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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 18127

Chapter 18127 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Andersen, K.S.; Skjerven, R.; Lekven, J., 1983:
Stability of 8-, 15-, and 26-mm microspheres entrapped in feline myocardium

Evangelou, V.P.; Marsi, M.; Vandiviere, M.M., 1999:
Stability of Ca2+|An, Cd2+|An, Cu2+|Anillite-humic complexes and pH influence

Kosaganov, I.N.; Stetsenko, D.A.; Lubiako, E.N.; Kvitko, N.P.; Lazurkin, I.S., 1998:
Stability of DNA complexes with peptide-nucleic acid

Miller, T.L.; Wolin, M.J., 1983:
Stability of Methanobrevibacter smithii populations in the microbial flora excreted from the human large bowel

Hooper, N.M.; Hesp, R.J.; Tieku, S., 1994:
Stability of N-derivatized and a-methyl analogues of aspartame to hydrolysis by mammalian cell-surface peptidases

Takeyasu, K.; Lemas, V.; Fambrough, D.M., 1990:
Stability of Na+-K+-ATPase a-subunit isoforms in evolution

Brenowitz, M.; Pickar, A.; Jamison, E., 1991:
Stability of a Lac repressor mediated looped complex

Billington, J.; Hickling, T.P.; Munro, G.H.; Halai, C.; Chung, R.; Dodson, G.G.; Daniels, R.S., 2007:
Stability of a receptor-binding active human immunodeficiency virus type 1 recombinant gp140 trimer conferred by intermonomer disulfide bonding of the V3 loop: differential effects of protein disulfide isomerase on CD4 and coreceptor binding

Kretschmar, M.; Jaenicke, R., 1999:
Stability of a homo-dimeric Ca2+-binding member of the bc-crystallin superfamily: DSC measurements on spherulin 3a from Physarum polycephalum

Tobias, D.J.; Sneddon, S.F.; Brooks, C.L.IIi, 1992:
Stability of a model b-sheet in water

Hall, C.A.; IIi; Manthey, F.A.; Lee, R.E., 2005:
Stability of a-Linolenic Acid and Secoisolariciresinol Diglucoside in Flaxseed-Fortified Macaroni

Aksoy, S.; Tumturk, H.; Hasirci, N., 1998:
Stability of a-amylase immobilized on poly(methyl methacrylate-acrylic acid) microspheres

Kuroda, Yutaka; Endo, Shigeru; Nagayama, Kuniaki, 1995:
Stability of a-helices in a molten globule state of cytochrome c by hydrogen-deuterium exchange and two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy

Leonhardt, M.; Gebert, S.; Wenk, C., 1996:
Stability of a-tocopherol, thiamin, riboflavin and retinol pork muscle and liver during heating as affected by dietary supplementation

Bassa, I.A.; Francis, F.J,, 1987:
Stability of anthocyanins from sweet potatoes in a model beverage

Shih, M.L.; Ellin, R.I., 1984:
Stability of aqueous solutions of sarin and soman: influence of concentration and an equation for determining concentration

Palumbo, M.S.; Smith, P.W.; Strange, E.D., 1995:
Stability of b-galactosidase from Aspergillus oryzae and Kluyveromyces lactis in dry milk powders

Otieno, D.O.; Ashton, J.F.; Shah, N.P., 2005 :
Stability of b-glucosidase activity Produced by Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus spp. in Fermented Soymilk During Processing and Storage

Muller, F.; Tyler, J.W.; Parish, S.M., 1997:
Stability of c-glutamyltransferase activity in calf sera after refrigerated or frozen storage

Wang, J.H.an; Su, J.C.ing; Jiang, S.T.ong, 1992:
Stability of calcium-autolyzed calpain II from tilapia muscle (Tilapia nilotica (times) Tilapia aurea)

Wcegrzyn, G.; Pawlowicz, A.; Taylor, K., 1992:
Stability of coliphage l DNA replication initiator, the lO protein

Rexroat, T.M.; Bradley, R.L.Jr, 1986:
Stability of concentrated, decolorized hydrolyzed whey permeate

Byrne, B.; Sherman, G., 1984:
Stability of dry acetaldehyde systems

Lefebvre, L., 1985:
Stability of flock composition in urban pigeons

Keely, S.P.; Cushion, M.T.; Stringer, J.R., 1996:
Stability of four genetic loci in Pneumocystis carinii sp. f. carinii

Airaudo, C.B.; Gayte Sorbier, A.; Armand, P., 1987:
Stability of glutamine and pyroglutamic acid under model system conditions: influence of physical and technological factors

Bird, R.C.; Jacobs, F.A.; Sells, B.H., 1986:
Stability of histone mRNAs is related to their location in polysomes

Shoichet, M.S.; Li, R.H.; White, M.L.; Winn, S.R., 1996:
Stability of hydrogels used in cell encapsulation: An in vitro comparison of alginate and agarose

Macdonald, Kevin, 1983:
Stability of individual differences in behavior in a litter of wolf cubs (Canis lupus)

Yaku, H.; Slinker, B.K.; Myhre, E.S.; Watkins, M.W.; Lewinter, M.M., 1991:
Stability of myocardial O2 consumption-pressure-volume area relation in red cell-perfused rabbit heart

Boursalian, T.E.; Bottomly, K., 1999:
Stability of naive and memory phenotypes on resting CD4 T cells in vivo

Gómez-Eichelmann, M.C.; Torres, H.K., 1983:
Stability of plasmids R1-19 and R100 in hyper-recombinant Escherichia coli strains and in Salmonella typhimurium strains

Olsen, J.E.; Brown, D.J.; Baggesen, D.L.; Bisgaard, M., 1994:
Stability of plasmids in five strains of Salmonella maintained in stab culture at different temperatures

Anonymous, 1990:
Stability of proteins in dairy foods

Kiefhaber, T.; Schmid, F.X.; Renner, M.; Hinz, H.J.; Hahn, U.; Quaas, R., 1990:
Stability of recombinant Lys25-ribonuclease T1

Townsend, W.E., 1989:
Stability of residual acid phosphatase activity in cured/canned picnic samples stored at -34(degree)C for 15 and 36 months

