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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 18131

Chapter 18131 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Stricter infectious substance regulations to be proposed
, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 210(9): 1251 (1997)

Strides in the technology of systems physiology and the art of testing complex hypotheses
, Federation Proceedings 46(8): 2473-2476 (1987)

Strigiformes from the Neogene of Spain
, IBIS 143(2): 3-16 (2001)

Strike at slug pest right after harvest
, Farmers Weekly 137(6) (2002)

Strike early to deal with farm stress
, Farmers Weekly 137(15) (2002)

Strike-induced chemosensory searching and trailing behaviour in neonatal rattlesnakes
, Animal Behaviour 44(3): 574-576 (1992)

Striking back at Dutch elm disease
, American Nurseryman 182: 2 (1995)

Striking gold. Discover the wealth of tall yellow daisies
, Horticulture 68: 25 (1990)

Striking natives for the perennial border
, Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record, Plants and Gardens 45 Spring : 71 (1989)

Striking the right balance in farming
, The Veterinary Record 149(16): 2 (2001)

Strikingly different localization of galectin-3 and galectin-4 in human colon adenocarcinoma T84 cells. Galectin-4 is localized at sites of cell adhesion
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 272(22): 14294-14303 (1997)

String Trimmers
, Grounds Maintenance 38(1): 6 (2003)

String of attacks: ALF targets universities
, DVM 35(5) (2004)

Stringent 3Q.1R composition of the SNARE 0-layer can be bypassed for fusion by compensatory SNARE mutation or by lipid bilayer modification
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 282(20): 14861-14867 (2007)

Stringent allele/epitope requirements for MART-1/Melan A immunodominance: implications for peptide-based immunotherapy
, Journal of Immunology 161(2): 877-889 (1998)

Stringent and growth control of rRNA synthesis in Escherichia coli are both mediated by ppGpp
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 263(6): 2597-2602 (1988)

Strip development
, Horticulture 64: 8 (1986)

Strip-till fuels cotton yields
, Southeast Farm Press 31(15): 11 (2004)

Stripe rust attacking Delta wheat
, Delta Farm Press 60(17): 2 (2003)

Stripe rust infests Southwest wheat
, Southwest Farm Press 29(13) (2002)

Stripe rust muddles wheat variety selection
, Southwest Farm Press 30(2): 3 (2003)

Stripe rust shows up in wheat
, Delta Farm Press 60(15): 2 (2003)

Striped bass in Gregory's Fish skulls actually a grouper
, Copeia(3): 3-4 (1984)

Striped bass management in lakes with emphasis on management problems
, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 114: 11 (1985)

Striped bass, temperature, and dissolved oxygen: a speculative hypothesis for environmental risk
, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 114: 61 (1985)

Striped bass: environmental risks in fresh and salt water
, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 114: 151 (1985)

Strites' Orchard
, American Vegetable Grower 55(3): 1 (2007)

Striving residue for zero
, American Fruit Grower 111: 8 (1991)

Striving to increase compliance with dietary guidelines for fatty acid intake: a call for a multifaceted dietary approach
, Journal of the American Dietetic Association 107(10): 1723-1725 (2007)

Strob fears as resistance confirmed
, Crops: 10 (2003)

Strob switch keeps costs down
, Farmers Weekly 140(22) (2004)

Strobs crack to SEPTORIA .
, Crops: 15 (2003)

Stroke, nutrition, and antioxidants
, Journal of Applied Nutrition 47(1-2): 13-23 (1995)

Stroma Cell-Derived Factor 1a Mediates Desensitization of Human Neutrophil Respiratory Burst in Synovial Fluid from Rheumatoid Arthritic Patients
, Journal of Immunology 172(11): 36-43 (2004)

Stromal Cell-derived Factor-1a Induces Tube-like Structure Formation of Endothelial Cells through Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 278(1): 7-62 (2002)

