stiffler, D.F.; Graham, J.B.; Dickson, K.A., 1986 :
Cutaneous transport in the freshwater teleost Synbranchus marmoratus

Muñoz-Garcia, Aí.; Williams, J.B., 2005:
Cutaneous water loss and lipids of the stratum corneum in house sparrows Passer domesticus from arid and mesic environments

Plummer, Charles, 2000:
Cutbacks ahead for processing tomato acreage

Anonymous, 2004:
Cutbacks for EU poultry

Plummer, Charles, 2001:
Cutbacks in potato acreage likely in 2001

King, John, M., 1998:
Cuterebral encephalopathy

Upchurch, Garland, R.Jr, 1984:
Cuticle evolution in early Cretaceous angiosperms from the Potomac group of Virginia and Maryland

Olsen, D.R.; Fazio, M.J.; Shamban, A.T.; Rosenbloom, J.; Uitto, J., 1988:
Cutis laxa: reduced elastin gene expression in skin fibroblast cultures as determined by hybridizations with a homologous cDNA and an exon 1-specific oligonucleotide

Mitchem, Wayne, 2001:
Cutleaf eveningprimrose: Oenothera laciniata

Anonymous, 1988:
Cutonics offer world-wide convenience with first flowable inorganic trace element formulation

Anonymous, 1986:
Cuts in animal health research threaten UK's position in notifiable disease control

Anonymous, 1985:
Cuts without tears

Allendorf, F.W.; Leary, R.F.; Hitt, N.P., 2005:
Cutthroat Trout Hybridization and the U.S. Endangered Species Act: One Species, Two Policies

Anonymous, 2002:
Cutting 2D Gel Experiments Down to Scale

Clegg, Frederic, 1987:
Cutting Christmas decorations from the garden

Anonymous, 2002:
Cutting Down OSR Sprays Seen as a False Economy

Hutchins, A.S.; Artis, D.; Hendrich, B.D.; Bird, A.P.; Scott, P.; Reiner, S.L., 2005:
Cutting edge: a critical role for gene silencing in preventing excessive type 1 immunity

Prilliman, K.R.; Lemmens, E.E.; Palioungas, G.; Wolfe, T.G.; Allison, J.P.; Sharpe, A.H.; Schoenberger, S.P., 2002:
Cutting edge: a crucial role for B7-CD28 in transmitting T help from APC to CTL

Adriouch, S.; Dox, C.; Welge, V.; Seman, M.; Koch-Nolte, F.; Haag, F., 2002:
Cutting edge: a natural P451L mutation in the cytoplasmic domain impairs the function of the mouse P2X7 receptor

Yamamoto, M.; Sato, S.; Mori, K., 2002:
Cutting Edge: A Novel Toll/IL-1 Receptor Domain-Containing Adapter That Preferentially Activates the IFN-b Promoter in the Toll-Like Receptor Signaling

Miyahira, Y.; Akiba, H.; Katae, M., 2003:
Cutting Edge: A Potent Adjuvant Effect of Ligand to Receptor Activator of NF-kB Gene for Inducing Antigen-Specific CD8+ T Cell Response by DNA and Viral Vector Vaccination

Sharma, R.; Zheng, L.; Deshmukh, U.S., 2007:
Cutting Edge: A Regulatory T Cell-Dependent Novel Function of CD25 (11-2Ra) Controlling Memory CD8+ T Cell Homeostasis

Liao, J-Jun.; Huang, M-Chuan.; Goetzl, E.J., 2007:
Cutting edge: Alternative signaling of Th17 cell development by sphingosine 1-phosphate

Mayack, S.R.; Berg, L.J., 2006:
Cutting Edge: An Alternative Pathway of CD4+ T Cell Differentiation Is induced Following Activation in the Absence of g-Chain-Dependent Cytokine Signals

Wang, J.H.ai; Doyle, M.; Manning, B.J., 2003:
Cutting Edge: Bacterial Lipoprotein Induces Endotoxin-Independent Tolerance to Septic Shock

Robbie-Ryan, M.; Tanzola, M.B.; Secor, V.H.; Brown, M.A., 2003:
Cutting edge: both activating and inhibitory Fc receptors expressed on mast cells regulate experimental allergic encephalomyelitis disease severity

Harton, J.A.; Linhoff, M.W.; Zhang, J.; Ting, J.P-Y., 2002:
Cutting edge: CATERPILLER: a large family of mammalian genes containing CARD, pyrin, nucleotide-binding, and leucine-rich repeat domains

Tang, Q.; Henriksen, K.J.; Boden, E.K.; Tooley, A.J.; Ye, J.; Subudhi, S.K.; Zheng, X.X.; Strom, T.B.; Bluestone, J.A., 2003:
Cutting edge: CD28 controls peripheral homeostasis of CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells

Schüler, T.; Blankenstein, T., 2003:
Cutting edge: CD8+ effector T cells reject tumors by direct antigen recognition but indirect action on host cells

Endharti, A.T.i; Rifa'i, M.; Shi, Z., 2005 :
Cutting Edge: CD8+CD122+ Regulatory T Cells Produce IL-10 to Suppress IFN-g Production and Proliferation of CD8+ T Cells

O'connor, W., J.; Harton, J.A.; Zhu, X., 2003:
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Cutting Edge: Deficiency in the E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Cbl-b Results in a Multifunctional Defect in T Cell TGF-b Sensitivity In Vitro and In Vivo

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Cutting Edge: Immunity and IFN-g Production during Listeria monocytogenes Infection in the Absence of T-bet

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Cutting Edge: Influence of the TCR Vb Domain on the Selection of Semi-Invariant NKT Cells by Endogenous Ligands

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Cutting edge: Paracrine, but not autocrine, IL-2 signaling is sustained during early antiviral CD4 T cell response

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Cutting Edge: Tyk2 Is Required for the Induction and Nuclear Translocation of Daxx Which Regulates IFN-a-Induced Suppression of B Lymphocyte Formation

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Cutting Edge: cd T Cells Provide Help to B Cells with Altered Clonotypes and Are Capable of Inducing Ig Gene Hypermutation

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Cutting Red Tape

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Cutting Risk: Run The Numbers

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Cutting a Gordian knot in the linkage analysis of complex human traits

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Cutting away at the fat using MRI technology

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Cutting criticism

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Cutting edge technology

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