Su, R.C.; Miller, R.G., 2001:
Stability of surface H-2K(b), H-2D(b), and peptide-receptive H-2K(b) on splenocytes

Lin, L.; Kobayashi, M., 2003:
Stability of the Rel Homology Domain Is Critical for Generation of NF-kB p50 Subunit

Pyron, M.; Lauer, T.E.; Gammon, J.R., 2006:
Stability of the Wabash River fish assemblages from 1974 to 1998

Turner, J.T.; Lampel, J.S.; Stearman, R.S., 1991:
Stability of the d-endotoxin gene from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki in a recombinant strain of Clavibacter xyli subsp. cynodontis

Gattoni, M.; Boffi, A.; Sarti, P., 1996:
Stability of the heme-globin linkage in a ab dimers and isolated chains of human hemoglobin. A study of the heme transfer reaction from the immobilized proteins to albumin

Vidalenc, P.; Cottin, P.; Merdaci, N.; Ducastaing, A., 1983:
Stability of two Ca2+-dependent neutral proteinases and their specific inhibitor during post-mortem storage of rabbit skeletal muscle

Samal, B.B.; Karan, B.; Stabinsky, Y., 1990:
Stability of two novel serine proteinases in commercial laundry detergent formulations

Varga, S.M.; Welsh, R.M., 1998:
Stability of virus-specific CD4+ T cell frequencies from acute infection into long term memory

Karathanasis, A.D.; Adams, F.; Hajek, B.F., 1983:
Stability relationships in kaolinite, gibbsite, and Al-hydroxyinterlayered vermiculite soil systems

Trivedi, Ramesh, J., 1988:
Stability-indicating liquid chromatographic determination of alpha-ionone in toothpaste

Pikula, S.; Mullner, N.; Dux, L.; Martonosi, A., 1988:
Stabilization and crystallization of Ca2+-ATPase in detergent-solubilized sarcoplasmic reticulum

Shibuya, E.K.; Masui, Y., 1988:
Stabilization and enhancement of primary cytostatic factor (CSF) by ATP and NaF in amphibian egg cytosols

Gusev, N.B.; Grabarek, Z.; Gergely, J., 1991:
Stabilization by a disulfide bond of the N-terminal domain of a mutant troponin C (TnC48/82)

Yukawa, H.; Kurusu, Y.; Shimazu, M., 1985:
Stabilization by the mini-F fragment of a pBR322 derivative bearing the tryptophan operon in Escherichia coli

Homareda, H.; Kawakami, K.; Nagano, K., 1993:
Stabilization in microsomal membranes of the fifth transmembrane segment of the Na+,K+-ATPase a subunit with proline to leucine mutation

Upadhya, R.; Bhat, N.S.G., 2000:
Stabilization of D-amino acid oxidase and catalase in permeabilized Rhodotorula gracilis cells and its application for the preparation of a-ketoacids

Kanaya, S.; Katsuda, C.; Kimura, S.; Nakai, T.; Kitakuni, E.; Nakamura, H.; Katayanagi, K.; Morikawa, K.; Ikehara, M., 1991:
Stabilization of Escherichia coli ribonuclease H by introduction of an artificial disulfide bond

Tada, M.; Kobashigawa, Y.; Mizuguchi, M., 2002:
Stabilization of Protein by Replacement of a Fluctuating Loop: Structural Analysis of a Chimera of Bovine a-Lactalbumin and Equine Lysozyme

Tran, H.; Maurer, F.; Nagamine, Y., 2003:
Stabilization of urokinase and urokinase receptor mRNAs by HuR is linked to its cytoplasmic accumulation induced by activated mitogen-activated protein kinase-activated protein kinase 2

Li, W.; Lesuisse, C.; Xu, Y., 2004 :
Stabilization of a-Synuclein Protein with Aging and Familial Parkinson's Disease-Linked A53T Mutation

Lozano, P.; D.D.ego, T.; Guegan, J.P.ul, 2001:
Stabilization of a-chymotrypsin by ionic liquids in transesterification reactions

Forood, B.; Feliciano, E.J.; Nambiar, K.P., 1993:
Stabilization of a-helical structures in short peptides via end capping

Davidson, W.Sean; Jonas, A.; Clayton, D.F., 1998:
Stabilization of a-synuclein secondary structure upon binding to synthetic membranes

Heiser, P.W.; Lau, J.; Taketo, M.M., 2006:
Stabilization of b-catenin impacts pancreas growth

Kemler, R.; Hierholzer, A.; Kanzler, B., 2004:
Stabilization of b-catenin in the mouse zygote leads to premature epithelial-mesenchymal transition in the epiblast

Arraiano, C.M.; Yancey, S.D.; Kushner, S.R., 1988:
Stabilization of discrete mRNA breakdown products in ams pnp rnb multiple mutants of Escherichia coli K-12

Bogner, P.; Skehan, P.; Kenney, S.; Sainz, E.; Akeson, M.A.; Friedman, S.J., 1992:
Stabilization of intercellular contacts in MDCK cells during Ca2+ deprivation. Selective effects of monocarboxylic acids on desmosomes

Losso, J.N.; Nakai, S., 2002:
Stabilization of oil-in-water emulsions by b-lactoglobulin-polyethylene glycon conjugates

Uversky, V.N.; Lee, H.J.n; Li, J., 2001:
Stabilization of partially folded conformation during a-synuclein oligomerization in both purified and cytosolic preparations

Morrical, S.W.; Cox, M.M., 1990:
Stabilization of recA protein-ssDNA complexes by the single-stranded DNA binding protein of Escherichia coli

Mackie, G.A., 1989:
Stabilization of the 3' one-third of Escherichia coli ribosomal protein S20 mRNA in mutants lacking polynucleotide phosphorylase

Peterson, Yuri, K.; Bernard, Michael, L.; Ma, Hongzheng, 2000:
Stabilization of the GDP-bound conformation of Gia by a peptide derived from the G-protein regulatory motif of AGS3

Sharp, D.A.; Kratowicz, S.A.; Sank, M.J.; George, D.L., 1999:
Stabilization of the MDM2 oncoprotein by interaction with the structurally related MDMX protein

