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The ultrastructure of the freshwater, colorless dinoflagellate Peridiniopsis berolinense (Lemm.) Bourrelly (Mastigophora, Dinoflagellida)

The ultrastructure of the freshwater, colorless dinoflagellate Peridiniopsis berolinense (Lemm.) Bourrelly (Mastigophora, Dinoflagellida)

Journal of Protozoology 313: 444-453

ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3921

DOI: 10.1111/j.1550-7408.1984.tb02992.x

The ultrastructure of the freshwater, heterotrophic dinoflagellate P. berolinense (Lemm.) Bourrelly resembles other dinoflagellates in the structure of its nucleus, theca, flagella and mitochondria. Other features less frequently reported in related organisms include fine sub-sulcal fibers, collared pits in the flaggelar base region and unusual structures termed fibrillar lamellae. Numerous vesicles are present, some of whose contents are distinctly crystalline, while others contain what appears to be membranous material arranged in either whorls or parallel stacks; still other vesicles contain electron-dense, granular spheres. Of particular interest is the transitional helix present in the longitudinal flagellum; this is being the 1st report of such a structure among the dinoflagellates. Plastids of any kind are lacking, and a peduncle is present and is used during phagotrophy.

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