Applicazione della spettrofotometria di fiamma alla determinazione di elementi in rocce e minerali; I, Dosaggio dei metalli alcalini Na e K

Biagi, L.; Pirani, R.; Simboli, G.

Mineralogica et Petrographica Acta 9: 111-162


Accession: 018240631

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Sodium and potassium concentrations are considered in this article, the first of two on the application of flame photometry to the determination of the alkaline metal content of siliceous rocks and minerals. Preliminary tests establish the utility of associating Na, K, and Li in ratios of specific concentration for the preparation of a standard reference series in natural matrices. The validity of these series--emission-concentration curves--is checked by using artificial siliceous matrices with alkaline metals added in the same proportions as in the natural matrices; a second set of curves is obtained from the artificial matrices. Values received from the artificial and natural matrices are compared.