Antonsson, P.; Kammerer, R.A.; Schulthess, T., 1995:
Stabilization of the a-helical coiled-coil domain in laminin by C-terminal disulfide bonds

Hurley, J.C.; Volz, S.A.; Johnston, J.J., 1999:
Stabilization of the avicide 3-chloro-p-toluidine as the b-cyclodextrin adduct

Dozin, B.; Quarto, R.; Rossi, F.; Cancedda, R., 1990:
Stabilization of the mRNA follows transcriptional activation of type II collagen gene in differentiating chicken chondrocyte

Bodwell, J.E.; Holbrook, N.J.; Munck, A., 1985:
Stabilization of thymic glucocorticoid-receptor complexes by the calcium-activated protease inhibitor, calpastatin

Kishore, R.; Mcmullen, M.R.; Nagy, L.E., 2001:
Stabilization of tumor necrosis factor a mRNA by chronic ethanol. Role of A + U-rich elements and p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway

Mohebali, G.; Ball, A.; Kaytash, A.; Rasekh, B., 2007:
Stabilization of water/gas oil emulsions by desulfurizing cells of Gordonia alkanivorans RIPI90A

Pajusola, K.; Kunnapuu, J.; Vuorikoski, S., 2005:
Stabilized HIF-1a is superior to VEGF for angiogenesis in skeletal muscle via adeno-associated virus gene transfer

Alen'kina, S.A.; Zharkova, V.R.; Nikitina, V.E., 2007:
Stabilizing Effect of Azospirillum Lectins on b-Glucosidase Activity

Ferreiro, D.U.; Cervantes, C.F.; Truhlar, S.M.E., 2007:
Stabilizing IkBa by Consensus Design

Kwok, S.C.; Hodges, R.S., 2004:
Stabilizing and Destabilizing Clusters in the Hydrophobic Core of Long Two-stranded a-Helical Coiled-coils

Benjamin, Thomas, S., 1997:
Stabilizing and restoring streambanks - naturally

Harr, R.Dennis; Nichols, R.A., 1993:
Stabilizing forest roads to help restore fish habitats: a northwest Washington example

Carline, Robert, F., 1998:
Stabilizing our population: do we dare try?

Verrell, Paul, A., 1988:
Stabilizing selection, sexual selection and speciation: a view of specific-mate recognition systems

Pereira, L.; Hoover, T.R., 2005:
Stable Accumulation of s54 in Helicobacter pylori Requires the Novel Protein HP0958

Dowal, L.; Provitera, P.; Scarlata, S., 2006:
Stable Association between Gaq and Phospholipase Cb1 in Living Cells

Lee, J.S.; Hmama, Z.; Mui, A., 2004:
Stable Gene Silencing in Human Monocytic Cell Lines Using Lentiviral-delivered Small Interference RNA. Silencing of the p110a Isoform of Phosphoinositide 3-kinase Reveals Differential Regulation of Adherence Induced by 1a,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol and Bacterial Lipopolysaccharide

Nanda, I.; Schlupp, I.; Lamatsch, D.K.; Lampert, K.P.; Schmid, M.; Schartl, M., 2007:
Stable inheritance of host species-derived microchromosomes in the gynogenetic fish Poecilia formosa

Wei, H.; Ahn, S.; Barnes, W.G., 2004:
Stable Interaction between b-Arrestin 2 and Angiotensin Type 1A Receptor Is Required for b-Arrestin 2-mediated Activation of Extracellular Signal-regulated Kinases 1 and 2

Morasch, B.; Richnow, H.H.; Vieth, A.; Schink, B.; Meckenstock, R.U., 2004:
Stable isotope fractionation caused by glycyl radical enzymes during bacterial degradation of aromatic compounds

Hobson, Keith, A., 2005:
Stable Isotopes and the Determination of Avian Migratory Connectivity and Seasonal Interactions

Fukagawa, Naomi, K., 2004:
Stable Isotopes in Human Nutrition

Fila, L.; Carmichael, R.H.; Shriver, A.; Valiela, I., 2001:
Stable N isotopic signatures in bay scallop tissue, feces, and pseudofeces in Cape Cod estuaries subject to different N loads

Blank, L.M.; McLaughlin, R.L.; Nielsen, L.K., 2005:
Stable production of hyaluronic acid in Streptococcus zooepidemicus chemostats operated at high dilution rate

Anonymous, 2004:
Stable U.S. acreages in USDA projection

Gao, X.P.; Jaffe, H.A.; Olopade, C.O.; Rubinstein, I., 1995:
Stable VIP analogue Ro-24-9981 potentiates substance P-induced plasma exudation in hamster cheek pouch

Birch, R.G.; Pemberton, J.M.; Basnayake, W.V., 1990:
Stable albicidin resistance in Escherichia coli involves an altered outer-membrane nucleoside uptake system

Fu, L.; Mambrini, M.; Perrot, E., 2000:
Stable and full rescue of pigmentation in a medaka albino mutant by transfer of a 17 kb genomic clone containing the medaka tyrosinase gene

Bosse, E.; Bottlender, R.; Kleppisch, T., 1992:
Stable and functional expression of the calcium channel a1 subunit from smooth muscle in somatic cell lines

Hodgson, D.M.; Behfar, A.; Zingman, L.V.; Kane, G.C.; Perez-Terzic, C.; Alekseev, A.E.; Pucéat, M.; Terzic, A., 2004:
Stable benefit of embryonic stem cell therapy in myocardial infarction

Perisic, O.; Xiao, H.; Lis, J.T., 1989:
Stable binding of Drosophila heat shock factor to head-to-head and tail-to-tail repeats of a conserved 5 bp recognition unit

Hirase, Y.; Makatsuka, H.; Kawai, T.; Horiguchi, S.; Ikeda, M., 1992:
Stable blood cell counts after one-week storage at room temperature

L.L.c'h, F.; Hily, C., 2005:
Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis of Nephrops norvegicus / Merluccius merluccius fishing grounds in the Bay of Biscay (Northeast Atlantic)

Cifuentes, L.A.; Sharp, J.H.; Fogel, M.L., 1988:
Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope biogeochemistry in the Delaware estuary