Stromal Derived Growth Factor-1a: Another Mediator in Neural-Emerging Immune System through Tac1 Expression in Bone Marrow Stromal Cells
, Journal of Immunology 178(4): 75-82 (2007)

Stromal cell modulation of negative regulatory signals that influence apoptosis and proliferation of B lineage lymphocytes
, Journal of Immunology 159(9): 4171-4179 (1997)

Stromal cell-derived factor 1a activates LIM kinase 1 and induces cofilin phosphorylation for T-cell chemotaxis
, Molecular and Cellular Biology 22(3): 4-83 (2002)

Stromal cell-derived factor 1a-induced chemotaxis in T cells is mediated by nitric oxide signaling pathways
, Journal of Immunology 166(5): 67-74 (2001)

Stromal cell-derived factor-1-induced LFA-1 activation during in vivo migration of T cell hybridoma cells requires Gq/11, RhoA, and myosin, as well as Gi and Cdc42
, Journal of Immunology 166(7): 4293-4301 (2001)

Stromal cell-derived factor-1a and stem cell factor/kit ligand share signaling pathways in hemopoietic progenitors: a potential mechanism for cooperative induction of chemotaxis
, Journal of Immunology 161(7): 52-8 (1998)

Stromal cell-derived factor-1a associates with heparan sulfates through the first b-strand of the chemokine
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 274(34): 916-25 (1999)

Stromal cell-independent maturation of IL-7-responsive pro-B cells
, Journal of Immunology 160(12): 5886-5897 (1998)

Stromal cells paracrinously regulate the c-met transcript in VMR tumor cells of different in metastatic potential
, Molecular Biology 34(5): 8-51 (2000)

Stromal inhibition of megakaryocytic differentiation correlates with blockade of signaling by protein kinase C-e and ERK/MAPK
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 276(31): 526-30 (2001)

Stromal-epithelial interactions and heterogeneity of proliferative activity within the prostate
, Biochemistry and Cell Biology 64(6): 608-614 (1986)

Strombidium inclinatum n. sp. and a reassessment of Strombidium sulcatum Claparede and Lachmann (Ciliophora)
, Journal of Protozoology 374: 318-323 (1990)

Strong 2004 beef market predicted despite Mad Cow discovery
, Southwest Farm Press 31(4) (2004)

Strong as a Mule
, American Fruit Grower 125(4) (2005)

Strong Competition and Rising Prices Confront U.S. Soybean Exports
, Agricultural Outlook: 9 (2002)

Strong Polyadenylation and Weak Pausing Combine To Cause Efficient Termination of Transcription in the Human Gg-Globin Gene
, Molecular and Cellular Biology 25(8): 76-85 (2005)

Strong TCR ligation without costimulation causes rapid onset of Fas-dependent apoptosis of naive murine CD4+ T cells
, Journal of Immunology 163(4): 1817-1826 (1999)

Strong U.S. demand lifts cotton market
, Southeast Farm Press 31(10): 8 (2004)

Strong U.S. dollar works against U.S. producers
, Beef 39(9): (2003)

Strong alloantigenicity of the a-helices residues of the MHC class I molecule
, Journal of Immunology 161(1): 8-53 (1998)

Strong and Durable TCR Clustering at the T/Dendritic Cell Immune Synapse Is Not Required for NFAT Activation and IFN-g Production in Human CD4+ T Cells
, Journal of Immunology 173(5): 62-72 (2004)

Strong beef and sheep prices raise the spirits
, Farmers Weekly 138(27) (2003)

Strong case for UK industry
, Farmers Weekly 139(3) (2003)

Strong character incongruence and character choice in phylogeny of sea stars of the Asterinidae
, Invertebrate Biology 123(4 2004): 3-56 (2004)

Strong demand steadying corn market
, Southwest Farm Press 31(24): 10 (2004)

Strong dollar hurting U.S. agriculture
, Southeast Farm Press 29(27): 10 (2002)

Strong drain on profits from weak cow fertility
, Farmers Weekly 137(17) (2002)

