Famatinorthis cf. F. turneri Levy and Nullo, 1973 (Brachiopoda, Orthida) from the Shin Brook Formation (Ordovician, Arenig) in Maine

Neuman, R.B.

Journal of Paleontology 71(5): 812-815


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3360
DOI: 10.2307/1306558
Accession: 017901498

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Famatinorthis cf. F. turneri Levy and Nullo, 1973, is an abundant component of a poorly preserved brachiopod assemblage in volcaniclastic rocks at one locality in the Arenig-age Shin Brook Formation in northeastern Maine. The brachiopod assemblage of the Shin Brook Formation has been classed as a Celtic biogeographic assemblage that is interpreted to have lived in cool water at mid-to high peri-Gondwanan latitudes. Famatinorthis tumeri sensu stricto is one of the six brachiopod species known from coeval volcanicsrich rocks of continental margin affinities in the Famatina Range of northwestern Argentina; the presence of its congener in Maine supports the Celtic affinities of the Famatina assemblage, but its Ordovician location remains cryptic.