Hobson, K.A.; Schell, D.M., 1998:
Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope patterns in baleen from eastern Arctic bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus)

Schwarcz, H.P.; Gao, Y.; Campana, S., 1998:
Stable carbon isotope variations in otoliths of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

Matson, E.A.; Brinson, M.M., 1990:
Stable carbon isotopes and C:N ratio in the estuaries of the Pamlico and Neuse rivers, North Carolina

Carpenter, D.; Hsiang, C.; Brown, D.J.; Jin, L.; Osorio, N.; BenMohamed, L.; Jones, C.; Wechsler, S.L., 2007:
Stable cell lines expressing high levels of the herpes simplex virus type 1 LAT are refractory to caspase 3 activation and DNA laddering following cold shock induced apoptosis

Welling, A.; Bosse, E.; Cavalie, A., 1993:
Stable co-expression of calcium channel a1, b and a2/d subunits in a somatic cell line

Alvarez, A.; Alarcon, R.; Opazo, C., 1998:
Stable complexes involving acetylcholinesterase and amyloid-b peptide change the biochemical properties of the enzyme and increase the neurotoxicity of Alzheimer's fibrils

Kim, J.W.une; Minamikawa, T., 1997:
Stable delivery of a canavalin promoter-b-glucuronidase gene fusion into French bean by particle bombardment

Fernando, L.P.; Leclaire, R.; Obici, S., 1991:
Stable expression of a secreted form of the mouse IFN-c receptor by rat cells

Ernst, L.K.; Rajan, V.P.; Larsen, R.D., 1989:
Stable expression of blood group H determinants and GDP- L-fucose:b- D-galactoside 2-a- L-fucosyltransferase in mouse cells after transfection with human DNA

Hadingham, K.L.; Harkness, P.C.; Mckernan, R.M., 1992:
Stable expression of mammalian type A c-aminobutyric acid receptors in mouse cells: demonstration of functional assembly of benzodiazepine-responsive sites

Price, Gregory, K., 2002:
Stable field crop supplies forecast for 2002/03

Behringer, R.R.; Eldridge, P.W.; Dewey, M.J., 1984:
Stable genotypic composition of blood cells in allophenic mice derived from congenic C57BL/6 strains

Love, C.A.; Lilley, P.E.; Dixon, N.E., 1996:
Stable high-copy-number bacteriophage l promoter vectors for overproduction of proteins in Escherichia coli

Goldin, A.L.; Sandri-Goldin, R.M.; Glorioso, J.C.; Levine, M., 1985:
Stable induction of a 51K cellular protein in neuronal cells surviving herpes simplex virus type 1 infection

Gerdes, K.; Larsen, J.E.; Molin, S., 1985:
Stable inheritance of plasmid R1 requires two different loci

Cascone, I.; Napione, L.; Maniero, F., 2005:
Stable interaction between a5b1 integrin and Tie2 tyrosine kinase receptor regulates endothelial cell response to Ang-1

Fry, B., 1991:
Stable isotope diagrams of freshwater food webs

Gleixner, G.; Scrimgeour, C.; Schmidt, H.L.dwig, 1999:
Stable isotope distribution in the major metabolites of source and sink organs of Solanum tuberosum L.: a powerful tool in the study of metabolic partitioning in intact plants

Aanderud, Zachary, T., 2007:
Stable isotope ecology

Li, H.C.un; Ku, T.L.ng; Stott, L.D., 1997:
Stable isotope studies on Mono Lake (California). 1. d18O in lake sediments as proxy for climatic change during the last 150 years

Raven, John, A.Reviewer, 2002:
Stable isotope techniques in the study of biological processes and functioning of ecosystems (book review)

Tazaki, H.; Taguchi, D.; Hayashida, T.; Nabeta, K., 2002:
Stable isotope-labeling studies on the oxidative coupling of caffeic acid via o-quinone

O'leary, Marion, H.Reviewer, 1989:
Stable isotopes in ecological research (book review)

Rundel, Philip, W.Reviewer, 1995:
Stable isotopes in ecology and environmental science (book review)

Milner, John, A.Reviewer, 1985:
Stable isotopes in nutrition (book review)

Kirkby, E.A.Reviewer, 1992:
Stable isotopes in plant nutrition soil fertility and environmental studies (book review)

Benson, L.V., 1994:
Stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen in the Truckee River-Pyramid Lake surface-water system. 1. Data analysis and extraction of paleoclimatic information

Hostetler, S.W.; Benson, L.V., 1994:
Stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen in the Truckee River-Pyramid Lake surface-water system. 2. A predictive model of d18O and d2H in Pyramid Lake

Benson, L.V.; White, J.W.C., 1994:
Stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen in the Truckee River-Pyramid Lake surface-water system. 3. Source of water vapor overlying Pyramid Lake

Anonymous, 1988:
Stable isotopic methods for measuring energy expenditure

Nowakowski, R.S., 2006:
Stable neuron numbers from cradle to grave

Hirata, D.; Aoki, S.; Watanabe, K.I.hi; Tsukioka, M.; Suzuki, T., 1992:
Stable overproduction of isoamyl alcohol by Saccharomyces cerevisiae with chromosome-integrated multicopy LEU4 genes

Natarajan, S.K.; Assadi, M.; Sadegh-Nasseri, S., 1999:
Stable peptide binding to MHC class II molecule is rapid and is determined by a receptive conformation shaped by prior association with low affinity peptides

Guyon, J.R.; Narlikar, G.J.; Sif, S.; Kingston, R.E., 1999:
Stable remodeling of tailless nucleosomes by the human SWI-SNF complex

Eder, J.; Kirschner, K., 1992:
Stable substructures of eightfold ba-barrel proteins: fragment complementation of phosphoribosylanthranilate isomerase

Dingermann, T.; Sharp, S.; Schaack, J.; Söll, D., 1983:
Stable transcription complex formation of eukaryotic tRNA genes is dependent on a limited separation of the two intragenic control regions

Brown, T.R.P.; Stonehouse, T.J.; Branch, J.S., 1997:
Stable transfection of U937 cells with sense or antisense RXR-a cDNA suggests a role for RXR-a in the control of monoblastic differentiation induced by retinoic acid and vitamin D