Strong economy lifts some research boats
, Science 287(5459): 32 (2000)

Strong Inference: rationale or inspiration?
, Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 49(2): 238-250 (2006)

Strong influence of the processing of the antigen on negative effects on T cell activation by regions outside the determinant area of bovine aS1-casein
, Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry 56: 16-18 (1992)

Strong inhibition of endodeoxyribonucleases at physiological ionic strength
, Molecular Biology 32(4): 7-20 (1998)

Strong inhibitory effect of furanoses and sugar lactones on b-galactosidase of Escherichia coli
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 26: 26-31 (1987)

Strong push needed to strengthen trade
, Western Farm Press 25(2) (2003)

Strong reservations about preadmission certification program
, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 209(1): 35; Author Reply 35-6 (1996)

Strong trade in Scotland
, Farmers Weekly 138(21) (2003)

Strong wheat prices for another year?
, Southeast Farm Press 30(25) (2003)

Strong year for eggs sees demand up again
, Poultry World 158(9) (2004 )

Strong-arm tactics
, Crops: 13 (2002)

Stronger will see rise in arable area payments
, Farmers Weekly 137(1) (2002)

Strongly reduced phage Qb replication, but normal phage MS2 replication in an Escherichia coli K12 mutant with inactivated Qb host factor (hfq) gene
, Virology 227: 1-14 (1997)

Strontium isotope ratios in mussel shells as indicators of acidification
, Ambio 24(5): 265-268 (1995)

Strontium, barium, and manganese metabolism in isolated presynaptic nerve terminals
, American Journal of Physiology 252(6 Pt 1): C604-C610 (1987)

Structural analysis and dynamics of retinal chromophore in dark and meta I states of rhodopsin from 2H NMR of aligned membranes
, Journal of Molecular Biology 372(1): 50-66 (2007)

Structural Analysis and Modeling of a Synthetic Interleukin-2 Mimetic and Its Interleukin-2Rb2 Receptor
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 278(25): 868-76 (2003)

Structural Analysis and Solution Studies of the Activated Regulatory Domain of the Response Regulator ArcA: A Symmetric Dimer Mediated by the a4-b5-a5 Face
, Journal of Molecular Biology 349(1): 26 (2005)

Structural Analysis of an Epidermal Growth Factor/Transforming Growth Factor-a Chimera with Unique ErbB Binding Specificity
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 278(40): 114-23 (2003)

Structural Analysis of the Complex of Phenoxazone Antibiotic Actinocyl-Bis(2-Dimethylaminoethyl)amide with Deoxytetranucleotide 5-d(TpGpCpA) by Two-Dimensional H-NMR Spectroscopy and Molecular Mechanics
, Molecular Biology 39(2): 8-305 (2005)

Structural Analysis of the Regulatory Dithiol-containing Domain of the Chloroplast ATP Synthase g Subunit
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 281(41): 041-9 (2006)

Structural Analysis of the SH3 Domain of b-PIX and Its Interaction with a-p21 Activated Kinase (PAK)
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 44(33): 977-83 (2005)

Structural Analysis of the a-2,3-Sialyltransferase Cst-I from Campylobacter jejuni in Apo and Substrate-Analogue Bound Forms
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 46(24): 96-204 (2007)

Structural basis for catalysis and substrate specificity of Agrobacterium radiobacter N-carbamoyl-D-amino acid amidohydrolase
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 278(28): 26194-26201 (2003)

Structural Basis for HNF-4a Activation by Ligand and Coactivator Binding
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 279(22): 311-316 (2004)

Structural Basis for Membrane Anchorage of Viral f29 DNA during Replication
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 280(52): 486-8 (2005)

Structural Basis for a1 Versus a2 Isoform-distinct Behavior of the Na,K-ATPase
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 278(11): 27-34 (2003)

Structural basis for the aldolase and epimerase activities of Staphylococcus aureus dihydroneopterin aldolase
, Journal of Molecular Biology 368(1): 161-169 (2007)

