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Ribose. An oxidation product of glucose 6-phosphate in microsomal fraction

Ribose. An oxidation product of glucose 6-phosphate in microsomal fraction

Journal of Biological Chemistry 258(3): 1415-1418

ISSN/ISBN: 0021-9258

PMID: 6401724

An oxidative metabolism of glucose 6-phosphate was studied in rat liver microsomal fraction. Although radioactive 14CO2 was formed from [1-14C]glucose 6-phosphate in the microsomal fraction (Hino, Y., and Minakami, S. (1982) J. Biochem. (Tokyo) 92, 547-557), the formation was negligible when [2-14C]glucose 6-phosphate was used as a starting substrate. These results indicated an inability of the microsomal fraction to rearrange [2-14C]glucose 6-phosphate to form [1-14C] glucose 6-phosphate, and it was expected that a certain compound derived from glucose 6-phosphate accumulated as an end-product of the reaction. We, therefore, have tried to identify the product by high performance liquid chromatography, and found that ribose accumulated as the end-product. The formation of ribose was inhibited in the same manner as that of 14CO2 by antibodies against rat liver microsomal hexose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, and the ratios of ribose to 14CO2 formed in the reaction were 0.5-0.8 on a molar basis. The finding of ribose formation further suggested the involvement of ribose phosphate isomerase and phosphatase activities in the reaction.

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