Thompson, D.R.; Furness, R.W., 1995:
Stable-isotope ratios of carbon and nitrogen in feathers indicate seasonal dietary shifts in Northern Fulmars

Jones, Camilla, 2006:
Stable-side help for equine vets

Anonymous, 2006:
Stacy Bonos: Young Crop Scientist Award

Drotleff, Laura, 2007:
Stacy Family Farm

Anonymous, 2002:
Staff and pupils say bring it back

Anonymous, 2004:
Staff contests an owner's decision to raise prices

Riegger, Michael, H., 2001:
Staff health care options need AVMA help

Bower, John, 1987:
Staff motivation

Anonymous, 2003:
Staff recruitment (book review)

Snyder, Gerald, 1999:
Staff retention saves time, money, clients

Fiala, Jennifer, 2001:
Staff training lays foundation for success

Rhind, S.M.; Scudamore, C.L.; Clutton, R.E.; McDiarmid, A.M.; Penny, C.D.; Penny, L.A.; Anderson, A.; Burnie, A.G.; Camburn, M.A.; Corcoran, B.; Dukes McEwan, J.; French, A.; Griffon, D.; Hill, P.B.; Kirby, B.M.; Meredith, A.L.; Redrobe, S.P.; Simpson, J.W.; Thoday, K.L., 1998:
Staffing at veterinary schools

Verdon, Daniel, R., 2000:
Staffing: 'biggest threat to future success'

Baas, Pieter, 2005:
Stafleu Medal 2004 for Dan Nicolson

Natale, F.; Antinucci, F.; Spinozzi, G., 1986:
Stage 6 object concept in nonhuman primate cognition: a comparison between gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) and Japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata)

Blanton, R.; Horowitz, S.; Dos Reis, M.G.; Rottman, F.; Andrade, Z.; Mahmoud, A.A., 1986:
Stage and species specificity of antigens encoded by two geographic strains of Schistosoma mansoni mRNA

Anonymous, 2003:
Stage set for a farming watershed, says Curry

Anonymous, 2004:
Stage set for profitable peanut crop

Anonymous, 2004:
Stage set for profitable peanut production

Pinchai, N.; Lee, B-Seop.; Holler, E., 2006:
Stage specific expression of poly(malic acid)-affiliated genes in the life cycle of Physarum polycephalum. Spherulin 3b and polymalatase

Haynes, Evan, B., 1993:
Stage-I zoeae of laboratory-hatched Lopholithodes mandtii (Decapoda, Anomura, Lithodidae)

Herkovits, J.; Pérez Coll, C.S., 1993:
Stage-dependent susceptibility of Bufo arenarum embryos to cadmium

Saito, A.; Koga, K.; Sakaguchi, B., 1986:
Stage-dependent synthesis of a protein during post-diapause development of Bombyx mori

Yamaguchi, Y.L.; Tanaka, S.S.; Yasuda, K.; Matsui, Y.; Tam, P.P.L., 2006:
Stage-specific Importin13 activity influences meiosis of germ cells in the mouse

Fox, N.W.; Damjanov, I.; Knowles, B.B.; Solter, D., 1984:
Stage-specific embryonic antigen 3 as a marker of visceral extraembryonic endoderm

Liu, N.; Jin, C.; Zhu, Z.M., 1999:
Stage-specific expression of a1,2-fucosyltransferase and a1,3-fucosyltransferase (FT) during mouse embryogenesis

Iizuka, T.; Tanaka, T.; Suematsu, M.; Miura, S.; Watanabe, T.; Koike, R.; Ishimura, Y.; Ishii, H.; Miyasaka, N.; Miyasaka, M., 2000:
Stage-specific expression of mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule-1 during embryogenesis in rats

Fenderson, B.A.; O'Brien, D.A.; Millette, C.F.; Eddy, E.M., 1984:
Stage-specific expression of three cell surface carbohydrate antigens during murine spermatogenesis detected with monoclonal antibodies

DePhilip, R.M.; Tres, L.L.; Kierszenbaum, A.L., 1982:
Stage-specific protein synthesis during rat spermatogenesis

Thompson, H.J.M.; Knox, J.Paul, 1998:
Stage-specific responses of embryogenic carrot cell suspension cultures to arabinogalactan protein-binding b-glucosyl Yariv reagent

Valle, C.; Festucci, A.; Calogero, A., 1999:
Stage-specificity expression of Schistosoma mansoni polypeptide similar to the vertebrate regulatory protein stathmin

Williams, P.H.; Roberts, M.; Hinson, G., 1988:
Stages in bacterial invasion

Gans, C., 1989:
Stages in the origin of vertebrates: analysis by means of scenarios

Anonymous, 2003:
Stagger wheat into market as tight stocks build volatility

Spriggs, Dia, 1990:
Staggered by staghorns

Anonymous, 2003:
Staggers risk as weather brings surges in grass

Anonymous, 2002:
Stained rice discount criticized by associations

Nishikawa, Kiisa, C., 1987:
Staining amphibian peripheral nerves with Sudan Black B: progressive vs regressive methods

Quarsten, H.; McAdam, S.N.; Jensen, T.; Arentz-Hansen, H.; Molberg Ø; Lundin, K.E.; Sollid, L.M., 2001:
Staining of celiac disease-relevant T cells by peptide-DQ2 multimers

Scott, A.; Wilson, D.L.Reviewer, 1996:
Stairway to the mind (book review)

Elfving, D.C., 1993 :
Stake 'em or break 'em

Neary, P.E.; Reiners, S., 1991:
Stake for success

Anonymous, 2003:
Stake on research reaps cumulative rewards

Nolen, R.Scott, 2003:
Stakeholders meet in Philadelphia to discuss ECFVG, PAVE

Anonymous, 2003:
Stakeholders search for keys to progress in 2005 hen welfare review

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Staking out the terrain (book review)

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Staking tomatoes

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Staking your claim

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Stalin's captive (book review)

Krementsov, N.L.; Joravsky, D., R., 1997:
Stalinist science (book review)

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Stalk Region of b-Chain Enhances the Coreceptor Function of CD8