Structural Basis for the Deactivation of the Estrogen-related Receptor g by Diethylstilbestrol or 4-Hydroxytamoxifen and Determinants of Selectivity
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 279(32): 639-646 (2004)

Structural basis for the functions of endogenous angiogenesis inhibitors
, Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology 70: 399-410 (2006)

Structural Basis for the High-affinity Binding of Nucleoporin Nup1p to the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Importin-b Homologue, Kap95p
, Journal of Molecular Biology 349(3): 5-25 (2005)

Structural basis for the interaction of CCR5 with a small molecule, functionally selective CCR5 agonist
, Journal of Immunology 177(5): 3116-3122 (2006)

Structural Basis for the Phosphorylation-regulated Focal Adhesion Targeting of Type Ig Phosphatidylinositol Phosphate Kinase (PIPKIg) by Talin
, Journal of Molecular Biology 359(1): 54 (2006)

Structural Basis for the Photochemistry of a-Phycoerythrocyanin
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 46(2): 6-23 (2007)

Structural Basis for the Specificity of the Nitric-oxide Synthase Inhibitors W1400 and Nq-Propyl-L-Arg for the Inducible and Neuronal Isoforms
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 278(46): 818-25 (2003)

Structural Basis for the Substrate Specificity of a Bacillus 1,3-1,4-b-Glucanase
, Journal of Molecular Biology 357(4): 11-25 (2006)

Structural basis for the thermostability of ferredoxin from the cyanobacterium Mastigocladus laminosus
, Journal of Molecular Biology 350(3): 599-608 (2005)

Structural Basis for the Voltage-gated Na+ Channel Selectivity of the Scorpion a-Like Toxin BmK M1
, Journal of Molecular Biology 353(4): 8-803 (2005)

Structural Basis of Calcification Inhibition by a2-HS Glycoprotein/Fetuin-A. Formation of Colloidal Calciprotein Particles
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 278(15): 333-41 (2003)

Structural Basis of Carbohydrate Transfer Activity by Human UDP-GalNAc: Polypeptide a-N-Acetylgalactosaminyltransferase (pp-GalNAc-T10)
, Journal of Molecular Biology 359(3): 8-27 (2006)

Structural basis of integrin regulation and signaling
, Annual Review of Immunology 25: 619-647 (2007)

Structural Basis of Protein Kinetic Stability: Resistance to Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Suggests a Central Role for Rigidity and a Bias Toward b-Sheet Structure
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 43(35): 248-54 (2004)

Structural Basis of Protein-bound Endogenous Aldehydes
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 278(7): 44-51 (2003)

Structural Basis of the Differential Stability and Receptor Specificity of H-2Db in Complex with Murine versus Human b2-Microglobulin
, Journal of Molecular Biology 356(2): 2-96 (2006)

Structural biology of nucleocytoplasmic transport
, Annual Review of Biochemistry 76: 647-671 (2007)

Structural biology of RNA silencing and its functional implications
, Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology 71: 81-93 (2007)

Structural Changes in the Ribosome during the Elongation Cycle
, Molecular Biology 40(5): 5-87 (2006)

Structural Characteristics of Purified b-Conglycinin from Soybeans Stored under Four Conditions
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 52(26): 31-7 (2004)

Structural Characterization of Imazalil/b-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 52(6): 90-3 (2004)

Structural characterization of type II dockerin module from the cellulosome of Clostridium thermocellum: calcium-induced effects on conformation and target recognition
, Biochemistry 44(6): 2173-2182 (2005)

Structural Characterization of a b-Diketone Hydrolase from the Cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. PCC 7120 in Native and Product-Bound Forms, a Coenzyme A-Independent Member of the Crotonase Suprafamily
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 46(1): 7-44 (2007)

Structural Characterization of the Interaction of the and a Subunits of the Escherichia coli F1F0-ATP Synthase by NMR Spectroscopy
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 44(35): 786-94 (2005)

