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Essai d'application de l'analyse phenetique a la classification du phylum des Ciliophora

de Puytorac, P.; Grain, J.; Legendre, P.; Devaux, J.

Journal of Protozoology 314: 496-507


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3921
Accession: 017888963

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Relationships among 59 genera and species were determined by analyzing 122 ultrastructural, morphological stomatogenic, nuclear and asexual reproductive features on the basis of a numerical phenetic analysis. The study concerned 12 genera and species of the colpodid group. The same procedure was used for the analysis of 47 kinetophragminophoran, oligohymenophoran, polyhymenophoran genera. A new macrosystem of the phylum Ciliophora is shown. Three subphyla are distinguished: Karyorelictophora with 1 class. Karyorelictea; Kinetophragmophora with 4 classes, Colpodea, Hypostomea including Peniculida, Nassulida, Parapeniculida and Peritrichida, Spirotrichea including Hypotrichida, Clevelandellida, Heterotrichida and Oligotrichida and Hymenostomea including Hymenostomatida and Apostomatida; Hymenophora with 2 classes, Phyllopharyngea and Gymnostomea including 2 subclasses, Gymnostomia and Astomia.

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