Cook, Jack, 1990:
Stalking the best asparagus

Davis, Rosalie, H., 1986:
Stalking the cultivated verbascums

Gullickson, Gil, 2001:
Stalking the supreme survivor

Lytton, Peggy, 1990:
Stalking your elusive dream plant

Lantz, Gary, 2002:
Stalwart Species

Sawyers, Claire, 1983:
Stamp gardens

Clark, Kathryn, A., 1995:
Stamp out extra postage expenses

Kemp, Martin, 2006:
Stamping his authority

Hasan, Z.Reviewer; Koshland, G.F.Reviewer, 1990:
Stance and motion (book review)

Anonymous, 2005:
Stand Tall

Anonymous, 2002:
Stand and Recover

Anonymous, 2004:
Stand and deliver

Cooney, Timothy, M., 1985:
Stand table projection programs

Notelovitz, M.; Ware, M.; Ward, S.D.Reviewer, 1984:
Stand tall! (book review)

Hennetin, J.; Jullian, B.; Steven, A.C., 2006:
Standard Conformations of b-Arches in b-Solenoid Proteins

Reback, Renee, 2000:
Standard compliance

Anonymous, 2003:
Standard deviations are not perverse

Thompson, G.G.; Withers, P.C., 1998:
Standard evaporative water loss and metabolism of juvenile Varanus mertensi (Squamata: Varanidae)

Guilford, H.; Bessant, C.; Dalton, J.; Sainsbury, D.W.B.Reviewer, 2003:
Standard for Construction and Management of Boarding Catteries (book review)

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Standard metabolic level and insulative characteristics of eastern house finches, Carpodacus mexicanus (Muller)

Kroger, Manfred, Reviewer, 1987:
Standard methods for the examination of dairy products (book review)

Annas, G.J.; Ayala, F.J.Reviewer, 1995:
Standard of care (book review)

Anonymous, 2006:
Standard operating procedures

Simon, C.; Mcintosh, C.; Deniega, J., 1993:
Standard restriction fragment analysis of the mitochondrial genome is not sensitive enough for phylogenetic analysis or identification of 17-year periodical cicada broods (Hemiptera: Cicadidae): the potential for a new technique

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Standard sampling of inland fish: benefits, challenges, and a call for action

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Standard soil methods for long-term ecological research (book review)

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Standard test fish for India and the neighboring countries

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Standard weight (Ws) equation and length catagories for shovelnose sturgeon

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Standardisation of nomenclature in flagellate groups treated by both the botanical and zoological codes of nomenclature

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Standardization and calibration of heated mounts illustrated with day-old Mallard ducklings

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Standardization of complementation grouping of peroxisome-deficient disorders and the second Zellweger patient with peroxisomal assembly factor-1 (PAF-1) defect

Coburn, S.P., 1996:
Standardization of nutritional-status terminology

Seaman, M.S.; Leblanc, D.F.; Grandpre, L.E.; Bartman, M.T.; Montefiori, D.C.; Letvin, N.L.; Mascola, J.R., 2007:
Standardized assessment of NAb responses elicited in rhesus monkeys immunized with single- or multi-clade HIV-1 envelope immunogens

Shaklee, J.B.; Allendorf, F.W.; Morizot, D.C., 1989:
Standardized nomenclature for protein-coding loci in fish

Curtis, D., 1995:
Standardized pedigree nomenclature

Talve, A.P.; Cole, E.J.an, R., 1985:
Standardizing foodservice for quality and efficiency (book review)

Anonymous, 2001:
Standards can bring leading edge closer to home

Koehler, C.S.; Raupp, M.J.; Dutky, E., 1985:
Standards for a commercial arboricultural IPM program

Skinner, Mark, Reviewer, 1995:
Standards for data collection from human skeletal remains (book review)

Lawson, H.W.; Thomas, C.P.Reviewer, 1985:
Standards for fats and oils (book review)

Gibbens, N., 2004:
Standards for international trade

Akinrimisi, E.; Allende, J.A.; Bryce, C.F.A.; Burma, D.P.; Campbell, P.N.; Devlin, T.; Hofmann, E.; Kagawa, Y.; Ma, J.C.; Mehler, A., 1989:
Standards for the Ph.D. degree in biochemistry and molecular biology

Hovell, G.J.R.Reviewer, 1985:
Standards in laboratory animal management (book review)

Martin, Tovah, 1983:
Standards of excellence: changing a plant's habit requires time and determination

Anonymous, 1983:
Standards of professional responsibility

Burns, K., 2005:
Standards taking shape for health, welfare of fish

Truswell, A.Stewart, 1998:
Standarization of nomenclature of body composition in weight loss

Anonymous, 2004:
Standen boosts workforce following Pearson takeover

Lewers, Kim, 2004:
Standing Ovation

Hendrickson, Dean, A., 1999:
Standing laparoscopic ovariectomy allows direct visualization of ovary

Hall, Ron, 2000:
Standing the test of time

Dawson, E.A.; Secher, N.H.; Dalsgaard, M.K.; Ogoh, S.; Yoshiga, C.C.; González-Alonso, J.; Steensberg, A.; Raven, P.B., 2004:
Standing up to the challenge of standing: a siphon does not support cerebral blood flow in humans

Anonymous, 2003:
Standstill after cold, dry March

Anonymous, 2002 :
Standstill rule and late sales increase costs

Anonymous, 2002:
Standstill rule could well bring farmer defiance .