Structural characterization of the major extrapallial fluid protein of the mollusc Mytilus edulis: implications for function
, Biochemistry 44(31): 10720-10731 (2005)

Structural Determinants Regulating Expression of the High Affinity Leukotriene B4 Receptor. Involvement of Dileucine Motifs and a-Helix VIII
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 279(11): 338-45 (2004)

Structural determinants for inhibitor specificity and selectivity in PDE2A using the wheat germ in vitro translation system
, Biochemistry 44(23): 8312-8325 (2005)

Structural determinants of conformationally selective, prion-binding aptamers
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 279(13): 13102-13109 (2004)

Structural Determinants of PLD2 Inhibition by a-Synuclein
, Journal of Molecular Biology 337(4): 01-9 (2004)

Structural Determinants of Substrate Binding to Bacillus cereus Metallo-b-lactamase
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 279(25): 046-51 (2004)

Structural Determinants of Substrate Specificity in Family 1 b-Glucosidases. Novel Insights from the Crystal Structure of Sorghum Dhurrinase-1, A Plant b-Glucosidase with Strict Specificity, in Complex with its Natural Substrate
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 279(30): 796-803 (2004)

Structural Determination of Five Novel Tetrasaccharides Containing 3-O-Sulfated D-Glucuronic Acid and Two Rare Oligosaccharides Containing a b-D-Glucose Branch Isolated from Squid Cartilage Chondroitin Sulfate E
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 43(34): 063-74 (2004)

Structural Differences in Ab Amyloid Protofibrils and Fibrils Mapped by Hydrogen Exchange - Mass Spectrometry with On-line Proteolytic Fragmentation
, Journal of Molecular Biology 361(4): 5-95 (2006)

Structural Dynamics of a-Actinin-Vinculin Interactions
, Molecular and Cellular Biology 25(14): 12-22 (2005)

Structural Dynamics of the a-Neurotoxin-Acetylcholine-Binding Protein Complex: Hydrodynamic and Fluorescence Anisotropy Decay Analyses
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 44(50): 602-11 (2005)

Structural Elements of the tRNA TWC Loop Critical for Nucleocytoplasmic Transport Are Important for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Primer Selection
, Journal of Virology 79(10): 32-9 (2005)

Structural Evidence of a Passive Base-flipping Mechanism for b-Glucosyltransferase
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 279(33): 715-720 (2004)

Structural Examination of F-Value Analysis in Protein Folding
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 43(45): 325-31 (2004)

Structural features of nucleosomes reorganized by yeast FACT and its HMG box component, Nhp6
, Molecular and Cellular Biology 24(9): 3907-3917 (2004)

Structural features of the scaffold interaction domain at the N terminus of the major capsid protein (VP5) of herpes simplex virus type 1
, Journal of Virology 81(17): 9396-9407 (2007)

Structural Flexibility of the N-terminal b-Barrel Domain of 15-Lipoxygenase-1 Probed by Small Angle X-ray Scattering. Functional Consequences for Activity Regulation and Membrane Binding
, Journal of Molecular Biology 343(4): 7-29 (2004)

Structural Homology Discloses a Bifunctional Structural Motif at the N-Termini of Ga Proteins
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 41(49): 518-23 (2002)

Structural Impact of the Leukemia Drug 1-b-D-Arabinofuranosylcytosine (Ara-C) on the Covalent Human Topoisomerase I-DNA Complex
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 278(14): 461-6 (2003)

Structural Insight into Concerted Inhibition of a2b2-Type Aspartate Kinase from Corynebacterium glutamicum
, Journal of Molecular Biology 368(2): 1-36 (2007)

Structural insights into unique substrate selectivity of Thermoplasma acidophilum D-aldohexose dehydrogenase
, Journal of Molecular Biology 367(4): 1034-1046 (2007)

Structural insights into the non-additivity effects in the sequence-to-reactivity algorithm for serine peptidases and their inhibitors
, Journal of Molecular Biology 367(2): 527-546 (2007)

