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Chapter 18,239

Petroleum prospects of Tasman and Golden bay areas, southern Cook Strait, New Zealand

Sprigg, R.C.; Stackler, W.F.; Braithwaite, J.C.

The APEA Journal: 34-47


Accession: 018238160

The complexly folded and faulted Tasman and Golden bay areas of the 'West Basin' of New Zealand are favorable for petroleum exploration. The main exploration target is a thick sequence of lower Tertiary coal-bearing rocks, from which are derived numerous oil and gas seeps in other parts of the basin, as well as the oil and gas of the New Plymouth and Kapuni fields of the Taranaki basin (also part of the basin) across Cook Strait to the northeast. An upper Cretaceous coal-bearing sequence includes several excellent reservoir sandstones that may continue downdip. Geologic and geophysical (seismic, gravity, and magnetic) investigations indicate that the two principal structures, the Nelson and Farewell Spit synclinal grabens, plunge northeastward under Tasman and Golden bays respectively. Gravity and seismic surveys have identified anticlinal structures in the area, and both structural and stratigraphic traps are probably present. The relationship of the area to the geology of New Zealand is discussed.

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