Coates, M.E.; Thompson, S.Y., 1987:
Stanislas Kazimierz Kon, CBE, PhD (Warsaw), DSc (Reading), FRIC (1900-1986)

Palmer, T.; Harris, T.H.Reviewer, 1983:
Stanislaus, the struggle for a river (book review)

Chippendale, M.; Reese, J., 1998:
Stanley D. Beck (1919-1997)

Hassert, Rita, M., 2005:
Stanley H. Johnston honored with the Charles Robert Long Award by CBHL

Anonymous, 1996:
Stanley M. Aldrich, 1922-1996

Howe, Keith, 2002:
Stanley Morris, 1909-2000

Anonymous, 1988:
Stanley R. Johnson. 1988 Fellow

Borland, Jim, 1998:
Stanleya pinnata

Schmid, Rudolf, 2006:
Stapeliads of southern Africa and Madagascar

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Staphylococcal Enterotoxin H Induces Va-Specific Expansion of T Cells

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Staphylococcal a-hemolysin can form hexamers in phospholipid bilayers

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Staphylococcal a-toxin induced ventilation-perfusion mismatch in isolated blood-free perfused rabbit lungs

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Staphylococcal a-toxin-induced PGI2 production in endothelial cells: role of calcium

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Staphylococcal a-toxin: a study of membrane penetration and pore formation

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Staphylococcal enterotoxin A induces survival of VH3-expressing human B cells by binding to the VH region with low affinity

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Staphylococcal enterotoxin B activates purified NK cells to secrete IFN-c but requires T lymphocytes to augment NK cytotoxicity

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Staphylococcal enterotoxin B induces an early and transient state of immunosuppression characterized by Vb-unrestricted T cell unresponsiveness and defective antigen-presenting cell functions

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Staphylococcal enterotoxin D is a promiscuous superantigen offering multiple modes of interactions with the MHC class II receptors

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Staphylococcal enterotoxin H displays unique MHC class II-binding properties

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Staphylococcal enterotoxin microbial superantigens

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Staphylococcal phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent phosphotransferase system: purification and characterization of the mannitol-specific enzyme IIImtl of Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus carnosus and homology with the enzyme IImtl of Escherichia coli

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Staphylococcal protein A simultaneously interacts with framework region 1, complementarity-determining region 2, and framework region 3 on human VH3-encoded Igs

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Staphylococcal toxins in human disease

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Staphylococci as part of the normal flora of human skin

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Staphylococci in healthy and diseased animals

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Staphylococcus aureus ArcR controls expression of the arginine deiminase operon

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Staphylococcus aureus a-toxin attack on human platelets promotes assembly of the prothrombinase complex

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Staphylococcus aureus a-toxin permeabilizes the basolateral membrane of a Cl- secreting epithelium

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Staphylococcus aureus a-toxin. Dual mechanism of binding to target cells

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Staphylococcus aureus a-toxin. Production of functionally intact, site-specifically modifiable protein by introduction of cysteine at positions 69, 130, and 186

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Staphylococcus aureus bacteriophages mediating the simultaneous lysogenic conversion of b-lysin, staphylokinase and enterotoxin A: molecular mechanism of triple conversion

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Staphylococcus aureus mastitis: pathogenesis and treatment with bovine interleukin-1b and interleukin-2

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Staphylococcus aureus-induced septic arthritis and septic death is decreased in IL-4-deficient mice: role of IL-4 as promoter for bacterial growth

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Staphylococcus carnosus: a new host organism for gene cloning and protein production

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Star is required in a subset of photoreceptor cells in the developing Drosophila retina and displays dosage sensitive interactions with rough

Hellyer, Arthur, 1986:
Starborough Nursery

Eksteen, J.M.; Van Rensburg, P.; Cordero Otero, R.R., 2003:
Starch Fermentation by Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strains Expressing the a-Amylase and Glucoamylase Genes From Lipomyces Kononenkoae and Saccharomycopsis fibuligera

Anonymous, 1998:
Starch accumulation in photosynthetic cells

Tovar, J.; Bjorck, I.; Asp, N.G.org, 1990:
Starch content and a-amylolysis rate in precooked legume flours

Anonymous, 1988:
Starch derivative combats erosion on exposed soils

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Starch digestibility as affected by polyphenols and phytic acid

Anonymous, 1992:
Starch functionality

Yokoyama, W.; Renner Nantz, J.J.; Shoemaker, C.F., 1998:
Starch molecular mass and size-exclusion chromatography in DMSO-LiBr coupled with multiple angle laser light scattering

Anonymous, 1998:
Starch synthases

Anonymous, 1986:
Starch utilization by ruminants

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Starch-Related a-Glucan/Water Dikinase Is Involved in the Cold-Induced Development of Freezing Tolerance in Arabidopsis

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Starch-hydrolyzing enzymes in germinating kidney bean

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Starches (book review)

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Starfish predation and the creation of mosaic patterns in a kelp-dominated community

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Starfish saponins. Occurrence of nodososide in the starfish Acanthaster planci and Linckia laevigata

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Starfish saponins. Steroidal glycosides from the starfish Halityle regularis

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Starfish saponins. Steroidal glycosides from the starfish Oreaster reticulatus

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Starfish saponins. Steroidal oligoglycosides from the Pacific starfish Thromidia catalai

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Starfish saponins. Two novel steroidal xyloside sulfates from the starfish Marthasterias glacialis

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Stargazer: The Life and Times of the Telescope

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Stargazin Interaction with a-Amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazole Propionate (AMPA) Receptors Is Critically Dependent on the Amino Acid at the Narrow Constriction of the Ion Channel

Vuilleumier, Patrik, 2005:
Staring fear in the face

Kahler, Susan, C., 1996:
Stark of AABP: representative of a new breed

Higginbotham, Julie, S., 1991:
Stark's new reality

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Starlings and mynas (book review)

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Starlings search for food rather than eat freely-available, identical food

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Starry messenger (book review)

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Stars as laboratories for fundamental physics (book review)

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Stars beneath the waves

Fischer, Thomas,, 1993:
Stars of summer. A sampler of seasonal bulbs

Lopez, Tarsis, 1998:
Stars of the profession celebrated

Anonymous, 2002:
Start Here

Pardue, Ruth, 1989:
Start bulbs now for winter bloom

Anonymous, 2002:
Start right-grow right

Anonymous, 2003:
Start scouting rice for major diseases

Anonymous, 2004:
Start supplementary feeding when finishing lambs are on lush grass

Giles, Jim, 2005:
Start your engines

Anonymous, 2003:
Start your season!