Structural insights into the second step of RNA-dependent cysteine biosynthesis in archaea: crystal structure of Sep-tRNA:Cys-tRNA synthase from Archaeoglobus fulgidus
, Journal of Molecular Biology 370(1): 128-141 (2007)

Structural Interactions between FXYD Proteins and Na+,K+-ATPase. a/b/FXYD Subunit Stoichiometry and Cross-linking
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 281(9): 47-55 (2006)

Structural Mechanism for Lipid Activation of the Rac-Specific GAP, b2-Chimaerin
, Cell 119(3): 7-18 (2004)

Structural Mechanism of Smad4 Recognition by the Nuclear Oncoprotein Ski: Insights on Ski-Mediated Repression of TGF-b Signaling
, Cell 111(3): 7-67 (2002)

Structural Mimicry in Class A G Protein-coupled Receptor Rotamer Toggle Switches
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 279(46): 024-037 (2004)

Structural Organization of a-Synuclein Fibrils Studied by Site-directed Spin Labeling
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 278(39): 530-5 (2003)

Structural perspective on mutations affecting the function of multisubunit RNA polymerases
, Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews: Mmbr 70(1): 12-36 (2006)

Structural Perturbation and Compensation by Directed Evolution at Physiological Temperature Leads to Thermostabilization of b-Lactamase
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 44(38): 640-54 (2005)

Structural Perturbations in the Ala- #38;#62;Val Polymorphism of Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase: How Binding of Folates May Protect against Inactivation
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 45(15): 08-18 (2006)

Structural Rationale for Low-Nanomolar Binding of Transition State Mimics to a Family GH3 b-D-Glucan Glucohydrolase from Barley
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 44(50): 529-39 (2005)

Structural Rearrangements of the 10-23 DNAzyme to b3 Integrin Subunit mRNA Induced by Cations and Their Relations to the Catalytic Activity
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 278(48): 987-96 (2003)

Structural Requirements and Mechanism for Heparin-dependent Activation and Tetramerization of Human bI- and bII-Tryptase
, Journal of Molecular Biology 345(1): 9-39 (2005)

Structural Requirements of the Dihydropyridine Receptor a1S II-III Loop for Skeletal-type Excitation-Contraction Coupling
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 279(6): 21-8 (2004)

Structural Role of Glycine in Amyloid Fibrils Formed from Transmembrane a-Helices
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 44(9): 91-7 (2005)

Structural Snapshots of b-1,4-Galactosyltransferase-I Along the Kinetic Pathway
, Journal of Molecular Biology 357(5): 3 (2006)

Structural Stability of Oligomeric Chaperonin 10: the Role of Two b-Strands at the N and C Termini in Structural Stabilization
, Journal of Molecular Biology 344(4): 23-33 (2004)

Structural Studies of the Final Enzyme in the a-Aminoadipate Pathway-Saccharopine Dehydrogenase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
, Journal of Molecular Biology 373(3): 5-54 (2007)

Structural Studies on 24P-IkBa Peptide Derived from a Human IkB-a Protein Related to the Inhibition of the Activity of the Transcription Factor NF-kB
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 46(11): 58-72 (2007)

Structural studies on flavin reductase PheA2 reveal binding of NAD in an unusual folded conformation and support novel mechanism of action
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 279(13): 12860-12867 (2004)

Structural Studies on the Reaction of Isopenicillin N Synthase with the Truncated Substrate Analogues -(L-a-aminoadipoyl)-L-cysteinyl-glycine and -(L-a-aminoadipoyl)-L-cysteinyl-D-alanine
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 44(17): 8 (2005)

Structural adaptation to altered electrolyte metabolism by cortical distal segments
, Federation Proceedings 44(11): 2710-2716 (1985)

Structural alterations of a-crystallin during its chaperone action
, European Journal of Biochemistry 258(1): 0-83 (1998)

Structural analogs of human insulin-like growth factor I with reduced affinity for serum binding proteins and the type 2 insulin-like growth factor receptor
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 263(13): 6233-6239 (1988)

