Section 19
Chapter 18,087

Refinement of the solution structure of the ribonucleotide 5'r (GCAUGC) 2: combined use of nuclear magnetic resonance and restrained molecular dynamics

Happ, C.S.; Happ, E.; Nilges, M.; Gronenborn, A.M.; Clore, G.M.

Biochemistry 27(5): 1735-1743


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-2960
PMID: 2452655
DOI: 10.1021/bi00405a053
Accession: 018086706

The solution structure of the self-complementary hexamer 5'r(GCAUGC)2 is investigated by means of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and restrained molecular dynamics. The proton resonances are assigned in a sequential manner, and a set of 110 approximate interproton distance restraints are derived from the two-dimensional nuclear Overhauser enhancement spectra. These distances are used as the basis of a structure refinement by restrained molecular dynamics in which the experimental restraints are incorporated into the total energy function of the system in the form of effective potentials. Eight restrained molecular dynamics simulations are carried out, four starting from a structure with regular A-type geometry and four from one with regular B-type geometry. The atomic root mean square (rms) difference between the initial structures is 3.2 A. In the case of all eight simulations, convergence is achieved both globally and locally to a set of very similar A-type structures with an average atomic rms difference between them of 0.8 +/- 0.2 A. Further, the atomic rms differences between the restrained dynamics structures obtained by starting out from the same initial structures but with different random number seeds for the assignment of the initial velocities are the same as those between the restrained dynamics structures starting out from the two different initial structures. These results suggest that the restrained dynamics structures represent good approximations of the solution structure. The converged structures exhibit clear sequence-dependent variation in some of the helical parameters, in particular helix twist, roll, slide, and propellor twist.

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