Anonymous, 2004:
Start-ups look a firm bet

Anonymous, 2003 :
Started Right

Anonymous, 2004:
Starters orders

Anonymous, 2002:
Starting Right

Mccann, Sean, 1990:
Starting a rose off right

Cheroutre, H., 2004:
Starting at the beginning: new perspectives on the biology of mucosal T cells

Sanchez, Janet, H., 1992:
Starting broccoli seedlings

Anonymous, 1987:
Starting right with bees. How to extract in your kitchen

Anonymous, 1987:
Starting right with bees; the worst bee problem of all

Ogden, Shepherd, 1993:
Starting seeds

Van Horn, Linda, 2005:
Starting the New Year with Vision, Purpose, and Energy

Fisher, Kathleen, 1994:
Starting trees right

Jaycos, Elbert, R., 1989:
Starting up: where to get bees, queens?

Vaughan, F.A., 1983:
Startle responses of blue jays to visual stimuli presented during feeding

Marcus, Gary, F., 2006:
Startling starlings

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Starvation for ilvB operon leader amino acids other than leucine or valine does not increase acetohydroxy acid synthase activity in Escherichia coli

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Starvation in bacteria (book review)

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Starvation of a flock of Chimney Swifts on a very small Caribbean Island

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Starvation resistance in Drosophila melanogaster in relation to the polymorphisms at the Adh and aGpdh loci

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Starvation-induced cross protection against heat or H2O2 challenge in Escherichia coli

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Starvation-survival patterns of sixteen freshly isolated open-ocean bacteria

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Stasis in progress: the empirical basis of macroevolution

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Stat-1 is not essential for inhibition of B lymphopoiesis by type I IFNs

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Stat1 as a component of tumor necrosis factor alpha receptor 1-TRADD signaling complex to inhibit NF-kB activation

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Stat1 combines signals derived from IFN-c and LPS receptors during macrophage activation

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Stat1-dependent synergistic activation of T-bet for IgG2a production during early stage of B cell activation

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Stat1a expression is involved in IFN-c induction of the class II transactivator and class II MHC genes

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Stat3 Isoforms, a and b, Demonstrate Distinct Intracellular Dynamics with Prolonged Nuclear Retention of Stat3b Mapping to Its Unique C-terminal End

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Stat3 in resident macrophages as a repressor protein of inflammatory response

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Stat3 plays an important role in oncogenic Ros- and insulin-like growth factor I receptor-induced anchorage-independent growth

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Stat3-dependent induction of p19INK4D by IL-10 contributes to inhibition of macrophage proliferation

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Stat4 limits DNA methyltransferase recruitment and DNA methylation of the IL-18Ra gene during Th1 differentiation

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Stat4 regulates multiple components of IFN-c-inducing signaling pathways

Martino, A.; Holmes, J.H.; Lord, J.D.; Moon, J.J.; Nelson, B.H., 2001:
Stat5 and Sp1 regulate transcription of the cyclin D2 gene in response to IL-2

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Stat6 is necessary and sufficient for IL-4's role in Th2 differentiation and cell expansion

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Stat6 regulation of in vivo IL-4 responses

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Stat6-dependent and -independent pathways for IL-4 production

Work, David, R., 1994:
State Board of Pharmacy compounding guidelines

Rafter, Dan, 2004:
State Flowers, State Pride

Weems, S.; Smith, J., 2007:
State Policy Representative: Making a Difference for Your Affiliate

Anonymous, 2007:
State Veterinary Service to be rebranded

Anonymous, 2002:
State agencies jump on disciplinary bandwagon

Baumgardner, Kathy, 2000:
State boards pursue alternative testing

Nachay, Karen, 2007:
State bolsters food safety standards

Anonymous, 2002:
State can sell big almond crop: official

Anonymous, 2005:
State departments of ag vote to oppose CAFTA passage

Anonymous, 2003:
State farm prospects 'dreary, Paggi says

Anonymous, 2003:
State legislation paves way for ethanol

McEwen, J.E.; Reilly, P.R., 1992:
State legislative efforts to regulate use and potential misuse of genetic information

Nolen, R.Scott, 2004:
State legislators oppose animal guardianship, noneconomic damages laws

Ross, M.R.; Loomis, D.K., 1999:
State management of freshwater fisheries resources: its organizational structure, funding, and programmatic emphases

Wood, Gene, W.Reviewer, 1991:
State of Oregon preliminary analysis of the Interagency Scientific Committee's conservation strategy for the protection of the spotted owl (book review)

Anonymous, 2004:
State of Volatility

Coffe, G.; Foucault, G.; Soyer, M.O.; de Billy, F.; Pudles, J., 1982:
State of actin during the cycle of cohesiveness of the cytoplasm in parthenogenetically activated sea urchin egg

Lawrence, Stacy, 2006:
State of biotech sector- 2005

Gunkel, A.G.eta; Hechler, U.; Martin, H.H., 1991:
State of penicillin-binding proteins and requirements for their bactericidal interaction with b-lactam antibiotics in Serratia marcescens highly resistant to extended-spectrum b-lactams

Anonymous, 1985:
State of siege or unbeatable position?

Liska, Bernard, J., 1985:
State of the Institute- 1985

Powers, John, J., 1987:
State of the Institute- 1987

Dempsey, Jerome, 2007:
State of the Journal 2007: Emphasis on communication and significant advances

Depinto, Joseph, V., 1991:
State of the Lake Ontario ecosystem: introduction to an ecosystem perspective on a vital resource

Tixier, Stan, 1992:
State of the Society report

Donart, Gary, B., 1994:
State of the Society: advancing the profession

Kling, Catherine, Reviewer, 2002:
State of the World 2001 (book review)

Kassam, A.H.Reviewer, 2002:
State of the World 2002 (book review)

Fuiman, L.A.; Conner, J.V.; Lathrop, B.F., 1983:
State of the art of identification for cyprinid fish larvae from eastern North America

Wadman, Meredith, 2007:
State of the donation

Pimentel, David, , Reviewer, 1985:
State of the environment (book review)

Eschner, Arthur, R.Reviewer, 1983:
State of the environment 1982 (book review)

Branch, G.M.Reviewer, 1997:
State of the environment in southern Africa (book review)

Anonymous, 1985:
State of the industry: 1985

Anonymous, 2000:
State of the industry 2000

Nair, P.K.R.Reviewer, 2002:
State of the world's forests, 2001 (Book Review)