Structural analyses of a channel-forming fragment of colicin E1 incorporated into lipid vesicles. Fourier-transform infrared and tryptophan fluorescence studies
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 266(21): 13537-13543 (1991)

Structural analyses of gp45 sliding clamp interactions during assembly of the bacteriophage T4 DNA polymerase holoenzyme. II. The gp44/62 clamp loader interacts with a single defined face of the sliding clamp ring
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 272: 677-84 (1997)

Structural analysis and functional role of the carbohydrate component of glycine transporter
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 269(24): 16920-16924 (1994)

Structural analysis of 13 neutral oligosaccharide-alditols released by reductive b-elimination from oviducal mucins of Rana temporaria
, European Journal of Biochemistry 266(1): 104 (1999)

Structural analysis of 20 oligosaccharide-alditols released from the jelly coat of Rana palustris eggs by reductive b-elimination. Characterization of the polymerized sequence (Gal(b1,3)GalNAc(a1-4))n
, European Journal of Biochemistry 264(2): 1-13 (1999)

Structural analysis of N-linked oligosaccharides from glycoproteins secreted by Dictyostelium discoideum. Identification of mannose 6-sulfate
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 261(1): 127-134 (1986)

Structural analysis of a b-thalassemia gene found in Taiwan
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 258: 48-9 (1983)

Structural analysis of a peptide-HLA class II complex
, Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology 54 Pt 1: 431-444 (1989)

Structural analysis of a-enolase. Mapping the functional domains involved in down-regulation of the c-myc protooncogene
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 275(8): 58-65 (2000)

Structural analysis of anti-DR1 allorecognition by using DR1/H-2Ek hybrid molecules. Influence of the b2-domain correlates with CD4 dependence
, Journal of Immunology 147: 34-40 (1991)

Structural analysis of antioxidative peptide from soybean b-conglycinin
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 43: 4-8 (1995)

Structural analysis of b-glucans from a killer toxin sensitive yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and a killer-resistant mutant
, Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 53: 83-5 (1989)

Structural analysis of cDNA for rat peroxisomal 3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 262(17): 8151-8158 (1987)

Structural analysis of cloned cDNA for mRNA of microsomal cytochrome P-450(C21) which catalyzes steroid 21-hydroxylation in bovine adrenal cortex
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 261(9): 4106-4109 (1986)

Structural analysis of d(GCAATTGC)2 and its complex with berenil by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
, Biochemistry 29(28): 6585-6592 (1990)

Structural analysis of disaccharides synthesized by b- D-glucosidase of Bifidobacterium breve clb and their assimilation by Bifidobacteria
, Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry 61: 33-5 (1997)

Structural analysis of glycoconjugates by mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
, Annual Review of Biochemistry 54: 765-801 (1985)

Structural analysis of human and bovine a-fetoprotein by electron microscopy, image processing, and circular dichroism
, Biochemistry (American Chemical Society) 22: 78-81 (1983)

Structural analysis of human antibodies to proteinase 3 from patients with Wegener granulomatosis
, Journal of Immunology 159(2): 712-719 (1997)

Structural analysis of lipooligosaccharide produced by Neisseria gonorrhoeae, strain MS11mk (variant A): a precursor for a gonococcal lipooligosaccharide associated with virulence
, Biochemistry 31(51): 12760-12768 (1992)

Structural analysis of mouse glycine receptor a subunit genes. Identification and chromosomal localization of a novel variant, a4
, The Journal of Biological Chemistry 269: 07-12 (1994)

Structural analysis of muscle development: transverse tubules, sarcoplasmic reticulum, and the triad
, Developmental Biology 154(2): 245-260 (1992)

Structural analysis of mutants of high-affinity and low-affinity p-azophenylarsonate-specific antibodies generated by alanine scanning of heavy chain complementarity-determining region 2
, Journal of Immunology 167(9): 5129-5135 (2001)

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